Buckle your seat belts folks _ This is gonna be long by fjwuxn

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									Quest.net = Scam.net
Tag: Rant, quest.net, scam, Fraud — Munther @ 10:58 pm

Buckle your seat belts folks !   This is gonna be long

Lately, I‘ve been getting lots of hassle from people wanting to get me to join quest.net !
And no matter how many times I tell them off, they still keep coming back !          What
really annoys me with the whole thing is that no matter how much I try to convince the
―reseller‖ that he is in fact a victim, I always get a ―you must be stupid‖ look from them.

Am I the only one who thinks that this is an obvious scam ? Investment organization ?
Who are you kidding ? This is a pyramid scheme, but this time, instead of paying a $ 100
to get into the bottom of the pyramid you buy something from a member who refers you
to his account and by doing this you get into the level below him ! EErmmm isn‘t that a
pyramid scam which utilizes the net ? The thing that really pisses me off is that people
over here became so blind in their pursuit of becoming rich that they became such an
easy target for con men ! How blind can you be ?

Allow me to shed some light on some of the products:

One of my mates was conned into buying one of their products QubePro Digital Camera
a cheapo camera ―low level‖ that costs $ 410 :shock: hmmm isn‘t a Sony Cybershot
cheaper and better ?

A quick brows of their catalog and aha ! How about this crappy watch that costs $1700 ?
Isn‘t a Raymond Weil W1 cheaper ?

These are just a couple of their products but I think you cought my flow: low level, cheap
quality junk which is sold for inflated prices.. just to get into the bottom of the pyramid.

So what is a pyramid scheme? Pyramid schemes, also referred to as ―chain referral‖,
―binary compensation‖ or ―matrix marketing‖ schemes, are marketing and investment
frauds which reward participants for inducing other people to join the program.

How are Pyramid Schemes Disguised? These illegal money-making ventures are
modified and adapted to suit the victims. They may be disguised as games, chain letters,
buying clubs, motivational companies, mail order operations, numismatic coin selling
companies like Goldquest or investment organizations.

Why do Pyramid Schemes Fail? Pyramid schemes are inherently injurious to
consumers because as a mathematical certainty, they are doomed to collapse. As in the
case of chain letters that require a payment, only the people at the very top make any
money. The only way anybody can make money through a pyramid scheme or chain
letter is if participants in levels below them are defrauded into giving money based upon
a rapidly diminishing promise of eventually getting something in return. Eventually they
must break down because the pool of possible recruits becomes exhausted and
recruitment stops. Those at the bottom of the pyramid, the vast majority of the
participants, lose money because there is no one below them.

Who are the Victims? Most pyramid schemes seem intent on exploiting people with
limited means and limited knowledge of business such as individuals who have little
experience in direct sales, distributorships, or franchise enterprises or who have limited
money or credit with which to establish their own businesses. They rely on widespread
ignorance of basic mathematics. Participants are promised large rewards for putting up a
certain amount of money and then recruiting the next level of members. But the schemes
always collapse because the supply of potential recruits quickly runs out, making many
participants both victims and perpetrators.

Finally, remember the old saying ―If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.‖ ?

Anyone who tells you you can make huge amounts of money, with very little investment,
and very little work, is almost certainly not telling you the truth.

Participating in any pyramid scheme, which promises that you will get rich quickly, with
little effort is stupid at best. You will most likely only lose money to such a scheme.
Wealth is only gained through honest work, LIVE WITH IT !            There are no shortcuts,
and anyone who tells you otherwise is almost certainly is out to cheat you.

One more thing ! The founder of the company is on the interpol wanted list and have
been arrested lately by the Malasyain Police ! Serves the tit right !

431 Responses to “Quest.net = Scam.net”

   1. Concerned 'Citizen X' says:
       May 21st, 2007 at 3:03 pm


       A friend of mine offered me the opportunity to enter into such a scheme 10 years
       back, i turned it down and laughed in his face.

       The idiot lost the amount he had put in the sham

       There is no source of income in these schemes, the physical assets; the
       contributions by one individual are used to pay commissions or gifts to other
   contributors who have in turn turned into sales people, sucking more poor souls

   Any one stupid enough to fall into such a scheme deserve what they get

2. jojo says:
   May 21st, 2007 at 4:04 pm

   Hey Munther..

   Funny that you posted about this subject, recently I‘ve been approached by a
   coworker who didn‘t want to have a no for an answer. He went on and on
   about how he values my friendship and cared for me to the extent of wanting to
   get me into HIS special club of wealth !

   At the beginning I was interested until he started going on about the referral
   system and products. It reminded me a lot of the pyramid scams of the 80s !
   People need to watch out for those fraudsters.

   Great post.. I‘ll tell the guys at the office to read this, hope it serves them as a
   wakeup call

3. Munther says:
   May 22nd, 2007 at 7:24 am

   @ Citizen X: First of all, welcome to our blog.

   Regarding the subject, comparing these so called life style improvement schemes
   to blackholes is just I think ! Oh well, now that pyramid has seen its peek, its only
   downhill from here for the members, I‘m afraid !

   Hope to see you more often mate !

   @JOJO: weird a friend of mine had the same type of things said to him, could the
   person you‘re talking about be a friend of my friend ? Or are they all taught the
   same thing in the seminars held in the GOSI Mall ?

   Another popular line that they seem to use is the Pepsi example and how if you
   eliminate the middle man, you wouldn‘t have to pay the current price ! hmmmmm
   hold on ! doesn‘t this mean that their products should be cheaper ? How come
   their product is so highly priced ? I mean shouldn‘t their theory at least apply to
   some of their products ?
   About the coworker: I‘ll be ready for a heated discussion then !       Now where
   is my bullet proof vest ?

4. Gaz says:
   May 22nd, 2007 at 11:32 am

   You dont get nothing for nothing in this world,i keep getting emails that i‘ve won
   the internet lottery,laptops and giant tv‘s,i dont even open them,just click on junk
   and report them as spam.

5. um naief says:
   May 22nd, 2007 at 10:33 pm

   interesting that you‘re talking about this. me and hashim were talking about
   pyramid schemes just the other night and how they don‘t work. i think they‘re a
   total rip-off… but you wouldn‘t believe how many ppl get into this stuff in the
   states. it‘s almost always someone that‘s trying to get rich quick.

6. anon says:
   May 24th, 2007 at 3:38 am

   ―In Ireland it is a crime to induce someone else to join a pyramid selling scheme.
   Under current legislation, anyone who promotes such schemes can be fined up to
   €12,500 or jailed for up to two years.‖

   They should apply this rule in Bahrain too because once this scheme collapses so
   many people would be losing the money they put in and I‘m pretty sure they will
   not stop at ‗complaining‘ about this issue.

7. Ultimate says:
   June 9th, 2007 at 4:15 pm

   i think that u r all talking without any basic information…..

   it‘s a proven system…i made researches on it….it‘s a big industry and a BIG

   please be professional first to talk like professionals…

   and by the way ur type is called DREAM STEALERS

8. Munther says:
   June 9th, 2007 at 8:22 pm
   Wow .. That‘s amazing ! Is our blog that famous ? We actually got a Quest
   employee to comment ! Welcome man and I don‘t need to be professionals ! For
   your information this is a blog !

   And how on earth could this system be legit ?? It‘s been barred from a number of
   countries ! Oh another thing ultimate, how on earth can a company be legit when
   its been found by a group of fraudsters wanted by the interpol ? BTW mate, you
   didn‘t counter any of my points so please do so and show us how it‘s done by

   pros !

   And before I go, if being a realist and a hard working person means that I am a

   dream stealer then I am glad to be one

9. carol says:
   June 13th, 2007 at 4:56 pm

   hi there
   im also one of them….and guess what…when you are only a member, a good
   hard working one …you get the benafits…
   i was with this company for the past 7 months and guess what…i made more than
   2000$ so far and more to come as soon as my downlines are able to enrole thier
   friends with them..
   its a matter of working…and believe me this is really a good cahnce..
   commenting on the person who was saying that his freind was trying to him in his
   club of wealth…why dont you try…you might be wealthy too in no time…

   believe me guys, only a person who trys and is serious can make a good future out
   of it…my first person that i signed in with me (with out his knowledge) was my
   father…and believe me if i say that so far he made 1000$ that he dont know
   about…so it became a way of helping my unemployeed dad to get a salary or an
   income that helps him not to ask me for…(some people are shy to ask)
   believe me , dont hear it…try it and see if its a cheat…

   wish you all the best…

10. Munther says:
   June 14th, 2007 at 2:14 pm

   @ Carol: Telling tell tales doesn‘t help your case ! Answer to the points I
   highlighted and I‘ll eat my words ! It seems that I have to make things easier for

   you quest.neters         If the whole thing wasn‘t a scam:
   1- why sell people overpriced stuff ?
   2- why is the system barred from an ever increasing list of countries ?
   3- If the system is legit, why is the whole board jailed ?

   This is enough for now, I‘ll be glad to add more questions after you answer these


11. Munther says:
   June 14th, 2007 at 7:49 pm

   Here is some more stuff which needs to be answered to:

   1. 99.9% of all people who join multi-level marketing schemes like it never earn a
   profit. The losses are so large that these schemes cannot be called a legitimate
   ―business opportunity.‖

   2. To get people to join a MLM scheme in which nearly all will lose requires
   deception. The promoters do not tell the truth.

   3. The people at the top hide basic facts from recruits such as average income,
   actual costs of doing business, drop out rates, and how much of the total bonus
   money they receive. They also do not reveal the source of their money, most of
   which comes from selling ―training‖ materials. Often, their income is from
   recruits in other countries.

   4. Very little of the MLM products are ever actually sold to consumers. The
   people who buy these products do so as part of investing in a ―business
   opportunity.‖ The business is therefore not ―direct selling.‖ It is actually about
   promoting a bogus business opportunity.

   5. More than 50% of all people who join these schemes quit in the first year.
   Trying to make money from recruiting is therefore a long and costly effort. When
   a person starts out to build a ‗downline‖ they are already at the bottom of
   someone else‘s very large downline. Only a tiny few can ever be at the top.

   6. Those few that start at the top of the scheme or who climb to the top make their
   money directly from the losses suffered by all the latest recruits.

   7. The training and motivation seminars, books and tapes are a secret business run
   by the top promoters of the scheme. Buying tapes and books does not increase a
   person‘s chances for success. It only adds to the losses.

   8. The people selling the books and tapes are not necessarily successful in the
   MLM business. Rather, they make most of their money selling the recruitment
   materials. Claims that they are successful and that the business is a ―great
   opportunity‖ are false.

   9. The schemes recruit more and more people every year, but also many quit. So
   the scheme can run for many years before it must find other areas with more
   people to recruit. The longer is operates, the more people it has harmed.

12. fardeen says:
   June 27th, 2007 at 2:05 pm

   lol .. funni lil blog,,, btw Munther… so if u say you knw so much bout the
   company .. n all these lil details are in ..
   yeh so wot the directors got into a lil trouble …
   if your so gr8 @ picking on companies how bout you try philip moris — m not to
   sure if u got ur bak round check done bout a lot of things - philip moris is sued
   over 250 billion USD.. does the company stop working then ? ppl around u yet
   smoke the brand .. isnt dat harmful , stealing , cheap as product.

   i dont get it .. how do ppl like you flawlessly open a blog n discrimnate a
   company in which uve only heard or read bout .. but wasnt in it physically !

   How bout an example for Mr.Munther , the so called times critic for bahrain

   Heard of nokia ? Sony ? honda? mercedes ?
   Explain how does this company earn money ?
   How does this company pay its employeees ?

   its sad.. how come you dont pin point ebay or other sites to buy stuff online - ..
   wot is ebay doin .. does it make sony ? or nokia phones.. or sells them with a
   comission ?

   get your facts straight !! or learn how to do business unless your 1 of those ppl
   who love working under somebody ..

   we are networkers .. !!! WOT u using to come online IS a network … , when you
   travel ‖ the place called an airport is a network‖ lol .. i dont knw where ppl like u
   get the brains grow up child .. !!!

   We have loads of kids like you in dubai .. who are unbelievably stupid and have
   their eyes closed..

   but its good dat u guys … are not with us .. we need ppl who are gonna serve us
   ..no matter wot industry u r in ..


13. Munther says:
   June 27th, 2007 at 3:12 pm

   Now, now, grow up child…. No need to cry because somebody doesn‘t want to
   play with you !

   seriously though,

   Amazing how people like you come up and insult people for exposing a scam !
   You are sooo blind and disillusioned to such an extent. its shocking ! It seems my
   friend that you have no back ground in business at all ! Comparing Philip Morris
   to this so called company is the dumbest example I‘ve seen for ages ! Ignoring the
   fact that Philip Morris is sued by people who smoked by choice, claims are based
   on their liability for health damage, while scam.net sorry quest.net is sued for
   illegal dealings ! Let us see, what else ? Mercedes ? Is a proper world reknown
   engineering company ! you half wit ! Proper business standards, proper product,
   proper business concept ! Whats so wrong with that ? How could you compare
   both ? Wonder whats your IQ level !

   It seems my friend that you lack basic understanding of business concepts, which
   doesn‘t help your case ! And by the way mate insulting people doesn‘t help your
   case what so ever either! To the contrary, it just exposes how some people who
   deal with this company are ! It amuses me how you came here to try and
   contradict my points while in fact you‘ve been side stepping the issues I‘ve raised
   the whole time by insulting and being aggressive ! Which shows the level of your
   intelligence really ! Still waiting for any of the dealers to convince me ! Because

   Fardeen your post is found lacking !    I am also afraid that you may need to
   rethink your misunderstanding of business concepts, or get a ―for dummies‖ book
   because your examples were very disgraceful ! Even for a high school student
   (obvious from you sms style typing) sheeesh what a dumbass

14. fardeen says:
   June 28th, 2007 at 12:30 am

   hahah your def a pleasure to read..like i said earlier ur a gr8 critic but awfull at a
   reply… Munther lemme copy paste a line of urs to prove wot a gr8 comeback uve
   actually made with ur note ―sheeesh what a dumbass‖ so wait m i suppose to be
   judging you ??? or lemme put it by … a highskool student ..

   So uve offically knwn me alrdy ?

   Be sure 4 the words to actually use .. probably ur whole note made sense to a
   few.. and sum wud disagree..
   I luv my tone … but u dont like wot i write . or the way i write isnt much of a
   problem here .. u realli quiet a diversion here..

   let me solve ur lil problem .. m not the blind person here .. u probably will work
   under sombody or own a business … but i def bet with ur sense of humor u wudnt
   make it far or even close to saving a quarter million US in ur bloody life tym ..
   cause ppl like u will b traditional ,, but u gotta see e-commerce is taking the world

   And m sure uve been to a brilliant school it proves - with the bold statment of
   sayin i m comparing.. which i dont remember using at all ..
   PLz rephrase yourself … with sumthing which is edible…

   Using mercedes as an example is to prove to u how stupid u r .. was mercedes a
   brand over nite ?
   if a new company frm say wotever part of the world comes up with a brilliant
   engine gr8 features, cheaper parts etc etc.. become the next Mercedes ..
   as nebody wud say NO !!!
   it takes tym to grow .companies take tym to grow .. its like when bill gates started
   selling floppies with softwares in them on bike .. ppl thought he was nuts .. a high
   school drop out … but wot did he do . . made his mark ppl llike u back then dint
   believe .. so wots the difference , take a better look or have a bigger picture..

   I got nothing aganist you ,., or ur comments i bet ur a nice guy … so m gonna end
   this cause its a pointless debate ..i knw wot m doin .. i knw how much i earn with
   my own business and this business on quest net ..

   and the figures are staggering .. i knw 4 a fact its gonna help me get my dreams
   fulfilled .. n been in this only 4 bout 2months .. and earning over 4k USD a week
   is not bad @ all .. funni thing was i had the same feeling as u .. and the felt the
   same way .. until i found out how rong i actually was.

   probably ur right in ur own path .. or ppl rnd must have not wrk hard on quest net
   n then just quotted as to b ―Scam‖
   not true ..

   let tym play the judge .. we cud probably go on bout this topic n never come down
   to a closure.but all i got to say ive seen reality .. n now m seeing my dreams
   unfolding ..

   its ur decision .. ur life..


15. carol says:
   June 28th, 2007 at 7:25 am
   sorry for not replying on thime
   i think this guy munther is a person who knows so much to be one of the up
   coming leaders in the feild …yet i dont know what is wrong with him..
   you stated alot of information that said that you worked so damn hard to know
   them…that explains two things:
   - either you joined in our respected quest net…and didnt work and wished to have
   money coming with out working (shameful)..
   -or you so loved it , but never had the capital yet to start…
   grow up..you are saying that you are giving us a proof that this is a scam.. thank
   you for the effort…but we so believe in it not to listen to you…and dont act like
   you are trying to open our eyes…cuase i dont know what is the benafits you will
   get out of that..the only thing im sure of is that you need to sit down with a person
   who is doing so well in the biz niz and they will surly answer your
   problems…and i call it problems cause you are so likely to have a quest net
   all the best…

   quest net is a reality that is proofing it self…other wise it wouldnt have that much

16. Munther says:
   June 28th, 2007 at 8:07 am

   @ Fardeen: hold on you are quite the hypocrite, aren‘t you ?

   Quote: ―sheeesh what a dumbass‖ so wait m i suppose to be judging you ??? or
   lemme put it by … a highskool student ..

   So its fine that you attack people, be aggressive with your comments and when
   people get back at you you start crying ? Man, tell you what, grow up, mature a
   bit and then comeback for a civil discussion ! And btw you are still side stepping
   and not answering any of my questions mate !


   So uve offically knwn me alrdy?

   So I‘ve hit the nail on its head, if my comments trigger such a reply from you


   I luv my tone … but u dont like wot i write . or the way i write isnt much of a
   problem here .. u realli quiet a diversion here..
   To the contrary fardeen, you are entitled to have your opinions and free to express
   them on my blog, but you need to go about them in a proper manner, set on a
   proper foundation and be respectful to the other opinions.


   Using mercedes as an example is to prove to u how stupid u r .. was mercedes a
   brand over nite ?

   BTW, go have a read about businesses because most the ones you‘ve quoted were
   hits from the start !

   I got nothing against you ,., or ur comments i bet ur a nice guy … so m gonna end
   this cause its a pointless debate ..i knw wot m doin .. i knw how much i earn with
   my own business and this business on quest net ..

   I am sure that you are a nice guy too, so we agree on disagreeing ! Please do
   comeback again and don‘t stick to this post, I am sure you‘d find other posts on
   the blog as catching as this one !

   @ carol: Welcome back my friend, regarding your two scenarios, which I
   enjoyed, none my friend was the reason for me researching the whole thing.
   The concept was quite strange and being an engineer I had to analyse the problem
   faced plus I am an avid reader, hence the information I brought up.

   Carol, I am not trying to open anybodies eyes, nor am I claiming that I am the
   savior from quest.net. I was expressing how I felt about it and brought evidence of
   its illegitimacy, I am entitled to have my opinion. If you think that my opinions
   are wrong please try to prove me so, if not well, you either take it or leave it !

17. jojo says:
   June 28th, 2007 at 8:20 am

   People must be blind to believe in such a scam   It‘s a Multi Level Marketing
   scheme. Wakeup, if thats not a scam, I don‘t know what is. MLM is forbidden in
   many countries, i.e. USA, UK and Germany. I think this is enough proof that
   there is something wrong with the whole thing

18. fardeen says:
   June 28th, 2007 at 10:19 am


   and everybody knws mlm is ban in most of the countries in the world.

   and just if u keep asking or commmenting ..

   ITs not a mlm
   its not a chain
   its not pyramding

19. Munther says:
   June 28th, 2007 at 3:48 pm


   This describes quest.net‘s operations, mate:

   MLM in short describes the marketing partnership or affiliation business practices
   used to build networks of marketing levels and multi tiered affiliates sellers.

   Multilevel Marketing is selling products by using independent distributors and
   allowing these distributors to build and manage their own sales force by
   recruiting, motivating, supplying, and training others to sell products ―sounds
   familiar?‖ . The distributors‘ compensation includes their own sales and a
   percentage of the sales of their sales group (downline).

   So I think that Jojo is right about stating that what you are doing is in fact MLM.

20. iMMi says:
   June 28th, 2007 at 8:21 pm

   Can you tell me Mounther where i can found.. BIO-DISC in lesser price.. if you
   soo sure that company is SCAM. Please just tell me from where i can buy BIO
   DISC .. which quest saying that this is Limited Edition and no one else can give u

   And mostly of the things which they are selling are not available i search my self..
   when a friend of mine ask me to join.. well spending 500 US$ and Get in to this
   business is not a big deal when a close friend of mine told me i tried to find the
   similar product which they are selling.. but unfortunately i didn‘t find any thing
   on Net neither on Internet which they are selling.

   Kindly Search and tell me if u can find that amazing BIO-DISC in lower cost.. as
   u said about camera.. give me any similar or more good thing then this DISC.. as
   you look champion in saying anything to any one…

   I need the URL and the Price of that product.. Rather then answering my
   Comment in Detail as you doing above just TYPE The URL.. as you look too
   much negative thought about QUEST.net.



21. Munther says:
   June 28th, 2007 at 11:07 pm

   oohhh the amazing biodisc      I forgot about that !

   Biodisc is a placebo similar to the ―pyramid power‖ placebo of the mid 90s but
   obviously this is not your question.

   Regarding not being able to find biodisc anywhere else, well, the answer to this is
   quite simple. EXCLUSIVE rights and even an illegitimate company can benefit of
   this. Did this make sense to you ?

   Thanks for dropping by Immad

22. kannan says:
   June 29th, 2007 at 5:19 am

      Hey Mates, Indeed very nice to read so many opinions on Quest. But let me be
   very honest with all of you. These observations are all only in your mind. The
   organisation has stood the test of time and abuses like the above. I have been a
   member since an year now, which means I should have been somewhere down
   under someone probably not even known to me. Then how come have made my
   financial future secure. I am now earning almost 5 times more than what I used to
   make working for someone else.

   It all requires, dedication, beleif & honesty to make your future strong. It is better
   you guys keep quite, unless you know even a little of what NETWORK
   MARKETING is all about.

   Thanks, I would still invite anyone from the above to join, if you have changed
   your mind now.

   Have a nice day

23. Zand says:
   June 29th, 2007 at 8:12 am

   when a friend of mine ask me to join.. well spending 500 US$ and Get in to this
   business is not a big deal …….
   I want to know, what is your capital to join? coz here in Dubai they ask U$600 to
   get in?!! Is it defrent from countries ? and why?

24. Munther says:
   June 29th, 2007 at 10:39 am

   @ Kannan: You seem to misunderstand the whole conversation mate. We are not
   talking about working with people you don‘t know, because this is not a crime nor
   is it illegal. Now regarding making money, the again this could be achieved even
   if you were dealing drugs but you don‘t do it, why ? Because its illegal ! MLM is
   illegal because MLM schemes has high entrance fees or requirements to purchase
   expensive inventories. They often collapse quickly when the merchandise cannot
   be resold, leaving all but those at the top of the pyramid with financial losses.
   Also MLM programs are set up to make most distributors fail, as there is a
   continued incentive to continue to recruit distributors even as the products have
   reached market saturation, thus causing the average earnings per distributor to
   continue to fall.

   Regarding the company standing for a year will it‘s obvious that the scam didn‘t
   reach saturation levels yet but set assured that it will be soon.

   And mate you are welcomed to express your opinions on the blog but please don‘t
   use it to advertise !

   @ Zand: The differentiation in prices proves that inflation is starting to creep into
   the scam which means that its end is nearing. The speed of the collapsing process
   will differ from one country to another ! MLM doesn‘t collapse in a big bang, it
   will take a while for the whole thing to collapse ―slowly but surely‖

25. Munther says:
   June 29th, 2007 at 5:45 pm

   It seems that people are not welling to discuss the issue and are using this post to
   promote for quest.net ! Any usless post will be deleted ! So Either you discuss or
   I‘ll be forced to lock this. Sorry John, I thank you for your kind comment

   regarding the blog but please stick to the subject of discussion !

26. carol says:
   June 30th, 2007 at 12:10 am

   loool….deleting what you dont like munther

   any how im here to discuss(seems im scared my stuff will be deleted) but
   commenting on your last post..you did open this topic to attack one of our real
   believes…you were not suppose to hurt some peoples beloved biz niz
i brought you here some point highlighting the diffrence between the pyramid and
the network marketing..
To help you understand what network marketing is, I must first explain what it
isn‘t. First, network marketing isn‘t a pyramid scheme. Pyramids are programs
similar to chain letters where people just invest money based on the promise that
other people will put in money that will filtrate back to them and somehow,
they‘ll get rich. A pyramid is strictly a money game and has no basis in real
commerce. Normally, there‘s no product involved at all, just money changing
hands. Modern-day pyramids may have a product, but it‘s clearly there just to
disguise the money game.

Network marketing is a legitimate business. First, it‘s based on providing people
with real, legitimate products they need and want at a fair price. While some
people do make a lot of money through network marketing, their financial benefit
is always the result of their own dedicated efforts in building an organization that
sells real products and services
Pyramids are illegal and are based on taking advantage of people. For a person to
actually make money in a pyramid scheme, someone else has to lose money. But
in network marketing, each person can multiply his or her efforts, skills and
talents by helping others be successful. Network marketing has proved itself as
part of the new economy and a preferred way to do business here and around the

Network marketing isn‘t about taking advantage of your friends and relatives.
Only a few years ago, network marketing meant retailing to, and sponsoring
people from, your ―warm list‖ of prospects. Although sharing the products or
services and the opportunity with people you know is still the basic foundation of
the business, today we see more people using sophisticated marketing techniques
such as the Internet, conference calling and other long-distance sponsoring
techniques to extend their network across the country.

Network marketing isn‘t a get-rich-quick scheme. Of course some people do
make large amounts of money very quickly. Many would say those people are
lucky. But success in networking isn‘t based on luck. (Unfortunately, money
won‘t sprout wings and fly into your bank account no matter what someone has
promised you.) Success in network marketing is based on following some very
basic yet dynamic principles.

Now let‘s discuss what network marketing is. Network marketing is a serious
business for serious people. It‘s a proven system where the design, creation and
expense the corporate team has gone through becomes a road map for your own
success. Just follow the simple, proven and duplicable system that the good
companies provide.

The real key is this: Network marketing is all about leverage. You can leverage
your time and increase the number of hours of work effort on which you can be
   paid by sponsoring other people and earning a small income on their efforts. J.
   Paul Getty, who created one of the world‘s greatest fortunes, said ―I would rather
   make 1 percent on the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent on my own efforts.‖
   This very basic concept is the cornerstone of network marketing.

   For example, most successful people building a network marketing business do so
   in an organized method. They work a few dedicated hours each week, with each
   hour of effort serving as a building block for their long-term business growth.
   Then they sponsor other people and teach those people how to sell the company
   product and sponsor others who duplicate the process.

   By helping the people you personally sponsor to sponsor others, you duplicate
   yourself. As this process continues, you create compound growth that can lead to
   hundreds or even thousands of people coming into your business. You leverage
   your time by helping others be successful and earn an income from all their

   With network marketing, there are no big capital requirements, no geographical
   limitations, no minimum quotas required and no special education or skills
   needed. Network marketing is a low-overhead, homebased business that can
   actually offer many of the tax advantages associated with owning your own
   business. Network marketing is a people-to-people business that can significantly
   expand your circle of friends. It‘s a business that enables you to travel and have
   fun as well as enjoy the lifestyle that extra income can provide.

27. carol says:
   June 30th, 2007 at 12:15 am

   and by the way…
   by you stating this much about quest net …makes people wants to brove you
   wronge…and by that way you will have alote of people gots there mind clear and
   wish if they know how to join this biz niz…
   munther between you and me im teling you that you will be a good future

   leader       so why dont you join my net ,,,and i will garantee you will get what
   you paid back that is a deal that i dont offer every day…
   thik of it and let me know
   lots of love boo

28. Munther says:
   June 30th, 2007 at 1:38 am

   Carol, thank you for replying but, I deleted a comment advertising for quest.net
   not a comment discussing the topic, don‘t you think that what I did was right ? oh

   maybe not !
   From your comment you admit that what you are doing is MLM therefore you
   actually confirmed what I said ! Why do I know that ? Because you qouted a site
   which ties both schemes together ! The whole thing is written by a mlm advocate

   Just to prove that they are connected just type Network Marketing into any of
   your favorite search engines and analyse the results, you‘ll be amazed by how
   they are connected.

   Thanks for dropping by

   Don‘t worry your comments will not be deleted as long as you stick to the rules

29. carol says:
   July 1st, 2007 at 7:36 am

   my bro
   now i didnt ask you to discuss where i got the information from cause that is not
   something wrong with it…but i need you to discuss the content..
   frankly speaking you were the one how made me search and find more usefull
   information to share it with you here…but i need to hear your comments on


30. Munther says:
   July 1st, 2007 at 10:06 am

   Asking a friend who specializes in Marketing, he said that Network marketing is
   just a name used by MLM gurus to attract more gullible people to add to the
   marketing levels below them.

   He said and I quote him ―People tend to be frightened from MLM these days due
   to the exposure the scam got a couple of years ago so MLM resellers needed to do
   something about the deteriorating number of interested people, so income the
   change of names‖

   He gave a simple example:

   Is football different than soccer ? No. Why the change in name ? Its the same
   thing isn‘t it ? Due to cultural reasons.

   Now from the piece you posted earlier:

Network marketing is a legitimate business. First, it‘s based on providing people
with real, legitimate products they need and want at a fair price.


The prices are always inflated ! I am sure that you already know that. The

examples I‘ve given are obvious to that matter


Modern-day pyramids may have a product, but it‘s clearly there just to disguise
the money game.


Isn‘t it funny how the guy defends NM but still gives the exact description of
what quest.net is doing ?

Now let‘s discuss what network marketing is. Network marketing is a serious
business for serious people. It‘s a proven system where the design, creation and
expense the corporate team has gone through becomes a road map for your own
success. Just follow the simple, proven and duplicable system that the good
companies provide.


Why the beating around the bush? If you are describing something you should
give the exact characteristics of what you are describing. ―Network marketing is a
serious business for serious people.‖ wow what a way to describe something ! It‘s
almost like saying engineering is a business for hands on people, or Law is for
talkative people, catch my flow ?

Through out the article the guy says lets describe and then he skips into saying
that it is a proven system. Do you know why he doesn‘t go into describing it
properly ? Because that what he would‘ve came up with:

Marketing networking is the marketing partnership or affiliation business
practices used to build networks of marketing levels and multi tiered affiliates

MN is selling products by using independent distributors and allowing these
distributors to build and manage their own sales force by recruiting, motivating,
supplying, and training others to sell products
   HOLD ON ! Isn‘t this MLM ?           I rest my case

31. yash says:
   July 4th, 2007 at 1:42 pm

   can u plzz update me abt the gold quest situation in india…

32. Munther says:
   July 4th, 2007 at 1:45 pm

   Of course yash, will have a look into it and get back to you as soon as possible !
   Would you like me to email you the stuff ?

33. maverick05 says:
   July 20th, 2007 at 2:23 am

   Munther.. I really feel for you bro.. I can‘t believe that you are having such a hard
   time convincing people about Quest.net.. just shows how blinded people can get
   in there madness /hopes to make easy fast money.. I have friends who are with
   Quest.Net and it pains me to see them unwittingly pulling in there family and
   friends into this scam.. I rue the day there bubbles burst and they realize whats

   happened.. god bless

34. Munther says:
   July 21st, 2007 at 1:15 am

   Welcome to the blog maverick..

   It‘s good to have a sensible person commenting       But don‘t worry I think we
   have solid proof here to quite the scam.net fanatics

35. Clive says:
   July 21st, 2007 at 4:19 pm

   GoldQuest, QuestNet, Amway all are crooked Pyramid organisations. These
   organisers are siphoning Billions of $ from poor countries who do not have strict
   laws to combat pyramid schemes. Then they use that Pyramid money to launder
   through stock exchanges of less developed countries. There is strong allegations
   that part of GoldQuest money is filetered to LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka. These
   guys bribe top officials of countries showering millions of $ to not to take actions
   against them. People beware! Do not allow GlodQuest to operate in your
   countries. It will make you another Albania!
36. arch says:
   July 25th, 2007 at 11:41 pm

   shucks!!this thing sounds crazy..!!recently one of ma friends was convinced into
   joining this ‗quest‘ and he is tryin to get as many ppl to get into this net..
   the point is most ppl are lookin for easy ways to make money and a faster way to
   get there..most of them are young who are frustrated working under someone in a
   9-5 job..
   i have to admit that i have been thinking of joining this scheme(or shud i say
   scam) since it sounds unbelievably convincing when its coming from very close
   friends..and i am quite worried cos i am on the verge of shelling out the
   cash..since i was gauranteed that there is no flip side to the business..(though the
   logical bit of ma brain says its not possible)..
   if this kind of MLM is illegal and if the founder of the company is on the wanted
   list…why isnt this information gettin exposed??
   and as it is clear that only a few ppl in the chain are advantaged by the whole
   scam..so how are a whole lotta ppl gettin convinced/conned into it?
   well…its quite pathetic if a whole generation of educated ppl wanna lose it all just
   for a qucik buck!!
   hey munther…thanx for the blog..am sure its got a few ppl thinking..!

37. H says:
   July 26th, 2007 at 1:00 am

   I must congratulate Munther for spending the time and effort on this particular

   As an economist, it breaks my heart when I look at the figures that third world
   countries loose to such schemes. By the time the government is any wiser,
   millions of dollars are lost. The vicious circle of poverty worsens. All because of
   people who are greedy to forget ethics in search of a quick buck!

   I think we should have a template email, letter and newspaper articles that people
   all over the world can use to send to friends, family, local government officials,
   top government officials and newspapers so that countries can counter these
   schemes before they do any major damage

38. Kaunain Shahidi says:
   July 27th, 2007 at 1:28 am

   Dear Bahraini Duo, Myself ―Kaunain Shahidi‖ one of the proud member of
   QuestNet, just came to your blog by chance, read the comments
   about QuestNet and though of writing my feeling too.

   Brothers…If you try to findout Bahrain on the world‘s map,
   you will find nothing except a tiny dot, is it true ? do you agree
   with me or not ?.
   Thanks to QuestNet, BAHRAIN is now associated with many wealthy people.
   known globaly.

   You guys are smart, come out of your comfort zone, QuestNet can give
   you whatever you dream. By the way its not only about money. Its about
   love, loving human kind, the creation of Allah. Spreading happiness
   all around the globe and BAHRAIN has done this before and this can
   be repeated by you also Khalid & Munther.

   Take a break, keep cool, think from others perspective, talk to the
   real people, find out true picture about QuestNet. I wish you good
   luck for your success in whatever you do. May Allah bless you here and
   herafter. Arrogance and Ignorance is a deadly combination and most
   of the Arabs are victim of that, be flexible. Quran says about
   getting the knowledge first before making opinion and speking about
   that. Lets find out the truth.

   Henry David Thoreau Says ―If you have built castles in the air,
   your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
   Now put foundations under them‖, and QuestNet members believe in

   Kind Regards / Kaunain Shahidi,

39. Munther says:
   July 27th, 2007 at 10:56 am

   Its not about putting the country on the map ! We don‘t need Quest.net for that !
   We have our F1 circuit, we have our booming economy and we have our decent
   educated successful people to do that. If you didn‘t know about Bahrain mate than
   there is something wrong. Please don‘t associate the name of my country with this
   scam and claim that it has benefited my country !

   Mr. Shahidi, the company has nothing to do with people‘s wellbeing, it uses this
   moto to lure in gullible naive people into its trap and suck their money so don‘t
   claim that the company has high ethics and are in it to help people ! If you are into
   helping people join a proper non-beneficial organisation like oxfam

   You seem to be a good muslim, please note brother that clerks forbided joining,
   dealing and advertising such scams

    ٟ‫اٌ ف خاٜٚ اٌ ششع ١ت : ِ خ فشل اث ف ٟ ب اب اٌ ّ عاِالث : ششو اث اٌ خ سٛ٠ ك اٌ ش ب ى‬

   ُ١ ‫ب سُ اهلل اٌ شحّٓ اٌ شح‬
    ُ ‫اٌ حّذ هلل سب اٌ عاٌ ّ ١ٓ، ٚأف ضً اٌ ص الة ٚأح ُ اٌ خ س ٍ ١ُ، ع ٍٝ س ١ذٔ ا ِحّذ خاح‬
    ُ٘‫األٔ ب ١اء ٚاٌ ّش س ٍ ١ٓ، ٚع ٍٝ آٌ ٗ ٚأ صحاب ٗ أجّ ع ١ٓ، ٚاٌ خاب ع ١ٓ، ِٚٓ ح بع ٘ذا‬
   ‫:ب ئح ساْ إٌ ٝ ٠ َٛ اٌ ذ٠ ٓ، ٚب عذ‬
   .‫ف مذ عشض ٘زا اٌ ّٛ ضٛع ع ٍٟ ِشاث ف أف خ ١ج ب ّ ٕ عٗ، ٌ ّا ف ١ٗ ِٓ اٌ جٙاٌ ت ٚاٌ غشس‬
   .ٍُ ‫ٚاهلل ح عاٌ ٝ أع‬

   ٞ‫أ. د. أحّذ اٌ حجٟ اٌ ىشد‬

   ٛ‫ي اهلل ٚع ٍٝ آٌ ٗ ٚ صح بٗ، أِا ب عـذ:اٌ حّذ هلل ٚاٌ ص الة ٚاٌ س الَ ع ٍٝ س س‬

    ٖ‫ف مذ ح مذِج ٌ ٕا ف خاٜٚ ف ٟ ح حش٠ ُ اٌ خ سٛ٠ ك اٌ ش ب ىٟ، ٚب ١اْ ح م ١ مت ِ ثً ٘ز‬
    ٜٚ‫اٌ ششو اث اٌ خٟ رو ش٘ا اٌ سائ ً ف ٟ سؤاٌ ٗ ، ٚإرا سج ع اٌ سائ ً اٌ ىش٠ ُ إٌ ٝ ٘زٖ اٌ ف خا‬
    ‫ف س ١جذ أْ اٌ ششو ت اٌ ّزو ٛسة ال ح خ خ ٍف عٓ ح ٍه اٌ خٟ أف خ ١ ٕا ب خحش٠ ُ اال ش خشان‬
   ‫ة ٌ ٕا إٌ ٝ اٌ ذخٛي ع ٍٝ ِٛل عٙا ، ف شاج ع اٌ ف خٜٛ سل ُ : 19359 ، ٚسل ُ : ب ٙا ، ف ال حاج‬
   13037 ، ٚ‫. 29112 : َقس‬

   . ٍُ ‫ٚاهلل أع‬

   ٜٛ‫اٌ ّ ف خـــٟ: ِشو ز اٌ ف خ‬

   For English speaking Muslims, I‘ll translating the Fatwas later today

40. Sandeep says:
   July 28th, 2007 at 9:55 pm

   Any product in the world is sold at a price which is 5 times its cost of
   manufacturing but there is a big difference in the cost of manufacturing and price
   at which it can be sold. The seling price includes all the costs required to be
   incurred for making it reach the customer. The company can employ a traditional
   chain of distribution and also spend heavily on advertising and promotion or just
   use a ―customer get customer‖ approach and reward the customers in the bargain
   for promoting its products. End of the day the products need to find buyers and
   markets. Even companies like google are rewarding people thru their innovative
   refereal programs and that does not qualify google to be called a scam! You just
   ensure people read ads or visit websites and they offer you commisions while here
   questers around the world not only bring traffic to the quest websites they also
   ensure sales and only then the company pays them!!! get real guys !!!!! this works
   !!! and beautifully!! I have made close to US$ 24,000/- in just 14 months!!! just
   explaining this to people and they are so happy… luv u all

41. Sandeep says:
   July 28th, 2007 at 9:58 pm

   And one more thing. There are 2 kinds of people in this world … bloggers and
   questers!!! and the world needs both the kinds…….
42. Munther says:
   July 29th, 2007 at 12:16 am

   Welcome sandeep to the blog. Mate, the whole retail price vs manufacturing
   price is not the case, because if the case was cutting prices by eliminating the
   middle man ―what all quest.net resellers claim‖ was right, then we wouldn‘t get
   the overpriced watch, camera and the rest. Isn‘t that just going totally against
   what you all advocate ?

   On a totally different front. A very strange thing happened while researching the
   limited edition coins, I actually got my hands on a couple (through a friend) and
   went to a well respected collectibles shop and found out that they cost nothing
   (worthless was the exact word the guy used)

43. Munther says:
   July 29th, 2007 at 12:26 am

   BTW funny how the quest site took of all the product from public viewing. Now
   you have to register and only can do that through a referrer ! So now it‘s
   becoming more of a cult thing ?

   If the company didn‘t have anything to hide, why hide the products from the
   public ? Isn‘t exposure what every company want ?

44. Kaunain Shahidi says:
   July 29th, 2007 at 12:38 am

   Dear Brother Munther, Thanks for ‗Fatwa‘ copies, I have plenty in favour
   ofQuestNet and I can get it from whereever you want, that‘s not the issue. Let me
   ask you one question, How can you explain a person about ―Hunger‖ if he doesn‘t
   feel hungry. possible ?. sorry, there are many things in the life, which you need to
   feel, you need to feel from core of the heart. QuestNet is about the same feeling,
   the human touch, raising yourself to help man kind, nby the thanks for ‗oxfam‘,
   do they have any office in GCC.

   You might be a rich guy, money is not the problem for you, ok good, but have
   you ever thought of helping those people who are in need of that, oxfam can give
   food one time, but questnet teaches the person to arrange his food all the time, its
   better to teach fishing than giving fish everyday and that the concept of QuestNet.
   And its not only about money, its about bringing smile on the faces of millions by
   touching the heart. I suggest you to meet somebody in Bahrain itself, If you do
   not know anybody, i can provide the reference, you seems to be a soft hearted
   gentleman, help people through QuestNet, beleive me you will not repent.
   May Allah bless you with all the happiness.
45. Kaunain Shahidi says:
   July 29th, 2007 at 12:51 am

   You have the answer in your question itself mr. Munther, company beleives in the
   selling the products through reference only and thats why its different from so
   called MLM, QuestNet follows the customer referral program and binary
   compensation plan, its wonderful concept of Raising yourself to help man
   kind.But you need to be a human to feel it.

46. Munther says:
   July 29th, 2007 at 12:52 am

   Already did meet people and they never managed to answer my questions ! To the

   contrary they dodge me now

   About money, mate I come from a working class family, who work hard and
   never look for easy exits ! And no I am not rich and even if I was, my wealth
   would be from hard work not by dodging the bullet and trick people into a scam.
   Now regarding the fatwas please do give some examples.

   Regarding myself helping people, although this is not the place to discuss this but
   yes, on weekly basis brother. Even had three years of my life dedicated to
   educating\training young underachieving people to become engineering
   technicians (in answer to teach people how to fish) So please don‘t try and make
   me look as if I am a rich selfish person, just because I am exposing a scam,

   BTW regarding your answer to why is quest.net locking people out of its site,
   well, it just shows that the company isn‘t very comfortable with showing the
   prices to people who aren‘t convinced with the scam ! in fear of unwanted

47. Sandeep says:
   July 29th, 2007 at 4:33 pm

   Thanks Munther.. The debate is not cutting prices by eliminating middlemen.. its
   replacing those middlemen like the distribution channel of a traditional business
   by paying customers instead for referring other customers to the business… thats
   there is to it…

   second point that you raised about the products being worthless is a point of view
   which every one is entitled to have.. Someone pays millions for a used garment of
   a rockstar while for another its just a rag.. so lets not get into that debate as it will
   not have any end.. I think let the people who understan do it and others not do it…
   we have a simple policy ―Some Will! Some Won‘t ! So What?? Someone else
   will…‖ so enjoy life friends and do not get so uptight about this… Have a nice
   day and bye bye no more from me
48. Munther says:
   July 30th, 2007 at 12:51 am

   The debate is not cutting prices by eliminating middlemen.. its replacing those
   middlemen like the distribution channel of a traditional business by paying
   customers instead for referring other customers to the business

   Answer: That‘s what all the Bahraini resellers claim mate ! The use Pepsi as an
   example too. They claim that if they were selling the soft drink, it would cost the
   customer around 10 cents because quest.net eliminates the middleman, so it seems
   that you lot are contradicting each other

   second point that you raised about the products being worthless is a point of view
   which every one is entitled to have.. Someone pays millions for a used garment of
   a rockstar while for another its just a rag..

   Answer: Mate, the guy is a well respected coin reseller (No.1 Shop in Bahrain for
   coin collectors) so it‘s based on proper coin, currency and stamps expert, his word
   is based on 20-30 years of expertise ! So when I quote him, its based on proper

49. Sandeep says:
   July 30th, 2007 at 9:05 am

   If you do not like to do the business why are you spending so much time and
   energy taking abiout it and create blogs etc… we are takking about the business
   because we love the business and are doing it while if you are convinced about
   the unviability of it forget about it!!! the fact that you go on and on is somewhere
   deep down you have a desire to do it but are not able to gather the courage to take
   the plunge!

   My dear Munther there is a big difference in talking about love and actually
   making love … so either you do it or you don‘t do it ! all this mental masturbation
   is not going to take you anywhere in life.. at least do not wasste your own time
   taking all this trouble… do something constructive in life.. I do not have the time
   and inclination to indulge in useless debates… I am busy growing my business ..
   u do yours and lets live happily everafter hahahaha

   jokes apart.. all this discussion seems to be without any purpose and meaning

50. Munther says:
   July 30th, 2007 at 12:32 pm
   Sandeep, my blog is not only about quest.net ! We have several subjects, feel free
   to leave your quest.net cocoon and have a look around, I have other stuff to talk
   about too

   Using aggressive language just shows that you are not happy with what I am
   saying, if you are not my friend try to have a proper civil debate and convince me
   other wise.

   And regarding myself deep inside wanting to join, well mate this is just the
   weirdest assumption ever ! I don‘t need to scam people to make money. I work
   hard, invest my money properly and cleverly and work in growing my portfolio
   everyday, which is giving good dividends, so your assumption is invalid in this

   Now regarding the debate being useless, to you it might be but I am happy to
   inform you that many people here in Bahrain decided to go against joining
   quest.net due to this post. So as long as people are discovering that your
   ―business‖ is a scam, I am happy. Therefore this post is achieving what it was
   intended for

   BTW, I am still looking for somebody who could answer the issues I‘ve risen but
   still all of you questers managed to falter with flying colors ! Thanks guys for
   making this debate easy and joyful !

51. rajajip says:
   July 30th, 2007 at 1:55 pm

   I am member of QUESTNET and after joining their program this is what I felt.

   Friends now I realized that this is not the good way to make money , we are not
   generating wealth & just falling into a trap ..it is a real problem. Just look what I
   had concluded.

   Suppose there is a binary tree in which we are moving, at the time it started in
   India in at only its 25th level it will have 33, 554, 432 members (This would be
   many many times the total number of people in India who are earning more than
   few thousand per month) bhai & on just its 32th level it would be 4,294, 967, 296
   which is 429 crores which is many many many folds larger than the total number
   of earning people in the whole world. (Total population of the world is
   (6,602,224,175 - July 2007) only..Note this for an estimate to where we are
   heading. Also in the best case of the complete binary tree you would know that
   only 20 % of the people who are in the upper layers would get some money(less
   than 10 % people will get there complete money back with some profit) and rest
   of the 80 % people who are in the bottom layers would not get anything (as you
   we have to make 3 new members in left & right subtree), so it is definite scam to
   con people, this money would not be of any good to us even if we get something
   it would just be fooling our more friends, fellow countrymen & giving that money
   to this company, so better is to avoid it completely. .

   Company is earning great amounts from our foolishness. In our mind, we are
   saint. We want to help as many people as possible but in reality, we are helping
   these conmen to con more people. It should be avoided any cost yaar. I was just
   late to think about it. But never mind & if you pass on these comments to the
   people who are becoming part if this ..hopefully they should not join this
   company. Also such money earned is always bad when you know that definitely
   so many people would lose theirs.

   Think over it before joining.

   Thank you Munther for giving me the opportunity to say this, and don‘t listen to
   the blind people who say this post is useless, they know that you are harming their

   scam, that is way they are angery. Hope my post help

52. Dolarina says:
   July 30th, 2007 at 5:46 pm

   Hey Everyone here, u think people are shelling out more money on this business
   to join it, but why dont u consider the amount tht they give u after u successfully
   work on it? Also it is not an MLM as some of u sa……….

53. Dolarina says:
   July 30th, 2007 at 5:53 pm

   I actually dont understand, i have a question, actually i m myself joined
   this business.. And i want to know how is it a scam or a trap? B‘cause if u really
   make partners u earn, its like tht, but still i want to know the scam abt it. Since i
   dont want to approach other people if its really not good… So please tell me….

54. Munther says:
   August 3rd, 2007 at 5:33 pm

   @ Raja: Your comment is very valuable, thank you and hopefully somebody
   would find it of use.

   @ Dolaria: Asking a friend who specializes in Marketing, he said that Network
   marketing is just a name used by MLM gurus to attract more gullible people to
   add to the marketing levels below them.

   He said and I quote him ―People tend to be frightened from MLM these days due
   to the exposure the scam got a couple of years ago so MLM resellers needed to do
   something about the deteriorating number of interested people, so income the
   change of names‖
   He gave a simple example:

   Is football different than soccer ? No. Why the change in name ? Its the same
   thing isn‘t it ? Due to cultural reasons.

55. mohd says:
   August 6th, 2007 at 1:15 am

   Hey there All,

   Just today my friend told me 2 join this company n Bahrain, i were exited but i
   didn‘t fine any file n the bahrain chamber of the company.

   Please tell me it is a scam ?!!

   But i will gain BD 95 EVERY WEEK and i don‘t have 2 do anything just invite

   Please explain 4 me.


56. carol says:
   August 6th, 2007 at 9:13 am

   hi there all and munther …keep up the good work
   you are realy proving for me that you have some serious problem, what makes
   a young man spend all this time convincing people not to do this or that
   if he is not being paid for that effort..
   dont say that you are trying to show people the right direction cause each
   one of us is mature and adult enough to know what he is going to join..
   plus, how can you convince me , a person who alhamdullilah reached 4000$ with
   4 months where i only spent 650$ and opened a dealership for my father two
   and he is making money too..how can you make me leave it when its giving me
   this and more and all im doing is talking..
   frankly speaking its every ones choice wither to do it or not
   im a good example of a good working person who spend 3 hours a day
   training my people and teaching..
   so i advice you munther …repeatition of the same ―quotes‖ wont help
   much..who wants to make money can make it..and who ever wants to
   keep on what he wants to do and that will be the same exact what his father
   and grandfather did for the past years and ended up with nothing …can do it

   you are bahraini munther..and no matter how much you say of being a hard
   worker and gaining your money from your work..you need to know that you are
   so lucky.. a luck that i didnt have for not being from the gulf countries..
   i remmber my father trying to find us the school fees when we were 9 kids
   and only 6 of us can go and three through the red crecent… your nationality
   ―mashallah‖ is a blessing it self, or else they wouldnt give you the much
   amount of money you get..we are X-pats..who need to double the job to get
   lesser than the orgional locals..and we know how life is becoming expensive
   and that is why i know that fining a ―chance ‖ like this was meant for me..
   and i will always help others get the moeny they dream of if i can..
   i was happy when i saw one of my down lines able to buy his mom‘s medication
   from the commissions he gets…and how she prays for him…
   munther …these are only few things you never went through and …you will
   never understand …
   all the best

57. Munther says:
   August 7th, 2007 at 9:55 pm

   Carol, I am not claiming that I am a savior, I am trying to expose a scam here ! I
   have no problem with you nor with any of quest.net victims, I have a problem
   with the fraudsters who run the scam. I sense that you are bitter about my post and
   I find this quite disappointing, if you don‘t like it leave it.

   Due to my field of work which is related to business consultancy, I know what I
   am saying. And I know a blunt scam when I see one, I never restated any of my
   words twice and please don‘t start with this childish attacks because it shows that,
   although you claim that you made money you still can‘t answer any of the issues
   I‘ve highlighted, hence the hostility !

   None the less I won‘t insult you in the same manner you did and if you earned
   4000 dollar than good for you ! You are one of the lucky ones but you are not the
   winner my friend ! The scammers take your money and they gain the most
   benefits ―millions‖ and make you all live on the crumbs (Thats if any money is
   actually handed out). How can you trust people who are arrested by the police and
   are wanted by the Interpol ?

   Nationality has nothing to do with success my friend ! Trust me, all the positive
   things that happened to me in my life were due to hard work ―School, University
   and Work‖ and treating people in the same manner I want them to treat me.

58. Benedict says:
   August 8th, 2007 at 12:00 pm

   Sorry but I just drop by your blog and found a very heat up argument regarding
   Questnet. Probably I would suggest those who are planning to join Questnet to
   read more about their activities first before jumping into the conclusion. THere‘s
   a lot to read here.. http://www.mouthshut.com/product-reviews/Quest.net-
   Well, Vijay is still having a pending court case in Phillippine and he is getting his
   lawyer to try to take off his name and the other 4 director‘s name out of interpol

   And I have seen someone earning US$30k from Goldquest, and today she is not
   in the business anymore. I have seen alot of Goldquesters and Questnetters that
   come and go, and in actual statistic, 95% not making money, and only those 5%
   make the income.

   Carol, you are lucky to make your US$4,000. I would suggest you to study your
   geneology and write down who earn cheques with you. I know the plan inside out.
   I know how it works.

   Comment (51) is true. Those who are long enough with Goldquest/Questnet will
   soon realise this fact. Your heart break after seeing your ppl not making the

59. dinesh says:
   August 11th, 2007 at 1:45 am

   hi guys… nice discussions going on. well i m a certified student from a
   networking marketing institute….

      now some facts…

   1. A pyramis scheme is that in which the people at the bottom earns the least and
   the people at the top earns the most… but in quest net people earns , as much as
   the work irrespective of there level

   2. every business organization in this world is based on a pyramid structure. at the
   top there is CEO or MD or CCO, below them GM‘s then Depertment heads.
   Executives… and so on.


   4. In MLM thats MULTI LEVEL MARKETING, there are diminishing
   commisions, continious sales, TARGETS, time limits etc.. but business like Quest
   net and Ebizz ARE MRM multi referal marketing.. commision payouts are
   uniform no Targets No time limits..

   5. A chain is AS stronger as its weekest link.. one link breaks .. and its done..
   but in quest net and Ebizz no one tops to introduce people in ur tree.
   6. 88% of people Fails in Every business so this business in like any other . if you
   work hard and smart u are sucesfull but if u think that by just investing in this
   business u will get rich then you are a MORON.

   7. Dear ASSHOLES when we buy A TOOTHPASTE we never think that what is
   the manufacturing cost of that TOOTHPASTE, but we RATHER see THAT
   wether this thing will help me in cleaning my teeth

   The Products offered by these organizations is just to make the transaction

   when we go to see a movie.. we have to buy a ticket.. now after that it dosnt
   matter that wether u keep that ticket in bank or use it as a tissue..

60. Munther says:
   August 11th, 2007 at 2:22 am

   1- This is where you are mistaken my friend, in quest.net the big earners are
   actually the ones wanted by the interpol !!!

   2- Organisational structure is different than Pyramid schemes hence the schemes
   being illegal and having a proper hierarchy in your company is not !

   3- wrong example, sadly this doesn‘t apply to business. It‘s well document that
   pyramid schemes are actually scams and very vornable !

   4- MLM is illegal so admitting that quest.net is one doesn‘t help your case

   5- once saturation levels are reached the MLM scheme crumbles so please revise
   this point mate

   7- please have some respect, such remarks won‘t help your case, infact it shows
   that you lack self respect and also a major problem with people who have
   different opinions to yours. Grow up, be respectful or go back to the hole you
   came from

   8- so are you saying that over charging people ? and selling hoax products is legal

   8- qoute :

   The Products offered by these organizations is just to make the transaction

   when we go to see a movie.. we have to buy a ticket.. now after that it dosnt
   matter that wether u keep that ticket in bank or use it as a tissue..
   Answer: And what does this have to do with the price of cheese ? Very bad
   example you‘ve used here mate

61. Sandeep says:
   August 11th, 2007 at 7:19 am

      Brilliant Dinesh !! Actually Munther is doing us a great service!
   I make all my prospects go thru this blog and only the sensible ones join my team
   after reading it… Thanks for providing us with a great filtering system Munther!!!
   Please keep it up!!

62. Munther says:
   August 11th, 2007 at 11:36 am

   Well Sandeep, you win some and you lose some ! I don‘t care much for people
   outside my country joining. As long as I manage to get one person from joining
   every now and then, I am happy ! The rest will discover with in time !

   So eat your heart out mate !

63. Vejay says:
   August 11th, 2007 at 11:48 am

   Hello Munther..

   Great job on your efforts in exposing this scam, don‘t listen to the likes of
   sandeep and dinesh they are to blinded by the scam to see what all the world sees.
   They‘ll manage to get poor unexpecting people to join and I dare Sandeep to
   show his victims this post.

   I came across this article in Times of India

   Lines from above link:-

   There are many who have lost big money being part of fraudulent
   direct selling companies. Japan Life (which sold magnetic mattresses with
   ‘‘health benefits‘‘ at Rs 1 lakh a piece), Gold Quest (a recruitment scheme which
   promised gold coins to people in the network), Skybiz (which sold website
   hosting packages) and Cymbionic Marketing are some recent examples.

   Typically, these operate as pyramid schemes, where people profit from the
   payments of others who might join the network later. Such schemes inevitably
   collapse when no new distributor can be recruited. And when a plan collapses,
   most people - except those at the very top of the pyramid - lose their money.
   Gold quest is a loot…Fraud..people dont be a part of it…..
   And all those who are already a part of it…leave it…

   We want everyone to be a part of this noble cause of telling everyone not be a part
   of gold quest, Please Join me in this social service and stop you friends from
   joining this fraud and crime.

64. Ala'a says:
   August 11th, 2007 at 12:00 pm


   Please visit and read if you want to know the simple truth of all this.

   The best prof I‘ve found on the net about such companies.

   Please don‘t ignore this if your planning to join Quest or any similar company.

65. Benedict says:
   August 11th, 2007 at 7:28 pm

   I am sure those who are long enough in Questnet should know a great leader cum
   director known as Kurt Rinck aka Hammer-Rinck!
   Have you seen Vijay Eswaren hugging Kurt Rinck and tell the world that they are
   brothers? Have you heart how Kurt Rinck told his story of how Vijay bring him
   back to a correct path that he was broke many years back?
   Guess what happened to him today? He is broke again because of Questnet!!





   What were those tears about? Crocodile tears??

66. RAHUL ASANI says:
   August 12th, 2007 at 3:08 am

   QUEST is the best thing that could‘ve happenned to me!!!
   my life has changed! for all who have a OPINION otherwise can really go take a
   flying F@#* !!!!!
   this is what i have to say for opinions against quest


   Those who are not, are the ones who get
   influenced by others failures. WE ARE NOT THE KIND TO BASE OUR


   I HAVE CASHED OUT OVER $20000 !!! not only me but many many many of
   my partners are earning regular

   $$$s from this business!!!



   For those who dont understand the power of this business i wish them all the best
   in life.
   they will need that coz for sure they will not reach anywhere.


   NOTHING CAN STOP ME. not a small review NOT A BIG REVIEW.


67. Benedict says:
   August 12th, 2007 at 4:50 am

   Also, determine the lies in Network Marketing

   Lie No. 1 - Everyone is your prospect
   Lie No. 2 - This really isn‘t sales. We just share products with people
   Lie No. 3 - Anyone can do this!
   Lie No. 4 - We‘ll build your business for you
   Lie No. 5 - We have the best product ever!
   Lie No. 6 - You juts don‘t have enough belief!
   Lie No. 7 - The proven system

   download this ebook and read yourself..

   I heard them (leaders) in Questnet using these phrases very frequently! If you are
   new member of QN, don‘t be surprised with these words that your uplines telling
   you this. It‘s a way to make you do the business and make money for them.

68. specilised says:
   August 12th, 2007 at 4:56 am

   Rahul Asani,
   ow about your expenses in order to achieve the income of $20,000 e.g. initial
   entry purchase, attending meeting, leadership training. V-con, fuel, transportation
   cost, time cost, opportunity cost, entertainment cost, . It could end up to $20,000
   so $0 profit, but QNIR will not disclose their COST/ Expenses. Deceptve people.

69. specilised says:
   August 12th, 2007 at 5:03 am


   How about the cost of achieving income of $20,000, e.g. the initial purchase,
   Training cost, Attending V-CON, motor vehicle expenses, fuel cost,
   entertainment cost
   Telephone, time cost, opportunity cost etc. It could add up to $20,000 so
   $0 profit, but IR never disclose their cost.

70. Benedict says:
   August 12th, 2007 at 11:47 am

   Rahul Asani,

   Writing in CAPITAL LETTERS does shows anger in your words, could be the
   truth is hurtful when you read it.

   Do you know, a single cheque of US$20,000 from Questnet shows that you have
   a balanced network of 240UV L/ 240 UVR. On average of 1UV = US$500, your
   downlines HAD purchased a total of US$240,000 that already goes into Questnet
   bank account. Only if you have balanced network. However, if you have one giant
   legs, QN probably earn more than US$240k from your network.

   You have thank to QN for giving you a cheque of US$20k, but in fact you should
   thank to your downlines money for contributing to your income. Remember, your
   nation/country is US$240k - US$20 poorer, which means money flowing out is
   more than money flowing in.

71. Benedict says:
   August 12th, 2007 at 4:18 pm

   What Specilised mentioned is correct, you have earned US$20,000, however you
   have to pay for VCON, RevCon, trainings, seminars, business expenses, trips,
   phonebills, etc PLUS your parents, wife, brothers, sisters purchased says 10UVs
   of your own family, you probably earn nothing after 2-3 years! Many are in
   (RED) financial status because of QN.

72. Benedict says:
   August 12th, 2007 at 4:36 pm

   To answer Dinesh regarding Pyramid Scheme, never talk and compare about
   shape a pyramid shape with corporate structure. You should refer the definition of
   Pyramid Scheme by FTC.

   Read carefully, pyramid scheme doesn‘t refer to the shape as well. It says ―They
   promise consumers or investors large profits based primarily on recruiting others
   to join their program, not based on profits from any real investment or real sale of
   goods to the public. Some schemes may purport to sell a product, but they often
   simply use the product to hide their pyramid structure.‖

73. Benedict says:
   August 12th, 2007 at 4:43 pm

   The origin of Goldquest plans (later changed to QN) comes from Gold Unlimited,
   which the ex-director Kurt Rinck was one of the top recruiters in Gold Unlimited.
   Reference 1: http://www.law.emory.edu/6circuit/may99/99a0170p.06.html
   Reference 2:

   Gold Unlimited was American Gold Eagle, both now illegal in United States. This
   is why Goldquest is not able to penetrate US market. But QN could be (QN, used
   revised binary plan).

74. specilised says:
   August 13th, 2007 at 7:06 pm

   If Rahul were selling BIODISCs to his downline, he shall be in trouble very soon
   after finding out BIODISC is just a piece of high quality glass that does not
   do any magic of healing, (IR will claim that it‘s a wellness product not a health
   product)!!! Just imagine people pay $240,000 or more for these Glass disc.
75. Benedict says:
   August 13th, 2007 at 7:52 pm

   BioDisc is real crappy products that does NO MAGIC!
   It plays alot of physcology in people that claims able to heal AIDS, cancer,
   headache, tireness, etc. Even a small goldcoin worth more than a piece of glass at
   * remember those marketing gimmick… they use ―HEALTH‖ to brainwash you.
   If your introducer are very keen to sell you the BioDisc, WHY NOT ask him/her
   to borrow you the Disc? Sharing is good right??? However they won‘t share their
   DISC, because they need your money to survive. They try hard to con you to buy
   the DISC

76. specilised says:
   August 16th, 2007 at 1:00 pm

   I know at least 3 persons who purchased BIODISC and broke it soon after,
   USD500 gone and no replacement,
   Upline ask them to purchase BIODISC again, now I understand why glass is used
   as material to make BIODISC.
   QN is going to be in trouble if this continue

77. NA says:
   August 21st, 2007 at 1:12 am

   @@ i‘m very very shocked.. plz tell me more.. am that close to get into it.. it
   seemed TRUE .. they told me that this company is the sponser for the BRAZIL
   SOCCER TEAM.. hmm and BILL GATES has some shared .. i think 20% of the
   company.. so ? is it TRUE or.. hmmmm just tell me plz..

78. bumblee says:
   August 21st, 2007 at 2:10 am

   ok!!!!!! someone tell me why quest net is not legalized in sri lanka.. I would like
   to have the answers from both party‘s. Who support quest and who don‘t support..

79. Munther says:
   August 21st, 2007 at 7:15 pm

   @ NA: quest never sponsored Brazil ! As an avid footballer I assure you that nike
   is the sole sponsor of the team. Anybody can take photos with a football team
   during training and if they show you the article related to the Brazilian team do go
   through it, you‘ll find out that they only attended the training session ! Plus
   why would Bill gates join such a company ? He makes billions already, he doesnt
   need no pyramid scheme ! These claims are all based on lies.
   @ Bumblee: read this http://southasia.oneworld.net/article/view/89307/1/85

80. Benedict says:
   August 22nd, 2007 at 1:03 pm

   Read http://www.mouthshut.com/Comment/readcomment.php?rid=129355
   Look for akshdeshkaa‘s comment. He was ex-GQ top leader with 6000 people
   under him in Sri Lanka. Real testimonial.

81. ozone says:
   August 22nd, 2007 at 5:47 pm

   i have been doing the ‗Gold Quest Scam‘ u know wat the funny part is i
   have made USD 2500 in 2 months. cheers…
   n who care bout the product when u make that kinda money

82. ozone says:
   August 22nd, 2007 at 5:49 pm

   quest has been doing this for last 9 years… if they had to be in trouble
   they wud be in it by now..

83. Sami says:
   August 24th, 2007 at 7:29 am

   i am from Oman and I was nearly conned to join QN through a punch of people
   came from Bahrain to here in Oman . Thanks Munther for exposing this fraud to
   me but I wonder why there isn‘t a law in gulf countries preventing such fraud
   publicly. by the way these people will conduct a seminar tonight in one of the
   hotels tonight to con-vince more innocent people into their trap thanks God I read
   this blog in time .

84. Kaunain Shahidi says:
   August 24th, 2007 at 11:22 pm

   Dear Sami, May I request you to kindly do not spoil your
   future b‘coz somebodys negative thoughts. Evaluate the QuestNet
   opportunity from all dimensions and ask those guys who are
   successful not failure in this system. All the best dear.

85. Munther says:
   August 25th, 2007 at 2:35 am

   @ Sami: Good for you my friend ! Glad we‘ve been helpful, you know why the
   Bahrainis are at oman ? Because many refuse to join them over here now !
   @ Kaunani: Come on mate ! You know better than that ! Either say something
   useful ―defending QN‖ and convince us or just keep quiet ! I‘ll leave your
   comment for a bit.. just to make it a bit more interesting ! Showing how you can‘t
   defend your own scam !

86. specilised says:
   August 25th, 2007 at 3:51 am

   ―Negative thought‖ and ―future‖ with Questnet, a standard trained, Brainwashed
   IR word,
   It‘s a joke that Sami will have good future with QN and selling miracle BIODISC,
   Sami is lucky that he read this blog.

87. Benedict says:
   August 25th, 2007 at 8:24 am

   I want to tell you a funny thing. One day I was having a big headache, my sis
   (who was a victim) came over with a Disc and TorchLight. She said she is healing
   my headache. She rotates the light counterclockwise for 10 min. Guess what???
   MY PAIN IS STILL THERE. I ended up taking PANADOL (Pain Killer). Now,
   the Disc is in the drawer!

88. specilised says:
   August 25th, 2007 at 3:09 pm

   Take a lok at Amezcua BIODISC‘s disclaimer what does it tells you??
   :-Should the buyer and/or user experience any contra indication of any nature
   whatsoever or feel that it may, the buyer and/or user should immediately consult
   its medical practitioner/ physician and seek professional medical advice. It is the
   responsibility of the buyer and/or user to ensure that this product‘s use is
   appropriate for any particular application. This product has been used traditionally
   and has not been scientifically evaluated for its benefits and efficacy.

   The information contained herein has been compiled from sources believed to be
   reliable but no warranty, expressed or implied, is given that the information is
   complete or accurate nor that it is fit for a particular purpose. All such warranties
   are expressly disclaimed and excluded. Any opinions, recommendations and
   forecasts provided are not necessarily the current opinions, recommendations and
   forecasts of the sources and may be changed without notice at any time. All
   liability whatsoever arising from any error in or omission herein and for all
   consequences of relying on it are expressly disclaimed.

   This product is sold ―as is‖ without any warranty of any kind. Amezcua hereby
   disclaims all warranties and conditions with regard to this product including all
   implied warranties and conditions of merchantability and fitness for a particular
   In other words, the company does not warrant any claim for bio disc, claims
   includes its benefits:

   It is known to create positive energy field
   It can potentially harmonise and balance your body‘s rhythmus.

   So it‘s like saying, ‗this $500 disc can improve your health but there is no
   warranty that it is so‘. Add to that, there is no scientific claims being warranted as
   well ‗This product has been used traditionally and has not been scientifically
   evaluated for its benefits and efficacy.‘
   In the end, it‘s really an outright fraud!!!!!!! It‘s like me selling hamburgers that
   can heal your stomach problem!

89. specilised says:
   August 25th, 2007 at 3:26 pm

   A familiar story by someone closly related to QNIR:-

   my Ex is also involved in this MLM Biz - OuestNet to be exact. Yeap! He, too,
   changed from nice guy I once knew to someone I no longer respect. He even
   accused me for being untrustworthy because I refused to stand by him and join
   QI! He ended our relationship for another girl because she is also in the Biz but I
   know too well he is just cheating himself from his own behaviours. Well, I don
   mind coz the girl is a … (wild type) and perhaps he deserved a girl like that as he
   ain‘t so good himself now!

   He even said his family members all ‗ganged up‘ on him because they ADVICED
   him to leave the Biz which he never did even when the Dato‘ was arrested! Gosh!
   How can one even say that about his own family who love him so much?! I really
   feel sad and sorry for Uncle and Aunty. I tried too but he won‘t listen to me too.
   So sorry! I pity him too ….

   What scares me the most now is that they use ―religious teaching‘ and quotes
   from the Bible (no offence to Christianity, please!)to brainwash people!! All
   religions are GOOD but this is misused of people‘s faith and i hope good
   Christians or any religion followers, please oh please stood up and clear your
   religion‘s name. These people seem to behave like a CULT now!! In some of
   their meetings, they call each other brothers and sisters and their ‗faith‘ and trust
   for their leaders are as strong as one‘s trust for their preachers, pastors or fathers!

   They blamed and accused the media for ‗lying‘ about the arrest of their leaders
   too! The press can‘t simply publish without truth! But they are all blinded by all
   the beautiful promises by their leaders and also the images they‘ve painted in their
   dream. I even saw many of them quitting their highly paid and stable jobs to do
   this Biz fulltime. Gee… is it really that different from working with a company?
   Isn‘t it the same as these people are also doing the ‘selling‘ and ‗recruiting‘ of
   people (downlines) for a company too, only that they don‘t have to go to a office
   because there isn‘t any?

   Although I am not against MLM and how one gets rich but please do your Biz
   with good ethics and high morales. I pray that God will help these people see the
   harm and hurt they have caused to they loved one. May God forgive these
   cheaters and family breakers. You can dream and make a better future without
   sacrifying relationships with your family and friends.

   If anyone have a solution to help these people, please generously share with us
   here who desperately trying to ‘save‘ those we love. Thank you in advance.

90. Benedict says:
   August 25th, 2007 at 7:10 pm

   Exactly. I read about the Disclaimer by Amezcua too. The company will not
   liable for any loss/damage. If anyone who has their CANCER cells going wild
   after using BioDisc, that‘s their problem!! If anyone get cured using BioDisc,
   that‘s BioDisc magical spell. They only want to take good names and ignore bad
   names. In the end, those promoters are eagerly looking for UVs to balance their
   tree = 3/3/250!

91. Benedict says:
   August 25th, 2007 at 7:27 pm

   If BioDisc does not work or bring any benefits, here are the standard answers
   from promoters:
   a) You are healthy
   b) You haven‘t drink the BioDisc water for long enough
   c) It‘s never replace medicine and doctors
   d) It‘s only a wellness tool.
   e) You don‘t know how to use it.

   If things go bad, finally they will take out their legal agreement - warranty
   statement and disclaimer.

   They are always the winner. Therefore think before you purchase.
   Remember, they promote hard because of MONEY!

92. Abdul Malik says:
   August 27th, 2007 at 12:54 am

   Hi All,

   Really nice Article and good discussion….some people are saying its a total fraud
   and some other claim that they‘ve earned real money,in fact both are right,this
   kind of shceme is called pyramid scheme,
   people on top will earn hell lot of money,as you move down the amount of money
   that can be earned decreases (and mind you,it decreases exponentially)
   and further down the pyramid people start losing money.

   The first time i heard about this (from my friend) i understood this was not
   sustainable business model,in fact anyone with basic mathematical and analyatical
   ability can say this,unfortunately my friend,who happens to have better scores
   than me in every imaginable subject (including math) has fallen for this and is so
   passionate that he
   is spending more time on this than his primary job (he‘s a software engineer)

   My advice is simple…

   If you‘re in it already work like hell to bring in new people,

   if you‘re not in it better not join,chances are you‘ll end up at the bottom of the

   This is in fact a very good ―Get-rich-quick‖ scheme and it does work,the only bad
   thing is it works only for a very small percentage of people.

   I myself feel guilty for not knowing this earlier..

   Some people in above post have given some examples to explain the concept
   like..,why pepsi or coke is expensive,why mercedes sells and that microsoft is
   behind this,believe me even my friend gave me the same examples…..

   Even the examples are misleading..but that would be an another big discussion

93. LoGic says:
   August 27th, 2007 at 3:15 am

   Hello to you all, I`ve been going throw these articles from time to time, I`m a
   quest net member myself, but I will try to be Neutral for a while. Many of you
   thinks that quest net is a scam or a fraud, the rest are proving that they are making
   money out of this, well , The fact is that A fraud means that somthing does not
   exist, when the fact is Quest Net does exist and we all agree on this fact. But my
   main question is why mainly so many people are joining quest net day after day,
   you might think that they were attracted by the fast cash process as some of you
   have said, others would say it is because of the (Magic) of what the leaders says,
   and their attractive way in presenting this to people, but what do you think if I`m
   going to tell you that Myself has joined this buisness without any one presenting
   any plan to me, no magic and no fast cash dream, you know why have I joined my
   beloved friends, Because I had no other choices, Because I NEED, quest net is not
   a headache as you think , It`s a way that you might join or might not join, you
   have the choice (Not as many other things in our life), it is for the first time in my
   life I felt that I`m taking a decision for myself and not by any one force, Mr
   Munther, Don`t think that peaople are stupid, I mean, even a small child when
   you pesent this to him might think it is a fraud, but trying a fraud that might make
   me money as so many has did (including myself) or continue with what I call it a
   zero savings, now honestly Guyez, I`m willing to quit the buisness right nowif
   any of you can bring me another choice for extra income that I can afford to do.
   How on earth are we so good in criticizing things while going on with a style of
   life that we are doing same things every day without regard to any thing. My
   friends NETWORK MARKETTING is a style in life, it`s either you like to try or
   not, Ì like that person who said that He Had a severe heaache and the bio disk
   didn`t help him , and at the end he ended taking a panadol for relief, Then my
   Friend you what , I don`t know about your life, but My life was a biggest
   headache that you can imagine, and Quest Net was my panadol, so wether it is a
   fraud as you say or not as I say , I`m been able to seek the treatment for my
   headache, and lived happily ever After. Thank you guyez for this chance , and
   believe me you are also 100% correct, because that what you believe , but on the
   other hand We are also 100% correct because we believe also, so thanks god that
   nmot every one is in quest net , and there still very nice people like you guyez
   who still not aboard yet , because that makes us the minority and makes us
   Special, but never the Dumps, because we know , but we Beleive that there are no
   other choices, keep up the good work , and we also gonna keep up our good work
   too, and whether it is quest net or any other way, at least we are trying guyez, and
   Allah loves those who tries not those who surrender, Allah bless both of our trips,


94. LoGic says:
   August 27th, 2007 at 3:59 am

   Oh ya , and one more thing, just to clear things out, Datuk Vijayeswaran is home
   enjoying his financial freedome,

95. specilised says:
   August 27th, 2007 at 7:09 am

   Comment on BIODISC:- People with enough science knowledge can easily
   dispute the claims by the biodisc. All the claims are simply bullshit.
   Nanotechnology that cannot be verified by science nowadays? I think they can
   either win a Nobel Prize by inventing that or they must have got hold of some
   alien technology! They even claim that this things can link your DNA with the
   energized food - for god‘s sake, have these guys studied biology before? All the
   proponents mentioned this disk changed the taste of lemon etc - how does this
   contribute to health, seems like those believers do not even care! The FAQ
   published in their website is the biggest jokes I ever read - good to be a after
   lunch joke break! I call this a simplistic tactic of using all the latest scientific
   terms to fool the general public. Anyway for those that want to know more about
   scam, please visit: http://www.chem1.com/CQ/index.html

96. specilised says:
   August 27th, 2007 at 7:16 am

   I am sure Datu Vijay is enjoying Financial Freedom no doubt about that,
   But how many people suffer because of that???
   If I make money in such a way I would not feel very ―free‖ probably unable to
   sleep at night.
   I make sure I make $$ from the very rich and share some with the poor.

97. specilised says:
   August 27th, 2007 at 11:20 am

   Biodisc comment:-
   I was given a Biodisc by a well meaning friend for 10 days trial. I drank the
   energised water, did the bean sprout tests, watered my plants, use a light to shine
   through, rotate counter clockwise over my painful joints. Was I convinced? The
   bean sprout test was unconclusive, the water taste..I dont know, the pain relief -
   no noticeable improvement. Maybe it is too short a period. However, like
   countless others who suffer chronic pains I am desperate to believe that the
   BioDisc can work.
   But I need to know where the disc came from and what are the company and
   technology behind it. That was where my hopes were changed to near dismay.
   I searched the web for authentic authorative confirmation of the fantastic claims. I
   found myself going round and round and round….questcom, qi ltd, amezcua,
   qnnet, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia. I found it is basically a
   multilevel networking type of thing revolving around Qi Ltd. One site mentioned
   the April 07 launch of the Qi Pendant and quoted a Mr. Mayer. Another site claim
   the BioDisc is made by German nanotechnology by a German Company named
   Bernhard H. Mayer. At Questcom website, Bernhard H. Mayer is the brand name
   owned by Questcom of a range of watches made by a sub-contractor. Another one
   claims the BioDisc is certified by German authority Prognos and even that a
   meter from Prognos exists to test the effectiveness of the disc. I searched and
   searched scholarly sites, yellow pages, etc for a company named Bernhard H.
   Mayer - I got a lot of Mayers - but none that nano-tech Biodisc linked. As far as I
   can make out Prognos is a research body and certainly not a certifying authority.
   In any case, a search for scalar energy, biodisc, universal qi, nanotech in the
   Prognos site produced zilch.
   I tested the refractive properties of the BioDisc and the results is suspiciously like
   normal glass - where are the contaminants from the nano-engineered numerous
   minerals? There is not even a wee bit hint of discolouration.
   Moreover, Qi Ltd…isn‘t that the company where the Datuk from Malaysia is
   being sought by Interpol for financial fraud? However, like others in my
   predicament, I am prepared to give this BioDisc the benefit of the doubt - so here
   is my plea to the people behind this BioDisc. Please, please prove that what I
   found out are all wrong. Please show to all of us that your product is made by a
   genuine high-tech German Company. Please please show us the experiments done
   to prove that this thing works.

98. LoGic says:
   August 27th, 2007 at 1:07 pm

   Mr Specilised, Regarding the bio disk we have seen expirements to prove it`s
   effictiveness, it needs to be ised in the right way to give it`s effictiveness, plus,
   it`s not magic my friend, it`s science, it`s either you believe it, or just get vacation
   instead, you know no one is Forcing you to buye it if you don`t believe it, The
   biodisk is the company top selling, and you know who usually buye it, it`s mainly
   a people who are allready Members, Bso what actually push them t buye it, ??
   Regarding Mr Vijayeswaran, He is a buisnessman who didn`t fool no one to get to
   be rich at least with him getting rich Thousnds in the world are heading to be rich
   too, and almost most of them are half way, Don`t make a laugh out of yourself by
   trying to counteract a Wave of Industry that is allready moving so Fast, if I were
   at your place, I will either Start Surfing the wave, or just step on the beach and
   watch people Enjoying Surfing, With all My respect, but you Are of No NEEd for
   quest Net, or Any thing else, so enjoy you Traditional Life, and Let us Enjoy our

   lovely journey of Being untraditional        ) Good Buye , And Thanks Again,

99. Benedict says:
   August 27th, 2007 at 2:46 pm

   Most people in Questnet do not like their products. They purchased because of the
   Business Compensation Plan. Look at the majority people are from countries like
   Ethiopians, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines,
   Iran etc. Why so many people joined the business?? Do you think they are rich to
   buy GOLDCOIN??? Do you think they are in madness of GOLD COINS? NO,
   NOPE. and NEVER. They are looking at the COMPENSATION PLAN!

   Now even WORST, a 9cm Glass called Biodisc already cost US$500.00.

   This is members get members scheme, and RECRUITMENT IS THE FACTOR
   TO SURVIVE FOR THIS COMPANY. To make money, the recruitments
   activites must be done. Trainings are focus into training how to keep recruit and
   recruit. If there is no recruitment for 1 year, I can tell you that this company is

   I am the user of BioDisc and I do not find any difference before and after drinking
   the BioDisc water.
   I got these answers:
   a) You are healthy
   b) You haven‘t drink the BioDisc water for long enough
   c) It‘s never replace medicine and doctors
   d) It‘s only a wellness tool.
   e) You don‘t know how to use it.

   Again, QN members lie too much to get UVs. Nowaday people must be smart and
   wise. Learn more. Know more. And always STAY AWAKE!

100.       specilised says:
   August 28th, 2007 at 1:21 am

   It‘s PLACEBO Effect that heal you not BIODISC, Placebo effect is a scientific
   proven theory that your mind can heal yourself if you believe it, just check
   PLACEBO effect on Google.

   PLACEBO Effect, oh yes, the power of suggestions. You can give someone this
   disc and told them that it would make them sick, I‘m sure about 3 out of 10 will
   feel really sick. just try it.

   Check website http://www.chem1/CQ/index.html to learn about Pseudoscience /
   Junk science about Hexagonal water, energized water & BODISC. I have made
   many test include dechlorine (remove chlorine) of tap water but failed. Maybe my
   disc has manufacturer fault that it does not work??

101.       LoGic says:
   August 28th, 2007 at 2:12 am

   I`m so Attracted to what are you telling, so why are we trying to blame The Great
   Quest Net for our problems in life?? It`s again away of life, if happened to get a
   BioDisk or any other thing and failed to understand the Method of
   Netwotkmarketing then this is you, because there are others who are succesful or
   still trying, just ask the reason of what made you join Quest net, if it worth it then
   you shouldn`t hav quit, but a Quitter in one thing is life is definately A quitter in
   so many things,. Believe me guyes A company running for it`s tenth year in
   market didn`t happen by chance, or Luck , or Magic, you can`t keep on cheeting
   people for ten years, because if you are then you must be a hell of a lier.
   The other thing is that The Idea of the Bio Disc is beyound of anything normal,
   Now for example what is The Called Yoga Science is all about, is it a Placebo ?
   then why not, it is also a good thing, you know the Scientists Says the a human
   being Dies with 95% of his mental Capacity not been used, God Created Us to Be
   succesful, amd gave us the brain to think and Try, So I suggest befoe you manage
   very well to citicise a least try, you are talking and going aound wasting your time
   in ruining the reputation of a company who has allready made a fortune, We are
   not your enemy, we are just like you, but we are trying to suirvive, ask yourself
   why there people who are buying paintings fo million of dollars of whoch both of
   us Can`t understand if we are looking at it even for an hour, They know and we
   don`t know, The same thing goes here, we are learning and enjoy the company of
   ou partnes and earning ,and above all we are trying, My Salute To Quest Net For
   Defining A True Meaning of Life, and My Salute to you also guyez because you
   are the fuel that makes us go on and on , because we don`t want to be like you
   ,this remind us of whom we were before participating in quest net, This would be
   my last part in your blog, and I will see you as an Active IR`s soon, So I hope,
   Start Building, And Stop Destroying , God Bless

102.       specilised says:
   August 29th, 2007 at 12:21 pm

   Maybe you have a lot of problems I don‘t, I‘m not blaming QN, just want to warn
   people about it
   esp. BIODISC, I‘m not IR too. true, QN does make a furtune but how many
   people suffering ??
   you call it ―Great Questnet‖ ―My Salute To Quest Net For Defining A True
   Meaning of Life, and My Salute to you also guyez because you are the fuel that
   makes us go on and on ―- worship the Company/leader Typical QNIR
   ―Start Building and stop destroying‖ means - Start scamming /conning more
   people and stop tellng truth about QN.

103.       Benedict says:
   August 30th, 2007 at 7:09 am

   BioDisc is real peace of crap. Now they start to save even more cost. They are
   selling Chi-Pendant. Those are just a piece of glass, which claimed to bring effect
   in life. The same goes to some monks that selling crystals that believe in changing
   someone health, wealth, fortune, family, etc. Just the matter of selling hope,
   believe, virtual unproven sciences. It cost US$500 per BioDisc glass, but the
   monk are selling US$2 - US$5 per crystal/bracelets. Why the disc so expensive,
   in fact, the Disc is not what QN intention to sell, they are selling the
   compensation plan. The over-priced factor is for the commision paid to
   downlines. Therefore the more recruitments, the more income QN can make, 2-
   3% earn the commission, 98% in lost. Do the maths, and you can cry with the

104.       Archie Brand says:
   August 30th, 2007 at 7:48 am

   What a wonderful blog.
   Yesterday a colleague tried to get me involved with this garbage.
   8 or 9 years ago a similar company called SkyBiz was responsible
   for a lot of my colleagues losing a lot of money.
   Not one of them made a profit.
   It was claimed that it was not an MLM because it sold a product, but
   at the end of the day there were not enough ―suckers‖ downstream to
   maintain the pyramid.
A few years ago I watched with amazement as a sales person sold Q-Link
medallions to visitors to the Dubai Desert Classic.

The lady concerned took blood pressure and pulse of the man she was selling to
then sat him down wearing the medallion and can you believe it, when she took
the readings 15 minutes later his vitals had settled and he was much more relaxed.

No one else seemed to notice that the lady was extremely busty and wearing a
see through shirt that was unbuttoned to reveal huge amounts of cleavage. After
bobbling around under the guys nose for a few minutes she took the first readings.
Amazing - his pulse rate was racing.

As she put the medallion on him she walked around the back, put it on from
and didn‘t walk back into his area of vision again until after she had taken the
second readings. Which were much more settled.

Of course this proves without a doubt that the medallion works.
That was intended as a note to show that it is easy to show that
things like the Bio Disk work

The truth is that A Pyramid scheme is a pyramid scheme, no
matter how you wrap it up.
If you get in near the top you can make money.
If you‘re near the bottom it can‘t be sustained and you lose your investment.

Pyramid schemes all have a few things in common.

1 None of the people involved will ever admit that its a pyramid scheme
and they will all argue the same facts - product, effort, lots of cash.

2 Any product sold is always overpriced. (Skybiz sold webspace and software
for hundreds of dollars that was actually available elsewhere free of charge).

3 A huge amount of people will never make any money from it.

4 People who try to involve you (friends???)who finally figure out
that it is a scam will never tell you they were wrong.

People - if any marketing opportunity requires the investor to get
someone else to invest, and that person must then get someone else
to do the same thing - then by definition it‘s a pyramid scheme
- regardless of the involvement of any product.
   Its funny to see everyone arguing in favour of the scheme
   when they have obviously cut and pasted advertising copy direct from
   their ―make a million‖ starter pack.

   ANother thing about Pyramid Schemes - once your friend has joined it‘s
   just not possible to persuade them that it‘s a pyramid scheme - no matter how
   logical or accurate your reasoning is.

   So rather than getting all wound up about it why not just say ―No Thankyou‖
   and let them carry on losing their money.

105.       Masoud says:
   August 30th, 2007 at 11:53 am

   Hi Brother Munther.

   I want have a special thank for this blog. I learned a lot of good stuff from this
   I am from Afghanistan and as you know we are known as 3rd world countries and
   we have lots of problems with QuestNet here in Afghanistan.

   A very close friend of mine tried really hard to satisfy me to join the QuestNet,
   but I refused because I knew it does not sounds fair the way they do thier
   But I did not have much proof and reasons to get rid of him from bugging me the
   whole months.

   I am making $ 2000 per month but they were telling me that you make $ 5000 per
   month if you join and work with us.

   Anyway I am happy you put effort to make some people think.

   Thank you again and wish you luck.


106.       Kaunain Shahidi says:
   August 30th, 2007 at 8:18 pm


   Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.

   It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man
   stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs
   to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat
   and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes short again and again, who
   knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy
   cause, who at best knows achievement and who at the worst if he fails at least
   fails while daring greatly so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid
   souls who know neither victory nor defeat.

   Critics are like eunuchs in a harem; they know how it‘s done, they‘ve seen it done
   every day, but they‘re unable to do it themselves.

   Whatever you do, you need courage. Whatever course you decide upon, there is
   always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties
   arising that tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of
   action and follow it to an end requires some of the same courage that a soldier
   needs. Peace has its victories, but it takes brave men and women to win them.

   A critic is a bunch of biases held loosely together by a sense of taste.

   Don‘t criticize what you don‘t understand, son. You never walked in that man‘s

   The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the
   realist adjusts the sails

107.       Benedict says:
   August 31st, 2007 at 6:04 am

   One of a friend bought a BioDisc after hearing testimonial that BioDisc water
   may cure cancer. So after tried out with a cancer patient for a month, it was a
   surprise that the cancer patient gets more wild cancer cells over her body. Now
   she is undergo Chermotheraphy and no longer using BioDisc.

   A note here: Amezcua give no warranty to any Biodisc users.
   The Disc may activate good cells as well as bad cells.
   People buy HOPE for the Disc. May or may not produce results. Good luck to
   BioDisc user.

108.       Benedict says:
   August 31st, 2007 at 10:02 am
   She tested and found no difference about the effect of BioDisc.
   BioDisc is a big laughing stock!

109.       Munther says:
   August 31st, 2007 at 1:12 pm

   @ Archie: Thank you very much for your words encouragement

   @ Masoud: Hearing things like that makes happy, I am glad that my post is
   helped people expose this scam !

   And to those defending the biodisc and comparing it to yoga, How blind are you ?
   Yoga ? This is an art of meditation and studied muscle movements and stretching
   ! Comparing it to a piece of useless glass is the silliest thing I‘ve read on my blog

   @ Kaunain Shahidi: Aha but these people are talking about those who criticize
   without a solid foundation to support their point of view. If a car mechanic tells
   you that your car is bust do you listen to him or do you say that he is saying that
   because he doesn‘t like the make ? If a doctor tells you that you have a certain
   disease do you say that he said that for the sake of it ? Of course not ! They have a
   name for this you know, its being in in denial ! Mate, I am an financial auditor in
   one of the biggest firms in the world and from my relatively small experience I
   can tell you that this is a fraud. If you can counter that please do.

110.       specilised says:
   September 1st, 2007 at 8:42 am

   If you are a promoter of BIODISC it is a miracle, magical disc that can cure all, If
   you are a plain user like me it‘s just a piece of glass no effect on my chronic pain
   health improvement etc, however BIODISC promoter will tell you that it‘s a
   wellness tool not a medicine, not a health product (very deceptive)BIODISC
   Certificate states that it manufacture at the SCHOTT AG Grunenplan in Germany,
   exclusively for QUAMTUM Inteligence Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur. Schott Class
   is a Glass bottle & Glass vessel manufacturer I don‘t what has it got to do with

111.       Benedict says:
   September 1st, 2007 at 8:49 am

   Somebody should make a police report and sue promoters for over-promise in
   selling BioDisc. This Disc does not carry any warranty by Amezcua, but the
   excessive marketing activities are too much brain-washing naive people. They are
   testing with Lemon, Wine, Soda, Cigerratte… which nothing related to actual test
   on patients with NO SUCCESS RATE in their RECORDS. Again, after the demo,
   someone will sit down and start showing the MLM plan. This is all about
   recruitments and making money.

   The key identifiers of a pyramid scheme include the following:

   * A highly excited sales pitch (sometimes including props and/or promos).
   * Little to no information offered about the company unless an investor purchases
   the products and becomes a participant.
   * Vaguely phrased promises of limitless income potential.
   * No product, or a product being sold at a price ridiculously in excess of its real
   market value. As with the company, the product is vaguely described.
   * An income stream that chiefly depends on the commissions earned by enrolling
   new members or the purchase by members of products for their own use rather
   than sales to customers who are not participants in the scheme.
   * A tendency for only the early investors/joiners to make any real income.
   * Assurances that it is perfectly legal to participate.

   From wikipedia - pyramid scheme

112.       Benedict says:
   September 1st, 2007 at 1:48 pm

   Why you do Questnet, why?

   I have enough heard people talking about the GOOD of Questnet. They started
   ask questions like why Questnet is trusted by Microsoft, Vatican City, FIFA,
   United Nation..
   But heck! Listen here… It‘s because BH Mayer Mint approach them for the
   business of minting or distributing the numismatic coins. Managers and person
   incharge do not understand the business compensation plan 3/3-250. Why
   Questnet members want to mislead people? You join the business, you will never
   see the face of Pope, FIFA, UN, etc. You join the business and you will be a
   downline and your upline will tell you to go and find more people to join the
   business. You upline is Ali, Muthu and Kali, OK?

   Now QN members started to chant that QN is the gift from GOD to make people
   rich. They said Questnet has 1.6 million members over 9 years.

   Question, if 1.6 million members found a way to be rich, then we have more than
   many thousands of millionaires in the world. If Questnet is making people rich,
   WHY would countries like Iran, Sri Lanka, Nepal banned Questnet? Why are
   these governments stop their own people from becoming millionaires???

   Why not people from FIFA, Pope from Vatican, United Nation, Ferrari fly over to
   Sri Lanka, or Iran or Nepal to UNBAN Questnet from these countries?
   Why would all directors from Questnet hunted by Interpol Police? If they are not
   quity, why don‘t they just fly back to Philippines and settle the case asap?

   Why would Kurt Ganesha Rinck, the second person in charge in Questnet now
   hiding from public? He has not been seen over a year, and has been wanted by
   banks and police. If he is not guilty, why don‘t he has the guts to stand out and
   clear his name?

   Again, regarding the product BIODISC, they claimed the disc is magical healing
   disc for many disease. Why Amezcua do not give warranty over an expensive
   glass for US$500?
   Who is the inventor of Biodisc? Dr Ian Lyon??? Does he got a noble price award
   for creating a magical disc? Why?

   Why don‘t the company spare a few discs to governments hospital and cure all
   patients and why are they charging expensive for only a 9mm glass? Why are they
   putting demo on Lemon, wine, Orange, cigarettes, and soda, then claimed these
   glass will cure many disease? Why don‘t they do the real testing on real patients
   in hospital and cure them all??? What is the relationship between a lemon and a
   cancer patient?

   Many unexplain why!

113.       i!i subzero i!i says:
   September 1st, 2007 at 2:51 pm

   hello guys.. i would like 2 thank muntheer 4 his interesting blog.. i‘ve been asked
   2 join quest.net.. and i‘ve been soooooo hesitant about it          .. i really had my
   ups and downs.. in one second think i‘ll join them in the other i change my mind..
   so i sat with them and talked for hours.. im lying if i said they did not convenes
   me.. ‗coz lets face it when u r told u can make upto 2000$ in less than a month
   u‘ll b dancing all over .. while they were speaking i thought if this business i so
   gr8 y dont they advertise it.. and y they dont have actual office with employees..
   and where is there financial statements.. then i felt that this company is nothing
   than a money laundering company.. so i dedicated
   my time and effort 2 look into it.. and i can turly say i will NOT participate in
   such organization.. thank u from the bottom of my heart 2 open my mind 4 new
   facts.. i could not thank u enough.. as the old saying ―there is no such thing as free
   lunch‖ if u really wanna make something of u self.. work hard 2 improve urself..
   mayb i still lack wisdom -since im 19       - but still i feel confident that i made the
   right decision

114.       i!i subzero i!i says:
   September 1st, 2007 at 2:58 pm

   and i want 2 add one more thing.. don‘t let greed b ur motive..
115.       specilised says:
   September 1st, 2007 at 3:16 pm

   Comment by Peter from K.L.

   I checked SCHOTT AG who, it turns out, really make nano-engineered glass of
   all shapes and sizes. They even have an office in Penang whom I contacted to
   enquire about Biodisc. Rather as I expected, the staff know nothing about this
   disc. Checking the international website, I found SCHOTT makes a range of
   specially formulated glass, each type being given a brand name. The nearest thing
   to a ―wellness‖ glass are some types specially developed for hospitals and one
   type in particular has anti-bacterial properties. BUT…as mentioned clearly in
   their site.. they do manufacture on order for anybody to produce any glass item to
   client dimensions. Whether they do this only using their own formulated glass or
   the client‘s own formulation is not clear. If SCHOTT used one of its glass for
   BIODISC - I find it strange that such amazing properties are not mentioned - why
   supply only to Qi or qn or amezcua (who probably are one and the same) when
   the whole world (at least the one inhabited by pain sufferers) is crying out for
   such a apparently heaven sent product?

116.       specilised says:
   September 1st, 2007 at 3:20 pm

   QN slogan RHYHM should be RTPGTR - Rob the poor give to the rich

117.       Benedict says:
   September 1st, 2007 at 3:33 pm

   They keep telling lies that earning US$2000 in a month, the forgot to inform you
   to cheat US$24,000 from others in order to pay your US$2000 commission.

   QN is worst than Robin Hood. Rob from Poor to Be Rich.

118.       specilised says:
   September 1st, 2007 at 3:37 pm

   BIODISC can be dangerous / fatal, since it has no warranty, no effect on health,
   not scientific proven, no effecton on me anyway. I have seen people using it
   trying to heal /cure a sick child, they trusted (almost worship) the BIODISC so
   much in hope that it could cure the child sickness, luckily they went for medical
   treatment after advise by others. This remind me of people trusting BOMOH
   (medicine man) or chinese Bomoh ―Tang Kee‖, result could be devastating.

119.       specilised says:
   September 1st, 2007 at 3:44 pm
   No matter how many times you spin the torch light through the BIODISC on your
   pain the result you will definitely have is a sore arm or hand after so many hours
   of spinning the torchlight. Try asking QNIR what is the effect of using a LED
   torchlight light, a Zenon dive light, a highpower halogen light and infrared light
   as these light are of different property in temperature, light wavelength etc

120.       Benedict says:
   September 1st, 2007 at 4:15 pm

   QN IR knows nothing about SCIENCE! They are bunch of COPY CATS copied
   styles and talk from speaker and they act like professional. All in their brains
   nothing about helping people BUT robbing money from the poor. They don‘t
   contribute to nation health and wealth. They are bunch of lazy workers day time
   day dreaming to be rich. Some one should report this to Health Minister to ban all
   distributing of Biodisc without any approval. This product should be banned.

121.       Vikram says:
   September 2nd, 2007 at 12:48 pm

   I can only pity the guys who think quest is a scam .. those guys must just open up
   a bit and know more about the profile ..

122.       i!i subzero i!i says:
   September 2nd, 2007 at 3:04 pm

   heeeeeeeey.. u guys look what i found on the internet

   the CEO of quest.net is in the wanted list of the interpol

   i‘ll let the links speak 4 their selfs…

   and here is a link from their website with their CEO if dont believe what u‘ve

123.       i!i subzero i!i says:
   September 2nd, 2007 at 3:04 pm


124.       NA says:
   September 2nd, 2007 at 5:12 pm
   @@ … OMG.. ok if all of QN is just a scheme! then how ppl r making lots of
   money !? my cuz is almost being a millionare !! how come? explain.. everybody
   here r agains and at the same time they‘re makin lots n lots of money!!

125.       Benedict says:
   September 3rd, 2007 at 7:59 am

   This is a good article about MultiLevel Marketing or Network Marketing.


   It says ―Network Marketing: Opportunity or Scam?
   Jeffrey A. Babener 1999″

   Read and study with Questnet plan.

   1) Questnet do not have refund policy - If you have second thought about the
   business and you need a refund, because you don‘t like the product, the reply is
   2) Commission paid dependable on sponsoring activities. If there is no increase in
   downlines, meaning you have no income. In order to make more commission, you
   need to keep recruits.
   3) Over-priced product, no demand, and basically most of Questnet products
   ended up in garage. (they are useless!)
   4) They are ―one time purchase product‖ instead of ―demandable consumable
   5) Customer require to have Referral ID in order to purchase the product.
   Customer details will be recorded and become an IR. No retail to non-members
   6) Questnet IR basically talks about DREAMS and MONEY instead of products.
   They are selling DREAMS! This is due to the training provided by them since the
   very first V-CON.
   7) ―10. Earnings Representations. A legitimate marketing program should not
   make any earnings representations unless those representations are based on
   verifiable records.‖ - This is very important etiquette!! It‘s wrongful to show
   cheques and income earning of uplines to lure a new member. Questnet
   presentation are full with income showing that are not verifiable or audited! Those
   are tesimonial from individuals i.e. Mr. X earning US$10k a week.. but in fact
   these are lies!

126.       specilised says:
   September 3rd, 2007 at 1:40 pm

   I have 3 multi millionaire friend & business partner.
   1) Make money by illegal logging from forest reserve, protected mangrove
   2) Make money by smuggling diesel to Solomon island
   3) Make money from gambling of all kind

   I think making $$ from QN is more or less similar or worst because QN take from
   the poor

127.       specilised says:
   September 3rd, 2007 at 7:34 pm

   If you plan to invest USD500 in Questnet, the chances you‘re going to make a lot
   of money is 5/100 say 5%
   Your chances of making a lot of money by gambling in casino would be higher,
   furthermore you don‘t have to work.
   in theory you can make millions by gambling also.

128.       sobrino says:
   September 4th, 2007 at 12:10 pm

   Hi Munther,
   U have given very useful information about the scam. I am from Idia.My own
   brother has recently fallen victim to Goldquest scheme or scam more correctly.
   He closed his well established business which was giving him atleast his bread &
   butter. For last 6 months he is trying hard to achieve that stupid 3 on each side
   target. Its only because we are a joint family & I m unmarried that he & his family
   is surviving. But even my earnings can‘t make up for the debts he has taken for
   the expenses of this scam like the basic price plus phone rents & expenses of
   feeding your probable victims. I would like to elaborate few more techniques
   these people employ. First, if u are from a non sophisticated class of the society
   they tempt u to join their so called elite groups which other than business makes u
   aware of such shit like world economy & other things. You are invited to their
   gatherings where majority of these fools are celebrating the success. Again u are
   tempted to join this happy & enjoying society. You are given examples of & are
   presented with the people who are respectable in society & supposed to be shrewd
   ( like retired army personel, highly qualified people etc.
   Now the circumstances are such that unless I pull my brother out of this(to which
   he is not ready at all) I m ruined alongwith all my family i e Me, my parents, my
   brother, his wife & 2 small kids.

129.       Kaunain Shahidi says:
   September 4th, 2007 at 11:17 pm

   Dear Sobrino. If you really love your brother, then you shall trust him and join
   the QuestNet to help him but you do not want to come out from your comfort
   zone because
   you love yourself more than your brother, what kind of brother you are ?. I am
   one day you will realise the value of QuestNet and your brothers hardship. May
   God bless

130.       Munther says:
   September 4th, 2007 at 11:24 pm

   @ Kaunain Shahidi: Man, you are sooo blind you crack me up !!! The guy tells a
   story of how QN is destroying his family and all what you say is this ? Wake up
   and smell the coffee ! The Brother closed his business and now is sooo in dept
   and you say love and trust ? This has nothing to do with love and trust ! The man
   is working for the whole family now, this is real love ! How can people like you
   get the nerve and say crap like that is just shameful !!!

131.       Benedict says:
   September 5th, 2007 at 9:21 am

   I think you are so evil to mislead Sobrino. Listen to my points here:
   a) Questnet scheme requires 3 people on left and 3 people on right to earn your
   US$250 cheque. Each UV cost US$500!!! Which means, if you want to make
   some money from Questnet, you need to keep cheating on others to make the
   money. You are robbing others for your own comfort!
   b) Sobrino‘s family joined Questnet just for the sake to help his brother to make 1
   cheque US$250 to show off and cheat other friends. Which means, their family
   sacrificed US$3000 for his small US$250 cheque to show to his friends that he
   made the money quickly and cheat more friends!
   c) 95-95% of people in Questnet does not make money. They might have 1 or 2
   downlines but they don‘t make a cheque because they don‘t balance the pyramid
   d) Those who don‘t have a single downline, but burn their bridges i.e. JOB and
   BUSINESS are the worst thoughts in ever. Their uplines never teach their
   downlines properly, they don‘t care!
   e) No such Elite group, they only make a show to cheat people to join the
   business. They dressed well, to lure new sign up, and then keep them if they are
   good actor or leave them if they are not.

132.       Benedict says:
   September 5th, 2007 at 9:23 am

   f) If you love your family, don‘t ask them to fork out money to buy UVs. You
   would rather join yourself and share your profits to them like buying clothes, meal
   for them, rather than cheating your own family money. You don‘t make your
   family rich by asking them to join. You only make your uplines rich, because they
   think you are just a puppet to use.
   g) No resell value for Questnet products. Even the gold coin worth 1/10 of your
   purchased value.
   h) Questnet will make majority poorer. You think ―Too good to be true‖, in fact
   this is the cheating style to lure new members. No such thing as ―too good‖ thing
   in life.
   i) Many people joined the business make the money initial stage from their close
   friends and family, but after that, they discountinue earning income for several
   months, then quit the business. In the end, your total family spending is more than
   US$6500 but your earning is US$250, your nett loss is US$6250.00, your family
   and friends hate you for all your fake promises and cheating words. You live as a
   loser for life!

133.       specilised says:
   September 5th, 2007 at 10:51 am

   Imagine this scenerio - Sobrino‘s brother already halfway sinking into quick sand,
   what do you think Sobrino shall do?? he should pull him out of the quick sand and
   save him and going back to the right track, what Kaunain suggest
   is that Sobrino should jump into the quick sand and died together with his brother,
   does it make sense?
   There are hundred of thousands of similar stories in various parts of the world due
   to QN, of course those who make money from these poor soul is laughing away,
   many are brain washed and blinded by the beautiful promises of their up line one
   day they will wake up from their dreams.

134.       Kaunain Shahidi says:
   September 9th, 2007 at 12:37 am

   Dear Friends Benedict & Specialised, May I ask why you guys are not using your
   real name on the board ?. Shall I tell you the reason ?, Its your fear, some sort of
   fear, ask yourself, you will get the answer, friends, i agree with you that all are not
   getting the money from QuestNet, but question is why, why some are getting and
   why others not ?. Guys, the system has potential to make you wealthy, and those
   people who understand the system well, educate themselves, learn the skill of
   helping others, they make money. Its not the Quick Rich scheme, no..many might
   have trapped bcoz of some cheaters but beleive me its Sure Rich scheme.

   Tell me how many people do the business honestly, even your sabzeewala will try
   to cheat you, where are our values, look around yourselves. If some politicians are
   corrept, it doesn‘t mean our political system can not run, Indian has become the
   powerful force with the same system and few corrupt politician.

   QuestNet is providing an opportunity to help you, your family and your society in
   general, but there are certain procedure to do that, if you do not follow the
   procedure, you can blame the system. If you are hungry you have toe to eat from
   your mouth, you can your use your nose. The baby takes 9 months to be matured,
   you can get them out before that, there is proper system for everything to get the
   right result. if we dont follow that, how can we expect the result, its as simple as
   Because of certain failure and some cheats you can not blame the whole system,
   try to understand the concept, try to learn the potential of the business opportunity
   QuestNet is providing. In a civilised society and educated person shall try to know
   the facts first, the facts from genuine source, not from here and there and then
   accept that, just for the sake of critisizing something, such ignorance is not a wise
   things friends, wake up smell the coffee, world is changing and before its too late
   change yourself before change changes you, e-commerce and word-of-mouth is
   the futuristic concept and that is the basis of QuestNet business. May god bless

135.       Benedict Kong says:
   September 10th, 2007 at 5:36 am

   My name is Benedict Kong. I don‘t understand what do you mean by real name
   and fear of what? Anyway, ask you said, not everyone can make money in
   Questnet. Why don‘t you speak the truth. Only 1-3% can make money from
   Questnet, right?

   Those who can make the money - 2% - 5%
   a) Money is better than relationship. The will keep recruits for money, and never
   look back on past relationships with friends, families, downlines, etc. Motto:
   Keep Sign Up
   b) People who can FAKE it to MAKE it.
   c) People who can influence others to recruits (which means mastering in
   d) People who can act on emotions fast.

   Those who can‘t make it - 95% - 98%
   a) Spending 1 - 2 hours a day inconsistently in a week.
   b) Not able to get to learn the acting skills from uplines
   c) Not able to learn the promoting skills from uplines.
   d) Not able to access to uplines easily - small town area.
   e) Not able to teach downlines
   f) Not able to speak.
   g) Not able to make friends
   h) Not able to smile
   i) Not able to travel
   j) Not able to fork out more money for trainings.
   k) Not able to lead
   l) Not able to duplicate uplines action and word.
   m) Still doubt whether to do the business
   n) Sign up but regretted, wanted to refund, but cannot.

136.       aneesh says:
   September 11th, 2007 at 2:35 am

   i am working in kingdom of bahrain since last 6 years , the same thing was
   repeated twice with me that once in 200
   people approached me a scheme that allows cheaper phone calls t india , that time
   only internet telephones having cheaper rates , batelco having 210fils per minute
   and they were offering 100fils perminute , that time they were telling about this
   questnet only , nowa again people approching me for the same company , dear
   friend is any option to ban this company‘s operation in bahrain, becasue i know
   lot of my friends who lost their money two years ago , now again the same boom
   came again , please check the possiblities to do so

   honestly speaking i appreciate your efforts to educate the people through bloggs ,
   keep it up
   please check the possiblities to ban this illegeal business in bahrain, can we give a
   plea on court

   an indian court‘s verdict about amway was very wonderful, now amway india
   also in under observation

   you are right that , no shortcuts to make money , only hardwork and dedication
   and aim will help you to sucess in life

   so please find the possiblities to ban this type of companies in bahrain

137.       ruwan says:
   September 12th, 2007 at 7:31 am

   im fro sri lanka gold quest still not legelly in sri lanka but im one of network
   marketer,dont no y u say like dis bz i no quest net is leggaly in
   india…………think again

138.       Nothing I'm-possible says:
   September 13th, 2007 at 12:12 pm

   Friends! I just want to share my own experience and opinions. Actually Iam a
   Srilankan aged 21 currently studying in Singapore. I have been scammed once
   again, It was a online data entry company named Seagull Software. They had
   established Branch in Srilanka , with legit gorvernment certification. Actually
   company founders were Indians ( Rajkumar or some thing ). They was doing well
   for more than 8 months. Some of my friends also earned using data entry. That
   Time I suppossed to come to singapore for my final year degree. I thought If I pay
   1000 USD I would get 600 USD in first months and in second month I can get my
   initial investment and after all income will be profit. All my derams spoilled I
   worked harder typing all data‘s and sending them from singapore.

   In singapore International students studying in Private Instititions cannot work
   part time unless they study in Goverment Universitites. I thought Seagull will
   help me to cover my own expenses and can send money to parents. Real comedy
   was I challenged to my parents and Asked them just to give initial money for
   course fee. Until now I didn‘t say that I was invested money and scammed.

   I always used to check internet to get information b4 doing any investment or
   anything. I read about many illegal companies ( data entry, MLM )which asked to
   pay initial money throught Credit card. I also used to check FTC ( Federal Trade
   Comission ) web ste for scam details.

   The reason why I joined after those research, A reputed Bank called Nation Trust
   in Srilnka also made affliations with them for trasmitting money which Seagull
   pay to get through them. It give me more confident that Bank will not spoil their
   reputation by joing fraud companies. ( Who know even Nation Trust Bank and
   Seagull could have secret Agreement )

   Only god knows!

   Seagull shut down their company and flew away at night.

   Our government also never took any action regarding this.

   Most of the investers were Educated people from top positions ( Doctors,
   Engineers , Govt Servants & Campus Students )

   Nation Trust Bank is still active

   I deserved for my foolish decisions.

139.       May be Possible says:
   September 13th, 2007 at 12:32 pm

   Another Instersting Topic I have to Share with you. It is all about Quest.Net

   They have recently launched their marketing acticities in Singapore.

   They have recruited many of Locals and International Students and workers.
   They clearly planned from malaysia and came to singapore as SIngapore is being
   a Hub in asia pacific for business opportunities.

   They have also Established their regional office in Singapore ( Suntec City ) and
   promoting their marketing activities.

   I know they r going to cheat many innocent peoples and run away with lot of
   I really appreciate my friend munther for stating wise informations regarding
   these internationsl frauds. Anyway I still amaze that how singapore permitted this
   company to do business while many other countries banned their activities.

   All of you know that Singapore maintain strict law in business and nobody cannot
   do any illegal activities. I still wonder how they got permission as no chance to
   bribe officials.

   Some of my friends are joining in singapore. Company Using printed booklets
   showing many colour full images like Sponsor for FIFA and they are the
   company which given permission to produce Olympic Metals. I‘am really wanted
   to stop my friends from joining this scam. But they r inspiring them by showing
   these things.

   Another critical Situation is One of the Government Servant incharge for High
   Position also doing marketting on behalf of company. Company is planning to
   make him incharge for their regional office.

   Lets see how they manage.

   Nobody cannot play with Singapore. Time is not good for Quest.Net
   friends please share ur opinions with me

140.       Benedict says:
   September 13th, 2007 at 4:00 pm

   In singapore, Questnet is registered as MLM company. There are many small
   groups of people joined Questnet that come and go, not many can sustain long
   enough, and the activities are not as great compared to Malaysia. Of course, they
   first started as ―Customer Service‖ counter in Singapore and ―training provider‖
   in the office. THeir members are dealing directly through internet to pay money to
   Questnet HK, and products then deliver via courier service to them in Singapore.
   There are certain loophole that allow Questnet operates happily in Singapore.
   Furthermore without much ―Hoo Haa‖ there, the government may overlook this
   matter and allow them to operate as MLM company in Suntec city.
   Imagine if they are thousands of people joining like India and Sri Lanka with
   1000 people in a hotel room shouting and chanting DREAMS, I am sure
   Singapore government will be very careful with these activities, and ban them
   from getting over the top! I have a friend joined Goldquest in Singapore 6 years
   ago, he said all his group collapsed! Not easy to sign up Singaporeans, they are
   well-educated. Most growth are from poor countries.

141.       Benedict says:
   September 13th, 2007 at 4:08 pm
   Basic psychology:
   If you are poor, you are envy with people who can be rich. You wanted to make
   money as soon as possible and become millioanire by going through Short Cut.
   That‘s why in poorer nation, they are working very hard everyday. When they see
   the opportunity to become rich in shorter period, they will want to do the business
   *without proper education.

   In developed countries like Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, Japan,
   Korea… these countries are very very few seeds of Questnet. People are well-
   educated, with good jobs making money to support families of 10 people with big
   houses and car. Government are protecting their nation and ensure food is enough.
   Questnet oppotunity will never attract them to join. Furthermore, they are very
   well-educated and they know what is pyramid schemes look like. They can detect
   the breed of new pyramid scheme. They can do the maths of how wealth
   distribution look like. How the matrix works.

   These are simple logic! And this is what you can see.

142.       Benedict says:
   September 13th, 2007 at 4:13 pm

   Learn from History:

   One of the QN member I encounter once told me that never look back at the
   past/history. And he is telling me that Questnet is the FUTURE trend.

   I would like to comment about the PAST/HISTORY. We are NOT studying the
   HISTORY to copy the old technologies, old culture, old method in living BUT we
   learn HISTORY because of one SIMILAR thing: HUMAN!!

   Regardless a person born in year 1800, 1600, 1900, 2000… they are the same:
   With Heart and Brain.

   One thing that always the root cause of all evil: GREED!

   Agree or not agree?

143.       Word It self says I'm-possible says:
   September 14th, 2007 at 5:32 pm

   Thanks benedict and site administrator for well organized maling service and
   notification. Benedict
   I have went through wikipedia article ―Economy of albania‖ and it was really

   thanks again for your contribution. Keep it up
144.       sweety says:
   September 15th, 2007 at 12:24 pm

   hey guys ,,am also member of quest,,,n i thnk this business with effort n people
   understanding goes well,,it rocks..i wish everyone in my country joins so
   everyone benifts but thats not possible….but i d this business t helped my loved
   ones who is financial not gud..whc with my income i cant…so wish m luck

145.       TLD says:
   September 17th, 2007 at 11:46 am

   Nice basic psychology there. Worst psychology would be ―I‘m from a poor
   family, i‘ll forever be poor! No matter what i do it will not work‖. Smart
   psychology would be ―I‘m from a poor family, i‘m going to work hard and
   change this direction of life. I can do it!‖.

   I do not doubt that if you are poor, you will envy with people who can be rich.
   You wanted to make money as soon as possible and become millioanire by going
   through short cut that is available. But are you so sure Questnet is a shortcut? I
   challenge you to try get involved and try grow this business. It is so clearly that
   the poor works hard because they need to earn a living. They understood hardship
   and willing to put effort on things that is more beneficial. Try ask someone from a
   developed country to work as a farmer, do you think they will? Maybe your
   answer would answer your own question to why developed countries have few
   seeds of network marketing business. And it is because of comfort zone that they
   do not dare to move forward, thus missing out more good things in life.
   Government are protecting? Yes, but to what extend? 2008 is so close. A very
   critical year indeed! And so many out there still think and question a vehicle that
   can prepare one for this big event coming right at our face. Oh wait, some people
   do not even know what is going to happen? That‘s why you are focusing on the
   wrong thing that makes u again miss out the good things in life.       Having a lot
   of money in good hands can do more good in life. Some are greedy. Some are not.
   Which are you?

146.       Slimway says:
   September 17th, 2007 at 4:58 pm

   hello everybody nice blog walla very interesting and it woke me up i realised how
   wrong i was was to join quest not because im not making any money not because
   i cant i ddnt even start prospecting bt i changed my mind bcuz its ethically wrong
   and the concept of is relly jst to benefit themselves i knw i can make my weekly
   20K weekly bt my conscience wont let me do it bcuz im feeding off others ppl
   money? i dnt want that to go to the grave with me even if it was just ONE person i
   still wudnt do it im not saying this company is fraud it does exist its safe and
   sound bt its manuplative its as corrupt nd vice as politicians. greed blinded me bt
   not anymore i cudve gottn the best of my friends js like they did to me bt ill 4give
   them coz they made an honest mistake if they knew the truth they wudnt hve done
   this 2 me ppl its vry attractive i knw im a member bt i quit yes im a quitter
   hopefully the money i spent to join will add up in my good deeds (meezan
   7asanaty) i advice u all to stay away from this program bcuz i find it morally
   wrong money isnt everythn in life id rather focus on my studies and education nd
   hopefully write my name in history with those who benefited the world with their
   knowledge instead of money i forgot how this life is nthn bt a test a stage money
   isnt everythnh ppl…….walla its not

147.       Praveen Gupta says:
   September 19th, 2007 at 12:21 pm

   lol. people are talking about moral and ethics here .
   well, very true 90% guys fail here, but it‘s true every where. if you are gona to be
   entrepreneur, you are bound to be fail 90% times.If everybody will succeed, how
   you will survive? forgotten the law of charles ( or Darwin) ―Survival of fittest‖.

   Anyways, It‘s Praveen here. A proud IR of GQI, working with them from almost
   1+years, and yes successfully.

   one thing more, you will quit only when you are failed and you will fail when
   your basics are not right and intact.


148.       Benedict says:
   September 19th, 2007 at 3:15 pm

   If I failed in business, I feel good because I learnt a good lesson without causing
   ANYONE else LOOSING money.

   I failed in Investment, I feel good because I loose my OWN money without
   causing anyone else loosing money.

   I failed in Questnet, I feel bad because I bring all my friends and families to join
   the business and they can‘t make money!

   Which one makes you sleep well if you faileD?

149.       TLD says:
   September 20th, 2007 at 7:04 am

   Your statement tells a lot about you. I have friends who failed in many
   business/investment that made them fall back so deep down that it‘s hard for them
   to climb out of their zone. Here your lesson and your own money depends on how
   much you are talking. Lossing a business or investment that took your 500k away,
   i think you may go insane and this feel good thing isnt what you are even
   considering about(tough). I just do not understand, why talk about failure when
   you should be focusing on success? As long as you do not quit, you will not fail.

1. Benedict says:
   September 20th, 2007 at 11:21 am

   What do you mean by ―you don‘t quit‖.. don‘t quit ―recruiting‖?

   Failed in business and investment only involved a person whether the amount is
   big or small. Could be 5k for a small hawker stall, or 10k for stocks. if you have
   in a huge business 500k will make YOU alone a bankrupt, and yet it DOES NOT
   involve others.

   But in Questnet, you pull along your friends and families with you. You are
   making money from they pocket. 1UV = US$41.67? Nothing much to be proud
   of, you are either a sweet talker or you have downlines that can sell.

2. pradeep says:
   September 20th, 2007 at 11:08 pm

   Just remember one thing mate. When a dog bites you dont go and bite the dog.
   My support is always with you and people who withhold truth and justice. The
   idiots plot their own downfall eventually. You can only take the horse to the water
   cannot make it drink.

3. Antonmax says:
   September 22nd, 2007 at 3:52 am

   Hola, Specilised and Benedict! So, here you are and I have been searching all
   over for you!
   Specilised, how‘s your biking? Still going strong over the Borneo highlands and
   Mt. Kin! When r you gonna do Le Tour de Langkawi? Remember not to paste the
   tiny weeny piece of glass all over your body or you would get injured! HSL biz
   any good? Now, I know why you are so rich and can go mountaining around and
   drinking mountain spring water. When you do that, do spare a thought for us poor
   buggers here, kay!

   If I fail in business, I feel bad cos my employees would lose their jobs.
   If I fail in investment, what type, I feel bad cos all my hard earned money are
   gone, and if I have nothing extras, what‘s my family, and aged parents gonna eat!
   If I fail in Questnet (forgot to ask, you or one of your family cos in one comment
   you wrote you have experience in MLM and had a few thousands under you), I
   also feel bad cos I won‘t be able to see my dream no more!
   Which one would make me sleep well if I fail! None, cos all three would give me
   nightmares if I fail!

4. Benedict says:
   September 22nd, 2007 at 5:49 am

   Hi Antonmax, nice to see you here… You are the super hardcore defender of
   Questnet. Still wasting your time here arguing and not going out the street and
   looking for ―prospect‖?

   If you get the nightmare because you failed in Business, Investment and MLM, I
   would suggest that you DON‘T involve in those three! I thought you will said, if
   you failed in Questnet, you will be very happy because you careless about your
   downlines. Anyway, good luck in your QN business.

5. PUYOL says:
   September 22nd, 2007 at 6:56 am

   thank u for creating this blog, which gave me and many others a chance to share
   our opinions. with all respect to those who are against quest.net i totally disagree
   with them. these are some of the reasons:
   1- ―Money brings money‖ this means that if u put money and work hard, you will
   get money
   2- for every business you join you have to put money, and in this business you are
   not putting thousands of $, it is of dollars, the minimum you can put is about
   $500, and you can still get more than those who put $10000 if you ―work hard‖
   not like other businesses ―stock market‖
   3- in every business you have to sacrifice, because you never know if u you will
   get your money back, but in this business you are not sacrificing because getting a
   product in return of the money you are putting
   4- the only thing its this business wants from u other than buying a product once
   in a life time is your time 3-5 hours weekly
   5- you ―may‖ get money even if you are not working, but you will for sure if u do
   work hard
   6- ―the choice is always yours‖, so if u choose to join than you should know that
   you may not always get your money back
   7- you are not robbing the people who are advicing and convincing to buy
   quest.net products, because for ex. when i suggest my friend to buy a certain
   product, the shop never gives me money for advertising for this certain product
   while in quest.net they do, and you can‘t say that they are paying me from the
   money my friend payed them for their product because no one knows the real
   prices of their products such as the bio disk, because quest.net is the only place
   you will find these products
   8- their products do work, and are really great. we did an experiment with a
   cigarrete and the chi pendant, the chi pendant took away the nicotine from the
   cigarrite, i tasted so bad. even if its not scientifically true and that it is only our
   brain whick makes us feel better than good, why not buy it if our brains doesnt
   make us feel good without it.

6. Antonmax says:
   September 22nd, 2007 at 7:23 am

   Yes, benedict, nice being here. You were the one to ask me to change tread, so
   here I is! I have prospects to see and not necessary every minute of the day.
   Thanks for your concern. If I have anti QN people like you ―pushing‖ me, I got
   nothing to complain about, hardcore or soft, careless or care more! And, if I fail
   despite all that, I deserve to have nightmares, ya! But, the only time I‘ll fail would
   be that I just give up!

   You see, I follow you everywhere you go, not because I try to defend, but because
   you provide good info for me! That‘s how I learn too, good or bad about the

7. specilised says:
   September 22nd, 2007 at 9:39 am

   Mr. Anton
   I have found stones deep inside jungle of Borneo highland the effect is similar to
   BIODISC but better
   it cost much less, I can make a fortune if I become the top of a pyramid and
   promote it.
   As long as you keep telling others how good is the stones and give a lot of fake
   testimonies, may get a DR. title from non existence university, better still if you
   hire Dr. Ian no. 2. I guarantee it will sell like hot cakes, you will sure achieve
   financial freedom.
   Just imagine a useless piece of glass selling for USD500, so many would buy and
   of course a small number can make a fortune. It really give me inspiration of how
   to make a lot more money, but not thru BIODISC QN, you‘ll probably at the
   bottom and a large % is contributed to the company, gambling is better.

8. Benedict says:
   September 22nd, 2007 at 10:01 am

   Specilised, Munther, and others,

   Antonmax is one of the greatest promoter of BioDisc in Kuala Lumpur.
   He claimed that the disc is holydisc. Perhaps, he could answer the questions
   Who is Dr. Ian Lyons? Which academic/university background he was? Any
   other invention that he has made in past? Did he won any international award for
   this invention? Is BiODisc patented?

   A Hardcored Promoter SHOULD understand his product from A to Z, right??? If
   he can‘t answer, how to convince others??? Probably another BULL that
   accidentally bash into this blog, i guess!

9. Antonmax says:
   September 22nd, 2007 at 1:11 pm

   Mr. specilised,

   Do keep tracking up the Borneo highland and find those stones you claimed to
   have similar effects and better too! I believe you and I would like to buy from
   you. How much? Can you be our supplier since a lot of us can‘t track up Borneo
   highland to look for these stones!

10. Antonmax says:
   September 22nd, 2007 at 1:19 pm

   benedict, thank you for your endorsement! Real appreciate it! But where did I
   claimed that the disc is holydisc? I can‘t answer this question cos I never claimed
   it! Can you?

   Who is Dr. Ian Lyons? I don‘t know, but I am sure you can give me the answer.

   You wrote: ―A hardcore Promoter SHOULD understand his product from A to
   Z.‖ I agree with you. It is true! But, when did I claimed to be a hardcore
   promoter? Can you verify that? Assuming a lot, ain‘t you, without verification!
   And you are one fine one to talk about credibility!

   Finally, this BULL did not accidentally bash into this blog as per your guess. This
   BULL was ―invited‖ into this blog from your comments at MS! Go back and
   check or have you forgotten what you have written!

11. Antonmax says:
   September 22nd, 2007 at 2:37 pm

   And, my dear specilised, HSL biz must be very good! I am also one of your
   customers too! I am at the rock bottom with all your other customers and we are
   making you rich! Before in your other blog, I didn‘t know when you said that you
   have achieved your financial freedom and have time to track up mountains, but
   now I know! Hey, I had a little help in there making you financially free too!
   Now, you have more ideas (tracking up Borneo highland and supplying stones
   which have similar effects and claimed to be better by you), can we have your
   permission to be your customer again and make you super rich this time?

12. Benedict says:
   September 22nd, 2007 at 4:10 pm


   Could you please get to the point direct? It‘s about Questnet.. And the Author of
   this blog agreed with the way of Questnet operates similarity with a pyramid
   scheme. Read his post. Don‘t mess around Munther‘s blog with your personal
   arguement, I know you argued with Specilised at monsterBlog last time. Have
   you read Nixon‘s comment at Monsterblog?

   YOU, Antonmax aka Mr. Chow Choong Yin, person who didn‘t even know
   Questnet background, even simple facts about BioDisc‘s inventor, and you are too
   good in attacking all those that disagree with Questnet. Tell me, why do you want
   to attack people who anti-Questnet?

13. Antonmax says:
   September 22nd, 2007 at 5:53 pm

   My dear dear old buddy Benedict,

   Why do you keep insisting on me being Chow from one blog to another?

   I do not know Questnet‘s background, but I have people like you to provide me
   with all the information I need. That‘s why I came into these blogs! And I have
   you to thank for letting me know all these. I have expressed my thanks to you,
   haven‘t I!

   I am getting to that point! If this is about QN and its practice, then I am just
   giving another analogue. You mean I can‘t do that!

   If Mr. Munther only allows anti quest in his blog, then I suggest he says so in this
   blog. He owns this blog and if he wants only anti questers, I‘m okay to get out of
   here and leave this for the likes of you.

   I have read Nixon‘s comments. That‘s his comments and to him must be true. So
   have you, I guess. But, since you like to ask questers to verify everything, have
   you ever verified his comments? Why the double standards?

   If you people presents facts instead of just biased and prejudiced attacks, I would
   just read and rest my fingers. Why should I be too good in my attacks if you all
   can just present facts which I would be glad to just read!
14. Mohammed says:
   September 26th, 2007 at 10:54 am

   To All concerned,

   I personally think that Quest is a good company and that the Bio Disc is a
   wonderful invention…If
   you use it in the proper way it does work!!!! Everyone is entitled to their own
   opinions and
   beliefs…The fact is if people are stupid enough to recruit their family only and
   spend all their
   savings on one investment then that is their own greed to make a quick
   buck….You have to work
   hard for everything in this life and MLM marketing and QuestNet are no
   different..The reason that
   so many fail is that they simply give up too soon and put little or no effort in to
   creating a
   future for themselves.

15. Munther says:
   September 26th, 2007 at 4:25 pm

   @ Anton Max: All are welcome ! Anti and pro quest.net as long as each keeps it
   civil, respectful and informative.

   @ Benedict: Where did you go mate ? I miss your comments over here mate.

   @ Specialized : Same applies to you my friend.

   @ Mohammed: Its all nice and dandy to say that the biodisc is great but whats the
   proof ? If you use it right ? hmmmm please do elaborate ! BTW mate MLM is:

   1- Forbidden in Islam (read the comments)
   2- Is illegal including Bahrain

   So how can quest.net be good ?

16. Mohammed says:
   September 26th, 2007 at 7:45 pm

   @Munther…I have the BioDisc and it has helped to reduce my stress levels, i
   have totally eliminated using Panadol…which I use to eat 6-8 tablets a
   day…Show me the proof that it is Forbidden in Islam…not just comments..also
   show the proof that it is illegal…you should study what a pyramid scheme is b4
   calling an MLM program that…check here if you need to www.mlmwatch.org
   You sound like a disgruntled former MLM person that couldn‘t succeed…
17. Munther says:
   September 26th, 2007 at 8:44 pm

   Here is where you are mistaken Mohammed. I don‘t need no MLM scheme to
   succeed in life Already have a highly rewarding job and a very healthy
   investment portfolio. Regarding Islam forbiding MLM please feel free to look for
   it in my comments got a link that proofs it.

   Now regarding the scheme being illegal, well Centeral Bank of Bahrain (CBB)
   has issued laws against it in the mid 90s. I‘ll get the documents scanned for you.
   Just let me get my obligation towards a couple of clients and ramadan out of the
   way and I‘ll be happy to do so

   Regarding the biodisc it builds its success on the plasibo affect, this was discussed
   in previous comments too, feel free to have a read through, there is no point of me
   going over it again because I am sure that the members and myself are not
   interested in sounding like a broken record BTW using your experience is not
   proper proof, give me something scientific (a study if you like)

18. Mohammed says:
   September 26th, 2007 at 9:31 pm

   I am happy for you that you enjoy your job…as for the fatwas if you translate
   them to english it will be better as your blog is all in englsish except for that..As
   for the placebo effect..I am happy with that if that is the case…but show me your
   scientific study that proves it…I hope that some one does post a study on the Bio
   Disc very soon…until that time i am satisfied with my experience…Please do
   send the report from the bank…as Quest.net was not around in the mid 90‘s..I will
   be interested in seeing which companies it applies to… And if it is illegal…who
   issues the laws in Bahrain the banks or the Government…

19. Munther says:
   September 26th, 2007 at 10:08 pm

   CBB is the governing body of banking in Bahrain, it issues all the rules and
   regulation related to the sector ! Still mate, 90s or no 90s MLM is MLM ! The
   concept, the flow of work, the money sucking vortex etc is the same !

   As for the biodisc, there was something in the 80s or 90s not sure, called the
   Power of the Pyramid it utilised the placebo affect and was very popular until
   people found out that it was a way to cheat them out of their hard earned money,
   Not to mention that mythbusters (discovery channel) busted the pyramid thing.
   There are a few requests on their site to bust the biodisc but not sure if they‘ll do
   it because its not as popular at Europe and America which says a lot about it
20. Mohammed says:
   September 27th, 2007 at 2:28 am

   Well I see your still stuck on the placebo effect….anyway enought of my time
   wasted on your drivelling because you are obviously obsessed with quest. net in
   particular…anyway you have your opinion and I have mine and so it will remain
   exactly that way

21. Benedict says:
   September 27th, 2007 at 4:11 am

   Since you said BioDisc is damn good, please answer all my Questions below:
   Who is Dr Ian Lyon?
   Is he a doctor or PHD?
   Where did he get his doctorate title? Is he self-claimed for the Dr Title?
   Where is his academic records?
   Did he get any International Awards for his creation?
   Why nobody knows who is Dr Ian Lyon, from Germany?
   Who are his associates? Who is working with him before he joined and work for
   Who are the person that he met in Tibet?
   What kind of mineral /crystal that he found?
   Who verified his research?
   Did he patent his design?
   Why does he made the biodisc in Malaysia?
   Why does he outsource the Biodisc to a supplier in Malaysia?
   Why don‘t he own his own factory (if the design is his own patented?
   Why don‘t he get the noble prize award?

   I believe you or your uplines have seen this person before, they should able to tell
   you. Easy questions, right?

22. Benedict says:
   September 27th, 2007 at 4:18 am

   Another point, one of Questnet Vpartner, Pathman Senathirajah, promoted a
   concentrated powders called SkyJuice, He promoted this like the world most
   powerful product which able to heal many diseases and improving health (better
   than BioDisc). Do you know why today, BioDisc is more sellable than skyjuice?

   @ Munther, I was busy travelling, therefore not able to check the site as frequent.

23. locolo says:
   September 27th, 2007 at 4:28 am
   hi munther, thanks for the blog, this QN is just introduced here in the Solomon
   Islands 2 months ago. today thety will be having its launching program. I am
   confused some already received money, i am also convinced with your comments.
   need more help

24. Munther says:
   September 27th, 2007 at 9:00 am

   @ Mohammed: Now, now, no need to throw your toys out of the pram just
   because somebody said that he doesn‘t want to play BTW your aggressive
   comment shows frustration, I mean why ? All I wanted of you is to clarify how
   the biodisc is good, I mean since it‘s a medical tool, some sort of proper
   explanation is due, right ?

   BTW the blog was started before I knew about QN and is continuing after QN.
   This is not the only subject mate. So your comments regarding my ―obsession‖ is
   unjust, don‘t you think ? Please feel free to have a look around

   @ Benedict: Welcome back mate

   @ Locolo: Hello mate and welcome to the blog. Please feel free to post your
   questions so that the active members and myself could offer you some help

25. Benedict says:
   September 27th, 2007 at 10:25 am

   QUestnet secret mind tackling method step by step to recruit.

   Lesson you will learn in Questnet:
   1) Write your dreams
   2) Make commitment
   3) Write a written list of names without prejudge
   4) Contact and Invite
   5) Show the plan
   6) Follow up
   7) Strategise with business partner
   8) Teach

   This is what you learnt in Questnet. Every day is all about contacting prospect,
   show the plan and looking for signup (recruitments). Since everyone need to
   purchase 1 time, so after they have purchased, they leave you if you are lazy, and
   push you if you are hardworking.

   Other lessons:
   1) Law of Trespass - upline will tell a story of professional interior designer vs
   neighbour being invited and not invited. When downline understand this story,
   upline requesting downline to listen to their words obediently without
   2) Sense of Urgency - You die tomorrow what are the thing you have not done.
   3) Dress to Kill - a professional networker should dress well to give a better
   impression to prospect.
   4) Small group discussions and meeting
   5) BOM/BP
   6) 8 steps pattern trainings
   7) VCON/Revcon
   In order to achieve financial freedom, Questnetter MUST go to all the trainings.

   Contact and Invite:
   - A well thought off strategised meeting with prospect.
   - Newbie encourage to bring along their upline* to show the plan.
   - Breaking the ice, and Opportunity break through
   * This part makes alot of prospect angry about their friends, because most of them
   being invited but in the end, bringing their uplines to show the plan. This is what
   they call misusing friendship and relationship for business gain.

   Feel, Felt and Found:
   In order to reduce the defense level of prospect, this is what they commonly used:
   ‘‘I know how you feel, this is what I felt, but later I found out that…..‘‘

   1. If the prospect is discourage, encourage them.
   2. If the prospect say no time, use questnet as part time to lure them to join first
   3. If the prospect say they don‘t know how to do the business, ensure guidance
   from seniors and ensure they don‘t require any skill to do the business

   Once they have sign up, use Law of Trespass to gain access
   Create a ‘‘Start Up‘‘ plan with newly joined member
   Slowly bring in pressure into them
   Ensure newly joined member attended enough training for the brain washing

   Every experienced networker are being trained to train. They are several steps in
   building networks. This is not 1 step to success business. Alot of brain washing
   activities to make this business grow.
   Only the weak and naive will fall into the trap.

26. Benedict says:
   September 27th, 2007 at 6:43 pm

   In Questnet, uplines will teach you some few dirty tricks in trapping your friends
   into the business. You make some calls to your friends and get an appointments to
   meet up for a drink. Guess what, you friend came to see you happily, but you
   were bringing another person (stranger). Then start to talk about life, job sucks,
   poor, rich, theory xyz, and finally the business topic started. And the stranger now
   appear to be a business partner, started to draw plans and showing folders. Then
   started to show off some cheques! And putting pressure and pressure to your
   friends. Trying very hard to close your friend and sign up. In the end, it cost your
   friendship for an UV. What happened to the stranger (upline)? Nothing at all, he
   is using you to gain UV. He don‘t care about whether your friend are still befriend
   with you or not. And if you are not showing enough plans, you will not be bother.
   This business is all about upline using downlines.

   Do you want to live your life using other people and being used? It‘s sickening to
   see those greedy money minded people wondering about the street, coffee shops,
   showing plans, misusing relationships keeping recruiting members. The target
   given is how many plans you have showed a day? And the worst they refer those
   who don‘t join the business as ―MORON‖. How can a Questnetters contributing
   to country? They don‘t like to work, they like to wonder around at night looking
   for opportunities, they try hard to evade taxes, they sleep late and causing
   unproductive work during working time, they claimed QN is legal and corporate
   is pyramid, they spend thousands of dollars for brain-washing seminars, they
   isolate to normal healthy society. And they look at everyone as their ―food‖,
   befriending everyone without a sincere heart, fully blinded with this symbol —->

27. locolo says:
   September 28th, 2007 at 3:34 am

   thanks munther,
   is this biodisc really works, i cant understand lot of doctors and well educated ppl

28. locolo says:
   September 28th, 2007 at 5:55 am

   thanks munther,
   is this biodisc really works, lot of doctors and well educated ppl are joining this

29. Munther says:
   September 28th, 2007 at 12:57 pm

   You are welcome mate..

   First of all doctors and educated people can be blinded by the quick buck promise.
   Greed effects all humans educated or non-educated. Now regarding the biodisc
   check comments number 89 and 91

30. Raul says:
   September 29th, 2007 at 4:13 am

I will first begin by saying that multi-level marketing or network marketing is
NOT pyramid selling. But if I explain here on my own not many will believe me.


Hope the link works. Go to section 4 to see the Singapore Government‘s stance
on this as it explains what I believe is the true nature of network marketing. I am
not a networker but a consumer of one of the legitimate company‘s products, and
the price for an excellent quality product is very reasonable.

What happened with Goldquest/Questnet is this: most of us here know what a
typical pyramid scheme when we see one. So if I was a scammer, what would I
do? Take a scheme that‘s well known to be illegal, and repackage it to make it
look like MLM/network marketing, which if done correctly is legal. Hopefully
people can‘t tell the difference then and just join and give their money to this
scammer. This is what happened with this and others like Buy-e-barrel and

Essentially a wolf in sheep‘s clothing. Scammers are what they are because they
capitalize on human greed. The founders of Goldquest knew this and when they
started Questnet they throw up every possible field they can muster and claim
they are into all of them, and they have gotten rich on gullible people who
subscribed to human greed.

The real tragedy is in developing countries like Sri Lanka, some people have been
conned of everything they have or will ever own, i.e. their land on which their
house is built on. Goldquest/Questnet went there and other places, knowing 3rd
world countries have people who aren‘t sophisticated enough to tell between a
pyramid (in all its forms) and a legitimate business that also includes network


Notice how they claim to sell coins, watches, biodiscs, etc. and telecoms
solutions. I mean selling numismatics and telecoms stuff? Very diverse if you ask
me. Most legit businesses, MLM or otherwise, start out with specialized products
before diversifying.

―Dear Sobrino. If you really love your brother, then you shall trust him and join
the QuestNet to help him but you do not want to come out from your comfort
zone because
you love yourself more than your brother, what kind of brother you are ?. I am
one day you will realise the value of QuestNet and your brothers hardship. May
   God bless
   you.‖ - Kaunan Shahidi

   Alright, whoever you are, your personality is one ugly selfish person. Its plain to
   see for everyone on this blog that all you have are dollar signs in your eyes, and
   you couldn‘t give a flying fuck what happens to him after he puts money into
   your ―business‖. Furthermore your business is doing great damage to the
   reputation of legitimate MLM/network marketing businesses.

   Reputation is the only thing that will last you beyond the grave, and beyond
   whatever money you made while living.

   That also goes for your own reputation as well. You better pray that your scam
   doesn‘t fall through, because when it does, the people under you, your friends or
   family, will be asking where are all the returns you promised them. And they will
   never trust you again. Trust is something that is precious, but I doubt you would
   feel that way.

31. Benedict says:
   September 29th, 2007 at 5:56 pm

   Very well said, Raul

32. locolo says:
   October 1st, 2007 at 3:19 am

   Hi everyone! The truth about these discussions is clear as day light. People in the
   poorer and so-called Third Woirld nations are the tragets for unscrouplous money
   hungry mongers. Quick money schemers and quick-fixers play on the ignorance
   of ordinary people and only Heaven can see the injustice these people cause to the
   rest of humanity. Finally, only the wise will be protected..look out and don‘t pay
   in to sweet talkers.

33. locolo says:
   October 3rd, 2007 at 4:22 am

   well questnet6u you seem to be one of the lucky of the 10%, if you guys are really
   honest to help poor please supply some free disk to us

34. specilised says:
   October 3rd, 2007 at 11:54 am

   The only sensible reason for energy emitting from BIODISC must be by
   radioactive radiation of particles, anything to to with usage of radiation and
   energy must be approved by Atomic Energy Licencing Board, ministry of
   science, technology and innovation in Malaysia, at Batu 24 Jalan Dengkil 43800
   Dengkil Selangor DE Tel:03-89267699 Fax: 03-89223685. It illegal, can be jailed
   to import/own/use atomic energy, radioactive emitting device. e.g X-Ray, Density
   measurement device. it is a serious offence, heavy fine and can be jailed if there is
   no approval from AELB for import/own/use radioactice device in Malaysia.
   So BIODISC owner and promoter beware, make sure BIODISC does not emmit
   any harmful radioactice particles that can change taste of food, wine etc. I also
   understood from AELB Officer that some radioactive could sterile male, killing
   sperm in long term if exposed (Cannot have children) anyone near AELB can
   give BIODISC and test by AELB, I have import C14 isotope many years ago so I

35. Munther says:
   October 3rd, 2007 at 4:49 pm

   @ Sameer: No advertising please ! Stick to the rules, if you have something
   useful to say please share it if not, well, just continue reading !

36. Benedict says:
   October 3rd, 2007 at 5:25 pm

   ―WHAT IF….‖

   As what specilised posted above,

   WHAT IF… Biodisc is bringing harm to human body (i.e. rapidly increase
   cancerous cells or spreading diseases), and Amezcua doesn‘t give any warranty,
   how about Questnet IRs promoters do??
   It‘s only 1 year + BioDisc being selling, we don‘t know what happened to those
   who had consumed BioDisc water for 5 years. WOW, THOUSANDS of
   HUMAN BODY! Will you take the risk for your own body and loved one?

   1. There is no scientific lab testing report from recognised science lab testing on
   2. There is no background details of investor , Dr. Ian Lyons.
   3. There is no warranty given by Company, Amezcua and Questnet
   4. People promoting BioDisc are just normal laymen copycat promoting just for
   5. There if no certificate from any Health Minister to approve this product for
   health improvement.
   6. It ―believed‖ to be able to change molecular structure of water, could it be
   7. Ignorances and Arrogance Questnet IRs pushing prospect to purchase BioDisc
   as piece of health tool/investment/business opportunity etc.
   8. And worst thing, if there is anything happen, Questnet IRs are the first to
   disappear from public.
37. specilised says:
   October 3rd, 2007 at 6:42 pm

   There is a similar product sold by Amega Global called Nano Wand it‘s a glass
   rod about a few inches
   long about 1cm in diameter, it also claims to have similar performance and effect
   as BIODISC is this inevnted
   by DR.Ian too?? or DR. Ian also a copycat.

38. Benedict says:
   October 4th, 2007 at 4:15 am

   I went and google ―Amega Global Nano Wand‖ and i saw the page about Nano
   technology and Bio Energy which EXACTLY the same pictures shown in
   Amezcua/Questnet BioDisc page!!! All the effect are the same as Biodisc and the
   price is 1/4 of BioDisc price!!! Furthermore, the bracelet made in solid metal, but
   BioDisc is just a piece of GLASS!!!! A smart people will know how much cost vs
   profit per BioDisc. They are 1000% overpriced for the commission paid to
   uplines. Is‘t that ―Overpricing‖ in Network Marketing is another sign of Pyramid

39. specilised says:
   October 4th, 2007 at 8:12 pm

   From Aquascam website

   Energized Water: pseudoscientific snake oil Junk Science in the Marketplace

   There are hundreds of hucksters claiming that the filters, concentrates, or water-
   treatment devices they are flogging produce water that is ―energized‖, ―living‖,
   ―spin-reversed‖, ―ionized‖, ―clustered‖, ―structured‖, or otherwise somehow
   endowed with special properties that are supposed to be associated with pristine
   glaciers, the Hunza Valley of Pakistan, or the alleged healing springs of Lourdes.
   These worthless products are aimed at the notoriously credulous ―alternative
   health‖ crowd and others whose lack of scientific training leaves them open to
   this kind of exploitation.One of many false and misleading claims made for this
   worthless buy widely-hawked ―energized water‖ product which appears to have
   originated in Asia. Many of the promotions show dubious photos of the effects of
   this water on plants and goldfish.
   These claims are bunk; there is no scientific evidence that water can be
   ―energized‖, re-structured, or otherwise altered by filters or external forces.
   Will water that is ―clustered‖ or altered in structure make me feel better, younger,
   more vigorous, etc.?
   Very likely, yes! Studies have shown that placebos can relieve the symptoms in
   about 40 percent of those who suffer from chronic ailments. They are probably
   even more effective for those who are inclined toward ―alternative medicine‖ or
   the ―wellness‖ industry. In other words, if you ―believe‖ that something might
   help, it may well do so, and the more people are made to pay for it, the more
   eager they will be to have their beliefs confirmed.(Remember those Monty Python
   apartment towers that would remain standing only as long as the residents
   maintained their faith in them?)

40. vineeta says:
   October 5th, 2007 at 1:20 pm

      quest.net has changed my life for good and i am helping others to change
   theirs. I donot have time for this trash. but I will come back and write about this
   great oppourtunity. I love quest.net.

41. Munther says:
   October 5th, 2007 at 5:14 pm

   As usual.. This is a good example of a quester ! No respect to those who doesn‘t
   agree with them and the ever existing ―all talk and no substance‖ methods are
   getting old and boring. Exactly like the system they came to worship ! And guess
   what Vineeta ! I‘ll leave your comment just for a laugh ! You‘ll need a solid,
   informative comeback to be considered as a positive contributor here, don‘t use
   your bore old I made $2000 example for frankly its becoming obvious that none
   of yous did ! And BTW Any adverts over here will be deleted so don‘t waste your
   or our time if you have nothing positive to say !

42. Honest citizen says:
   October 9th, 2007 at 10:54 pm

   I am from india . 3 days back my friend introduced me to this goldquwst
   presentation . I was impressed by it ….. But then when i calculated their theory ,
   something was definitely wrong …… According to my calculations , the
   company must suffer huge losses . This confused me a lot . Then i understood
   their tatics …. In the end , when the tree grows large , lakhs or even crores of
   newly joined people are going to lose money …. Just think abt this . What i said is
   true ….. So i just searched the net abt this gold quest and found several bad news
   abt them …..
   check out this link……


43. Benedict says:
   October 10th, 2007 at 7:09 am

   What makes people don‘t involve in Questnet?
   Their other incomes i.e. JOB, BUSINESS, INVESTMENT.
   Questnet Leaders brainwashing their downlines that
   a) JOB is not secure by giving examples of retrenchments, downsizing, boss
   haters propanganda, bird in cage story, mouse trap, etc.
   b) BUSINESS is not easy, 95% failed in business
   c) INVESTMENT is too risky, market collapse etc.

   QN Leaders CLAIMED 100% that QN is the ONLY way to survive in future. No
   other ways.
   However, they didn‘t claimed that 95% QN downlines failed in business. They
   used the word ―DELAY‖ because ―everybody will success‖.

   This is the BRAIN-WASHING activities happening in ALL QN trainings around
   the world.

   a) Downlines quiting jobs to do QN fulltime, realised that they failed even more
   miserable with huge debts - Uplines HAPPY and told them MORON for not
   working hard enough.
   b) Downlines register QN as business involving their families, causing huge lost
   in income when their tree collapses - Uplines HAPPY and told them MORON for
   no experience in doing QN.
   c) Downlines focus 100% in QN income, causing loosing other opportunities in

   People become poorer in majority. Nation become poorer in monetary. And
   Economy downturn because lack of professions and productivity.


44. SALIM says:
   October 10th, 2007 at 3:40 pm

   This bussiness is like conventional bussiness & at the same time a bit different.
   The saying goes- some people will never join no matter what, some will join
   almost instantaneously,
   people who are not sure- join when they see there friend who invited him earlier
   earning money.
   It is not a get rich quick scheme- it involve hard work.
   Energised water:- pepsi & all carbonated drink are injurious to healt- yet you
   drink why ?
   Smoking causes cancer- still people smoke, no body should be buying stock of a
   tobacco company- but
   people are, this company is giving you some thing to improve your health- try it,
   the company which
   is killing you- you respect & call legit business. Same goes for alcohol producing

45. Munther says:
   October 10th, 2007 at 4:13 pm
   Oh dear.. oh dear.. oh dear ! If this is what they teach you in their ―training‖
   seminars then good luck to you mate ! Salim, like it or not but tobacco companies
   are legit, whether what they do is ethical or not is a different story all together !
   Legitimacy doesn‘t always mean ethical correctness ! Now regarding the hard
   work involved in QN. Sure there is ! You have to con, trick and lie to the victims
   oh sorry ! I meant customers !

46. SALIM says:
   October 10th, 2007 at 6:38 pm

   This is not from training, this is plan simple common sense ( which is rare sense
   Tobacco & alcohol is legit & may kill, and does kills- means 007- licence to kill.
   The victims as you call it, make there own decision, based on facts presented- no
   body points a gun
   to there head. There are more lies involved in conventional marketting then

47. Munther says:
   October 10th, 2007 at 6:46 pm

   Hmmmm so I tell you that your victims fall into the trap by believing lies and
   broken facts and you come up with this excuse ? ―make there own decision, based
   on facts presented- no body points a gun to there head.‖ Nice what a way to
   defend QN. I‘ll let my visitors judge Quest.net based on the words of one of its
   own sellers

48. SALIM says:
   October 10th, 2007 at 7:57 pm

   There are so many people benefiting from networking ( not only QN) you want to
   stay away & tell
   every body this is a scam- by all means, the one who are benfiting are not going to
   listen to you.
   The networking is the way of future, every new thing gets a stiff resistance, but
   ultimately gets
   acepted. I have read many of your comments, I think you dont know even 10% of
   the business.
   May be you tried it & failed that why so negative.
   People believe in lottery, millions play only one benefit- the one who benefit have
   done no effort to
   deserve such a money- easy money ? - legit- right ????

49. amit says:
   October 12th, 2007 at 3:20 pm
      If u r not in Quest net or if u have denied to join that means u dont have guts to
   work for ur own future .And let me tell u even GOD does not want every one to
   be rich other wise then who will drive my Merc or who is going to clean my wash
   room its all thoese who are not in Quest net

50. PUYOL says:
   October 13th, 2007 at 7:20 am

   For those who think that the bio disk is harmful… You are not forced to buy it,
   you are the consumer which means you have the choice. IF you think that the
   products are expensive, you can buy a watch, and in a year the company will send
   you a msg, asking you if you want to put the watch on sale. so you can get your
   money back.
   And by the way, the Chi Pendant, and the BioDisk are so great. It calms me down,
   especially when playing soccer and energized my body. it also makes me more
   focused and awake, especially in reading.

51. johnny says:
   October 13th, 2007 at 10:39 am

   yo guys don‘t even have head to judge this matter it‘s beyond your head please try
   to be thinking like the God created man think and be bigger.you ain‘t even acorn
   but …‖an scorn that thinks like an acorn will never become a mighty oak‖ and
   trust if you keep on blindly insulting world‘s greatest business intended to help
   mankind trust you are beeing a siner for beeing a shade so that people can‘t even
   think of ways out please mail me i may help you or you may any ways let‘s make
   world a better place to live

52. SALIM says:
   October 13th, 2007 at 2:08 pm

   Thanx Amit, Puyol, Johnny- I thought I am alone.
   The people who donot want to get out of there ―comfort zone‖- are the one who
   will have many excuses. These people are lazy- they will spent thousands in
   gambling, movies, get rich quick scheme etc, but they wont work to deserve the
   return. This business does require hard & intelligent working, at time 24 hrs a

53. Munther says:
   October 13th, 2007 at 7:39 pm

   Okay ! I am back now that ramadan and eid is over I can comment on what you
   all said.

   @ Salim: What does lottery have to do with MLM ? Both are not related what so
   ever and your comparison seems to be erratic and irrational all the time ! Please
   be subjective mate. Its almost like comparing how fish and frogs live in the water
   i.e. why don‘t you call frogs fish ? Both live in the water ! Got my flow mate ? I
   have never joined QN so why am I ―negative‖ ? Because I am an auditor and risk
   financial/risk analyst by profession and I know a dodgy MLM scam when I see
   one ! And saying that I have 10 percent of knowledge on the matter is baseless my
   friend and I can feel some bitterness in your comment ! Mate, there is no need to
   go all aggressive if some don‘t want to fall for the scam and play along ! Got my
   flow lad ?

   Now regarding what you said on comment 201: Calling people who are not
   willing to join QN lazy is quite an insult ! You‘ll find that many people opposing
   you are hard working people, who work in very hard jobs and make money from
   their own effort ! ―Comfort Zone‖ ? Please don‘t get me started on this one for the
   first thing that QN people mention to their victims is how they could get into the
   zone of comfort by joining their ―Dream Investment‖ !

   Amit: Nice ! Love how your logic works ! According to you, people who don‘t
   join are people with no ambition ? Are you calling all the people who study and
   work hard unambitious ? People who wake up early daily and study/work their
   ass off are always branded by people of QN as lazy people ! Nice what a
   ―Haconamatata‖ cult you are becoming !

   @ Puyol: Calms you down ? Wow I think that we need to order this to all
   professional footballers especially for my national team players ! Just kidding
   mate ! The whole placebo effect is amazing isn‘t it ? By your definition, If I start
   calling rocks ―well being tools‖?And are treated by laser beams ? Would that
   have the same affect on gullible people, who are desperate for anything to make
   them feel better about them selves ?

   @ Jonney: One word for you mate ! ―Cult‖! The symptoms are all there in your
   comment man ! God, oak, don‘t judge the greatest business ! Man you are
   affected quite severely ! Again this is great and will serve as great evidence to
   how Quest.net can be a cult and how people that joined are brainwashed ! This is
   one of the ethical reasons why such scams should be banned in most countries.

54. PUYOL says:
   October 14th, 2007 at 8:02 am

   Dear Munther I‘m not trying to convince you or any other person to buy the chi
   pendant or the bio disk, i‘m only telling you how i feel about it, because it‘s
   totally working with me. And by the way, some players do want to buy Chi
   Pendants. And as i have already said, you don‘t have to buy these products
   because not all people beleive in these stuff, you can buy a watch.
   The nice thing about this business is that you get a product in return to become a
   member. It could‘ve asked you to pay the same amount of money just to become a
   member, which is illegle in islam.
   Mr.Munther this business is offering us to join it, it is not forcing us, and as a an
   average person i would like to receive an income other than my salary, so my only
   choice was to do some business. The nice thing about this business is that you
   dont put your money in risk, because your are not paying thousands of dollars, are
   receiving a product, which you can put in sale later.

55. PUYOL says:
   October 14th, 2007 at 8:14 am

   I agree with you some of these marketing businesses should be banned, but there
   are others that are totally legal. I also dont see how they are brainwashing us. The
   company gives us steps to follow. If you follow these steps you will hopefully
   succeed. This is exactly what is happening with me ―thanks for God‖. I have been
   following these steps, and i have made some money. Don‘t expect to become a
   millionaire in few months, but you will if you put some effort.

56. Benedict Kong says:
   October 14th, 2007 at 6:10 pm

   PUYOL and those who promote bioDisc:
   I have written a lengthy questions to a senior leader of Questnet who promoting
   BioDisc, but he yet to produce any answer to me up to date.
   If you can, please answer my questions here.

   Alot of promoters not able to answer the background of the inventor of BioDisc
   and Chi Pendant. This thing made by GLASS and it is selling at sky high pricing.

   And Stevie Tan, Questnet IR claimed to be doing Questnet successfully made a
   comment about BiODisc

   ―Mental well being plays a very important role too. If a person keeps thinking he
   or she is not well, even panacea can‘t help. All I can say is that the Bio Disc
   works… as long as you want it to work.‖

   Well, don‘t you think he wants to say BioDisc is just a ―PLACEBO effect‖?? Not
   from my words, It‘s your own team words.

   So, you may hold a ROCK at cost US$0, and the ROCK can do the same miracle
   to your health. Why BioDisc at US$500?!

57. specilised says:
   October 14th, 2007 at 6:45 pm

   BIODISC is just one of the many many Junk Science products available in the

   Go to http://www.chem1.com/CQ/gallery.html
   How dump can you be ?

58. specilised says:
   October 14th, 2007 at 6:51 pm

   If you start believing that BIODISK is emitting harmful GAMMA radioactive that
   is harmful to you. You will not be feeling so great anymore may be you will start
   feeling sick very soon.
   IF QNIR is selling a piece of glass of no value and claim all sort of benefit and
   claim all sort of technology in the BIODISC, what do you call them ???

59. PUYOL says:
   October 14th, 2007 at 7:12 pm

   Benedict Kong and Specilised, if you have read what i have wrote earlier ―you
   don‘t have to buy the biodisk if you don‘t want to, it‘s a product. The company is
   not forcing you to buy it.‖ It may be just a piece of glass but it is totally working
   with me. You could buy a watch if you want. And just to let you know, i didn‘t
   buy the product because i wanted it, i brought it to get into this business. Atleast i
   am receiving something in return of the money i‘m paying, plus i‘m becoming a
   member of a business, that i chose to join

60. Renee says:
   October 15th, 2007 at 4:54 pm

   Dear All Non-Believers - Amazing! Why are you so averse to this? And as one
   said above, it is an opportunity to do business without having to make a huge
   investment. Thing is, you buy a product and by doing so have the option of being
   a member/partner. Anyway, I have tried this product - and it has helped me. So
   you say it may be psychological - okay, I will go with that - but tell me, when the
   darn thing works for the children who have no clue - what is that? My baby girl is
   darn lazy to get up in the mornings yet if I give her just a tad of the water she is
   raring to go adn kicking it up. Then my Niece got her lower lip cut in a fall and
   her mother cleaned it with a bit of the ‗bio-wter‘ - come evening, the girls lip
   didnt even have any swelling! Ok, then there is the test of placing regular water in
   a container with a seeed and ‗bio-water‘ in a container with a seed - the difference
   in yield is very, very evident. There are numerous tests one can do by oneself to
   see how it works. End of day, as one wrote above, no one is forcing anyone to
   join. And there are more products that the Disc, Chi Pendant and watches - how
   about the Gold Coins etc? And if what you say Munther is true, about pyramid
   businesses, then GNLD is among the group to be banned - yet I have an Aunt who
   lives off this GNLD business. And with Quest Net, without hard work and time,
   there are no rewards. Dont no one lie to you about that mate!

61. specilised says:
   October 15th, 2007 at 6:15 pm
   what happened if someone bought this piece of glass for the sake of health, ok
   wellness and found that it has no effect (60% of human population react to
   PLACEBO) and he has no intention to do this great opportunity business
   Will QN refund to him if he request? infact QN should but never. So he stuck
   with this glass costing USD500. I will call this man is being conned of USD500
   by QN.

62. PUYOL says:
   October 16th, 2007 at 3:17 am

   First of all, Qnet isn‘t the company that is producing the biodisk and the other
   wellness products. It is only selling it through its site. And whatever information
   is given about this product in the site isn‘t made up from Questnet, they are been
   given from the company that is producing these products. Secondly,what makes
   you so sure that it‘s not a healthy product, and that it is only a piece of glass. Is it
   because no one answerd your questions. We may not know the answers, but some
   of us have been using it, they are so useful. Maybe it‘s not working with you
   because you don‘t want it to, you are not beleiving in it.
   Panadol doesn‘t make everone feel better, sometimes people with headakes take it
   and feel worse. Does it mean that the company which produces panadol are
   cheating and taking advantage on us. I don‘t think so. Thanx

63. Slimway says:
   October 16th, 2007 at 9:05 am


   Quest in Al-Ayam Newspaper, No SCAM mentioned                ???

64. PUYOL says:
   October 16th, 2007 at 9:29 am

   This site might be helpful. It has lots of information about the biodisk

65. pradeep says:
   October 16th, 2007 at 11:22 pm

   Amit & Piyol,
   You have already been groveled by your dirty company. In other words they have
   already made you clean their washrooms by robbing your money in such a
   dignified way.
   Wake up at least now mate. If you stick with questnet forget mercedes you cant
   even buy a pic of
   Sorry mate I am using some flammable language against these questnet idiots.
   But anyway my
   support is always with people who believe in truth and justice.

66. PUYOL says:
   October 17th, 2007 at 6:29 am

   I don‘t see why you‘re angry. You have your own point of view, and I have my
   own, atleast i‘m respecting your point of view. If you think what i‘m doing is
   wrong than convince me. I‘m not forcing anyone to join. And please if you don‘t
   respect me, respect the people who are entering this site.
   And by the way you‘re right,I will not buy a Mercedes. That‘s because it‘s not
   one of my goals. My goal of gaining money is to help my family, and other
   people live a better life.

67. Reem (Malaysia) says:
   October 17th, 2007 at 11:19 am

   hi, I am from Malaysia. I‘ve read the fighting forum here. To those who does not
   trust in Qnet, I think u should respect others opinion, dont simply call idiot or
   moron..and to the Questneter, PRESS ON…remember what Mr. Sathi said..to
   those whatever questions that you guys doubt..bout the price, the board of director
   in jail, of course
   there an answer for that. Have u read news lately?..the owner can use dirty way to
   clean his name by give bribe
   but he did not.He rather stay and clear their name in a correct way.Over
   priced?..do u understand by
   meaning of limited product?the value of it?..yes, I dont deny we can get the same
   outside, but no business
   value here..ive seen in front of my eyes, and mix around with people who make in
   this business,
   u said pyramid, arent ur structure in office also look like pyramid?..bout bio disc,
   whoever said being conned,
   if it help me with my sickness and illness, helped my entire family, what things i
   need to complain?
   u rather lost ur USD500 or lost ur own mom? but main point here, why people
   should insult others when u dont like it, if u think and feel of what u doing now
   can make u happy, carry on…Questneter is the people who dare
   dare to challenge something new and who r very serious bout it, they will make
   it…RULE 3!!

68. Benedict Kong says:
   October 17th, 2007 at 2:50 pm

   Reem (Malaysia),
I believe you must be from GenGold team. Don‘t forget the word ―MORON‖ is
created by your GenGold founder Mr. Pathman Senathirajah.

Talking about the Directors in jailed and not to use dirty way?? I am sure you
know that Donna Imson being jailed in Nepal for many months. I am not sure
how Kurt Rinck managed to get her out from Nepal prison. What do you think?
The proper way or the improper way?

What happen to Kurt Ganesha Rinck, when he was the second person in charge of
the company being fired and having legal case with Questnet? What happened to
all past directors? Yes, I am talking about Joe Fabrigase, oh how about Royce
Lance, Patrick Zuniga (the one that sue Questnet directors) and many more.
Where are those past leaders like Ibu Goernani Goernawan, Ronnie Wong, etc?
Do you think if the scheme is ―STABLE‖ why the past leaders left the company?

Own BioDisc or loose your mum?? I think this is the worst statement I have ever
read! Nobody even able to answer my questions that i have posted so many times.
WHAT IF BioDisc is emitting harmful radiation and damaging human cells? Now
how about this statement ―Own Biodisc and Loose your mum‖? Before you make
any statements, please ensure you have adequate proof to say. Don‘t just follow
what your seniors are doing? When they do the wrong thing, everybody at the
bottom doing the wrong thing! Just like previously all seniors are promoting
Partial Payment Scheme, they said pay the partial price of the product, and look
for people to do it, and pay the balance using the commission. They stress on,
don‘t focus in the product, focus in the biz. Now let‘s look at the network,
collapsed and very few people got back their products! The balance of the
network paid the half price without getting back the products! Now blame who?

Rule no. 3? Forcing downlines to show 3 plans a week to anybody and
everybody? This is a brainwash propanganda to downlines to work hard and
uplines making the money. Have you seen your Pathman doing Rule No. 3

Pyramid? You don‘t understand pyramid??? You want to compare with corporate
structure? They pay their staff monthly salary, what about Questnet? have you
heard of compensation through ―recruitments‖?? Read the definition about
Pyramid Scheme and ask why if you don‘t have sign up, you don‘t earn
cheque????? If you want to earn cheque, you need to contact & invite, show plan,
follow through and sign up. They key word for earning income is ―SIGN UP‖.
Which means Questnet will grow when getting sign up. Commission paid with
sign up. This is buying 1 time.

Still don‘t understand? Of course! Because your brain is still full with what you‘d
learn in your training weekly. You are blinded with $$$$! Good luck! Hope you
can be a millionaire. Don‘t take too long in your DREAM. Hope you can wake up
earlier, not dreaming for many years.
69. PUYOL says:
   October 18th, 2007 at 1:52 am

   For all of those who think that Questnet is brainwashing us, please tell me what is
   wrong in what i‘m doing. I still don‘t get, and it‘s not because they have
   brainwashed me.
   I‘ll let u see what i‘m doing and you tell how this business is bad. First i‘m
   putting some money because i dicided to join a business. In return of the money
   I‘m paying, I am recieving a product and i‘m becoming a member. To receive an
   income I have to promot the company‘s product and try to convince people to
   buy. Once they buy it they become members, and i receive money for promoting
   the product. At first i have to work hard so that i make as much people i can to
   buy the product, just like any other companies, but in this company i can‘t put an
   advertisment on t.v, I have to convince people face to face. Once I have lots of
   people signed under me, I will receive Income and i will work less, because now i
   have people under who also want to receive some income, and will help me in
   work. So, now i‘m not working alone, i have people helping. And so one, as time
   passes I will have many people working under me, because they just signed up,
   and my work will become less.
   So please tell what is wrong with this work. Thanx

70. LoGic says:
   October 19th, 2007 at 8:36 am

   Haha, So Munther, why haven`t you post my last comment, It is a shame , I was
   Telling A story about a person who happened to read your blog and decided to

   join,      For the Rest Of You Benedict and Specilised, It seems that you are
   taking the (Anti Quest) thing on your shoulder just like a humble issue and going
   around the blogs here and there to try to spread your words of wisdome, good
   work, at least It makes you feeling important, This is really going out of control
   guyez, Quest net is going on , 200 sails in less than two minutes is not a joke,
   Making 70% of the microsoft sails on line is not by chance, I`m just wondering,
   Even if there are only 1% of people making money in QN as you say , Then this
   is GOOD I think, The rest just happened to have a product instead, just wasn`t up
   to the challenge of being able to stick to their targets,, but at LEast they tried and
   have the chance to do it at any time, but what amzes me is You Guyez, this is like
   a disease you are having called Quest NEt, or A nightmare, Really guyez it is not
   about a blog and expressing openions, I hope that chidren Duying in parts of the
   world because of hunger or poverty means somthing to you, because with this
   Anti Quest Net Spirit that you have, if you can Redirect it to Anti Poverty thing
   I`m sure you would be more helpfull to Man KInd rather than standing against a
   wave that is growing stronger and bigger , We Are The BLinds And The
   FOllowers Of Our LEaders , blah blah blah, but We Are making The
   BENJAMINS Dear, yes We Are, !!
71. Munther says:
   October 19th, 2007 at 12:17 pm

   Logic… rest assured my friend that if I‘ve received the comment, I would‘ve
   posted it ! Having in mind that it wasn‘t an advert So please do a repost and
   you‘ll have your comment posted if it obied the rules of the post. And logic for
   your own benefit as a person please refrain from acting childishly We are all
   audlts here so acting like one would be much appreciated ! And regarding
   Benedict‘s and Specialised doing what their doing, well, frankly mate, they are
   free to do what they like ! It‘s a free world ! Why are concerned with what they
   are doing ? And one last thing mate ! Using the ―We are here to help the world,
   help the children of the world and get people out of poverty thing is getting old ‖
   and you have used it way too many times. So look for another slogan for you are
   starting to sound like a cracked record !

72. specilised says:
   October 19th, 2007 at 1:07 pm

   QN Created a lot more poor families in Nepal & Sri Lanka than helping poor
   people, if you are genuinely want to help people (I do from time to time within
   my capacity) dont shout & keep singing about it‘s (Rase yourself to help
   mankind) just because QN do charity and use them as publicity and for business
   purpose that is extremely bad. Just help and keep quiet and help those poor you
   had created. give a cheque without showing your name.

73. specilised says:
   October 19th, 2007 at 1:20 pm

   Anti Quesnet = anti poverty. I dont know how many poor people has QN help, but
   I do know QN and the bosses had made a huge fortune from robbing from these
   poor soul and they keep saying Raise yourself to help mankind.
   Recently QN boss intent to bring a huge sum $$$ back to Malaysia, where is the
   source of these $$$ from poor people of course. how many % of maney earned is
   used for charity since QN keep singing about helping people. these are crooks no
   doubt about it. If you really wants to help poor and sick people just tell me
   because we fund raising campaign for them now.

74. Benedict says:
   October 19th, 2007 at 6:36 pm

   The reason why Logic felt uncomfortable with comments made by Benedict (or
   specilized) because the ―TRUTH DOES HURT‖. You can wear a mask of smiley
   face, but deep in your heart, you are way in debts. Questnet is a company that
   MAKES MONEY, YES, They are making the money for the COMPANY not
   people! Do you really think RYTHM is being practiced by directors / leaders in
   - They wear mask to be a saint, because they want you (DOWNLINES) to work
   for them.
   - In Questnet, all trainings NEED TO PAY! Let‘s talk about V-CON, It cost
   US$400 (early bird) - US$800 (standard price)!! Not inclusive meal, hotel
   accomodations, transportation, etc. Last year, it held in Jakarta. The year before it
   held in Malaysia. People from far far away like Euthophia, Iran, Cambodia, and
   many more poor countries are spending huge $ to attend the trainings. So tell me,
   if RYTHM is being practiced, why you need to pay? Even the company made
   huge money, they won‘t give FREE to their leaders.
   - All trainings are emphasizing on MONEY. MONEY BLINDS ALL HEART IN
   - They are concern about their image. Regardless how poor they are, they insist to
   wear their best suit to shown that they are very successful in the business. They
   portraying fake image to public to lure prospect signing up in the scheme.
   - The Secret of Success is not about hardworking, but about Mind Programming
   which is NLP. Your leaders are not showing 1000 plans, in fact, they need you to
   show as many plans as possible. Which means, they (UPLINE) again portray a
   fake image to DOWNLINE in order for them to work hard for UPLINE wealth.
   - The fastest growing rate is signing up inner circle of influence, NOT strangers.
   But the most reason in relationship breakage is still doing business with inner
   circle of influence. Because most probably they joined because of you, but they
   do not work the business. Which means, you are taking advantage of your
   relationship for the sake of your wealth. In fact, you are not smart, your uplines
   earned most!
   …to be continued

75. Benedict says:
   October 19th, 2007 at 6:57 pm

   Questnetters are a bunch of people who live in fantasy land. They don‘t stand on
   the real world. Because of their ―Get Rich Quick Dream‖ or ―Get Rich Sure
   Dream‖ making them living in their DREAMS daytime. There‘s difference
   between a VISIONARY and DREAMER.

   A Visionary Man will CREATE his FUTURE with his hard work and effort.

   However A Dreamer will do the same thing again and again hoping miracle
   happens tomorrow.

   But in trainings, doing the same thing again and again is what is being taught in
   Questnet school of taught. The reason why downline KEEPS calling their friends
   out and present the plan, doing the same thing over and over again, BUT the
   result is pathetic!
   DREAMING is good and pleasant. Unfortunately, to be able to stand of your foot
   is much more important.
   In bigger perspective, Questnet will not bring good impact to country‘s economy.
   It may makes some individuals make huge money due to their NLP skills,
   however majority (GROUP) nett lost is HUGE. Sri Lanka, Nepal and Iran are 3
   main examples we should learn from. China does not allow Questnet activity.
   United States will put Questnet is red alert zone. Only people who has not
   exposed to Network Marketing will think Questnet a GOD Gift scheme in the first
   instance. But after getting along in 3-4 years, you can see the huge difference.

   Obtain a top leader permission to view the GENEOLOGY REPORT, Scroll down
   page by page, and see how many networkers earn cheques. Your top leader will
   only show off his cheques, however WHO and WHO do not make cheque or quit
   WILL NOT BE INFORMED to anybody under his tree. THe TRUTH DOES

76. PUYOL says:
   October 20th, 2007 at 1:40 am

   First of all, people who are joining this business aren‘t paying thousands of
   dollars so that they become poor. They are only paying about $500 and once in a
   life time. I know this might be alot for some families, but even if it was so much,
   they could‘ve bought a watch and then sell it after a year in an auction.
   Secondly I don‘t think that the people who you say were forced to join, it was an
   offer and they chose to join. And I agree with you not everyone will become
   successful in this business, because those who don‘t work will never get any
   money. Money doesn‘t come easily, and people who joined this business already
   know that they have to give from their time.
   Third thing, you do not have to go to go the trainings, if you already know all of
   the information and know how to talk to people this will be enought for you to do
   this business, the trainings are extra, you have the choice to go or not. And by the
   way, the meetings which my leader is planning to go to isn‘t from his money, it‘s
   from the money he got from this business. And why is becoming rich quickly a
   dream, why do you think it can‘t be true. It is so true but not for everyone. It‘s for
   the people who work hard at the begining. I saw it in my eyes. Thnx

77. PUYOL says:
   October 20th, 2007 at 1:44 am

   Please don‘t take what I wrote personal. But seriously ―impossible is nothing‖
   And I feel very sorry for those families who lost their money, I hope they‘ll get it
   back, and doubled.

78. specilised says:
   October 20th, 2007 at 3:28 am

   Logic Let all your prospect and your downline read and understood this blog, I
   bet you wont, you will never let your prospect know all facts about QN &
   BIODISC, let them know all facts not fantasies and dreams, even cigaretes
   company print on the cigarettes box that cigarettes are bad for your health, that‘s
   the facts. let all knows the facts if they still join, then it‘s their own risk, if you
   give them all kinds of fantasies of course a lot will join then regret later.

79. rio says:
   October 20th, 2007 at 4:15 am

   dear munther,maaaan i can`t thank u enough for ur blog,a friend of mine
   introduced me to a questnet member
   r who tryed to convince me into joining the company,i mean hellooo am not an
   idiot,i went home checked
   out the site of quest net,mmmm why on earth there are noo offices in places such
   as the States or the Unit
   ted kingdom?they say it`s famous around the world than why can`t we c a fesical
   place on our country Bahr
   ain?the guy gave me the biodisk to try and to be honest it looked like an ashtry at
   first and by the way
   it`s placed n my drawer and i don`t entend to place it under my bed,it might cause
   bad spirits to share
   my bed ,anyway juast wanted to thank all of u guys keep up the good work and
   bennedict are u by
   chance terry Bennedict(Garcia in ocean`s 11) jokin,liked ur commints u all
   seem 2 be smart wise
   guys,take care all and God bless u

80. PUYOL says:
   October 20th, 2007 at 8:08 am

   specilised thnx for your comment, but please can you explain to me how are we
   putting ourselves in risk. Are you saying that losing the $500 will put our lives in
   risk! And why do you keep saying that we are living in a fantasy if we have
   already recieved hundreds of $$, in few weeks. And what difference will an office
   in America our United Kingdom make, does not having one makes it fake
   company. And by the way there is an office in U.A.E. The companies opens
   offices in or near the countries which has many people getting into the business.

81. Munther says:
   October 20th, 2007 at 11:38 am

   @ rio: Thank you for your encouragement !

   @ PUYOL: UAE ? Do you know why ?? Because Dubai is world renown to be a
   capital of money laundering ! I agree with you on one thing PUYOL they sure
   open offices in suitable places ! Plus their market should be there. Why ?
   Expatriates who go there to satisfy their dream of providing a happy life for them
   selves and their families are most gullible, an easy target if you may. Got my flow

82. sunny says:
   October 20th, 2007 at 12:08 pm

   Hey Munther bro,

   Thnx alot mate…I too was introduced to the Quest net scheme by one of my
   friends and i actually
   attended their seminar too..and believe me its bloody tempting!!they completely
   brain wash you!!the things
   they say just to make you join for their own benefits..it makes you wonder what
   sort of people they are!!
   And your blog also depicts their bloody character!!These people know that only
   1-5% succeed in this scheme and the rest 95% goes down by joining the scheme,
   but yet they lure people into this business by giving thems hope only for their
   benefit!!In their seminar they mention that your n/w will grow and there will be
   so many people below you whom you wont even know-thats true, but this selfless
   bastards dont realize that the people way below
   them may be the ones who go in loss and lose all their money..but who cares as
   long as the top guys are making the money…it sucks..Ha ha oh ya and they help
   in poverty-i guess by increasing the numbers!!!Well am lucky cause i know how
   to use the internet and i found this blog which helped me make my decision…but
   think of the mass number of people out there who have no idea how to use the net
   and stuff and blindly join the scheme and finally go in loss!! i feel this has to be
   banned..more and more people have to be given awarness of such schemes!!
   Anything without a guarantee has a risk involved..In QN you either get money or
   loose money..
   You getting yourself into taking a risk is fine-thats your problem..but you luring
   others into
   taking the same risk sucks big time!!
   Anyways thanx alot Munther….

   P.S:-By the way Kaunan Shahidi who ever you are you suck big time dude!!Your
   that type of person who live for money and can do anything for money!!Your that
   one post shows the true way you QNs think!!

83. specilised says:
   October 20th, 2007 at 7:16 pm

   Puyol, I didnot say you are putting yourself at risk, I said if you join willingly
   knowing all facts then you are joining at your own risk, like say for example, you
   smoke knowing that it‘s not good for your health because i
   it‘s stated on the box to warn you. but QN lure people into it by telling only
   fantasy and dreams not facts, then to me it‘s lying to the prospect.
84. specilised says:
   October 20th, 2007 at 7:45 pm

   I was told a IQ from Nigeria attended V-con in KL using money borrowed from
   here is something from Quatloos - MLM-the truth regarding training Seminars

   A scam-within-the-scam is the ―training seminars‖ offered (sometimes required)
   by the MLM programs. These ―training seminars‖ offer little training, but are
   mostly rah-rah seminars to boost enthusiasm — and to make big bucks for the
   promoters. We have often seen people encouraged to take out thousands of dollars
   in credit card debt to go to these seminars, with the promise that they will make so
   much selling the MLM program that they will quickly pay back the credit card
   debt (this is almost never true).
   These training seminars can cost thousands although the company ought to be
   paying you to attend and learn how to sell its product. No company which
   requires you to pay for your own training seminar is a real program.

85. manju says:
   October 22nd, 2007 at 7:26 am

   Hi guys I want to share my exp here
   I joined this business 7 months back.I have put my 100% committment to this and
   i could earn only
   11,500. Now i have come to a decision to quit it completely reasons
   1)I do not want to earn my money back (30,000) by putting many guys into
   trouble.I have referred 1
   guy and i have promised him to give his 30k back
   2)because of this i lost many of my close frens,i lost my time.
   3)I could not go to hometown and meet parents since 6 months.
   4)when i told my leader who is a consitent earner bout quitting he asked me why?
   .I asked him what
   is the success rate here.He was frank and told me only 10% will succeed.
   5)If all guys getting into this put 100% also only 10% will succeed.

   My kind sugesstion to all guys who have already joined please stop referring right
   now .don worry
   about ur 30k .Because in the process of getting your 30k back there will be 18
   guys who have
   invested under you and somebody will become like me .(loosing all my
   time,messed up with carrer,etc)


86. Muhammad Saeed says:
   October 22nd, 2007 at 9:52 am
Dear All, please read the following article.
It convinced me so far.


Pyramid scam- It looks like pyramid if everybody works in the same manner. In
pyramid top most get maximum and down most gets nothing. In this questnet who
works hard he will get more that even who is down below u. U know well it has
to be balanced. Suppose you have got 1000 in right but only 3 in left. U will get
only one cheque. But if a leader who is below U who is balanced get 20 laces.
That means U have no credibility, if u would have knowledge, honesty, loyalty
and people would have TRUSTED U and joined u n u would have got more than
ur downlines. That means it is not like Carlos Ponji scam. From far distance
Donkey and horse looks alike. When u go near u can easily distinguish. If from
near too someone cannot differentiate he must be blind or pretending of blindness.
In fact real pyramid is TATA,BIRLA,RELIENCE, MICROSOFT,
govt,Army,education board etc etc. Lets say Anil Ambani is on the top of
company, Under him 2 or 3 managing director, down below,10 or 12 Zonal
directors, below 30 -40 regional director, below that 100-150 senior manager,
below that 500-600 manager, below that 100-1200 senior supervisor below that
supervisor finally workers. Due to all these people Anil is earning more than any
others. If u see structure of even army 1 chief some generals,brigadiers,colonel
major,captain, lieutinent,junior commission officer finally sepoys. Can all these
respected name n Organisation is pyramid scam? If Yes. Then Pyramid is the
strongest structure in the planet of earth which has been lasting since long time. If
u see the history of mankind god had created only Adam and Eve but now we r
600 crores. We are by nature in pyramid only.
I m not a member of this but I have seen people changing their lifes. Not only
financially but in their attitudes, behaviour and knowledge. Best thing I saw smile
in their face. We r not doing but let them be happy. At least govt is getting huge
income tax from it. I m using bio disc which is the best product I have ever seen.
If u r a scientist or doctor u must be knowing about Nanotechnology. It has saved
my life n saving millions life. As I told u, I m not a member but using product and
services. I visited Puket stayed for a week in 5 star resort in just Rs 300/ per head
per night. We were 4. What do want more than that? It is the cheapest hotel I have
seen so far. Best part I saw this company is doing so much charity like Tsunami,
flood relief, blood donation camp etc. What is the wrong with this scam or
scheme or project? Let them do. After all we buying overpriced commodities
everyday like coca cola, pepsi, chips lays etc. What is the raw material cost of
Pepsi? Not more than Rs 1.Water, sugar, soda colour but we never said over
priced. If u see lays chips there is hardly 2 rupees Potato. So we should not talk
about raw materials. If u see gold only, after 10 yrs price will be double. I have
not joined till now but after my retirement from service I will join.
Lastly Please update ur current affairs. GMD and other top ldrs are not in Jail they
r at home. please respect URself nowadays people will 1st find out who is true.so
findout 1st he is in jail or home b4 getting fooled.

   The original source is http://www.mouthshut.com/review/Quest.net-128855-

87. PUYOL says:
   October 22nd, 2007 at 6:19 pm

   Manju, I am sorry that you lost your friends, but I have one questions. First off all,
   I am sure that you worked so hard, but did the people under you give the same
   effort. Were they trained. Did you or any other person with experience train them
   well. From what I read, I can see that you were the only one working seriously. I
   might be wrong, and that your friends were trained, but did they too train the
   people under them. This trainig has to go on and never stop, because this is the
   most important thing in this job.
   Recieving 11,500 in the first 7 months is so good, even if you were working so
   hard, and your upliner should‘ve told you that. You have to know that at the
   beginning you have to work very hard, but your income will be very low. That‘s
   because at the begining you are working alone, but as your tree grows, you will
   have more people working with you, as if you are doubling your work. Thnx, for
   sharing your experience

88. Munther says:
   October 22nd, 2007 at 6:27 pm

   @ Mohammed Saeed: Mate if this post convinced you then you really have issues
   ! How can you trust a post claiming that all the real organisations of the world are
   in fact pyramid schemes ? I mean the Army ? Out of all the examples he could‘ve
   thought of ! I don‘t need to even answer the stuff he‘s highlighted

89. Benedict Kong says:
   October 22nd, 2007 at 8:42 pm

   Mohammed Saeed,
   I am sure your upline told you that Pyramid does not define as triangular
   structure. If a corporate is comprising only
   1 Manager -> 1 Executive -> 1 Supervisor -> 1 Worker
   What will the structure looks like? A stick???
   If you can read better English, go to this site and read more about pyramid

   One good comparison, if you don‘t sign up people into your network in Questnet,
   you won‘t earn commission (no money       ) . But in corporate, whether you are
   good performance, bad performance, low performance, sick leave, annual leave ->
   YOU STILL GET PAID MONTHLY. Do you think a corporate triangular tree is
   better than your Questnet triangular tree?

90. Indian says:
   October 23rd, 2007 at 9:03 pm

   Dear Munther,
   Thanks for putting this real worth blog…. to know about the good and the Bad…
   actuall after reading not what you have written but the words of the Quest Net
   People/ Salesmen …. it proves a lot.. that they are just Bla…bla….bla just to sell
   … and some people are even forced pestered forcible day and night to follow up
   and some bosses / manager force other people to put money … poor labour people
   who are forced into this ,,,, I pity… and their bosses makes a lot of money ……
   The title is worth the name.

91. salim says:
   October 23rd, 2007 at 9:47 pm

   But in corporate, whether you are good performance, bad performance, low
   performance, sick leave, annual leave -> YOU STILL GET PAID MONTHLY.
   Good performer, bad performer, low performer- get equal salary ?
   Sick leave for how long

92. Benedict says:
   October 24th, 2007 at 4:18 am

   In many corporate, your salary depending on your KPI (Key Performance
   Indicator). The real thing is in Questnet, many people who joined Questnet put
   their life saving money to join the scheme. Do you think RICH people join
   Questnet? No! majority who joined the business are poorer and looking for fast
   money. They are labourers, school leavers, and mainly from poorer countries
   (NOT UK, US, Japan, etc)
   And again, 3-5% make money in Questnet, the remaining didn‘t make it in the
   business. They just lost their hard earned saving ! Look at Sri Lanka now, how
   many IRs stranded halfway? 95% in lost. Some didn‘t even get their products! A
   chunck of their saving just disappeared unable to recover. And those who use
   credit cards, they ended up paying higher price due to interest charged.

93. LOgic says:
   October 26th, 2007 at 3:33 am

   Hi Again, And Thanks For your bright replies, Well, Again I`m repeating myself,
   Quest Net is not the
   only choice, Go ahead and enjoy your salary, and Enjoy the Slavery Life, and
   You know who told me
   that, it was long ago before Quest net, It was my Father, He Adviced me to study
   a field that I can get
   independent in life without waiting for a salary at the end of the month, which he
   used to explain
   as Slavery, Quest Net, or MLM is A fAct Of Success that non of you can
   deny,meaning that these compan areies
   making money, So what is the different between working for an incorprate
   making them millions because
   of my idea and Recieving Cents, or Working for Quest Net making them millions
   and recieving just
   alittle bit more than Cents, But you know what is the difference, is I`m Looking
   For A change, And
   Willing to Change, No Easy Way out guyez, these are not Slogans Munther, This
   is the real life ,
   We Are The Poor PEoPlE, So Instead OF watching The Rich People Getting
   Richer while we stand beside
   and look , We Are giving it A try, If It Succeed then good, If not then I had my
   8Days Stay in The
   5 Star Hotel Suite, and for the cost of 600$ , what A Deal! Mr Munther, Accusing
   Dubai of being
   the money laundry city proves you are getting far away from understanding the
   meaning of Commercial
   Revolution, If Quest net is trying to (Wash it`s money) then it would worth
   making the V-Cons for
   Free, One of you guyez said somthing before I`m not sure if it was Benedict or
   Specilised that
   Quest Net is moving because mainly of the Trainings, Well That just answers the
   Questions, Raising
   Yourself To Help Mankind, has nothing to do with making those V-Cons for free,
   that is just a Stupidity
   Because even in Medicine where it is the highest Value Field, The Simple Cardiac
   Syposium Will Cost
   you +1000$ , so Why shouldn`t they make it for Free, I`m Sorry To tell you That
   QUEST NET did not
   Harm any one, and didn`t not get any one broke, Some got richer some Are
   making some money, some has
   Gave up and got back to normal life, Tell me guyez, doesn`t this remind of
   somthing Actuall Called
   (LIFE) , hahaha, if Some has The Will To Change Then even if he was given a
   piece of wood and left
   Deserted he would know how to Change, but if Some one is not ready nor ineed
   to change then it is
   not QN that is gonna Change him , Salute !

94. Munther says:
   October 26th, 2007 at 11:29 am

   LOGIC.. Stating that Dubai was a money laundering hob was just to show how
   their financial\investment governing laws and legislations are relaxed which is an
   ideal growing ground for not only legitimate businesses but also dodgey ones !
   There is no misunderstanding of the concept of ―commercial revolution‖ here
   mate ! Especially that I am a financial\risk analyst in a VERY reputable global
   organization !

95. NA (q8) says:
   October 27th, 2007 at 7:42 pm

   !!!! GOD!! now almost half of my familey joined the QuestNet thing.. and i was
   this close to join it too.. but all by a suddenly i said no.. hmmm now am lost how
   come the man who‘s advertising to join them have gained alooot of money that
   made him so rich to buy a house, car and stuff (he is Bahraini) and its not true..
   am afraid to join and looose lots of money and in the other hand.. they‘re gaining..

96. Puyol says:
   October 28th, 2007 at 12:19 am

   NA(q8) You are not losing your money because you are recieving a product, by
   the way do you live in Ahmadi… ?

97. Munther says:
   October 29th, 2007 at 7:34 am

   @ NA: Bahraini.. huh ? Man, watchout for these cons ! Bahraini qneters are
   starting to leave Bahrain because people over here don‘t want to be seen with
   them anymore ! House, car ? Where is the proof ? You‘ll find that most people
   over here have both too Ask him and see how he‘s gonna disappear. This is a
   common lie they say, They have been attending training sessions to say such lies
   and get away with it. So Watch out my friend and stick with your guns.

   @ Puyol: Please refrain from using the site for setting meetings. If you have
   something to say say it on the blog.

98. Benedict says:
   October 29th, 2007 at 1:29 pm

   You mentioned ―This is the real life ,
   We Are The Poor PEoPlE, So Instead OF watching The Rich People Getting
   Richer while we stand beside
   and look , ‖

   Let me clarify with you this, I am not from a rich family, and most of us here
   (Non-QN) are NOT RICH, however we have chosen to work hard in a good
   etiquette job/business/investment to make money for our loved one i.e. family.
   We are not lazy people. We are not stupid MORON. And we don‘t LIVE in
   FANTASY World Dreaming of becoming rich in faster way working the
   Questnet Plan RECRUITING friends and family! Remember, you want to
   become wealthy from Questnet business, firstly you need to suck a portion of
   your friends, and family wealth out from their pocket first and brainwash them to
   do the same. Eventhough with money you earned from Questnet, you will not feel
   HAPPY or PROUD of it because you are loosing friends and family trust.

   Be real, don‘t get con or con others. Do the maths. Read back my previous post.
   Earning US$2000 to your own pocket = Loosing US$26,000 from friends. Thank

99. LoGic says:
   October 30th, 2007 at 3:12 am

   Hi Again, Mr Benedic, please refrain from words like Stupid or these things, you
   know it`s not you who should Judge Success from his (Wiseman Chair), this
   buisness is making me friends, I`m not losing any, and Never lost any of my
   friends, even those who doesn`t join the buisness believe it or not we are still
   sooooo close so I think again you are making a big cloud of illusion, The buisness
   is presenting an opportunity not selling Guns or Drugs, so believe it or not as I`m
   typig these words sooooo many people in the world are rushing into these
   buisness, so the whole world is A MORON and Stupids, and you remain the

   wiseman alife,       We are not lazy my friend, we have our decent jobs and
   families, and we are not desperate, but We are NETWORKERS, after one year in
   this buisness I`ve learned things that are actually life Enhancing Attitudes, but
   never looked with disrespect to those who doesn`t join the buisness, because if
   every one joins then IT WON`t Be FUN any more, We are havin Fun, Earning
   money And Helping others to do the Same, I Started with Zero Partners now I`m
   an Earner, my Network making money and some of Them Are Even Making
   Higher Money Than ME, you know why , It`s the Binary System, doesn`t mean if
   you are on the top that you shoule be the top Earner, NOOOOO, and sooo many
   others are grabbing the products and are in love with it, Vacations Numismatics
   …etc, it`s a True Fun My Dear, So I`m being succesful in Reality not in WORDS

100.       Benedict says:
   October 30th, 2007 at 5:52 am

   Please read my comment and understand my English. The ―WE‖ in my context
   referring to me and non-QN. ―WE‖ is totally a different word than ―YOU‖. I did
   not call you stupid or lazy. I hope you can improve your English before you jump
   into a big ASSUMPTION. Do you know ASS.U.ME?

101.       NA(Q8) says:
   October 30th, 2007 at 8:21 pm
   @(Puyol) yes i do..
   hmmm.. yeah u‘re right am not losing my money.. but buying a better product
   with 200KD is better than buying something unknown.. u know..
   ok.. then why monther and all the others here dont join the QN.. although they r
   from Bahrain and the QN started in their country be4 ours. y3nee akeed there r
   ppl experienced it and it did work only at the beggining..?
   @(munther) didnt u hear this story a man was poor and i think was kicked out of
   his parents old poor house… then he joined the QN and became rich and rebuilt
   or bought a new home and bought a car and became a rich man.. ?!

102.       Puyol says:
   October 31st, 2007 at 12:35 am

   Noura, first of all consider this 200KD the money of joinig a business, and don‘t
   consider it as a product you are buying. And the nice thing about it is that even if
   you don‘t make up the money, you already recieved something in return of the
   money you paid. It‘s not like you are paying thousands of KD‘s it‘s only 200KD,
   and you are right you could buy something cheaper and better with this 200 but
   you never know it might change your life.
   And even thought monther is from Bahrain it doesn‘t mean he has more
   experience. With all respect but being a Bahraini doesn‘t mean he has more
   experience than us in this business. And you are right not everybody becomes
   rich, because people who don‘t work hard will never recieve anything. The more
   you give, the more you get. Ofcourse not everyone will not receive income easily,
   if this is the case then everyone would‘ve became millionare. Yes the story about
   this man is true, and he is called Mr.Mahboob. He is a great guy.

103.       NA(Q8) says:
   October 31st, 2007 at 12:50 am

   yeah.. u‘re right.. but if u join,u need to convince other ppl to enter too.. and guess
   what i have 4 or 5 friends of my.. and they r still asking me what happened and
   they r ready to pay and join and everything.. but my worries is that what if its just
   something that i dunno.. what if its not ture.. am worried about the other ppl that
   will join and i dunno pretend that something happened i dunno what might
   happen but it happened.. then what.. i dont want to be the to be blamed..
   and about that great guy caleed Mr.Mahboob.. i mean come on Bahrain is not that
   big.. and if something such as this happened to him.. i mean y3nee ofcourse
   everyone will ask him how and that kind of questions.. and if here are some ppl
   from bahrain and never heard of it b4.. i feel i dunno. i feel that i need to be 100%
   sure before enetering just to talk to others without any worries and where it says
   in the site that Bill Gates has some shares in the company just to make sure..
   because my father is asking.. although he liked the idea and really he did
   encouraged me in the beggining and then i dunno what happened and said no just

   focus on ur studies        ..
104.       Munther says:
   October 31st, 2007 at 7:41 am

   NA, at the end its your choice. But bare in mind, why would Bill gates join quest
   ? Does he really need to ? Some of the claims that the questneters throw at you
   are just stupid and even a kid knows that its a lie. Why would QN claim that the
   are sponsering Brazil while all what they did is take photos with them in their
   world cup camp which was open for the public ? And many many more lies are
   there. My friend Bill gates and Brazil sponsoring is just an example of how
   people are getting blinded by the promises ―lies‖ these QN would say a and give
   although clearly if you set alone and question yourself about these lies, you‘d
   discover that they are just, well, lies

105.       Quester! says:
   November 1st, 2007 at 11:57 pm

   guys !!! u wudnt knw the taste of mcdonalds until u din eat it ur self !!! quest is
   unbeleivable !!! its not an mlm … mlm clearly means - multi level marketting
   which is different income at a different level.. but quest provides equal commision
   at all levels..
   next .. its not a scam.. cz ppl have taken home over 200 crores of rupees frm quest
   net india.. n it wouldnt sponser concerts like the all persian music n many other..
   cz a company needs to be legal to sponsor concerts.. n a product is sold jus to
   make th emoney transactions legal !! if u brainless freaks understan wht i say !.
   me being a part of it .. ive earnd like HUGE money !! .. ppl mite coll it a get rich
   quick scheme.. but guys lemme tell u .. if u dun wrk fr a business tht has the
   potential of giving u $3000/day.. obviously u wont get it ! u cnt jus sit at home n
   dream ! ur the ceo of ur organization..
   even after knowing abt quest … u guys havent yet bcum a part of it !!! GOD
   HELP U !! .. QN has over 3.2 million business partners. eventualy its gonna be
   the whole world..
   BLOGS>> hahaha

106.       Quester! says:
   November 2nd, 2007 at 12:02 am

   oh yes … frgot to ask u !!!
   if u guys are into a decent job .. thn plz think abt this,, TILL WHEN WILL U
   n if u ahve a business of ur own … DO U HAVE TIME FREEDOM ???

107.       specilised says:
   November 2nd, 2007 at 5:41 pm
   Among the 3.2 million worldwide Questneter, how many of them made profit
   actually, no lies please.
   O.K. even the whole world population join QN 95% will be poorer and 5% will
   be richer and this is a fact not sweet talk. I know many Questneter and very few
   full timer can make profit, their income is not much difference than salary earner,
   one day QN shut down or the population has saturated they will have no more
   One way for them to survive is to keep opening up new location, new naive
   people will be their victims.

108.       Puyol says:
   November 3rd, 2007 at 1:39 am

   OFOURSE not everybody will make profit, because not everybody is working.
   How would you earn money if you are not working. And even if they are
   working, are they teaching the ones under how to work.
   How will the population be saturated, this means that there is no more people, life
   will end.
   You have to know that not all people are working equally

109.       Puyol says:
   November 3rd, 2007 at 1:43 am

   first of all, OFOURSE not everybody will make profit, because not everybody is
   working. How would you earn money if you are not working. And even if they
   are working, are they teaching the ones under how to work.
   How will the population be saturated, this means that there is no more people, life
   will end.
   You have to know that not all people are working equally, some join and dont
   work, some join and barely work, and others join and work 24/7.\
   And why do keep saying poorer, as if the people are paying thousands of $$.
   Secondly I dont know why do the ones incharge of this site keep deleting my
   posts, although i have never used any bad language, is it because i am saying the
   truth, and giving you true evidence.

110.       Munther says:
   November 3rd, 2007 at 11:21 am

   @ Puyol: Its the filter, I am sorry mate, you of all people should know how we
   operate over here ! It seems that the filter thinks that you are a spammer. Don‘t
   worry the issue should be sorted now if the issue continues please do inform

   Now regarding the effort the joiners put into the business, you say 24/7, now
   correct me if I am wrong, isn‘t the main reason to join ―one of the promises in
   fact‖ that you‘ll have to work less ? Won‘t have to work as a slave ? Because
   that‘s what QNs claim, by their people over here.

   About the term ―Market Saturation‖, means that no more people are welling to
   join, as in the company reaches its breaking point, that is a normal economic
   condition. i.e the almana‘7 situation in Kuwait (80s), Bahrain‘s real estate market
   (90s) and the Saudi\UAE Stock Market (last couple of years).

   Also I believe that you mentioned somebody called Mahboob ? I‘ve asked about
   him a couple of QN‘s hardliner‘s ―Yes, I have a couple of insiders and they are
   starting to understand what I am saying‖ and they said that they knew nothing of
   him and never met a guy called Mahboob in the seminars and meetings,fishy ?

111.       Puyol says:
   November 3rd, 2007 at 1:22 pm

   No prob, and about the 24/7 it was an exaggeration, i meant that these people are
   working hard. These people are giving atleast an hour a day, or five hours a week.
   And sorry i miss understood the term Market Saturation, even if this market
   saturation happens, so what every business goes through hard times, so even if
   you dont make up the money at least you didnt lose thousands, and you already
   recieved a product. At this time your personality may also have changed, just like
   what is happening with ―al7amdo lilah‖ and i have met many new friends. And
   for anyone who wants to join they should know that they might not always
   receive income easly, and that sometimes they will never do because they are
   either not working, or everybody around them has already joined or dont want to
   risk $500.
   And about Mahboob ―He Does Exist ‖ I have met him personaly, and he has
   given me a presentation. He was also present in the Revecon that took place in

112.       LoGic says:
   November 4th, 2007 at 2:33 am

   Hi Again Guyez, Benedict, I know enough of english to make me suirvive, but I

   know that playing with the words is not somthing clever,          ) so I see guyez that
   the Quest net is really a nice topic to chat about, well truly guyez it is a nice style
   of life, The IDea of having quest net as an escape from your job is only true if you
   are willing to give the same effort that you are giving to your job into this
   buisness, and that is fair enough, because in my job I won`t retire before reaching
   the peak of my age, but in here 5 years of dedication is gonna put me in an easy
   decision to retire, and about the market saturation thing, then it is impossible in
   this buisness, and let me tell you how, almost a 50% of the Independent
   Representatives of the Quest Net has joined after the second or the third time they
   have heard about it, eventhough they were like totally against the idea, so that
   simply means that the chance is never ending by any chances, it is just basically
   the idea of the person who has actually joined wether he is a quitter or a suirvivor,
   it is a challenge, but a sweet challenge because the risk is (ZERO%) and I`m sure
   that if the Risk was higher then no one will fail to make a good income out of this

   buisness       )

113.       Benedict says:
   November 4th, 2007 at 5:09 pm

   Recently Questnet launched a program called ‖ Million Dollar Bonanza 2008″.
   This program is to ENCOURAGE more recruitments. If you read carefully the
   terms to earn extra bonus from Questnet, it says, first a new member MUST
   purchased a product from Questnet, and then within a limited time frame, he/she
   MUST convinced TWO DIRECT people to make purchase a UV product. And
   these TWO people have to also convinced their TWO direct to make a purchase a
   UV product if they want to earn BONUS as well. And they will be paid US$388.

   If Questnet products are selling like HOT CAKE, why do they need to give
   BONUSES for new recruitments? What is the reason behind giving incentive to
   promoters? Questnet does not promote retailing business like conventional MLM.
   Those products are not consumable most of it, and each person need to pay for a
   product. This is clearly a significant ―RECRUITMENT‖ activity.

   Don‘t talk about promises like financial freedom, and all the sweet talk like ―No
   need to sales‖, ‖ We help you to grow the business‖, ―Financially free in 3- 5
   years‖, ―Guaranteed success‖, ―No one is failure unless he/she is a quitter‖, and so
   on. These are all just a marketing gimmick to recruits. Once you have become a
   member, all they concern is NOT to drop downlines into your left and right legs,
   INTO THE BUSINESS. You will receive everyday pestering in calls and sms for
   the recruitments –> ―WHERE IS YOUR SIGN UP TODAY!? HAVE YOU

   Ponzi?? Pyramid Scheme?? They said NO, but experienced and exposed to all
   these schemes can smell the difference.

114.       LoGic says:
   November 5th, 2007 at 12:22 am

   The Idea Of Creating The bonanza is just a motivationpush to make more sellings,
   Every one believe that the Quest net is A company, just likeany corporations
   trying to give the Cars and other gifts on annual bases to incourage people to
   work more, but at the End Quest Net is the ride that we can take to all Success,
   but if we succeeded or not then it is all back to us, because others are making the
   steady income in a month period of time, by the way Benedict, this is not aneasy
   buisness, it is not the heaven of dreams, but what is more beatifull than
   establishing a buisness with the people you love and respect, rather than being
   forced into a job with people you don`t like or never choosed to be with, . IT is
   VERY EASY to say no, but allways takes an effort to say yes, and people who
   never learned to say yes and take the decisions into their hands in life are not
   meant to take it now with Quest Net, or with any other thing,,

115.       Benedict says:
   November 5th, 2007 at 7:24 am

   If you can see clearly the character of a Questnetters, they always argue the
   opposite of your words. I give you the example:
   a) When someone said they can‘t do the business because they don‘t know how to
   sell, QN IR will say ―No need experience in sales, and everyone can do the
   business. This is very easy business‖
   b) When someone said this business has many failures and only small percentage
   can make it, QN IR says ―This business require alot of hardwork just like normal

   Second senario,
   a) ―I don‘t have time.‖, reply ―This business can be done in part time basis, spend
   an hour a day‖
   b) ―I can‘t make money‖, reply ―You need to be committed in the business in
   order to make money, if you do part time, you can‘t make much money, you need
   to have full time mentality doing full time in order to be successful.‖

   Oh.. see… they don‘t hold what they have spoken, because their words keep
   changing from time to time. Can you TRUST these people?

   Senario 3.
   a) ―3 to 5 years guaranteed become financial freedom, we will help you and work
   closely with you to achieve our dreams‖
   b) If it doesn‘t works, ―You are lazy, you are not committed, you didn‘t work hard
   enough, you didn‘t show 3 plans a day, you have to be blamed‖

   Ok. enough senario. There always TWO distinct set of replies from QN IR. They
   always LURE you into the business and pick up the good one, and leave the bad
   one. You don‘t make money? Too bad, it‘s your fault. For new prospect, please
   understand yourself before jump into the business. All QN IR are trained to have
   a very good recruitment skills by sweet talk, nice dress up, few luxurious car in
   front of function room, and always some leaders as their role model that they
   praise and pray. But all these are just a mock up event during the function. Later
   at night, they sit down and eat their bread for dinner.

116.       Benedict says:
   November 5th, 2007 at 7:35 am
   One of the teaching in Questnet is ―HATE YOUR JOB‖. I have been in the
   seminar room due to my sister brought me there and for half of the session, the
   speaker KEEP CONDEMN the JOB and BOSS. If you jot down those words from
   the speakers, they injected the UGLY HATEFUL FEELING that your JOB and
   reasons your JOB SUCKS, your BOSS sucks. They said, BE NETWORKERS!
   Then you realized you have more than a BOSS. All your UPLINES becoming
   your BOSS and everyday asking you to SHOW PLAN even your WEEKENDS.
   And yet you still not make enough money.

   One of their strategy is to kick you out of your job in order to join them with
   100% loyal as a networker and be their force to walk around the street looking for
   prospect and sign them up. They said Networkers the best profession in the world,
   ―Helping Mankind‖. Sounds great? Not that great at all.

117.       specilised says:
   November 5th, 2007 at 8:37 am

   I know a friend who has a reasonable good job after many brain washing sessions
   and 2 V-con her charactor changed hate her job and wish to resign, unsucessful in
   QN after trying for 2 years losing time and money,
   (you will not just lose USD 500. if you really knows business, there are all kind of
   cost and opportunity cost which could make to thousands) she eventually goes
   back to her job now. Its a mentally kind of thing, upon brainwashing by there
   training session to hate your job, you will really think what your QN trainer said
   is true and you will have no more mood to work properly, QN distract people
   from productive work. How many people has been misled by QN and lose their
   job ??

118.       specilised says:
   November 5th, 2007 at 8:53 am

   DR IAN LYONS - who is he??
   After watching his CD on presentation on ―Miracle‖ BIODISC, I am sure he is a
   marketing man and not a surgeon or scientist. you will find Dr. Ian Lyons in the
   web but it‘s not this BIODISC Dr. Ian Lyons. Remember the DR. (PHD) from
   Taiwan selling Detoxification products his PHD is purchase from a unknown
   university now he is in deep shit.
   May be our dear BIODISC Dr. Ian is similar too, it‘s the big joke

119.       Benedict says:
   November 5th, 2007 at 3:03 pm

   I have been in the blog ―Sze Zeng‘s life‖
   and asking a very direct question to Stevie Tan (a leader in selling Biodisc),
   however he has yet to have gut in replying my questions. Reason: He don‘t know,
   and all his concern is to sell BioDisc and earn big bucks and say ―sayonara‖ if it
   doesn‘t work! Secondly, the big brothers who praising BioDisc like GOD at
   Topix Forum:

   And again, Rommel, and whoever cheerleaders aka promoters no guts answering
   my questions. What a shame! When they promote something and nobody can
   answer my questions. All the say is ―IT WORKS! BUY IT‖, in actual meaning is

120.       Benedict says:
   November 5th, 2007 at 3:15 pm

   I understand how you feel, specilised. My friend and my sister was victim of
   Questnet brainwashing. My sister was a very bright student and after graduated, a
   friend introduce her to do Questnet. She was so motivated in Questnet and started
   to look down her job! She worked late at night until 1am to show plan with her
   friend‘s friend‘s friend. And she often take unpaid leave the next day. She said
   JOB SUCKS! Now, she is working in another JOB, she quit QN, she lost a few
   best friends. She is not so bubbly, cheerful and talkative anymore. And I know
   deep inside her, she had a bad memory about QN. QN changed her life - YES.
   But not making her rich. QN almost ruined her life. I know so much because
   everyday she was talking to me convincing me to join the business. I am not
   happy with her uplines, they are bunch of actor and actress! It‘s not about loosing
   US$500 if you failed in QN, but it‘s about taking for granted of friendship and
   relationship that money cannot buy back the past.

121.       specilised says:
   November 5th, 2007 at 5:19 pm

   If this happens in China during the communist regime these Questnet leaders will
   be shot death,
   for ruining other‘s life, destroying friendship & relationship.

122.       Puyol says:
   November 6th, 2007 at 2:00 am

   Please stop exaggerating… you are making it look like a dramatic movie. First of
   all, with all respect Benedict, you said that your sister was bright, which means
   she knows what‘s right and what‘s wrong, so she had the choice i dont think some
   one forced her to join, and dont tell me she was brainwashed… she saw this as a
   chance and she decided to work on it. And she also made the decision to leave her
   job, which i think was a bad decision because in this business you never know if
   you will successed or not, this business is made for us to have another oncome
   other than our jobs that might not help us achieve all of our goals and wants. And
   i dont know why do you keep saying that during the training they make us hate
   our jobs, because in the trainings which i attend i never hear these words.
   And for the senarios what you wrote is totally true, people who want to join this
   business dont need to have lots of experience, all it needs is atleast an hour of
   your precious time a day ―which many of us spend these ours sleeping‖, and when
   you hear ―you have to be committed to this business‖ it doesnt mean that you
   have to work the whole day on this business, it means that you have to be
   committed to the ―atleast‖ one hour you which you agreed on.
   and finally if for 3-5 years years you weren‘t able to acheive anything what do
   you expect to be told Good JOb ofcourse you will hear some body critizing you.
   It‘s like you‘re telling me i have been in high school for 3 years but im still in
   grade 9, what do you expect people to tell ―nevermind, try again‖ there must be
   something wrong in what you are doing, either you are not studing at all, or you
   may be studing but you are studing other things which you are not supposed to
   About Dr.Ian, what makes you say that he is a marketing man and not a dr. is it
   because of the way he talks… so can we say that Dr.Phil is not a dr. because he
   keeps showing on t.v. and on some movies, every person has his on way of
   explaning things.
   And about losing friends, why would someone lose a friend. All of my friends
   who joined this busineaa became closer to me, because i now am meeting them
   daily, not weekly like before. and i also introduced them to this idea which might
   increase their income. My friends also knew that i‘m not making the information
   im giving them up, and that im only a massenger, so why would they hate me if
   they dont make up any money. Im really sorry for all of those who lost their
   friends, but you have to know that it wasn‘t your mistake, and that they chose to
   break their relation with you.

123.       specilised says:
   November 6th, 2007 at 8:36 am

   Then proof that who exactlt Dr. Ian is simple enough?
   We are not lying, exegerrating or has benefiting from this blog we write facts only

124.       sayan chatterjee says:
   November 6th, 2007 at 11:09 am

   the comments written on this site is by an ignorant, illiterate person. In pyramid,
   there is no product involved. money dont come in cheques. neither are the offices
   registered in so many countries.

125.       LoGic says:
   November 6th, 2007 at 1:47 pm

   Questnetters is a nice term , but I prefer to be called as Networker, which I`m very
   proud to be, we are not sweet talkers, but we can see life from a diferent point of
   view, being into same Rythum of life is not gonna change anything, you will still
   be waiting for luck to boost your life, I`ve never lied to any one before about
   making this buisness an easy shot, two things if yo don`t have it then I don`t even
   proceed with the presentation, the time and the 500$, there is no fake smiles, there
   is a true buisness that is really untraditional, needs untraditional people who are
   alllready inneed of it , not people who are not inneed of it, thats why not every
   one join, and een if you join if you are well dedicated to your need then nothing
   can let you down, but onceyou give up to your needs then you are back to the
   normal life, lots f needs and no choices, we don`t say that Quest Net is the 100%
   perfect thing, because there is nothing perfect in life, but with a simple
   calculations it is the one only choice for me and for those who joined it, we are
   not brained washed, but we are seekers of a better life, and we are allready in a
   better standard of life now, we have touched changes and felt it, Believe it or Not,
   we haven`t lost anything yet, being in this buisness in one year I`m still keeping a
   100% good relations with all of my friends, wether they were intrested in this
   buisness or not, mutual respect is allways present,

126.       specilised says:
   November 6th, 2007 at 2:57 pm

   sayan, 2 of my multimillionaire friends has only 6 years of education, write and
   speak very minimum english and chinese, but they are smart, opportunist and
   experience businessman not an idiot and naive person who believe any nonsense.

127.       Benedict says:
   November 8th, 2007 at 3:07 pm

   Puyol & Logic,

   Very simple, both of you are earning money from Questnet. Why not, tell me how
   many people under you earn money and HOW MANY under you NOT earning
   money?? Ratio 1:99? 2:98? 3:97? 4:96??

   How many plans you have shown? How many sign ups you have made? Have
   you enough pestering your downlines to show more plans? Have you drag your
   lazy brother out the street and show more plans? This keep continue on and on
   and on and on 24/7 Monday to Sunday and continue again? From 8:00am up till
   2:00am daily?
   have dedicated 100% of your life in Questnet until you have NO TIME for your
   parents, brother, sister, relatives, friends. You don‘t earn enough compared to
   salaried employee or business owners. You don‘t make enough food for your
   children. Talking about RYTHM? Did your uplines sending money to you every
   month? Are they doing CHARITY? If you can‘t afford in action, don‘t say it.
   The real wealthy man in the world are NOT from Network Marketing. And Vijay
   is NOT even top richest man in Malaysia, can‘t compare with R.Kwok or
   A.Krishnan. So what are you talking about creating multimillionaires just through
   Questnet? I can tell you, those statements made on stage are all lies. If not, how to
   convince people to join the business?

   That‘s why all first timers naive people who listen to the plan will think this is
   ―TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE‖, right? Don‘t you think so? But now you are
   already many months in Questnet, are you seeing something different than your
   first thought? Still thinking ―TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE‖?

   If you are looking back Goldquest debates between Python and some pro GQ like
   FrancisWong, now look again, where are those cheerleaders of GQ in forum?
   After a few years, these cheerleaders will quit one after another. I believe only
   people from 0 - 1 years will be active in forum here because they still fire up. Can
   you (Puyol & Logic) remain fire up again in next year or another year?

128.       LOgic says:
   November 8th, 2007 at 4:22 pm

   Being Active in the blog is not because I`m on fire, It`s because you guyez
   obviously KNOW NOTHING
   about the Buisness that I`m in now, and that`s why I`m giving this (PRECIOUS)
   5 minute out of my
   time to defeat your (comfort Zone) comments, in a one year from now if I`m not
   Dead then I will be like who I`m today,and may be more ignited. inshaalah, but
   the question is you, who will you be in the next 10 years?
   any plans, ????!!
   What Really annoys me that you guyez are rooming around a small circle or an
   idea that I don`t know
   who implante in your head, Quest Net is never meant to disturb family
   composition, Never was and Never
   Will, I have time to do evey single thing that I`m used to do before, but the
   different that I`m
   doing other things because I miss doing them not because I have NO OTHER
   THINGS to do, what 2-4 hours
   aday will do to your life (DESTROY IT) ?? hahaha, as my Partner PuYOL Said,
   You GUyez are making
   a huge Drama out of nothing, but you know what, it is true that Network
   Marketting is a Hard JOB
   Truly is, and thats why I`m doing it, and enjoying it, because I`m not an Easy
   Shots Guye, but a
   digger, A QUESTER , CheeERz

129.       Benedict says:
   November 8th, 2007 at 4:55 pm
   You never answer my Question to you. Please re-read my comment above. And I
   am KNOW Questnet more than you do.

   Don‘t throw you foolish statement that WE GUYS KNOW NOTHING ABOUT
   I heard about GOLDQUEST in end year 1999 in Malaysia. I have been
   approached since then. I know the 5/5=400 plan as well, and the revolution to E-
   Q-A 3/3=250 plan. If your account is started with HY, HU, you probably don‘t
   know what happened to most AA IRs now. I wish you all the best, Gold Digger.
   Don‘t burn a hole in your pocket. Good Luck!

130.       abuaaisha says:
   November 8th, 2007 at 7:02 pm

   thank you for all your disscussion
   still i am reading all the matter

131.       abuaaisha says:
   November 8th, 2007 at 7:04 pm

   when you read this all you will be this stage
   i am right.

132.       specilised says:
   November 9th, 2007 at 10:15 am

   Obiously logic & puyol have just learned so called ―BISINESS‖ in Qnet, of
   course they know very well about the QN busness but they know nothing about
   other real business, opportunity in making money, most Qneter are employee,
   students not businessmem, because they know too well about real business and
   Qnet is not a business.
   there are 2 kind of people in QN - 1. the top leader (money earner) made up of
   small numbers and also called scammer.
   2. the Victims (majority), loosing money down line who has been deceived by the
   top leader (actor on stage)

133.       Puyol says:
   November 10th, 2007 at 2:49 am

   Specilised i have never doubted that you know about business, but why do you
   keep asuming that we don‘t.
   Sorry for saying that, but for 2 reasons i feel i‘m wasting my time. First is that
   most of the time i write questions but no one answers me, and secondly all of
   these arguments are happening because of a $500. Lets make it simple if you want
   to buy it then buy it,and if you dont then dont. But you dont know this $500 might
   make a change, and our lives are full of oppurtunities, why not try one of them,
   you‘re not paying so much. I‘m not trying to make an advertisment for the
   company, I‘m just trying to share with you my feeling when i got this chance.
   And once i recieved my first cheque, and my personality began to change, here i
   knew that it was true, and if i dont make any money i‘m still happy, atleast me
   and my downliners made up the money we paid, made new friends, and recieved
   a product

134.       Benedict says:
   November 10th, 2007 at 11:42 am

   Puyol, I did ask you a Question and you still haven‘t reply me. Don‘t talk about
   others if you, yourself, couldn‘t do it. The arguement here is not whether we want
   to buy your US$500 product. This is a place we share our thoughts. People (Your
   potential prospects) will surf around the net and find the article here and able to
   make judgement. What is right and what is wrong.

   You are still using the trick in your words. This is NOT about TRY IT for
   US$500 to test whether the business is work or not. I am here to tell everybody
   that all Questnet IRs are using the same phrases in recruitment. They are making
   it lightly i.e. ―LET‘S TRY‖ mentality in order to persuade prospect to join the
   business. You know, US$500 is individual, how about YOUR WHOLE NATION
   of 100,000 people. Guess US$50 mil of your country resources moving outwards
   to another country. Who is in greater lost?

   Remember, your leader told you that, there is NO TRYING in Questnet business
   because ―try‖ mentality is proven 100% failure. IT MUST BE DOING 3 PLANS
   A DAY as mentioned in RULE NO. 3. This is your leader Pathman telling you

135.       Benedict says:
   November 10th, 2007 at 12:45 pm

   Those who has been approached for BIODISC, please ensure you read the post

   Alot of mis-representation of the products, and in developed country especially
   with strong consumer protection act, BioDisc seller can be easily sued for
   claiming the effect of healing if 1 consumer couldn‘t feel the effect! But in
   Malaysia, the consumer act is not strong. Because if anyone doesn‘t feel the
   effect, the seller can still walk away freely and say ―sayonara‖, thanks for your
   UV. We need to be smarter.

136.       Benedict says:
   November 10th, 2007 at 12:46 pm
   I quoted from Topix Forum:

   In AUSTRALIA the Trade Practise Act protects the consumer from fraudulent or
   misrepresented transactions …the following are direct exerpts from the act….
   Trade practices law prohibits conduct by businesses, such as entering into a
   contract, advertising or general sales talk, which is misleading or deceptive, or is
   likely to mislead or deceive. It specifically prohibits misrepresentations about
   where products are made and the price, quality or performance of products. The
   Courts decide whether a particular advertisement or promotion is likely to be
   misleading or deceptive, but a good test is how the average person would interpret
   it. ―Puffery‖ or clear exaggeration will not usually mislead, but comparisons,
   opinions, omissions and disclaimers can be misleading.
   Then the same act offers remedy in the following …
   Trade practices law also regulates the provision of refunds and warranties.
   Consumer transactions are automatically covered by warranty protection under
   the law, whether or not suppliers give their own warranties or guarantees. If
   statutory warranties are breached, the consumer is entitled to a refund,
   compensation, repair or replacement. Providers of goods and services cannot tell
   consumers they are never entitled to refunds or that your warranty overrides all
   others. Such statements are misleading simply because they mislead consumers
   about their rights under the law.

137.       specilised says:
   November 10th, 2007 at 3:53 pm

   Puyol, it‘s not only about $500, although it could a lot to poor people, but QN
   selling a piece of louzy Galss and claim that it‘ nano technology bla bla bla, that
   mean you cheat the public with false information and it‘s serious.
   It could be $5 and you are still committing the same crime. Since QN can cheat
   the public with this BIODISC how can one trust QN anymore, I donot know how
   prove that QN MLM thing doesnot work, but I definitely can tell you that the
   product does not work since I have one.

138.       QNIR says:
   November 10th, 2007 at 5:42 pm

   Smoking kills- still people smoke, alcohol- cause a lot of problem- still people
   drink etc etc- many examples. Here is a product which may help you- use it. But
   use it the proper way, its not a magic- you have to use for the adequate period of
   time to find the effect. it is not a treatment product, it is a wellness product- there
   is difference e.g regular exercise increases your wellness but does not treat any
   disease, may prevent many.
   Regarding- does the business work, not every body is successful in all bussiness,
   some get successfull early, some late, some may not at all & some stay at the side
   line criticizing only, all depend upon your committment to your dream.
   If a person is in one job but can not make the ends meet- what shall he do- start
   robbing banks?- here is a chance to increase his monthly income- the harder you
   work the more you get- I donot see any problem, this bussiness is like many other
   You have the disc- how did you use it & for what you use it for ?

139.       Puyol says:
   November 10th, 2007 at 6:23 pm

   Sorry Benedict for not answering your question, but what was it, i searched for it
   but i didn‘t find it.
   and what‘s wrong with using the same phrases, it‘s better than making up one‘s
   that are full of lies.
   and just to let you know R3 doesn‘t mean giving 3 plans and it means giving
   atleast 15 plans each month.
   And when i said that life is full of oppurtunities,why not ―try‖ one of them, i
   meant why not take one of them and work on it.
   Specilised why do you keep saying louzy glass, does it have to look special so
   that you beleive it. Many of us have been using it and it does have an effect. You
   will never get the effect of it unless you use it the right way as QNIR have said,
   you also have to beleive in it ―this is science‖. I agree with you, the way it looks
   makes us feel as if it was a lousy glass, but i want to ask you a question can you
   know the differnce between a normal iron plate and a magnite. You can never
   know just by looking at it, you must try or use it to see which one is the magnite
   and which one is not. Science. This is Science . Sorry, and but why do most of
   you act as if they know everything.

140.       Benedict says:
   November 11th, 2007 at 7:11 am

   SCIENCES??? Now Puyol, please answer me these questions below. I have asked
   Stevie Tan but he has no guts to answer it. How about you?

   First of all, are you a scientist? Have you actually confirmed that what you have
   read from the FAQ or website contains genuine and factual information regarding
   13 type of crystal minerals? What are those materials like? It seems like you
   haven‘t answered what Brandon has asked you previously from
   monsterblog.com.my (comment #36). After your disappearance from
   monsterblog, there go a heated bad character person called Antonmax that tongue
   biting each and every commenter about BioDisc. What could this be the motive?
   He has been using Chow‘s testimonial once before in mouthshut.

   Since you are the senior and respected leader in Questnet, I would glad to ask you
   a few questions.
First let‘s talk about the inventor of BioDisc called Dr Ian Lyons
• Who is Dr Ian Lyons from Germany? Please tell us his academic background
(which hospital that he practiced his surgeon and which university he had done
his PHD?)
• According to a QN IR from Thailand called Nuzky, he claimed that Dr Ian
Lyons is now the Chief Scientist in US for the StemCell. But it has been proved
that they are not the same person!
• Which means one of your Questnet IR doesn‘t speak the truth. Dishonest!
• According to QN IR named Rommel from Qatar, he mentioned that Dr. Ian
Lyons works with wine company in Australia and governments. Well where is the
proof? Which wine company and which country‘s government that he mentioned
• Did Biodisc patented? Yes, which patent no.? No, why not? Is he another
• Did Ian Lyons achieve any scientist awards that recognized internationally?
• Did Ian Lyons received Nobel Price for his superb creation of Biodisc helping
• Before Ian Lyons partner with Vijay Eswaran from Questnet, which company
that he is working with?
• According to Dr Amir from Super Qi Gong, he mentioned the named Dr Ian
Lyons, the QI Emitting Device is made by METAL DISC, not GLASS with 13
minerals. It cost RM400, instead of US$500. I am wondering why the first
VIVIFIER QI is made by METAL, and now the same inventor creating the Disc
in Glass?

The reasons why this questions being asked is because most of the inventors are
well-known with their background and USUALLY the inventor being recognized
internationally, interviewed, published in journals and magazines, and
However, when we googled Dr. Ian Lyons, the results is none! If Dr Ian Lyons is
a very wellknown person that study water structure, why is‘t so hard to find his
Everyone can be Dr Ian Lyons and I can called myself Albert Einstein II. Can I
walked about telling story that expect people to trust my story?

Now let‘s talk about the disc:
• The Biodisc emit energy that can last for 15 years? Have this been proven??
• Energy cannot be created or destroyed. First how could BioDisc produce/create
the energy? Secondly, even the energized water can emit the energy as well? In
Example, a presenter saying that by energized the bottled waters and place 4
corners of the bed will create energy to human body. Wow. It seems like bioDisc
is like a huge ENERGIZER battery that can powered for 15 years?!
• Is‘t radioactive?
• Is BioDisc being tested by any well-known test lab for the testing results? Don‘t
tell the Prognos story again. I want to know WHICH Prognos test lab that Ian
Lyons sent the disc for testing? Even the test results can be taken or be fake.
• By changing the smell and taste of substance, what can this related to human
body, which bringing good effect instead of negative effect?
• You may want to tell good testimonials over the internet. Tell me, BioDisc
SHOULD have sold hundreds. Do you get hundreds testimonials? I think
probably 1% - 3% may have given/submitted the testimonials. How about the
• You said psychology effect is important. The same as a QI-GONG master able
to energized the water with his bare hands too. And his energized water can also
bring good effect to health. Tell me the truth, the healing is caused by ownmind of
really the BioDisc works?
• Could it be the heavy promotions and psychology trainings that makes the
buyers feel the effect of Biodisc?
• In Summary, is‘t all about the PLACEBO effect?? From what you are saying
―All I can say is that the Bio Disc works… as long as you want it to work.‖
Is‘t from what you have wrote in your comment above, it does sounds like you are
an oxy-moron person? You want to order a ―Teh Ais‖ without Teh, or you want to
eat ―Nasi Lemak‖ without Lemak? Seeing those hardcore promoters in hotel
function room with so much promising of healing, with testimonials and even hoo
haa shouting and yelling even standing up on the chairs calling your uplines out.
When asked about how is Biodisc? Those members are shouting ―GREAT!‖,
―FANTASTIC!‖, etc. You mentioned that we need to think positive in order to
heal, and probably takes 3 months. I would highly suspecting that only those who
are in the core group of Questnet are saying that it works, because this requires
alot of brain-washing activities to sell the products. I also heard that BioDisc is
selling very well every week, I believe after 3 months, I should be seeing more
and more people coming out with new testimonials. However, many just keep
quiet, and again, the same old core group stand out for the same testimonial again!
My sister was in Questnet, she was wasted her 6 months time working and selling
Biodisc and keep persuading me to join. She graduated and was a very bright
student. Now she has found a job and start working in corporate. I can only see
that BioDisc is just an ―excuses‖ in covering a Binary scheme that encourage
member to RECRUIT new member in joining the business, to balance a tree of
3UVL/3UVR for a commission cheque. In most of the training functions, it
emphasized alot of recruitments strategies for new members on how to recruits
their friends and families into the business.

I hate to hear the excuses given by your uplines when someone claimed that the
Biodisc doesn‘t work:
a) You are healthy enough
b) You didn‘t use the Disc long enough
c) You need to think positive and it will works for you
d) Taste the lemon and banana, it changed the taste, it works.. you will be healthy!
Heck! I am talking about my body, why compare with lemon, orange, wine,
cigarette or banana?
 I hate thise) Let‘s focus in the BUSINESS!! most! They diverted by questions
   about BioDisc to focus into business and making money!? Is all BioDisc
   promoters doing all these for money, and doesn‘t bother about their buyer‘s
   concern? This is closed to a scam or fraud! When a question is asked, please
   answer, don‘t divert.


141.       francis says:
   November 11th, 2007 at 11:30 am

   Oh!!!!!!!!!! this is spreading like virus. I saw somany big shots running behind
   this to get more
   rich more faster!!!!!!!!! They are cheating the poors!!!!!How we can stop it?

142.       Frank says:
   November 11th, 2007 at 11:31 am

   Oh!!!!!!!!!! this is spreading like virus. I saw somany big shots running behind
   this to get more
   rich more faster!!!!!!!!! They are cheating the poors!!!!!How we can stop it?

143.       QNIR says:
   November 11th, 2007 at 5:12 pm

   We dont know how pepsi is produced- as the production is kept a sceret, the
   powder produce comes from the factory just add carbonated water- why are you
   using it ? & every body knows its is harmful.
   If you dont know the academic backgroud of a person you will not use any thing
   he produces- especially if this new product may benefit you ?
   So if you know the backgroud- will you use it ?. Addison- producer of electric
   bulb never completed the primary school- stop using electric bulbs, what is the
   academic qualification of Bill Gates ?
   It is not radioactive- place is close to a photographic film roll & develop the film
   you will know.
   I dont know Dr.Ian, I donot intend to do so if the product he produces is helping
   me. The scientist who produce the nuclear explosion devices & chemical weapons
   are highly qualified & often PhD- so use these as often as possible ?
   The disc does not create any energy, attract the energy just as the magnet does not
   produce energy but concentrates it around itself.
   ―All I can say is that the Bio Disc works… as long as you want it to work.‖-
   exactly true- as long as it work- use it !

144.       Benedict says:
   November 11th, 2007 at 6:03 pm

   sounds like those words from scammers..
   You can sell a motorbike and tell the customer that it‘s a ferrari. A customer ask
   ―HOW?‖, and your answer is ―If you want it to be a Ferrari, It‘s a ferrari!‖. Many
   people are curious and wonder, but why QN IR who has met Dr Ian Lyons so
   many times never able to answer a few simple questions? So, QNIR is NOT able
   to answer it, but instead HE IS DIVERTING to Pepsi, and said it‘s SECRET!!!

   Scammer? Well, to me, This is words from SCAMMER! sorry, you failed and
   disappoint all your people in QN.

145.       Benedict says:
   November 11th, 2007 at 6:13 pm

   If BioDisc is selling in Australia, with strong consumer law, people who said the
   words like ―QNIR‖ will definitely being sued. Those words being said is totally
   against consumer act. Especially products related to Health should be properly
   investigated, approved, and tested thoroughly through government lab and health
   authorities, not just simply sold by any Mickey Mouse in town. Look at Questnet
   IR who sell BioDisc with their words ――All I can say is that the Bio Disc works…
   as long as you want it to work.‖- exactly true- as long as it work- use it !‖
   A wise person will definitely smell the scams. Ohh… too bad.. If I am new
   prospect and I hear this, this pissed me off straight away. Nice try but it doesn‘t

146.       QNIR says:
   November 11th, 2007 at 8:05 pm

   I say the same words again- smoking kills- proved repeatedly- why use it-
   thousand intelligent & so called ―wise person‖ people use it - why ? some body
   want to help you and you say scam- strange world ?
   The Ferarri example- is a very inappropriate example- If I buy a bike which fulfill
   my need I dont care if some body calls it a ferarri.
   I have never met Dr.Ian, I dont want to know how BIODISC works, as long as it
   helps me.
   I think you can finish this question- Your sister should go to court on Quest net on
   BIODISC, save our time & trouble of reading lenghty, strange and irrelavant e

147.       specilised says:
   November 12th, 2007 at 1:54 am

   Biodisc is definite sicence, but not true science it‘s call PSEUDOSIENCE /JUNK
   SIENCE I also called it nonsense science, any reasonable intelligence peoson
   should be able to differentiate these, There is a difference between a real qualified
   Doctor and a self claimed fake Doctor (??) Puyol, there is a difference between
   BOMOH (Medicine men and qualified Doctors.
148.       Benedict says:
   November 12th, 2007 at 4:54 am

   QNIR shows what level of intelligence when giving a comment. It shows this
   person is full with ignorance that ―Don‘t Care‖ is the attitude. What could be your
   reputation here, when you don‘t know the inventor, you don‘t know how it works,
   and you are fully promoting BioDisc. And you keep saying it works.

   I can only conclude one thing on you. You are looking for quick money. That‘s

   Doesn‘t what I said is right??
   ―Don‘t ask, It works, Just Buy, I need your UV!‖

149.       QNIR says:
   November 12th, 2007 at 11:06 am

   OH God… OK- answer following questiones with yes or no
   If you dont know how a product works you shouldnt be using it ?
   If a product is helping you, do you need to know the inventors educational
   qualification ?
   If the product is helping you, but the product inventor is a total idiot/fraud, should
   you be using the product ?
   If a product is harmful should you be using it just because you know how it works
   A product is harmful to you, but produced by a genious- should you be using it ?

   Benedict:- This DONT care attitude is is in every body, be a family man- care for
   your family members, support your family. if it was my sister who joined this
   business, I would have joined her business immediately not only that I would
   have made my best friends join under her & would have supported her all the way
   to make her successful, I would have never opposed her.

150.       Benedict says:
   November 12th, 2007 at 11:58 am

   You are brain-washed child in QN. It‘s because people like you that love to drag
   your whole family members into the scheme and you still think you did a good

   We know the car is invented by Henry Ford, We know Electricity is invented by
   Thomas Edition, we know Phone is invented by Alexander Graham Bell and they
   got nobel prizes for helping mankind. Their history are searchable in wikipedia ,
   but never Dr Ian Lyons.
   In any food we bought, we have the ingredients stated in the packing. In the
   medicine we have the formula % of the ingredient used. We know Pepsi is
   carbonated drink with sugar, water and CO2.

   As a consumer, we have right to ask the question. They shouldn‘t be any
   restriction from asking because only SCAMMER will try to prevent anybody to
   know more about the product.

   You know that this business is only 3% success and 97% failure. You have
   admitted it. And yet, you still encourage your whole family members to join the
   business! Are you asking your grand father to show plan to his friends? This is
   not helping your family members but using them as your marketing tools.

   Why BioDisc is so secretive? Why the product is selling but everything is
   unknown and cannot be questioned? Doesn‘t it sounds very fishy? But I can give
   a guess. Because Questnet is running a binary plan and it‘s a pyramid scheme.
   People do not bother about the BiODisc but repeatedly persuade to join the
   business. This is a recruitment game, where people are only concentrating in
   getting sign ups. Regarding the BioDisc, do you need to know more about it? I
   don‘t think so. QNIR, your mind is full of craps. I hope you have a good
   wonderful life. In 2 years time. Please come back and updates your status. I hope
   you still in the business.

151.       QNIR says:
   November 12th, 2007 at 12:54 pm

   OK, this was what I was expecting you to say- you are so predictable….
   Go to the Pepsi website ask them how the pepsi powder is produce, how many
   ingredient are used, where they are acquiring them from, what processes are used
   to make this powder- consumer rights- if they dont tell you stop using it & ask
   your family & friend to stop using it too. Lastly ask any doctors is drinking pepsi
   help/harmfull to health.
   You have a preconceive notion that QN is scam (based on you family experience)
   nothing will change your mind, do us a favour visit the BIODISC factory on your
   own expense. I am not asking may granfather to show plan because I dont have
   one, but you did not help your sister, made her go in psychological stress- not

152.       specilised says:
   November 12th, 2007 at 2:08 pm

   Tell us where is the actual BIODISC factory, here is a comment by Tony M of
   AUstralia on the manufacturer of BIODSC

   Contacting Schott AG is easy enough why did none of you do this? There is no
   patent or copywrite on the Biodisc anywhere on this planet, and therefore no
   confidentiality agreement is possible.
   The reply was simple enough …it was manufactured by Schott (they could not
   tell me if it still is because it is not a regular production item and IS ONLY
   manufactured in the Architectural Division, it has no relationship to suggestions
   by some that it is made from the same materials as the space-shuttle windscreen
   (more rubbish from idiots). Besides the physical dimensions, asthetic design and
   It is not even a special order request as Schott have this glass listed as a standard
   PRODUCT with its own order number. When purchasing the disc from Schott,
   you give the quantity required, the design brief (or CADCAM files) and select the
   glass type from their catalogue.

   The import document to countries that then receive this order states ‗

   The reason glass is selected and not some other material is because there are no
   special fees or delays in shipping like there would be for porcelain (customs need
   to XRay) metal(production cost is much higer than glass), wood is again more
   expensive to manufacture and wood also has special requirement in customs that
   might cause additional expenses for the importer. Also Wood cannot be referred

153.       specilised says:
   November 12th, 2007 at 2:15 pm

   Here is another very comment by Tony M from Australia on the BIODISC

   Country of manufacture …which is it, GERMANY or MALAYSIA????…our
   labelling laws require that the item sold declares its place of origin/manufacture
   and so far all the sellers are still declaring it is German made.

   WOW, the manufacturing machinery was relocated to Indonesia ….WHAT!!!
   could‘nt they find a bucket and wooden-spoon in Malaysia

   I wonder when a seller(con) imports these bits of glass into Australia as to what
   they are declared as ….I would bet my left nut that they are not declared as
   medicinal. I would love for you or some other seller(con) to send me a copy of an
   import document. I would love to see WHAT THEY ARE CALLED BEFORE

   it is a DRINK COASTER ????? Or maybe you call them religious artifacts to
   dodge any duties …afterall one of you suggested that HOLY WATER was
   involved (Oh!! that is even funnier than the one about the two Nigerians)

   Oh and whats that you ask …what is a(con)???…it‘s an abbreviated term for
   CONNING. The term ‗con‘ is used in Australia to denote a theiving liar willing to
   deceive those that might be otherwise weak or desperate to believe.

154.       Benedict says:
   November 12th, 2007 at 2:45 pm

   Thanks specilised for bring up the info from Topix forum. Tony M did brought up
   alot of insider information about BioDisc, and there‘s nothing special about the
   glass because it‘s just NOT being ―secretly‖ manufactured in Germany. And
   workers doesn‘t even know what is so ―magical‖ about the disc. It‘s just because
   of the hexagon structure, but it has been claimed to contain 13 mineral and super
   resonance that able to change the water molecule and energized the water up to 15
   years! It just a pure marketing gimmick to sell to customers.
   No wonder Dr Ian Lyons never won any Nobel Prize, never even got the patent
   no. of his design and basically there is NO design at all, it just a piece of mind

155.       Benedict says:
   November 12th, 2007 at 2:58 pm

   QNIR, I don‘t know why you keep taking Pepsi as your example. Eventhough
   you mentioned that there is SECRET in Pepsi Ingredient, I just typed ―Pepsi
   Ingredient‖ at Google and I found this:

   Amount per 100mL
   Energy 196.5 kJ
   Fat 0 g
   Sodium 0.98 mg
   Carbohydrates 11.74 g
   Sugar 11.04 g
   Protein 0 g
   Caffeine 10 mg

156.       Romeo Castillo says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 12:48 am

   What is SCAM? What is Pyramid? Whatever you called baby…. you are such an
   ignorant creatures in this
   world. Why don‘t study mathimatics so that you will understand this ―Questnet‖
   Interacive Network
   Marketing Business.. Why People buy Cost BMW X5 compare to cheaper KIA
   made in Korea that travel the same
   hours to reach your home. Why People buy Rolex compare to Casio which tells
   us the same number of
   hours, minutes and second every day? Why people eat in a very expensive
   porkchop and steaks in
   expensive restaurant compare to cheap and clean reestaurant that satisfied your
   thousand of Bahraini poeple buying Bahrain Duty Free raffle ticket but only one
   will win?
   Why those EMPLOYEES are not getting paid when they are not going to
   work/absent/late? Whay I am
   earning US$ 5,000.00 every week just 4 years ago compare to those people nine
   years ago. Why you
   blame people buying Quest Products and not from famous malls in Bahrain like
   Italian look alike
   leather goods, clothes and other gadget… Why You idot, stupid and ignorant
   creature should not learn this
   online business so that you will find the real answer to your QUEST in life. Your
   Highness Khalid
   Saad and Munter Almudawi, highly educated in United Knowhere (UK)are
   showing your real brain that
   look like a MUSTRAD SEEDS into 8 billion worldwide.
   so you might find our humor and posts flavored with a bit of a British twist !
   Cheers & please enjoy our blog.

157.       specilised says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 3:50 am

   Dont try to divert topics, questneter are good at giving a questions to a question,
   they are well brainwashed to deceived people and divert topics. X5 and KIa
   example is irrelavent here. I can say iam earning USD 50,000 a weeks who

158.       Benedict says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 4:46 am

   Romeo Castillo from (www. yalaaa. com)… name can be fake, just in order to
   convince more people to join the scheme, leaders are creating fake identity and
   fake figures. Easy, you went to a stranger and told the stranger that you made
   US$5000 a week and show some ―scanned‖ photoshopped cheque and that
   stranger sign up and the next day you disappeared. QN IRs very concern the
   appearance and outlook.
   A real millionaire will never boost their income to everyone.. only the fake

159.       QNIR says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 11:09 am
   Strange world

160.       Romeo Castillo says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 12:02 pm

   Author: Benedict
   Romeo Castillo from (www. yalaaa. com)… name can be fake, just in order to
   convince more people to join the scheme, leaders are creating fake identity and
   figures. Easy, you went to a stranger and told the stranger that you made US$5000
   week and show some ―scanned‖ photoshopped cheque and that stranger sign up
   and the
   next day you disappeared. QN IRs very concern the appearance and outlook.
   A real millionaire will never boost their income to everyone.. only the fake
   Hi>> Author: Benedict.. Are you crazy,fake and stupid!!!! Why don‘t you ask me
   to send to
   you the deposit slip I made to my Bank in UAE ( ADCBank, HSBC, National
   Bank of Abu Dahbi. You
   those who did not even try what reality, because you have a fake personality, had
   fake experience
   and have a fake lifestyle. Common BeneDICK. I feel sorry for incompetent,
   insecure people like you.
   Your statement above shows ignorance to the reality of life, its like saying Bill
   Gates is fake
   because he encourages people to own a computer or saying that Amazon.com is
   fake, how can you say
   that we,who are striving to earn and make money, in a legit way is a scam, maybe
   you‘ve just had a
   series of misfortunes,thus taking it out on to innocent,ignorant masses via internet,
   sure everyone
   is entitled to their opinion but calling someone a fake when they have proof of
   what they do is
   childish and ignorant. I hope you will see the light, if you‘re not stubborn enough
   to call it fake.
   By the way, how is a fake millionare a fake when they have the money,the
   cheques and bank accounts
   to proove it? Again grow up,study or read the business you bash before you
   decide to bash it.

161.       truthfinder says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 12:39 pm

   hi all,
   I am from INDIA.
   They trapped me.what is the result i lost my friendship.
   This bloddy people are really playing with the relationships.
   I am very unlucky murther started this after i signedup.
   I dont know hw to stop this process in INDIA.
   Hey QN guys if at all u have guts answer the various questions(SO CALLED
   INDIA is a country where highest proirity is for relationships please dont spoil the
   relationships here.
   Even that so called vijayeswaran is also from INDIA(NOW HE CHANGED HIS

162.       Romeo Castillo says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 12:46 pm

   specilised says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 3:50 am
   Dont try to divert topics, questneter are good at giving a questions to a question,
   they are
   well brainwashed to deceived people and divert topics. X5 and KIa example is
   irrelavent here.
   I can say iam earning USD 50,000 a weeks who knows.

   Hi ‖ SPECIALISED‖ Even simple english you don‘t know how to write:
   ―SPECIALIZED‖ Why are you hiding you
   yourself.. Afraid of reality, So how can you say ―well brainwashed to deceived
   people‖. Are not educated
   and change people live beyond poverty to financial freedom. Are not trained in
   school to make money?
   Are you not rained by your company to work properly for them to make money
   for your monthly salary?
   Are you not trained by your parents to make money to save you family in time
   they need money. Mr
   ―SPECIALIZED‖ What specialty are you doing today? Take my word!!!
   Employee Are First Class Slave!!!!
   People who are spending $500.00 to buy a BIO DISC product from Questnet and
   earn hundreds and
   thousands of US$ by referring people to buy the same product from Questnet are
   ways of deceiving
   people.. commmonnnn…. Mr. SPECIALISE… I went to a nice restaurant and I
   love,like and refer
   people to that restaurant and they feel the same and refer, refer,refer… poeple..
   Who made a
   good income/profit… the restaurant owner right? YES.. Now I bought a product
   from Questnet and
   we have an agreement that if I refer people to buy the product from them, they
   will give me
   commission, is taht a way of deceiving people? You are another idiot, stupid and
   an educated
   about Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing, Direct Selling or whatever
   marketing. We in people
   in this Industry are the same like before, we never stop learning, working what is
   the busines
   TRENDS of Today… We are in the Internet/Online/E-commerce/E-business…
   Better get up from your bed
   buy the BIO DISC from Questnet to cure your sickness because sick and tired
   about your life.. chick this
   website: www.questbiodisc.com… You need my Mobile # 0097150 8296553 and
   Questnet I.R. No. AA022761
   and I will help you build your Financial Independence of Financial Freedom,
   because I help a lot of
   people around the world who earned thousand US$ a week by just buying a
   product from Questnet that
   worth US$ 630.00-Bio Disc and Call Back System… By the way if you bought
   the product and did‘nt
   make any money? What did you gain? You have the product in your hand and
   that will help you
   save 65% money through your International Direct Dialing PLUS that bio disc
   will help you cure
   your DIABETIS, HEART Problem, Knee problem and other related sicknesses..
   Are you afraid of buying
   and spending worht US$630.00 from Questnet? Any way you almost spent your
   money buying expensive mobile phones
   ,Flat Scren TV, HI-FI Components, Car with Insurance and other related
   expenses… Now POEPLE around
   the world and most especialy poeple from Bahrain, DID YOU GET THE BIG

163.       Romeo Castillo says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 1:06 pm

   truthfinder says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 12:39 pm
   hi all,
   I am from INDIA.
   They trapped me.what is the result i lost my friendship.
   This bloddy people are really playing with the relationships.
   I am very unlucky murther started this after i signedup.
   I dont know hw to stop this process in INDIA.
   Hey QN guys if at all u have guts answer the various questions(SO CALLED
   INDIA is a country where highest proirity is for relationships please dont spoil the
   relationships here.
   Even that so called vijayeswaran is also from INDIA(NOW HE CHANGED HIS

   POOR truthfinder, You are not trapped bynthis people but you trapped yourself.
   ―Ignorance in law
   excuse no one‖ No one will take you money with-out your knowledge and you are
   aware about what and why you have to pay
   the product.. Poeple… don‘t pay any single amount of money if you don‘t
   understand what are
   you paying for… Is VJ is bad? You idiot you started your owned business with a
   capital of
   thousand rp. and you never bother to learn the business and you failed and you
   blame VJ?. Millionairs
   they never stop learning until they are 6 feet below the ground.. How about you?
   You allow anybody
   to run your business and if they failed you will blame them? HEY…. thats not
   how run your life?
   You can continue by educating yourself, start sharing the sytem and the plan to
   anyone, to everyoneand
   and to someone and it might take a month or a year… The SYSTEM is Perfect
   But Poeple Failed is
   taht simple…

164.       specilised says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 1:06 pm

   Wow!! employee are first class slave, that‘s a good one, other than that are all
   nonsense irrelavent rubbish
   If Biodisc & QN are so good why would so many people condemn it?? I would be
   very glad to do the BUZ actively and promoting it if QN BUZ is sooo good.

165.       Romeo Castillo says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 1:25 pm

   specilised says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 1:06 pm
   Wow!! employee are first class slave, that‘s a good one, other than that are all
   nonsense irrelavent rubbish
   If Biodisc & QN are so good why would so many people condemn it?? I would be
   very glad to do the BUZ actively and promoting it if QN BUZ is sooo good

   Hi why don‘t you call me and I will show you to be free from your employer (
   My friend this just an openion and I don‘t want to hurt you, but if I need to hurt
   you,to realized
   where you are today by buying any product from questnet and where you will be
   5 year from now,
   mark my word, you will realy feel the resutl, FAILURE or SUCCES. For me
   failure will make me stronger
   and stronger for just an amount of US$630.00. For poeple who love challenges
   will always get the
   reward. Just like MANNY PACQUIAO from Philippine. He is boxing world
   champion by defeating all those
   world renown Mixican boxers. He alway put his life and his face infront of his
   opponent to become a champion.
   He never run from his opponent. Can you immagine champions become
   champion. Give me your emailadds
   and I will show and help you change your life financialy free from ‖ First Class
   Slaves‖ I am not ofending any one
   because you start giving me the openion and I am giving mine… To achieved
   something, you must give

166.       Romeo Castillo says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 2:01 pm

   Benedict says:
   November 8th, 2007 at 3:07 pm ‖ How many people are eraning and how many
   are not‖
   Can you tell me BeneDECK.. How many millionaire who invest who lost? and
   How many millionaires
   invest and they win? And.. How many times you invest? did you gain or did
   lost…. I am sure you
   are such a losser….. that is why you are realy smart in giving negative advices
   and openions.. You realy beleive
   in saying>>> What Planted.. Is What You Will Harvest… Why don‘t say bad
   things about AMWAY, FLP,
   ebay and Amazon.com… What you can offer to me so that I will staff.. Do you
   have some… Commoooonnnnn
   idiot and stupid… oppps.. it hurts… sorry… no ofend…

   Benedict says:
   November 8th, 2007 at 4:55 pm
   You never answer my Question to you. Please re-read my comment above. And I
   am KNOW Questnet more
   than you do.

   Don‘t throw you foolish statement that WE GUYS KNOW NOTHING ABOUT
   I heard about GOLDQUEST in end year 1999 in Malaysia. I have been
   approached since then. I know the 5/5=400 plan as well, and the revolution to E-
   Q-A 3/3=250 plan. If your account is started with HY, HU, you probably don‘t
   what happened to most AA IRs now. I wish you all the best, Gold Digger. Don‘t
   burn a hole in your
   pocket. Good Luck!

   Losssseeerrrrr…. I realized that you are such an ashole in this Interactive
   Marketing Industry.
   Why don‘t you join us digging gold. who knows you will find some.. Is it bad
   being a miner. You know
   you are just envey for those Malaysian who made a thousand U$D a week. You
   realy understand the
   income plan? Why? You realy hates people who made money? You know exactly
   this business.‖ Those works
   will those who earn‖. You know the system is perfect but people failed and is that
   simple idiot.
   My TCO # AA022761 and I am just a very poor among the poorest, but I do
   beleive on the system
   and I do beleive that I had the products in my hand…. and I do beleive that the
   price and the
   prized are high… What we need is to work with system and the system will work
   for me… Did I
   made a clear openion on what I am doing today.. I am not a ―First Class Slave‖
   because employee
   are considered first class slave… Yes sir… Yes Boss…. Yes…. Yes.. is that your
   today… Be smart and give me your best openion BeneDICK…

167.       specilised says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 2:52 pm

   Romeo, Romeo, I am not a employee for your information, I only earn USD50 a
   week, I am illiterate, but I am financially free, I use only my mountain bike, and
   ―Ocean Kayak‖ as transport, live in the jungle on trees, fishing my own fish and
   collect my own vege, I have 0 debts. I don‘t understand those nonsense you
   wrote. life to me t‘s not that complicated, but I know QN is not going to make life
   better for most people, you are a selfish person.

168.       Benedict says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 4:57 pm

   Romeo o‘ Romeo, do you think I am so desperate for money? I have inherit
   Millions in USD from my father and I am definitely a freeman having alots of
   free time talking to you here.

   Romeo, listen. Eventhough I am rich, I am not as desperate like you looking for
   sign up over the internet! Do always think that without Questnet, everybody is
   living in hell. You are definitely wrong. You know who is Kurt Rinck? He has
   been sued by his very good brother VJ. You know who want to sue Vijay and
   team? Patrick Zuniga? You know what happened to Joe Fabrigase, Ibu Goernani,
   Ronnie Wong? They have left the team. How about Royce Lance? He is no longer
   working in QN. What does this means? Even without QN, people will not die in
   hunger like what you said.

   I want to challenge you here. Don‘t talk so much cock, now show me the
   GENEOLOGY here. How many are earning, how many are not? I am sure you
   know the truth.

   For you to make US$5000 a week, you should have 60UV Left and 60 UV Right,
   which means US$60,000 worth of purchase from your downlines. I am not sure
   who are these downline from, but hey.. are you think your nation is US$60k
   poorer every week to feed YOU alone for US$5000?

   I double dared you not able to speak the truth about your own Geneology, Romeo.
   Tell the truth… How many % in your geneology is making money?

169.       QNIR says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 5:52 pm

   Benedicts #304: Biodisc composition:
   2.Natural mineral > 13 in different composition

   Very nice cut & paste from the pepsi website- congratulations, but what is the
   molecular formula ? & how is it produced please answer me …, who produced
   this deadly poison ? what was his academic qualification ?

170.       Benedict says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 6:01 pm

   I think you brain is damaged, QNIR. You must believe that everything you buy in
   this world is top secret. You don‘t know what you eat, what you wear, what you
   drink, what you drive… because all seller are selling secret to you. All you need
   is DON‘T ASK QUESTION and PAY YOUR MONEY. That‘s all. You must
   came out from some hospital, I guess. Pity you, QNIR.

171.       QNIR says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 6:08 pm

   You got Million USD by inheritence, you donot know how to earn this much.
   How many people you have helped to earn a decent living- probably Non. I help a
   person who was educated, but unabler to earn money, now he is independent.
172.       Romeo Castillo says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 7:24 pm

   Benedict says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 4:57 pm
   Romeo o‘ Romeo, do you think I am so desperate for money? I have inherit
   Millions in USD from my father and I am definitely a freeman having alots of
   free time talking to you here.

   Romeo, listen. Eventhough I am rich, I am not as desperate like you looking for
   sign up over the internet! Do always think that without Questnet, everybody is
   living in hell. You are definitely wrong. You know who is Kurt Rinck? He has
   been sued by his very good brother VJ. You know who want to sue Vijay and
   team? Patrick Zuniga? You know what happened to Joe Fabrigase, Ibu Goernani,
   Ronnie Wong? They have left the team. How about Royce Lance? He is no longer
   working in QN. What does this means? Even without QN, people will not die in
   hunger like what you said.

   Hellooooooooo BeneDECK.. Now I know you… You are such a liar, lunatic and
   a lossssseeerrrrrrrrrr.
   People having an inheriance of Million should help those people where mother
   Teresa lived, but you
   such having a bad mouthing about this industry should preach good new to the
   worls today.. Where
   are money…. If you can‘t say something nice… Don‘t say nothing at all….
   Losssseeerrrrrr.. hahaha

   I want to challenge you here. Don‘t talk so much cock, now show me the
   GENEOLOGY here. How many are earning, how many are not? I am sure you
   know the truth.

   For you to make US$5000 a week, you should have 60UV Left and 60 UV Right,
   which means US$60,000 worth of purchase from your downlines. I am not sure
   who are these downline from, but hey.. are you think your nation is US$60k
   poorer every week to feed YOU alone for US$5000?

   I double dared you not able to speak the truth about your own Geneology, Romeo.
   Tell the truth… How many % in your geneology is making money?

173.       Benedict says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 7:31 pm

   The loser just not able to answer to my challenge.

174.       Benedict says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 7:41 pm
   I have 300 employee working in my company with total payable salary of
   US$250,000 monthly salary. I am not making them rich, but everyone is living
   happily and healthy with their family CONSISTENTLY MONTHLY INCOME!

   In Questnet, you help 3% to make money however 97% did not make a cheques.
   Are you saying you are making your nation Rich ? I don‘t think so. You people
   with same race, religion and color are probably loosing more money because of
   YOU. Are they making money in day 1? Can they make their first cheque within
   9 months? Are they able to make monthly cheque after 1 year? Can they still
   active in business after 2 years? You can‘t even tell who can survive in QN, the
   quitting rate is much greater than you can think.

   Why the immortal Questnet is banned in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Iran? Why not
   Romeo, you fly to these countries and talk to their governments? Don‘t you think
   you are very selfish? Has all your family members making US$5000 weekly even
   your Grand Parents? How about first 10 sign ups? All also making US$5000?

   Only a person that failed in Maths will trust your lies. This is a BINARY
   SCHEME. You know the pro and con?

175.       Munther says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 8:32 pm

   @ Romeo: Please keep it clean ! Using foul language isn‘t aiding your case ! In
   fact it shows the ugly side of QN ! You have been warned !

176.       Kaunain Shahidi says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 8:57 pm

   Guys, the best way to defeat somebody is by your politeness.
   and this is what taught by QuestNet as well. Please do not get carried away
   by tough questions, these are essential for developing character and
   our internal growth.

   Wherever you are right now, you are placed in the best possible position
   to improve yourself. This is the way of universe. Some people break when
   in trouble; others break records.

   My request to all QuestNet members are kindly find out the best possible
   way to answer the questions raised by prospects on the board, as every question
   is, in itself, a solution, yet unrealised.

   I am sure one day Mr. Munther and team would be our QuestNet partners,
   the highest expecation with best execution attitude will able to change the
   lives of many deserving like Munther. All the Best guys.
177.       QNIR says:
   November 13th, 2007 at 10:56 pm

   Benedict 323:
   To me it is no success at all if inherit a million dollar bussiness, enjoying the hard
   efforts of your father.
   You are paying $250,000 monthly, how much you are making ? does the salary of
   a person increase when you get more profit ?, but surely if your profit drops you
   will start to fire your employees.
   You have not answered my question regarding pepsi instead you are talking
   nonsense ..

178.       specilised says:
   November 14th, 2007 at 2:17 am

   Conclusion :
   QNIR : young, naive peoson.
   Romeo : below average IQ, low education, rude, selfish person
   Tell me where is the BIODISC factory exactly

179.       specilised says:
   November 14th, 2007 at 2:28 am

   I will bet with anyone for USD5000 on whether BIODISC is truly as what it
   claims or it‘s just merely a piece of glass and marketing gimmik, we can go to a
   reputable independent lab or reputable government agencies to test it, anyone
   want to join in the bet ROMEO,QNIR etc etc….. if it‘s it really as it claims you
   can take my USD5000

180.       HAMPROF says:
   November 14th, 2007 at 2:53 pm

   I was trapped as well, one of my friend came to me, u know as usual he gave me
   the near rich future in front of me so that I thought I will be rich a year, so I
   enrolled my son and wife as the system describes that who ever come later my
   wife & son will Benefit as well, so got in to the trap. Then when we tried to bring
   people in the system we found that I am not that easy, people do not get
   convinced very easy. I made presentation in a professional way on my laptop with
   power point but no use,
   Do you why? Because I felt that I am fooling him to pay this much money for bio
   disc, which is worthy $10, only do you believe that.
   I found a little Receipt with disc price on it and I was $10 only so why then they
   make you buy it for $540? Isn‘t it a scam (fooling people?
   Finally it is a good thing happened in Bahrain that shaikh mohmood a.latif and
   khaikh nedham al yaqoobi announced in the masjid Friday praying time (salat al
   jumah) that it is prohibited in isalm (haraam haraam).
   It is not worth it believe me I al most lost my friends if not already done.
   becarful i am telling you do not join, do not join.

181.       specilised says:
   November 14th, 2007 at 4:57 pm

   Finally as I had predicted the cost of ―miracle‖ BIODISC is very low i.e. $10
   which sell for USD500, $540 is distributed as profit to the upline, the company
   and the fat fellow.

182.       specilised says:
   November 14th, 2007 at 5:03 pm

   Dear Munther, Can you find out what is the punishment in Islamic law for
   commiting such a crime by scamming/ conning people with such a worthless
   products? should they get their hand / tongue / head cut off in public??

183.       QNIR says:
   November 14th, 2007 at 6:34 pm

   I have noted this, be ready with your $5000

184.       indian says:
   November 14th, 2007 at 9:37 pm

   Quest Net members ! I have only one thing to tell you . You yourself know what
   you are doing is not ethical and GOD is watching us all !

185.       HAMPROF says:
   November 15th, 2007 at 9:06 am

   To tell you the truth I am using the bio, the water that I take a bath with it really
   changes the condition of my hair it is not like when you take a bath with out bio
   (only a tap water). You feel your hair is deferent. Also the water taste changes
   when I drink, but is there is any side effect in the future? Can anybody
   experienced that please help?

186.       johnny.qi says:
   November 15th, 2007 at 9:52 am

   hi all i have one question for all refusing this opportunity of questnet becoming
   real what else business could you tell me better than this?who is the company that
   can pay 3000$ aday for the work you do by just letting your mind be intelligent
   and creative sale agent .no international work is easily achievable in the world
   than this world‘s most beautifull business.one thing why do people lose in this
   business? because just they are not effectively trusting and working the business
   as nice as its beauty ,one last but not not least thing let‘s work for the better of
   you and me just let‘s talk.it‘s not really like you are saying you know all about it
   world‘s most beutifull business has to had great mentors genius leaders and many
   so scientific human‘s most wonderfull power anyways for for better or for worth
   let‘s talk ,mail me honestly we can make changes, yours bro johnny
   thank you mail:johnny.qi.07@gmail.com

187.       QNIR says:
   November 15th, 2007 at 11:00 am

   What unethical in this please explain ?

188.       HAMPROF says:
   November 15th, 2007 at 12:57 pm

   hi qnir
   if your are gaining alot by now then you see it that nothing is wrong but how do
   you feel when you tell your friend that this is the time for you to quit your job as
   all ir‘s say then you tell him that is going to be rich. ok if he is smart enough then
   he can scam others to bring them, but if he could not bring any one would you pay
   him from the big amount that you get every week?

189.       prasad says:
   November 15th, 2007 at 2:09 pm

   hey nice blog folks……………….
   yesterday my frnd told me to join questnet as it had a great potential to earn
   more money in short time……by reading these blogs i realised that money should
   be earned by
   hard work n by cheating others….but basically lets face it all want to make quick
   some say its good to earnmoney as its more like business….nsome say they end
   up bankrupt…..
   wats t whole idea…im not able to come to conclusion as to join or not…..pls can
   anyone enlighten me more clearly….before i decide to join questnet

190.       HAMPROF says:
   November 15th, 2007 at 8:34 pm

   donot join prasad i have joined and brought my family in but it is hard bringing in
   , your friends will avoid you soon,i feel like i am fool now.

191.       Romeo Castillo says:
   November 16th, 2007 at 12:16 am
   prasad says:
   November 15th, 2007 at 2:09 pm
   hey nice blog folks……………….
   yesterday my frnd told me to join questnet as it had a great potential to earn
   more money in short time……by reading these blogs i realised that money should
   be earned by
   hard work n by cheating others….but basically lets face it all want to make quick
   some say its good to earnmoney as its more like business….nsome say they end
   up bankrupt…..
   wats t whole idea…im not able to come to conclusion as to join or not…..pls can
   anyone enlighten me more clearly….before i decide to join questnet

   Hi Prasad, I am Mr. Romeo Castillo, started this business 1999 till now and
   forever…. If you
   want to know the whole concpt, just send me your email adds and I will explain it
   to you, or here
   is my email adds: director1@yalaaa.com and my Mobile # is 00971508296553…
   Contact me ASAP..

192.       Romeo Castillo says:
   November 16th, 2007 at 12:22 am

   HAMPROF says:
   November 15th, 2007 at 8:34 pm
   donot join prasad i have joined and brought my family in but it is hard bringing in
   , your friends will avoid you soon,i feel like i am fool now.

   Hi Mr. HAMPROF… I can say something which is very simple to understand:
   ―The system is Prefect,
   But People Failed:‖ and that is you…. losssserrrrr….. What can I advice you is to
   work with
   the system and the system will work for you…. I don‘t mean that you are
   losssser.. what I mean is
   those who quit will never win and those winners always never quit… Are lossserr
   or Winner..

193.       Romeo Castillo says:
   November 16th, 2007 at 12:25 am

   indian says:
   November 14th, 2007 at 9:37 pm
   Quest Net members ! I have only one thing to tell you . You yourself know what
   you are doing is not ethical and GOD is watching us all !

   Yes Mr. INDIAN… GOD is watching us doing good thin and earning good
194.       Benedict says:
   November 16th, 2007 at 2:59 am

   You still wildly finding recruits through internet huh?
   I think you must have not earn enough from Questnet since 1999 and you are
   getting too desperate already here. Don‘t call people loser, when you, yourself,
   can‘t even take up my challenges I posted in the above. Aren‘t you feel ashame as
   a ―leader‖ here?

   To lure your new sign up, you try to paint the ugliest pictures of all other income
   make like employee, self-employed, business owner and even investor. You only
   paint a good picture of your Goldquest/Questnet dreams. You can‘t even make
   sure that all your downlines could make their first cheque in the first 9 months,
   you can‘t even make sure that your downlines will make consistent cheque after 1
   year and you can‘t even make sure that your downlines will stay with you after 2
   years. And you keep getting new recruits? Probably your network already
   collapsed and your downlines are not picking your calls anymore. What a shame,

   If you are that great, why not you focus on your own downlines rather than
   finding prospect over the internet.

   Yes, for all QN IRs, they said QN is the vehicle to be rich BUT on the other hand,
   only 3% could make it, at least making 1 single cheque, leaving 97% people
   earning no cheque. They don‘t blame the system, leaders, etc.. They always blame
   on YOU, because YOU don‘t sign up your family, relatives, friends, colleagues,
   strangers, beggars, patients, students, etc. They want you to work for them! That‘s
   all! Don‘t become their slaves.

   They are selfish people on this earth. If they said they want to HELP you to make
   money, the real motive is they want YOU to HELP them to make money. If they
   said they will drop downlines to your legs, but they means they want you to grow
   your own legs and make them rich. If they said they help you to get your BMW,
   in fact, they want you to help them to get their first BMW. And the system is their
   brain-washing events. If you don‘t attend due to your work, health, location, then
   they will IGNORE you totally because all they bother is those SLAVES working
   hard to make them rich. If you are not referring friends, they say a word

   Hamprof is one of the million IRs that telling the truth.

   This is words from a leader from Sri Lanka who made weekly 4 figures income
   from Questnet. Read his words and understand his feeling. This post is from
   mouthshut forum
*** QUOTE ***
if we take GQ u are passing some certail levels and I
have been all those levels my self and I have to say to you that ‖i
undertand what how u feel..because I felt the same way..and buddy what u feeling
is wrong and it should be this way‖…

ok let‘s take few baseless defences u have put here..Yes one i‘m guilty..for letting
me doing this scam..and yes i earned lot of money and that‘s why the sri lankan
high courts of justice have filed a court case
against me for involving in illegal money pyramid..And yes i gave lot
money to lot of people who didn‘t earn..but not everyone my to people which
were my direct contacts and some of other very poor people..because end of the
day no matter how much u earn u have to look in to your face from the mirror
without guilt..and well mr Smart and honest guy..tell me how we do this
bussiness in a correct way ..as u think u just convince two people , make them
and help them to find their two..and work with the network..team work..and
join people the right way ..not selling the plan and the coin but explaining
how u do it as a team..and lot‘s of trainings..stresspassings
..ect..hahaha..well buddy that‘s the exact way i did it..and no matter how u do the
bussiness people will lose money because the whole concept is a scam and a very
clever trap..only way doing GQ good is to encouraging people not to do it..
And eventhough I‘m not doing QG it doesn‘t mean that I‘m totally
gotgor the devil company.we have a society whcih got no of members all around
the world which once were leading characters and after understanding the
truth are forced to put all power to convince cont.

cont…convince people not join..we don‘t intend to fight the
company but to protect people who‘s blindly joining this..and we have negotitate
agrred with lot of powerful people in high places in lot of asian
countries including india to give the full support and ofcause from the
media..therefore my friend i check once a week the GQ web portal ..the
ecommerce payment gate way which they sell products and i know up to
date what will be avaiable and the prices..
And about your review I could give u few advice..when u handle
abjections of your prospect the main aim is not breaking down all their theories
and showing what u say ids correct..that‘s what u are doing from your
reviews because whole no of new people who willing to join or not are reading
these ..good networker should play the role of understanding the prospects
mind..being agree with him while mentioning u used to think the same but
how your mind setting changed..and what good came you to when you start to
think the new way ….buddy..the best objection handler in bussuness is a sri
lankan lady called Nirosha which started gq parelel to me from another
line came from hongkong..she‘s a ambasedar for Guest net now and still
cheating people ..infact only person to continue GQ from sri lanka after the
crisis because for that the company pays her..if u can try to find some
training materials which she has done but only on objection handling..u might be
able to go somewhere from your misaraable GQ life atleast until they put u in
jail..because at the moment the way i see U will quit this bussiness
after few months with just 5 or 6 cheques in hand….



Another reply

** QUOTE **

Hey Antonmax..how long have u been in this bussiness? what is the
coin or product u purchase..?how many TCOs u got?what‘s the first two
and third numeric of your 1st TCO no…couple of years back when the so
called big leader David from Malasia came to sri lanka and did a BP 6 people
were there ..the very first BP done in sri lanka..out of that 2 poeple were
convinced to join and guess i was one..I was in this busness for more
than three years..I was there when they start in sri lankan and I was there
when government band it and thousand od poor inecent people lost their hard
ern money while the so called big leaders and the company took off
silently..i had more that 6000 down liners in my netwrk and i know persoanlly
of the big leaders such as Padman,Uma,David and jirt rinq..I have done
thousands of 1-1 and public BPs..hundreds of training sessions specially onjection
handling ,positive thinking and many other interactive sessions..I was
there when the crisi haped and then only i understood the dirty trap I‘m in
and laying for others..So how u want to question me about ‖coins‖…listen
ediot..i got 8 tracking centers..more than 30 coins from individual
coins and coinsets..so i know all about the value of these coins..yes they are
gold and just not warth a one tenth og gold value..and boy..don‘t even think
about telling the term numesmetic..if u wanna argue regarding anything
coins..company,plan or anything be my guest..u must have some kind of
objection handling training ..
well about judge ,jury and executioner..yes I used to a executoner
once while i‘m doing this dirty bussiness..and hey don‘t say that common
phase‖people like u do this bussiness wrong and that‘s why this is
happening..blah blah..‖I know how u do it and how u do it wrong..I did
it right..the problem is all this is just a scam..only few people like 2 -
5% will earn ..most of the people will lose their money ..and i don‘t think
u have any experiance to argue with after readin
   And hey u ediot Antonmax..do u know how much tax money u cheat from
   the government because of GQ..and do u know that so black money going to
   hongkong hidden your own governemnt because of people like u..i don‘t think an
   ediot like u will understand those things or bother to find because only thing
   u consern is money..I was like you once but at least I knew about
   everything..and here comes the special part..when u earn cheques..there
   are several ways u can chamge them..one way deposit bank.give your cheque to
   your big leader get cash..(big leader will spend the cheque to buy coins for
   other people who joining new..this complete illigal u ediot..there are rules
   for foreing txns and u people are just bypassing every rule in the
   governemnt regarind tax) ..let me tell u something buddy if u have earned more
   GQ money 1000$ deposit through the bank then there will be a special report
   under your name going to Fraud beaureas and they keep track of u
   everything..don‘t think that eventhough the goverment keep silence that
   they are not concern ‖THEY ARE VERY MUCH CONCERN‖ I know it
   when the heat will rise and they decided to do everything to stop this trap U
   will be definately hearing from court and from the people who will lose
   thousands of money for nothing..This not bluffing ediot..this experiances
   talking..so get a life..if u wanna do it u do it..don‘t write cheap sh** like this
   to reviews ..only thing happend is u will get humiliate..‖

   ** END QUOTE **

195.       Benedict says:
   November 16th, 2007 at 3:08 am

   Understand the feeling of the writer, he was the leaders in Sri Lanka before
   government banned Goldquest. This is not a good feeling at all with all the money
   in your bank, when your people are living miserable crying at the corner. I hope
   one day you won‘t write this comment yourself, because the writer has to write to
   release his pain inside his heart.

   I salute and paying great respect to this leader for his courage to tell his feeling.
   There are millions of IRs who has been sleeping in the business already gave up
   their hope to be rich through QN.

196.       prasad says:
   November 16th, 2007 at 7:51 am

   thnx for ur responses frnds……..can anyone pls explain wats that only 2% of ppl
   make money and
   rest lose ter money as n wen t network grows…….ur income also grows
   na…….my frnd told ter
   is no way u can lose money as u atleast get back ur initial investment in 2 weeks if
   u make 12 ppl join on both sides n t rest is wat u get as profit for t rest of ur
   life………..but in know its illegalllllll to earn money that way……….he had
   convincd me totally to join as i wud get my investment in 2 weeks………but after
   reading these blogs i am kinda confused……can anyone pls clarify the whole idea

197.       Benedict says:
   November 16th, 2007 at 10:06 am

   How on earth the 12 downlines suddenly join under your network in 2 weeks
   time? From Heaven? And how one earth your 12 downlines able to get their 12
   downlines again? You can try to convince 12 ppl yourself, how many actually
   join you? Why some having giant legs? Even if you able to sign up your grand
   father to join you and you fullfilled 12 downlines and get back your investment,
   WILL YOUR GRAND FATHER get back his investment?? It‘s always taking
   money from downlines to pay your commission. It‘s only sound nicer that no one
   in lost, but in case, many already given up to achieve 12 downlines, and consider
   donated to QN. You think yourself carefully!

198.       Benedict says:
   November 16th, 2007 at 10:11 am

   Not forgetting, you need to balance 6/6 in order to get the US$500, even if you
   have 12 downlines but not in balance you still not getting back your principle. So,
   do the maths again and again, the company KEEP MAKING MONEY for any
   sign up, but IRs working like slaves to balance and looking for new recruits! So
   taking the consideration of unbalance network, quiting IRs, untrained IRs, etc.
   IT‘s only 2-3% that made it, remain a huge chunck of IRs in LOST!

   What the leader from Sri Lanka said is true.. read his comment.

199.       specilised says:
   November 16th, 2007 at 10:29 am

   Who should join & will be successful in QN:-
   Heartless, selfish, selfcentered, has large circle of friends who can affort, many
   wealthy relatives, very good at marketing, very good at convincing others, can lie
   very fluently without doubt, can talk big.
   Who should not join and shall not success in QN:-
   Sincere person, those who treasure relationship with friend & relative, money is
   not no 1, Ethical person.

200.       prasad says:
   November 16th, 2007 at 11:35 am

   k…..im gettin t whole picture now….thnx folks…..i hav decided not to join any
   such mlm or pyramid or questnet…….n im also goin to advice ppl not to join
   such organisations…….i wud hav definetely joined if a hadn seen this
   blog………gr8 goin guys…….keep me posted bout any such new things……..

201.       vinod says:
   November 17th, 2007 at 2:47 pm

   Hi I recently became a trap in quest net. After I joined I knew how much of ass I
   made myself. I warn everybody worth his character not to get into such murky
   businesses. Its definitely a spoiler of relationships.
   Lets do something to teach those quest net sponsors(assholes,blood suckers,
   bandicoots) a lesson.

202.       Romeo Castillo says:
   November 17th, 2007 at 6:15 pm

   vinod says:
   November 17th, 2007 at 2:47 pm
   Hi I recently became a trap in quest net. After I joined I knew how much of ass I
   made myself. I warn everybody worth his character not to get into such murky
   businesses. Its definitely a spoiler of relationships.
   Lets do something to teach those quest net sponsors(assholes,blood suckers,
   bandicoots) a lesson.

   Hi Vinod, I have questions to ask before you will teach in this Network Marketing
   1. Did someone forced you join and pay the US$500.00 or more?
   2. Did you understand all His/Her explanation or presentations?
   3. Did you use your knowledge or judgement before you join?
   Now, if you are aware of all those questions above, then there is no question and
   you don‘t need to teach those
   assholes, blood suckers and bandicoots a lesson. You have to teach first yourself
   before teaching others.
   As always says: You can‘t teach others what you don‘t have. You are such an
   blood sucker and bandicoot and losssseeeerrrrr…

203.       Benedict says:
   November 18th, 2007 at 10:34 am

   Well well, this is the real faces of uplines treating downlines. Now you know
   what is the answer from UPLINES to their DOWNLINES if certain things is not
   up to their expectation. They are always TWO in faces/personalities. During the
   presentation, all promises has been given like great support, guaranteed, returning
   of capital in 2 weeks, tremendous pour over downlines, etc etc. However, when
   things didn‘t work up properly, they teach their downlines lesson like above.
   What a shame !! And they talked about RYTHM during their presentation?!?!?
   RYTHM = Raise Yourself To Help Mankind? NOW, let me tell everybody what
   is RYTHM is all about in Questnet.. Read this statements from Romeo Elegado
   Castillo again.
   I translated it to ―Thank you for your UVs, I don‘t have to care whether you rich
   or not, I am RICH because you are just a fool I used to recruits your friends and
   family that make me more money‖

   To Romeo Elegado Castillo,
   First of all, before you are calling others a loser, why not you look at the mirror to
   see the real loser in life. You don‘t even able to accept challenge from me?
   Vijay, Donna, Jappa and TG will thank you for all your hardwork here!

204.       Munther says:
   November 18th, 2007 at 9:27 pm

   Thats it Romeo ! You have been warned before ! You seem to lack respect and
   therefore you are banned ! Every single post you post will be deleted ! God some
   people lack the basic manners ! What a way to prove that you are doing
   something ―good‖

205.       Romeo Castillo says:
   November 19th, 2007 at 8:08 am

   Hi Munther, can you show respect to your openion so you will be respected? Why
   are judging this 65
   years old industry as SCAM… The whole world will condem and crucify you
   because of your ignorance.
   Can you chick from your webster dictionary what is SCAM? If all of us will think
   before we decide,
   I‘m sure no scam will happen. And if all of us will follow the system, no one will
   be blame that
   I was scammed. When we fail because of our ignorance then we blame and
   complain that I was scammed.
   How may many people lost thier money after buying those DUTY FREE tickets
   in Middle East Airport
   but they never call acam.(one is to thousand ratio)Out of thousand but only one
   win.. Is this scam
   or not? Most of those people who posted thier openion are so ignorant about this
   MLM or network
   marketing industry… Better not to join anything if you don‘t understand the
   system.. The system is
   perfect but people failed because of thier ignorance.. There is no place for
   ignorant people in this
   industry but only for smart one.

206.       Munther says:
   November 19th, 2007 at 9:36 am
   What a typical reply from a person who lacks the basic concepts of intellect !!! I
   don‘t need to agree with you to have respect plus if respects comes from the likes
   of you, I don‘t want it or need it ! To have you replying in such aggressive
   replies\language means that the guys over here have struck a major nerve, well
   done boys and girls ! A little piece of advise to you romeo learn to at least have
   clean language if you weren‘t going to respect the person you disagree with. You
   are making such a fuss with out adding anything to your cause in the forum. Stop
   throwing your toys outside your pram ! Add something useful and in clean
   language and I am happy to keep your comments anything other than that, your
   comments will be deleted and you will not be welcomed ! This is your final

207.       Romeo Castillo says:
   November 19th, 2007 at 11:24 am

   What do you realy expect from the readers? Are you realy expecting people will
   symphatized on your
   your ignorance. Hey common Mr. Munther. Reality hurts rights? You are biased
   and only listen
   to negative comment about Questnet. As a moderator, you should not give
   negative openion but rather
   pacifier. Okey I agree with you and from now on,I will be more diplomatic. Why
   don‘t you change
   your topic like this ‖ IGNORANCE = SCAM‖ , or IS MLM, NETWORK
   In this manner you will nor hurt people directly but rather people will give out all
   thier openion either
   negative or possitive at least you are not pointing to anybody. If you don‘t change
   your topic about
   Questnet=Sacam, I will invite the poeple who made fortune in Questnet to come
   and confront you infront
   the court of Bahrain,because this Industry is totally legitimate and legal in Middle
   East,but because
   you are deaf and blind about this industry, you deserved to be………… I don‘t
   mind if you don‘t
   publish my openion because of your ignorance. Why don‘t you ask the openion
   from those who made million
   of dollars from Questnet. We work hard 24/7 we spent lot of effort and patience,
   we sacrifice our
   time with our family, we quit from our JOB (Just Over Brooked)and now you are
   telling us we are scam?
   Where is your brain? You just listen from those people who failed because they
   never have what we
   did and now you wil judge us that we are scam? Life is unfair right…….

208.       Munther says:
   November 19th, 2007 at 12:03 pm
   The name won‘t change ! Live with it man. I stand by it, it is a scam ! Let me tell
   you something you don‘t know. A law to stop such scams is in the pipeline over
   here. So sorry mate, people do know that its a scam. The blog is served/ing its
   purpose, people are starting to discover the ―business‖ is a scam. And man, stop
   making assumptions about me ! I have not been influenced by anybody, I make
   my own mind, I‘ve challenged and debated lots of QN people in Bahrain while at
   a seminar and guess what ? most of the potential customers understood how it
   worked and left And I don‘t need people to sympathises with me, why should
   they ? I am just giving them a chance to see clearer. I am not interested in QN,
   never will be, carved my success by hard work, a solid degree and now I work for
   one of the ―big four‖ research them, you‘d know what I mean. Life is unfair ? no
   not really !

209.       Romeo Castillo says:
   November 19th, 2007 at 2:47 pm

   Man, you are such a brilliant minded person based on your ideas. Now Shoild be
   more polite and
   diplomatic since you are so biased and unfair in your judgement about Questnet.
   Honestly speaking
   I did the first Goldquest presentation in Bahrain in 1999 to Mr…… Bahraini
   gentlemen and now
   he created a lot of noble and charity works in Middle East. Without Goldquest,
   never and he can not.
   He help a lot of Bahrainis made million dollars because of Golquest and the
   reason is, He is just
   smart enough. He travel around Middle East to Africa to Asia to Latin America
   and now you will him
   HARAM or SCAM. Now Quest Internationalhas 16 companies and one of them
   is www.qviclub.com and
   www.xchangeworld.com. This company are now having thier Quest Vacation
   Club Worldwide top-up and connected
   with renown thousand Hotel and resort worldwide. Just give the right idea, the
   price is US$10,000.00
   with the following inclusive on it:
   1. Two weeks/14 night every year
   2. 30 years ownership
   3. Exclusive 4 person occupancy
   4. Almost US$25.00 per person/night
   5. You will earn a commission of US$ 1750.00 for one on the left and one on the
   6. US$ 3500.00 2left=2right
   7. US$ 7000.00 4left=4right
   8. US$ 14,000.00 8left=8right and so on……. is this SCAM?
   You know how much you pay when you stay in a Hotel during Low/Peack sesson
   and here is just
   US$6.00 per person per night… is this SCAM? If you are interested, I will give
   you the
   best possition and every person you refer to me I will pay you US$1750.00… One
   thousan seven
   hundre fifty USDollar mannnnnnnn… is this scam? Give me you email adds and I
   will send you
   the power point presentation so that you will understand what is Questnet all
   about… Peace be
   with YOU…..

210.       Munther says:
   November 19th, 2007 at 3:22 pm

   hmmmmm hold on ! Isn‘t this timesharing ? While holiday timesharing isn‘t
   exactly a scam, it is still not the clearest of business structures, enough scams and
   shady deals have lured people in that timeshares have developed a bad reputation.
   Some timeshare brokers also use hard-sell tactics and other practices that aren‘t
   necessarily illegal but are definitely unethical. Hold on, the last part reminded me
   of a group of people I know

   Now regarding the person you are talking about, could you name a charity of his
   so that I give the person concerned a visit ? Charities can‘t be established in
   Bahrain willy nilly ! There are rules and regulations. Please provide me with one
   of the charity names for if his charities were legit, then at least something good
   came out of QN, but on the other hand if such ―charities‖ weren‘t as clean as
   claimed then I am sure a couple of calls would sort things out, all in all you have
   nothing to hide, right ? Provide me please with a list of the charities concerned.

211.       Benedict says:
   November 19th, 2007 at 3:26 pm

   Pardon me?? Romeo Elegado Castillo, can‘t you read me?? Don‘t be rude by
   ignoring me, ok? First of all, you mentioned that you want to gather all the
   income earner from Questnet to stand on Bahrain court to claim that it‘s legal? I
   have a good suggestion here. Please call all the income earners as well as all your
   founding directors (The BILLIONAIRES) like Vijay, TG, Donna, Jappa,
   Pathman, Ranjit, Mokhtar, Uma, David, to stand on court in China, Sri Lanka,
   Nepal and Iran and claim Questnet is LEGAL? Don‘t forget, you call all IRs as
   your brothers? Many thousands of IRs already in those countries. Don‘t be just
   selfish, ok? Since you are a millionaire, please help those needy out there. Are
   you are leader? Are you practicing RYTHM?

   Secondly, you talk about QVI? Don‘t misled with your info with QVI, one of the
   most worthless vacation package on planet earth. You mentioned that one
   package cost US$10,000, 2L/2R = US$3500. Let me count for you. The total
   payment made by you, 2L/2R in total is US$50,000. And you are only getting
   back US$3500 (Only you).
   How many home resorts own by QVI? 5?? This is Time Sharing, you know? In
   Malaysia, QVI cannot be promoted openly because it‘s illegal! They don‘t have
   the Time Sharing certification. And alot of other Time Sharing in Malaysia that
   50% cheaper than QVI with more than 10 and more home resorts!

   You have forgotten about people under you. Not many people will spend
   US$10,000 for useless Time Sharing program which is more expensive. Now
   everyone can find cheaper hotels and internet has provided huge list of hotel.
   People are getting more greedy that utilizing Time Sharing concept in MLM.
   Because the initial amount is so HUGE i.e. US$10,000 or more so that they can
   make money fast.

   I should say, you never study the current market and you always thought what is
   being offered in QI is the best, in fact, they are very expensive and not
   competitive. Look at your IConnect/Trinet. How many company really using

212.       Romeo Castillo says:
   November 19th, 2007 at 6:34 pm

   Helllooo BeneDICK, I don‘t want to talk to a negative people like you, because
   you such a jealous,
   envy and Big lossserrr in Goldquest. I know you very well and You can‘t hide
   yourself.. You can
   call it as expensive because you can‘t afford something like this. Only those
   people who has something
   can afford without complaining like you budy… If you are asking us how many
   are using now, you will
   get shock,,, million IRs and businessman like us questneter.. US$ 10,000.00 for
   Questneter are chicken
   and we enjoying now in www.xchangeworld.com and not anymore in RCI. If you
   can afford one QVI for you enjoy
   the expensive and luxurious vaction worldwide budy….buy under me

213.       Munther says:
   November 19th, 2007 at 7:00 pm

   All what you seem to be able to do is swear at people ! Come on, try countering
   what he said ! It seems that you can only counter his points by jump
   around\dodging them by insulting him. Plus give me the names of the charity
   firms your friend established

214.       Romeo Castillo says:
   November 19th, 2007 at 8:59 pm

   Sorry mate, I don‘t need to waste my time talking to someone who can‘t make
   money in this industry. You might call names and whatever openion that come
   out from people
   who can‘t in this internet e-commerce are totally ignorant. What is your business
   to know who
   are those millionairs and redicule them? Poor mate stay away from those people
   who made life to others.
   Peace be with you mate…

215.       Munther says:
   November 19th, 2007 at 9:04 pm

   And that‘s it folks. If a so called QN champion comes up with such a reply when
   confronted, then it tells a lot about how sure QN is legit ! Come on Romeo,
   counter the points !

216.       Romeo Castillo says:
   November 19th, 2007 at 9:16 pm

   Yahooooooooooo….We are the champion my friends..Fredie Mercury.. have you
   hear that song.. Champion
   are always champion and they never boast and they never talk but work.. Have
   seen those champions
   Manny Pacquiao, Muhamed Ali, Michael Jordan, they work day and night to face
   all thier hardcore
   opponent and they made it and you never hear them talking but they are being
   talked.. How about you
   mate.. Do you something to be talked except rediculing and pestering the life of
   people who believed
   that this industry made them helped poeple especially those less fortunate brothers
   and siters around the world..
   Do you have that mate????????? What comes in your mind will come out into
   your actions… Whats in your mind
   my dear Munther… If you can not help people change thier life financialy free,,
   don‘t say nothig
   at all… got the black or white picture…. Peace Be With You MAte…

217.       Munther says:
   November 19th, 2007 at 9:21 pm

   Wow, thats a bit immature loved your reply man. If you hate this place and
   have nothing to add please by all means don‘t let the door hit you on your way out
     Oh and BTW champion in this case means a top leader, I thought you knew
   business ! This is normal jargon sheesh !

218.       Joseph says:
   November 19th, 2007 at 11:54 pm
   MLM, Pyramid, call it whatever you want! It is a system which is out to give the
   rest of us a chance to buy
   a product, use it and earn by referring others to buy and use the product. I dont see
   any harm in that. In
   fact i have referred so many people to use various products without earning a
   coin. I will use this chance
   to refer and earn. Someone talked about the pyramid reaching the bottom; he
   reasoned like Malthus that the
   population will grow and given that land is fixed, we would not have enough food
   blah, blah,…. He forgot
   that this system of marketing reaches the entire world through e-commerce and
   that new prospects are born every
   other day!
   Call it any names, Questnet is the best thing to happen to those who want their
   financial freedom. Buy a
   product, enjoy it, refer it and start earning!!!
   marketing is reaching out to the whole world. Many prospects join the market
   every other day!

219.       Aussie girl says:
   November 20th, 2007 at 1:20 am

   Hey there! I‘ve been finding this subject really interesting. I started reading it
   because I
   wanted to educate myself more about this topic.
   I have attended a few ‗presentations‘ here in Dubai. My ex-boyfriend ‗invited‘ me
   to the meeting,
   telling me he wanted to ‗do something good for me‘ and ‗change my life.‘ I was
   sceptical. This
   coming from the man who proposed marriage to me and then changed his mind
   after three weeks.
   You can imagine how i was already cynical about anything this untrustworthy
   person had to say.
   My father is a financial advisor and has been one of AMP‘s (insurance
   company)top salesman for
   the past 30 years back home in Australia. He gets approached by these people
   nearly every
   week. He tells them all (politely) where to go. I had never heard of such a scheme
   and asked
   for his advice by reading about QuestNet on the internet. ―Don‘t you dare,‖ were
   his words.

   I was shocked, and actually quite amused, when i attended my first meetin g. My
   had completely changed and all that is coming out of his mouth lately is,
   ―Financially Free,‖
   ―Don‘t have to work the rest of your life,‖ and my personal favourite, ―Don‘t you
   have dreams?‖
   I felt like I was at some temple dedicated to QuestNet and it‘s followers. A sacred
   place of
   worship, where the ―chosen ones‖ congregate to congratulate each other and cheer
   one another on.
   I kept on hearing ―your lucky to be given this opportunity and that I should
   embrace it with
   both hands. I was repulsed.

   My ex-boyfriend took out a loan from the bank to start big in the ―business.‖ He
   also bought a
   few products at prices which I thought were too expensive. Sorry? have I missed
   something? If I
   want to buy myself a luxury watch, I‘ll go out and buy myself a Tag Heuer or a
   gorgeous Longines.
   Definitely not from QuestNet. I watch my ex-boyfriend‘s behaviour and I am
   worried. He has
   become obsessive and is even skipping going to his ―real job.‖ He‘s acting
   aggressive in trying
   to sign up his friends and he was even going to sign me up without my approval.
   What worries me is this QuestNet demonstrates how one can ‗earn‘ obscene
   amounts of money in as
   little as 4years time. People like my ex-boyfriend who don‘t have much in the
   way of money, or
   a sound career path, or even the will to work hard, are easy targets. They fall prey
   to the
   idea of having their own ―business.‖ It all sounds too good to be true, and they
   want to
   believe it, cos it‘s their ―only way out.‖ I for one don‘t enjoy hanging around
   someone who
   is constantly preaching to me and saying how stupid I am for not joining. Who is
   thinking about their networks and the ―next one to catch.‖ I wana live my life. I
   love my job
   and I know this ―networking‖ thing is not for me. So why should I do it? I can‘t
   think of
   anything worse than hassling people to buy something they don‘t really need just
   so I can help
   myself. And this idea of doing someone a favour by signing them in? It‘s just a
   cop-out. To
   ease their own consciousness and to validate their own decision.

220.       Benedict says:
   November 20th, 2007 at 3:15 am

   Hi Joseph,
   Are you from the team under Romeo? When I read all Romeo‘s comments, it
   makes me feel that this person is totally immature. If he said he is a leader in
   Questnet, I‘m afraid people in Questnet is about the same as his attitude. Because
   it‘s a duplication process. I believe this blog is useful to review alot of QN IRs
   characters, in terms of giving opinions, this people never know how to give points
   but praising themselves as champion/smart/winner, and insulting others as

   Questnet has left many stranded IRs in Sri Lanka, Iran, Nepal without any help.
   Many friendships and relationship broken due to Questnet. Their culture learn
   nothing about LOVE except MONEY.

221.       prasad says:
   November 20th, 2007 at 1:10 pm

   u ppl are right bout relationship things……i was asked by some of my frnds who
   hav fallen prey for tis so called quest.net……tis has really changed t good
   frndships we had…….all they r thinkin are bout money and nothin else is on ter
   mind…..they are even negkecting ter ood jobs to get more ppl into tis…they are
   really obssessed wit tis scam……they behave as though they hav been hypnotised
   by some demons…i can see only greed in ter eyes…..hope all tis ends
   quickly…cos its really not good for society…work hard for ur money alll u
   questnet preachers n not by others money…..try to live a hard earned life not like
   tis…tis has no meaning questnet preachers…….trust urself n not some stupid
   downlink logic and make a quick buck……its not ethical also……i hav lost many
   good frnds due to tis questnet……..so try to make ur frnds aware of such
   scams….n protect ur frnds and relationships………..try to lead a meaningful and
   ethical life…..not like t quest net folks

   i hav lost many good frnds due to tis…warn ur frnds and family too……….

222.       Benedict says:
   November 20th, 2007 at 1:12 pm

   Dear Aussie Girl,
   I believe what you said is right, because many Questnet IRs are getting very scare
   of their prospect reading the news from INTERNET. Everytime when a prospect
   asked a question regarding the news from internet, the IRs will definitely say ―All
   internet news are BULLSHIT! We don‘t trust them! We trust what we saw!‖

   Regarding the cult, yes, they are really running the business like a cult. Let me
   explain how, firstly they praise their leaders like GOD. Have you seen people
   bowing on their knee and touch the toe of Vijay? And they sing songs like in
   Church. They raise the hands with their tears (I should say crocodile tears). They
   keep chanting ―FREEDOM! FREEDOM!‖ and their leader Pathman will tell the
   slavery story about JOB. Gosh! What‘s in their mind of these people!? Aren‘t
   their know even a street cleaner is contribute more to the society rather than a QN
   IR? They (QN IR) are just like a vampire looking for fresh blood to bite on. You
   know what it means, right?

   When they firstly approach you, they behave like angels in your life, keep saying
   that they want to help you in life. But when you have joined the business, it
   started to change. They will say that you are IDIOTS, MORON, LAZY, etc. They
   praise those who made money in Questnets like super stars. Those who are not
   able to make money as losers. They are like making a recruitment contest among
   members. After chanting like madness, they went out the function room with full
   of fireup ready to recruits more people on the street! Sorry, I find that these
   bunch of people are really ………….

   Dear all IR,
   If you love your family & friends, don‘t ever refer them to Questnet. Work hard
   of your own with strangers and your hard-earned cheque to your parentse and
   treat meals with your friends. Don‘t ever use your relationship and friendship as
   marketing tools to make your ownself rich. In the end, you can never buy back the
   friendship because whatever had done, leave a scratch on their heart.

223.       Harry Mancini says:
   November 20th, 2007 at 2:28 pm

   Hello there,

   Due to attend my first questnet prsentation tomorrow. Not that I am keen to join, I
   just want a first hand view of the propoganda and a chance to pose some really
   uncomfortable questions to the presenters. Can any of you help me with what do I
   need to ask, aside from the obvious like Why is it banned in so many countries?
   Why were the directors arrested by the Interpol etc?
   Much appreciated.

224.       alvez says:
   November 22nd, 2007 at 3:40 pm

   hello i‘m really looking for information about the personal properties of Dato
   Vijay Eswaran,other
   than QI company?

225.       QNIR says:
   November 23rd, 2007 at 5:54 pm

   Success Stories
   ―This is a different kind of business. After years of struggling to get our small
   business off the ground, my wife and I were introduced to QuestNet when some
   friends invited us to attend a local business opportunity meeting. Today both of us
   are building this business with a passion. Our reward has been time, money, and
   the independence to live our lives as we wish.‖
   Neha & Gautam Kapur, India

   ―For me, it‘s not just about the monetary rewards. What keeps me going every
   day is the knowledge that I‘m doing something positive for people around the
   world. In this business, you can only succeed by helping others. It has become the
   backbone of everything I do.‖
   Menkah Mburu, Kenya

   ―QuestNet has not only improved my financial situation, but it has helped me to
   grow as a person. Building my own business has given me the confidence to
   chase my dreams without doubt or fear, and I have been able to pass on that
   inspiration to my children. QuestNet has given me the freedom to offer them a
   brighter future. This isn‘t just a business, it‘s a positive way of life.‖

   Tri Agus Hari Cahyo, Indonesia

   ―QuestNet has given me the freedom to own my time. I‘m not stuck in a routine
   9-5 desk job with a daily commute to and from the office. I work when and where
   I want. Every day is different and I wake up looking forward to the new
   challenges that lay ahead each day.‖
   Sanja Lennstrom, Sweden

   ―I started out with QuestNet on a part-time basis with the goal of making as much
   income as I was making in my full-time job. After one year, I can say that I was
   able to build my business and develop my income so that it was equal to my full-
   time job.‖
   Khadeja Al Walid, United Arab Emirates

   ―Before I joined QuestNet, I never imagined that I could make a difference in the
   lives of so many people. QuestNet has allowed me to change my attitude and my
   focus from my upliftment to the upliftment of all those around me‖.
   Rafaela de Vasconcelos, Brazil

226.       QNIR says:
   November 23rd, 2007 at 6:53 pm

   31 people in this site are talking in favour of Quest net: QNIR, Romeo, Johnny
   QI, Kaunan, Puyol, Logic, Sayan, Chatterjee, Quester, Salim,Mohammad Saeed,
   Reem, Renee, Amit, Vineeta, Locolo, Raul, Mohammad, TLD, Praween, Sweety,
   NA, Ozone, Vikram, RahulCarol, Dolarina, Rajajip, Kannan, IMMI, Fardeen,

   32 Aganist QN:_Benedict, Prasad, Aussiee, Joseph, Munther, Vinod, Specialized,
   Hamprof, Truthfinder, Frank, Francis, Indian, Manju, Sunny, Rio, Pradeep,
   Dinesh, Slimway, Honest citizen, Antonmax, May be possible, Ruwan, Aneesh,
   Subzer, Masoud, Archie, Abdul Malik, Sarni, Sandeep, Arch, Clive, Jojo, Um

   2 people- I could not decide from ther comments (harry Mancini, Alvez)

   Great work QNs
   Characteristics of QN supporters on this site- come for a few comments, dont
   have time for useless activities.
   Characteristics of Opposser of QN- repeatedly posting commemets- as if nothing
   else to do in the world. These comments dont matter for the successful QN

227.        Benedict says:
   November 24th, 2007 at 5:21 am

   Most of QN supporters DID NOT:
   a) Answer the questions being asked.
   b) Able to clear most doubts/questions properly except insulting others.
   c) only posted one comment and did not come back any more
   d) already quit the business and hiding.


   Non QN supporter: Consistent & persistent standing by their points.

228.        QNIR says:
   November 25th, 2007 at 10:12 am

   OK, lets listen to the question again- if you please
   QN should be judged by same general laws as any other business- OK
   All your questions will be answered, but I know you will never be convinced-
   right because your ego will never let you do so.

229.        Benedict says:
   November 26th, 2007 at 10:18 am

   Why not you put your ego down and give a deep thoughts. If Questnet is such a
   wonderful business in this world, everybody should be joining. Why in majority
   people NOT joining the business? You must be thinking that the majority people
   like us are moron and the minority people like you is smart. Well, just need to get
   yourself more knowledge.

   Have you ever wonder why your uplines keep telling you NOT to ask opinions
   from your siblings, parents, friends about the business BUT only ask your upline?
   Have you ever wonder why your uplines keep telling you NOT to read news in

   Have you ever wonder why your uplines keep telling you to attend all the training

   Have you ever wonder why your uplines keep telling you to be obedient and be
   great student listening to all their words without any questioning?

   Have you ever wonder why you try your very best following all instruction but
   you still live miserable with debts?

   Have you ever wonder why you loose some of your old friends and good friends?

   Maybe you just don‘t understand that you are already in the ―process‖.

   Who is honest and dishonest will be revealed soon.

230.       QNIR says:
   November 26th, 2007 at 5:02 pm

   If Questnet is such a wonderful business in this world, everybody should be
   joining. Why in majority people NOT joining the business? Yes you are right
   people are not joining, because they donot know. But just because majority are
   not joining does it makes a business wrong ?- think man.. New things are always
   met with a stiff resistance. In the 1800‘s, a man named W.T. Grant had an idea
   that created change. What if we combined all separate little shops come under one
   roof- the concept of a superstore. Mr.Grant was hated for this idea, customers
   loved it, other shop keeper hated it, now this is considered to be the most modern

   You must be thinking that the majority people like us are moron and the minority
   people like you is smart. No comments- if you want to call your self a maron I
   have no objection.

   Have you ever wonder why your uplines keep telling you NOT to ask opinions
   from your siblings, parents, friends about the business BUT only ask your upline?
   If you get a heart condition will you ask a doctor specialized in heart disease or a
   dentist ? the parents, sibling are just like rest of people they donot know

   Have you ever wonder why your uplines keep telling you NOT to read news in
   INTERNET? Internet you can find what you need, if you want good things about
   QN you can find easily, if you are against- you can find what you are looking for.
   Have you ever wonder why your uplines keep telling you to attend all the training
   sessions? If you want to do a business get full knowledge then enter, especially if
   the business is new

   Have you ever wonder why your uplines keep telling you to be obedient and be
   great student listening to all their words without any questioning? You can not
   learn if you keep opposing, you have to be good listener to learn

   Have you ever wonder why you try your very best following all instruction but
   you still live miserable with debts?

   Have you ever wonder why you loose some of your old friends and good friends?
   You make more friends, a person who does not understand you or helps you is not
   a friend

   Maybe you just don‘t understand that you are already in the ―process‖.

   Who is honest and dishonest will be revealed soon. OK will see

231.       Benedict says:
   November 27th, 2007 at 6:38 am

      I knew all these answers already. These are typical answers that has been
   repeated many times in each Q&A.
   Let me tell you the actual fact:

   a) The beginning of the journey started off by VTeam involving goldcoin business
   in Philippine.

   b) Due to some complication and changes in agreement, Goldquest has been

   c) Goldquest started in early 1999 selling Gold Coins with the plan 5/5=400

   d) You would say that people opposed the idea because Questnet is something
   new?? Questnet is NOT a new company. It has been exposed to the public for
   many years. However, Questnet is only growing in poorer countries. Because
   people haven‘t seen such binary plan in their life. In fact, this compensation plan
   is so common today!

   e) Network Marketing is not a profession like a specialist. Don‘t give the wrong
   example of a heart surgeon and dentist. Your upline do NOT allow downlines to
   ask their siblings, parents, friends because they don‘t want you to know the truth.
   THerefore they tell their downlines that they are the expert in Questnet and we
   (non-QN) are just the outsiders. In fact, some of us are well experienced in this
   f) Questnet training is nothing, the main reason they want you to attend all the
   training is because they WANT to link with you so that they can brainwash and
   control your thinking. Even if you have completed your 5 steps or 8 steps training,
   you need to repeat again and again. THere is NO TRAINING, the training is to
   get motivated and go out the street and RECRUIT more people.

   g)There are so many things to learn in BUSINESS WORLD. However in
   Questnet, there is nothing to learn except how to recruit and ask your downlines
   to recruit. And to dangle the carrot infront of your downlines is to motivate the
   DREAMS they can achieved. It just an illusion.

   Am I correct, Mr. QNIR?

232.       Benedict says:
   November 27th, 2007 at 6:57 am

   Another poor victim in Goldquest

233.       Benedict says:
   November 27th, 2007 at 8:41 am

   My Question:Have you ever wonder why you loose some of your old friends and
   good friends?

   QNIR:You make more friends, a person who does not understand you or helps
   you is not a friend

   Well well, read again what QNIR‘s answer for friendship. This is what is in the
   mindset of a Questnet IR.
   ―A person who doesn‘t understand you or helps you is NOT a friend‖ - What a
   lame answer! This is exactly the same as what being mentioned by Prasaad. Those
   who had joined Questnet has been totally brain-washed and become a total
   different person. They have forgotten all their old friends and best friends due to
   incompatible thoughts. You have learnt about the rejections. Not everyone will
   join the business. Why QN IRs doesn‘t treat their friends as friend just because
   they don‘t sign up under you in the business?

   My Question: ―Have you ever wonder why you loose some of your old friends
   and good friends?‖
   In actual fact, I want to say that it‘s the ATTITUDE CHANGED in Questnet
   members that they have focusing in making money and forgetting or giving up
   relationship/friendship due to the business.
   Read also comment #370.
234.       QNIR says:
   November 27th, 2007 at 4:48 pm

   You knew the answers- still negative how stubborn can you be ?
   I intentionally said quest.net is new- for you to say this is a old company- how
   predictable you are…
   Extremely sorry for the example– please go to dentist if you have heart problem,
   or any of you relative have a heart problem go to gynaceologist..
   TRUE quest net training do brainwash all the crap of conventional marketting..
   A friend in need is a friend indeed
   TRUE: All QN people will give you same answers- consistancy.
   TRUE: QN does changes your attitude to life

235.       QNIR says:
   November 27th, 2007 at 5:25 pm

   You will find what ever you need on the net, if you want porno you will get them,
   you need religious knowledge. USE YOUR BRAIN TO DECIDE WHAT IS
   posted I have read, kindly read the success stories I posted #374.
   You loose friends due to your bad presentation- if uplines is not involved

236.       Benedict says:
   November 28th, 2007 at 10:37 am

   My Question : ―If Questnet is such a wonderful business in this world, everybody
   should be joining. Why in majority people NOT joining the business?‖

   QNIR Answer: ―Yes you are right people are not joining, because they donot
   know. But just because majority are not joining does it makes a business wrong ?-
   think man.. New things are always met with a stiff resistance. In the 1800‘s, a
   man named W.T. Grant had an idea that created change. What if we combined all
   separate little shops come under one roof- the concept of a superstore. Mr.Grant
   was hated for this idea, customers loved it, other shop keeper hated it, now this is
   considered to be the most modern way.‖

   My Reply: ―Goldquest started in early 1999 selling Gold Coins with the plan
   5/5=400. You would say that people opposed the idea because Questnet is
   something new?? Questnet is NOT a new company. It has been exposed to the
   public for many years. However, Questnet is only growing in poorer countries.
   Because people haven‘t seen such binary plan in their life. In fact, this
   compensation plan is so common today!‖

   QNIR Reply: ―I intentionally said quest.net is new- for you to say this is a old
   company- how predictable you are…‖
        This is what I am saying why Questnet IRs didn‘t focus in answering a
   question properly but instead swaying away/off topic/mislead in responses. Those
   intelligence who had attended Q&A session at their seminars will find all answers
   responded are like craps. Good try, but you still need to learn more!

237.       Benedict says:
   November 28th, 2007 at 10:45 am

   ―TRUE quest net training do brainwash all the crap of conventional marketting..‖
   - An admitted answer that Questnet is putting alot of effort brainwashing

   ―A friend in need is a friend indeed‖
   - A friend ―IN NEED‖ which means if you are friend, you MUST JOIN as their

   ―TRUE: All QN people will give you same answers- consistancy.‖
   - Blind leading a blind.

   ―TRUE: QN does changes your attitude to life‖
   - Yes, change attitude to worst rather than better.

   I have enough talking to you, QNIR. I leave you for a while because I know that
   you already 100% brainwashed by QN. I would be happier to answer other‘s

238.       QNIR says:
   November 28th, 2007 at 11:48 am

   Thank you for your valuable input, more thanks for leaving.

   There was a big philosopher, like Benedicts, he took a mosquito, put it on his
   hand and said shhhhhh, the mosquito flew away, then he took another mosquito &
   cut his wings and again said shhhhh the mosquito did not fly- interpretation by the
   big philosopher was- becasue the mosquito was hearing from his wings, after
   cutting of the wings- mosquito could not listen to shhhh so could not fly.

   All wrong interpretations, I think Benedict need a brain wash- so that he can see
   the things in its true perspective.

239.       Benedict says:
   November 28th, 2007 at 3:51 pm
        sorry again because you just make me laugh… What you have wrote is
   totally senseless and probably you are talking to yourself? I don‘t understand what
   you said, but anyway, you are too immature. Grow up, and soon you will realized
   you are going nowhere in Questnet. All the best!

240.       QNIR says:
   November 29th, 2007 at 12:22 pm

   Yes- again predictable response.
   Act innocent when nothing to say.
   Let any body else read the response, it will make perfect sense.
   Please answer a few question for me please
   1.You think network marketting is rediculous or the Company Questnet is a scam
   or both.
   2.What changes would you like in the company for you to join ?
   (Again I have written the response to your comment already, I know what you are
   going to say )

241.       Benedict says:
   November 29th, 2007 at 12:30 pm

     I guess, you can predict the next winning lottery number that will makes you a
   millionaire faster, right? Mr. Predictor aka Fake-GOD!

242.       QNIR says:
   November 29th, 2007 at 1:01 pm

   Did not answer my question Mr.genious

243.       The truth says:
   November 29th, 2007 at 1:27 pm

   Guys its a fact that they are a fraud . The head honcho was arrested in indonesia
   not to long ago but released because the country does not have laws yet to charge
   him in court for MLM / Pyramid fraud. but like we all know they are banned in
   most countries and head for poor countries where the law is not up to mark.
   I have dealt with the so called inner members in malaysia. actually they were our
   clients, in the end they cheated us , after further investigations on their sales and
   other brainwashing skills . They appear genuine , good hearted but in the end they
   just defraud you . most of the members are like zombies. seriously the have a
   large hq here in malaysia , kl sentral to be exact but whenevr you go into the
   office out of the 100 odd cubicles 95% empty. they just like to act big with
   amazing sales numbers but in the end all of it just false information. It gives a
   picture like they are huge multinationals. sooner or later it will collapse.
   anyways…cheers guys
244.       Benedict says:
   November 29th, 2007 at 5:11 pm

   All my answers already posted above, only if you have eyes to read.

245.       specilised says:
   December 1st, 2007 at 7:26 am

   unanswered question - Who is exactly this scammer Dr. Ian Lyons, PHD??
   Surgeon?? fake scientist?? Marketing man??
   DR. from university of MARS

246.       Almostduped says:
   December 2nd, 2007 at 10:19 am

   man.. last night an unexpected visit by a friend of a friend of a friend made me
   lose the
   whole day listening to this guy who I dd nt know personally talking about how i
   can get rich
   and how this will help him by helping others and how he can help his family and
   He is a senior s/w developer and also a previous professor in a engg college.
   I tried my best to explain how the numbers dont add up.. but since he already paid
   his money in..
   he is desperate to trap someone else..
   its like..I stepped into shit, so let me wipe it off someone else..It makes normal
   people parasites..
   imagine what will happen to all their contacts after their scheme goes bust!

247.       Antonmax says:
   December 4th, 2007 at 8:00 am

   Hello everybody,
   Been away and sure missed all these comments!
   Benedict, First and foremost, I is not Chow, never claimed to be him and never
   has! My testimony was my own and that was not only about me nose cos there
   were others too! You always asked people to read what you wrote carefully, but
   did you asked yerself to do so? Why the double standard? At first, I did not
   understand your motivation in blasting QN, but now I know; you inherited
   millions of USD from your dad and you have 300 employees working for you!
   Ok, understooded why you are so.
   Dear buddy specillised, like our mutual friend, Benedict, you‘re also financially
   free! Must be great to be so.
   Folks, I propose a solution to all these financial problems we all faced, exceptions
   like Ben and specillised; What say the two of you, I mean Mr. Benedict and Mr.
   Specillised, give employment to us poor unfortunates and we live happily ever
248.       Benedict says:
   December 4th, 2007 at 9:56 am

   ―Lastly on the subject of drinking surfactant treated water or ingesting ―nano-
   particles‖ opens up an immense legal issue which the discussion is beyond the
   scope of this article. Certain nano-particles are known to kill healthy cells or
   create mutations.

   Let‘s Google, Surfactant ―mold release‖ and see how many hits come up.
   Currently as of the writing of this article, there are about 86,800 hits. The mold
   release coating definitely contains a surfactant. Let‘s now add the word GLASS,
   since the Biodisc is made of glass. At least 57,100 hits appear. So mold release
   agent which works with glass and contains surfactant is quite real. Let‘s add high
   temperature next. We see about 52,100 hits. Then this shows under no uncertain
   terms that making a glass disk using high temperature molten glass does in fact
   necessitate the use of such a type of mold release agent.‖


   You still not able to tell me who is Dr. Ian Lyons. Check the website. BioDisc
   that ―surfactant treated water‖ or ingesting ―nano-particles‖ MAY do harm to
   body cell.

249.       Antonmax says:
   December 4th, 2007 at 11:57 am

   Aiya, I also dunno lah! I was hoping you could tell me loh, given your
   tremendous power of googling!

   Ok, read about surfactant. Nice try, but now explain how, after pouring off the
   disc, this water kept in another bottle (not glass, plastic this time) has the same

250.       Antonmax says:
   December 4th, 2007 at 8:01 pm


   Er…can I ask you a rather personal question? Did you reach your financial
   freedom like our dear friend Benedict by inheriting from your dad or……….?????

251.       AnnMurr says:
   December 4th, 2007 at 11:37 pm
   Benedict, I have looked at the website on surfacants too and I think it explains any
   appearance that the biodisc is doing anything at all! Googling is something I like
   to do too — and the only entries I find on ―Dr. Ian Lyons‖ is on the biodisc sales
   sites from information that was provided by Lyons or the sales team.

   Antonmax.. where the water was stored after it was poured over the biodisc is
   irrelevant. The surfacant residuals were likely to have been on the disc when the
   water was poured over it and mingled with the water.

   P.S. The main reason for asking about the alleged ―15 special elements‖
   embedded in the glass during its manufacture is to discover 1) if these ‘special‘
   elements are among the particles that can do physical harm, 2) if these ‘special‘
   elements are any different from those that would normally be present in ANY
   glass product, 3) if such elements actually have any healing or wellness

252.        Antonmax says:
   December 5th, 2007 at 4:06 am

   Raulfie, old buddy, we are birds of the same feather forking together, rite!
   Your arguments are always correct in your opinion, and if you want to debase
   something I am sure you can always find some articles or other to prove your
   case. Lots of that in the internet. So far, you just haven‘t found one to convince
   me yet, cos most of them can easily be applied in reverse. So do keep trying. I am
   into these blogs to find info and I have to thank you guys for providing me with
   very useful materials. People can read both sides and they can decide for
   themselves what they want. If you just provide info and don‘t use hit below the
   belt tactics, I‘ll just happily read all your comments and rest my fingers. So, do
   keep up your good work!


253.        Benedict says:
   December 5th, 2007 at 10:00 am

   I don‘t need Questnet, only Questnet needs me.
   You must have ―conned‖ alot of Vietnamese recently.. Oh Antonmax, give them a
   break plz.

   My sister‘s upline who signed her up already quit QN also. Reason because can‘t
   achieve ―financial freedom‖ after 2 years hard work in QN. Too bad.

254.        Antonmax says:
   December 5th, 2007 at 12:00 pm

   I am sure only Questnet needs you, like a whole lot of your 300 employees!
   Lucky buggers! Can I seek employment with you?

   Not too sure where the Viets come into the picture! I supposed you are confusing
   me with another person again. Never been to Vietnam, so how to give them any

   Look, we talked about your sis before, and if she quit QN, then that‘s her choice.
   She was lucky to have one helluva brother like you to watch out for her.

   And, why was it ―too bad‖? It was her experience that gave you this motivation
   and ammo to make the world a better place, rite!

255.       Benedict says:
   December 5th, 2007 at 2:17 pm

   I‘m talking about my sister‘s UPLINE, the one that keeps calling/nagging my
   sister to do Questnet, and heck SHE IS NO LONGER IN QUESTNET TOO
   AFTER 2 YEARS!! I am quite happy to hear her UPLINE quit too.. It has proven
   that her choice NOT to do the business is absolutely correct!

   Antonmax, it has been doing the business quite sometimes, so I guess you already
   quit your job in JWT already. Have you fired your boss?!

256.       Antonmax says:
   December 5th, 2007 at 2:52 pm


   Your sis sor made the right decision to quit if her UPLINE kept nagging her. I
   believe in no nagging business cos if you can‘t bring the horse to the water, even
   if you bring the water to the horse won‘t guarantee the horse would drink (I am
   not saying your sis is a horse, kay, just the old saying). Me, I don‘t force people
   cos if it were done to me, I sor won‘t like it one bit!

   Well, Benedict, if by ―it‖ you referred to Antonmax,…….Been doing this quite
   some time, yup! What is JWT? Moi, I am still working with my boss. Haven‘t
   fired him yet cos he knows me doing this glass thing, and so far me have sold him
   few sets of big and small! Don‘t ask me why he bought so much cos I am as much
   in a shock as anyone!

257.       prasad says:
   December 7th, 2007 at 12:05 pm

   guys…..again i hav been gettin lot of frnds approachin me to join tis
   quest.net…….unfortunately….they hav already joined n now they r tellin me….i
   din know so of my comp frnds wud fall prey for tis scam..i din get know tat until
   today…….y is tat they ask ppl to keep mumb till they join and don say anything
   to any of ter frnds……nor family members…alll quest net ppl say t same stupid
   logic….they say some team buildin stuff n all…..i donno wat to tell my
   frnds……i wud hav asked them not to join if i knew it before..but they hav fallen
   prey…..any suggestions on wat to do next????????

258.       Devilish says:
   December 7th, 2007 at 6:07 pm

   thnxs monther for this topic

   so i think i can publish my own experience with quest net to the common

   first of all im bahraini person who was invited by a friend to join quest , this
   friend kept coming to me several times inviting me to thier meetings and sharing
   experiences sessions. until here nothing is wrong, but the wrong thingy begins
   when i found another bahraini company who is working in teaching marketing
   throught the internet with the marketing of softwares and E-books (digital
   contents) and because of the nature of my university degree (BSc in computer
   science)i was more interstead for this company… and the issue starts from here.

   after i invited my upliners to show them about this new company just to make
   them get benifit from the free materials we provide for them (i didnt even ask
   them to join), althought the joining is totally free.. anyways the reactions of them
   was shouting and getting so mad because they say in quest you cant work for
   another competitor company (the funny thing the other company is so humble
   because we just started a month ago), he told me you will take our questerrs from
   us and we wont allow you and they would suspend my account.. so i asked them
   for a refund of my E-card which i DID NOT use it yet (at that moment i was
   inteding to enroll in both) and he gave me 85% of the money back and the rest he
   kept stalling and stalling with the excuse of not cashing my E-card (come on you
   cant afford to refund 19 bds back and your an upliner with over 1000 BD weekly
   income as you claim !!          ) until today      , the reason i ask for the refund
   that i wanted to try the other company for a period of time and then come back to
   quest IF it didnt work for me , and beleive me ppl i did that because i dont want to
   cause any trouble to the upliner , cuz once his upliners knos , he will be
   questioned and will enter in a vortex no body wants to go into.

   the funny thing that when i inivited my 2 upliners one was interstead actually
   about the idea of the other company , but once his upliner said no he told m
   e sorry my upliner said no , i told him what the hell is that? where is your free
   personallity you seek in your presentations? if your upliners keep bosing u what
   to do and what to dont?
   From that day they are avoiding me just because i asked them to join another
   company and i was ignorant about the rule of not allowing any ppl to work with
   any other company , funny thing they tell u its a (Free part time job) , but
   eventually it turned into controlling your (Free time). i mean whats the reason
   behind this role anyways ?

   i dont care about the little amount of money i didnt refund , thanxs god im in a
   finanacial average condition that i can regain that money in a day. the only thing i
   learned that this person turned from hugging me and sms me with cool msgs into
   a person who is always talking to me in a bad attitude and avoiding me just
   because of that request.


   May the best be your companion through your life

   Signature : a downliner who left quest because of his upliners attitude

259.       Sunil says:
   December 8th, 2007 at 2:31 pm

   Hey you all are making mistake to understand QuestNet. Definately you are
   buying product from QuestNet is
   costlier then the market price. When you buy a simple Cadbury Chocklate, do you
   know what is the cost
   effective to manufacture it and what price you are buying it in the market? Do
   cadbury company sale you
   chocklate at manufacturing price?
   Secondly some of your friend ask you about the test of Cadbury you gladly tell
   them the best test of
   Cadbury. What Cadbury company is paying you when you give mouth to mouth
   advertisement? Nothing not a
   single penny.

   Company spends millions of dow to advertise with film actors and models. Who
   are ultimately are paying
   the price of advertising? You and Me.

   Why don‘t you ask shopkeepers to reduce the cost of advertising, Commission,
   stock keepers profits,
   transport charges?

   There you feel shy to ask for discount?
   QuestNet company is doing business directly from buyer to sellers no agent no
   distributor. The profit is
   shared by all members of the QuestNet business. What is wrong in it? Why you
   are feeling bad about it.

   Do you think the profit shared within the members of the QuestNet is small
   amount? It is in Millions.
   Can you do this kind of business? Try it, it is not easy. I admire the person started
   this business Mr.
   Vijay Eshwaran and Mr. Padman.

   Some people said in the biggining that some people approached them 10 years
   back they are just giving wrong
   comments. This business was not existing before 10 years. It started in 1998.

   It is my request to all QuestNet members to use decent language as being told to
   us in training session
   and keep decency in the business. Some people may not like to enter in to our
   business for some reason
   I feel pity about them and pray to God this people are not joining to our business
   but let their children
   enter into this business.

   You all quest net member try to understand the problem that the population of
   Bahrain is very poor and
   they must be thinking difficult to do this business and for that reason don‘t curse
   them. Teach them that
   they can come out of their nation and do business.

   I am from India one of the poorest country in the world and still I can do this
   business successfuly.
   Why can‘t you?

   in the present time nothing is impossible, when their is will there is way.

   Good luck to you all and May God bless you all and may give you success in the
   life wherever you are.

   Sunil from India

260.       abc says:
   December 13th, 2007 at 10:18 am

   There is no point in discussing all this without some action. is there some legal
   way to sue Quest Net.
   One should completely get rid of malice like questnet. Does filing a case in
   Consumer court help? Yes,
   u guessed it Right. I m a victim of questnet……….

261.       Polis says:
   December 13th, 2007 at 6:52 pm

   Hey jus wanted to share my thoughts on this Quest thingie.. came upon this blog
   after i started researchn on Quest;after i was lured by one of my ―Frnds‖      to
   attend a session on Quest.. man it was CRAP.. all i could say was get a life..

262.       Antonmax says:
   December 15th, 2007 at 11:11 am

   Wah! My comment takes you so looooooooong to moderate! Wonder what I
   wrote to make you do that??????????

263.       prasad says:
   December 18th, 2007 at 7:53 am

   hey sunil…dont call india a poor country bugger……..u might be poor but our
   country has always been rich……….n vil be…..so dont comment on india
   here…..comment only on questnet….respect ur country first then u can get
   respect from others u questnet chamcha

264.       QNIR says:
   December 18th, 2007 at 11:22 am

   A personnel experience I would like to have peoples comment.
   We had a monitor made by ―Seimen‖. The cable of this monitor was damaged.
   We request the Seimen company to repair this, the answer was that this is not
   repairable. They charged us $800 for the new cable. We searched for another
   company we found ‖ Arbro‖ this company only manifactures cables for different
   use. They charge us $80 only.
   I took the cable to a friend of mine who is a running a electronic equipment repair
   shop ie, TV, VCD etc. he repaired it for free, the cable is still working. The only
   thing wrong in the cable was a connection which needs to be soldered. This
   incident happened in 1989 more then 17 years ago.
   I am sure this is not over prizing

265.       Benedict says:
   January 1st, 2008 at 7:54 pm


   I know you are trying hard to explain, anyway all your Questnet trainings are all
   about ―Finding the Right Button to SIGN UP your prospect‖ regardless what and
   how the way your explanations spending hours of time in coffee shop and phone
   calls, the message you are sending is ‖ JOIN THE BUSINESS!‖

   Do you know that 80% of all Questnet downlines quit the business not even able
   to sign up 1 direct referral on their own. These people accomulated since 1999
   already over 1 million customers. Do you think your upline give a damn care on
   them? ―MOVE ON‖ and ―NEXT victim please!‖

   You can explain 1000 points comparing business and other products, but just 1
   clear simple fact, recruiting and recruiting and recruiting is just pissing off alot of
   people, you don‘t help your people, you don‘t help you country, you don‘t help
   your friends, in the end, you just stay in small circle of your Questnet friends so-
   called buddies you LOST many and many friendships that build many years! One
   little word about you ―GREEDY‖.

266.       Antonmax says:
   January 7th, 2008 at 12:35 am

   Hola mon ami Benedict,

   Happy New Year! Still the same Benedict from last year and I bet I know what
   your New Year resolution is for 2008! Hey, did you give very good bonuses to
   your people???? Remember they worked very very hard for you each and every
   day of their lives for you to be financially freed, you know! I‘ll bet you are a very
   good boss and many would just love to be working for you! I‘ll also bet they work
   all their lives for you and would never quit their jobs! Did you also explain 1000
   points to every one of your prospecting ―employees‖? What‘s the message you
   give to these prospects and what would you try to bring across to your customers

267.       Benedict says:
   January 7th, 2008 at 4:26 am

   Hi Antonmax,

   Happy New Year to you. I believe everybody is working hard to earn not like
   Questnetters dreaming of becoming rich day and night, shouting ―Freedom!‖
   during their private function and lacking in productivity during day time job!

   Some left the job for their new venture in MLM business ended up in another job
   again. People progressing in their career making money consistently paying their
   home loans, providing healthy children education and retirement fund, however
   people working in MLM having unstable income monthly, staying in parents
   house or rented house with 2nd/3rd hand luxurious car with max loans. Could be
   0.05% which earning in decent income, however most of their leaders are NOT.
   They need a progressive luxurious material to ―show off‖ to their downlines as a
   symbol of success in this business. Therefore, most money being channel into
   lifestyle products instead of to the person they loved.

   You can tell me the opposite side like people in Questnet living comfortable life,
   but I am the person that see the reality in life. Again, if you really want to help
   your friends, we seek for honesty and love NOT because of the value of them to
   generate income into your pocket. Your Questnet buddies are not be your real
   friends, when you have quit your business, they will ignore you entirely!

   Good luck, Antonmax! Happy 2008 again, I hope you quit your job this year!

268.       Antonmax says:
   January 7th, 2008 at 11:22 am

   Hey Benedict,

   I do totally agree with you!But you have been to a lot of QN sessions, and do you
   think this biz is easy! Don‘t you think that they also work very hard cos if they
   were not, we won‘t find people like you in these blogs trying to undo their work,

   So, in any work, there would be a transition period before you get financially free.
   So, what is the difference with QN biz? Do you have the illusion or disillusion
   that you could get financially free once you get into this biz or after just working
   for a little while!

   I like to think that people, myself included, can differentiate between genuine
   friends and actors and actresses! Not easy to find one such friend as you described
   cos most of us have only $$$ as a friend becos of the reality world you have seen.
   Try feeding hungry mouths with friendship, honesty and love(when you are broke
   yourself)and see what they would say to you! Or, Imagine that you are rich and
   your friend is broke, not enough to eat each day for family with young children,
   and you say to him: My friend, let me help you to forget your empty stomach. Let
   me be honest with you in that you are in such a sad situation cos you don‘t inherit
   mucho dineros Americanos like I do. However, despite your sad situation, we are
   still friends and I so do love you as such! Guess what your friend‘s reply would
   be! Or, when you are successful in your biz (not necessary QN biz), everyone‘s
   your friend. When you quit that biz or gone bust, the tell me how many friends
   would remain and how many would ignore you entirely! Sounds familiar!

   I don‘t know why you keep hoping that I would quit my job this year! Do you
   have a job lined up for me in your organization? Should I be calling you BOSS in

   HAPPY 2008!
269.       Benedict says:
   January 8th, 2008 at 9:10 am

       I have seen this example given by your senior leader during the Q&A session.

   ―When you friend is poor and in need of money, show them the business plan, ask
   them to swipe their credit card/borrow from others to join the business cost
   US$500 or more, then and your friends to do the business day and night to find
   more recruits‖

   I think this is what your ―gift‖ to your friends when they are in financial burden
       (Never even consider your friend current situation, 95% chance of failure in
   business, expenses that sudden rises due to the business for phone/drinks/transport

   In summary, whether your friend is rich or poor, forget about their burdens, most
   importantly, ask them to join and ask them to find more recruits so that you are
   rich!   lame lame lame…

270.       QNIR says:
   January 8th, 2008 at 9:27 am

   OK, Benedict. I have a friend you is need of money, he is a school teacher-
   teaching A level, but expenses are more then what he earns. I always help him
   financially- If I can- any solution for this .

271.       Antonmax says:
   January 8th, 2008 at 1:04 pm

   Ooi Benedict,

   What would you offer your poor friends to solve their troubles? If you disagree
   with them senior leaders in offering someone at least a way out (never mind that
   many would not succeed, but what business is guaranteed without an element of
   risk, you mean to tell me you (in your financially freed capacity)actually offered
   them only friendship, honesty and love! Did you actually tell them to take your
   friendship, honesty and love to the bank and exchange them to money to buy
   bread, maggi mee or roti canai, the bare minimum to fill their tummies!

   And your friends, when they see you are well off would not be envious of you
   trying to ask you to give them some tips to get rich or to give them the
   opportunities that you can have to help them to spruce up their income! And you
   in your good heart would try to bring your friends to your level of financial stage
   so that as friends all of you would be seen to have many, if not all, things in
   common! Did you do that for your friends?
   And in summary, you who is rich, can blatantly tell others(who never had the
   good fortune like you to inherit a fortune)off and mislead others into believing
   that when they are poor, when they never can have any opportunities like you to
   stay poor and be slaves to work for fortunates like you! Now who is giving
   lame excuses!

272.       Benedict says:
   January 8th, 2008 at 3:55 pm

   Well well, have you heard of ―GOD helps those who help themselves?‖
   If I ask all my friends, ―who is poor? I‘m going to give some money to you if you
   are poor‖, definitely everybody raise their hands and claim they are poor!
   Everybody is looking for shortcut in life to become rich, and the best is to get free
   money from others. Is this the way to help your friends in poor?

   In order to become rich, they have to work hard. They could be
   hired by me if they fit the criteria and of course if I am doing my job, I‘m always
   a fair employer regardless whether he/she is my friend.

   No point telling your friends a plan that works only 3 - 5% success rate and
   remaining 97 - 95% failure rate of business plan, however your friend is putting a
   bet whether they could be the 5% earner? And YOU gain as many UVs as
   possible from your friend‘s hardwork. Do you really help your friends to become
   rich OR you ask your poor friends to make yourself rich? You are not doing a
   good deed helping your friend to become rich, you are making them worst. Not
   only financially drain, however you spoil your friendships as well.

   ―Did you actually tell them to take your friendship, honesty and love to the bank
   and exchange them to money to buy bread, maggi mee or roti canai, the bare
   minimum to fill their tummies!‖
   –> How materialistic you are to have said such words. You are putting all the
   dollar signs in everything you do, and I can tell you, even without saying it, your
   friends can tell who you are because everybody can sense this. I would advise
   you, not to be greedy. Do appreciate what you have today, don‘t chase your future
   until you lost what you already owned today.

   I will inherit money from my parents however I start my own company from
   scratch to a 3 branches shop, I would say this is all about HARDWORK, not luck
   or taking a single advantages on any friendships.

   Again, a person who really think of helping someone will not think of (in 1
   second) that he will get any returns from his kindness. Those who are in Questnet
   are ―in great motive‖ of signing up their friends to grow their network and make
   them rich. This is NOT a sincere help but leading them into a pitfall.
273.       QNIR says:
   January 8th, 2008 at 5:26 pm

   ―GOD helps those who help themselves?‖: here is a chance to help your self
   If I ask all my friends, ―who is poor? I‘m going to give some money to you if you
   are poor‖, definitely everybody raise their hands and claim they are poor!
   Everybody is looking for shortcut in life to become rich,- if you are a true friend
   you will know, dont have to ask.
   3 - 5% success rate and remaining 97 - 95% failure rate of business plan,- from
   where are these statistics ?
   And YOU gain as many UVs as possible from your friend‘s hardwork. Do you
   really help your friends to become rich OR you ask your poor friends to make
   yourself rich?:- your friend under you get UV before you get the UV.
   I‘m always a fair employer regardless whether he/she is my friend.:- how fair are
   you ?- I am sure you will fire any body who joins Questnet.

274.       Antonmax says:
   January 8th, 2008 at 5:30 pm


   Fine one to talk about making yourself rich! Take your case, a fair employer (to
   whom, I wonder: to yourself)!!!!Do all your employees become rich because they
   work for you? I am sure you would only employ those that fit your criteria: they
   are able to slave for you to make you richer! Sounds familiar! GOD helps those
   who help themselves…..I am sure you do help yourself a lot in this case,
   maximum, I‘ll bet!

   I ain‘t the one that started talking about friendship, honesty and love in this reality
   world of yours! You claimed that like it would fill everybody‘s tummy! That‘s
   why I asked you whether you can take those to the bank! Fine for you who is rich
   telling others they are materialistic! You, who is rich, and stands to inherit more
   from your parents, can really rub salt into people‘s wounds! You have
   alternatives, a fall back, and maybe that‘s why you are successful in opening 3
   branches of shops starting from scratch cos you knew that should you fail, you
   can always have this inheritance! Ever heard of the adage ―The Rich gets
   Richer‖? I am sure you work hard to achieve this and with such a fall back, I am
   doubly sure you don‘t need luck or taking advantages on any friendships. Hey, for
   those of us who do not have that advantage as you, we need all the luck and
   advantages friendships can give us!

   Now, you are really assuming! After saying all that you have said, just what
   makes you think that all in QN are helping someone without a thought of any
   returns (in 1 second)! But, then again, what makes you think that whatever you do
   you would do without expecting anything in return? I now wonder what KARMA
   is about!
275.       Benedict says:
   January 9th, 2008 at 5:28 am

      I guess you must be very pissed off with your JOB (JWT). So Anthony, if you
   thinks JOB SUCKS and Questnet is the most wonderful business on earth, why
   don‘t you stay loyal to QN and quit your job now!? Don‘t forget, your job is still
   feeding you and your family, paying off your loans to keep you in shelter. All
   Questnet believers should quit their job ASAP because your employers are
   treating you like slaves! Don‘t forget, you trade your services for salary! You got
   paid monthly and you forget to thank your employer?
   Did your uplines Pathman, Ranjit, Perminder, Umar, David all pay you monthly
   salary ???? I guess I am better than all your downlines , at least every month, I am
   paying 6 figures in salary to all my staff! And your uplines STILL asking YOU to
   spend more money for trainings, VCONs, tapes, CDs, etc.

   I want to see how you, Anthony, will survive without a job, just only selling
   BioDiscs… probably you lost your quality time spending with your family as
   well. I pity you so much!

   You can copy and paste what you have wrote above and send it to you uplines.
   Tell him, ―Fair Uplines, You Save my Life!‖

   Oh ya, I forgot to say, I still believe you continue posting because my friends told
   me that Questnet is a CULT, these people never stop opposing what a real man
   stands, they live in FantasyLand.

276.       Antonmax says:
   January 9th, 2008 at 9:13 am

   Me, I love my job! QN is just another JOB for me. Did I ever in any of my
   comments in all the blogs we have been dancing around with ask others to quit
   their jobs just becos of QN! Told you that not all are of the same mold, which you
   assumed and accused all the time! Told you that many and different blogs before,
   but did you listen! No, and you just adamantly insist that to what you thought they
   are! People can suggest, but you still get a choice and you have your own mind to
   make as to what you want in your life. I advocate people is intelligent enough to
   choose and with all the abundance of choices out there, in this case, given by you
   too, can decide what they want! Just becos it did not work for your sis (you threw
   a tantrum and smashed that little piece of glass to that effect)doesn‘t mean that
   others can‘t be with QN.

   Your business must be very very good and your employees must have worked
   very very hard for you to be able to pay 6 figures salaries! Made lots of money,
   haven‘t you! I told you, not all of us are as lucky as you and your employees! We
   don‘t all get a FAIR BOSS like you who pays 6 figures salaries!
   Assuming again, ain‘t you: Why Anthony???? That might be for Anton, but what
   about Max???

   My ―Fair Uplines‖ never promises rose garden for me when I joined, so why
   should I tell them ―You saved my life‖! When I joined this biz, I never thought it
   would be easy and I know it would need a lot of hard work! But, I do this at my
   own pace and have fun doing this. This is about meeting people, all sorts and all
   kinds, and that helps with my perspectives. Dunno all those horror stories you
   people mentioned ever happened to me! But, that‘s just moi, and in all businesses,
   your success needs your sacrifice! So, if only some succeed and some don‘t, that
   applies to all businesses.

   Oh ya, I need to add to your CULT thing too! If you believe I would continue
   posting cos your friends told you that QN is a CULT, then I believe you are also a
   CULTIST cos you would continue posting too!

   Thank you for your pity. Really appreciate that! You sure know a lot about QN to
   mimic them word for word. Be careful, cos if you practice too often, you might
   just end up like them, the people you despise and hate cos practice does make a
   person perfect!

277.       Benedict says:
   January 28th, 2008 at 4:52 am

   Have you watch this video?

   Ha ha.. I know you have watched, damn pissed off with your competitors is‘t?
   Biodisc cannot sell already. People selling 80% cheaper than your little glass!
   Soon you can see the China crystal will do the same. I saw the monk is selling
   RM10 only. Damn cheap! Now everybody use the same trick to make money
   already. Poor guy! They said because they have tough luck in job. They born in
   poor family. So no choice but use some trick to con people‘s money. Anthony oh
   Anthony. I know you are still single. Must be too lonely and pissed off with life.
   Vietnamese girls are good. Don‘t be shy. Get a life.. good luck poor Anthony!

278.       Antonmax says:
   January 28th, 2008 at 8:26 am

   Oh Ben, Oh Ben,

   Competitions are always there and, as long as people like you and I exists, we
   have competition! It‘s a fact of life and didn‘t someone said that ―Competition is
   healthy‖! Now you claimed to be an expert in this and looks like you are
   promoting for the competitors! You bought any yourself? And, have you tried that
   and see if the damn cheap China crystals will do the same? Did you fall for their
   tales and took pity on them and bought some damn cheap crystals for yourself?
   Or, better still, you being a big and fair boss and that, did you offer them
   employment in your shops to better their lives and not to go on using some trick
   to con people‘s money! That ‘s your mission, isn‘t it!

   Ben, oh, Ben, you assumed me to be Chow at first and now I‘m Anthony! Now,
   you go a step further saying you know i am still single, must be lonely and pissed
   off with life! What are you now: reading from the crystals you bought damn
   cheap or you can read my mind? Still insisting on Vietnamese! Never been to
   Vietnam: told you before and many others but you just ignore and accuse without
   verification! You know me from all these blogs, and do you think me shy! Why
   me to get a life and not you? Seems we both are in the same boat, but sitting on
   opposite ends! Thanks for you good luck, and me sure is poor and mind sharing
   some of your wealth with me so that I won‘t go doing some tricks!

279.       Benedict says:
   January 28th, 2008 at 12:24 pm

   Hi Anthony,
   With more competition, I‘m sure life is getting tougher in Questnet. Thinking of
   having a good backup plan for your to achieve financial freedom but ended up in
   a dead end?!
   I like watching the Video from Amega Bio Bracelet, guess what, what they are
   doing the demo exactly the same as bioDisc!
   You know what, I was at BioDisc demo and they are doing the handphone trick.
   So I purposely ask them to try on me. They do! But guess what, they can‘t even
   pull my hands down. I can see the lady was so embarassed! Since she is not the
   leader like TP or Stevie, I don‘t want to make feel bad so I walked away. I know
   all this tricks. It‘s all in a mind of coz if you can focus your strength, they can‘t
   pull your hands down with or without BioDisc.

   Why glass?? Some even broke their BioDisc. I would suggest if you don‘t want to
   feel bad loosing US$500 for a piece of junk and you are curious to try this junky
   science, buy Amega Bracelet, at least if you regret, you just risk US$100!!

280.       Antonmax says:
   January 28th, 2008 at 2:38 pm

   You mean that before the biodisc life was not tough in QN! Competition is what
   makes people not complacent and we do improve because of this competition!
   Just like a branch of a plant, trimming it ended in a dead end and my dead end just
   developed branches for me to explore more.

   My, my, Ben, what strong arms you got! Better to bully ladies, I guess! Care to
   try with moi!
   Why glass! Why not! You got something against glass! Some broke their
   biodisc…..Well, if you are so well versed in QN and the biodisc, then you know
   that‘s not a concern. Why do you feel that I feel bad about that! What do you
   know about my feelings for that piece of glass anyway? You do like to assume a
   lot, don‘t you! I am not curious to try this cos I am sold on this piece of glass! I
   didn‘t lose that USD 500, you did cos you threw a tantrum and smashed your sis‘s
   peice of glass!

281.       Benedict says:
   January 29th, 2008 at 7:43 am

   Seem like you are very angry and get sensitive when I touch on your business
   issue! Yeah my sis told me that most of her friends in Questnet quited already.
   They just said hard to sell the BioDisc, Goldcoin, and Iconnect. The same old
   leader standing on the stage every week. This business is getting colder now…
   Too bad! I guess this is the end of your financial freedom dream. Good luck
   Anton boy!

282.       Antonmax says:
   January 29th, 2008 at 3:26 pm

   Er, Ben my old buddy,

   That‘s the same post you put on the other blog lah!

   Not like you to copy and patch like someone I know on MS.

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