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					Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Test all over the world to provide the 2008 Master of Business Administration (MBA)
exams and the answer, solemnly reminded the candidates, Master of Business
Administration (MBA) exams and answers from the test all over the world exclusive!
2008 Master of Business Administration (MBA) exam time
?Examination of time out of
?Comprehensive capacity January 19, 2008 8:30 AM ~ 11:30 200
?English January 19, 2008 14:00 PM ~ 17:00 100

First, test characteristics
Business Administration Entrance Examination is the selection of a unified national
examinations, the Ministry of Education, Master of Business Administration
authorized training institutions within the entrance exam. Exam subjects, including
comprehensive ability and English. Examination Syllabus for the Master of Business
Administration seeks to reflect the characteristics of professional degree students,
scientific, fair, accurate and standardized measurement of the relevant knowledge
base of candidates, the basic quality and comprehensive ability. Comprehensive
ability test designed to test candidates knowledge and ability to use math, logical
thinking ability and understanding of Chinese language and written expression.
 1, MBA integrated

(1). This paper points out of 200. One Mathematics (problem solving, and conditions
to judge the adequacy of) 75 points, 60 points logical reasoning, writing 65 minutes.
Exam time is 180 minutes.
Answer way closed book, written tests, you can use the scientific calculator. Paper
sub-questions, answer sheet and answer sheet of three parts, multiple choice answers
to be graffiti on the answer sheet, non-choice answers must be filled in the answer
sheet corresponding position.
(2). Problem solving requirements of 14 small problems, Mei Xiaoti 3, a total of 42
Conditions to judge the adequacy of title 11, a small problem, Mei Xiaoti 3, a total of
33 points.
30 trivial logical problems, Meixiao Ti 2 points, a total of 60 points.
Writing Question 2 small problems, demonstrate the effectiveness of 30 points, 35
points essay, a total of 65 points.

 2, MBA English
 This paper is divided into 100 points, the examination time was 180 minutes, the
answer mode will be closed book, written examination.
Paper sub-questions, answer sheet and answer sheets of three parts. Vocabulary
knowledge, reading comprehension comprehensive answers to fill in the blank and are
marked on the answer card, Translation of the answers and essays written on the
answer sheet.
Questions divided into five parts, a total of 62 (or 66) questions, including vocabulary
knowledge, integrated fill in the blank, reading comprehension, Translation and
  3, we ensure that more than 140 points comprehensive MBA, MBA in English 78 or
more points!
  4, charges of:
  ?(1) exam Payment: MBA Comprehensive: 2600 MBA in English: 1800
  ?(2) sitting the payment: MBA Comprehensive: 3500 MBA in English: 2500 (need
to scan their ID card) payment mode: to provide comprehensive answers MBA -
"pay 6,000 yuan -" provides the answer in English MBA -
" successfully pass the exam.
Specify: exam exam admission ticket need to provide partial payment, a work permit /
graduation card, ID card scanned documents or digital camera to take pictures, then
send an email to the only certified mail or transmitted
directly through QQ, the family / unit fixed telephone verification from time to time;
video verification.
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