Maze game and Mathematics by fdjerue7eeu


									Maze game and Mathematics

   This evening, I finally know where the class teacher from the son of the
son's two-mode performance, smelly remains of children with a total score
of 600 points in more than one model year up top 26! Mathematics actually got 150
points, full marks! Prestigious schools in tight exam simulation test in math out of the
good results, I not only more confident state of mind for his son was pleased, even my
son's math talent on display was joy.
   Remember the smell when children in primary school, play a favorite game is Maze.
Maze allows people to experience mathematics fun and play inspired thinking,
broaden their horizons, stimulate imagination and creativity of the role. That children
can be a time when the foul trouble of playing a maze game, and later illustrated
children's maze at home for him, almost no difficulty, he would paint
himself germination of the idea of the maze. I prepared a lot for him to open eight
white, have a folder with a transparent plastic bag, so he used a pencil drawing of the
maze map packed in transparent plastic bag can not easily be damaged, but also easy
to save. Stinky child in the evenings after work finished, they lie on the table in his
study painting maze. Smelly children more complex picture of the maze, covered with
dense lines and patterns, usually take hours to complete. I always smell child painting
the first player maze, math level is not high, I, logical thinking ability is not strong,
playing the maze to success has never been one left off. After several failed each time,
I will seek a bad child to a hint, he was laughing while mom Haoben side of the key
junctions in a hint to me, victory out of the maze of stimulation and excitement son, I
also enjoyed the maze game fun.
   At first smell draw children to play with the maze is only our mother, then later
with his own paintings of the maze to school, recess time and play with the students.
In this way he created more and more difficult maze, entertainment and decoration are
also growing, fun filled maze game for children to enjoy it, but also to smell a little
older children will have a sense of accomplishment. Maze of his works are still well
preserved in his bookcase too! Create a maze for children of the observation foul,
independent thinking, logical thinking have been full of exercise, but also to smell
child's math scores from junior to senior high school has been very good.
   After graduating from high school examinations last year, one day smell child said
to me: "Mom, I like math, do math problems when I do not feel bored, so I
am very happy problem solving process. Test I chose the University of selected
professional math class OK? "I said:" Yeah you can. However,
mathematics is a rigorous analysis to explore the use of thinking, logical system of
discipline, the results usually come up after graduation to continue their studies 才行.
"rotten child replied:" That is no problem, I will continue that
something was PhD. "I said:" Sure. Light said no, then you take
fuel, your objective will be realized. "
   In two months, a bad child will be the second time to participate in college entrance
examination. Dear son, college entrance examination is a part of life experiences, it is
like a maze, when you found the right direction, the export of certain victory in front
of waiting for you.
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