Minimum wage by fdjerue7eeu


									Minimum wage
Coral is a well-known Hong Kong and Guangdong's fast-food chain, but
also Hong Kong listed companies. To tell the truth, I do not like its name, not like its
food, so little patronized. Although the lack of full personality like me a good
customer, but this does not prevent the general public seems to favor it, the
company's annual profit reached 5.13 billion even as much.
513 million, this is how amazing the number of ah! However, the rich and not
benevolence, while the rich wine and meat smell! No one would have thought that a
high profitability of the enterprise, the wages of its employees even as low as 19 yuan
per hour. The more ridiculous is that satiated the owner of Cafe de Coral Hong Kong
puppet, should be appointed to assess the minimum wage of 12 a member of the
Hourly wage of 19 yuan is what kind of concept? Let us convert it to a monthly basis
we are familiar with it.
Hourly wage of 19 yuan, multiplied by the average daily working hours of Hong
Kong, 6 hours, multiplied by 20 days working days per month. Deshu is 2280 yuan.
Hong Kong's per capita monthly income is 15,400 yuan, the shocking gap.
Even if it converted into RMB on the domestic big cities, this figure was significantly
below the average. (Please note that the salaries of people that real income, that to be
different, especially with the domestic civil service different)
As an advocate of free markets, naturally, I do not agree on minimum wage and
legislation, because I always insisted that the price of labor market regulation should
be. However, considering the present authoritarian regime in the remote control, the
increasingly become crony capitalism. Currently collusion serious disregard the
people's livelihood Canbei. Minimum wage legislation does is to protect
working people's biggest.
The question is, is to pay 19 yuan when wild exploitation of surplus value of workers
distinguished Coral boss sat Assessment Board office chair, if finalized exactly the
minimum wage hourly rate of 19 yuan, then, what legislation significance?
Confucius said: No State Road, Yan Fu and expensive, a disgrace.
Shameful indeed!
Back at home, workers from Foxconn continuous jump from a building to the workers
demanding pay increases throughout the strike movement, these are ultra-serious
satire. Because, "The People's Republic of China
Constitution," the first black and white clear to read: The
People's Republic of China led by the working class, based on the alliance
of workers and peasants the people's democratic dictatorship of socialist
Led by the working class!
Led by the working class!
Led by the working class!
Note that this is not a joke.

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