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           Parallels to the 1928 election
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           January 9, 2008 - 12:47 ET

           I don't think it was just us that was surprised yesterday in what happened in New Hampshire. You know, it's
           amazing. I went back last night and I said to one of our researchers, I said, would you do me a favor: Go
           back and find as much as you can on the parallels of other elections. When was the last time we had an
           election like this? Well, the last time we had an election like this was 1928. 2008 is the first time since 1928
           that there is no incumbent President or incumbent vice president running for either of the presidential
           nomination or not running in the presidential election. In 1928 the President was Calvin Coolidge. Calvin
           Coolidge opted not to seek reelection. His vice president at the time was Charles Dawes. He also did not run.
           So what happened, the Republicans nominated the eventual winner. It was Herbert Hoover. This, with some
           irony, is the secretary of congress. In 1928 the economy was going strong. There were some signs and
           people were saying, wait a minute, hang on, there are some problems here. But the roaring '20s were still
           roaring. Much of the credit was given to Hoover. He was the secretary of congress in Coolidge's
           administration. Voters weren't thinking about the debt. They weren't thinking about economic collapse. Those
           in Florida that had purchased all of the land in Florida by the water, Florida started to become a boom and
           everybody was saying, oh, look, here it comes. And what happened? Right around the corner the economy
           collapsed. By the way, today we are still in the official longest economic expansion where billions of dollars of
           wealth have been created. Housing prices, if you look at what happened in the 1920s in Florida alone and
           what's happening right now in 2008 in Florida alone for the housing market, it's damn near the same thing.
           1920s, an era of innovation and technical advancement, Calvin Coolidge's inauguration was the first
           presidential inauguration to be broadcast on radio. Coolidge was the first President whose address to
           congress was broadcast on radio. Today we can clone sheep, we have men and women living in space and
           the candidates are posting their thoughts online and the candidates are asking questions from YouTube.

           Religion in 1928 was also a major factor. Democratic nominee for
           president was Alfred Smith. His mistake, the reason why you don't
           know Alfred Smith, the reason why he didn't make it to be President
           is his mistake was to be Roman Catholic. He was the first Roman
           Catholic to run for the presidency. It turns out America wasn't ready
           for a Roman Catholic. Alfred Smith lost an election landslide against
           Hoover, 444-87. It was very public, very vicious and very okay to
           attack Smith for his religion, claiming that his allegiance would be to
           Rome and the Pope, not to the Constitution and his country. Today
           can we say Mitt Romney. And the best thing is because the roaring
           '20s, the rich got richer. Remember in 1929 the rich were about to
           throw themselves out of windows because the rich were also stupid.
           As the rich got richer in the 1920s, everybody was starting to say,
           wait a minute, hang on just a second; this socialism thing seems to be working over in Russia. This was
           before they really knew what was going on. In the 1920s all of these Fabian movement people, all these
           people, the Progressives, were going over to Russia and studying what was happening over there. They
           would come back and they would say, okay, sure, there's a lot of blood in the street, but this is a good
           system. And they started to sew the seeds of federal government needs to be bigger. Remember, fascism
           was on the rise. 1928, government should be bigger, government should help flood victims. The rich                                                             Page 1 of 2
Glenn Beck - Current Events & Politics - Parallels to the 1928 election                                            8/13/10 3:00 PM

           shouldn't be as rich. Remember they were about to become very, very broke. The rich shouldn't be rich.

           You've probably heard Herbert Hoover's slogan but you've only heard half of it most likely. The half you
           heard is a chicken in every pot. Vote for Herbert Hoover and you'll have a chicken in every pot. But that was
           only half of it. It was a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage. A car was starting to be a right. Only
           the rich could have a car. The roaring '20s were only happening for the rich. Why not a car in every garage
           and a chicken in every pot. That was 1928.

           It's the closest that we could find to this election and I've got to tell you something. You better study 1928
           because here it comes. I think this is exactly what happened in 1928 is about to happen to us as well.

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