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The Newsletter of the Southeast Virginia Dressage Association                                 FEBRUARY 2009    Volume 24, Issue I

          Congratulations 2008 Year End Award Winners
                                                                                                      2009 Board of Directors

                                                                                                                      ◊ President
                                                                                                                  Janice Mumford
                                                                                                                ◊ Vice President
                                                                                                                  Robyn Nunnally
                                                                                                                      ◊ Secretary
                                                                                                                     Tristin Hardy
                                                                                                                      ◊ Treasurer
                                                                                                                     Rebecca Kelly
                                                                                                              ◊ Schooling Shows
                                                                                                                      Sarah Miller

                       SVDA 2008 Grand Champions                                             
                                                                                                                  ◊ Scholarships
Back row: Claudia Griffith, Kathy Rowse (Danielle Rowland), Tristin Hardy, Marylyn Leonard,                        Sandy Johnson
 Ariana Mahek, Debbie Basta, Ryan Spanagel Front row: Emma Burdett, Kenzie Endreson,            
                                     Madisyn DeCant
                                                                                                                    ◊ Newsletter
                                                                                                                Wendy L. Murray
                                                                                                                  ◊ Membership
                                                                                                                Danielle Rowland
                                                                                                              ◊ Ways and Means
                                                                                                               Corrinne Meadows
                                                                                                                        ◊ Awards
                                                                                                                      Carol Gonyo
                                                                                                         ◊ Clinics and Programs
                                                                                                                     Kathy Rowse

       Kya Endreson and Mellissa Chamberlin greet members at the banquet

     About Half‐Halt                                          SVDA Member Photos

Half‐Halt is published monthly
by the SVDA and provided as a
service to its members. News
 items, show results, calendar
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      Wendy L. Murray
 Newsletter Editor/Webmaster

                                   Congratulations to Kya Endreson in her purchase of Witchazel!!! Previous owners
                                    Beth and Ashley Rippel are pleased that “Hazel” has a new girl to love and show
SVDA encourages its members
  to submit articles, member        with. Tristin Hardy is thrilled for everyone involved, “Kya and Hazel just sparkle
   updates, information and       together – they are a perfect match!” Kya plans to work on completing her bronze
    pictures for publication,
 however, SVDA reserves the         medal this year, with possibilities to declare for the Region 1 FEI Junior Team in
   right to edit, reject or use                                             2010.
     materials as and when
      deemed appropriate.

     SVDA Members:
    Submit your Show
  Scores for publication
      in Half-Halt by
    emailing Wendy at

                                  Kenzie Endreson winner of the
                                                                         A huge Thank You to Carol
                                  Pewter Award with the highest           Gonyo for another great
                                   schooling show score, also a                  banquet!
     Visit us online:              Grand Champion for Training
                                         Level this year.
                                            SVDA Member Photos
          SVDA Group Lessons held with Tristin Hardy at Bridlewood Estates in Suffolk, VA, Dec 7, 2008.

 The sun was out to make this chilly day beautiful! Lots of fun with Anita Rees, Melissa Chamberlain, Kya Endreson,
 and Sarah Miller. The smaller groups made for more personalized attention – Anita and Melissa used the music to
   rate their horses and work on more collection and lengthenings. Kya and Sarah worked on half pass and flying
               changes, ooops, forgot about the music in the excitement of the advanced movements.

                                                         (pictured left) Tristin Hardy and Naguchi – SVDA
                                                          2008 Grand Champions at FEI Intermediare 1

                                Mail application with Payment & coggins to:
                           Kathy Rowse 1468 Peppercorn Lane Suffolk , VA 23432

                                February 8   Brgitte Peterson at Happy Valley in Suffolk
                              February 22 Kris Montgomery at Becky Kelly's farm in Va Bch
                                 March 1      Kathy Rowse at Silverleaf Farm in Suffolk

                                        Please Enter the Following Information:

Lesson Date:                              Rider's Name
Home Phone
                                          Work Phone #                                Cell Phone#
E-Mail Ad-
                                  Please Briefly Describe your Riding Level/Abilities:

          Group Lesson Date/Instructor Name: _____________________________________________________

                               Please Note any special time requirements or restrictions:


                                 Are you flexible on ride times? YES or NO (circle one)

                          Please include a check made payable to SVDA in the amount of $15.00.
                               Refunds will not be permitted except with vet cer-tificate!

Please Read and Sign at the bottom: The Equine Activity Liability laws of the State of Virginia, VA Code Ann. Sec 3.1‐
796.130 state among its statutory provisions that , “NOTICE: Intrinsic dangers in equine activity, include (i) the pro‐
pensity of equines to behave in ways that may result in injury, harm, or death to persons on or around them; (ii) the
unpredictability of an equine’s reaction to such things as sounds, sudden movement, and unfamiliar objects, per‐
sons, or other animals; (iii) certain hazards such as surface and subsurface conditions; (iv) collisions with other ani‐
mals or objects; and (v) the potential of a participant acting in a negligent manner that may contribute to injury to
the participant or others, such as failing to maintain control over the equine or not acting within the participant’s
ability.” No Participant nor any participant’s parent, guardian, or representative shall have or make any claim
against or recover from any equine activity sponsor, equine professional, or any other person for injury, loss, dam‐
age, or death of the participant resulting from any of the intrinsic dangers of equine activities. It is further under‐
stood that each owner, rider, spectator, and other participants assume any and all risks of loss or injury and agrees
to hold harmless, regardless of negligent acts or omissions SVDA, Inc., USDF, USEF, its instructors, officers, directors,
agents, show management, show committee, and all other horse show personnel.

SIGNED: _________________________________DATE:______________ PHONE/E-MAIL:____________________________
                                    Parent sign if under 18 years of age.
                                     SVDA Cover Girl and Pony!!!!!
This year’s Discover Suffolk magazine featured several SVDA members and participants in it’s annual publication this
year, including Ashley Drum and her leased Fell pony “Wavy” as the cover models. The magazine held a photo shoot
   at Bridlewood Estates in Suffolk, VA with trainer Tristin Hardy and several of her students. Some of the featured
  SVDA members were Tristin Hardy, Kya Endreson, Sara Brodeur, Jessica Littlefield, and Ashley Drum with an inter‐
     view with Tristin about dressage. Other members and participants included Erin Martin and Stephanie Sper‐
 ling. Ashley, Tristin and Kya were at the magazine’s premier brunch with Wavy as the greeter for arriving guests at
the Hilton Garden Inn in Suffolk. The magazine can be found all over the Hampton Roads area and is distributed and
      displayed by many realtors and business’s. Tristin also has several copies if you would like to request one.

    VADA 2009 Clinic with
      Anne Gribbons

             April 4-5, 2009
     for Applications and Details!
                     SVDA Shows & Volunteers                                              NEW FOR 2009

Please Note there’s a new division: Walk‐Trot‐Leadline Equitation! This is a great   New class for SVDA Walk/
        opportunity for the little ones to participate in SVDA Schooling shows!       Trot Leadline Equitation

                                                                                       New Year End Awards:
                             2009 Show Schedule
Date      Location                         Judge               Open      Close        Dressage Seat Equitation
3/15      Bridlewood Estates, Suffolk      Tristin Hardy       2/23      3/2
                                                                                       Suitability for Dressage
4/19      Happy Valley ,Suffolk            Sandy Johnson       3/16      4/6
5/10      Sterling Meadows,Va Beach        Janice Mumford      4/13      4/27             PLEASE NOTE….
6/21      Merry Oaks, Windsor              Margaret Little     5/11      6/08
                                                                                     ‐Late entries are taken on a
7/5       Terra Ceia Farm, Suffolk         Kris Montgomery     6/8       6/22
9/13      Charity Neck Farm                Nicky Vogel         8/17      8/31          first come, first served
10/11     Princess Anne, Va Beach           Nancy Lowey        9/14      9/28        basis to fill scratches. With
11/8      Marturia Farm, Chesapeake        Deri Jeffers        10/12     10/26         paid $5.00 late fee per
                                     Date: March 15
                           Location: Bridlewood, Suffolk                             ‐Ride Time Requests NEED
 Entry Secretary (1): Robyn Nunnally, 2383 Cherry Grove Road, Suffolk, VA 23438;         NOT BE HONORED!
    ; 986-4498 home or 284-1106 cell
                                                                                       ‐Entries MUST include
                                  Show Secretary A.M. (1):
                                                                                     current negative coggins if
                                  Show Secretary P.M. (1):
                                                                                         not already on file
                       Ring Transportation to (1): Diana Rombs
            Ring Set up: (4) Diana Rombs, Jennifer Rombs,Tiffany Rombs               ‐Entries MUST be mailed to
                      Lunches & snacks (1): Melissa Chamberlain                       Entry Secretary. Emailed
                                      Scribe A.M. (1):                               entries will not be honored
                                      Scribe P.M. (1):
                                   Ring Steward A.M. (1):
                                   Ring Steward P.M. (1):
                                     Runner A.M. (1):
                                     Runner P. M. (1):                                 SVDA appreciates your
                                   Ring Take Down (4):                               participation and support!
                              Ring Transportation from (1):
                              SVDA Rep –       a.m. – p.m. -
                                                                                       Volunteer Coordinator
                                                                                          Robyn Nunnally
Go to SVDA Members need 4 hours                              

for new online SVDA                       of Volunteer points by July in
                                           order to be eligible for Year
 Calendar of Events!
                                                  End Awards!!
               SVDA Prize list for ALL Schooling shows Except November Championship Show

                                                    SVDA, INC

                                                    CLASS LIST
1. Intro A                                             15. Second Level Test 3 OPEN (Championship Qualifier)
2. Intro B (Championship Qualifier)                    16. Second Level Test 4 OPEN
3. Training Level Test 1 OPEN                          17. Third Level Test 1 OPEN
4. Training Level Test 2 OPEN                          18. Third Level Test 2 OPEN
5. Training Level Test 3 OPEN (Championship Qualifier) 19. Third Level Test 3 OPEN
6. Training Level Test 4 OPEN                          20. Fourth Level Test 1 OPEN
7. Training Level TOC* JR                              21. Fourth Level Test 2 OPEN
8. First Level Test 1 OPEN                             22. Fourth Level Test 3 OPEN/
9. First Level Test 2 OPEN                             23. FEI TOC* (PSG, I-1, I-2, GP, Junior, Young Rider) OPEN
10. First Level Test 3 OPEN (Championship Qualifier) 24. MFS USDF/FEI TOC
11. First Level Test 4 OPEN                            25. Suitability for Dressage
12. First Level TOC* JR                                26. Dressage Equitation
13. Second Level Test 1 OPEN                           27. Dressage Equitation Lead line
14. Second Level Test 2 OPEN

Every class offered herein which is covered by the rules and specifications of the current USEF rule book and will
be conducted and judged in accordance therewith.
         - Any test may be used for 3rd Level and higher as a Schooling Show Championships qualifier(3rd Level
           Test 2 will be the Championship class, 4th Level Test 2 will be the Championship class)
         - TOC = Test of Choice, you must ride in the open championship qualifier classes to qualify. TOC classes
           will not count
                                           PRIZE LIST DIRECTIVES
    •     6 ribbons in each class.
    •     Unclaimed ribbons and trophies will NOT be mailed.
• Completed Entries are to be mailed to the Show Secretary and must be received by the closing date.
• Post entries are taken on a first come, first served basis to fill scratches. With paid $5.00 late fee per class.
• Entries received after the show closing date will be returned or placed on a waiting list.
• All entries must be typed or printed on a SVDA Schooling Show Form (may be copied) and include:
     Original Handwritten Signatures: Rider, or Parent (if applicable);
    Photocopy of NEGATIVE Coggins test (through the show date). The date, accession #, and owner’s name and
    address MUST BE LEGIBLE. Coggins must come with entry/or be on file or the entry will not be
• Check or money order made payable to “SVDA, Inc.” and mailed with the completed entry to SHOW

FEES:            $20.00 (For Members Only)Training thru FEI Levels , USDF/FEI Musical Freestyle
                 $25.00 Non-Member Training thru FEI Levels USDF/FEI Musical Freestyle
                 $10.00 Each for classes 25, 26, and 27
         Other Fees:
                 $10.00 Non compete horse fee
                 $5.00 Late entry fee per ride for entries received after closing date
                 $35.00 Bounced check charge
REFUNDS: No refunds after closing date for any reason, unless you have a vet note before the date of the show.
• Management reserves the right to cancel classes inadequately filled, combine classes, and to make other necessary
changes. Management reserves the right to add or substitute judges.
TIMES: Times will be posted on website.

  • Recognition: This show is recognized by SVDA.
  • Proper headgear must be worn at all times when on horseback.
                                                                       SVDA Board Meeting Minutes
                                                                           12/2/08 - approved
                                                                         Board Members present:
                                   Tristin Hardy                             Kathy Rowse                                   Sandy Johnson
                                            Janice Mumford                  Danielle Rowland                    Corrine Meadows
                                    Carol Gonyo                               Beth Rippel                                   Sarah Miller

                                                                       General Member: Kya Endreson

7:33 pm - The meeting was called to order by President Janice Mumford at the Warrior Grill Restaurant in Chesapeake, VA. The minutes from the previous board meeting
held September 9, 2008 were submitted by Amanda St John and read by Tristin Hardy and approved with the following corrections: Tristin Hardy, Dawn Sherrill, and Sandy
Johnson were present at the previous meeting on July 15, 2008, strike the Jr Team and Aug schooling show from the report from Treasurer Rebecca Kelly, change the word-
ing of $10 grounds fee to be for non-stabled horses (instead of non-competing).

     Reminder to send in memberships.
     Vice President Robyn Nunnally was out due to a death in the family.
     Treasurer Rebecca Kelly did not know of the change in location and was not present.
     VADA Representative Beth Rippel reported no final $$ amount for the 2008 BLM championship show, however they did have 1100 rides with 7 rings, which is more
          than previous years. Profit is estimated at $15K. Three people did not show up for their awards ceremony which means they were stripped of their awards (as
          stated in the rules, program, show office, and announced throughout the show). Felicitas was still pursuing her issue feeling she was unjustly stripped of her
          award, even though she was in a class of 5 riders that placed to 8 ribbons so she was guaranteed a placing, and it was announced several times over the barn loud-
          speaker and the ceremony waited an extra 5-10 minutes, she did not show up until they had already re-pinned the riders and began the ceremony for her class. A
          rider has 10 days to officially file a grievance, with the fee, against the show. It had been 60 days and no notice had been stated in the Chronicle so as far as Beth
          knew there had not been the official filing, just a lot of emails. While it’s true different awards programs vary and are sometimes unclear, this was clearly stated
          and spelled out at Reg 1 meeting. Jules Anderson (another professional) was one of the other riders who did not show up however, she did not express complaint.
          VADA is trying to not coordinate the adult team, possibly give to New Jersey club, but it will probably still be VADA in charge. This will likely be in the first
          weekend of August. VADA will probably not sponsor a team this year, but will depend on the individual clubs to send their own teams like with the Juniors. This
          show can not be run in conjunction with a licensed show because it is an unlicensed show that just follows the licensed rules. Questioning printing the Purple
          Book (membership booklet for VADA) because of the cost of paper. Suggestions for more Advertising and charging $5-10 per book to cover the costs were dis-
          cussed and a good possibility since many want the book to still be printed and mailed. Big Issue – increase in fees paid to USDF for the 2010 year – Youth to $60
          (up $25), Participating to $85 (up $23), GMO to $23 (up $6 paid out of the local club dues). We will have to decide how to handle our dues for the next year for
          SVDA. The Performance Standards are still an issue – on PVDA website there is an analysis on scores, findings include scores were very much dependant on
          differences in geography and judges, and that it seemed our current judging system was doing the job of keeping riders at the level they needed to be. Tristin sug-
          gested emailing our members to take a look at the website and send feedback. – BLM’s - As a chapter we needed to pay the BLM’s $35 from our show to hold
          the qualifying classes which Beth paid. They will now allow riders to compete in consecutive levels championships, you do not need to pick only one level. Also
          changing the restrictions on the groups (senior level A and B instead of amateur and open). They are allowing a fresh qualification slate after 5 years for riders.
          BLM’s will be in New Jersey in 2009. NCDCTA in North Carolina has talked about bidding for the championships which would be great for us if they bump out
          New Jersey as they are much more convenient in Williamston, NC.
     There was discussion of what to do about checks if Becky was going to be in Florida for the winter. Janice said she would contact Becky regarding the club checkbook.
     Awards – Carol Gonyo reported she paid the Deposit for the Awards Banquet Room November 28th, however had not received a receipt. The next payment would be 2
          weeks before the banquet and needed the money for that. Drop Dead date for members to RSVP with payment is January 17, 2009. Champions and embroidery is
          done, stadium blankets done. Carol gave Tristin receipts to give to Becky for reimbursement and she also kept a copy. Reminder needed votes for Excellence in
          Sportsmanship and Most Improved Rider. Capt Andy Award, Carol looked up rules in membership book and read. Carol will double check if it is a single high
          score or combined scores. Carol requested we email her with members that we knew of with high scores that would be eligible for the award. Beth will look for
          Capt Andy paperwork. Need Oak Haven Award back from Lindy Sobleski(?) Brown, Sarah Miller said she would make sure the trophy got to the engravers.
          There was some question as to the qualification of this award – if it was for a new SVDA member or for a new horse/rider combination. Volunteer of the year is a
          board member vote. Nominations were discussed, Sandy made a motion and Sarah seconded. All in favor, none opposed. Next time we meet Carol will have the
          program and awards info for the banquet. Please email Carol if you would like to speak at the awards ceremony. Also with photo’s for the slide show.
     Discussion about getting a club credit card and so individual members would not have to worry about getting reimbursed right away for things like ribbons, awards and
          engraving, it would just get paid by the club). Janice will talk to Becky.
     Carol checked with Beth about ribbons and mentioned we should really relieve Beth of this duty (keeping track of and ordering the show and club ribbons). Suffolk
          engraving for Capt Andy Award – Sarah will take care of. Photo’s for banquet slide show, please email to Carol. Lindsey Hardman would like to be club photog-
          rapher and help in 2009 with shows and presentations. Can send all life photos’, not just horse shows. Tristin will bring boom box.
     Membership – 142 members in 2008, 11 so far for 2009
     Clinics and Programs – Patti Pierucci was a success. About 25 people were at her demo for the club in conjunction with the General Membership meeting (should have
          been more). Poll for people for group lessons, 40-2 in favor, yet only 4 so far for first lesson. Sue Remondini went to Florida early, need to cancel her group
          clinic, need to schedule Danielle Roland’s. Spring clinic, suggested Patti again. Discussed cost of flying in someone farther, closer clinicians are much less ex-
          pensive with travel costs. Not many came to Patti’s theory session. Sandy suggested Debbie Bowman. She thought her fee was 8 or 10 rides for $1000. We are
          trying to keep costs so that SVDA subsidizes $20-25 each lesson. Previously Patti lowered her price from $100 down to $80. Not many will pay the $100. She
          had a full clinic but no waiting list. Kathy wanted the boards’ opinion of offering to all professionals in the area to “bid” on holding a clinic primarily for Junior
          riders that is also open to adults. SVDA would then award the clinic to the lowest priced clinician. This would give exposure to the local trainers without offering
          favoritism and give everyone an equal chance. The professionals would need to be at least a USDF silver medalist or equivalent and would also have to provide
          the facility. The board thought it was worth looking into. Marturia, Merry Oaks and Princess Ann Farms all would like to offer their facilities for more SVDA
     Corrine Meadows is our new Ways and Means. It was clarified that she can have helpers; however she is the board member. Corrine would like to survey the members
          to see what they would like. There is currently an online Pampered Chef fundraiser. Corrine needs to get in touch with Amanda regarding Food Lion. Tristin and
          Corrine will get together regarding other items.
     Kathy mentioned she is now in charge of the Region 1 Young Rider fund raising.
     Unfinished business – no changes.
     Board decided we liked the Warrior Grill for the Chesapeake meetings.
     Sarah Miller brought up one person at schooling show champs did not ride in proper attire. It was noted that braiding and proper attire were expected as per USEF
          rules. Janice suggested we have a prize list in the newsletter for the shows and championships. Kathy suggested we post on website, also to make a note of Junior
          TOC on entries. Sandy will organize prize list for posting and email us to make changes and we can vote via email. Sarah Miller will talk about show revisions at
     Next meeting will be January 13th, 2009 in Suffolk, VA at the Mexican Restaurant on Rt 10 behind Wendy’s.
     The meeting was adjourned by President Janice Mumford at 9:11 pm.

Respectfully submitted on January 13, 2009
Tristin Hardy, Secretary
         2009 SVDA JR/YR USDF Region 1 Team Championship Information
                                 Fun, fun and more and more fun!!!
Who can participate:
The Junior/Young Rider Region 1 Team Championships are open to all USDF Region 1 members 21 yrs
or under (in the year of 2009) who would like to participate. Your SVDA membership gives you a
qualifying USDF affiliate membership.

Benefits of the SVDA sponsored team:
   1. You will be eligible for all or part of the costs of entries and stabling to be paid
   2. You will receive a Team polo shirt and saddle pad, and possibly polo wraps (fundraising!)
   3. You get to have fun with the other members with decorations, costumes and team spirit
   4. You will stable with other participating SVDA members
   5. You will receive assistance and coaching at the competition and assistance with entries
   6. You will be eligible for other planned activities such as a low cost clinic
   7. Scores can be counted towards schooling show year end awards

To participate as part of the SVDA team you must:
   1. Be a current 2009 SVDA member (go to for information)
   2. Participate in the fundraising (approximately $350 per rider)
   3. Let Tristin Hardy know of your interest as soon as possible (see intent form)
   4. Have at least 4 volunteer points for SVDA by July 1st – this will also help for your year end
       award requirements.
   5. Be able to ride dressage Intro A & B tests or higher.

Upcoming Dates:
   • March 15th – first SVDA schooling show at Bridlewood Estates in Suffolk, VA. Proceeds
     from this show will benefit our team fundraising – so, please volunteer and show if possible!
     We want a nice full show. This will help the show run smoothly, the more participants, the more
     profit, plus you can get some of your volunteer requirements done early.
   • March 15th – pick up chocolates to sell. This is a great profit maker. Chocolates will be
     available until all sold.
   • April 17th – begin of Pizza and cookie dough sales. Packets available at April 19th schooling
     show, via mail, or on-line information will be available. This is a HUGE profit maker every
     year, everyone looks forward to their pizza and cookie dough!
   • April 19th – SVDA schooling show at Happy Valley (Bridlewood Estates is the back up facility)
     – turn in your letter of intent, if not already submitted, pick up pizza/cookie dough sale packets.
   • April 21st – Letters of intent due. However, please let Tristin know of your interest as soon as
     possible. This will help in planning for fundraising, making teams and to make sure you are kept
     informed of important information. Changes and additions can be made until entries are due.
   • May 15th – Pizza and Cookie Dough orders due to Tristin.
   • May 23rd – meeting at Bridlewood Estates, Suffolk, 3:00 pm. Pick up pizza and cookie dough,
     finish entries, work on decorations and costumes. Complete Entry forms due.
   • TBA – SVDA clinics with reduced rates for Jr’s - emphasis on upcoming tests
   • July 17th-19th – Team Championship Show – Friday travel to Morven Park in Leesburg, VA.
     Saturday and Sunday competition. Sunday awards ceremonies.
                Please contact me with any questions – Thank you! Tristin Hardy
              SVDA 2009 Junior/Young Rider Championship Team
                                Intent Form
                          Please fill out and return NO LATER THAN
                                        April 21th , 2009
                                           Tristin Hardy
                                        1106 Mill Pond Ct
                                        Suffolk, VA 23434
                                         (757) 615-4975
                    You can type the information into an email and send to:

Junior Name: _______________________________ Junior Date of Birth: ______________________

Parent(s) Name: _______________________________ Horse’s Name: ________________________

Parent Home Phone: _______________________ Parent Cell Phone:___________________________

Junior Phone: ____________________________ Junior Shirt Size:____________________________

Parent E-Mail: ____________________________ Junior E-Mail: ______________________________

                                                                  • Introductory Level
                                                               • Training 1 and Training 2
   Select the Level at Which you are currently                 • Training 3 and Training 4
        Competing? (circle all that apply)                   • First Level 1 and First Level 2
                                                             • First Level 3 and First Level 4
                                                                • Second Level and above

      I intend to participate or have already
participated in 2009 Junior fundraising activities.
                                                                      YES or NO
          (approximately $300 per rider)

         Junior’s Please Sign and Date:                      Parent Please Sign and Date:

 _____________________________________                _____________________________________

                           If possible, I would like to be on a team with:



   This information will help to plan for fundraising, making the teams, and make sure you
 receive all important information. Changes can be made until entries are due. Please keep
                            checking the SVDA website for updates.
               SVDA Education Scholarship Program
To encourage the continuing advancement in dressage of SVDA members. And to encourage
active participation and volunteering by SVDA members.
        The Board of Directors has budgeted $800 per year, for two $400 grants to be awarded to
two different members of SVDA in April each year. (2/03) Members must meet the following
    1. Two full years of membership in SVDA prior to the April 1st deadline
    2. A minimum of 20 hours of volunteer hours to benefit SVDA
    3. Participations in the SVDA fundraising project.

    1. Clinics for training of the horse and rider combination
    2. Clinics for training of the rider
*NOTE* the training of the horse that does not include the education of the SVDA member is not
eligible for fund use. Instruction with the rider's regular local instructor is not allowed, nor is food,
transportation or lodging.

Application form must be completed and received by the Scholarship Chairman before April 1st

Two awards will be made to eligible SVDA members on the basis of volunteer hours. The
minimum of 20 hours performed during the past two years. Services must be rendered to SVDA
(sanctioned show service does NOT count), and the merit of educational plans will also be
considered. . A Board member is considered a volunteer for the purposes of scholarship eligibility

The Scholarship Chairman will present all applications to the Officers and Board of Directors at the
April Board meeting. The Board of Directors will vote by secret ballot to select the two winners.
All applications will receive a letter form the Scholarship Chairman within two weeks from the
date of that vote. Applicants not awarded a grant are eligible to apply again. Applicants may only
receive one grant per year and must meet new requirements before applying again.

Payment will be made directly from the SVDA treasurer to the clinician or educational program
management. When this is not possible, receipts must be presented to the SVDA treasurer before
final payment will be made. The SVDA treasurer has the final decision that the receipts presented
are acceptable. Applicants who win the awards have one year to complete training with the award
money. At the end of one year, any award money unused will revert to the SVDA treasury.
 A written report on the event paid for the SVDA grant should be sent to the newsletter editor and
the Scholarship Chairman by the last Monday of the month in which the training has taken place.
APRIL 1, 2009

         APRIL 1, 2009
                                                    SVDA Advertisers


                …superior fit for superior performance…
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                                               mare By Capitaan Currently 15.3 1/2 hh
                                               expected to mature 16.2 Well started and
                                               lightly ridden at w/t/c. Lovely gaits and a
                                               fabulous jump! Level headed and very
                                               sound. Excellent Dressage, event or
                                               hunter prospect! Clips, loads, hauls, ties
                                               etc like a lady Asking $8k More info at

Registered 1998 TB Gelding- 16.1H,
Black, Confidence Builder, Child Safe tons
of trail experience. Schooling Second Level-
Gentle,Sweet, Great with kids, good horse                                                      PRESTIGE OPTIMAX dressage sad-
for timid or beg rider. Pics and Videos                                                        dle 32cm tree 17" seat. Used part of one
online at Asking                                                    season. In perfect shape. $2800.00 obo.
$7k obo. or call                                                      contact Sandy at 582‐2939. (02/08)
613.0320 (02/08)
                                                                                               For Sale: 17" Schlesse, Jane Savoie
                                                                                               model, med. tree; very good condition.
                                                                                               $2000. Deri Jeffers 757-302-0224 or de-

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 Tristin Hardy‐Dressage          Robyn Nunnally‐ Dressage               Danielle Rowland‐ Dressage       Chesapeake Saddlery
                                 757.986‐4498                           757.255.0524                     2337 Mt. Pleasant Rd.
                                                 Chesapeake, VA
                                 Brigitte Peterson‐Bereiter FN‐         Kathy Rowse‐ Dressage
                                                                        757.255.0524                     Old Dominion Hay
 Sandy Johnson‐Dressage          757.934.8300
                                                                             21090 Roff Lane
                                                                         Smithfield, VA   
 Janice Mumford‐Dressage
 757.986.3037                    Sue Remondini‐ Dressage
                                                                                                         Sesroh Tack Shoppe                561.901.5800
                                                                                                         1408 South Church Street
                                                                                                         Smithfield, VA 23430
Boarding/Training Facility
Elfenridge Dressage @Bridlewood Estates                SVDA SERVICES DIRECTORY
2601 Nansemond Pky Suffolk

Indian Point Farm
821 Kings Fork Road Suffolk, VA 23434

Bellwether Farm
5375 Mystical Lane, Gloucester

Starlite Dressage
1913 Whaleyville Blvd. Suffolk, VA 23434
757.613.0320 or 757.934.8300

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