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                                                                                                                            FIRST-YEAR    GENERAL
              STANDARD                               FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENTS                              DIVERSITY SCIENCES   EXPERIENCE   COMPLIANCE

*1   Mission, Goals & Objectives

                                          clearly defined mission, goals, & objectives that               X         X           X            X

                                                guide faculty, admin, staff & governing bodies in
                                                  making deicions related to planning, resource
                                            allocation, program & curriculum development, and
                                                                 definition of program outcomes;          X         X           X            X
                                               include support of scholarly & crative activity, at
                                          levels and of the kinds appropriate to the institution's
                                                                       purposes and character             X         X           X?           X

                                            are developed through collaborative participation by
                                            those who facilitate or are otherwise responsible for
                                                      institutional improvement & developments            X         X           X            X
                                           are formal approved, publicized and widely known by
                                                                         the institution's members        X         X           X            X
                                          mission, goals and objectives that relate to
                                          external as well as internal contexts and
                                          constituencies                                           ?                                         X
                                          institutional goals and objectives that are
                                          consistent with mission                                         X         X           X            X
                                          goals and objectives that focus on student
                                          learning, other outcomes, and institutional
                                          improvement                                                     X         X           X            X

     Planning, Resource Allocation, and
*2   Institional Renewal

                                          clearly stated goals and objectives, both
                                          institution-wide and for individual operational
                                          units, used for planning and resource allocation
                                          at the institutional unit levels                                X         X           X            X
                                          planning and improvement processes that are
                                          clearly communicated, provide for constituent
                                          participation, and incorporate the use of
                                          assessment results                                              X         X           X            X
                                          objectives for improvement that are clearly
                                          stated, reflect conclusions drawn from
                                          assessment results, and are linked to mission
                                          and goal achievement, both institution-wide and
                                          for individual units                                            X         X           X            X

8/13/2010                                                                                                                                             1

                                                                                                         FIRST-YEAR    GENERAL
            STANDARD                    FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENTS                        DIVERSITY SCIENCES   EXPERIENCE   COMPLIANCE

                             well defined decision-making processes and
                             authority that facilitates planning and renewal           X         X           X            X

                             the assignment of responsibility for
                             improvements and assurance of accountability              X         X           X            X
                             a record of institutional and unit improvement
                             efforts                                                   X         X           X            X
                             periodic assessment of the effectiveness of
                             planning, resource allocation, and institutional
                             renewal processes                                                                            X

 3 Institutional Resources

                             strategies to measure and assess the level of,
                             and efficient utilization of, institutional
                             resources required to support the institution's
                             mission and goals                                                                            X

                             rational and consistent policies and procedures
                             in place to determine allocatin of assets                                                    X

                             an allocation approach that ensures adequate
                             faculty, staff, and administration to support the
                             institution's mission and outcomes expectations           X         X           X            X

                             a budget process aligned with the institution's
                             mission, goals, and strategic plan that provides
                             for an annual budget and multi-year budget
                             projecions for at least three-years, both
                             institution-wide and among departments;
                             utilizes planning and assessment documents'
                             and addresses resource acquisition and
                             allocation for the institution and any subsidiary,
                             affiliated, or contracted educational
                             organizations as well as for institutional
                             systems as appropriate                                                                       X

                             a comprehensive facilities or infrastructure
                             master plan and facilities/infrastructure life-cycle
                             management plan, as appropriate to mission,
                             and evidence of implementation;

8/13/2010                                                                                                                          2

                                                                                                              FIRST-YEAR    GENERAL
            STANDARD                      FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENTS                           DIVERSITY SCIENCES   EXPERIENCE   COMPLIANCE

                               recognition in the comprehensive plan that
                               facilities, such as learning resources
                               fundamental to all educational and research
                               programs and libraries, are adequately
                               supported and staffed to accomplish the
                               institution's objectives for student learning, both
                               on campuses and at a distance                                          X                        X
                               an educational and other equipment acquisition
                               and replacement process and plan, including
                               provision for current and future technology, as
                               appropriate to the educational programs and
                               support services, and evidence of
                               implementation                                                         X           X            X
                               adequate institutional controls to deal with
                               financial, administrative and auxiliary
                               operations, and rational and consistent policies
                               and procedures in place to determine allocation
                               of assets                                                                                       X
                               an annual independent audit (institutional or
                               system-wide), confirming financial
                               responsibility, with evidence of follow-up on any
                               concerns cited in the audit's accompanying
                               management letter                                                                               X
                               periodic assessment of the effective and
                               efficient use of institutional resources                                                        X

 4 Leadership and Governance

                               a well-defined system of collegial governance
                               including written policies outlining governance
                               responsibilities of administration and faculty
                               and readily available to the campus community                                                   X

                               written governing documents, such as a
                               constitution, by-laws, enabling legislation,
                               charter or other similar documents that:                                                        X

                                 delineate the governance structure and provide for
                                  collegial governance, the structure's composition,
                                duties and responsibilities. In proprietary, corporate
                               and similar types of institutions, a separate document
                                 may establish the duties and responsibilities of the
                                    governing body as well as the selection process                                            X

8/13/2010                                                                                                                               3

                                                                                                        FIRST-YEAR    GENERAL
                                  assign authority and accountability for policy
                                development and decision making, including a
                                    process for the involvement of appropriate
                        institutional constituencies in policy development and
                                                                decision making                                          X
                         provide for the selection process for governing body
                                                                       members                                           X

                        appropriate opportunity for student input
                        regarding decisions that affect them                                                             X

                        a governing body capable of reflecting
                        constituent and public interest and of an
                        appropriate size to fulfill all its responsibilities,
                        and which includes members with sufficient
                        expertise to assure that the body's fiduciary
                        responsibilities can be fulfilled                                                                X
                        a governing body not chaired by the chief
                        executive officer                                                                                X

                        a governing body that certifies to the
                        Commission that the institution is in compliance
                        with the eligibility requirements, accreditation
                        standards and policies of the Commission;
                        describes itself in identical terms to all its
                        accrediting agencies; communicates any
                        changes in i s accredited status; and agrees to
                        disclose information required by the
                        Commission to carry out its accrediting
                        responsibilities, including levels of governing
                        body compensation, if any                                                                        X

                        a conflict of interest policy for the governing
                        body (and fiduciary body members, if such a
                        body exists), which addresses matters such as
                        remuneration, contractual relationships,
                        employment, family, financial or other interests
                        that could pose conflicts of interest, and that
                        assures that those interests are disclosed and
                        that they do not interfere with the impartiality of
                        governing body members or outweigh the
                        greater duty to secure and ensure the academic
                        and fiscal integrity of the institution                                                          X

8/13/2010                                                                                                                         4

                                                                                                  FIRST-YEAR    GENERAL
                        a governing body that assists in generating
                        resources needed to sustain and improve the
                        institution                                                                                X
                        a process for orienting new members and
                        providing continuing updates for current
                        members of the governing body on the
                        institution's mission, organization, and
                        academic programs and objectives                                                           X

                        a procedure in place for the periodic objective
                        assessment of the governing body in meeting
                        stated governing body objectives                                                           X

                        a CEO, appointed by the governing board, with
                        primary responsibliity to the instituiton                                                  X

                        periodic assessment of the effectiveness of
                        institutional leadership and governance                                                    X

 5 Administration

                        a chief executive whose primary responsibility is
                        to lead the institution toward the achievement of
                        its goals and with responsibility for
                        administration of the institution                                                          X
                        a chief executive with the combination of
                        academic background, professional training,
                        and/or other qualities appropriate to the
                        institution's mission                                                                      X
                        administrative leaders with appropriate skills,
                        degrees and training to carry out their
                        responsibilities and functions                                                             X

                        qualified staffing appropriate to the goals, type,
                        size, and complexityof the institution                                                     X
                        adequate information and decision-making
                        systems to support the work of administrative
                        leaders                                                                                    X
                        clear documentation of the lines of organization
                        and authority                                                                              X
                        perioidic assessment of the effectiveness of
                        administrative structures and services                                                     X

8/13/2010                                                                                                                   5

                                                                                                   FIRST-YEAR    GENERAL

 6 Integrity

                          fair and impartial processes, published and
                          widely available, to address student grievances,
                          such as alleged violations of institutional
                          policies. The institution assures that student
                          grievances are addressed promplty,
                          appropriately, and equitably                                                              X
                          fair and impartial practices in the hiring,
                          evaluation and dismissal ofemployees                                                      X
                          sound ethical practices and respect for
                          individuals through its teaching,
                          scholarship/research, service, and
                          administrative practice, including the avoidance
                          of conflict of interest or the appearance of such
                          conflict in all its activities and among all its
                          constituents                                                                              X

                          equitable and appropriately consistent treatment
                          of constituencies, as evident in such areas as
                          student discipline, student evaluatoin, grievance
                          procedures, faculty promotion, tenure, retention
                          and compensation, administrative review,
                          curricular improvement, and institutional
                          governance and management                                                                 X

                          a climate of academic inquiry and engagement
                          supported by widely disseminated policies
                          regarding academic and intellectual freedom                                               X

                          an institutional commitment to principles of
                          protecting intellectural property rights                                                  X

                          a climate that fosters respect among students,
                          faculty, staff, and administration for a range of
                          backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives                                                      X

                          honesty and truthfulness in public relations
                          announcements, advertisements, and recruiting
                          and admissions materials                                                                  X
                          reasonable, continuing student access to paper
                          or electronic catalogs                                                                    X

8/13/2010                                                                                                                    6

                                                                                                               FIRST-YEAR    GENERAL
            STANDARD                      FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENTS                            DIVERSITY SCIENCES   EXPERIENCE   COMPLIANCE

                              when catalogs are available only electronically,
                              the institution archives copies of the catalogs as
                              sections or policies are updated                                                                  X

                              availability of factual information about the
                              institution, such as the Middle States
                              Commission on Higher Education annual data
                              reporting, the self-study or periodic review
                              report, the team report, and the Commission's
                              action, accurately reported and made publicly
                              available to the institution's community                                                          X

                              institutional information provided in a manner
                              that ensures student and public access, such as
                              print, electronic, or video presentation                                                          X
                              fulfillment of all applicable standards and
                              reporting and other requirements of the
                              Commission                                                                                        X

                              periodic assessment of the integrity evidenced
                              in institutional policies, processes, practices,
                              and the manner in which these are implemented                                                     X

 7 Institutional Assessment
                              a written assessment plan and process that
                              meet the following criteria                                                                       X
                                 a foundation in the institution's mission, goals, and
                                                                            objectives                                          X

                                 a periodic assessment of institutional effectiveness
                                        that addresses the total range of educational
                                        offerings, services, and processes, including
                                       planning, resource allocation, and institutional
                                           renewal processes; institutional resources;
                                          leadership and governance; administration;
                               institutional integrity; and student learning outcomes                                           X
                                              support and collaboration of faculty and
                                                                         administration                                         X

                                systematic and thorough use of multiple qualitative
                                and/or quantitative measures, which maximize the
                                              use of existing data and information                                              X
                                   evaluative approaches that yield results that are
                                 useful in institutional planning, resource allocation,
                                                                          and renewal                                           X

8/13/2010                                                                                                                                7

                                                                                                            FIRST-YEAR    GENERAL
             STANDARD                FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENTS                              DIVERSITY SCIENCES   EXPERIENCE   COMPLIANCE

                                  realistic goals and a timetable, supported by
                               appropriate investment of institutional resources          X         X           X            X
                                    periodic evaluation of the effectiveness and
                             comprehensiveness of the institution's assessment
                                                                            plan                                             X
                          use of assessment results to improve and gain
                          efficiencies in administrative services and
                          processes, including activities specific to the
                          institution's mission (e.g. service, outreach,
                          research)                                                                                          X

                          a written institutional (strategic) plan that
                          reflects consideration of data from assessment                                                     X

*8   Student Admissions
                          admissions policies, developed and
                          implemented, that support and reflect the
                          mission of the institution                                      X         X           X            X
                          admissions policies and criteria available to
                          assist the prospective student in making
                          informed decisions                                              X         X           X            X

                          accurate and comprehensive information
                          regarding academic programs, including any
                          required placement or diagnostic testing                                                           X

                          information on student learning outcomes
                          available to prospective students                        ?

                          accurate and comprehensive information, and
                          advice where appropriate, regarding financial
                          aid, scholarships, grants, loans, and refunds                                                      X

                          published and implemented policies and
                          procedures regarding transfer credit and credit
                          for extra-institutional college level learning                  X                                  X

                          ongoing assessment of student success,
                          including but not necessarily limited to
                          retention, that evaluates the match between the
                          attributes of admitted students and the
                          institution's mission and programs                              X         X           X            X

8/13/2010                                                                                                                             8

                                                                                                          FIRST-YEAR    GENERAL
              STANDARD                     FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENTS                      DIVERSITY SCIENCES   EXPERIENCE   COMPLIANCE

*9   Student Support Services
                                a program of student support services
                                appropriate to student strengths and needs,
                                reflective of institutional mission, consistent
                                with student learning expectations, and
                                available regardless of place or method of
                                delivery                                                X         X           X            X

                                qualified professionals to supervise and provide
                                the student support services and programs               X                     X            X

                                procedures to address the varied spectrum of
                                student academic and other needs, in a manner
                                that is equitable, supportive, and sensitive,
                                through direct service or referral                      X                     X            X
                                appropriate student advisement procedures and
                                processes                                               X         X           X            X

                                if offered, athletic programs that are regulated
                                by the same academic fiscal, and administrative
                                principles, norms and procedures that govern
                                other institutional programs                     ?                                         X
                                reasonable procedures, widely disseminated, for
                                equitably addressing student complaints or
                                grievances                                                                                 X

                                records of student complaints or grievances                                                X
                                policies and procedures, developed and
                                implemented for safe and secure maintenance of
                                student records                                                                            X
                                published and implemented policies for the
                                release of student information                                                             X
                                ongoing assessment of student support
                                services and the utilization of assessment
                                results for improvement                                                                    X

*10 Faculty

8/13/2010                                                                                                                           9

                                                                                                FIRST-YEAR    GENERAL

                        faculty and other professionals appropriately
                        prepared and qualified for the positions they
                        hold, with roles and responsibilities clearly
                        defined, and sufficiently numerous to fulfill
                        those roles appropriately                             X         X           X            X

                        educational curricula designed, maintained, and
                        updated by faculty and other professionals who
                        are academically prepared and qualified               X         X           X            X

                        faculty and other professionals, including
                        teaching assistants, who demonstrate
                        excellence in teaching and other activities, and
                        who demonstrate continued professional growth         X         X           X            X

                        demonstrated institutional support for the
                        advancement and development of faculty                X         X           X            X
                        recognition of appropriate linkages among
                        scholarship, teaching, student learning,
                        research, and service                                 X         X           X            X

                        published and implemented standards and
                        procedures for all faculty and other
                        professionals, for actions such as appointment,
                        promotion, tenure, grievance, discipline and
                        dismissal, based on principles of fairness with
                        due regard for the rights of all persons                                                 X

8/13/2010                                                                                                                 10

                                                                                                       FIRST-YEAR    GENERAL

                            carefully articulated, equitable, and implemented
                            procedures and criteria for review of all
                            individuals who have responsibility for the
                            educational program of the institution                                                      X
                            criteria for the appointment, supervision, and
                            review of teaching effectiveness for part-time,
                            adjunct, and other faculty consistent with those
                            for full-time faculty                                                                       X

                            adherence to principles of academic freedom,
                            within the context of institutional mission                                                 X

*11 Educational Offerings

                            educational offerings congruent with its
                            mission, which include appropriate areas of
                            academic study of sufficient content, breadth
                            and length, and conducted at levels of rigor
                            appropriate to the programs or degrees offered           X         X           X            X

                            formal undergraduate, graduate, and/or
                            professional programs - leading to a degree or
                            other recognized higher education credential -
                            designed ot foster a coherent student learning
                            experience and to promote synthesis of learning                                             X
                            program goals that are stated in terms of
                            student learning outcomes                                X         X           X            X

                            periodic evaluation of the effectiveness of any
                            curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular
                            experiences it provides its students and
                            utilization of evaluation results as a basis for
                            improving its student development program and
                            for enabling studnets to understand their own
                            educational progress                                     X         X           X            X

                            learning resources, facilities, instructional
                            equipment, library services, and professional
                            library staff adequate to support the institution's
                            educational programs                                     X         X           X            X

8/13/2010                                                                                                                        11

                                                                                                 FIRST-YEAR    GENERAL
                        collaboration between professional library staff
                        and faculty in teaching and fostering
                        information literacy skills relevant to the
                        curriculum                                                                                X
                        programs that promote student use of
                        information and learning resources                                                        X
                        provision of comparable quality of
                        teaching/instruction, academic rogor, and
                        educational effectiveness of its courses and
                        programs regardless of the location or delivery
                        mode                                                                                      X

                        published and implemented policies and
                        procedures regarding transfer credit. The
                        acceptance or denial of transfer credit will not
                        be determined exclusively on the basis of the
                        accreditation of the sending instituiton or the
                        mode of delivery but, rather, will consider
                        course equivalencies, including expected
                        learning outcomes, with those of the receiving
                        institution's curricular and standards. Such
                        criteria will be fair, consistently applied, and
                        publicly communicated                                  X                                  X

                        policies and procedures to assure that the
                        educational expectations, rigor, and student
                        learning within any accelerated programs are
                        comparable to those that characterize more
                        traditional program formats                                                              n/a

                        consistent with the institution's educational
                        programs and student cohorts, practices and
                        policies that reflect the needs of adult learners                                         X
                        course syllabi that incorporate expected
                        learning outcomes                                      X         X           X            X

                        assessment of student learning and program
                        outcomes relative to the goals and objectives of
                        the undergraduate programs and the use of the
                        results to improve studet learning and program
                        effectiveness                                          X         X           X            X

8/13/2010                                                                                                                  12

                                                                                                   FIRST-YEAR    GENERAL

*12 General Education

                        a program of general education of sufficient
                        scope to enahnce students' intellectual growth,
                        and equivalent to at least 15 semester hours for
                        associate degree programs and 30 semester
                        hours for baccalaureate programs (An
                        institution also may demonstrate how an
                        alternative approach fulfills the intent of this
                        fundamental element)                                     X         X           X            X

                        a program of general education where the skills
                        and abilities developed in general education are
                        applied in the major or study in depth                   X         X           X            X

                        consistent with institutional mission, a program
                        of general education that incorporates study of
                        values, ethics, and diverse perspectives                 X                     ?            X

                        general education requirements assuring that,
                        upon degree completion, students are proficient
                        in oral and written communication, scientific
                        and quantitative reasoning, technological
                        capabilities appropriate to the discipline, and
                        information literacy, which includes critical
                        analysis and reasoning                                                                      X
                        general education requirements clearly and
                        accurately described in official publications of
                        the institution                                                                             X
                        assessment of general education outcomes
                        within the institution's overall plan for assessing
                        student learning, and evidence with such
                        assessment results are utilized for curricular
                        improvement                                              X         X           X            X

8/13/2010                                                                                                                    13

                                                                                                                   FIRST-YEAR    GENERAL
              STANDARD                         FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENTS                           DIVERSITY SCIENCES   EXPERIENCE   COMPLIANCE

*13 Related Educational Activities
                                     systematic procedures for identifying students
                                     who are not fully prepared for college level
                                     study                                                ?      X         X           X            X
                                     provision of or referral to relevant courses and
                                     support services for admitted underprepared
                                     students                                                    X         X           X            X
                                     remedial or pre-collegiate level courses that do
                                     not carry academic degree credit                            X         X           X            X

                                     See pages 41-49 for other types of learning a
                                     programs (certificate programs/experiential
                                     learning/non-credit offerings/branch campuses,
                                     additional locatoins & other instructional
                                     sites/distance or distributed/learning/contractual
                                     relationships and affiliated providers                                                         X

*14 Assessment of Student Learning

                                     articulated expectations of student learning at
                                     various levels (institution, degree/program,
                                     course) that are consonant with the institution's
                                     mission and with the standards of higher
                                     education and of the relevant disciplines                   X         X           X            X

                                     a plan that describes student learning
                                     assessment activities being undertaken by the
                                     institution, including the specific methods to be
                                     used to validate articulated student learning
                                     goals/objectives                                            X         X           X            X
                                     evidence that student learning assessment
                                     information is used to improve teaching and
                                     learning                                                    X         X           X            X

                                     documented use of student learning assessment
                                     information as part of institutional assessment             X         X           X            X

8/13/2010                                                                                                                                    14
                STANDARD                     POSSIBLE DOCUMENTATION                                         NOTES

*1     Mission, Goals & Objectives
                                                                                  Need to show that there has been a consistent
                                                                                  articulation of the mission, modifications that fine tune it,
                                            Mission Statement                     and current activity
                                            Ref. To Commission on the 90s         Need to describe process

                                            Vision Statement from 90s             Need to show that goals are consistent with mission
                                            History of Vision Statement           Focus on student learning
                                            IPC Goals Tracking documents
                                            Current CEPP Statement
                                            IPC Planning documents
                                            Prior MSA reports on Planning
                                            Marketing Strategies -- Creative
                                            Thought Matters

       Planning, Resource Allocation, and
*2     Institional Renewal
                                            IPC Activities related to planning,
                                            including the Distillation Report,    Need to show that planning and budgeting processes
                                            the Strategic Plan, and               are based on data collected through
                                            Assessment Plan                       evaluation/assessment processes
                                            Revised IPPC structure                Show consistent self-evaluation efforts
                                            Key Indicators
                                            Fact Book data
                                            Committee reports
                                            Peer Analyses
                                            Campaign Planning documents
                                            Operational Reviews

     3 Institutional Resources
                                            Audited Statements

                                            Physical Plant Inventories and
                                            evaluations of needed renovations
                                            Facilities Master Plan
                                            Renewal Plans
                                            Technology plan
                                            Description of budget process and
                                            link to Plan
                                            FPPC processes and description
                                            of how IPPC will take over
                                            responsibility for this
                                            Board priorities
                                            Science Planning Group --
                                            equipment renewal proposals
                                            Hudson- Mohawk options
                                            Endowment management reports
                                            (BOT notes)

     4 Leadership and Governance
                                            BOT Operating Guidelines and
                                            Membership Info                       Point out evidence of student input; role of SGA
                                            BOT Planning docs

                                            Organizational chart (high level)
                                            CFG reports (web)                     Doc of any reviews of effectiveness?
                             Faculty Handbook                    Reports from any external reviewers?
                             Committee Structures
                             Final Report from Pres Search
                             Conflict of Interest policy
                             New BOT members orientation
                             Evals of Bd appointed Pres Staff
                             Board Retreat notes

5 Administration
                             Organization Chart
                             Resume for PG
                             Search materials -- PG's
                             Budget reports
                             Vitae of Pres Staff members
                             VP Admin Search documents
                             IPC Planning document
                             Program Reviews

6 Integrity

                                                                 May want o include information from Student Advising
                                                                 Handbook and Ethics of Scholarship plus web pages to
                             Grievance processes                 indicate how we communicate these values to students
                             Student Handbook
                             HR hiring policies
                             Afirmative Action policies
                             HR Personnel Handbooks
                             Faculty Handbook
                             CAFR Operating Code
                             Statements affirming academic
                             Policies re: PR
                             Conflict of Interest policies
                             Page 177 of Catalog
                             On-Line Catalog
                             Web Pages
                             Annual Middle States reports

7 Institutional Assessment
                             Strategic Plan                      Institutional focus versus student learning

                             IPC Goals Tracking from the 90s     Get reports from Ann ending in 2001
                             Summative data

                             Long-term vision or priorities form Find a point person for each area of President's Staff to
                             each area of President's Staff      aid in collecting data
                             Survey results                      CRI 1999 or 2000; Senior exit interviews/CERP etc.

                             Program Reviews of Admin Areas
                                                                 Pat Oles Planning documents in October 2004 Board
                             Dean of Studies final report        Book
                                Assessment Plan sections
                                dealing with non AA offices
                                Retention Report                     Folds into long-term plan
                                Documents from Advancement           Michael Casey/Gerry Schorin

*8   Student Admissions
                                Admissions Committee Reports
                                Marketing Plan
                                Admissions BOT Reports
                                Policy statements
                                Catalog material
                                View Books
                                Full packet of Admissions
                                Financial Aid materials
                                Retention Report
                                Fin. Aid Reports
                                Sandy Baum's reports
                                Eval of new marketing plan
                                Withdrawn Student Survey

*9   Student Support Services
                                Student Affairs Org Chart            focus on diversity of student needs
                                Annual Reports from DOS

                                Resumes from Directors in DOS
                                Student Life Plan
                                Res Life Plan
                                Reports to BOT
                                DOS Annual Report 03-04

                                First Year Student Survey report
                                Senior Survey reports
                                Self reviews done by SA units
                                Catalog Material
                                Student Handbook
                                Student Advising Handbook
                                HEOP/AOP documents
                                Athletic reports
                                Gramm-Leach-Bliley activities
                                FERPA statements

                                Web Pages for: tutoring, Writing
                                Center, LS1 tutors, Disabilities
                                Support, AOP, dept labs, etc

                                CEPP mentoring/advising reports
                                International Student support

*10 Faculty

                                % of faculty with terminal degrees
                                Chair Handbook
                                Catalog Listing of Faculty
                                Curr. Comm guidelines
                                Faculty Development web
                                     Annual reports of faculty
                                     Pedagogy Workshop schedule
                                     Faculty Handbook sections on
                                     promotion and tenure

                                     Senior Staff review procedures
                                     Handbook statements on
                                     Academic Freedom
                                     History of grant awards

                                     CAPT reports re: use of
                                     alternative evaluation strategies --
                                     student evals, peer evals,
                                     appointment processes
                                     Faculty Evaluation process

*11 Educational Offerings

                                     Departmental Assessment Plans
                                     General Ed assessment
                                     Information Resources IT Plan
                                     Library assessment
                                     Information Literacy work
                                     Transfer Credit policies
                                     Course Syllabi review -- sample
                                     syllabi on web

                                     Curr Comm procedures -- copy of
                                     New Course Proposal Form

                                     Course Catalog -- identify learning
                                     goals as part of major decriptions
                                     Program Review process

*12 General Education
                                     Catalog Statements
                                     Advising Handbook
                                     CEPP Vision Statement -- 4 C's
                                     CEPP Sub Group Reports
                                     Ray's Sub Group reports
                                     Senior Exit Survey reports
                                     Capstone courses
                                     Assessment Plan
                                     First Year Mentoring Pilot(s)
                                     LS1 Assessment
                                     Writing Assessment
                                     LS2 Assessment
                                                                            Student Cultures report?
                                                                            Would NSSE be appropriate here?
                                     QR report
                                     Info from the library - classes
                                     taught - stats from Ruth
                                     International Education report

*13 Related Educational Activities
                                     HEOP Program reports
                                     OIP Reports and Proposal
                                     UWW Assessment docs
                                     Special programs reports in BOT
                                     Summer Programs reports

*14 Assessment of Student Learning
                                                                        This appears to replicate everything that comes before it-
                                     Articulated student learning goals -Not all departments have done this.

                                                                   I have two folders in which I have collected all the
                                                                   assessment reports from departments, 2002-3 and 2003-
                                     Department Assessment Reports 4, including my spreadsheet of methods being used.
                                                                   I do not know where these are kept. Are they within the
                                     Graduate follow-ups           periodic review reports?
                                     Grad school placements
                                     Assessment Plan               This can address both standards 12 and 14.
                                                                   Where these appear, they should be in the dept.
                                     Portfolio projects            reports.

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