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?Zuo Quan (1905-1942)
March 15, 1905, Zuo Quan was born in Hunan Liling Ling Wong Mau Ping overseas
Chinese into a poor peasant family.

Zuo Quan on 8-year-old school, drop out of school several times. 17-year-old
admitted to the County School. In the counties studied, he had participated in the
CPC-led social science research community, by reading the "New
Youth", "wizard" and progress in reading, exposure
to Marxism, initiation of the transformation of the society's ambition,
determined to join the transformation of society.

March 1924, Zuo Quan entered the military and the government Department of
Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen in Guangzhou hosted by the Army on military schools),
the same year in November into the Whampoa Military Academy, compiled for the
No. 1 team 6.

January 1925, introduced by Chen Geng joined the Communist Party of China from
the communist faith "to be his political life after nearly 20 years the
yardstick." And Xianyun, Zhou Yiqun, XJ Shen, Li Long, Chen Geng, who
are important figures in the Federation of young soldiers, with the "Sun
Yat-sen Institute," a resolute struggle against the rightists. In the same year
in February, Zuo Quan entered the military career began in the crusade against Chen
in the 1st Crusade, the combat bravery, was the Whampoa Military Academy students
to the military (party-military) Training Corps platoon, company commander. June
returned to Guangzhou, the Zuo Quan took part in the pacification of Yunnan,
Guangxi warlords Liu Zhenhuan battle. July, Cheng Qian attack in E Army (later
adapted into the National Revolutionary Army 6th Army) Guard of any company
commander, Chen took part in the complete elimination of the 2nd Crusade.

Party organizations in 1925 was sent to the Soviet Union to study, learn first-Moscow
Sun Yat-sen. In September 1927 into the Frunze Military Academy studies. Zuo Quan
study hard, be good at thinking. "So the military, political examinations
can often be informative, explain its purport."

June 1930, Zuo Quan returned to Shanghai, 9 menstrual Xiamen, Longyan into the
Soviet Area. 1 Early Ren Hongjun Academy campus director of education, in
November, was elected Standing Committee of the Revolutionary Committee of
workers and peasants in West Fujian, early December 12 for the new Red Army
commander. Early in 1931 he was appointed an Army general headquarters operations
staff, in June was promoted to staff the Director, begin to show strong organizational
skills. In December, by the Central Military Commission sent to the village rather
have the solid near the Fair, co Wang Jiaxiang, Liu Bojian Route 26 in the KMT to
contact the command of the uprising. Then as the Red Army 5th Corps (the mutinous
troops rather have adapted) 15 commissar, and soon, he was president and political
commissar of the military. June 1932, by Wang Ming line of persecution, Zuo Quan
and Chairman of political commissar of the army revoked duties, transferred to any of
the Red Army school instructors. December 1933, he was appointed Army chief of
staff of Red 1. At this time, the Central Soviet Area 5th against
"encirclement and suppression" of war has begun, the fighting
often and very hard. Even several days and nights without sleep, he never
"did not show too tired, neglect, laissez-faire and irritable."

In October 1934 began the Central Red Army main march, Zuo Quan with the
vanguard battle command. In the attack, Guizhou Province: the city, he took the lead,
command and decisive, rapid action to ensure the smooth passage of large forces. In
May, the war in force a crossing Dadu, Zuo Quan led his troops in the rugged path
first Fleet of Foot in the lightly armed, the enemy's unpreparedness to take
Xiaoxiangling Pass straight, scored more West County. 140 Crescent emergency line
after a day across the sun by the Customs, he led his army captured Fort crossing trees,
to pretend the enemy troops crossing the momentum transfer direction of the attention
on the Anshunchang successfully studied under the cover of the red one Anshunchang
through the Dadu River . Central Red Army's main force of the final
approval of all Luding Bridge, get rid of the chase having left the KMT Central Army.

In October 1936 the Red Army victory in the three main rendezvous. In
mid-November, the castle in the mountains, Zuo Quan, Nie Rongzhen 1 Army and the
Red Command Red Army a completed 15 of 78 Division surrounded Hu Tsung-nan.
21 general attack, after a night battle, annihilating two groups, the other divisions that
the Department of Hu was the Red Army troops defeated brothers, mountain castle
battle the enemy were killed or captured more than 15,000 people, smashed the
Kuomintang troops invading the Soviet Area, stabilize the situation in northern
Shaanxi. Liu said: "Comrade Zuo Quan combat deployment is detailed and
thorough, two-12 Incident in 1936, the eve of the fighting in Northern mountain castle,
is an example."

"Marco Polo Bridge Incident", the Red Army reorganized into
the Eighth Route Army National Revolutionary Army. Zuo Quan, deputy chief of staff,
in December 1938, he was appointed chief of staff of the Eighth Route Army in front
of headquarters. February 1938, the Japanese three-pronged attack Linfen 4 million
people, faced with the Eighth Route Army Headquarters. Under the command of the
Zuo Quan, who kept fighting until the follow-up units arrived and repelled the
Japanese repeatedly charge, which for the time to 3 days and nights, so that the people
in dozens of villages in the safe transfer, so that the KMT in Linfen, Hung withdrawal
of military and political organs of the smooth hole, and to the Eighth Route Army in
Linfen of military supplies most of the transfer out. Two months later, the Japanese
three thousand people in southeastern Shanxi Shanxi regional launch 9 Road siege.
According to the Japanese troops scattered Zuoquan weakness, according to
headquarters, in the inside to contain guerrilla warfare, harassing the enemy attacks
will be transferred outside the main forces to find and destroy the enemy fighters.
April 15 finally recovered Wuxiang county, on the 16th again in Changle Village,
Wuxiang County planted front pocket, wipe out more than 3,000 Japanese and puppet
troops, namely, "Changle campaign." He then led his army in
Zhangdian then annihilated more than 1,000 people, recovered Liao County, licheng
other 18 counties, the liberation of the population over a hundred million people,
shattered the Japanese siege of 9 road, laid the base of the Shanxi basis.

By the end of 1939 to early 1940, Chiang Kai-shek launched the first anti climax.
KMT's 97 Corps and Hopei Theater Road, Zhong Lin Zhu Huaibing, stone
three friends banded together, in cooperation with the Japanese, anti-Japanese base
line jumps too. In early March, who is also commander of the Eighth Route Army
Column 2 rotations, command team level Chinese Road east and west sides in
self-defense war initiated by 4 days 4 nights fighting, defeated three invading armies
Friends stone attack, wipe out the ice, Zhu Huai Department 10 missions to keep the
line of anti-Japanese base areas too.

1940 年 20 August to 5 December, the Eighth Route Army launched the famous
Hundred Regiments Offensive. The battle commander of the Royal Village as in
Wuxiang County. Zuo Quan Peng fully engaged to help combat command, the battle
in good order throughout the deployment, logistics or defeat is indeed, decisive away.
Peking Japanese newspapers even said, "This Huajun sent the case, there is
a precise of the organization." Zuoquan not plan a campaign organization,
staff work, but also in person at the first line of battle command. In the third phase of
the Hundred Regiments Offensive, he helped Peng Kwan excellent command of the
Nao campaign. In the most critical moment, he ordered that: "All the
comrades forward command post, hesitation is death!" Of vigor and
courage Zuoquan greatly encouraged by the headquarters of the morale, results of the
Japanese 36th Division brigade of more than 500 people Okazaki , in addition to more
than 60 people, the rest all was destroyed. Zuo Quan has a strict and realistic style of
work, before every major event in the achievements are particular emphasis on
research, obtain first-hand information. For the construction of yellow cliff cave (in
Liao County, licheng junction) Arsenal, he surveys the field topography, plant layout
and the protection of personally planning the military facilities in the factory
configuration, after a year of construction, produce enough to equip a group of 16 The
arsenal was built up. To some extent, lack of equipment to improve the status of the
Eighth Route Army. Liu once said: "Comrade hard Zuoquan weapons
manufacturing facilities operating in Taihang Mountains played a significant role.
Huang Arsenal cliff cave establishment, quickly became the focus of the Japanese
attack on goal.

November 1941, the Japanese 36th Division and the independent mixed brigades each
group over a 7000 attack on the yellow cliff cave, cliff cave is responsible for
protecting the Eighth Route Army Headquarters yellow spy mission, Zuo Quan
requested the Mission to war in defense of "a certain To catch a
'stable', upholding the conceited or rash, do not panic and do not
fear to keep the attack, the principle of inaction. " He also should pay
attention to the tactical principles and other matters related to attention and made
concrete layout. 11 am fighting started. Japanese oncoming force very fierce, and cast
a poison gas. Defenders in accordance with the instructions of Deputy Chief of Staff
Zuoquan tenacious holding the fort and used the opportunity to organize
counterattacks repulsed repeated Japanese attacks. After successive missed the
Japanese changed tactics, tried to use the red valley on the eastern side of the cliff,
commanding a flank attack defenders position. Zuoquan timely instructions spy group
"standby operation to transformation strain", reconfigure the
defense forces continue to attack the Japanese army major destruction, large
consumption of its vital forces, and frustrated the enemy momentum. 19, the yellow
into the end of the Battle cliff cave. Eighth Route Army in the 30 acres, Zhuang-set
ambush area, when the Japanese retreat into the ambush circle immediately after the
play was intense hail of bullets into confusion, casualties, fled to licheng direction. 21,
the Eighth Route Army recovered licheng win the victory ended the yellow cliff cave
battle to defend the loss of this battle more than 2,000 Japanese and puppet troops, the
enemy casualties in the ratio of 6:1. CMC believes that the defense of "the
most successful one, not only I suffer less, while the enemy several times to the
destruction, should be 1941 since the anti 'against' the model

Zuo Quan won the battle many times, reflects his superb military qualities and
military theoretical knowledge, he was known for studying hard, good at studying, but
won the respect of his people. He read a number of political theory, military theory
books, on the Eighth Route Army's military construction, military theories
made outstanding contributions. He and Liu joint translation of "fighting
the Soviet Red Army infantry regulations", in 1942 by the General
Command of 18 Army infantry tactics as the basic materials of education and called
for "the future of modern infantry tactics of the military on the research,
should be draw on. " Zuo Quan on tactical issues, especially the research is
quite innovative guerrilla tactics, "as the famous founder of the guerrilla
tactics", the writings of the prominent characteristics of military theory
with practice, combined with the special situation of China described the Marxist
theory guided by the characteristics of Chinese revolutionary war principle of military
thinking. Eighth Route Army in the building, the work of his headquarters, logistics,
military training, military and political work, civil-military relations, which have
unique achievements and great success. Zuo Quan thoughtful, diligent pen, writing
and translated a number of influential military work. Only 5 years behind enemy lines
in North China that translated a total of more than 20 million words. Zuo Quan Zhou
Enlai said that "a theory, a strategist at the same time have practical
May 1942, Japanese troops mustered 30,000 troops, once again Taihang launched an
unprecedented anti-Japanese base areas of great brutal "mopping
up" the situation is an unprecedented grim. 20 midnight, Zuo Quan
deployed in the pre-war meeting of the enemy situation. That the face of the
multi-Japanese massive attack, I now have been transferred out of the main forces
outside, while the Northern Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the Eighth Route
Army headquarters, field Department, Ministry of Supply, Ministry of Health,
ordnance department, military department, and Xinhua Daily social and other still in
the enemy's punch with circle. We now straight from Shexian, licheng,
differences came off an extremely Japanese and puppet troops, about 3,000 people.
Heavily on the hook in the face of puppet, punch with the Eighth Route Army to
circle the enemy's forces should be very small, only a few of the security
forces, waiting for them would be extremely brutal combat. However, Zuo Quan
remind everyone: from the local perspective, we are in, surrounded by the enemy;
from the global perspective, the enemy is in our army and the people surrounded. He
was responsible for the main headquarters of security cover for the task again and
again long Tangwan Cheng said: "You are communists with 80 percent, 90
percent are older than the Red Army, I think you will be able to complete this task.
Tell the comrades : Top of the Taihang Mountains pressure never to shake!

View of the present disparity between enemy forces, Peng, Zuo Quan and other days
of the meeting on countermeasures. Zuo Quan made: shunt joint attack the enemy, the
Chengxi drilled two punch circle, come away empty-handed when the Japanese
retreated, waiting for an opportunity to concentrate troops along its several Road J.
All the deployment is completed, the Eighth Route Army headquarters departments on
May 23 ordered the transfer. Early the next morning, the headquarters of the
withdrawal from the cover with the security guards of Hutoushan, the former southern
slopes, and other positions in the military camp were brutal fighting broke out. During
the "sweep", the Japanese set up a special "special
teams advance to kill" (its members were in civilian clothes, first in the
Japanese "mopping up" operations forces infiltrated base) in the
martensite found in the Eighth Route Army leaders, so multiple days the direction of
the military are aggressive to martensite. Guards tenaciously with only 200 of more
than 2,000 Japanese and puppet troops to resist the attack of the turns. After the
failure of several attacks on the enemy, they fired flares, called in more
reinforcements, fired more Chi-fire positions defenders close. Japanese Hutoushan
overwhelming fire will be the earth was moving first-line bombers, infantry with a
blinding dust almost equal to the Eighth Route Army positions. Eighth Route Army
headquarters in order to ensure the safe transfer, Zuo Quan continued despite an
explosion set off bombs around the blast, stood calmly the hill behind Hutoushan to
direct the fighting. His heart is not only thinking of the safety department
headquarters, but also worrying about the safety of the masses. When he saw people
near the mountain are not out of danger, they will command security company
commander Tang Wancheng troops from the already very tight to attract the enemy
forces in taking part, so that the mass transfer. Until the arrangements in place, Zuo
Quan before calmly walking down the mountain.

May 25 morning, break through the ranks is still not out of the woods, in nang ngae
shop, Gao slope line of the valley, the build-up with the Eighth Route Army
headquarters, the Northern Bureau, Party, Xinhua thousands of troops, surrounded by
intense sound of gunfire, Japanese and puppet troops to "vertical and
horizontal joint attack" tactical encirclement posed in a step by step
tightening. In the sky, from time to time to bomb the Japanese aircraft, fire, frightened
mules bolted wildly, the crowd blocking intensive breakout team in the narrow valley.
Seeing out of order, Zuo Quan despite the threat of Japanese aircraft, jumped a black
mule, run to the chaos after the former care team to re-set up to accelerate the pace of
the march. Zuoquan side of the command to break out of while watching the
battlefield situation changes, he repeated bomb under the Japanese aircraft fire, and
bullets km outside the ring of intense sound judgments greatly superior forces of the
Japanese and puppet troops have found the encirclement target must take decisive
measures as soon as possible, out of encirclement. Zuoquan rate of the Northern
Bureau Command and the office personnel to a column, along qingzhang
breakthrough from south to north east; Luo rate field directly under the team and the
School Department, Xinhua Daily 2 column, even by the government health cover to
the east Breakthrough; back office for the first three columns, led by the Yang Li-3 to
the northeast corner of breakout. Japanese and puppet troops found that the intent of
the Eighth Route Army shunt breakthrough, rapid contraction of encirclement ring,
and dense clusters of shells to pound the crowd, causing people to break through the
confusion and panic. Faced with this extremely dangerous situation, Zuo Quan side of
morale, while urging the rapid transfer of Peng quickly. He said: "Your
transfer, an important issue as long as you secure to Win, the headquarters can be
saved." Peng eye circles are still around in the encirclement of a large
number of comrades in arms, comrades, sitting tall in the horse is not moving. Zuo
Quan anxious to tough tone command Tangwan Cheng: "Lianren Dai Ma,
push me!" Peng were moved, and wielded his whip, under the cover of the
soldiers in the guard, galloped away to the northwest. Watched after the departure
Peng, Zuo Quan directly under it toward the headquarters team, continue to command
a brigade troops of Brink, this time his body had been badly weakened, but still make
every effort to get there everyone. Afternoon 2, Gao Ling in the cross slope, use of the
short break, Zuo Quan hoarsely inspired the team has been extremely tired:
"Comrades, although the enemy seriously, we panic. We have to win, you
have washed together. together we must obey the red, as long as the crossed the front
of a cordon, we were safe. "Although the situation is even more critical
breakthrough, Zuo Quan Guard soldiers are still required" to security
headquarters in secret, to protect the radio, the protection of confidential material, to
protect confidential personnel !, "and to take immediate measures to close
the staff officers, security guards and soldiers dispersed to confidential personnel to
the radio.

When complete the task Zuoquan confessed, I suddenly felt someone grab his arm, he
saw that it was Tangwan Cheng, surprised, just not the organization to protect the
security company commander Peng breakthrough it? How young men they turn back
then? When Tangwan Cheng told him, "Commander Peng has crossed the
cordon, now you go with me soon!" Zuo Quan refused, firmly command
Tangwan Cheng Peng quickly catch on. In his view, the security Peng important than
their own safety, which involves the honor of the Eighth Route Army ah! Now his job
is to break through the command. Watch as the Eighth Route Army Deputy Chief of
Staff of General Zuo Quan, dragging the body as weak as ordinary soldiers in the fire,
run, Tang Wancheng really hate, he stubbornly Jinjinzuanzhu head arm tightly. Zuo
Quan in a rage, pulled out a revolver, ordered: "You want to know if Peng
has dies, I want to shoot you!" Tang Wancheng had to let go, turned and
rushed towards the direction of Peng breakthrough. West of the sun, the Japanese are
still very heavy artillery. Zuo Quan calmly directing team to break through, he
climbed a high, even though he sounds more hoarse, and still again and again and
shouts: "Do not be hidden, out of Yamaguchi is victory, comrades Express
Charge!" We see the vice Command chief of staff on your side, feeling
quickly stabilized, thus accelerating the speed breakthrough.

When the team rushed to blockade the enemy when the last one, even more ferocious
enemy fire. Suddenly, a shell landed near Zuo Quan, who, regardless of danger,
shouting for everyone to lie down. Then they followed the second rounds, Zuo
Quan's head, chest, and abdomen all of the shrapnel. In this way, a brilliant,
wise and brave of the Eighth Route Army senior officers, in order to save the nation
from peril, the premature loss of the young and precious lives.

May 25, 1942, General Zuo Quan died. Zhou said: "Zuo Quan died a
heroic death, the cause for war," "is really a no compensation
for the loss." Zhu composed a poem mourning: "star who
sacrificed countries, like the blood Wei Wu Hua, too noble line pass through the ages,
the Remains of flowers qingzhang vomiting blood." To commemorate
General Zuo Quan, according to the request of the Taihang people by Loads of
Government the approval of the September 18, 1942, Liao county party and
government and more than 5,000 soldiers and civilians were held such as the county
was renamed Liaoning ceremony. Since then, Zuo Quan Liao County, the county

Zuo Quan is the Eighth Route Army on the battlefield against Japanese aggression the
supreme commander of the expense. Famous dead, whom Taihang low pharynx, the
party whom grief. Zhou said he was "the model is sufficient for the
party," Zhu praised him as "China's military industry
a rare talent." To commemorate Zuo Quan, Loads of Liaoning County
government decided to rename the Zuoquan County, Zuo Quan old Imura.
Tomb of General Zuo Quan
General Zuo Quan, Hunan Liling people, Whampoa Military Academy graduate, went
to the Soviet Army universities, returning in 1930, served as the Red Army
commander and political commissar, the first length and the Eighth Route Army
Deputy Chief of Staff and other staff. May 25, 1942, at Cross Ridge against
"clean" break through, the head was hit by shrapnel and died a
heroic death at the age of 36 years. September 8, 1942, Loads of government to
commemorate General Zuo Quan, the Eighth Route Army was renamed the resident
Zuo Quan Liao County, County. With great respect the people Taihang mood, location
half a year, well north of the village in Shexian Shihmen built the Jin-Ji Japanese
martyred martyrs cemetery covers an area of 20,000 square meters. Zuo Quan buried
there in the general, southern Hebei Bank high Jebsen, "Xinhua
Daily" club president Ho Yun, the work of the Northern Bureau of the
Department of Secretary of the Zhang Heng Yu regime, the second president in Jinan
Bank Lai Qin and his wife, Korea Kuang-Hua Chen and Shi Ting volunteer leaders
such as 8-bit martyrs.

General Zuo Quan tomb north Taihang face qingzhang, built on top and bottom of
stairs connecting the top three in the tablelands. Platform in the middle of the first
layer of a lotus pond in the middle of the second floor platform built monument of
General Zuo Quan, Zuo Quan tomb in the third layer. Tomb with bluestone
constructed, rectangular. Tombstone engraved with the "Tomb of General
Zuo Quan," five characters. General Zuo Quan positive monument
engraved with the Commander in Chief Zhu De, General Zuo Quan memorial
inscription: star who sacrificed country willing to fight blood Wei Wu Hua. Taihang
noble pass through the ages, from the flowers may qingzhang vomiting blood. Peng,
deputy commander in chief, wrote and handwriting of the "monumental
Zuoquan comrades," General Zuo Quan monument engraved on the left.
After the liberation of China in Handan built larger Loads of martyrs cemetery, then
on October 20, 1950 the General Zuo Quan Zhong martyrs such as 8-bit shift bone
spirit of this garden. Shek Mun, Jin-Ji Japanese martyred martyrs cemetery site
because of its large momentum, to build good, so far still.

Appendix: General Zuo Quan Memorial Poetry

<Cherish the memory of national hero - Zuo Quan, General>

Hail of bullets how to fear, courage to sacrifice for the nation.

Set victory over Japan 60, has missed the left general.
Note: mark the sixtieth anniversary of victory in the Chinese War of Resistance,

For the "Victory Song" Call and make.

- Zhang true
County Name: Zuo Quan
Zuoquan County - formerly Liao County, May 25, 1942 the Eighth Route Army
National Revolutionary Army Deputy Chief of Staff, General Zuo Quan sacrifice here,
to commemorate the people of Shanxi General Zuo Quan, then more counties named
Zuo Quan.

Zuoquan County is located southeast of Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, middle of the
Taihang Mountains west of the main vein. Cis north west Yushe, south Wuxiang, east
Lebanon, and Hebei Xingtai, Wu An, Shexian border. Liaoyang County
People's Government in the town. Has jurisdiction over 5 towns and 5
townships: Liaoyang town, the town of Tong Yu, Ma franca, celery Springs, the town
of Po children, cold King Township, Shixia Township, Longquan village, Su urban
and rural, horns Township. 379 administrative villages. Hans-based, with Hui, Miao,
Zhuang, Buyi, Korean, Manchu, and Qiang ethnic minority 7. Population of 160,000
in 2004.


Property Zuoquan County is rich in resources. Minerals such as coal, iron, chromium,
aluminum, lead, zinc, quartz, asbestos, mica, sulfur, vermiculite, feldspar and other 20
kinds. Particularly in the coal (reserves of about 4.85 billion tons), iron (about 8
million tons of reserves) height.

Food crops are: maize, millet, beans, wheat. Main cash crops: sunflower, line hemp,
castor beans, various vegetables. Mammal animals are: leopard, wolf, fox, Pao Zi,
Zhu Huan, leopard cats, rabbits, rats, weasels, moles and so on. Bird species are:
pheasant, chukar, mountain doves, white-winged eagle, eagle, owl, kite, doves, Oriole,
etc.. Wood species are: Yang, Liu, Chinese pine, lateral po, oak, birch and so on.
Economic species are: walnut, persimmon, pepper, chestnut, etc.. Chinese herbal
medicines are: huang qin, forsythia, Bupleurum, jujube, Codonopsis, Polyporus and
other 318 kinds. Native products are: walnut, persimmon, pepper, vinegar Great Wall.

Zuoquan County, rich in water resources. County water resources total 231 million
cubic meters. 1452.83 cubic meters per capita possession of water resources,
equivalent to 3.12 times the province; land mu share of 827.9 cubic meters of water
resources for the province's 4.3 times.

Unique tourism resources. Within the set of the natural landscape and cultural
landscape, the North prestige and Jiangnan Xiu color in one, with Hua of risk,
Huangshan beauty of Guilin, the show, Lushan of Jun, Yan'an, known to
the macro, dangerous, strange, frightened, Jun, quiet, show unique characteristics,
such as in the Taihang Mountain area.

Anti-Japanese War, the Eighth Route Army headquarters, the Northern Bureau of the
CPC Central Committee, the Eighth Route Army division headquarters on January 29
and other party and government organs have been stationed here for 5 years, Peng,
Zuo Quan, Liu, Yang Shangkun and other older generation of proletarian
revolutionaries of the long-term life, fighting here, the Communist Party, the Eighth
Route Army war behind enemy lines in north China's political, economic,
military and cultural center. Leave a red revolutionary base areas are more than 150.

Attractions are: the Eighth Route Army Headquarters Asada memorial hall, etc.
General Zuo Quan.


During the course of the sun 18 years of construction works related to the railway, and
finally draw a satisfactory conclusion. February 12, 2004, Shenyang Railway Project
involving the formal state inspection, and operation of railway companies involved in
the delivery Yang. Yang is from the Ministry of Railways Railway involved, joint
venture, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province and the construction of the local railway.
North from the Shi-Tai line Aries Villa station, cross over the edge of Li County,
Hebei Province Shexian, and Han hanging bell station long-county integration. Aries
villa to the first phase and martensite Zuoquan section to section 144.43 km hanging
bell began construction of the railway in 1986, September 1995-laying; the second
phase to martensite Zuoquan 44.4 km section of railway, started in December 1998,
2002 Laid in October. County road has been formed as the center line of State Road
207, Provincial Highway Tai Xing Qin involving lines and lines crisscross the county,
County Road complementary transport network.


Rich cultural heritage, is a prestigious national "dance village",
known as "the folk song of the sea", "flower show of
the township," the name, province and country have been named as the
"Hometown of Folk Art in Shanxi Province" and
"China Hometown of Folk Art. "

Zuoquan flower show has won the National Folk Art Competition "Gold
Medal", Zuo Quan renowned folk river north and south, "Zuo
Quan Ji Cui Folk" soundtrack popular river north and south by the majority
of the audience, the audience favorite.

Rotations for the history of the county, spring time is Jin, South Korea, after the
Warring States Period is the first case Zhao and Qin are Shangdang County, the
Eastern Han Chi Liao River County, Shanxi Zhongyang County in early to Liao, the
early Northern Wei into rural counties, between the home Xiaochang Liaoyang
County, is Leping County, Liaoning grouped Early Sui Dynasty Mountain, Cross
County, Zhangzhou 2. Kai huang 16 years (596) home Liao state, after the abolition
of the state; Early rehabilitation home Liao state, the medium-term has changed its
name Kei state, the state apparatus. Tang Fu Liao said the state; Song Liao Yamagata
waste into the state, per state of the harvest between the complex set Liao; Golden
State first name in Southern Liaoning, said Liaoning state after recovery; Ming Liao
Liao Shan County into the state; in 1912 (Yuan Republic of China years) for the
Liaoning County, the state waste; November 1914 grouped counties in western
Liaoning; September 18, 1942 to commemorate the War of Resistance comrades
sacrificed Zuo Quan, change Liaoning County Zuoquan County; in November 1945
into the Western Liaoning County; in 1958 November rolls into the county; in June
1959 re home.

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