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					                                 Curriculum Vitae
                    Educator/Training & Marketing Professional
                          (FINANCIAL SERVICES SECTOR)
             (Group Regional Head – VP – Marketing, Central/North Regions)
                               Sr. Management Level

Personal Info:   Mohammad Babur Tanveer Khalid
                 B.Com (Medalist), MBA (IBA)
                 DCA, AIMM, ACFA, ACPA, MCS, AIFA (Pak)
                 FIFC, MIFC, CFC (Canada), MSMP (UK)             .

                 DOB: April 07,1969

                 Gender: Male

                 Postal Address:
                 Group Regional Head (VP) Marketing,
                 North / Central Regions:
                 Dawood Family Takaful Limited,
                 1st Floor, Dawood Islamic Bank Building,
                 Gulberg-III, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

                 Permanent Address (01):
                 369 – B, Satellite Town, Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan

                 Contact Nos:
                 Phone1: +92-051 9237686      (Residence-Rawalpindi)
                 Phone2: +92-42-7570843          (Residence Lahore)
                 Phone3: +92-431 259959      (Residence-Gujranwala)
                 Phone4: +92-042 35772616             (Direct-Office)
                 Phone5: +92-042 35772610 to 15        (PABX-Office)
                 Fax No: +92-042 35772618
                 Mobiles: +92-321-8548585, 0333-8548585

                 Contact Online:
                 Email:                              (CV-Contents)
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                                   Career Summary:

Basic Skills:      Mr. MBT-Khalid is a Educator/Training & Marketing Professional and expert
                   in selling and marketing for established & new start up ventures with a talent for
                   discovering new demand space and creating non-conventional and uncontested
                   market segments. He has a proven record in R&D, CRM, Mkt.IS, and MMP in
                   Business/Marketing Planning and Corporate Pers. Training & Development.

                   In 1994, he started his career as a Research Executive/Financial Analyst in
Research and       the financial services (leasing) sector. In the fast growing financial services sector,
Development:       he developed detailed market, business, company, and competitors’ analysis. He
                   aided the management with market segmentation evaluation and analyzed the
                   true state of the different economic sectors of the economy of Pakistan.

Relationship and   In 1996, he joined the Corporate Sales Team as Assistant Manager of
                   Marketing with the largest insurance corporation in the region. During the first
                   five years of his new career, he showed a high level of performance standards and
                   discovered new market segments, especially non-conventional markets, and
                   clients. During this time, the government owned financial services sector
                   (especially Insurance Industry) was facing tough competition with multinational &
                   private sector companies due to the liberalization and privatization policies of the
                   Government of Pakistan. Based on his outstanding performance record, he was
                   promoted to Sector Head (Relationship & Marketing Manager) for
                   the Rawalpindi Sector and also assigned the additional duties of overseeing a very
                   important marketing department (Mirpur-Azad Jammu & Kashmir Sector). He has
                   been awarded three Performance Gold Medals, Certificates of Excellence,
                   Performance Shields, and a number of other performance related bonuses &
                   awards throughout his career in financial services since May 1994. Presently he is
                   working for Dawood Family Takaful Limited as Group Regional Head (Vice
Educator and       President) Marketing for Central and North Regions of Pakistan.
Trainer for
                   In addition to the above, Mr. MBT-Khalid has key qualifications in Business
                   Education and Training for Corporate and Faculty Personnel. He plans and
Personnel and
                   instructs Accounting and Finance curricula using wide variety of teaching aids,
Faculty:           motivational techniques and implementation strategies to engage students in
                   active learning. He incorporates learning modality principles into the classroom as
                   well as individual instruction and develops and conducts intergraded activities. He
                   utilizes a multimedia presentation system, implements technological approaches to
                   subject material, utilizes research educational resources on the Internet and
                   assists with information retrieval. He has designed and conducted various faculty
                   and student workshops for training in: multimedia presentation techniques,
                   marketing & selling techniques, preparation & analysis of financial statements, and
                   practical use of internet research. He was received an award as "The Best
                   Teacher of the Year" in both 1999 and 2004.
Professional       Mr. MBT-Khalid has similar achievements in his Academic and Professional
Development:       qualification. He finished his education in commerce with a Gold Medal and an
                   award of “The Best Student of the College”. He completed his MBA from the
                   Institute of Business Administration (IBA-PU) with distinction. Due to his learning
                   aptitude and eagerness for personal development, he completed MCS, AIMM,
                   ACFA, CPA, and DCA from Pakistan and FIFC/MIFC/CFC from Canada. He is also
                   holding the title of MSMP-Member Society of Mortgage Professional, CII-UK.

                   Presently he is pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Insurance (ACII) from Chartered
                   Insurance Institute London and a DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration).

                                 Suitability Factors:

Objective:    Pursuit of a challenging position where I can utilize my leadership,
              interpersonal, and communication skills - contributing to the overall growth of
              my company & services and motivating workforce to goal. Would like to work
              in international development organization with room for learning and
              professional development - and where results are rewarded.

Major         The blend of my entrepreneurial spirit with my experience as a Sales &
reason to     Marketing Manager and my work as a Relationship Manager provide me with a
change the    strong understanding of the many issues that will face the FMCG or any other
present       commercial / marketing oriented organization. While the challenges that I’ve
job:          accepted during my professional career before this new challenge of working
              with a new enterprise is certainly thrilling, it is the excitement of creating a
              new QWL within my potential employer’s Customer Services, Marketing,
              Relationship management, Innovative contributions and R&D that drives me.
              As a member of Sales & Marketing profession and Relationship Management I
              hope to share this excitement with the potential employer’s many participants
              as we will build it into a groundbreaking business service platform and Market
              Leader of regions FMCG, Commercial, and Market-oriented sectors.

Skill test:   (80%    of my career-life is based on the following skills & expertise)
                01.   Sales and Marketing,
                02.   Product Development and Management,
                03.   Corporate Sales, Sales Force Management & Human Resources,
                04.   Team Development, Locations Development, Territory Management.
                05.   Custom Relations Management,
                06.   Proposal Writing,
                07.   Report Writing,
                08.   Public Presentations/Relations,
                09.   Market Research,
                10.   Market Analysis,
                11.   Business Analyst,
                12.   Licensed (Insurance),
                13.   Planning,
                14.   Customer Relations & Customer counseling,
                15.   Research & Information Analysis,
                16.   Business Planning,
                17.   Leadership,
                18.   Relationship Management, and
                19.   Support Services.

              (20%    of my career-time spent to learn and work in the following…)
                20.   E-Commerce & Application of IT in Marketing,
                21.   Network Management,
                22.   Finance and Accounting,
                23.   Billing,
                24.   Distribution,
                25.   Cost/Benefit Analysis,
                26.   Financial Statement Preparation/Analysis, and
                27.   Teaching.

                    Professional Experience: 5 Entry(s)
Organization        Dawood Family Takaful Limited
Organization Type   Financial Services (Insurance) / Islamic Insurance
Designation         Group Regional Head (VP) Marketing
Location            All Punjab and NWFP Provinces, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan
Tenure              March 2009 To Date
                      01. Responsible of Developing new branches and group marketing
                          team in the zones/regions,
                      02. Responsible for preparing marketing strategic plan for group
                      03. Responsible for setting up targets for marketing team and
                          follow them regularly,
                      04. Responsible for leading and developing the group insurance
                          team in the regions and specific markets,
                      05. Responsible for effective Vertical and Horizontal
                          Communication System and Business Reporting,
                      06. Follow up on Takaful Renewals and to ensure that the targets
                          set by the Management are met,
                      07. Keeping Track of Channel of Sales on daily basis to achieve the
                          given targets,
                      08. To effectively accomplish corporate goals/objectives/mission
                          through Group Customer Relation Management,
                      09. To ensure smooth/proper customer handling through Policy
                          Holder Services and Claims Departments,
                      10. To conduct Market surveys and Research studies to build an
                          effective Market Information System to improve after sales
                          services and customer-focused marketing,
                      11. To provide Training and Development opportunities to services
                          related personnel and clients,
                      12. To develop new products according to customers needs,
                      13. To explore non-conventional market segments,
                      14. To keep and manage relations with the corporate clients to
                          minimize churn,
                      15. To perform Profitability and Trend Analysis for improving the
                          corporations standing, financial and market leadership,
                      16. Market Planning, Business Planning, Customer & Corporate
                          Relations, Financial Statement Analysis, Mkt.IS, Marketing
                          Management (overall).


                      01. Successfully achieved (two months before) the year end
                          targets (Locations / Branches Development and Business as
                      02. Managing 2 regions (Pakistan’s North and Central) at a time,
                      03. Achieved the Management’s set Cost / Benefit Efficiency
                          Standards within (before) deadline dates.

Organization        State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan
Organization Type   Financial Services (Insurance)
Designation         Sector Head (Relationship & Marketing Manager)
Location            Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan
Tenure              Jan-2001 To March 2009
                      17. To effectively accomplish corporate goals/objectives/mission
                          through Customer Relation Management,
                      18. To ensure smooth/proper customer handling through Policy
                          Holder Services and Claims Departments,
                      19. To conduct Market surveys and Research studies to build an
                          effective Market Information System to improve after sales
                          services and customer-focused marketing,
                      20. To provide Training and Development opportunities to services
                          related personnel and clients,
                      21. To develop new products according to customers needs,
                      22. To explore non-conventional market segments,
                      23. To keep and manage relations with the corporate clients to
                          minimize churn,
                      24. To perform Profitability and Trend Analysis for improving the
                          corporations standing, financial and market leadership,
                      25. To handle Customers Relationships / Events Management,
                      26. Market Planning, Business Planning, Customer & Corporate
                          Relations, Financial Statement Analysis, Mkt.IS, Marketing
                          Management (overall).

                      04. Secured 3 performance Gold Medals in 2002, 2003 and 2004
                          respectively, i.e., an awesome record in Group & Pensions
                          Sector Heads performance contests.
                      05. Managing 2 sectors (Group Insurance and Pensions Markets)
                          at a time, i.e., also a record that I have additional charge of a
                          sector that was assigned to me on the basis of my marked
                      06. Won almost all the business contests and incentive packages
                          (for marketers) since my assignment of duties as Sector Head
                          (Relationship & Marketing Manager)
                      07. Managing a corporate business of above Rs.150 Million and
                          over achieving the set targets.
                      08. Showing and proving my effective leadership skills through
                          maximizing return & minimizing costs with the help of
                          innovative techniques and creativity.
                      09. Won the all performance related bonuses for myself and my
                          other linked officers/offices.
                      10. Officially Ranked always in Top-3 in the All Pakistan Sector
                          Heads Power Point Presentations, and Market Case Studies
                          like contests being held from 2001 to till date.

Organization        State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan
Organization Type   Financial Services (Insurance)
Designation         I/C Islamabad Sector (Assistant Manager Marketing)
Location            Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Jhelum, Lahore, Mirpur AJK, Pakistan
Tenure              Feb-1996 To Jan-2001
                      01. Was responsible to manage an important corporate-clients’
                          territory of Group & Pensions Zone, SLICOP.
                      02. Was responsible to retain the existing corporate clients on
                          profitable terms and give an increase (in addition to net of
                          inflation) on base-performance.
                      03. Was liable to ensure quality and competitive services to the
                          clients of different sectors and areas.
                      04. Worked in pressure situations and uphold the image of my
                          corporation at the time of local and foreign competitors’ entry
                          into the Pakistan Financial Services (Insurance) Market.
                      05. Prepared Market reports, Management reports, Proposals,
                          Quotations, and almost all out-going correspondence to
                          complete effective communication process.
                      06. Was responsible to Make effective and Qualified prospecting
                          and then Pre-approach to materialize them.
                      07. Was involved (throughout the career profile) in Direct/Personal
                      08. Was involved in Financial Statement and Market Analysis, on
                          comparative and component basis.
                      09. Portfolio Management.
                      10. Territory Management.
Description           11. Business Planning, Controlling, and Execution.
                      12. Corporate & Customer Relation Management.
                      13. Market Research.
                      14. Market Analysis.
                      15. Leadership processes.


                      01. Won the dozens of major business contests, e.g., dining with
                          the Board of Director on over-achieving the business results,
                          Trophies, Performance Shields and Annual conventions
                          qualifiers etc.
                      02. Won the all Pakistan Group/Individual Case Study contests.
                      03. Achieved the record-breaking New business in addition to
                          100% maintaining the existing clients.
                      04. Sold the very first Health Policy in Pakistan on my corporation’s
                      05. Sold the largest Pensions Scheme of SLICOP, this record is still
                      06. Assisted Budget & Accounts Department and Policy Holder
                          Services Department to design their respective manuals.

Organization        Mercantile Leasing Company Limited
Organization Type   Financial Services (Leasing)
Designation         Research Executive / Financial Analyst
Location            Lahore, Pakistan
Tenure              May-1994 To Feb-1996
                      01. To conduct Research studies - exploratory and specific.
                      02. To prepare Financial Statement Analysis - comparative and
                          component and Trend series.
                      03. To prepare investigated and comprehensive reports on True
                          state of the Economy.
                      04. To assist the Director Operations in fund allocation strategy
                      05. To assist the clients in making right application with required
                          documentations etc.
                      06. Market Analysis.
                      07. Business Analysis.
                      08. Company Analysis.
                      09. Competitors Analysis.
                      10. Market Segmentation and Evaluation.
                      11. Head Office Personnel’s training in Window based software
Description           12. Was also personal assistant to the Director Operations in
                          business tours and in BoD-meetings.
                      13. Compilation of Market data and development of Market
                          Information System.


                      01. Prepared complete report on True state of the economy of
                          Pakistan in 1995 on the basis of which the company designed
                          its fund allocation strategy that reduced the possibility of
                          financial crises due to Pakistan Textile sectors sudden shut
                      02. Prepared Foreign Exchange Reserve Insurance guidelines for
                          the company.
                      03. Trained the Head Office personnel with that time latest
                          computer assisted technology.

Organization        Business Administration & Professional Institutes
Organization Type   Training, Development, & Education
Designation         Visiting Faculty / Educator / Trainer
Location            Rawalpindi / Islamabad, Pakistan
Tenure              Jan-1991 To Dec-2004
                       •   Worked as subject specialist,
                       •   Was responsible to design course curriculum and exams.
                       •   Was responsible to provide the students with the latest business
                           administration concepts, theories, and practical exposure.
                       •   Provided real situation training, workshops, seminars, and
                           prominent business speakers to my students.
                       •   Provided Training to the Trainers of HRDD of SLICOP and some
                           other reputed business entities.

                    Key Qualifications: (in Business Education)

                    Plan and instruct Accounting and Finance subjects using wide variety of
                    teaching aids, motivational and implementation strategies to engage
                    students in active learning.

                    Incorporate learning modality principles into classroom and individual
                    instruction. Develop and conduct intergraded activities. Utilize
                    multimedia presentation system.

                    Implement technological approaches to subject material. Research
                    educational resources on the Internet. Assist with information retrieval.

Description         Experienced Trainer: (for Faculty and Corporate Personnel)

                    Designed and conducted various faculty and student workshops for
                    training in multimedia presentation techniques. Instructed corporate
                    personnel in marketing & selling techniques, preparation & analysis of
                    financial statements, and practical use of internet research.

                    Professional Development in Education:

                      01. Assistant Professor – MBA/BBA, From Jan. 2004 to Dec. 2006
                          Federal Urdu University (Arts, Science, & Technology), Islamabad.
                      02. Faculty Member – MBA/BBA/MCS, From Jan. 2002 to Jul. 2004.
                          Al-Khair University (CGT), Rawalpindi Cantt.
                      03. Faculty Member – ACCA/MBA/MIT, From Jan. 2001 to Dec. 2001.
                          Mohiuddin Islamic University (IITBM), Rawalpindi Cantt.
                      04. Lecturer – Evening MBA/BBA/MCS, From Apr. 1997 to Dec. 2000.
                          Al-Khair University (COBA), Rawalpindi Cantt.
                      05. Substitute Trainer – HR Dept., From Mar. 1996 to Present.
                          State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan, Rawalpindi
                      06. Incharge Students’ Affairs Dept., From May 1994 to Dec. 1994.
                          Newport University (ISMS), Karachi
                      07. Student Teacher, From Jan. 1991 to Apr. 1994.
                          University of the Punjab, Lahore

                        Projects: 4 Entry(s)
Company       MBA Association
Title         Scholarly Contribution
Role          Ambassador for Pakistan (Site Manager as MBAA Volunteer)
Tenure        Nov-2004 To Date

              To promote professionalism and ethical standards amongst MBAs from
              the globe and to uphold the image of MBA grads, I have been
              nominated to work as site Manager and Ambassador for Pakistan. MBA
              Association's membership has crossed 54,000 MBAs from the globe.

              The detail can be viewed from ...
              s ...

              Being the Certified Member of MBA Board of Directors, I have been
              proving my leadership, innovative, and creativity skills to explore new
              ways on "online" business ventures.

Company       State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan
Title         New Product Development
Role          Member
Tenure        May-2002 To Aug-2004

              The management of SLICOP and insurance market desired to develop
              new products for non-conventional segments.

              Actually Pakistani insurers are offering only traditional and ready made
              products for its conventional clients only.

              We (the Actuaries of SLICOP, Executive Director
              G&P/Law/P&GS/Marketing of SLICOP, and selected Sector Heads of
              our corporation) conducted an exploratory (although it was specific
              also) research studies to find out the requirements and
              needs/potential of Pakistan Insurance Market (especially non-
              conventional segments).

              After a careful study, compilation of results, its analysis of
              measurability/accessability/assessability ... we designed 5 new tailor
              made products (that was very first time in the history of insurance in

              Three of which has been offered to the market and I have the record
              of selling the very first trial product of Village Insurance.

Company       State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan
Title         Data Bank (Multimedia Presentations)
Role          Group Leader
Tenure        Jan-2002 To May-2002

              The competitors of our corporation were introducing new ways and
              technologies to pursuit the market, especially they introduced
              multimedia presentations to stimulate the prospects.

              I was assigned the task to prepare a data bank on Multimedia/Power
Description   Point Presentations for the marketing personnel and customer services

              We prepared 100+ sample case studies after secondary and primary
              researches. Then prepared the solution and arranged all Pakistan
              Sector Heads contests in individual and group capacities.

Company       Mercantile Leasing Company Limited
Title         True State of the Economy of Pakistan
Role          Researcher
Tenure        Jul-1994 To Dec-1994

              While working with Mercantile Leasing Company Limited, my
              immediate supervisor (Director Operations) was facing difficulty in
              funds allocation to different sectors of Pakistan economy because the
              Government reported figures and generally published facts/figures on
              different sectors growth were not true. The reasons behind were to
              presentation of economic data to different Governmental and
              International bodies.

              I successfully completed the True State of the Economy of Pakistan
              after intensive research interviews, secondary researches, and surveys
              coupled with personal observations, judgment, and the statements of
              actual "players" in the concerned sectors.

                              Professional Skills: 8 Entry(s)

         Skill Name               Level                             Last Used
  Transferable Skill            Excellent                      Currently Working

 According to transferable skill of an employee are the skills which make that employee an
 asset for the organization. Find below few example of the skills I am using:-

   01.    Delegate responsibility,
   02.    Motivate others,
   03.    Attend to visual detail,
   04.    Assess and evaluate own work,
   05.    Assess and evaluate others' work,
   06.    Deal with obstacles and crises,
   07.    Multi-task,
   08.    Present written material,
   09.    Present material orally,
   10.    Manage time,
   11.    Coach,
   12.    Research,
   13.    Train or teach others,
   14.    Identify and manage ethical issues

 Well, this sort of skills makes an employee as asset because it provides flexibility to the
 organization and makes the management of knowledge clusters across the organization

 Leadership & Team
                               Excellent                       Currently Working

From negotiations with businesses, both foreign and domestic, through to dealings with MBA
Association members from around the globe, I have developed an approach to leadership that
leverages the desire for self-improvement. I believe in leading by example; I believe that
presenting someone with improved methods is far more effective than explaining their errors.
As we become aware of such superior approaches, we adjust our own techniques; if this
realization comes form an individual’s desire for personal growth, then they take personal
satisfaction from the experience rather than the embarrassment or resentment.

As a project manager I was sometimes tasked with the oversight of large teams from a cross-
section of the company; each member with different priorities and designs on how to best
address the assignment. I believe that this leadership style succeeds in leaving people with a
sense of personal accomplishment and a feeling of leadership in themselves.

   Oral & Written
                                Excellent                       Currently Working

I have ability to express ideas orally and on paper to achieve desired response from the
"target". I am more effective communicator than an efficient speaker.

I have ability to be persuasive, have interpersonal awareness, and enjoy working with teams
and large groups. I am able to think about he ‘big picture’ while bring it home tactically.

  Change Manager                Excellent                       Currently Working

Any new change, venture, job, or situation is a challenge. And I love challenges, but only
realistic ones! Watching closely the Pakistan marketing professions especially in Services, IT
and Communication sectors, I feel it does now move to something concrete and hope the
interest shown by MBAs will turn into commitments. It is then very appealing to participate in
its setting up.

Regarding my approach to any project, I use the so-called Disney strategy. Together then, I
am convinced we can make any challenge, change, new situation especially competitive
realistically true.

 Conflict Resolution            Excellent                       Currently Working

Conflict is a natural development in any team. The worst thing that can occur within a team is
not the conflict itself, but rather the treatment of the conflict as a negative; conflict should be
viewed as an opportunity to challenge the ideas presented so as to strengthen the outcome. If
a team is not able to unify over its own work, then they will never be able to sell their work to
their client – be that upper management or the next customer.

Resolving conflict may be likened to mediating a meeting of opposing sides; each side believes
that his or her point of view is best and should be given the chance to prove their position.
Ultimately, one of two primary outcomes is to be expected: a) one side wins-out over the
ideas presented by the other or b) each side presents ideas that together form a better
product and a compromise is reached. In either scenario, however, the team’s results are
enhanced by the resolution of the conflict.

 Inevitable Plusses              Good                        Currently Working

In addition to other important skills and competencies, I have the following good plusses that I
have been using in my professional career:-

  01.   Team player,
  02.   Committed,
  03.   Result Oriented,
  04.   Fiscal Management,
  05.   Ethically strong,
  06.   Active Decision Making,
  07.   Innovative Thinking,
  08.   Interpersonal skills, and
  09.   Knowledge on Corporate Cultures and Values.

    Technical &
                                 Good                        Currently Working
  Computer Skills

In the present job environment, computer and technical skills are inevitable. I have working
knowledge of the following:-

  01.   Diploma in Computer Application-DCA.
  02.   System installations and debugging: terminal / printer operations.
  03.   Model Office, Palo Alto, Lawrence, and Market Report Specialist.
  04.   Windows XP, Windows 2003, MS Outlook, MS Dos, MS Word, MS Excel, Networking,
        Email / Browsing, and Multimedia Presentation.

                            Education: 5 Entry(s)

 Degree Name      MBA
 Level Attained   Masters Degree
 Aggregate %      77.00
 Institute        Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Lahore
 Address          Quaid-e-Azam Campus, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
 Session          1992 - 1994

                  1. Behavioral Science for Management; 2. Development Economics;
                  3. Financial Institutions; 4. Marketing Research; 5. Sales
 Majors           Management & Advertising; 6. Production Management; 7. Corporate
                  Laws & Islamic Ethics in Business; 8. Managerial Policy; 9. Export
                  Marketing; and 10. Seminar in Marketing.

Degree Name       B.Com.
Level Attained    Bachelors Degree (2-3 Years)
Aggregate %       70.00
Institute         Government College of Commerce, (University of the Punjab)
Address           Peoples Colony, Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan
Session           1988 - 1991

                  1. Accounting; 2. Banking, Currency and Finance; 3. Business
                  Communication and Report Writing; 4. Business Mathematics and
                  Statistics; 5. Economics; 6. Introduction to Business; 7. Islamiyat,
                  Ethics and Pakistan Studies; 8. Business Taxation; 9. Business Law;
                  10. Economics of Pakistan; 11. Fundamentals of Cost Accounting; 12.
                  Advance Accounting; and 13. Auditing.

Degree Name       D.Com.
Level Attained    Diploma
Aggregate %       57.00
Institute         Government Commercial Training Institute (PBTE)
Address           Govt. College of Commerce, Peoples Colony, Gujranwala, Punjab, Pak
Session           1985 - 1987

                  1. Urdu Language; 2. English Language; 3. English Typewriting; 4.
                  Accounting-II; 5. Commerce & Secretarial Practice; 6. Banking; and 7.
                  Islamic Studies.

Degree Name               C.Com.
Level Attained            High School / A Levels (12 Years)
Aggregate %               67.00
Institute                 Government Commercial Training Institute (PBTE)
Address                   Govt. College of Commerce, Peoples Colony, Gujranwala, Punjab, Pak
Session                   1984 - 1985

                          1. Urdu Language; 2. English Language; 3. English Typewriting; 4.
                          Accounting-I; 5. Economics; and 6. Islamic Studies.

Degree Name               SSC
Level Attained            Matriculation / O levels
Aggregate %               71.00
Institute                 Government A. M. I. H. School (BISE)
Address                   Ata Muhammad Islamia High School No. 1, Gujranwala, Punjab, Pak
Session                   1979 - 1984

                          1. Urdu; 2. English; 3. Islamiyat; 4. Pakistan Studies; 5. Mathematics;
                          6. Physics; 7. Chemistry; and 8. Biology.

                          Professional Qualifications: 7 Entry(s)

Degree Name               Institute / Professional Body / Pass-Year
MSMP                      Society of Mortgage Professionals, CII-UK.
MCS                       College of Global Technologies, Al-Khair University AJK, (2003)
CFC                       Institute of Certified Financial Consultants, USA/UK, (2001)
ACFA                      Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of Pakistan, (2000)
CPA                       Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Pakistan, (1999)
AIMM                      Institute of Marketing Management, Karachi-Pakistan, (1997)
DCA                       Institute of Creative Computer College, Gujranwala, Pakistan (1996)

                                  Language Skills: 5 Entry(s)

(Languages)      Read           Write        Speak         Understand    Typing           Shorthand
English          Easily         Easily       Easily        Easily        (WPM)            (WPM)
Urdu             Easily         Easily       Easily        Easily        (WPM)            (WPM)
Punjabi          Easily         Easily       Easily        Easily        (WPM)            (WPM)
Kashmiri         Not Easily     Not Easily   Easily        Easily        (WPM)            (WPM)
Hindi            Not Easily     Not Easily   Easily        Easily        (WPM)            (WPM)

         Professional Memberships, Affiliations, Attachments: 8 Entry(s)

       Organization      MBA-Association
       Role              Ambassador in Pakistan & Member Board of Directors
       Session           Nov-2004 To Date

       Organization      Institute of Marketing Management
(02)   Role              Associate Member
       Session           Jul-1997 To Date

       Organization      Marketing Association of Pakistan
(03)   Role              Member
       Session           Jan-2005

       Organization      Institute of Financial Consultants
(04)   Role              Fellow Member
       Session           Jan-2001 To Date

       Organization      Global Association of Risk Professionals
(05)   Role              Associate Member
       Session           Jun-2002 To Date

       Organization      Chartered Insurance Institute, London
(06)   Role              Registered Member / Advance Diploma’s Student
       Session           Jan-2005 To Date

       Organization      Al-Khair University
(07)   Role              Subject Specialist
       Session           Apr-1997 To Date

       Organization      Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ICPAP)
       Role              Certified Member (BoD)
       Session           Aug-1999 To Date

       Organization      The Society of Mortgage Professionals, UK
       Role              Certified Member
       Session           Jan-2006 To Date

       Organization      The International Research Association, USA
(10)   Role              Member (BoD)
       Session           Mar-2005 To Date

                                  References: 4 Entry(s)

      “More references (in any business field) are available and may be furnished upon demand”

  Name         Title       Company              Phone/Email            Acquaintance         Type
            Director    Nuclear
            General     Regulatory        +92 300 5551754              7 Years          Professional
            Finance     Authority

                        State Life
Mr. Khalid Zonal        Insurance      +92 300 8501483
                                                                       9 Years          Professional
Mansoor    Chief        Corporation of

                                          +92 300 5019177 /
Nasrullah                                                                               Professional
            Executive   Al-Khair          +92 51 9237477
Khan                                                                   9 Years          And
            Director    University
Marwat                                                                                  Academic

Syed Ibn-               Federal Urdu
e-Ali     Faculty       University,       +92 0300 5526505             5 Years          Academic
Jaffery                 Islamabad

                        State Life
            Incharge                   +92 561 32554
M. A. A.                Insurance
            (Sector                    +92 345 8522295                 12 Years         Professional
Kazmi                   Corporation of