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Medical treatment


									Medical treatment
   Animal instinct originally from moxibustion, cold, fever and diarrhea, are
pediatrics, chewing herbs, drink stream, the sun, when the self-healing move.
However, in evolution, semi-evolutionary process, from the gradual degradation of
moxibustion instinct, poultry and livestock often with fever epidemic caused
widespread and, together with the scourge of the wild birds and beasts, human beings
even more unfortunate that he carved out a medical profession, health spot disease
then, as the board of fish, only the mercy and the mercy despite angels. Darwin
discovered evolution of species, while the left side of evolution, an illness that is more
than moan really pity. Dan longing for the old people of primitive society, a small
country, I humbly believe that his intent is to recover from moxibustion instinct, never
in contact with the interpersonal, both curable ideological pollution, but also cure
physical pain. I would like to Pursues its behavior, unfortunately all-conquering
power of harmony, into my mind is the rape meal. So sick had to seek medical
treatment out of medical malpractice, it can only be of feeling wretched, to blame can
only blame ancestors ingredients too.

   Doctors had a very respectable job, I remember a child sick or small, his father a
doctor quickly looked flustered, as soon as Da Jia to visit, then back slipper greet,
please attendance, Bong smoke tea, wait on ring out, is a sacred cow, as if worship
classroom of the god of wealth, as if the doctor is sick. At that time doctors visiting
players with treasure chest, a panacea ranging, and even pharmacists also be also
offering. The town doctor, in addition to pharmacists, but also cater to cashiers,
opened the prescription immediately to urge patients to make payments, pocket hides
the silver began dispensing, some unknown drug, with changes to distribution to the
infinite, but also a statement goes for the price of miles. Eight-legged essay writing an
article, the doctor-patient medical treatment are also stereotyped, receive little cost
medicine content in difficult cases, doctors usually straight to the point that their
physician too late, until the patient desperation, changed the subject, if no accidents
can be insured Yu, the patient asked for treatment of the parties, the trick that, no
matter for a certain drug to test, after the medicine ineffective, simply declined to be
find smb. better qualified, if the kindness is not deleted, and may be high gold content
for the patients in a hospital, desperate patients will be grateful to tears.

   Today, a doctor of traditional interruption, the doctor is big in the big, Bataidajiao
please do not come, not enough to show good faith non-door visits, medical care into
medical treatment. I never Renxinbugu dignified Chinese, who are asking the party to
be automatically condescending people vulnerable, apprentice masters, and students
study, patients seek treatment, there is always a party stalwart commanding body. This
seemingly natural logic, in fact, absurd, apprenticeship is a work in odd jobs of white
workers, students and patients are spending money to sell services to customers, but
the reality is that the master secret and not pass, the students become the ideology of
the slave, the patient a case of swine and sheep board. This is why people fell ill on
the doldrums, a humble abject poor form. Chi every corner of the hospital dense,
incomplete body, distorted facial expression, desperate moan, awaiting only the
required medical death sentence.

   Three days ago, little brother with a fever, dizziness, Tisi torrential, shouted death is
nearing. We warm words with comfort, advised him that a fever is a minor illness,
should not take medicine and injections, a little exercise, or simply by their own
immune system can be overcome. Ignored younger brother, screaming in pain, a nose,
a tear, wipe over the floor of the paper. See comfort invalid, I intimidation. I said you
might meet a quack, quack is a lean ghost, its prescription is dedicated to the private
drive away ghosts, and better than the portrait of Zhong Kui is also efficacious, timid
Traveller can give a prescription for unimpeded access. Younger brother asked me
why, I orthophoto Road, because many demons were quack remedies and harming his
lifetime too, causing great psychological shadow, Guer death is still daunting. Little
brother is a primary school, the motherland's future flowers, four points of
beauty recite every word and understand it before eating and after going to wash their
hands, sick sad truth to medical treatment, of course, I would not listen to the words
of the spell.
   Hospital celebrated its spring, inside and outside the patient, such as weaving,
prescription volume copy, versus rolling, performance expectations to homeopathic
gains across the board. Emergency vehicles sped to come and go, alcoholic back to
the emergency room, all unconscious, washing out the stomach is smart, connected,
and write it into the gates of hell, how can we know that alcohol ecstasy. Occasionally
carried in bloody, head and face, bandage strapped to the Young and Dangerous,
Young and Dangerous though serious injuries and will have as strong as Dong Cunrui
the one hand, pull it oxygen tube, one side cries of "brothers,
Charge!" The majority of patients is the younger brother who like a fever,
all haggard Rusangkaobi, dizziness, stuffy nose view of the world also will change,
along with King, who body itself, this time in any case no longer Hsing
Hou's feelings can not afford to but myself can do . Drip hanging beds for
patients, and looked Yanyanwaiwai, if gossamer breath, only when the eyes blink
occasionally, until that gentleman was still alleys. See this scenario, You Ran solemn
feeling of birth, the hospital can be a good time for hospital doctors, powerless, it is
the funeral home.
   Pediatric team in front of a long line up Shuo Zhang, one by one the children were
crying hot burned wah-wah, coax the old lady spared comfort, the young mother
altogether slapped each other and crying Heartbreakers guide tragic. I keep hurrying
Nangnang team, and would like to slap each other and fortunately my brother is not
only crying Hao, right after listening to a noisy symphony. Adults that children cute,
crying up even rolling on the ground is like the innocent, perfect. Having lived
through it, my views have changed on the child, children only when it is lovely lovely,
cute as Popi time, such as now, crying may be said no one else.
    After the turn of a child younger brother, I am a long sigh, full of looking forward
to a one-time prescribing the medicine. But then a doctor's diagnosis I was
aghast, do not measure body temperature, on the one hand to his forehead burned by it
that is not light, at least 37 degrees. What is not nonsense, fever sure to jump up to
rise above normal body temperature. Doctors hope that smell it and set of processes
Satsukai monarch and his subjects, completely forgotten, a good assistant to open a
single blood test, the doctor said that the second sentence, the Contributions testing.
Our Laboratory Department has consumed nearly an hour, returned when the
consulting room, have to continue to line up then as prescription has been a success.
Doctors gave me prescriptions, lazily expiry of the laboratory test, this time that the
third sentence, fine, will make payments go.
    I look at prescription, four drugs (first time I saw written in character by the shape
without a prescription), Xiao Chai Hu particles, Anjibilin, paracetamol and ibuprofen,
have been ill people knew. Doctors really are miracle-working doctor, do not want to
smell it Satsukai monarch and his subjects, but also to know the right remedy, Zhen
Nai Hua alive too. But I do not understand, since doctors are highly gifted, are not
diagnosed or carve out prescription, why the patients blood test? But I have to admire
doctors scouring the entire complex of the consultation process, the three sentences
that was being vitality and efficiency after the two sentences in particular, see -
"Contributions go."
    After buying drugs out, trying to take medicine on time and comfort little brother,
little brother told me that abnormal mental, brother, my disease is cured, these drugs
throw it! My mind blank for a few minutes, when I understand the meaning younger
brother, I suddenly generalized weakness, paralysis on the ground, said hello, I was

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