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									       2010 Arthritis Foundation Dallas Arthritis Walk
                   Fundraising Tool Guide
Thank you for participating in the 2010 Dallas Arthritis Walk. Your participation will
bring much needed funds to our community to help people suffering with arthritis.

First time participants and teams captains are sometime nervous about collecting funds.
Don’t be overwhelmed by the aspect of fundraising, it is easy! Remember, you are not
asking for donations for yourself, you are asking for money to help fight arthritis, the
nation’s #1 cause of disability.

In this section you will find the following information:
Fundraising Tips              People To Ask                  Ways To Ask
Corporate Team Guide          Friends and Family Team        Fundraising Ideas for
                              Guide                          Teams
Fundraising Ideas of          Online Fundraising             Sample Fundraising Letter
Utilizing Social Networking

Good Fundraising Tips
   •   Start early – the early bird catches the worm (or the donation)!
   •   Set a goal and communicate it with the rest of your team!
   •   Know if your company offers a matching donation program – if they don’t ask
       them if they would consider matching your fundraising!
   •   Be knowledgeable about the Arthritis Foundation and Arthritis!
   •   Say THANK YOU with a smile. Send out personal thank you notes to let donors
       know that you appreciate their help in reaching your goal!
   •   Let people know how much you have raised and how close you are to obtaining
       your goal.

People to Ask
   •   People you see in your day-to-day life.
   •   Go through your phone list/address book and think of those individuals that would
       like to support you and this worthy cause.
   •   As you go, add new people to your list.
   •   Do NOT forget these people:
           o Family, In-laws
           o Friends
           o Co-workers
           o Dry cleaners
           o   Significant other’s co-workers
           o   School friends
           o   Business Associates
           o   Customers
           o   Vendors
           o   Your banker
           o   Your doctors
           o   Neighbors

Ways to Ask
   •   Email: When you register online you are giving your own personal Walk Head
       Quarters where you can create and personalize a page to email to all of your
       friends, family and co-workers. From your Walk HQ you can access email
       templates as well as track donations. Detail information on personalizing your
       page and sending emails is available on the Online Guide on the walk’s main
   •   Post Mail: Send personal notes to people asking them to donate and/or join your
       team. Include a donation form that they can mail directly to the AF Office.
   •   Face-to-Face: Make some pledge cards to carry around every where you go.


Corporate Team Guide

Step 1: Plan Your Campaign
A good plan can more than double your team’s dollars. Take some time now to think
about how to creatively involve the appropriate people!

The key to success is to recruit your senior leadership, employees, vendors and other
partners that can help you build a strong Arthritis Walk team.
       Meet with an Arthritis Foundation representative to layout plans for your
       company’s campaign.
       Secure senior-level support within your company. (see step 2 for details)
       Get help! Many hands make light work, so ask other co-workers to be team
       Captains too. Try to have at least one co-captain for every 50 to 100 employees at
       your company or one per department or floor.
       Choose a team ambassador – an employee’s child who has juvenile rheumatoid
       arthritis or someone in your company affected by arthritis – to inspire you to
       reach your goal.
       Set a goal for recruiting at least ten percent (10%) of your employee base. (e.g.
       800 employees – set your goal at 80 walkers or more) Remember that family &
       friends of all 800 employees are welcome too!
       Secure internal incentives, such as an extra vacation day for employees who raise
       $1,000 or more, a special parking spot for the top fundraiser, a luncheon for the
       dept. with the highest % of funds raised.
Step 2: Secure CEO or Management Support
When you get your senior executives to support your Arthritis Walk goals and plans, they
set a positive tone around the campaign and the rest of the company will follow suit and
do amazing things to help! Here is what your CEO or top executive can do to help you be
        Sign the solicitation letters associated with your company vendor campaign (ask
        the AF Staff for help).
        Talk about the Arthritis Walk at a senior-level manager’s meeting. Make the
        campaign progress an ongoing agenda item.
        Host a kick off celebration for all employees and make opening remarks about the
        Encourage employee participation through letters, emails and by awarding
        incentives, such as an extra vacation day or free parking for a month.
        Authorize sponsorship or a “corporate match” to double employee collections.
        Ask another company to join your walk team.

Step 3: Recruit Your Team
Focus your energy on recruiting your co-workers to join the team. If potential participants
are not interested in walking, but are willing to raise money, that’s okay. The more
support the better!
        Establish a company-wide kick-off date and be sure to involve your CEO.
        Having a lot of co-captains will make recruiting walkers to raise money so much
        Educate your co-workers about the Arthritis Foundation and all they do to help
        our community!
        Involve your company’s vendors!!! Ask your Arthritis Foundation staff member
        for help.
        Encourage walkers to register online at

Friends and Family Team Guide

Step 1: Plan Your Campaign
A good plan can more than double your team’s dollars. Take some time right now to
think about how to creatively involve the appropriate people!
The key to success is to recruit anyone and everyone that can help you build a strong
Arthritis Walk Team!
         Meet with an Arthritis Foundation representative to layout plans for your
         Get help! Many hands make light work, so ask other to be Team Captains too.
         Choose a team ambassador – a loved one to rally around who has arthritis.
         Set a goal to surpass last year’s fundraising by at least 20%... when you aim high
         you surprise yourself with what you can accomplish!
         Secure fun incentives, such as gift certificates, car wash coupons, family dinner
         night at someone’s house and hand them out to people who raise the most during
         a two-week period.
        Look to your company, church or kids schools to see if they’ll rally team support
        around your team.

Step 2: Recruit Your Team
Focus your energy on recruiting family, friends, neighbors, co-workers & church friends
to join the team. If potential participants are not interested in walking, but are wiling to
raise money, that’s okay. The more support the better! The Walk is a celebration of the
fundraising we do for those with arthritis…not a marathon.
         Have a family Kick-Off
         Having a lot of co-captains will make recruiting walkers to raise money so much
         Educate everyone you know about the Arthritis Foundation and all they do to help
         our community.
         Set an example! Be the first to register for the Arthritis Walk. Your walkers will
         be right behind you.
         Encourage walkers to register & fundraise online at
         See if your child’s school will have a fundraiser; Arthritis Foundation staff can
         help you with ideas.
         Personalize your web page by changing the story and adding pictures. It’s easy &
         the Arthritis Foundation staff would LOVE to help you with this!

Fundraising Ideas for Teams
Dress down days: Ask your company and other companies to conduct a dress down day
for their employees. Designate a day, series of days or a week and charge to dress casual
for the day. Give discounts to people who wish to buy more than one day. Example: one
day for $5, or three days for $10. Employees purchase a button/sticker that gives them the
privilege of going to work dressed casually on a designated day.
Bake sale: Hold a bake sale at work, church, or school or sell donuts, bagels and coffee
in the morning.
Snack bar: Set up an inexpensive snack bar. Employees can purchase snacks –
sandwiches, chips, cookies, juices and soft drinks, with all the proceeds going toward
your fundraising goal.
Coin saving: Ask five to ten people to save their change for you for a month. Give them
decorated buckets. At the month’s end, invite them to your home for a “counting party.”
Meals on wheels: Have a meal day where you will cook and deliver breakfast, lunch or
dinner to other businesses in town. Fax them a few days ahead of time to inform them of
the menu, cost and how to order.
Movie night: Ask your local movie theater to donate movie tickets, and then sell them
for pledges to be donated to your fundraising goal.
Car wash: Get your team together on a weekend to hold a car wash. Some good places to
have a car wash are parking lots of fast food restaurants, grocery stores and churches. Be
sure to check with the owners before setting up.
Promote yourselves: Call your local newspaper and let them know what your team is
doing. Send a letter or press release about your team with a photo. (Sample materials are
available from the Arthritis Foundation office.) Your company can also write a newsletter
article about you and other employees involved in the Arthritis Walk. Publicity helps
generate donations.
Brown bag lunch day: Encourage employees to bring their lunch to work and hold a
brown bag party. Ask them to donate their lunch money to you. The money saved from
not going out that day can be contributed to the Arthritis Foundation.
Fundraising parties: Schedule a fundraising party to benefit the Arthritis Foundation.
You can have it at your home, office or partner with a local restaurant or bar to sponsor
the event by donating food or the space. Promote the party to everyone you know and
charge a cover. The restaurant/bar will benefit from the free publicity and the money you
raise will go toward your goal, not to mention it’s a lot of fun! Know a local musician?
Ask them to perform a benefit concert. Tell people that their admission ticket is a check
made out to the Arthritis Foundation.

Fundraising Ideas for Individuals
Hold an auction: Auction a prime parking space at work, a half or whole day off or
yourself to work a day for someone and donate the proceeds to the Arthritis Walk.
A little change makes a lot of “cents”: Ask your bank to post this message at the teller
line, “donate the cents from your deposit to help fight arthritis.”
Use your green thumb: Sell corsages, your extra houseplants or bouquets from your
Schedule a game night: Host a Monopoly, poker, bingo or other game night and charge
Cut out arthritis: Ask your hair salon or barber shop if they will donate $2.00 of each
hair cut over a weekend to your fundraising goal.
Sell your career skill: For example, if you’re a CPA, offer to do your friends’ taxes for a
fee that goes toward your goal.
Schedule a share-the-profit event: Many local restaurants will give a portion of a day’s
profits to a specific cause. Set this up with restaurant management and notify your
friends, family, etc. to visit the establishment on the scheduled day.
Host a spring cleaning yard sale: Sell your unwanted items and put the profit towards
your goal.
Turn a gift to you into a gift to the Foundation: Ask family and friend to donate
money on your behalf to the Arthritis Foundation instead of giving you presents at your
upcoming birthday or anniversary.
Host a party: Throw a great party and charge admission! Have the party at your house or
partner with a local bar that gives you a portion of the evening’s cover charge.
Host a block party: Invite your neighbors to a neighborhood block party. Sell food and
charge admission.
Approach your company: Many companies will give a flat donation and many others
have a gift matching program. These gift programs usually match donations given by
employees. Be sure to approach your human resources department to learn the details.
Try a letter writing campaign: Either using the online tool to send e-mails or mailing
letters with your personal goals via the postal system, a letter writing campaign has
proven to be the most effective form of fundraising. Some participants choose to enclose
a self-addressed envelope to make it easier for donors to mail back.
Online Fundraising
Fundraising Online To Do List
Arthritis Walk participants can raise funds online and use the power of the Internet to
collect donations and recruit team members. It’s easy and fast. Follow the steps below to
get started today. For in-depth directions, please view the online guide on
Sign Up: Visit Click on “Sign Up” and agree to the
standard participant waiver. “Start a team” of your own of “Join a Team” or you can also
“Join as an Individual”.
Set Up: Set up your personal page and explain why you are participating in the Dallas
Arthritis Walk. Upload a photo of you, your team or your honoree. Change the look and
text on the page as often as you like and have fun trying different combinations.
Send: Now you are ready to send out e-mails to your family and friends inviting them to
get involved in the Dallas Arthritis Walk. Ask them to join your team or start one of their
own. If they can’t join, ask them to “Make a Donation”.

About Online Fundraising
What is Online Fundraising?
Online fundraising is just what it sounds like – the ability to raise event funds online
through the Arthritis Foundation web site. It enhances any fundraising program by taking
some of the worry and hard work out of fundraising. Now participants have one place to:
    • Register online
    • Create a free personal fundraising web page
    • Execute an e-mail campaign to solicit donations
    • Recruit team members
    • Track your fundraising progress

Online fundraising is also easy and fun. In just minutes, you can set up your own Web
page, in which you can change and update text and add photos. In no time at all, you can
upload your personal address books and send out an email solicitation to everyone you
know. Or you can send personalized e-mails to potential big donors. You can also
monitor visits, donations and encourage messages from donors. In addition, thank you e-
mails can be used as receipts for tax purposes and are sent to your donors automatically.
Raising funds just became fun!

What is Kintera?
The Arthritis Foundation has partnered with Kintera to provide online support for the
Arthritis Foundation Walk. Kintera is a service provider whose tool allows participants to
register online, create a personal web page for fundraising, start a team, recruit team
members, send mass and/or personal solicitations for donations and receive those
donations online in real time.
How does it Work?
Once you register for the event and create your own page using the step-by-step
instructions provided to you online, you should visit the communications center. Use the
e-mail tool to compose your first e-mail campaign to recruit teammates and raise money.

What do you mean by “e-mail campaign?”
An e-mail campaign is a proven method of raising funds and recruiting teammates online.
You will want everyone you know to be aware of your participation in the Arthritis Walk.
By sending a mass e-mail through the online fundraising tool, you can communicate with
many people at one time. Start by sending an e-mail announcing your participation in the
Arthritis Walk and asking for others to join your team or donate to your campaign. Later
on, send a reminder e-mail letting friends and family know that you still need their help
or send an update e-mail letting everyone know how your fundraising efforts are going.

Sample Fundraising Letter
The following is a sample letter to use in your letter-writing campaign. Remember, the
more personal you make it, the more effective it will be.
     Dear __________________________,
     This year I am helping to support the mission of the Arthritis Foundation to
     prevent, control and cure arthritis by raising money and participating in the
     Arthritis Walk.
     Did you know that arthritis is the most common cause of disability and affects 46
     million people? One in five adults and 300,000 children have arthritis, costing the
     U.S. economy more than $128 billion annually.
     I have decided to make a difference. I am committed to raising $_________ to help
     prevent, control and cure arthritis. You can also make a difference by joining my
     team and walking with me or by donating funds to help me reach my goal.
     Our team is “ ______________”. We will be walking together at 12700 Park
     Central Drive on Saturday, May 16th. Our team is walking on behalf of
     _____________. (Tell story of honoree.)
     We’d love to have you join us! Or, if you would like to donate, please make your
     check out to the Arthritis Foundation and mail it to me at _________________ or
     donate online by visiting my Arthritis Walk Website at
     Thanks in advance for your support!
Utilizing Social Networking
Tips for Promoting your team via Facebook or Twitter
   • Add your team page link to EVERY tweet or status update so that it is easy for
       people to make donations and join your team.
   • Have fun with your post and make it personal so that people will know why you
       are passionate about arthritis and the walk.
   • Thank everyone who joins or donates on their pages. You never know which of
       their friends or followers will want to join the walk too.
   • Create a friendly competition between friends online.

Join My Team - Sample Status Updates / Tweets
   • Let’s Move Together to find a cure of Arthritis! Join my team today at (insert
      your team link)
   • Join the Let’s Move Together movement to end Arthritis! Join my team today
      (insert your team link)
   • Take Action! I need five people to join my Arthritis Walk team TODAY! Visit
      (insert your team link)
   • Want to walk for a good cause? Join my team (insert your team link)

Promote a Fundraising Message – Sample Status / Tweets
   • Your donation can help 46 million Americans with Arthritis. Support me as I
     walk to end Arthritis. (insert personal link)
   • Your donation makes a difference. Please support me as I walk to end Arthritis.
     (insert personal link)
   • Donate today and help the 300,000 children with Arthritis. Please support me as I
     walk to end Arthritis. (insert personal link)
   • I only have $xxx amount left to reach my goal! Please support me as I walk to end
     Arthritis. (insert personal link)
   • (Insert donor’s name) just made a donation to help my fundraising efforts. Will
     you donate too? (insert personal link)

Thank your Donors – Sample Status / Tweets
   • I just made my Arthritis Walk fundraising goal! Thank you (insert donor’s name)
      for your support. (insert personal link)
   • Thank you (insert donor’s name) for your donation to the Arthritis Foundation
      Arthritis Walk. You helped to bring me closer to my personal goal of $xxx!
      (insert personal link)

Action Motivating Messages
   • Do you know that Arthritis is the #1 cause of disability in the United States? Sign
       up today and Let’s Move Together for a cure.
   • Arthritis affects the life of 300,000 children, including my son/daughter. Help me
       take action to stop his/her pain.
•   Sign up and Let’s Move Together to find a cure for Arthritis.
•   3.9 million Texans suffer from Arthritis. Join me and help end their pain.

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