mba Zhongshan University Lingnan MBA2009 _fourth_ HR Forum is concluded

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					mba Zhongshan University Lingnan MBA2009 (fourth) HR Forum is concluded
Lingnan mba 2009 (fourth) hr Forum on April 10 in South Hall. Lingnan College mba
nearly 100 students and alumni, business executives and human resource managers to
participate in the forum.
The forum's theme of "financial crisis hr choice and
practice." The forum organized by Lingnan College mba education center
sponsored by Hewitt Associates to support. Forum is organized by Lingnan mba Hu
Yibing, deputy director of the teachers, the invitation of the Chinese University
Lingnan University, Professor Chu Xiaoping famous teacher, Lingnan College,
Assistant to the President, mba director Zhang Yanmei teachers, general manager of
Hewitt Associates and the South China Guangzhou Branch Executive Compensation
Business Director Miss Li Xiaohong, Baidu former Executive Director, Mr. Gu
Jiaping personnel and other guests, in the past month, the Southern Metropolis Daily
published many articles Hewitt Associates human resources under the financial
turmoil, the article should aroused hot business. As the topic of continuity and depth,
Lingnan College mba education center and co-sponsored the seminar Hewitt, will be
from human resources to meet the business strategy, from a business perspective on
how to work more effectively with the business depth.
Forum aims to promote the business school and business exchanges and
communication, Technical University of Management MBA, Business School as the
education of people to agencies, employment agencies and enterprises as a career
manager mba three topics of common interest to discuss and exchange. Activities,
also presented its annual Award for school-enterprise cooperation as a means for the
past year mba project support and help enterprises to express my sincere thanks.
In the keynote speech, Miss Li Xiaohong share with you the rules of human resources
through the winter - advice and well-known company Hewitt Five Case Studies;
Hewitt in February 2009 Monthly Bulletin of newly found scroll of human resources;
economic winter in executive pay Four coping strategies and global sharing of
well-known case of financial companies, the content easy to understand, complete and
comprehensive, people have benefited.
The theory presented to the audience from all walks of life in a brilliant forum, guests
were enlightened Lianzhu quip that a large audience, Sydney University of
Technology Master of Engineering.
Next, round-table dialogue session in the reservoir under the auspices of Professor
Xiaoping, Li Xiaohong, general manager, Mr. Gu Jiaping and other guests have
expressed their opinions and demonstrate their experience and views. The presence of
the audience to actively participate in discussions, present a sharp issue with our
guests, guests from different perspectives put forward their own proposals, won
thunderous applauses.
After the dialogue session, we also feel very invested enough, have stepped forward
to close communication with the guests to ask their questions of interest, Lingnan mba
2009 (fourth) hr forum is always warm and harmonious atmosphere throughout the
entire forum in.
mba gas station
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