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									                                                                                                                                  September 2009

                                                                         Waterford Group News & Information

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   2         President’s Message

   2         Awards & Recognitions

   3         Associate Appreciation

   3         Charitable Foundation

   4         WOW! the Customer

   4         Associate Recognition

   5         Contribution Corner

   5         Safety & Insurance

   6         Tid Bits
                                                    (L-R) Arne Sorenson, President and COO, Marriott International; Rob Winchester, President and COO, Waterford Hotel
                                                    Group; Len Wolman, Chairman and CEO, Waterford Group; Mark Wolman, Principal and Director, Waterford Group;
                                                    Glenn Jette, Hotel Owner; Bill Marriott, Chairman and CEO, Marriott International.

Leadership                                          Waterford Hotel Group Honored
Conference                                          With Marriott “Spirit to Serve” Award
                                                        Waterford Hotel Group was presented with Marriott International’s “Spirit to Serve Award
    On September 2 and 3, Waterford Hotel           for Community Service” at the recent 2009 CFRST (select-service and extended-stay) Owners
Group held a Leadership Conference for general      Conference held in Orlando, Florida. The award recognizes the company that best demon-
managers and corporate representatives at the       strates and supports its and Marriott’s values of community service through employee volun-
beautiful TPC River Highlands in Cromwell, CT.      teerism, in-kind donations and overall “Spirit to Serve”.
Situated on a bluff overlooking the Connecticut         “The Spirit to Serve Award for Community Service is presented to companies whose pro-
River, located just outside of Hartford, the TPC    grams reflect a strategic approach to corporate citizenship, something that our customers,
River Highlands is host to the PGA TOUR’s Trav-     guests, investors and business partners expect from the companies with whom they do busi-
eler’s Championship, the largest professional       ness,” stated Arne Sorenson, President and COO of Marriott International. “Waterford’s phi-
sports event in the state. Attendees participated   losophy on community service is closely aligned with that of Marriott International,” added
in team building exercises, seminars on manag-      Sorenson.
ing multiple priorities and personal branding, as       Since 2006, Waterford associates have donated more than $270,000 and in-kind dona-
well as numerous social events.                     tions to non-profit organizations through the Waterford Group Charitable Foundation. The
                                                    Foundation is funded in large part through voluntary contributions and fundraising held by
                                                    the associates of Waterford Group, Waterford Hotel Group and its managed properties. “This
                                                    award would not be possible if not for the generosity of all of our associates and the ongoing
                                                    activities of the Waterford Group Charitable Foundation,” commented Len Wolman, Chair-
                                                    man and CEO of Waterford Group. “The commitment of our associates to serve the com-
                                                    munities in which we live and work is truly commendable. My partners and I are particularly
                                                    proud to accept this award on behalf of all of our associates,” added Wolman.
                                                                                          Waterford Group News and Information • September ‘09

President’s Message                                       Franchise Recognitions
                        Dear Associates,

                            It is hard to believe that
                                                             & Other Awards and Accolades
                        the summer has come to an
                                                                                                                 Travel Council
                        end. I hope it was an enjoy-                                                             Honors Concord Hotel
                        able one for all of you.                                                                      The Courtyard by Marriott in
                            We are pleased to deliver                                                            Concord, NH recently received the
                        our Fall edition of the Water-                                                           “Business Excellence Award” from
                                                                                                                 the New Hampshire Travel Council
                        ford Newsletter, which high-
                                                                                                                 during the state’s recent Governors
                        lights many awards and acco-                                                             Conference on Tourism. The hotel
                        lades, associate recognition,                                                            team was presented this award by NH
charitable activities, guest feedback, and other ex-                                                             Governor John Lynch in recognition of
citing information.                                                                                              their dedication and excellence in the
    This has been a challenging year, to say the least.   (L-R) Joyce Bresciani, Director of Sales, Courtyard    travel and tourism industry.
                                                          Concord; Pam Patoine, General Manager, Court-
I would be remiss if I did not recognize each and         yard Concord; and New Hampshire Governor John
every one of you for your hard work and dedication
through these extraordinary times. We are all well
aware of the impact that the state of the economy         Marriott “Best of” Recognitions
has had on the hospitality industry. Through it all,          On June 20 the Marriott Hartford Downtown in CT
Waterford associates have stayed strong and re-           was honored at the “Best of Hartford” celebration which
mained focused on the things that matter the most         took place at the new Connecticut Science Center in
in our business --- providing outstanding accommo-        Hartford. The annual event recognizes top businesses
                                                          in Hartford that have contributed to the city’s success.
dations and service to our guests, containing costs
                                                          About 600 people participated in this event which high-
for our owners, and promoting a positive work envi-       lighted the results of Hartford Magazine’s 5th Annual
ronment for fellow associates. Our continued focus        “Best of Hartford” reader’s poll. The Marriott Hartford
on these areas is necessary as we remain hopeful          Downtown was recognized as “Best Hotel” and VIVO
that the economy will recover in the future. When         Trattoria was recognized for “Best Hotel Dining”.
this will happen is anyone’s guess, but I am confi-
dent that we will come out of this an even stronger
company for the lessons we have learned through                                                              Cromwell Associate
these unprecedented and challenging times.                                                                   Recognized
    Our goal at the corporate office is to continuously                                                         In May associate Birt Hall from the
seek ways to enhance the services that we provide                                                            Courtyard by Marriott in Cromwell, CT was
to our hotel and convention center teams. We have                                                            honored as “Individual Placement Employ-
recently realigned some of the individuals in our cor-                                                       ee of the Year” by MARC Community Re-
                                                                                                             sources. MARC is a non-profit organization
porate office to allow us to provide greater support,
                                                                                                             that provides services to adults, children,
more effectively respond to the challenges in our                                                            their families and local communities in
                                                          (L-R) Birt Hall receives an Employee of the Year
industry, as well as position us strongly for future      award from MARC representative Christine Higgins   Connecticut’s Middlesex county.
growth. All of us at the corporate office are ready       and Courtyard Cromwell GM Chuck Moran

and willing to assist you as needed. Please take ad-
vantage of the resources available to you and do not      Convention Center Receives Silver Platter
hesitate to contact us for assistance.                    The CT Convention Center in Hartford, CT was recently awarded
    Let’s remember to stay true to our Core Values as     the “Silver Platter Award” for 2008-2009 by the MPI-CRV River
we look toward an even brighter future.                   Valley Chapter for outstanding support. Members of the sales
                                                          team attended the awards dinner in June.

                                                           Hotels Celebrate Excellence in Quality Assurance
                                                                            The Comfort Inn in Mystic, CT scored a 92.7 on a recent Marriott
                                                                         Quality Assurance Inspection. In addition, the Residence Inn by Mar-
    Rob Winchester                                                       riott in Hartford, CT and the Residence Inn by Marriott in Mystic, CT
                                                                         scored 95 and 92, respectively, on their own QA Inspections. In July,
    President & COO
                                                                         the Mystic Marriott Hotel & Spa in Groton, CT scored a 95% on their
                                                                         QA. Congratulations to all the associates for a job well done!

                                                                                                                                             page  2
                                                                                     Waterford Group News and Information • September ‘09

    Waterford Celebrates Marriott
    Associate Appreciation Week
                                       In June the Mystic Marriott Hotel & Spa in Groton, CT celebrated Marriott Associate Ap-
                                   preciation Week with four days of fun for all of the hotel’s associates. Free treats were given
                                   out each day, including coffee, goodie bags, and ice cream bars. Fun contests were played
                                   throughout the week, and associates were awarded prizes including gas cards and admission
                                   tickets to local area attractions.
                                       The Courtyard by Marriott in Cromwell, CT celebrated their Associate Appreciation Week
                                   with an associate cookout and manager car wash. General Manager Chuck Moran manned
                                   the grill for a great summer barbeque, and afterwards the hotel management team washed
                                   the associates’ cars.
                                                   At the Marriott Hartford Downtown in Hartford, CT, a special “Don’t Worry Be
                                                  Happy” themed town hall was held to kick off their own Marriott Associate Appre-
                                                  ciation Week. All decorations for the party kept with the theme – including yellow
     (Above) Managers wash                        “smiley” faces, yellow balloons and linens, as well as all the yellow food they
     associates’ cars at the
     Courtyard Cromwell
                                                 could find! Games were played and prizes were also awarded during the party.

                                                  (Left, L-R)) Rachel Stewart, Merideth Valencia and Maria Hernandez enjoy the “Don’t Worry Be
                                                  Happy” party at the Marriott Hartford Downtown

                               Waterford Donates to Local Charities
                                   For the 3rd consecutive year, Waterford Group              Place, Mystic Area Shelter & Hospitality, Rhode
                               Charitable Foundation will serve as Presenting                 Island SPCA, Roberto Clemente Foundation,
                               Sponsor of the 5th Annual “Turning Homeless                    SOS Shelter, Southington YMCA, Mayor Mike
                               into Hopeful” Benefit Dance to support the New                 Peters Little League, The Connecticut Children’s
                               London Homeless Hospitality Center and the                     Medical Center Foundation, United Way of
                               Covenant Shelter, located in Connecticut. Both                 Southeastern CT, and Work Vessels for Vets.
                               organizations mission includes the development                     The associates of the Courtyard by Marriott in
                               of transitional housing to enable people to make               Cromwell, CT recently mailed a care package to
                               the first step away from homelessness.                         a soldier stationed in the Middle East. The Hilton
                                   In July, Waterford held its first ever raffle to           Hartford in CT, the Mystic Marriott Hotel & Spa in
                               benefit the Foundation. The Grand Prize, a trip                Groton, CT, the Sheraton Bradley Hotel in Wind-
                               for two to Atlantis in the Bahamas, was won by                 sor Locks, CT and the Waterford Corporate Of-
                               Waterford Hotel Group accounting associate Bill                fice also sent care packages to troops overseas.
                               Lyles. The WGCF Raffle raised more than $3,000                     The Marriott Hartford Downtown in CT partici-
                               for the Foundation.                                            pated in the March of Dimes “March for Babies”
                                   In July, the Waterford Group Charitable Foun-              on April 26. More than 30 walkers joined the ho-
                               dation distributed more than $15,500 to chari-                 tel team for the three mile walk and raised more
2                              ties across the country on behalf of each of Wa-               than $1,900.
                               terford’s 25 properties and the corporate office.                  In May the associates at the Residence Inn
                               This annual mid-year distribution supported:                   by Marriott in Conshohocken, PA welcomed Phil
                               American Lung Association of CT, ASPCA, Big                    Keoghan, host of CBS’s “The Amazing Race”, to
                               Brothers Big Sisters of Cleveland County, Boys                 their hotel. Keoghan stayed at the hotel during
                               and Girls Club of Trenton, Bread for Life, Bristol             a stop on his more than 3,500 mile ride across
                               Homeless Shelter, Casey Family Services, Chari-                the country to raise awareness and funds for the
                               ots of Hope, Children’s Cancer Research Fund,                  National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The hotel
                               Covenant Shelter of New London, CT Humane                      team donated $500 in support of Keoghan’s
                               Society, CT Make A Wish Foundation, Extreme                    Ride Across America during a rally.
3                              Home 615 Foundation, Family & Children’s Aid                       General Manager Lindsey Holmes and Di-
                               - Harmony House Shelter, Feeding America, Hos-                 rector of Sales Amanda Roberts of the Holiday
                               pice of Southeastern CT, Lighthouse of Oakland                 Inn Express in Southington, CT were voluntarily
                               County, Make A Wish Foundation of CT, Main                     “jailed” in support of the CT Muscular Dystrophy
                               Line Animal Rescue, Molly’s House, My Sisters                  Association’s “Lock Up” on June 23.

                               1. Phil Keoghan accepts a donation on behalf of the Residence Inn Conshohocken
                               2. The Marriott Hartford Downtown participates in the March of Dimes “March for Babies”
                               3. The Courtyard Cromwell associates collect for a care package for troops overseas
                               4. Lindsey Holmes (left) and Amanda Roberts of Holiday Inn Express Southington support the Muscular Dystrophy Association
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                                                                               Waterford Group News and Information • September ‘09

 the Customer
                                               Associate Recognition
                                               Associate of the Month
  Courtyard by Marriott
                                               Mystic Marriott Hotel and Spa    Marriott Hartford Downtown        Courtyard by Marriott
  Norwich, CT
                                               Groton, CT                       Hartford, CT                      Cromwell, CT
  “I wanted to tell you how great a stay       Front of House                   Front of House                    Mar       Nicole Paradis
  we had. We will return to the Marriott       Mar        Shawn Foster          Mar        Michael Rhodes         Apr       Evelyn Smith
  many times because of the way our visit      Apr        Melissa Gencarelli    Apr        Jorge Vazquez          May       Alice Paresi
  was performed by a great staff. (PS-         May        Yanira Lovaton        May        Treslyn St. Martin     June      Franquan
  your shuttle service is excellent. The       June       Sandra Hunter         June       Waverly James                    Yearwood
  drivers are pleasant and prompt. See                                          July       Margaret Kovacs        July      Steven Huang
  you again!)”
                                               Heart of House                   Heart of House                    Sheraton Bradley Hotel
                                               Mar       Leonard Webber         Mar       Octavio Billalva        Windsor Locks, CT
  Radisson Hotel                               Apr       Marlin Hernandez       Apr       Lindsey Campo           Mar       Jennifer Dotolo &
  Bloomfield Hills, MI                         May       Enrique Luciano        May       Marta Cieszynska                  Geralyn Costa
  “The warmness of the staff makes             June      Valeria Cars           June      Ivette Morales          Apr       Arlene
  me feel like family. They are wonder-                                         July      Michael McGeoghan                 Allison-Richards
  ful! A staff member coming to work in                                                                           May       Bill Friday
  the parking lot even made the effort         Hilton Hartford                  Trenton Marriott                  June      Muriel Woodbury
                                               Hartford, CT                     Trenton, NJ                       July      Maria Baez
  to smile and speak. Great staff, great                                        Front of House
                                               Front of House
  training.”                                   Mar        Gordon Johnson        Mar        Franklin Sanchez       CT Convention Center
                                               Apr        Donna Emmelman        Apr        Edgard                 Hartford, CT
  “Thank you for hosting and serving as        May        David Della Rocca                Jean-Baptiste          Mar        Miguel Colon
  headquarters for the Basset Waddle of        June       Mykel Marshall        May        Marva Tillery          Apr        Terra Morgan
  Birmingham. We were very impressed           July       Dee Bernard           June       Laura Pietsch          May        Eduardo Ortega
  with the accommodations made for                                              July       Laytona Blackshear     June       Paul Nolen
                                               Heart of House                                                     July       Nancy Hoynoski
  the basset hounds and hope you will
                                               Mar       Melvin Figueroa        Heart of House
  continue to do this on an annual basis.      Apr       Mirta Laracuente       Mar       Amalia Kohler
  Thanks again for providing lodging for       May       Stacy Smith            Apr       Lester Patterson
  the bassets and their people.”               June      Wendy Schiebel         May       Nezha Zaouia
                                               July      Hung Ly                June      Delores Hackett
  Trenton Marriott at Lafayette Yard                                            July      Rondel Hudson
  Trenton, NJ
  “I have stayed at this hotel many times
  over the past year and again I had a
                                               Associate of the Quarter
  wonderful stay. The staff is very friendly
  and I feel as though I am a member of        Residence Inn by Marriott       Residence Inn by Marriott        Residence Inn by Marriott
  the family.”                                 Mystic, CT                      Hartford, CT                     Conshohocken, PA
                                               1st Qtr    Sarah Luty           1st Qtr    Rosalina Rivera       1st Qtr  Juan Diaz-Miranda
  “I stayed at your hotel for an evening       2nd Qtr Elizabeth Siborg        2nd Qtr Nereida Delgado          2nd Qtr Harris Parker
  event in Trenton, I was very impressed.
                                               SpringHill Suites by Marriott   Residence Inn by Marriott        Homewood Suites by Hilton
  The staff was extremely personable
                                               Waterford, CT                   Southington, CT                  Ithaca, NY
  and professional.”                           1st Qtr    Doris                1st Qtr   Danuta                 1st Qtr    Courtney McGee
                                                          Cecelia Ponce                  Miecznikowski          2nd Qtr Christopher Mack
  Sheraton Bradley Hotel                       2nd Qtr Lourdes Reymundi        2nd Qtr Halina Kordek
  Windsor Locks, CT                                                                                             Courtyard by Marriott
  “All that helped me were competent           Courtyard by Marriott           Holiday Inn Express              Concord, NH
  and friendly. Great staff.”                  Norwich, CT                     Southington, CT                  1st Qtr   Henry Gomez
                                               1st Qtr   Norm Cooper           1st Qtr    Firdoze Hidri         2nd Qtr Mike Boyce
  “Nice and friendly services from every-      2nd Qtr Reginald Andrelli       2nd Qtr Janina Viacek
  one!”                                                                                                         Radisson Hotel
                                               Residence Inn by Marriott       Comfort Inn                      Bloomfield Hills, MI
  “On a scale of 1 to 100, a 100. Fantas-      Danbury, CT                     Mystic, CT                       1st Qtr   Mashawn Pringle
  tic.”                                        1st Qtr   Cassy Spruill         1st Qtr    April Lacas           2nd Qtr Irene Gonzalez
                                               2nd Qtr Caitlyn Weller          2nd Qtr Andrew Venturini
  Courtyard by Marriott                                                                                         Residence Inn by Marriott
                                               Four Points by Sheraton         Courtyard by Marriott            Norman, OK
  Cromwell, CT
                                               Norwalk, CT                     Warwick, RI                      1st Qtr  Jennifer Boone
  “The staff makes the hotel. I could stay     1st Qtr   Diego Proano          1st Qtr   Jackie Bernard         2nd Qtr Lydia Hauser
  at other places but I can’t find nicer       2nd Qtr Joseph Glane            2nd Qtr Hanoi Hernandez
  staff. I have been staying in Marriotts                                                                       Waterford Group Corporate
  for over 22 years and the current staff                                                                       Waterford, CT
  at the Courtyard Cromwell are the best.                                                                       1st Qtr   Sheila Cash
  They make me feel like family.”

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                                                                                           Waterford Group News and Information • September ‘09

c rner                      Sambuca Scallops with
                            Apple Fennel Confit                                            Working Through
                                                                                           Challenging Economic
                                      Ingredients - Sambuca Scallops
                                      Sea scallops
                                      Olive oil
                                                                     3 ea
                                                                     2 tbsp
                                      Sambuca                        2 oz
                                      Butter                         1 tbsp                 How to save money by committing to
                                      Salt and pepper                tt                     a safe and healthy work environment.
                                      Apple fennel confit            1 oz
                                      Fennel frawn                   garnish
                                                                                           Dear Associates,

                                      Ingredients - Apple & Fennel Confit                  We are all working our way through these challeng-
                                      Fennel sliced                  2 oz                  ing economic times. If there is one thing that we are
                                      Macintosh apples - sliced      2 oz                  learning, it’s how to adjust for our future corporate and
                                      Black currants                 2 tbsp                personal well-being. The cost of property and casualty
                                      Cider vinegar                  4 oz                  insurance can dramatically affect your bottom line. I am
                                      Crushed red pepper             pinch                 confident that Beecher Carlson provides an insurance
                                                                                           program that dramatically affects each property’s profit-
                                                                                           ability. In times such as these, it’s essential that we keep
                                                                                           you and your guests free from injury while protecting
                                                                                           your owners’ assets from loss.
 Directions: Season scallops with salt and pepper and then sear in olive oil over
 medium high heat. Cook halfway through. Pour off excess oil and deglaze pan
                                                                                           Consider some of the following suggestions:
 with sambuca. Add cold butter immediately. Place confit in corner of plate and
 position scallops on plate. Pour sambuca sauce over scallops and garnish with
                                                                                           1.   Set expectations on your safety and loss control
 fennel frawn.
                                                                                           2.   Make safety one of the first things that new
 Directions for Apple & Fennel Confit: Place apples, currants and fennel with
                                                                                                associates learn.
 crushed red pepper flakes into a small sauce pan over medium low heat. Allow
                                                                                           3.   Ensure that the commitment to a safe environment
 apples and fennel to sweat slightly for 1-2 minutes, then add vinegar. Turn heat
                                                                                                emanates from you.
 up to high and bring to a simmer. Cook for 1 minute and remove from heat.
                                                                                           4.   Stay part of an accident-free culture.
                                                                                           5.   Report all incidents right away.
 Submitted by:                                                                             6.   Make everyone part of the team.
 William Reardon, Chef de cuisine                                                          7.   Be sure that your property has monthly Safety
 Marriott Hartford Downtown - Hartford, CT                                                      Committee meetings.
                                                                                           8.   Make use of all available resources from Beecher
                                                                                                Carlson and Zurich Insurance.

 VIVO Joins                                                                                Elaine Desrosier, Jude Truax and I want you to know that
                                                                                           we are always available with support for any questions

 Cycle of Life                                                                             or issues that you or your property may have. We always
                                                                                           want to:

      On June 7 more than 450                                                              •    Reduce your risk management cost.
 children and their families gath-                                                         •    Assist in protecting corporate assets, property,
 ered at Saint Joseph College in                                                                associates and patrons.
 West Hartford, CT for the “Cycle                                                          •    Address all exposures associated with your
 of Life”, an event hosted by the                                                               property.
 Connecticut Children’s Medical                                                            •    Provide the highest level of service.
 Center. The event’s interactive
 games and activities, prizes,                                                             We appreciate our long-term relationship very much.
 entertainment, exercise chal- (L-R) Ken Harrison, Development Officer, Connecticut
                                      Children’s Medical Center Foundation; Easton Ming,
 lenges, and food were provided Banquet Chef, Marriott Hartford Downtown; Bill Reardon,
 by local sponsors including VIVO Chef de Cuisine, VIVO; and J. Nathan Hagstrom, M.D.,     Submitted by:
 Trattoria, located at the Marriott Head, Division of Hematology/Oncology and Director,
                                      Cancer and Blood Disorders Services
                                                                                           Jerry Levine
 Hartford Downtown in CT.                                                                  Managing Director
      In total, the event raised $45,000. All proceeds from Cycle of Life will ben-        BeecherCarlson Insurance Services
 efit REACH For The STARS Survivorship Program, a program for patients in care             914 Hartford Turnpike
 at the Division of Hematology and Oncology at Connecticut Children’s Medical              Waterford, CT 06385
 Center, designed to provide guidance and ongoing support to pediatric cancer              Ph. 860.440.9776
 survivors in an effort to help them improve and maintain a high-quality and suc-
 cessful life.

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                                                                                                     Waterford Group News and Information • September ‘09

  Tid                                              Basset Waddle in
  Bits                                              Bloomfield Hills
Bits                                          In May the Radisson Hotel in Bloomfield
                                         Hills, MI hosted the “Basset Waddle” for the Bir-
                                         mingham, MI area. Organized by Michigan Bas-
                                         set Rescue, the event brings together local-area
                                         dog lovers, who have rescued basset hounds,
                                         to raise awareness for the breed and to raise
                                         funds for continued rescues. The three day
                                         event included music, food, prizes and an auc-
                                         tion to raise money for the organization.

    (Top, L-R): Oliver Donaldson and
        Sheena Chello enjoy lunch at
       a Trenton cookout. (Right, L-R)
                                                                     Trenton Associates                                 Volunteering for
         Bashir Firozbahary and Alvin
       Daniel during the bed-making
                                                                     Enjoy Summer Fun                                   “Makeover”
   competition. (Bottom, L-R) Nancy
    Fink, Edgar Ruiz, Luis Donis and                                      To celebrate the end of a three                   In June the CT Convention Cen-
  Christopher Sabb race to the finish                                month long Marriott Guest Service Satis-          ter’s Sales and Operations teams
     line during the pillowcase race.                                                                                  volunteered their time to assist in
                                                                     faction competition, the Trenton Marriott
                                                                     at Lafayette Yard in Trenton, NJ held a           ABC’s “Extreme Makeover Home
                                                                     cookout for all of the associates to cel-         Edition” event in Suffield, CT. The
                                                                     ebrate their success. GM Jeff Zeiger han-         associates joined other volunteers
                                                                     dled the grill during the cookout while the       from all over the Hartford area to
                                                                                                                       help build the new home, working
                                                                     staff ran a “superstar” event. Associates
                                                                                                                       well into the night.
                                                                     were given cards by the managers for go-
                                                                     ing “above and beyond.”
                                                                          In June during the hotel’s “super-
                                                                     staff” meeting, the Trenton Marriott held
                                                                     their 1st Annual “Trenton Marriott Hotel
                                                                     Olympics.” The event was held on the ho-
                                                                     tel patio and included such events as the
                                                                     Egg Race, Bed Making Competition, Pil-
                                                                                                                        CT Convention Center associates volunteer
                                                                     lowcase Race and Water Balloon Toss.               for “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”

  BBQ Time!                              A Green Celebration
       The Residence Inn                    The Marriott Hartford Downtown in CT recently
  by Marriott in Mystic, CT              achieved special “Green Zone” success by scoring high
  kicked off the summer sea-             marks in Marriott QA, GSS and ESS. A special “green
  son with their first BBQ of            themed” luncheon was held to thank all of the associ-
  the year. During the party             ates for their hard work.
  the Residence Inn manage-                 In May the hotel also hosted a special event for their
  ment team joined other ho-             associates called “Invest in Yourself Day”. Various ven-
  tel guests in singing “Happy           dors were invited to the Marriott to speak with asso-
  Birthday” to one of their long         ciates on special services offered that would benefit
  term guests.                           them both personally and professionally.

                                                                                                                                         (Top, L-R) GM John Fraher,
     Questions, Comments or Suggestions                                                                                                  Karin Ziemba, Robert
                                                                                                                                         Smith and Kimberly John-
     on this newsletter?                                                                                                                 son during the Marriott
                                                                                                                                         “Green” Luncheon
                                                                       914 Hartford Turnpike
                                                                           P.O. Box 715                                                  (Left) Marriott associ-
     Please feel free to contact:                                      Waterford, CT 06385                                               ate Shanique Mitchell
                                                                      Phone: (860) 442-4559                                              browses through materials
     Lisa Beers -                            Fax: (860) 437-7752                                               from a vender during
     Melissa Xirinachs -      
                                                                                                                                         “Invest in Yourself Day”

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