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MBA college choice
Key prestigious financial institutions or
The following fees 50 000
Regional economic development
The first tier 13
Eastern Colleges
1. Shandong University 99
211.985. Directly under the Ministry of Education.
Management economics 22B + 40B +
   In 2007, Shandong University, China continues to recruit for the Master of
Business Administration (MBA) graduate.
 ?(A) of the school system: curriculum for the two to three years, the credit system.
Complete a training program prescribed courses and the results pass the required 45
credits before they are allowed to write a dissertation.
 ?(B) teaching method: According to the characteristics of MBA training, teaching
content and implementing the wide, new, real simultaneously the principles of theory
and practice. Teaching with lectures, discussions, case studies, competitive simulation
methods such as field research. Hired foreign experts with practical experience and
professors come to teach.
 ?(C) Thesis: Thesis in the group under the guidance of instructors. The preparation
of high-quality paper can be the case, special studies, surveys and diagnostic reports
 ?(D) the classes are: the classes are flexible, with full-time classes and semi-full-time
classes (ie classes each semester two-month, one of the Monday, two, three do not
teach, work or study hall to go flat)
Taking classes and tuition standards:
(A) to participate in MBA entrance exam, can only be accepted for the commission to
develop or self-financing mode.
(B) 11,000 yuan per year per student tuition, student transportation fees,
accommodation fees, textbooks take care of themselves.
2. Dongbei University of Finance (Dalian)
In 2000, Northeast University of Finance and the Ministry of Finance transferred to
Liaoning Provincial People's Government, the implementation of the
central and local governments to build, manage, Liaoning Province-based
management system
Management Economics 11A 21A
14,000 / year. Three years 05 07 45 000
3. Jilin University (98) (Changchun)
211.985. Directly under the Ministry of Education.
Management Economics 17A 24A
  "Full-time MBA (Full-time MBA): two-year, full-time full-time study.
The school to arrange accommodation at their own expense.
  "In-service MBA (Part-time MBA): Two and a half academic, part-time
study, usually arranged in every Friday afternoon, evening and on Saturdays and
Sundays class
 ?Total training costs 42,300 yuan (2008)
?Advisory Tel :0431-85654685 ,0431-85166257, 85166123 (Lee teacher, history
4. Tianjin University of Finance
Tianjin University of Finance and established the new China University of Finance
and one of the first is a so the application of economic and business management
disciplines for the backbone, both of literature, law, science, engineering, education,
infiltrated the seven disciplines, coordinated development of multidisciplinary
Management economics 28B + 47B +
School system for two years or two and a half, can study full-time or part-time
All minor requires a total credit, in an independent study published during the paper,
dissertation through the defense. All training fee is 43,000 yuan (including materials
5. Beijing Jiaotong University
211. Directly under the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education and the
Ministry of Railways build a national key university
Economics Management 59B + 50B
Amateur classes: 2 to 3 academic years, part-time study, generally arranged every
Saturday, Sunday and evening classes usually. Training fees charged by current
regulations (now wantonly million five thousand yuan), a lump sum when the
enrollment report.
Tel :010-51688359 010-51688580 Song Kou teacher teacher
6. University
221. Jiangsu Provincial.
Management economics 33B + 43B +
   1, full-time study: two-year term, 1-3 main courses and business practice phase, 4
semester graduate thesis writing and the application stage;
   2, part-time learning: academic year, 1-5 semester course of study and practice of
stage business, class key arrangement on Saturdays and Sundays class, 6 semesters for
the thesis writing and the degree application stage.
   3, the College hired MBA school has extensive teaching experience outside the
classroom teachers, employ well-known experts, scholars and business people to do
seminars arranged for the participants to the Suzhou Industrial Park Development
Zone, some multinational companies such as internships.
   2007 MBA training fee of RMB wantonly million Erqian round.
Midwest colleges
7. Lanzhou University 97
211.985. Directly under the Ministry of Education.
Management economics 47B 91B
Local students use weekends and at night is not full-time study, foreign students each
semester about a month of time focused on learning. Master awarded a
master's degree certificate and diploma. Three years of study.
  Training costs: Lanzhou teaching point 10000 - 11000 yuan / year, Shenzhen
teaching point 17000 - 18000 yuan / year. (08)
8. Zhongnan University (Wuhan)
211. Ministry of Education directly.
Management Economics 14A 36A
  Service learning (weekend or concentrated study). Double permit fee for all 40,000,
pay twice, the first \ second academic year when the payment of half of the school
system for two to three years of flexible educational system. So far, two cards do not
do full-time classes. (2008) refined the financial, general management, good
investment, understand the complexities of the law
Our two-card approach to learning in two classes: 1, use of Saturdays, Sundays or
evening study 2, one and a half hours each semester focused Learning
"2007-7-25 15:47:25>
9. Southwestern University of Finance
211. Directly under the Ministry of Education.
Economics Management 39B + 13A
10. Chongqing University
211.985. Directly under the Ministry of Education.
Management economics 39B 23A
11. Hunan University
211.985. Directly under the Ministry of Education.
Management Economics 19A 28A
Advisory Tel :0731-8823903 13739051248
42000, course materials 2,000 yuan. Three years. Class every weekend. (07)
12. Sichuan University 98
211.985. Directly under the Ministry of Education.
Management economics 21B + 15A
. Q: MBA of the tuition fees? (2006)
  A: The total tuition fee is 46,000 yuan.
Not full-time school system is generally two and a half, a maximum of five years.
. Q: admission 2005 MBA candidates and what happened?
  ?A: In 2005 the number of applicants for the MBA entrance exam 315, the actual
number of 210 to take the test more than the number of on-line 94, the actual taking of
92. In addition, transfers of 34 students enrolled. MBA Admission 2005, serving 41
13. Central South University
211.985. Directly under the Ministry of Education.
Management economics 59B 26A
48000, both years.
The second echelon 6
14. Jiangxi University of Finance
Ministry of Finance and Jiangxi build.
Management economics 27B + 57B +
Full-time full-time MBA class: two-year, full-time full-time study Semester 1-2, 3-4
semester internship and thesis writing.
Half full-time MBA class service: academic year, to regularly focus on face to face
training methods, 1-4 semester courses, each semester focused on four times, each
time focus on eight days (four days plus two weekends), 5 -6 semester internship and
thesis writing.
Students Xiuman course credits and get through the dissertation defense of national
unity after the award of MBA degree and postgraduate diploma.
All fees for the self-financing mode, full tuition fees accumulated to 30,000 yuan,
while studying the school to resolve accommodation problems, but the cost required
to take care of themselves.
15. Xiamen University
At present, Xiamen University, MBA tuition fees for half-day, 5.2 million (not
including textbooks and other costs). Can be divided into two cross-ching, the first
time in school registration to report pay 26,000 yuan, and the second report in the
second year and then pay 26,000 yuan for registration. Full-time International MBA
(I-MBA): 5.5 million (excluding textbooks). (07)
Comment on MBA scholarship at school full-time students is based on academic
achievement and overall performance evaluation. In addition, Xiamen University
MBA Center also apply for our school and was admitted to Xiamen University MBA
results for the first five candidates to provide new scholarships.
16. Northeastern University (Shenyang)
   Candidates need to be admitted on the second interview, those who pass our school
and re-testing unit signed an agreement Graduate Education and training within the
specified time one-time fees collected throughout San Wan five thousand
(¥ 35,000.00 million) only after admission. 06
   Training methods and curriculum: 06
  ?1. Take credit. Xiuman provides credit, before being written thesis and pass the
reply, issued by the Ministry of Education has presented the MBA diploma and degree
  ?2. Two types of training methods. Way for full-time MBA students, school system
in two to three years. Another semi-full-time study, school system for three to four
years. Schools do not arrange accommodation, use of leisure time classes, most of the
curriculum on Saturday and Sunday
17. Tianjin University
? full-time full-time study, two-year.
?-the-job learning, two-year or two and a half. At night, weekends to learn, and use a
small amount of working time to practice and social practice. Million in 2007,
company of the entire training fee
18. Wuhan University
Q: Read your school's MBA, the number of fees to pay it? (07)
A: If the fall classes, weekend classes our school now, focus on the training course fee
is 45,000 yuan (excluding teaching materials fee, graduation thesis defense costs);
full-time training costs 48 000 course (excluding accommodation and teaching
materials fee , the respondent fees). Shenzhen class training fee is tentatively
scheduled for 58,000 yuan (excluding teaching materials fee, graduation thesis
defense fees). (The above fees are charged to the provisions of the standard school
year subject).
19. Southeast University 98
60000. Three years. (06)
20. Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Training fee: 58,000 yuan. 2008
?1, learning style: full-time, part-time (normally scheduled for the weekend classes)
?2, time: 2 years -2.5 years.
21. Beijing Institute of Technology
  2007 Master of Business Administration (MBA) brochures
Beijing Polytechnic University, formerly founded in 1940 in Yan'an
Academy of Natural Sciences, is the founder of the Chinese Communist
Party's first science and engineering, is the first national "211
Project" universities, the state key construction of 10 key universities,
School has 13 colleges, Management and Economics Institute of the school building
is one key.
Beijing Institute of Technology in 1993 by the Ministry of Education has approved the
first batch of MBA diploma awarded one of 26 colleges, 1994 MBA enrollment
(MBA) graduate, after 10 years of development, our school has become
China's MBA program more influential and one of the brand effect of the
1, enrollment plan
2007 scheme to recruit MBA (MBA) graduate 170, which points scheme to recruit
30-50 Qingdao school name.
2, curriculum and learning
(1) full-time study: two-year term, 1-3 main courses and the internship phase, 4
semester graduate thesis writing and the application stage;
(2) part-time learning: academic year, 1-4 semester course of study and internship
phase of school principal arranged for weekday evenings and Saturdays and Sundays
(usually 2-3 nights per week, weekends arrange a day); the first semester for the thesis
writing and 5,6 degrees application stage.
3, training fees
2007 MBA training fee of RMB 45,000.
4, degree-granting
Master's degree courses through the examination and thesis, the completion
of the requirements of teaching plans, details of work awarded to a master's
degree requirements, according to relevant provisions of the Master's
degree, awarded diplomas.

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