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									Melinda Gates

Flying Trapeze

"She always experience ups and downs of the world"

In October 2006 of a hot Sunday, a pair of the world's richest
philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates stood on the outskirts of Abuja, Nigeria,
cassava piece of land, to harvest cassava farmers are being asked How do the roots of
this plant becomes bitter taste a little. Cassava is the staple food of many Africans, but
the lack of vitamins, and contains a natural form of cyanide.
  ?After asking a few technical problems, the answer is revealed: the side of the table
filled with flour, cassava bread and cassava crackers. Melinda Gates taste a little, very
tactfully asked the baker: "How do you think of the taste?"
A colleague described Melinda: "ready to roll up her sleeves and
personally experience the ups and downs of the real world."

Willing to travel long distances to study global health problems exist, 42-year-old
Melinda charity opened a new chapter in the occasion of one of the reasons people
become strong - the same time, Melinda is the world's largest head of
charitable funds.

Foundation Charitable Fund, the current 31.9 billion U.S. dollars, investor Warren
Buffett has agreed to donate 30 billion U.S. dollars, mainly AIDS, tuberculosis,
malaria, childhood diseases and the United States overseas education and the
homeless series strategic charitable assistance.

Bill Gates empire in the process of establishing the software has quite arrogant
behavior, so many doubts at first on the foundation, but Melinda to help her husband
to donate the attitude of modest wealth, and won their support.

Skeptical scientific community who view Gates has long been questioned whether the
efficient operation of the fund, but with the Foundation, the World Health
Organization and the U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention to help
professionals, began to conduct in the relevant funding, fund will start to win their

At first, the couple's charity caused by the Indian government and media
attention and suspicion. Gates cited the Government of India on AIDS data, the CIA
predicted nose; media questioned whether Bill Gates's charitable donations
only ulterior commercial promotion.

At this time, Melinda carefully arranged a visit to India, not only quell the voices of
many doubts, but also for the foundation's charitable work has earned more
trust. She wore marigold ring, and women shake hands with the Calcutta red light
district, praised the women in the prevention of AIDS and protect their
children's efforts. She told the "Times of India," he
was born in middle class families, parents provide for their own college is quite
difficult, and said she would tell their children about the things in India, because
"they should understand that these problems exist in the world, and their
responsibility to address these issues. "

Microsoft era

From the client manager to Ms. Dong Shichang

Melinda married before in the original 名梅琳达安弗 Range, father engineer,
mother is housewife. She studied at a Catholic girls school Ursula Academy, the
school motto is "Serviam", meaning "humble as
servants." She praised the enlightened teacher Susan Powell on his talent in
mathematics. Ursula Academy and others familiar with Melinda who do not want to
do more reviews, to respect her privacy.

At Duke, she completed a five-year time Bachelor of Arts and Master of Business
Administration Linking In courses in economics and computer science double degree,
and twice in IBM internship. Business School, where she was a professor Richard
Burton, said he was marking the day when the management class papers, have taken
the test paper to his attention. "The answer to examination paper prepared
better than my own," he said, "so I started using
Melinda's responses as the answer." He said that really the
beginning of her stay.

In 1987, Melinda received MBA degree, another started his own career path.
Microsoft, she was selected, and gradually became a Microsoft IT products, account
manager, travel to visit the country between users. She first made Word software
product manager, and is responsible for Microsoft's electronic
encyclopedia Encarta software and travel services, Expedia (both products were later
separated from Microsoft).

"Melinda open-minded, consider the issue in depth, full of strategic
vision." At Microsoft's senior vice president of human resources
丽莎布鲁默 said. Advocate on their own to solve problems in a cultural atmosphere,
Melinda also respected decision-making team collaboration.
"Companies have a lot of smart people who (previously) like it
alone." Blumer said, "Melinda called the people together,
solving problems together." So, this way of doing things if she had to be
popular? "It was everyone's respect for her, but after a period of
time before his colleagues to accept her in this way." Blumer said.
"We still do not understand the teamwork that time," Blumer
said, "Now the company has made great progress in this area, but only
Melinda previously done a great job."
12 years of marriage

Cinderella fairy tale is not the same

Later, another form of collaboration began. Melinda at a company party encountered
Bill Gates, the two began dating. At that time Microsoft's office romance is
very popular, with many of my colleagues married couple.

However, this is not the same as the Cinderella fairy tale. High academic
qualifications than the groom, the bride (after Gates dropped out from Harvard
founded his own company), but also better exercise. Melinda keen on running and
kayaking, also climbed Washington's Mount Rainier 14.411 feet high. Bill
Gates like playing bridge and golf, both are love crossword puzzles.

Melinda has the intellectual from the inside out the United States. "She is
very smart," Gates wrote in an email, "One time we went out to
play, the way her out of some math quizzes with me, and she finished very well. Us
do crossword puzzles, she is also much more powerful than I am. " He said
that early marriage before the two began to discuss his money earned to charity.

In 1994, before the wedding the two men, suffering from cancer, his mother Mary had
given Melinda Gates wrote a letter to the contents of what is now known, Mary
Melinda and the world to share both wealth and good luck. Bill Gates did not belt
Melinda stalks Tiffany jewelry store, but to the city of Nebraska, Omaha jewelry store
to buy an engagement ring. That store is the largest shareholder behind Warren

Buffett and Bill Gates play bridge not only regularly, eat hamburgers and brought
Melinda introduced to their friends - The Washington Post's boss Catherine
Gleim. Catherine had died before his death wrote an autobiography, detailing how to
go from a conservative woman to become a leader in the media giant. Gates
colleagues, this book inspire Melinda seriously consider their own career
development in the direction of the public.

Melinda's Creed
Let each person access to medical science

Melinda Roman Catholic since birth, but she never mentioned in public their faith.
However, her convention speech in Toronto, against any person to place AIDS on
religious tenets. "In the fight against AIDS, condoms can save
lives." She said, "If you oppose the distribution of condoms,
that is something you think is more important than saving a life."

She also condemned some politicians reluctant to provide AIDS prevention and
control measures prostitutes. "Think of a married man gave his life to the
red-light district, they have wives and children," she said, "If
you are indifferent to sex workers for AIDS prevention, it would mean abandoning the
safety of his wife and children in disregard. "

Gates attended this year's occasion, always Melinda Gates Foundation as a
full-time partner, praised her charity projects in the planning of strategic vision, and
her communication with the affected donors outstanding ability. "As early
as before marriage, we discussed the wealth in a different way of contributing to
society may encounter problems." Bill Gates said in an e-mail,
"We at first focus of discussion is how to have much people enjoy the
progress of medical science extended to each person. " Not only to provide
routine vaccines for the poor, but also support high-tech research projects.

Married Melinda Gates, but Gates is not the accessories of her as "The
Wall Street Journal," comments as: her experience, her potential, and her
face resistance should be concerned about.

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