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Jardine Diapers


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                                                                              Care instructions
                                                                               for cloth diapers

                                                                              and covers inside.

~ helping you find your cloth diapering solution ~











                              Issue #31
                  All in One Diapers (AIOs) are very easy to use and provide a trim fit. Just
                place baby on an open diaper and fasten with the Velcro style closures. They
                should not be washed in hot water or bleached. AIOs are one of the most ex-
                pensive cloth diapering options, but it is nice to have a few around for others
                 to use that need a really easy cloth diaper. The Proservices All in One is the
                       only one that does a really good job of keeping in newborn poop.

                 Bumkins All In One Cloth Diaper
This is a wonderful cloth diaper. It is easy to use, well made and the
fabric feels great! The trimmest fit available in a cloth diaper. Silky
waterproof polyester outer shell, that stays soft without cracking or
breaking down. Six layers of thick 100% cotton flannel. Designed with a
panel to help with airflow and for quick drying. Gentle elastic is sewn
internally around the legs for and waist for great leak protection. The
closure tabs are large and strong, providing an adjustable but secure fit.
Harder for baby to get off then most velcro diapers. My husband loves
these Velcro tabs because they can be folded back and stuck to the front of
the diaper instead of having to close the diaper when you wash. This is a
great diaper for nighttime use, trips to the store or for baby-sitters and
Grandmas. Available in white and in a variety of prints (you can view the prints on our website). If there are
any prints that you like, please let us know. We will send them to you if they are in stock. The small size is a
bit big for most newborns. Small 8-12 lbs. Medium 12-22 lbs. Large 22-32 lbs. XLarge 32-42 lbs. Youth
(white only) 42-52 lbs.
Bumkins AIO - $13.20 each White, Youth $17.20; $15.20 each Prints
Buy 6 or more and save! - $12.90 each White, Youth $16.90 each; $14.90 each Prints

                                      Ultra Kushies® All in One Diaper

                                    The ultra "All-In-One" diaper. Made of 5 layers of 100% cotton flannel
                                    plus a special middle soaker layer for increased absorbency. Patented
                                   built-in flap for extra absorbency. Outer waterproof barrier for ultra leak
                                   protection... NO DIAPER COVER REQUIRED. Soft leg elastic,
                                   adjustable Aplix® hook and loop Fastening closures for snug fit (there is a
                                   second piece of loop below the first for a totally adjustable fit. Machine
                                  washable & dryable. Comes in a variety of prints and solids. If your baby
                                  is taken to explosive poops, these diapers are not recommended. Newborn
                                  fits 4-10 lbs. Infant fits 10-22 lbs. Toddler fits 22-45 lbs.
                                  Kushies Ultra - Newborn $7.95; Infant $8.95; Toddler $9.95 each
                                  Buy 6 or more - Newborn $7.70; Infant $8.70; Toddler $9.70 each.

                     With any product you can mix sizes to get the quantity discount.
                 Proservices All in One Diaper
  Waterproof outer layer of vinyl backed polyester (the same as the Kushies
  Ultra). They also feature leg gussets made out of stretchy waterproof poly-
  ester (the same fabric that they use in the Prorap Classic) for a snug fit at the
  legs.The inner absorbent layer is made from 4x6x4 prefolds. The part of the
  diaper that is sewn to the waterproof outer is the middle (long ways) 6 layer
  panel of the 4x6x4 diaper. You will also get part of the 4 layer side panels.
  The large size diaper is wide enough in the back that you get entire width of
  the 4x6x4 diaper. The inner flap that is sewn down only in the back for
  quicker drying is made out of a section of 4x6x4 diaper that has been cut the
                                short way. With the inner flap you get four layers at the back and at the front.
                                The six layer panel is in the middle (right where you need more absorbency).
                               Velcro style closures. Just like your regular prefold diapers, the inner layers of
                               the Proservices All in One diaper will fluff up after washing and feel stiff when
                              brand new. In white only. Machine wash, tumble dry low. Made in the USA.
                              Newborn 6-10 lbs. Small 9-14 lbs. Medium 13-25 lbs. Large 24-35 lbs. Extra
                             Large 34-45 lbs.
                             Proservices AIO- Newborn $8.95 ea, Small $9.95 ea, Medium $10.25 ea,
                            Large $10.95 ea, Extra Large $11.95 ea
                           Buy 6 to10 - Newborn $8.50 each, Small $9.50 each, Medium $9.80 each,
                           Large $10.50 each; Extra Large $11.50 each
                          Buy 11 or more - Newborn $8.10 each, Small $9.10 each, Medium $9.40 each,
                          Large $10.10; Extra Large $11.10 each each

    Fitted diapers allow you to get a snugger fit at the legs while still giving your baby a trimmer fit than
      prefolds. They are easier to put on in the right place than a prefold, but I think that it takes a little
     more time to put on. Since the cover is not attached, they can be washed more aggressively than an

  Kushies® Classic Diaper
The original Kushies diaper has 8 layers of             100%       cotton
flannel plus an inner waterproof barrier. They also have the same built in
flap as the Kushies Ultra Diaper. Soft leg elastic and adjustable hook and
loop fastening closures ensure a snug fit. Machine washable and dryable.
This is a very soft and absorbent diaper. Since they have a waterproof
barrier built in, you can go for an hour or so without any leaking. For
nighttime, nap time and heavy wetting babies you should use an Bummis
pant or Kushies diaper wrap. Comes in assorted neutral prints and solids.
Infant fits 10-22 lbs. Toddler fits 22-45 lbs.
How the Kushies built in flap works:
                                     Classic - Infant: $7.95 each; 6 or
                                     more $7.70 each Toddler: $8.95
                                     each; 6 or more $8.70 each

                                   ~ helping you find your cloth diapering solution ~
     Kissaluvs Fitted Snap Diapers
      for combos 1 & 2.          for 1 & 2 fleece.        for size 0's.

Kissaluvs diapers are known for quality fabrics and terrific fit. The unbleached
cotton fleece is a luxuriously deep-pile fabric made especially for Kissaluvs. It
is soft, absorbent, very stretchy and exceptionally durable. Diapers have elasti-
cized leg and back openings to contain messes and floods. All sizes have dura-
ble plastic snaps (two rows on size 0, one row with eight snaps along the
tummy in sizes 1 and 2) and let you overlap the wings to get a great fit on even
the thinnest baby. The extra-stretchy elastic gives an easy, snug fit without binding. Kissaluvs seem to fit
most kids well, mostly because the fabric stretches so much that there is almost infinite adjustments in the
size ranges. Kissaluvs are unique in the cloth diapering realm, soft, stretchy and absorbent. If you are into fit-
ted diapers or need something that dad or grandma will find easy to use give Kissaluvs a try.
Size 0 is specially made to actually fit a newborn. It has a snap down feature in the front so that your baby's
umbilical cord can heal without being irritated. After the cord heals you can unsnap the front and use the sec-
ond row of snaps as your baby grows. The inside soaker layers are made with a layer of woven cotton to pro-
                   vide stability and to distribute                            wetness all throughout the dia-
                    per. There are also two additional                         layers of Kissaluvs super thick
                     terry inside. This is not skimpy                          'baby' terry. It is the same su-
                       per thick and absorbent terry                           that they use on the outside of
                        the diapers and their fleece/                          terry liners.
                        We carry these great diapers                              in two styles. One with both
                        the inner (the side that                                  touches your baby) and outer
                          layers made out of cotton fleece. The other style has cotton fleece on the inner layer
                           and the stretch terry on the outer layer and is only available in sizes 1 &2. The all
                            cotton fleece style is more stretchy and the terry/fleece combo is a bit more absor-
                            bent. The booster size Kissaluvs washable liners will fit into the size 0 diapers as
                             well as the 1 and 2’s. The Super Soakers will fit into the size 1 and 2 diapers.
                             Like most fitted diapers these work best with pull up style diaper covers. For
                             newborns the Bummi Pant. Depending on they fit your baby, you may be able to
                            use the Bummi Super or the Prorap Classic. Like all unbleached/natural fabrics
                           these diapers need to be washed in hot water before they will become absorbent.
                          The manufacturer recommends that they are washed at least four times in hot water
                         before initial use. They will continue to get more absorbent the more that they are
                      washed until they are totally broken in. Usually 5-8 wash/dry cycles.

Kissaluvs in unbleached fleece (all sizes), unbleached fleece/terry combo (only size 1&2) - $9.95 each .
Buy 6-10 9.75 each. Buy 11 or more $9.50 each.
Colors! - $10.95 each . Buy 6-10 10.75 each. Buy 11 or more $10.50 each. You can mix sizes, fabrics and
colors to get the discount.

       Kushies® Basic Diaper
The most economical prefitted Kushies® diaper. Made with 2 layers of 100%
cotton flannel and a double layer of poly/rayon soaker material. Soft leg
elastic and adjustable Hook and Loop fastening closures ensure a snug fit. Leg
elastic helps keep those messes contained with newborns. Not to be used with
heavy wetting babies. Machine washable and dryable. Use with the Bummis
pant or the Kushies cover. Available in assorted neutral prints. Infant fits 10-
22 lbs. Toddler fits 22-45 lbs.
Basic - Infant: $4.50 ea. 8pack $34.00; Toddler: $4.75 ea. 8pack $36.00

         Prefolds are the easiest diaper to care for, but do require some time to figure out how to
         use them most effectively on your baby. Once you get the hang of it, they are really easy
          to use. The ply numbers refer to the layers of fabric in the diaper if you think of it di-
         vided in thirds the long way. 4x6x4 would be 4 layers in each outer panel and 6 layers in
                                              the middle panel.

                       BabyKicks Hemparoo® Fleece Hemp Prefolds
                                      If you've been looking for an extra absorbent diaper for your super
                                      soaker baby, or you need to know the diaper will make it through the
                                      night, you've found THE diaper! Due to the porous nature of the fiber, a
                                      hemp fiber is more absorbent than a cotton fiber of the same size so
                                      nothing absorbs like hemp fleece! Hemp fiber is one of the longest,
                                      strongest and most durable of all natural textile fibers. Products made
                                      from hemp will outlast their competition by many years. Not only is
                                      hemp strong, but it also holds its shape, stretching less than any other
                                      natural fiber. This prevents hemp diapers from stretching out or becom-
                                      ing distorted with use. Hemp may be known for its durability, but its
                                      comfort and style are second to none. The more hemp is used, the softer
                                       it gets. Hemp doesn't wear out, it wears in. Hemp is also naturally re-
                                       sistant to mold, mildew and ultraviolet light. Combining cotton and
                                       hemp makes for a soft, absorbent and very long lasting diaper. Made
from 2-3-2 layers of luxuri-           ously soft organic 55% hemp / 45% cotton fleece, these prefolds are
up to any task, from being pinned, folded in thirds in a snug fitting wrap, or as a Fuzzi Bunz stuffer. Wash hot
and dry three times before use.
Hemp Prefolds - Newborn (lavender stitching) $5.95 ea. Infant (green) $6.65 ea. Toddler (dark red)
$7.65 ea (slate blue) Extra Large $8.65 ea
For six or more Newborn $5.70 ea Infant $6.40 ea Toddler $7.40 ea Extra Large $8.40 ea

                                  ~ helping you find your cloth diapering solution ~
                                                                    Imported Diaper Service Quality
                                                                            (DSQ) Diapers

                                                                 Our best selling diapers. These super absorbent
                                                                 diapers are tops for your baby’s bottom. I think
                                                                 that these pre-fold diapers are as close to
                                                                 perfection as you can get. I have heard that you
                                                                 can use them as rags after they are "done"
                                                                 being diapers, but the diapers that I have been
                                                                 using for over two years are still going strong!
                                                                 Perfect to use with diaper pins or a Snappi.
                                                                 Great folded inside Velcro®-closing covers!
                                                                 This diaper is diaper-service quality, designed
                                                                 to survive an industrial washing machine - for
hundreds of washings! Imagine just how long they will last in your home washing machine. Can be used with
any diaper cover. If you pin your prefolds or use a Snappi - try the Bummis pant. These diapers are packaged
in bulk (i.e. no packaging). They are the same diapers that the diaper services use. The diapers come to you
stiff and they don’t look at all comfortable. Wash and dry them at least twice before using them. They will
undergo a transformation and quilt up into thick, soft, absorbent diapers. Unbleached diapers need to be
washed several times in very hot (you may need to use boiling) water. Thicker than any diaper that you can
buy in the stores. Made in China out of heavy duty 100% cotton twill. You can order samples of these great
diapers also. All sizes are approximate.
       2x6x2 Preemie - 2x6x2 ply with white stitching at the ends (not pictured). For your preemie or can be
       used as an economical diaper doubler. Also in unbleached.
       Sample 262 - $1.25 or $12.00 per dozen
       4x8x4 Newborn/Infant - 4x8x4 ply (four layers of fabric on the sides and 8 layers in the middle with
       dark green stitching at the ends). The easiest prefold to get into those small and newborn covers. When
       you need to use the larger diapers for your baby (usually around four months), these diapers can
become a generous sized diaper doublers for overnight. 12"x16" (shrunk 11"x15") Also in unbleached.
Sample 484N - $1.75 or $18.00 per dozen
      4x6x4 Regular- 4x6x4 ply (white stitching at the ends). If you want a diaper that will take you from
      newborn (use a stretchy cover on your newborn) to potty training, this is it! These are a little bit thinner
      than the 4x8x4, but they do hold a lot - they are great for daytime, for babies that don’t flood or at
nighttime with a washable liner if your baby needs it. 14.5"x21" (shrunk 14"x19") Also in unbleached.
Sample 464 - $2.00 or $22.00 per dozen
       4x8x4 Premium - 4x8x4 ply (blue stitching at the ends). The best diaper for older babies and young
       toddlers. These are great for heavier wetting babies or for nighttime when you don’t want to use a
       washable liner. 14.5"x22" (shrunk 14"x19.5") Also in unbleached.
Sample 484 P - $2.25 or $25.00 per dozen
       4x8x4 Toddler - 4x8x4 ply (green stitching on all four sides). If you have an older child that needs
       more absorbency, these diapers are the way to go. I wouldn't try to fit these diapers into any covers
       except XLarge and Toddler sized covers. 17.5"x23" (shrunk 16.5"x21.5") Also unbleached.
Sample 484T - $2.50 or $28.00 per dozen

         A contour diaper is easy to use, just place in a diaper cover , place baby on the diaper and-
                                            then fasten the cover.

                                 Kissaluvs Contour Diapers

                                 Kissaluvs contour (aka, "shaped")
                                 diapers give you quality fabrics and
                                terrific fit over a wide size range.
                                The contour diapers are hourglass
                                shaped with a uniquely sewn-in N/S
                         booster/soaker. An economical alternative
to fitted diapers, contours are easy to use ... just lay inside a snug-
fitting wrap, and you're all set. The long wings also give you the
option of pinning (a snappi does not work that well) the diaper for
use under any type of cover or wrap. The diaper can be folded M/L
down at the front to accommodate different rises and should fit into
most Velcro style closing covers.
Kissaluvs contour diapers have two layers of their wonderful cotton
fleece paired with either a sewn-in Booster doubler (size NB/S) or a twice-the-weight Super Soaker doubler
(size M/L). The Booster liner has one layer of unbleached cotton fleece and one layer of unbleached knit terry
for a soft absorbent liner. The Super Soaker has one layer of cotton fleece and two layers of unbleached knit
terry for extra absorbency. Available in assorted colors in two sizes.
Newborn/Small 5-20 lbs. Medium/Large 15-35 lbs.
Kissaluvs Contours - $5.99 each; buy six or more $5.49 each

                                                             Rumpsters Mini Diapers

                                                        Rumpster mini diapers are easy to              use and
                                                        well worth the money and there is no need to invest in
                                                        other items such as snappis or diaper pins... the cover
                                                        alone will hold them in place. The top contoured layer is
                                                        made of a soft Malden Mills Micro Fleece, for dryness
                                                        next to your baby`s skin and is backed with a highly ab-
                                                        sorbent Hemp French Terry. These mini diapers have
                                                        two under flaps (patent pending) that fold in to create 6
                                                        more layers of Hemp French Terry unique for stuffing.
                                                        That is 7 layers of terry in one slim package, more than
                                                        15oz. of liquid absorbency. For parents concerned about
nighttime absorption, the folded in layers create a pocket that can be stuffed with an additional doubler. Elas-
ticity all the way around creates a nice snug fit next to your baby`s body and is perfect for stopping unneces-
sary BM overflows. The elastic in the front is looser to eliminate bunching on your baby's tummy. Small fits:
up to 16, Medium fits: 17-26, Large fits: 27-40+

Rumpsters - Small $10.95 each; Medium $12.95 each; Large $14.95 each
                                   ~ helping you find your cloth diapering solution ~
         Diaper covers provide the waterproof part of your diapering system if you are using a pre-
          fold, fitted or contour diaper. Hook and Loop (Velcro style) and snap diaper covers are
         easy to use and can be used with most diapers. Pull up diaper covers can be used with fas-
                   tened (with a snappi) prefolds, fitted diapers or fastened contour diapers.

                                        Prorap Classic A super strong, no nonsense industrial wrap.
                                                              These Prorap Classic wraps keep you and your
                                        baby's clothes dry with soft, stretchy 100% polyester fabric with a
                                        urethane laminate. Elastic at the leg and waist is bound with the same
                                        polyester fabric for a gentle, snug fit. A lightweight cover that is good
                                        for day or night use, they are not fancy (no fold back tabs or front in-
                                        side flap) but they work really well. The newborn size features an
                                        umbilical notch so you can use these covers right from the start.
                                        Newborn 5-10 lbs. Small 9-14 lbs. Medium 13-25 lbs. Large 24-35
                                        lbs. Extra Large 34-45 lbs.

                                        Prorap Classic - $6.35 each 6 or more $5.95;Extra Large $6.95
                                        each 6 or more $6.50

      RumpWraps Organic Wool Covers
100% Organic wool jersey makes up this wonderful cover. You will be able to
get a more customized fit with this cover since the waist and leg snaps are in-
dependent of each other. The waist can be on the smallest setting and the leg
on the largest if it needs to be.
Organic fabrics can be a more ruff and tumble bunch. You will need to lano-
lize your cover before use. Lanolin is the oily secretion from the skin of the
sheep that becomes trapped in the sheep’s wool. When the sheep is shorn each
year (the sheep’s hair cut) the wool is washed, processed & the Lanolin Oil ex-
tracted & refined. Most wool has had the lanolin stripped out before processing
and you need to add it back to the wool for use as a diaper cover. The more you lanolize, the softer it will get.
Don't get to carried away though, just lanolize when needed.
To lanolize - rinse your cover in cool water (hot may shrink the fabric). Take about an inch of Lansinoh (the
breastfeeding cream) and dissolve in a cup of hot water. Fill a basin with just above cool water, add the lanolin
mix and soak your cover for 10-15 minutes. If the water is too cool the lanolin will clump together instead of
soaking into your cover. Gently squeeze the water out of the cover. You can roll the cover in a towel to get
most of the moisture out. Lay flat or hang dry. You will only need to repeat this every three to four weeks or
when your cover starts feeling damp to soon after a diaper change. After your cover has been lanolized a few
times it will be softer and you may find that you need to lanolize less often.
Washing your wool cover. - You do not need to wash your wool cover after each use. Just air dry after each use
and wash only when the smell of urine lingers after airing or if you have to clean off any poop. Try using Euca-
lan. It has lanolin in it so you can extend the time before you need to lanolize again.
Small fits: 12-18lbs Medium fits: 17-26lbs Large fits: 27-35lbs Extra Large fits: 36-45 lbs
Rump Wrap - $27.00 each
Bumkins Diaper Cover

This is what I use. The covers are easy to use and they don’t leak! I use
them with the imported prefold diapers. It took me a long time and a lot of
money to find covers that were easy to use, that worked and were durable.
These easy-care diaper covers are the most leak proof ones around. Made
out of silky waterproof polyester. No absorbent layers or trims, which
means that wetness won't "wick" onto baby's clothing. If you have ever
tried a diaper cover with cotton trim you know what a problem that can be.
Machine wash, hang to dry. Built in air vent in the back of the cover limits
any heat build up. The front of the cover features a flap that covers up the
stitching of loop part of the Velcro® so that pee can’t wick up. Use with any pre-fold diaper. Available in
assorted prints and white. Newborn 6-10 lbs. Small 9-16 lbs. Medium 15-23 lbs. Large 22-28 lbs. Extra Large
27-35 lbs.

Bumkins Covers - White $9.95 each; Prints $10.95 each
6 or more- White $9.50 each; Prints $10.50 each

      Bummis Whisper Pant

 The Bummis Whisper Pant has the same soft lightweight waterproof fabric (nylon) as the Bummis Original.
                                 Not the stretchy fabric of Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. The lycra
                                 binding at the waist and legs are super soft and won't leave marks on
                                 your baby. This pant fits well with the Kushies Classic and Kushies
                                 Basic. For newborn babies, it is the best cover for the Kissaluvs. It is also
                                 ideal for those people who prefer to pin their diapers or use a Snappi.
                                 Small is usually too big for newborns. In white only. Newborn 4-10 lbs.
                                 Small 7-15 lbs. Medium 13-30 lbs. Large 30-40 lbs. XLarge 35-45 lbs.

                                     Bummi Pant - $5.25 each or $5.00 for six or more

    Kushies Diaper Wrap

Kushies diaper wrap works great with the Kushies Classic or Basic diaper.
Kushies wraps are made out of a polyester backed vinyl fabric which is very
moisture resistant. They fasten in the front with velcro. The legs (they are
gusseted) are elastic covered in a soft poly/cotton fabric. Elastic along the
back. Machine wash, hang dry. Assorted prints. Infant fits 10-22 lbs. Toddler
fits 22-45 lbs.

Kushies Wrap - $6.00 each; $5.75 each for six or more

                                  ~ helping you find your cloth diapering solution ~
                                                            Bummis Original Wrap

                                         Bummis original wrap is made out of 100% nylon with a polyurethane
                                         waterproof coating. An interior mesh lining made of polyester helps
                                         keep the diaper in place. The leg and waist binding is very soft lycra.
                                         This is a great cover for hot weather because it is very lightweight.
                                         The medium size and up have a 3" wide panel of velcro that is very
                                         durable. These covers are best used during the day. The mesh liner can
                                         cause the cover to wick moisture where the velcro is sewn down if the
                                         diaper gets too wet. Use with prefold diapers, this cover doesn't fit
                                         well over fitted diapers. The newborn size is made for small babies,
                                         with a narrow band of velcro. The small size is made to fit an average
sized newborn with a soft band of fabric at the top front of the diaper that helps the cord heal. On the larger
sizes, the velcro tabs are harder for your little one to get off. Machine or hand wash, hang to dry. Newborn 4-
8 lbs. Small 7-13 lbs. Medium 13-20 lbs. Large 20-28 lbs. Extra Large 28-35 lbs. Extra Extra Large 35-42
Bummi Original - $7.95 each or $7.50 each for six or more

                   Bummis Super Whisper Wrap
This cover is made two layers of soft polyester knit with a waterproof
laminate (urethane) sandwiched in the middle. Heavy duty elastic at
the tummy and legs is bound with the polyester knit for a great fit. The
polyester fabric does not wick, so moisture stays where it belongs. A
good cover for nighttime. There is a flap of fabric in the top front that
covers the stitching where the velcro is sewn down - no more moisture
sneaking through the thread and out to your baby’s clothes. Lots of
babies only use up to the medium size before they are potty trained -
less covers to buy. The large or xlarge size with a toddler prefold are
great for older toddlers who still need a diaper at night. These wraps
work with prefold or fitted diapers. Available in Ivory, Ivory with
snaps instead of velcro closures, Pastel print (frogs) or Primary print
(star babies). Machine wash and dry. Newborn 7-10 lbs. Small 9-15 lbs. Medium 15-30 lbs. Large 30-40 lbs.
Extra Large (ivory, ivory snap only) 40-50 lbs.
Bummi SWW - Ivory $8.75 each or $8.50 each for six or more; Ivory Snap $9.25 each or $9.00 each for
six or more Prints $9.95 each or $9.70 for six or more

                              Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Cover
This is one cover that I think everyone should try for overnight. Fuzzi Bunz
are made from an inner layer of a high quality, lightweight 100% breathable
poly fleece and an outer layer of stretchable polyester with a polyurethane
laminate. The two layers form a pocket to place a pre-folded diaper into.
This ensures that ALL wetness is kept away from your baby's tender skin.
Fuzzi Bunz will not pill (get ugly little balls) or stain. Fuzzi Bunz fasten with
two rows of six plastic snaps and are very adjustable to fit your baby's grow-
ing needs. The waist and leg adjustments can be made independently of each
other. A pre-folded diaper is placed inside a pocket making a "diaper sand-
wich". When a baby wets, the urine goes through the layer of fleece and is
wicked away and absorbed by the cloth diaper inside. The fleece almost immediately dries leaving your baby
feeling dry even for long periods of time. When the Fuzzi Bunz get soiled, they need to be changed just as
any other All on One diaper (after each use). Wash your Fuzzi Bunz separately from your diapers just as any
other diaper cover. Fuzzi Bunz have a white cover with a ivory fleece inner layer. Your fitted diapers proba-
bly won't fit inside the Fuzzi Bunz. Small Fuzzi Bunz work best with the Newborn size prefold diapers. Me-
dium work with the 4x6x4 diapers and the Newborn size. Large and Extra Large work with the Regular
4x6x4 and Premium 4x8x4 prefold diapers although the Premium 4x8x4 will look fairly bulky. Fuzzi Bunz
work with our prefolds, the bleached ones right away and the unbleached after they are well broken in. Fuzzi
Bunz are made to be used with an newborn 4x8x4 prefold diaper or the 4x6x4 regular prefold diaper. New-
borns need a size small.
Extra Small (white only) come with a 3 layer micro terry insert. Great for smaller babies. Estimated ages: 0-2
                                      months. Extra Small 4-10 lbs.
 The smalls will last until they are anywhere from 4-6 months or longer depending your baby's growth. Esti-
                                     mated ages: 0-6 months. Small 7-16 lbs.
Mediums will fit baby's with either small or large thighs. They will fit baby's from 4 months to 12 months or
                         longer. Estimated ages: 4-12 months. Medium 13-25 lbs.
Larges will generally not start fitting your baby until at the very least 10 months and are of average size. Esti-
                             mated ages: 10 months - 3+ years. Large 24-35+ lbs.
Extra Large are a BIG diaper cover made specially for toddlers with very large builds or older children. Esti-
                               mated ages: 3-6 years. Extra Large 35-55 lbs.

Fuzzi Bunz - $14.95 each or $14.60 each for 6-11; $13.95 for 12 or more
Extra Small (includes insert) $12.95 each or $12.60 each for 6-11; $11.95 each for 12 or more
                   We have fuzzi bunz in colors and prints occasionally on our website.
                 We can special order any color/size that the manufacturer has available.

                                   ~ helping you find your cloth diapering solution ~
            Need a little extra absorbency? Liners are listed from least absorbent to most absorbent.

            Kushies® Washable Diaper Liners
Made of 3 layers of ultra soft cotton flannel. Contoured shape fits
easily into any all in one diaper or diaper cover. Provides extra
absorbency and makes clean up easier. Can use more than one to
customize absorbency. Use them in an All in One Diaper for extra
protection all night long or put them in any diaper for extra absorbency
during the day when diaper changing may be delayed. Can be used
alone for newborns (try using at least two so that the cover fits better).
Available in white. These are the larger Toddler size.
Kushies Washable Liners - $9.95 10-pack.

                               Terry Washable Liner + Stay Dry Layer
                           Two layers of thick absorbent terry cloth with a layer of polyester mesh on the top.
                           The polyester mesh keeps wetness away from your baby’s skin and the three layers
                           of terry are very absorbent. A great liner for nighttime. Holds about as much as the
                           small Bumkins liners. Twelve inches long and 5 inches wide.
                           Terry Liners - $2.50 each or $2.25 for six or more

                           Kissaluvs Unbleached Liners
                           The Booster liner has one layer of unbleached cotton fleece
                           and one layer of unbleached knit terry for a soft absorbent
                           liner. Fits into most diapers and covers including size 0 Kis-
saluvs and most newborn diapers. Tapered for an easy fit. About 11" x 4"-at widest
point. The Super Soaker has one layer of cotton fleece and two layers of unbleached
knit terry for extra absorbency. About 12.5" x 5". Needs to be washed and dried at
least three times before use to become absorbent and ready to use.

Kissaluvs    Liners    -       Booster $2.50 each or $2.25 for six or more.

     Super Soaker $2.95 each or $2.70 for six or more.

                                         Bumkins Fold Over Diaper Liners
                      100% cotton flannel diaper liners are the best liners for overnight. Made with two layers
                      of flannel and one layer of terry, they fold back on themselves to fit a wide range of
                      sizes and to provide eight layers of absorbency right where it is most needed. Use with
Bumkins All         in One Diaper, Kushies Ultra or with any cover/diaper combination. These are also great
as a diaper for Fuzzi Bunz if you want something thinner than a prefold. Available in white. Small fits up to
15 lbs. Regular fits        15-35 lbs.
Bumkins Liners-             Small $17.00/for six;             Regular $19.00/for six
      BabyKicks Hemparoo® Joey-Bunz

Pouch riders for your Fuzzi Bunz! These are six layers of absorbent or-
ganic hemp/cotton jersey that are only 1/8 of an inch thick, especially for
use with Fuzzi Bunz. Designed to be trim, absorbent and easy to use since
there's no folding. Use one Joey-Bunz for daytime, two for nighttime, or
three for a super-soaker and still have a trim fit. Gently contoured to be
comfortable for baby. Small Joey-Bunz can be used in small Fuzzi Bunz,
medium Joey-Bunz fit into medium Fuzzi Bunz, large Joey-Bunz fit into
large and extra large Fuzzi Bunz.
Due to the porous nature of the fiber, a hemp fiber is more absorbent than
a cotton fiber of the same size so nothing absorbs like hemp!
Hemp fiber is one of the longest, strongest and most durable of all natural
textile fibers. Products made from hemp will outlast their competition by
many years. Not only is hemp strong, but it also holds its shape, stretching
less than any other natural fiber. This prevents hemp liners from stretching
out or becoming distorted with use. Hemp may be known for its durability,
but its comfort and style are second to none. The more hemp is used, the
softer it gets. Hemp doesn't wear out, it wears in. Hemp is also naturally
resistant to mold, mildew and ultraviolet light.
Combining cotton and hemp makes for a soft, absorbent and very long lasting liner.
Joey-Bunz also make GREAT doublers or use them by themselves in a snug fitting wrap. Joey-Bunz are
better than inserts made from man-made micro fibers because hemp is a natural product, grown without
pesticides and not bleached, which is very harmful to the environment. Hemp also protects your baby be-
cause it is naturally anti-microbial.
Small are about 12.5" long, medium are 15" long, large are 17" long. All sizes are about 5" wide at the
middle and 5.75" wide at each end. Measurements are after washing.
Joey-Bunz -           Small $4.50 ea; Medium $4.70 ea;          Large $4.90 ea

For orders of six or more: Small $4.35 ea; Medium $4.55 ea; Large $4.75

                      Stay dry liners are great for keeping diaper rash away.

                               Fleece Stay Dry Liners
                               Super soft polyester fleece dries quickly after your baby wets, keeping
                               their his bottom dry no matter what type of diaper cover you use. They
                               don’t stain and also help to keep your diapers from getting stained. Place
                               right on top of the diaper. They do not absorb, they are only for keeping
                               your baby's bottom dry. 7" wide x16" long. Ivory.
                               Fleece Liners - $1.50 each or $1.35 each for six or more

                              ~ helping you find your cloth diapering solution ~
                 Disposable liners act in part as a stay dry layer and make cleanup time easier.

                                     Gerber Ez-liner These are an economical alternative to the Kushies
                                                            liners, they are great when your baby is older and has
                                     more solid poops. The Gerber diaper liners should not be flushed, when
                                     your baby poops you have to dump the poop into the toilet and then throw
                                     away the liner. They are made out of polypropylene (a fabric that does not
                                     absorb moisture). The liners are made so that pee goes right through them
                                     and gets absorbed by the cotton diaper. I wash them with the diapers, then
                                     I pull the liners out and flatten them into a pile on top of the dryer. The
                                     liners are dry when the diapers are dry. Each sheet is 9.25" x 12.5". 120
                                     sheets per box (packed like a box of flat tissues).
                                     Gerber Liners - $4.95 per box.

                                   Kushies® Flushable Liners
Biodegradable and Flushable. Acts as a stay dry liner. Great for those first few
months, just toss in the toilet and flush. For newborns you can tear them in
half to get twice as many uses per roll. The easiest way to clean up a dirty
diaper. These get a thumbs up from my husband. For use in all diapering
systems. Each sheet is 4.6" x 13.5". 100 sheets per roll. Not recommended
for septic systems.
Flushable Liners- $6.95 each roll; 3-5 rolls $6.70 each; six or more rolls
$6.50 each.

                                          Changing time accessories

                           Easily portable changing pad made out of one layer of Deluxe Changing Pad
                           100% cotton flannel and a waterproof bottom layer
                           (20" x 30"). Fits into those little tote bags that they
                           give you in the hospital after your baby is born. If you stick a couple of diapers
                           and some wipes in there too, you have a handy diaper bag that will fit into your
                           stroller easily. I used mine for changing my toddlers on the floor (after they got
                           way to active for a changing table). Available in assorted prints.
                           Changing pad - $7.95 each.

       Baby Bits Wipe Solution
Baby Bits are handmade small squares of glycerin soap that are easy to use. Drop
bits into a wipes warmer or a spray bottle of warm water to dissolve, and you have a
convenient antibacterial and fragrant wipes solution. Try keeping a few squares of
Baby Bits in the car or diaper bag with a small bottle of water and a couple of cloth wipes for an easy to use
clean up solution on the go. This mild glycerin soap features olive oil infused with plantain and chickweed
herbs to help clear skin irritations. Tea tree oil is added for its antifungal and antibacterial properties, keeping
wipes water clean. Relaxing lavender essential oil calms your baby and gives your nursery a floral scent. A
three-ounce box makes approximately 60 cups of wipes solution and can be made one cup at a time.

Babybits - $9.95 for a 3 ounce box
                                                                       Wonder Wipes
                                 Wonder wipes are ivory fleece on one side and cotton on the other. The
                                 measure in at 9” long by 6” wide. The fleece does a fabulous job of wiping
                                 up even the messiest bottoms without staining. Prints are gender neutral and
                                 may vary. Wash with your diapers.

                                 Wonder Wipes - $1.65 each or $1.50 each for six or more.

  Snappi Diaper Fastener                  If you like the economy of a
                                          pull up style diaper cover, but
                                        don't want to deal with pins, try
                                        the Snappi. It hooks the diaper
                                        together with plastic fasteners
                                        that are similar to the fasteners
     Hook left  Stretch and Then Center
                hook right
                                        used in Ace bandages. You don't
                                        have to use pins and you are free
to use any diaper cover that you wish. Available in packages of two. Assorted colors.
Snappi - $4.50 per two pack

                                  Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion Spray and Concentrate

                           Made with all natural ingredients. Just spray onto baby’s bottom to soothe minor
                           rashes and skin irritations, or to clean and refresh. Soothes minor rashes and skin
                           irritations without having to rub in lotion. Add a couple of drops of the concentrate
                           to your diaper wash load for some extra germ fighting power.
                           Keep in your diaper bag for easy changes on the go using your cloth diaper wipes.
                           Instructions: Shake well. Spray on baby's bottom or wipe. Wipe off ... or not.
                           Couldn't be easier! Ingredients: Witch hazel (no witch hazel in the concentrate),
                           jojoba oil infused with chamomile, lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil.
                           Concentrate makes 8 spray bottles full when you add witch hazel (1 tablespoon to
                           1/2 cup).
                           Lotion Potion - 4oz. Spray $7.50 each; 4oz Concentrate $13.95 each

                              Made from one layer of super soft unbleached organic 55% hemp/45% cotton
Hemp Diaper Wipes            fleece. These wipes are a 9.5"x7.5" oval. Hemp is natu-
                             rally antibacterial and very durable. Main fabric is a
natural unbleached color. Serged in a variety of colors.
Keep at the changing table or in the car with a bottle of Lotion Potion for easy dia-
per changes. More economical than disposable wipes, these wipes can be washed
with your diapers.
Hemp Wipes - $1.05 each or $.95 each for six or more

                                  ~ helping you find your cloth diapering solution ~
                                                                 Baby Bee Skin Creme
                                        Diaper Rash! Sooner or later almost every baby reacts to something
                                        that they ate, or gets sick or maybe doesn't react well to the detergent
                                        that you are using to wash their diapers. This is the only cream that we
                                        have found that works - without zinc oxide. This cream will NOT stain
                                        your cloth diapers like other creams will. Made with beeswax and aloe
                                        vera it is very gentle and soothing for baby's tender skin. It smells
                                        great too! Comes in 2 oz. jars.
                                        Bee Crème - $9.95 each

        Baby Bee Diaper Ointment

A thicker, more heavy duty diaper rash ointment - great for overnight
use. Gentle on your baby’s skin and it smells great. Made with Vitamins
A and E. Will not stain or make your diapers smell like the leading
store brands. In a 1.75 oz. tube.
Bee Ointment - $6.95 each.

                                              Baby Bee Apricot Baby Oil

                          A great smelling addition to your baby's bath to help keep skin moist. Or, add a
                          little to a spray bottle filled with water and a little baby shampoo and you have a
                          great spray to use with your baby wipes. Made with apricot oil, wheat germ oil and
                          Vitamin E. Comes in a 4 oz. bottle.
                          Apricot Oil- $6.50 each.

                                        Diaper Pail—54 Quart
Comes in white with a flip top lid for ease of use. There is a slot in the back of the lid
to hold a deodisk. Since the top does not have a totally air tight seal, the use of a some
type of deodisk is recommended. Our extra large tote bag fits inside as a liner for easy
cleaning. Not recommended for soaking diapers. Holds about 4-5 dozen prefold dia-
pers. The diaper pail will ship by Ground only. White

Diaper Pail - $18.95 each
                                                                          Citrus Circles
                               Diaper pail deodorizers. They last about 2-3 weeks in your diaper pail. Fits in
                               the lid of the diaper pail and in an inner pouch of the tote bags that we carry. If
                               you don't have a special slot in your diaper pail, take an old pair of nylons and
                               cut about a 18" off of one of the legs. You can stick the citrus circle in the
                               stocking foot and then hang it just about anywhere. I use a five gallon bucket,
                               so I just tie the open end to the handle and drop the disk into the pail. Infused
                               with orange oil scent, they are just right for your diaper pail.
                               Circles - $1.50 for three , 4+ 3 packs $1.35 each three pack

               Tote Bags
Tote bags in two sizes. The trip size is 15"x18" and is ideal for keep-
ing in the car and for taking along on weekend trips to keep your dia-
pers in. The diaper pail size is 22"x25" and will fit inside our 54 quart
diaper pail as a liner to keep the pail cleaner. The medium has a mesh
pocket inside to keep a Citrus Circle in. If you soak your diapers, do
not use one of these liners in your pail. They are made of dark purple/
blue waterproof nylon and have toggle closures, they need to be
washed separately from your diapers at first to prevent them from
turning blue.
Tote Bag Trip Size $8.00 Pail Sized $16.00

                                        More great stuff from Burt’s Bees

                      Buttermilk Bath Soak A soothing, great smelling addition to your bath. Made
                                                      with buttermilk for sensitive skin. Comes in an glass pint
                      bottle containing 7.5oz.
                      Bath Soak- $11.00 each.

                                                         Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm
     The world’s best lip balm. Treat your lips to peppermint oil, beeswax, sweet
     almond oil and vitamin E. This lasts for a long, long time. Helps to soothe
     cracked, chapped or burning lips. My husband, who never used to put any kind of
     lip balm on, carries a tin of this around and uses it all the time. .30 oz. tin or .15
     oz. plastic tube.
     Lip Balm - $2.95 each

                                   ~ helping you find your cloth diapering solution ~
                                      Baby Bee Buttermilk Lotion
                           A soothing, great smelling lotion made with buttermilk and natural emollients for
                           sensitive skin. Comes in an 8 oz. pump.
                           Lotion - $7.25

                                                             Mom’s helpers

                                    Stay Dry Nursing Pads

                           Contoured, breathable. Made out of 3
                           layers of 100% cotton flannel plus one
layer of super soft micro fleece. These feel so much better than the
disposable kind! Comes in white with ivory fleece. We also have
these with a moister proof barrier (in white) to the outside.
Nursing Pads - $9.75 per 6-pack (three pairs)
Moisture proof $10.75 per 6 pack (three pairs)

      Nursing Pillow            A comfortable place for baby to "hang
                                out" while nursing. It is just the right height so it is
                               easier to hold your baby in a comfortable position, facilitating nursing and
                                   preventing strain on back and arm muscles from prolonged feeding
                                   sessions. I loved using this pillow, especially in the middle of the night it
                                  made it really easy to feed my kids without having to turn the lights on. Can
                                 also be used as a support for baby when he is starting to sit up. Try using it
                       as a travel pillow (great for those long car trips). Removable cover for easy cleaning.
                 Available in assorted prints.
              Pillow - $19.00 each.

Kushies® Pre-Folded Diapers Kushies calls these diapers, but I don’t
                                        think that they are really thick enough
                                        for use as diapers. I used these all of the
time while nursing. They provide a nice privacy screen when I was nursing my
kids in the sling. They were also great for absorbing all of that breast milk that
was leaking and dripping all over the place when my kids were nursing. 100%
super soft cotton flannel, no raw edges to irritate tender skin. Also great for use
as burp cloths. Available in a six pack of assorted prints - 18"x20"
Kushies Prefolds - $15.95 for a six pack.

                                 The DivaCup

    Healthier, friendly to the environment, comfortable, convenient, and

The Healthier Choice - The DivaCup is a flexabile solid silicon receptacle that is
used to collect your menstrual fluids. It does not absorb or disrupt your natural
vaginal acidity or moisture levels, or expose you to chemicals like bleach, glues,
and absorbency gels. The DivaCup has not been associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome. Tens of thousands
of women are so satisfied with The DivaCup that most new sales have been because of customer referrals.

Environmentally Friendly - The DivaCup is manufactured from solid, medical grade silicon. Solid silicone
differs from the silicone gel used in breast implants. The DivaCup is made from medical grade silicone in the
solid form where the molecules are chain-linked and bound together. Solid medical grade silicone does not
leach into the body and has been used for over 50 years in medical procedures such as joint prostheses and
heart valve replacements. The DivaCup is also cured for 2 hours at 200 degrees Celsius to ensure every mole-
cule is permanently bound into place.The DivaCup lasts at least 10 years, so there is no monthly pollution
from product disposal or packaging.

Comfortable & Convenient - The DivaCup is easily inserted by folding the bell shaped cup vertically. Insert
the cup until the narrow base of the cup is just one to two cm. inside the entrance to your vagina. Rotate The
DivaCup once to ensure that it has unfolded. Then tug gently on the stem for a snug seal.
The DivaCup is so comfortable, most women even forget they are wearing it!

You may be concerned that The DivaCup is unsanitary or messy. These concerns usually vanish after you
have used it a few days. While you are sitting on the toilet, simply remove it by gently pinching the base of
the cup (which releases the seal). Your menstrual fluid remains inside the cup, so the underside stays clean.
Just empty the contents in the toilet, rinse well or wipe, and then reinsert.

Economical - Because The DivaCup is reusable for at least TEN years, the monthly cost is only about 20
cents. It typically costs less than one-tenth of what you are now spending, not to mention the financial impact
of less pollution and garbage disposal. The DivaCup has a one year money back guarantee.

It can hold up to 1 full ounce of menstrual flow. The entire average monthly flow is about 3 ounces. The Di-
vaCup is simple to use. Just empty the cup as required (approximately every 6 to 12 hours), rinse, and
reinsert. It is not necessary to remove it for urination or bowel movements.

Model "2" is for if you have ever had a vaginal childbirth or are over 30. Otherwise you will order Model "1".
It comes in a discrete, convenient, and attractive 100% cotton drawstring pouch.
This is a great product. I have found that my period is no longer something that I have to think out all day
long. After I figured out how to use it (it took me a couple of months) I have found that it does not leak (some
women may need to use a pad at night) and is much more comfortable than anything else.
Try it for 12 months, if you don't like it you can send it back for a full refund (less shipping charges).
DivaCup - $29.95 each

                                  ~ helping you find your cloth diapering solution ~
      Lunapads - Cotton Menstrual Pads
These pads really work! It took me years to come
around to washable pads after I started using cloth
diapers. Now, just like I can't imagine using
disposable diapers, I can't imagine using disposable
pads. Lunapads come in three styles: long for
overnight or postpartum, one for average flow, and
mini pads, for lighter flow. All three styles consist of
a flannelette base that wraps around your underwear
and fastens with small plastic snaps. The base
contains a thin layer of breathable nylon (you can't
see, hear, or feel it) that helps prevent soaking
through. The absorbent part is made from fleece (like
the inside of a sweatshirt) that is sewn onto the base
(this is the part that you sit directly on.) The long
and average styles are wider (has wings that rest
against the inside of your thighs for better coverage) and also have an extra liner pad that you can use to make
them thicker. Both the regular and long pads can be used with or without the liners. Sometimes you can get
away with changing the liners without having to change the entire pad. The long style is about 11.5" long, the
average pad 9" long. Mini pads are about 7.5" long and do not have the extra wings or liner pad.
If you are already washing diapers, you can take care of your pads in the same way. Rinse after use (I spray a
little spray n' wash after the rinse) or soak in a pail of cold water. Don't use bleach or fabric softeners. Dry on

Lunapads Printed Cotton - Two pack of mini pads - $16.99 Average Pad + 2 liners - $14.99 2 Long
Pads + 2 liners - $31.99

Take 10% off when buying three or more.

                                                  Just Good Stuff

                           Kushies® Receiving Blankets

                           These receiving blankets are a larger than average 36"x36". 100% brushed cotton
                           flannel with soft bound edges. Available in a two pack of assorted prints.
                           Receiving Blankets - $8.00 per 2-pack

           Comfort Blankie

A great transitional object for your little one. These blankies are 18"x18". Just the
right size for snuggling with, not covering up. One side is 100% cotton flannel, the
other side and the binding is white satin. Well made for years of use. Available in
pink check flannel with pink satin or purple gingham check flannel with white satin
or white flannel with white satin or sage satin with natural flannel.
Blankie - $12.95 each

Flannel Fitted Crib Sheet
                                         These crib sheets are elasticized all the way around for a perfect fit.
Sized to fit a 28" x 52" crib mattress, you get a great fit wash after wash. Super soft 100% cotton flannel for a
cozy night’s sleep. Comes in pink, yellow, blue and light green.
Crib Sheet - $10.95 each.

                                        Play Yard Flannel Fitted Sheet
                                        Specially sized for a great fit on your play yard (29" x 42"). It will
                                        shrink a little after the first couple of washings. I looked all over for a
                                        100% flannel sheet to fit our play yard - we use it as a travel crib and I
                                        finally found one that fits. These sheets fit most compact (rectangular)
                                        folding play yards. Available in assorted prints.
                                        Play yard Sheet - $8.95 each.

                       Bumkins Super Bib
Super durable, waterproof bibs that easily rinse or wipe clean. The colors and
patterns stay bright and fresh, wash after wash. The fabric is soft, silky,
lightweight and withstands most stains and odors. Designed with a front pocket
for crumb catching. Velcro™ closure on the side for easier removal and
adjustment. I have had two of these through two kids and they look great! For
every baby from first foods through to the toddler years. A bib that will always
look great.
Super Bib - $5.75 each.; 3 or more $5.50 each Available in Blue Fizz, yellow
puppies and leopard. See more available prints at

                                  ~ helping you find your cloth diapering solution ~
                                                    Potty Training

                                                Bummis Training Pants

                                       Soft waterproof outer of stretchy polyester with urethane laminate. Three
                                       layers of Bummis thick 100% cotton terry in the middle as the soaker,
                                       with soft flannel against your baby. The flannel is 94% cotton/6% poly so
                                       that it will not shrink in relation to the outer cover and cause the pant to
                                       look all 'puckery'. Soft nylon/lycra binding at the waist and legs. For your
                                       potty training child they feel like a pair of underwear. But, you won't
                                       have to worry about dealing with huge messes at home or when you and
  your little one are out and about. Training pants hold less than a diaper. They can stand up to one decent pee.
  If you want to use them at night, add a washable liner like the Bummi terry liner, Bumkins Fold Over Liners
  or an infant sized prefold diaper. Currently available in the one print (primary colors) and white.
  Training Pants - White $9.95, Print $11.95 each.
  For six or more White $9.50 each, Print $11.50 each

      Flip N Flush® Kids Toilet Seat
Flip and Flush fits right onto your existing toilet seat. Lets kids go potty just like big
people. This is probably one of the best inventions that we have ever seen. Very easy
for kids to use and it moves easily out of the way for adults. No more potty seats to
trip over or empty out. For kids up to 60 lbs.

Available in Pink, Blue, Light Green or White. White also comes in an elongated

Please take a look at and measure your toilet seat before purchase. The width between
the Flip N Flush hinges is about 7 3/8". If the hinges on your toilet seat are wider
(narrower hinges should be OK) than that, the Flip N Flush will not fit. One other test
to see if the Flip N Flush will fit. - Open your toilet seat, take a pencil and place it on
                                                 the back of the seat. The pencil should
                                                 overhang at the back. Close the lid. If
                                                 the pencil keeps the seat from closing, the Flip N Flush will not
                                                 fit on your toilet seat. The seat is 10" at it's widest point and 14"
                                                 long (16" for the elongated version).

                                                 Flip & Flush - $11.00 ea.; 2 or more $10.00 ea.

First Things First: Take a look at the detergent that you are planning to use. You will want one that has no
heavy perfumes (you don't need any detergent smell to cover up odors) and no added fabric softeners (like
Dreft). You also do not want to use laundry soap. The added fabric softeners and the laundry soap can cause the
diapers to become moisture repellent (not what you want in a cloth diaper).
No fabric softeners! No sheets, no liquid, none added to your detergent.

Initial Set up: All diapers need to be washed (with detergent) and dried at least twice before they become
absorbent. Unbleached and natural diapers will need to be washed more often in hotter (sometimes boiling water
will need to be tossed on them) before they will be absorbent enough for use. Try dropping a few drops of water
on your dry washed diapers. If the water does not absorb immediately, the diapers are not ready for use and need
to be washed more.

Using HE washers: Use 1/2 the recommended amount of HE detergent. If you want to add baking soda (see
below) add the baking soda to the detergent dispenser. If you want to add vinegar (see below) use the fabric
softener dispenser. If you have an extra spin setting, use it to get more water out of your diapers to shorten your
drying time.

Toss that smell a curve ball: It is best to wash your diapers every two or three days.
Prefolds - If you can't do a complete wash cycle with your prefolds, run them through a cold rinse and stick
them back in the pail for washing later. Prefolds can occasionally be bleached (like every six months), but better
than bleach is to use an additive with enzymes. I have seen them in the laundry aisle, but a cheaper route would
be to use some out of the pet aisle. Pet-Zyme works well. Wash in warm water when using an additive like Pet-
All-in-Ones and fitted diapers really need to be washed at least every three days, no bleach ever. I don't
recommend the Oxy Cleaners either - too harsh on the elastics. Pet-Zyme can be used as with prefolds above.
Too much detergent - Detergent needs to be completely rinsed out of all diapers each time. Detergent build up
will trap old odors and that wonderful smell will be released when your baby pees. Only use half the
recommended amount of detergent for one wash cycle and run the diapers through a complete cycle without any
detergent (you can add a 1/4 vinegar to help break up the detergent).. Check the diaper load when you haven't
added any detergent. If there is foam on top, the diapers have detergent built up in them. Run them through
another cycle until there is no foam on top.

Did you use any diaper rash ointment? Many diaper rash treatments leave an old oil smell. Soak your diapers
overnight. It will take several more washings to totally get rid of that smell. Next time use Baby Bee Skin Crème
or Baby Bee Diaper Ointment.

Dry those diapers out in the sun with a short trip in the dryer afterwards. Or put in the dryer until half dry and
them dry the rest of the way in the sun for a softer hand.

Any laundry additive should be added for a reason. Not because so and so does it. Every baby is unique.
White Vinegar - The Ph of vinegar is about 4 and the Ph of Ammonia (a main component or urine) is about 10.
So adding vinegar should balance the Ph in the wash. It will make it harder for your detergent to work if you
lower the Ph too much however. Just try 1/4 cup at first, you can always add more, but the smell of too much
                                                 ammonia. If you have got
vinegar can be as hard to get out as too a detergent build up on your diapers you
can use vinegar to help get rid of all of that detergent. Put some in a one of those Downey balls so that it releases
                                     ~ helping you find your cloth diapering solution ~
the vinegar in the rinse cycle.
Baking Soda - Baking soda has a Ph of about 8, so adding it to your laundry will tend to keep the Ph level above
neutral. That can be a great thing for killing germs. Baking soda also softens your water to allow your detergent
to work better. You can soak your diapers and most knit covers in water and 1/4 cup baking soda in the washing
machine overnight to help with cleaning.
Kissaluvs Potion Concentrate- has tea tree oil to help eliminate germs and odors. A couple of drops goes a long

In-between baby and the wash - Storing your dirty diapers so that no one in the house passes out. -
The wet pail - Keeping your diapers soaking in water is not necessary to keep them clean. A pail full of water
can be a safety hazard to small children. The pail also has be on the small side or you will not be able to lift it. If
you to soak, don't use detergent or bleach in the water and make sure that the lid on your pail locks. You can add
a couple of drops of Kissaluvs Concentrate or a tablespoon or two of a enzymatic cleaner (PetZyme) to the
The dry pail - Just dump any loose solids in the toilet. Keeping the covers separate from the diapers will help
with the longevity of the waterproof materials on the covers. It will also help if you run out of covers and need
find a dirty cover to wash. On wash day dump in your washing machine. If you can do a soak in cold water
before you do a complete wash cycle - great!

Try cloth wipes: If you use disposable wipes, you will wash one or two. Some disposable wipes will make it
through the wash without falling apart. Others will give you a nice shredded tissue like mess to pick through.
Save yourself a ton of time (and lint) by using cloth wipes. Easy to use with Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion.
Washing methods will depend on the diaper type.

All-in-Ones, Contour and Fitted Diapers: Wash and dry your new diapers a couple of times before using
them, fasten the tabs before washing. Kissaluvs, like all unbleached cotton products, need to be washed more
than bleached fabrics to get the fabric to absorb properly. For Kissaluvs the manufacturer recommends at least
four washes (dry between loads) in hot water before the fist use. Kissaluvs will continue to get more absorbent
the more that they are washed (up to about ten washings). After they get "used" dump out any solids into the
toilet and toss the diaper into the diaper pail. The Kushies and Kissaluvs can be presoaked in cold water and 1/4
cup of baking soda or vinegar (close the fasteners before soaking). The Bumkins should not be soaked. When I
am ready to wash, I dump the pail into the washer and run a cold rinse cycle. After the rinse cycle I run a
complete wash cycle with detergent with some baking soda in warm water. You can use almost any detergent.
Most detergents with bleach alternative clean well and wash away any bacteria in the wash load. I do not
recommend Dreft or any of the made for baby detergents. They leave a fabric softener type coating on the fabric.
Then I run an extra wash cycle with no detergent or additives to get out all of the detergent (I have found that it
is best to use half the amount of detergent that is recommended). Don't use any fabric softeners, it will probably
irritate your baby's bottom, it will harm the waterproofing on the All in One Diapers and it will reduce the
absorbency of the diapers. Also, never use bleach or pure soap (e.g. Ivory Snow). Bleach is bad for the diapers
and your baby's bottom and the soap will leave a fatty residue behind which will leave the diaper less absorbent.
Dry AIO diapers, fitted and contours on medium. If you are washing Kushies flushable or Gerber disposable
liners, remember not to put the liners in the dryer. If you do line dry, put the diapers in the dryer for a couple of
minutes to fluff them up first before hanging them on the line.

Pre-folds (cotton and hemp): Your new cotton prefold diapers look and feel stiff. Wash and dry your new
diapers three times before using them and they will quilt up into thick fluffy diapers. They will shrink most after
the first two washes, and slightly more for a few more washings. The unbleached and hemp diapers have to be
washed with detergent in very hot water; you can also pour some boiling water over them. Wash them with
detergent right after they get in the boiling water. Please be careful when using and transporting boiling water
and remember, you are doing it at your own risk. If you have a smaller capacity washer, don’t overload it with
unbleached diapers when you are getting them set up, they need some room to agitate. They have a light wax
coating on the threads that need to be removed for them to work well. Soaking them overnight with detergent
may help also. Unbleached diapers take longer to shrink than the bleached diapers and may have some fuzz on
them for the first few months of use. After they get used, dump out any solids into the toilet and toss the diaper
into the diaper pail with some vinegar. When you are ready to wash, toss the diapers in the washing machine and
run a cold rinse. After the rinse cycle I run a complete wash cycle with detergent with some baking soda in hot
water (if your need your diapers to smell better - such as after a bout with some nasty stomach illness - let them
soak in detergent overnight). You can add some baking soda – it helps to whiten the diapers and soften the
water. Vinegar can be added to the rinse to help break down any detergent that remains in the diapers. I have
used one of the enzyme (PetZyme) cleaners with really good results. I added about a tablespoon to a warm wash.
Follow that with a hot wash or hot rinse (you need to get the enzymes out of the fabric). You can use almost any
detergent. Most detergents with bleach alternative clean well and wash away any bacteria in the wash load. I do
not recommend Dreft or any of the made for baby detergents. They leave a fabric softener type coating on the
fabric. Then I run an extra wash cycle with no detergents or additives to get out all of the detergent. Don't use
any fabric softeners, it will probably irritate your baby's bottom and it will reduce the absorbency of the
diapers. I dry prefolds and on hot. If you are washing Kushies flushable or Gerber liners, remember not to put
the liners in the dryer. If you do line dry, put the diapers in the dryer for a couple of minutes to fluff them up
before you hang them on the line. If you need to, prefolds can be bleached. I only recommend bleaching every
four to six months. Just make sure you run the diapers through another wash cycle to get the bleach out.
Constant bleaching will reduce the life of the diapers.

Diaper wraps: Don't store the used covers in the same pail with the used diapers. The elastic and waterproof
laminates will last longer. Wash them every two or three days to help keep stains and odors at bay. Your velcro
covers will stay good looking and work better if they are washed separately from the diapers. Lint from the
diapers always gets stuck in the velcro, both on the hook and loop parts. Lint may also be attracted to the fabric
of the Fuzzi Bunz. It does not impair the functionality. When enough wraps get dirty, I toss them in the wash on
gentle with warm water and a tiny bit of detergent. After they are done I hang them to dry. If they get stained,
use a stain stick or prewash spray. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash. You will need to repeat this a few times
to get the stains out. Never use bleach, fabric softeners or pure soap on your covers. Don't dry your wraps in a
hot dryer. The Proraps, Fuzzi Bunz and Bummis Super covers can handle a warm dryer, but the best way to dry
your covers is just hang them to dry. They will last longer. Fuzzi Bunz take a few hours to dry when hung, the
rest dry in about half an hour.

Wool Covers: You do not need to wash your wool cover after each use. Just air dry after each use and wash
only when the smell of urine lingers after airing or if you have to clean off any poop. Try using Eucalan. It has
lanolin in it so you can extend the time before you need to lanolize again. To lanolize - rinse your cover in cool
water (hot may shrink the fabric). Take about an inch of Lansinoh (the breastfeeding cream) and dissolve in a
cup of hot water. Fill a basin with just above cool water, add the lanolin mix and soak your cover for 10-15
minutes. If the water is too cool the lanolin will clump together instead of soaking into your cover. Gently
squeeze the water out of the cover. You can roll the cover in a towel to get most of the moisture out. Lay flat or
hang dry. You will only need to repeat this every three to four weeks or when your cover starts feeling damp to
soon after a diaper change. After your cover has been lanolized a few times it will be softer and you may find
that you need to lanolize less often.
                                  ~ one or fitted diaper. cloth diapering solutionif you turn them inside out before
Training Pants: Wash like an all in helping you find your They will dry faster ~
                                        Diaper Cover Quick Guide

Measure your baby for a good fit. The weights that the manufacturers use may not work with your child. Check
the size chart before you buy.
Think of the diapers that you are going to be using when choosing a cover. Some work with fitted diapers or pre-
folds better.
Knit covers generally works best for newborns—try the Prorap Classic or the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap
Bumkins Diaper Wrap
Fabric: Woven polyester w/ polyurethane laminate (very light weight)
Mesh: only at the top back vent
OK with a prefold?: works great
OK with fitted diapers?: not recommended
Features: back vent, no absorbent trims, lightweight cover is good for summertime, front flap covers stitches in
the velcro area to limit leakage, white covers tend to stain, best fit on slender children, day or night
Made in the USA
Bummis Original
Fabric: Woven nylon w/ urethane laminate (light weight)
Mesh: open cell polyester mesh throughout
OK with a prefold?: works great
OK with a fitted diaper?: not recommended
Features: very soft binding great for sensitive skin, newborn size is great for small babies, lightweight cover is
great for summertime, fasteners are hard for toddlers to open, day
Made in Canada.
Bummis Super Whisper Wrap
Fabric: Two layers knit polyester w/ polyurethane in the middle (heavy weight)
Mesh: no
OK with prefolds?: works great
OK with fitted diapers?: works fine for most
Features: very durable cover, not easily stained, baby can fit in the medium size a long time, front flap to cover
area where velcro is sewn, good for chubby babies, day or night
Made in Canada
Bummis Pant
Fabric: Woven nylon w/ urethane laminate (very light weight)
Mesh: no
OK with prefolds?: works great but diaper has to be fastened with Snappi or pins
OK with fitted diapers?: works great - the best cover for 'One Size' or fitted diapers
Features: super soft leg binding, the best cover for fitted diapers, day or night
Made in Canada
Fuzzi Bunz
Fabric: fleece & woven nylon w/ polyurethane laminate (outer fabric is mid weight)
has an inner fleece liner that the diaper tucks into
OK with prefolds?: works great
OK with fitted diapers?: works but then will not be able to take advantage of the stay dry feature, does work with
contour diapers
Features: a waterproof cover that keeps wetness away from your baby if used with a prefold, does not stain, day
and night
Made in the USA
Prorap Classic
Fabric: Knit polyester w/ urethane laminate (mid weight)
Mesh: no
OK with prefolds?: works great
OK with fitted diapers?: larger sizes may be OK, depends on your baby
Features: durable, easy to use cover, light weight, day or night, great for newborns
Made in the USA
Kushies Diaper Wrap
Fabric: Vinyl backed polyester (heavy weight)
Mesh: no
OK with prefolds?: works but diaper may need to be fastened
OK with fitted diapers?: made to fit Kushies fitted diapers
Features: economical, made to work with Kushies fitted diapers, day or night
Made in Canada
Rump Wrap
Fabric: Wool (mid weight)
Mesh: no
OK with prefolds?: works great, may need to be fastened with a snappi.
OK with fitted diapers?: works great
Features: wool is really the only breathable cover, day and night
Made in the USA

                                                  - These liners absorb less than 3 ounces.
       Absorbency Chart
We put all of the diapers and liners              - These liners absorb between 3 and 5 ounces.
into absorbency categories. Lots
(different harvests) of cotton and
hemp can absorb slightly differently              - These liners/diapers absorb between 5 and 6.5 ounces.
from one to the next so we felt that
a range was best for comparing the                - These diapers absorb between 6.5 and 7 ounces.
diapers and liners. Even if we sell
the diapers and liners in dozens or
10/6 packs, the ratings are for a sin-            - These diapers absorb between 7 and 8.5 ounces.
gle diaper/liner. Unless otherwise
indicated the rating is for a large
size diaper.                                      - These diapers absorb between 8.5 and 9.5 ounces.

Note: Different people may use dif-
                                                  - These diapers absorb between 9.5 and 10.5 ounces.
ferent methods to measure absor-
bency. We let the liner/diaper soak
in water for five minutes and then                - These diapers absorb between 10.5 and 12.5 ounces.
drip dry for another ten minutes be-
fore weighing.
                                                  - These diapers absorb between 12.5 and 14 (wow!) ounces.

Just for comparison an ultra absorbent paper diaper absorbs about 20 ounces (toddler sizes even more) –
that’s a lot, icky to think about all of that pee in one place, but a lot. At that point the ultra-trim paper diaper is
thicker than most cotton diapers.                                                    27
                                      ~ helping you find your cloth diapering solution ~
                 Diaper Cover Size Chart
     Brand           Size lbs.    Waist    Leg    Rise
                                                                      All measurements in inches
     Bumkins      Newborn 6-10    14-16    6-8    14
                    Small 9-16    16-18    9-10   16
                  Medium 15-23    17-20   10-11   18
                   Large 22-28    18-22   10-12   19
                   Xlarge 27-35   19-23   11-14   20               Fitted Diaper and AIO Size Chart
 Bummi Super      Newborn 7-10    11-16    5-8    13
                    Small 9-15    12-18    7-10   16.5
                  Medium 15-30    16-23    8-14   18         Brand               Size lbs.       Waist   Leg     Rise
                   Large 30-40    17-24    9-15   20.5    Bumkins AIO          Small 8-12        14-16   6-8     16

                   Xlarge 40-50   18-26   10-16   22                         Medium 12-22        16-20   7-10    18

Bummi Original     Newborn 4-8    9-12     4-6    12                           Large 22-32       18-22   8-12    20
                                                                              Xlarge 32-42       20-24   9-14    22
                    Small 7-13    11-16    5-8    14
                                                          Kushies Ultra     Newborn 4-10 lbs.    12-14   5-7     15
                  Medium 13-20    13-19    7-10   16
                                                                             Infant 10-22 lbs.   14-18   7-9     18
                   Large 20-28    14-21    8-12   17.5
                                                                            Toddler 22-45 lbs.   17-21   8-11    20
                   Xlarge 28-35   15-23    9-13   18.5
                                                         Proservices AIO Newborn 6-10 lbs.       10-16   5-7.5   12.5
                  XXLarge 35-42   16-25    9-14   19
 Bummi Pant       Newborn 4-10    10-20    6-10   16                         Small 9-14 lbs.     13-17   7-10    16.5

                    Small 7-15    12-22    7-11   18                        Medium 13-25 lbs.    15-24   8-12    18
                  Medium 13-30    14-24   10-15   20
                                                                             Large 24-35 lbs.    16-20   9-13    20
                   Large 30-40    17-28   10-15   21
                                                                            Xlarge 24-35 lbs.    18-22   9-15    22
                  XLarge 35-45    20-32   11-17   22
 Fuzzi Bunz       Small 7-16      15-19    5-10   15
                 Medium 13-25     17-22   10-13    17    Kissaluvs Fitted     Zero 5-15 lbs.     9-18    4-10    14
                  Large 24-35+    18-24   11-14    19
                                                                             One 10-25 lbs.      11-24   7-11    16
                  Xlarge 35-55    20-25   14-16    20
                                                                             Two 20-40 lbs.      12-30   9-13    18
Prorap Classic    Newborn 5-10    12-18    6-8     14
                   Small 9-14     14-20    9-10    18    Kushies Classic     Infant 10-22 lbs.   14-18   7-9     17

                 Medium 13-25     14-24   10-12    20                       Toddler 22-45 lbs.   16-21   8-11    19
                  Large 24-35     18-25   10-13    22
                                                          Kushies Basic      Infant 10-22 lbs.   14-17   8-10    17
                  Toddler 34-45   19-27   11-16    24
                                                                            Toddler 22-45 lbs.   16-20   9-11    19
Kushies Wrap      Infant 10-22    13-18    7-11    17
                  Toddler 22-45   14-22    9-14    20
 Rump Wrap        Small 12-18     12-18    7-11    16
                 Medium 17-26     14-22    9-12    19
                  Large 27-35     15-26   10-14    21
                  XLarge 36-45    19-28   10-16    24
                          How many diapers and covers and other stuff will I need?
For children of all ages you need to figure out how often that you want to wash. You can run a rinse cycle in-
between washes to extend the time. Most diapers should not sit for more than three days in the pail without
being washed. You also need to keep in mind that the longer that you go between washes the bigger a diaper
pail that you are going to need. Also make sure that you add a couple of extra diapers for the diaper bag in the
Fleece stay dry liners to keep your baby away from moisture can be a nice addition at any stage.
Newborns— Your newborn will need to be changed 10-12 times a day. You will need a fresh diaper with
each change and approximately a new cover every 2 out of three changes with prefolds and contours. For fit-
ted diapers you will need a fresh cover about every other change. So to wash every other day you would need
24 diapers + 2 or 3 for the diaper bag = 27 diapers. If you are using prefolds you will need about 16 covers
for fitted diapers about 12. Most people wash the covers more often than the diapers and get away with using
about 8 covers for with prefolds and 6 with fitted diapers. Fuzzi Bunz need to be changed each time.
The disposable liners are a matter of preference. Disposable liners can be handy with keeping some of the
breastfed poop from sticking to the diapers and they do act as a stay dry barrier.
You won’t need any extra absorbency for most newborns. They need to be changed quite often since they
poop a lot.
Older Babies— Your three to twelve month old does not need to be changed as often as a newborn since they
don’t poop as much. You will need about 6-8 diapers and 3-4 cover each day.
You may find that you need a little extra absorbency during this time and usually at night. The Kushies liners
add a little more absorbency and you can use a couple of them at once. If you want to use a thicker liner like
the Kissaluvs Super Soaker or the Bumkins fold over liners make sure that your baby has plenty of room in
their cover. Babies at this age will start to need a nighttime diapering solution. Fuzzi Bunz are great and can
be used with prefolds or Babykicks Hemp inserts. If your older baby drinks a lot at night, you will have to
change them at least once. The most absorbent diaper that you are going to find will hold up to 14 ounces of
liquid. If your baby drinks more than that... well you can probably guess what will happen.
Toddlers– If your baby is really active, your baby’s covers are loose fitting and you are using a prefold you
may need to use a Snappi to keep the diaper in place at this stage. Fitted diapers can be nice at this stage
(Kissaluvs) since they stay in place as you baby runs around. As your baby starts eating more solid foods and
drinking less, you may find that you only need to change their diaper 4-6 times a day. Some moms can get by
with using only two covers per day at this stage (plus one for nighttime). Nighttime diapering suggestions are
the same as for an older baby above.
The disposable Gerber liners are nice at this stage. They are a stay dry liner and most poop will fall off of
them into the toilet. They can also be washed and reused a few times before they fall apart.
                                               Quantity Discounts
You get the discounted price when you order 6 (or 2 or 3 or 8 depending on the product) or more of the same
product. Some products have more than one quantity discount level. You can order different sizes and can
mix prints and white to get the discounted price.
                                            Endless Cover Program®
Your first order of six or more covers on one order qualifies you for the Endless Cover Program. On that
qualifying order you can purchase different brands and different sizes to qualify, but the quantity discounts
that are shown on the web site are only good for six or more of the same cover.
On your next order of diaper covers you get an even better deal! You will get free shipping on all diaper cov-
ers and free shipping on all orders over $75.00.
If you have qualified for the Endless Cover Program please login using the same email and password that you
created when you placed your qualifying order. The Endless Cover program is only available online.
                                            Frequent Changes Club®
You can earn points towards % off coupons when you place your order online. You need to be subscribed to
                                  ~ helping you find your cloth diapering solution ~
our mailing list when you order or the points will not be added to your club account. Gift Certificate pur-
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We have a fairly lengthily privacy policy online. Basically it says that we don’t sell or share any of the
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Prices in this issue are good through December 2005. Occasionally vendors raise prices and the prices on the
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                                                Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates can be purchased in any amount. They can be shipped to you or to the recipient - a catalog
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      How to Measure for Fitted Diapers, All in Ones and Covers
The rise measurement is from the top front of the diaper (cover) cover to the
top back through the legs. For covers get your best fit by measuring over the
diapers that you want to use. The smallest size legs measurements are taken
with the diaper (cover) closed on its smallest waist setting. The largest leg
measurements are taken with the waist of the cover open at its largest set-

                                    I measure all of the covers and diapers
                                    so that you can be sure that they are all
                                    measured in the same way and you can
                                    compare sizes between the brands more

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Please try on fitted diapers and covers before you wash them. If you have ordered a bunch of ‘new to you’
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