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Six of financial and economic center, the economics, international economics and
trade, finance, insurance, Investment, Finance, six professional recruitment, Careers.
The top three professions in which the institutions have set up, often after the three
key institutions set up professional. You servants, or economic management only, or
clever financing colonial goods. Area if they wish to attempt to financial future,
please listen to the following decomposition of ......
The first all-inclusive town - Economics
【Review】 Professional
Economics can be broken down a lot of research, including political economy,
Western economics, regional economics, economic science. As the focus in the
undergraduate foundation studies, most institutions of higher learning only with
economics, only a few strong focus on institutions only with the direction of the
various branches of the profession, such as Chinese People's University of
Political Economics, Zhongnan University of trade and economic professional,
detailed information on imitation white marble railings.
Economics as an economic class in the basic professional expertise, like the Shaolin
martial arts school in the same position. "There is a Shaolin martial
arts," other professional economics is a field of economics and
development of a detailed application. Therefore, the undergraduate study of
economics can not do without a "wide" character, therefore,
economics focuses on the economic theory based on research, sought to broaden the
student's knowledge, the knowledge related to all areas of economic are
covered. Currently at home and set up a college economics major political economy,
capital theory, economics, accounting, statistics, econometrics, international
economics, money and banking, finance, economics history, development economics,
business management, marketing, international finance, international trade and so on.
Economics of the earliest opening of the economy as a major, although not as finance,
international economic and trade like a rising star extremely popular, but in recent
years is also very obvious signs of warming. The reason the one hand,
China's market economy, hair shop to provide a broad arena of economics,
increased recognition of people's degree of economics; the other hand,
economics involves a wide range of self-knowledge, attention to the characteristics of
basic research Whether students have sufficient employment or studies the choice of
Sentinel】 【Employment
Multi-skill, windy workplace
Economics curriculum as "wide" features, so the employment
of graduates whereabouts are distributed more widely. The main direction of
employment: economic forecasting, analysis class jobs, marketing type jobs,
management jobs, etc..
In recent years, many graduates of regular institutions of economics rather grim
situation, the main reason there are two points: the most ideal position on the
academic requirements for higher competitiveness of undergraduate education is not
enough;       Second,      although     the     economics     curriculum      setting
"wide", but there are also professional skills are not
"special" of the state. To overcome these drawbacks, the study
of economics to first grasp the economics "wide" character,
learning all aspects of a broad knowledge of economics, to lay the foundation for
further studies in order to expand employment space; Second, we must strive to
"specialized" in a wide range of learning, we must strive to have
one's professional knowledge and skills, for example, members can
participate in the declaration, CPA exam and to find good jobs for the future
Shopping Tianjiao second town - International Economic and Trade
【Review】 Professional
International trade in China's economic system plays a decisive role, from
the reform and opening up to China's accession to WTO, then the
long-term Sino-US trade cooperation, are all highlights the important role of
international trade.
International Economy and Trade, is the subject of a foreign nature, its core is the
"international" word, which made the graduates of foreign
languages very high, master of international common business language and business
English is essential , students can enhance English learning English for the time to
add the knowledge of foreign trade.
Favorite professional international economic and trade school students in the choice
of school subjects in addition to concern about the strength, but also study the
geographical location the school is located. The conduct of international trade
dependence on the location the higher the eastern coastal area clear advantage not
only will provide more employment opportunities and greater openness, more in line
with international requirements of international trade. International Economy and
Trade of the best schools, but focused on the trade developed eastern coastal areas,
students choose to focus on the east coast schools.
Sentinel】 【Employment
Elite domain, both foreign language
More and more frequently in international business transactions today, the
international economic and trade professional students naturally worry about not
"flies" in the sky. But the international economy and trade,
professional employment is not as original as expected when opened, into the
state-owned enterprises, into the foreign, settled in foreign affairs, because large
companies require staff to have some working experience and higher on the academic
requirements, and a Undergraduate hardly any experience to speak of, other foreign
languages must also have 12 brushes for the job, but a lot of local college or some
vocational colleges have rushed to set up this profession, the overall quality of
graduates can not be guaranteed detailed information on conducting oil furnace. Their
employment can be difficult.
International Economic and Trade is a very great importance to practical skills,
professional, and act as foreign trade, will work you have to have a brain, full of ideas.
As for the other conditions and capacity, are easy to say, you can gradually
accumulated life experiences. But cross the threshold of employment after graduation,
when the best evidence in English 6 (spoken good, another said), or they will be
tripped over. In college, students can also participate in sales staff, customs
examination members, increase employment chips.
Location on the international economic and trade professionals is also important to
graduates of the eastern coast of the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta region is
the most developed parts of China's foreign trade, the demand for trade
professionals than other areas. Each year in Ningbo, Dongguan organized trade fairs
attracted a lot of senior talent to go trade elite job. Another huge potential Jingjintang
hair shop, and into the Bohai Sea in the area, Chongqing region is also more demand
for qualified personnel in areas of trade.
Sudden emergence of the third town - Finance Professional
【Review】 Professional
With the opening up of China's financial markets and the mature market
economy, banking, securities, trust and other fast-growing industry development,
finance profession can become hot in recent years are warm enough for Economics
Professional. Finance the same car with the Volvo S series,
"product" and the main safety factor for the high-end market,
was welcomed by the majority of employers, forging detailed information.
"Financial" or capital intermediation, finance aims to nurture
financial talents. Professional knowledge and good communication skills is a finance
professional students must have the basic requirements. The rapid development of the
world financial industry, finance professional students should always grasped the
pulse of the times, constantly learning the latest knowledge in finance to maintain the
continuous updating of knowledge. In addition, with the economic development,
finance professional and a number of other emerging high demand, such as the level
of vocational skills and foreign language skills more demanding, requiring students to
learn professional knowledge, we should have a prominent foreign language and
vocational skills.
Learning the profession, you will find is about money, finance, money, money, money
is money, stocks, bonds are money. Money and Banking, Securities Investment,
Insurance, commercial banking and central banking are the main course finance. In
addition to classroom learning theory, the many schools will organize the imitation of
foreign investment in stocks and trading activities to help students understand what
they learn. Graduated the first 2 to 3 months in a bank or securities firm practice,
which helps improve the students understanding of the investment.
Sentinel】 【Employment
Not afraid of no horses, afraid of no Maxima
Volvo Car Finance as professional as high security. The last three years, the
institutions directly under the State finance ministries employment rate of graduates
has been stable at 90%.
Compared with other financial specialties, finance professional employment also has
its own characteristics: first, the financial unit of the qualification requirements can be
said to be the most special is the securities industry, banking, oil paint detailed
information, human resources demand will gradually "high, fine,
sharp" tilt. According to concerned parties, financial services, banks need
to multi-level financial professionals, which also contains the basic staff, as agent,
operator, bank teller line and other such basic work commensurate with the proportion
of total personnel. Second, as the integration with the world economy, financial
professionals must understand the international financial norms, know the
international market, the latest financial theories, financial industry at home and
knows the situation can be, understanding the securities market, foreign exchange
market operations and corporate finance knowledge.
Overall, financial professionals in recent years the employment situation is good. As
China approaches the full liberalization of the banking sector and foreign banks,
insurance capital's entry into, the financial professionals in growing
demand, the special is a high-quality financial professionals the compound will have a
very broad stage performances.
The root of the fourth country town - Financial Professional
【Review】 Professional
Speaking of the stamp duty rate increases, many investors is a nose a tear; mention of
the Three Gorges Project, the South and other large projects, many of which can be
eloquent to tell many stories; filed cancel agricultural taxes, 1 billion farmers large tilt
thumb ... ... All this shows that finance the national economy played a decisive role.
Finance detailed financial work as a research subject, has been favored candidates.
Versatile and Economics, International Economics and Trade, focus on
"international" character than the finance professional is
covered is much smaller. Finance professional students through in-depth study of
financial studies, national budget, tax administration, international taxation,
state-owned asset management and other core courses, will master the basic theory of
finance, basic knowledge available to deal with the basic ability to finance the tax
Finance        professionals        are      characterized        by       emphasis      on
"accounting" capability. Can be said that finance professional
training of a national tax department of the "accounting." Work
in the study need to use mathematical tools, special statistical and auditing knowledge,
mathematics, logic, learn better, or interested students will be an advantage. More
cautious, careful students, the probability of error smaller, suitable for professional
and learn the relevant work.
Sentinel】 【Employment
Most graduates choose the civil service exam
Finance graduate students in the Government's financial sector, such as the
Ministry of Finance, Inland Revenue Department and other units engaged in tax
planning, asset management, auditing, etc., or in the accounting firm doing tax work
for the company's financial statements and audit companies, or engaged in
tax consulting services, you can also do large enterprises Finance tax planning. With
the reform of university teaching, and now university-trained finance professional
employment opportunities for students to become more widespread, and more
pragmatic nature of the work.
On a single profession, finance graduates is not very Haozhaogongzuo as between the
government and enterprises, finance with which side do not seem to rely on. If you
graduated does not test or unable to enter the civil service institutions, relatively
speaking, more difficult jobs, so many people choose to attempt tax authorities after
graduation civil.
In recent years the professional finance some new trends, investment banking,
customs, corporate finance department of the finance graduates open the door.
Predecessors said and finance majors are generally looking for work order: foreign -
Civil Service Examinations - Bank Head Office - Bank Provincial Bank - universities,
various businesses and insurance companies viewing the whole.
The fifth town to cope with risks - Insurance Professional
【Review】 Professional
In China, known as the 2l century insurance a sunrise industry. First, the huge
population base and the aging of the population, smaller family structure will help the
insurance industry, the expansion of market size; Secondly, the depth of our current
insurance and insurance density is low, the insurance market so as to provide a great
space for development ; Third, rising income levels, market size for the expansion of
the insurance industry to provide a sound economic base; Fourth, sustained and rapid
economic development of China's insurance market will provide a reliable
guarantee of long-term development.
In this trend, the insurance specialty in universities, such as flower-like bloom.
Especially the major Universities of Finance and Economy class professional, all have
set up insurance programs. Insurance majors is to meet China's insurance
industry, the insurance needs of professionals set up the core curriculum of Insurance,
property insurance, personal insurance, risk management, reinsurance, insurance and
actuarial. At the undergraduate stage, students have to lay a solid foundation in
mathematics and foreign languages, most schools require studying finance,
accounting, investment and other economic programs, a broad framework of
economic background. Some schools added marketing, legal knowledge and other
related knowledge, such as insurance, marketing, international economic law,
international trade and international commercial law and so on.
Students should not be misled that the Insurance professional to train first-line
insurance salesman. Insurance is an industry, is a complete system, from the design of
insurance, premium custom to insurance sales, insurance, every step necessary
personnel to participate. For example, the actuarial Insurance in the direction of
mathematical proficiency of students is very high, the most acute shortage of such
personnel are Quwang. In addition, risk management, reinsurance direction of
knowledge is very complex and useful, detailed information Dongyang wood carving,
not the insurance market so simple.
Sentinel】 【Employment
Insurance professionals are not going to sell insurance after graduation
Professional social insurance there are a lot of misunderstanding of employment,
many people think that the insurance specialty employment is sell insurance. The
reality is not so remote, insurance marketing is only part of the work in the insurance
industry, other work such as group training, training instructors, Underwriting
underwriting and financial operation of the personnel, the actuarial staff great demand
not only talent, and work decent, well-paid. The insurance industry not only need to
hard-working marketing staff, also need to have a more profound theoretical
knowledge of undergraduate-level professionals. According to Insurance Institute of
Foreign Economic and Trade University, a large Chinese and foreign insurance
companies sent letters to consult the survey done, these are China's leading
insurance companies on the senior security professionals have great demand.
Details of Insurance Professionals Employment of specialized insurance companies in
addition to, there are medium enterprises, social security institutions, government
regulators, investment banks and securities institutions, risk management departments
of large enterprises, can be described as roads lead to Rome.
Big profit Sixth Town - Investment Professional
【Review】 Professional
"Hee hee the world are all benefits to, the world Rangrang are all profits go
to." Whether to spend 2.5 billion Intel plant in Dalian, or "stock
god" Buffett buying and selling stocks, they are engaged in an activity - -
Investment. "Investment" word for most people is not new.
National Development and shops, business profit, personal gain, are inseparable from
the investment. KFC, McDonald's worldwide popularity, Toyota has been
successful around the world, the typical investment.
Investment as a science is the study of the investment system, to invest more scientific.
Investments include securities investment, international investment, business
investment, and several other fields of study. Investment professional to train with the
contemporary world political and economic perspective, to understand
China's investment policies, can banks, securities companies, asset
management companies, funds and trust companies and other financial institutions
engaged in investment management, investment consulting investment in specialized
high-quality personnel. Investment should not only learn the basics of economics, but
also have solid knowledge base of professional backing. It is necessary to understand
the background of macro-investment policy, but also proficient in a variety of
micro-investment techniques. Therefore recommended that students learn in the
classroom while doing a good job might speculation in stocks and look to do what
investment activities, and accumulated some valuable experience.
Investment set to be the first undergraduate institution is the Zhongnan University of
strength are also leaders. At present, Shanghai University of Finance, Central
University of Finance, Southwest University of Finance and Investments are taught
undergraduate. In 2007, new investment in the University of International Business
and Economics undergraduate professional, started recruiting students.
Sentinel】 【Employment
To their own characteristics to "invest" in the Professional
Students sit in the choice of the professional, should be combined with interest in their
interests, personality characteristics to choose. Investment future graduates to
investment banks, securities firms and other places of work, practitioners must be
outgoing, good at communicating with people. Learning the professional to have a
strong logical reasoning ability, keen market "smell", but also
on the number of sensitive.
In general, the Investment graduates mainly in the following graduation destination:
first, the securities, trust investment companies and investment banks to invest in
securities; second, to the investment sector enterprises engaged in business investment;
third, to the relevant government departments involved in the investment policy
development and policy management; fourth, to universities, research departments
engaged in teaching and research work.
Insurance professionals with the same specialty as the institutions of higher learning
to open an investment less, come take a look at Hebei College of Finance and
Investment professional school set up and often it is strong prestigious universities, so
students have more competitive in . The investment needs of large school graduates,
which undoubtedly is an investment professional school graduates increased the
number of weights.