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Teaching & Training Resume of MBT-Khalid

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									M. Babur Tanveer
Permanent Address: 369-B, Satellite Town, Gujranwala, Pakistan. Ph: (0553) 25-9959 (051) 923-7686, 252-1-252 (042) 3757-0843
Mobile: (321/313/333/300) 854-8585 Email: Professional Profile:

                                    Professional Profile:
                                    Eager to bring business administration students into the twenty-first century using a
                                    unique combination of 14 years’ Teaching Experience (MBA / BBA / MIT / ACCA)
                                    coupled with 11 years’ Business Background in Financial & Marketing Mgmt.

                                           Hold Master Degrees in Business Admin and Computer, Bachelors Degree
                                           in Commerce, and Professional Qualification in Accounting and Finance.
                                           Successful publication of 15 Articles/Essays in International online Journals
                                           Experienced in use of the Internet and multimedia presentation.
                                           Dedicated to enthusiastic and dynamic teaching as a means of creating
                                           and nurturing a lifelong love of knowledge in students.

                                    Education, Honours, Certifications, & Professional Qualification:
                                    Masters in Business Administration
                                    Institute of Business Administration – IBA, PU Lahore. 1994                    (1 Div)
“...exceptionally energetic and
                                    Bachelor of Commerce
                                    University of the Punjab, Lahore. 1991                                         (1 Div)
enthusiastic teacher...projects
                                    Diploma in Commerce
 a charisma that captures the       Government College of Commerce, Gujranwala. 1987                               (2 Div)
                                    Diploma in Computer Applications
                 imagination of     Creative Computer College, Gujranwala. 1996                                    (1 Div)
                                    Certificate in Commerce
      students...demonstrated       Government College of Commerce, Gujranwala. 1985
                                                                                                                   (1 Div)
          excellent classroom       Secondary School Certificate
                                    Government A. M. I. High School, Gujranwala. 1984                              (1 Div)
          management skill...”        st
                                    1 Position in All Pakistan SLIC Emp Power Point Presentation Contest 2003
                                    5 Gold Medals in All Pakistan SLIC-Sector Heads Business Contest 2002-2007
                                    Gold Medal in B.Com, University of the Punjab (GCC, Gujranwala)
                                    Merit Scholarship and Honour in C.Com, D.Com, B.Com, and MBA
                                    President Scholarship Award, 1995 – ICS Scranton USA
“The best things you can give
                                    Professional Qualification – Passed:
        students, next to good
                                    MSMP – Society of Mortgage Professionals, CII London, UK                           2007
                                    MCS – Master of Computer Sciences, CGT, Rawalpindi, Pakistan                       2003
    knowledge, are good logic
                                    CFC – Certified Financial Consultant, IFC Canada                                   2001
                                    ACFA – Chartered Financial Analyst, ICFA, Islamabad, Pakistan                      2000
and sense of responsibility…”
                                    CPA – Certified Public Accountant, ICPA, Islamabad, Pakistan                       1999
                                    AIMM – Institute of Marketing Management, IMM Karachi                              1997

                                    Key Qualifications: in Business Education
   “Success has nothing to do       Plan and instruct Accounting and Finance subjects using wide variety of teaching
                                    aids, motivational and implementation strategies to engage students in active
   with what you gain in life or    learning.
                                    Incorporate learning modality principles into classroom and individual instruction.
      accomplish for yourself.      Develop and conduct intergraded activities. Utilize multimedia presentation system.
                                    Implement technological approaches to subject material. Research educational
  Its what you do for others...”
                                    resources on the Internet. Assist with information retrieval.

                                    Experienced Trainer: for Faculty and Corporate Personnel
                                    Designed and conducted various faculty and student workshops for training in
                                    multimedia presentation techniques. Instructed corporate personnel in marketing &
                                    selling techniques, preparation & analysis of financial statements, and practical use
                                    of internet research.
                                   Computer Skills:
                                       •   Software: (Operated all DOS and Windows based Software) Model Office,
                                           Office XP, Palo Alto, Lawrence, Agenda Wizard, Windows XP and
                                           computer assisted analysis, Lotus123, Microsoft Word and Power Point.
“...deeply involved in learning        •   Working knowledge of the Internet
                                       •   System installations and debugging: terminal / printer operations
 about the educational state-
      of-the-art, investigating
                                   Professional Development in Education
      research and designing           •   Teaching Faculty – MBA and BBA, Jan. 2004 to Dec. 2006
                                           Federal Urdu University (FUUAST), Islamabad Campus.
     instructional materials...I       •   Faculty Member – ACCA/MBA/MIT, Jan. 2001 to Present
                                           Mohiuddin Islamic University (IITBM/PEDU), Rawalpindi.
believe that a good teacher is         •   Faculty Member – MBA/BBA/MCS, Apr. 1997 to Jul. 2004
                                           Al-Khair University (CGT), Rawalpindi Cantt.
      one who makes himself            •   Substitute Trainer – HR Dept. Mar. 1996 to Present
                                           State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan, Rawalpindi
                                       •   Incharge Students’ Affairs Dept., May 1994 to Dec. 1994
                                           Newport University (ISMS), Karachi
                                       •   Student Teacher, Jan. 1991 to Apr. 1994
                                           University of the Punjab, Lahore

                                   Training and Education Related Honorary Positions
        “My ability to motivate
                                       •   Member Writers’ Forum, Project Management Association, USA
 students and share a love of          •   Member BoD – International Research Association, IRA, USA
                                       •   Ambassador in Pakistan & Certified Member of BoD – MBAA, USA
 learning fosters a successful         •   Presenter (Corporate Clients), February 1996 to Present
                                           G&P Zone, State Life Insurance Corporation, Rawalpindi
     classroom environment.            •   Workshop Presenter, August 1998 to Present
                                           IFAP, ICPAP and ICFAP, Islamabad
...Because what I learned that
                                   Corporate and Finance Sector
    each generation imagines
                                       •   Group Regional Head (Vice President), Mar. 2009 to Present
   itself to be more intelligent           Dawood Family Takaful Limited, Central / Northern Regions
                                       •   Sr. Sector Head – Rawalpindi Sector, Feb. 1996 to Mar. 2009
than the one that went before              Group & Pensions, State Life Insurance Corpn., Rawalpindi
                                       •   Financial Analyst/Research Executive, Jan.1995-Feb.1996
it and wiser than the one that             Mercantile Leasing Company Limited, Lahore
                                       •   Dev. Executive / Asst. Manager, Sep.1989 to Jan.1991
             comes after it....”           Adam Industrial Co-op. Limited, Gujranwala

                                   Professional Affiliations:
                                       •   Project Management (Business Venture), USA
                                       •   Chartered Insurance Institute – CII, London
                                       •   International Research Association – IRA, USA
 “When I approach a child, he
                                       •   MBA Association – MBAA, USA
                                       •   Marketing Association of Pakistan – MAP
            inspires in me two
                                       •   Global Association of Risk Professionals – GARP, UK
  sentiments: tenderness for           •   The Institute of Internal Auditors – The IIA, USA
                                       •   The Institute of Certified Public Accountants – ICPAP
   what he is, and respect for         •   The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts – ICFAP
                                       •   The Institute of Financial Consultants – Canada and USA
     what he may become…”
                                           Date of Birth: 07 April, 1969    Health:         Excellent
                                      •    Domicile:      Punjab – GRW.     Marital Status: Married

                                   References:           Available and may be furnished upon demand

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