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From the Monitor Group's message:

Monitor (Monitor Group) Jobs Forum:

The first time-share: Monitor Group 2010 Campus Recruitment online application
process 【Photo】, must-read before applying
Monitor Group, 2009 Campus Recruitment
For some schools, we will direct campus recruitment. Students currently in school,
who wish to apply for Monitor Group consultant posts, may consult the school office
or employment by Monitor Group Website learn more about our campus recruitment
date. In this need to be reminded that, regardless of whether you had submitted to the
school office job resume and application letter, do please the Monitor
Group's Web site for online application and on the offer before the date
specified upload your resume , letters and transcripts.
We do not directly recruit the school's students on campus or in-service
applicants, please also in Monitor Group's website to apply online and
upload your resume, cover letter and transcripts.
In the application process if there is any doubt, please consult the following persons:
Contact: Miss Li Zhifang
Tel: 01065692600
Address: B Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing, No. 12, 16th Floor,
East Tower, Twin Towers (100022)
Contact: Miss Tang Wenping
Tel: 02161458900
Address: No. 1010 Huaihai Zhong Road, Shanghai K. Wah Centre, Room 3905-3906
Recruitment Calendar
We regularly hold recruitment activities, the recruitment schedule for the different
groups as follows:
* Domestic university graduates:
- Full-time: September -11 months
- Summer internship: April -5 months

* Domestic MBA:
- Full-time: every business school according to school system arranged
- Summer Internship: March -4 months
* Foreign students (including university graduates and MBA):
- Full-time: September -11 months
- Summer Internship: January -2 months

* Candidates with work experience:
- Annual Recruitment

Apply Now
Campus Recruitment
2009 Campus Recruitment On-line Application Deadline:
City Online Application Deadline
Beijing October 26, 2009
Shanghai October 26, 2009

2008 Campus Talk arrangements:
Date Venue City Schools
Beijing Peking University on Oct. 12, 2009 19:00-21:30 Centre for Economic
Research of Peking University Peoples Building 2nd Floor
Tsinghua University, October 26, 2009 19:00-21:30, Shunde Building, Tsinghua
University, Classroom 401
Shanghai Jiaotong University, October 20, 2009 18:30-21:00 France and China first
floor Lecture Hall, Campus Aetna
Fudan University, October 21, 2009 18:30-21:00 School of Management Lee 3 on the
second floor Auditorium

2009 Shanghai Case Study Workshop:
?Shanghai Case Study Workshop
Time at 14 o'clock on the September 22, 2009
Shanghai Office Location Monitor

Workshop On-line resume submission deadline: September 15, 2009. We will invite
some of the students invited to participate in workshop.
Workshop content:
Monitor Group Introduction
Case Study presentation and interview session to explain essentials
Case Comments
The first time-share: Monitor Group 2010 Campus Recruitment online application
process 【Photo】, must-read before applying
Monitor the selection criteria and career development was
I have experience in the Monitor
Monitor Monitor Series were on my interview Monitor
Monitor surface by
Monitor Monitor China's interview experiences online application of
I MONITER together for two months
Monitor the HR enough bad attitude


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