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									Managing your boss
Managing your boss
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The boss is important, fried squid or give you your promotion, and will never be your
subordinates. However, management is far from flattering the boss also simple to
manage your boss and the boss should be a pinnacle of tacit cooperation between

Management boss three classes
lessen1 know your authority orientation
How do you see your boss, he is your spiritual teacher, or promotion of your screen?
In fact, we treat the boss's attitude has always followed a certain pattern,
such patterns of behavior, no matter who the boss why he did what you have with a
"rose-colored glasses" to look at him, pair "
rose-colored glasses "is our authority orientation.
Authority of the tendency that we look for power, for those beyond our human feeling,
this tendency deeply rooted in our character and their education being. It can explain
why we first work under his boss, was very different attitude on the show.
Psychology of authority to each of us a tendency to be divided into three kinds:
dependent, anti-dependency and neglect.
Used to rely on the authority of a subordinate performed swallow, they tend to be
omnipotent boss as "parents", the boss knows everything, the
boss should take responsibility for their career, they know what they need training,
and protect them from overly ambitious colleagues excluded. Such people ignore a
problem: most of the boss, like us, are not perfect, they are not used up the time, no
encyclopedic wealth of knowledge, they also have their own pressures and concerns.
And rely on the authority of subordinate authority is corresponding to the
anti-dependence, their instinctive reaction is to hate the boss, they always feel the
boss is bound them, and they put on the boss as the enemy system to resist the
boss's decision-making, unconsciously dispute to a dispute, the conflict
will sometimes upgrade to out of hand. Anti-authority relationship between superior
and has always been tense, and once the potential employers aware of their hostility,
they will put away on the subordinate's trust, and let the road against the
authority of those who cut themselves off.
In addition, there is a disregard for the authority of those. They have no sense of
authority, as compared with the desire to manage others, they are more willing to
understand themselves, they do not want to be able to quickly promoted, and has
therefore never completed only their jobs, the boss do not mind the work. The
tendency to treat each person the authority to varying degrees can be classified into
these three categories.
In China, the tendency to subordinate the authority of the most dependent. Because
most Chinese people during childhood was imbued with "parents have the
answer," the idea being instilled in students during the
"teacher's answer to" knowledge, access to work,
they will think that the bosses have the answer; and finally, Once the boss is not all
the answers, will tend to the attitude of disdain, do not obey the faces of these people,
who became an authority ignored.
Although we tend to be difficult to change the authority, but before the boss in
learning management, understand their own attitude is conducive to our authority to
adjust their specific acts and fair view of their boss.
SOLUTION - Imaginative Exercise
Resides in the subconscious brain scenario will be for us to disclose their true feelings
on the boss.
First, we need to first give the brain a proposition - Imagine you and the boss of a
communication. Then, try to begin to imagine as much as possible the details of this
picture, look at the screen, the boss is alone with you or meet with you, the boss is
standing, sitting, speech, lecture or listen to, what he used gestures. These details
reflect the views of your boss.
There is also a way to test your desire for power: you can want to own one million
yuan every year, profit is what it feels like, a sense of achievement it? What was it
like then 5 million yuan? 10 million yuan? 100 million yuan? 1 billion yuan?
Gradually increase the amount of time to see what would be said to myself enough.
The bigger the amount you can tolerate, state your desire for power is also more
intense, accordingly, you are also the less dependent on the boss.

lessen2 understand your boss
Most successful people believe in their own self-study and hard work to rely on the
position to win today, they are unwilling to admit their own promotion and understand
what the boss relationship. Let us give an example to clear up:
You're going to negotiate a project, the other only at some point to help you.
This can lower the unit price of products, speed up production, and enhance product
added value, more of a project on any one of which would you choose? You may
choose to reduce product unit price, his face beamed back to before the boss,
"seek awards," The results this boss does not care,
"petty profits," he would rather you schedule in advance,
because of this, when his boss next month When the inspection in China, to see the
rapid momentum of the work, he certainly would be much appreciated, to know how
much the boss's boss is anxious to make his products in the Chinese market
is rapidly 打响第一炮.
If we replace your boss a poor family background, drops of sweat on their own jobs to
win military success it is today? If we replace your boss to spend a large salary by the
company hired from the top companies in the Wharton MBA? If we replace one of
your boss approaching retirement, the company constantly being marginalized within
the struggle, want to take the last paragraph of the old courtiers ride? Your answer will
not be different?
Remember, before coming to any decision, please understand your boss. Understand
the employers are willing to compete with distinction, as Machiavelli in
"The Prince" in writing it: "All the people know
what you will, only a few people know what you are." He accurately
describes understand the boss the two realms.
The former based on daily observation of the surface, we put boss forms of
communication, like classified, stored in memory, the establishment of a fuzzy sample.
This can often help us determine the possible owner of the emotions; while the latter
is based on the analysis and summary on the former, and we should charge Dian
thought to Fa Xian, Wei Shime he is such a person, his principles, leadership style,
potential character is what he really is.
For example, assume your female boss to respond to email within 24 hours as a
dedicated evaluation standard, if you stay in the "how she will"
level, you will strive to return to the Post, at best, and not so good to speculate Is it
because she is older single. However, if you stand, "she is what"
level, you will notice that, in her first job when the boss was because there was no
immediate notification of a data changes, the trust has been created and reuse of her
boss Shi Qu a big list. You will know from her regret in how she is a loyal and strict
control of their own people, you will know what kind of formal methods will be her
The former can only let you know that in the face of what has happened, it should
how to do; while the latter can help you encounter the boss he does not quite
understand the new problem, made for his suggestions and comments. The former
allows you to become a good follower; while the latter allows you to send Concert
occasional brilliance.
SOLUTION-"4W" method, to find out what the boss would like
Every time the boss when in contact, remember to use "4W"
law to ask yourself some questions, if you want to understand these problems, the
boss allows you to give your suggestions, you can really surprises.
SOLUTION-"4W" method:
What time is it? (Working hours or lunch time? Refreshing the Monday 9:00, or just
because the headquarters of transnational meeting, the boss of the Information and
worried about 23:00? Is approaching end of earnings before or after them?)
What just happened? (Emotion is inertia, and know just what happened is important.)
This is what? (This is the elevator or the boss office? A tea room or travel off-site? A
car or a customer's conference room on it?)
Later he was going? (He later goes, I go to that place prepared for him what? What
should I advise? Remind me how?)
Why did he? (He appears in front of me at the moment the state is normal or abnormal?
Why he hurriedly rushed? Why he did not immediately resolve the matter, but said to
wait a while? Like these, to not that make you mad as a conjecture, think these are
just the establishment of a belief in your heart, the boss always has his way, and
consider the reasons, so before you have any position, please find your reason to
consider carefully.)
He used to like? (Usually, most of the value of those acts are not the usual, customary,
but abnormal. If the owner of some of the acts you have not contacted, then it must be
treated carefully and not hip hop laugh over them. )
Who else around? (He and his boss with? Him and with our customers? He and the
child together? Or he and all of our colleagues together? His side who may even
decide you want to say the topic. Usually around It was a time when the boss can
spend more time out to observe the body you.)
He was later to see who? (And know where he will go the same might be said in the
conversation useful information to his next stop, the one certainly caught his attention,
secondly, to showing your concern for him, of course, are Never too explicit.
sometimes, make his recollection of the day when it is found that you are useful to
him than to immediately find you a useful person to the role of far more lasting.)
In addition, usually have to ask yourself the following 10 questions:
1 in his work, what kind of style?
2 What kind of return inspired him?
3 in the next 6 months, what is his most important work schedule? Within 5 years,
what he wants to reach the cause of the peak, he may not tell you, but you feel it?
4 What would you most like to tell him, but they did not tell, why?
5 What are the advantages of his best so that you jealous?
6 When you think the greatest weakness of his work where? Your colleagues think so?
7 in the sectors and companies, who are his most effective ally?
8 companies how his interpersonal network like? Industry do?
9 He and his boss how relations like? What he and his boss, values and styles similar
or different?
10 Do you think he is your overall impression? How you and he have different or the

lessen3 as to think like the boss
If you are an engineer, production line machine suddenly a problem, you will spend
five hours to the source, or use one hour to find a temporary solution? If you are a
project manager, rival next month to launch a similar product, but you have
encountered bottlenecks in product development, you will delay the listing, or the first
exit available version, at a later improvement? If you are in charge, the boss put you
into a popular new market, there is no chance that you will automatically give up, or
put it as blue ocean, the hard work of the first to say? If you are a marketing director,
new products, you only You Sancheng odds, you will spending a million to do
marketing, or the first conservative wait and see?
Let's face it, you and your boss are different species. Different logic of
your thinking. Is that money makes you want to do things, he is less money to do
operator skill; you want is equal treatment is fair, he would like is a good one
Naturally the performance of more resources; you do not finish today, no time to think,
he would like the results after 5 years will grow twice as much, now ready to do; you
think there is no credit for the elbow grease, he thought there is no real income,
everything is fake ... ...
Staff all things are connected to their personal performance, so do not see the pattern;
boss of all things, are connected to the company's overall performance, it is
necessary to see pattern. Therefore, to overcome the subordinate ideas, think like a
boss, is the first structure to foster awareness. An employee if the performance is not
satisfactory, it is easy to find a similar low morale, the company like a difficult
transition because (even if 500 companies, many of them all the time in this case),
staff of problems have a tendency towards outward because They always think they
are "done thing" and the boss was able to escape blame. They
can easily glimpse of organizational issues, fault-finding challenge agreeable,
self-expansion, the current situation that he is the only one able to see the core of the
problem of interest figures, but who will actually pick faults, the key is to solve.
Subordinates to think, do not always partial to that "strategic
issues", but should take into account the implementation of methods, not
grabbed the so-called right to go after, but rather pattern enlarge some, to find the
most effective is a correct The problem is unique, measurable, can be used to form
successful, is only effective to life-saving.
SOLUTION - line of sight of
You should be consistent with the boss's attention, along the outside of his
line of sight observation. Rather than against his eyes, pointed at him, observing him
to see his reaction. Only concern, as the boss, whatever your conclusions are correct
or wrong, we can not prove that you are beyond him, can only prove you're
a loss of focus of the spectators. You should be running down his eyes, see the
customer information, see the organization of information, see competitor information.
You need straightforward and good faith performance of their worry and concern. But
keep in mind that, never give up hope. You need to do everything in their might, to
tell him things will get better, sometimes, seemingly given to the faithful to play the
impossible role.
Here's a little advice along the boss's attention, but do not have
the illusion that he is the boss. If you are not the boss, don't be bossy. Ultra
vires the organization of large holes, is not it?

Attention! The bottom line untouchable boss
One can refuse to obey, but do not feign compliance. If the number of in-depth
understanding of the situation based on your decision to refuse to obey the
instructions of the boss, at least we can say that you are a "who stubbornly
adhere to their principles." At this time, the boss can send other troops to
flow, will not delay the current situation. The double face means you let the boss of
the situation out of control.
2 Do not ever assume irreplaceable. For bosses, the perfect organizational structure
should be properly provided, and everyone's like the puzzle piece - the
center than the edge position is not important, what a little incomplete. Since the
number of trump card in the hands of the workplace that people are too smart to
bargain and to discuss out their own love. Even if open-minded boss, but also difficult
to get rid of the attitude of employers: "easy to find the two legs of the frog,
the two legs were not much?"
3 not for the boss decided to designate choice for the boss. Do not hold the kind of
decision for the owner, if in doing so, he would greatly appreciate your fantasy,
because as a boss, he was the company's level of information destined for
more and accurate than you, do you think not much chance of the answer. This is not
Bisaimoqi gambling, this is business. You have to do is find three different solutions,
and then choose an objective for the boss.
4 bosses most do not like two people, "without a" and
"high maintenance", but certainly the first to be fired
"high maintenance", if you are a busy boss, you will agree with
my point of view. Because "without a" usually do nothing, say
nothing, let him up will not cause any major trouble. But the "high
maintenance" too like when Shaquille uprising led everyone on their care
and psychological counseling is not a little time, it is possible disaster from the Zhou
5 Do not black or white, 得理不饶人. You may be in school is 98 points overall to
take top student, always adhere to only 99 points and 100 points above your standards.
But here in the conference room, scores do not exist, the points were certainly not you.
Those who adhere to their views than the others the right people wake up in the adult
society is not the correct measure, is applied.
6 Do not repeat the old thing. We always have such a case, in the conference room,
and when the boss eat or business trip, thinking smart filed a recommendation after
lack of response that people have not heard often mentioned. This is like telling a joke,
if no one laugh, smile and go on pretending will make people think you're
stupid. Do not force the boss to say the phrase: "Hi, I heard, I just do not
like your point of view." As all did not happen, forget it.
7 Do not think you can do anything, to know how to help the boss. Emphasizes
teamwork between not just mean at the same level, the boss is also your team, should
not go its own way Bulkhead hard mushroom type, so that timely intervention for
your boss to help, then your total honor is no better way. In the modern workplace,
"the primary function of high shock" still applies, so let the boss
feel-fold absolutely necessary subordinate duty. (The source: the financial sector and

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