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About Ma
October 1964, Ma was born in Hangzhou.

June 1988, Ma graduated from Hangzhou Normal University Foreign Language

April 1995, Ma founded the "Chinese Yellow Pages" website, is
the first Chinese business information site online, in the earliest formation of
enterprise service-oriented Internet business model.

The end of 1997, Ma and his team developed the Ministry of Foreign Trade in Beijing,
the official site, online commodities exchange market and a series of national sites.

In early 1999, he went back to Hangzhou to 500,000 yuan venture to develop Alibaba.

In 2001, for Chinese enterprises, "WTO", to better develop the
international   market    goals,    Alibaba  launched      the    "China
Suppliers" service, recommended to the world China's top
export companies and products with the introduction of "Alibaba
recommend buyers" service with international procurement group
Wal-Mart, General Electric, Markant and Sobond other allied together in cross-border
online purchases;

In the same year, together Alibaba China Federation of Industry, the State Council
Development Research Center and other departments jointly launched the initiative
set up in China, "9.19" Integrity Day, and introduced world-first
online credit management of enterprise-class products "credit

In the same year, the Harvard Business School in the public Alibaba China MBA case
management practice, and again in transition management practices Alibaba selected
case studies. In September, the U.S. financial magazine "Forbes"
named best in the world again Alibaba B2B site is one of the only selected site.
October 2000, the U.S. Asian Business Association selected this year's Ma,
"business leaders", in recognition of his innovative business
models and enterprises to enter international markets to help countries realize the
contributions made by globalization.

In 2003, the field into C2C, launched Taobao personal online trading platform, and in
two years grown into the largest personal auction site. In the same year to enter the
field of electronic payment set up Alipay company, launched an independent
third-party electronic payment platform.
February 2004, the company was re-financing of 82 million U.S. dollars, setting
record China Internet private.

August 11, 2005, Alibaba acquired Yahoo China overall, including Yahoo's
Chinese portal, 3721, a film web, and all other assets worth more than 700 million
U.S. dollars. Meanwhile, Yahoo's Alibaba to invest one billion U.S. dollars,
becoming its largest shareholder (40% of the shares, but only with 35% of the voting
rights. The combined total of four directors of Alibaba's board of directors,
who are Alibaba Chairman and CEO Jack Ma, Alibaba CFO Caichong Xin, Yahoo
co-founder Jerry Yang and chairman of Softbank, Masayoshi Son, Japan). This
involves the total amount of up to 17 billion dollars of the century created the China
Internet M & M's history. Thus, Ma and his team after 7 years,
painstakingly built, including e-commerce, search engines and online payment
platforms, including business empire, has surfaced. Industry insiders, Yahoo and
Alibaba's acquisition of the century will not only change is the Internet, but
Yahoo, e-Bay, Google the Big Three's competitive landscape.

August 2007, Ali Mama put into trial operation. Ali mom to C2C trading patterns,
even for small sites and small and medium enterprises and individual users run ad
transactions, data monitoring, assessment and other services to make online
advertising buyers and sellers meet directly trading, the price of eliminating the
middle loss. Ali Mama's launch, the integration of Ali Group's
marketing resources, the full draw and made good use of Ali in the success of
e-commerce transaction platform, operating experience and operating mode (such as
credit evaluation system, secure payment, etc.). After the test run of explosive growth,
Ali has become one of China's largest mother online advertising platform.

November 6, 2007, Limited listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange,
stock opening price of 30 Hong Kong dollars, representing an issue price of 13.5
Hong Kong dollars rose 122%, finance 1.5 billion U.S. dollars, a record size of
Chinese Internet companies financing the most.

February 27, 2008, Alibaba Group's online advertisement trading platform,
"Ali Mama", officially launched the network advertising
"package earnings, including damages, package recommends"
the "Three Guarantees program." Industry analysts pointed out
that "three packs of Plan" will Baidu, Google and other search
giant's online advertising alliance to bring a certain extent.
Its website: Alibaba, Taobao, Alipay, Ali Mama Personal blog: Ma (jackma) related
sites: Yahoo, Baidu, China road
Ma Quotations
In 1995, in Seattle, my first time come into contact with the keyboard, Internet search.
That year, I started my career, I felt like a blind man, riding the tiger in the blind, until
now, I know nothing about the network technology.
Started from the first day of the Internet, we are people as liars, and later as a madman,
and today people see us as crazy, I do not care how people look at me. In this society,
you are really doing something meaningful, this is very important.
We are winning the global perspective to local, and our fists to overseas this position,
repeat the act has no power, and rapid return; back after winning at the local, the
formation of culture and call back form their own forces out. If China is not winning,
we will drift overseas. We must prevent the opponent is at the global, rather than
mainland China. In China, the Internet really have a lot of money but also two or three
years time, two three years, earning only let you live a little better, but live very
comfortable, not rich. Now we are not allowed outside the Mainland of China raised a
contingent of 300 to 500 people, the cost is too high, income and expenses not
directly proportional, in Hong Kong, Taiwan will not work, only in China for the job
and can continue to develop grow up.
For global entrepreneurs, distinguished predecessors and colleagues, this is very cruel,
more cruel tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is good, but most died in tomorrow
Alibaba on the road found a small gold, if, pick it up, who will walk, when full, never
reach the Peak gold mine; or whether a small gold went straight to the Peak.
Not a good process, any one success can not be copied.
I think we should be the result payment of remuneration, as the process of applause.
At that time my heart was touched, the feelings between people played a role, I know
I'm wrong, if I do not accept that other people are likely to take for it,
Yahoo China may have to face collapse, and this will Yahoo's global brand
of the great negative impact, and this is always regarded as the idol of my Yahoo not
want to see, I would like to challenge, see if I can do.
Even if the United States have such good distribution and logistics infrastructure,
Amazon has only 5% of the profits. China's B2C market is very mature,
but excellent, Dangdang still live very hard to prove that the model in question.
Since Yahoo took over the day in China, I once met with the Chinese Internet industry,
"gang fights."
The past six months, outside the Internet this fanaticism, impetuous, foam as much as
in 2000; internal, is the spotlight too much, it means that anger is too busy, as a
company for six years, a team of average age 26 years new industry, which is
detrimental to our development. Therefore, we have recently re-announced in a high
state of crisis, suddenly all concern you, think you, we may forget who they are, may
lose their own, this time we are particularly worried about. Like a year-old child
suddenly grow to meter eighty, but actually only six years old his mind, but that his
mind if he has meter eighty, there are so great, that he must get into trouble, I have
seen many such enterprises . We constantly remind ourselves that we only six, our
foundation is still poor, we still lag behind the physical, the blood supply is very easy
to keep up; Second, it is, we must remember that our influence, because people long
for a After the eight-meter shot lightly beaten earth shattering punch is possible, so
every step chess to consider the impact on others, while feeling that I can not keep up.
Yahoo today I want to shut it can, not to mention I have to ask Jerry Yang variable
changed face. I control this company, it means that Yahoo China above the patient
lying on the operating table, I was the chief surgeon Doctor, my investors are my
nurses. I said to my knife his knife, I want to give me his pliers pliers. Can not say I
want to knife him to give me a pair of scissors. In the operation of the process, I know
what I can not say, because I only went for three years, but the nurse did two decades,
her eyes off of a cross I panic. I am a doctor, she must listen to me. Make any
decisions, unless I sell the company involved, I will discuss with my board. General
all the decisions, how do we love how to do. I would be even today, it is very thin,
and tomorrow be even it fat.
If I do not do, will the national hazardous, harmful to the industry. It is our mission in
the drive, so that our business more and more powerful. If one day have to pay state
treasure, I will pay the treasure within 1 second all the donations to the State.
(And Yahoo China M & A) have the same thing can not bargain, that is,
corporate culture, mission and values.
Master class is the eye which has no rival, so I always say I have no rivals, because I
do not mind opponents. The hearts of the enemy, and the world are all your enemies;
heart invincible, invincible.
I just could not find a telescope opponents. (This remark is Ma in 2006 to accept a TV
interview said. However, in November 6, 2007 Alibaba morning of the interview
listed in Hong Kong, Ma has spoken of "corrections" to
"I use the telescope do not see the opponent, because I find that example,
do not care whom they compete. ")
e-Bay with a 100 million dollar hit the market, I think that there is no technical
content, can use money to solve the problem, but also entrepreneurs do in this world.
Entrepreneurs know how to use the least resources to the market value of the
expansion, is able to find a value at the same time it can be produced using different
methods, influence, this is the entrepreneurial wisdom.
Do not do too much, do so through a very important fine, met a formidable opponent,
or example, you should do is not to challenge it, but to make up for it.
I feel that it is not money, but the idea everywhere. China is a lack of ideas, and stick
with this idea of people continue to stick with it.
Life is fair, even to eat a lot of pain, as long as you persevere, there must be harvested,
even if they finally fail, you do not have access to the experience of others.
Pressure is to accompany. An entrepreneur to be able to endure loneliness, able to
endure the temptation, but also stand the pressure, stand the innocent, in training the
skin, firing at one go, it is very important. Martial arts master is the ratio of the
number of hardships experienced, and not get too much success.
100 individual entrepreneurs, of which 95 individuals do not know even how to die,
did not hear voice falling down a cliff, and 4 is that you hear the scream, he fell out;
the remaining one may not know why still alive, but who knows tomorrow still alive
do not live down.
Each blow, as long as you carry over, and will become even stronger. I want to,
usually the higher the expectations, the results disappointed in, I always think
tomorrow will certainly be bad luck, there will be more unfortunate things happen,
then there really strike tomorrow, I will not fear. I am heavily against you in addition
to, what can? Come on, I Kangde Zhu. Strong anti-strike capability, and real
confidence in it is.
For all entrepreneurs, always telling myself saying: From the first day of business was,
you have to face every day is difficult and failure, not success. My most difficult
times yet to come, but one day will surely come.
Never more than lucky with other people, I never thought I fortunate than others, I
might be more than their perseverance in the most difficult times, they are unable to
go on, I can boil a second, two seconds.
Judge (judge) a person, a company is not good, do not think he is not a Harvard
(Harvard), is not Stanford (Stanford), Do not Judge which the number of graduates of
prestigious universities, and to Judge is not a group of people work mad as dry, see if
he is not smiling every day return home from work.
A successful entrepreneur, three factors, vision, mind and strength.
Man's mind is the wronged great support.
Temper in some degree because of feelings of insecurity, or did not have an open
Competition is a game, Mr. Ma's strategy to use well, and this is the taste
of competition, competition allows you to always maintain a high degree of vigilance.
Others can copy My style, can not copy my suffering can not continue to forward
copies of my passion.
Innovation is the soul of a nation's development, but also a way to business
survival. Learning allows you to innovation, imitation can only let you fail. So many
people keep on saying "We want to beat Alibaba, we can do
better", many people are copying our model, copy our idea, but he can not
copy our efforts, we can not copy The tears of our pain, we have experienced many
hardships. So innovation is to become your own, unique innovative thinking is that
you and your dedication to it to make it. If innovation is the culture of your enterprise
when, then I believe you are unique. Only a unique business in today's
world to survive and develop.
Have to fight in another fight at home, playing not win does not matter, at least be
able to play other people's house a mess, gave the furniture smashed; win,
of course better that eBay in the Chinese market will be difficult to grow .
Can not let my eyelids Amimori Bengda! Kill him!
In both cases, a company most likely to make mistakes, there is too much money the
first time in the face of too many second opportunities, a CEO should not be a chance
to see, as is everywhere, a CEO should see the disaster and to disaster strangled in the
Masayoshi Son has the same view with me, a program is first-rate third-rate increase
implementation of Idea; another program, first-class implementation, third-Idea,
Which is Better? We both choose the same time the implementation class, third-Idea.
30% of people never believe you. Do not let your colleagues work for you, and let our
staff work for our goal, to work together, united in a common goal below, than we
must unite under an entrepreneur you much easier. So first of all to convince you
agree with the common ideal, and not let everyone come to work for you.
The Internet is 4 x 100 meters relay, you still powerful, can run a bar, should the
opportunity to young people.
Starting gun sounds, you do not have time to see how your opponent is running.
Tomorrow is our only competitor.
Of opponents is backward-looking, and only research tomorrow, is look to the future
of their own.
Failure of the Internet must be self-inflicted, either the brain fever, either the head is
not hot, too cold.
Internet as a glass of beer, the best drink when there is foam.
If the bird does not get up early to eat worms, that will be eaten by other birds.
eBay is a sea of sharks, Taobao is the Yangtze River alligator, crocodile and a shark in
the sea battle, the results can imagine, we want to sharks diverted to the Yangtze
Heard of rich lobster, never heard of the rich whaling.
How to everyone's talents really play a role, we just pull this car, if some
people Wangzhe Er pull, pull some people New Words, with each other to their own
mess first. When you are a fool, the fool, you are will be very painful; you have a 50
fool is happy, eating, sleeping, lined up to go to the toilet; you have a smart person is
interesting, you 50 smart people are actually the most painful, anyone who disagrees.
My role in the company as cement, to bond together many talents, so that they make
efforts to place.
Less than a penny to assume the financial situation you do business.
I have been, and that is really trying to make money look down on people who have
money, if your mind is always money, certainly not to make money.
Can be used to solve the problem of money is not a problem.
Investors can fire us, we can change investors, entrepreneurs and investors is a good
team to go along, even if only one share, I can affect.
Encountered disasters first thought is that your client, the second thought of your
employees, the other is to opponents.
Business to find the most suitable person, not necessarily looking for the most
successful people!
The biggest challenge and breakthrough lies in employment, but employment is the
biggest breakthrough in the trust people.
This dig people (David Wei) is like pulling teeth, suddenly a pull and was pulled by
those who are suffering with tooth extraction, but also bleeding. I am not a tooth
extraction. Every day I go Shake, shake loose, to come.
Do not bother to build a star team, the team that is able to push the matter and his
down to earth person.
What is the team do? Team is not to let the other person fails, do not let anyone fail
the team.
Leadership is lonely.
Leadership in times of prosperity, everyone can come out only in times of adversity is
the real leadership. When any well, there must be times of adversity. We should
always think very strong opponents, even if he is very weak, you make him want to be
very strong. Business mistakes that often appear "invisible, look down, can
not read, can not keep up." First, the match where I can not find; Secondly,
I do not despise the people; third, I can not understand how they up; finally, is simply
not keep up with other people.
Remember, leadership skills, never compared with the subordinate, the following
were certainly better than you; if the following stronger person than you, explain you
ask the wrong person. But you're going to more than vision, far-sighted
than he; reading thousands of books as thousands in, look for high lead levels in line.
Second, than the mind. Man's mind is innocent stay great. You for your
subordinates, employees, the team should be inclusive; cooperation is not a matter of
one or two days, if you are right, never have the opportunity to prove. Third, than
strength. Your ability to fight against failure than he. A brick fell, others suffer just get
back up; you endured, the point did not respond. This is the great leader of the
conditions. A good quality of leadership is vision, mind and strength.
Want to be a general must have personality, but personality can not do too Marshal.
Alibaba has no crisis? I think a great crisis, or else how could the five years I have not
had a pound weight of meat, and now more and more thin.
Even if we live kneeling, as long as alive, we win.
2006 was my most painful and most difficult year ... ... one year a lot of people say
that Yahoo will die, I said will not die. All enterprises have high-pressure moment, but
do not lose their vision, mind, wisdom and humor, no matter how others should go
Winter is not terrible! Terrible is not ready! The frightening thing is that we do not
know how long it is more cold! Opportunity, equality before, but the disaster is that
everyone is equal before! Who is more fully prepared, the more who have the
opportunity to survive. Strong desire for survival and confidence in the future, with
sufficient intellectual and material preparation is an important guarantee for the
The courage of a strong military is often not being born in the strikes, but expressed in
the retreat of calm and composure. A great company will be reflected in the economic
downturn the same situation, still optimistic and positive attitude to embrace change
and in trouble adjusting, learning and growth.
A great company must not just because of how many times can seize the opportunity,
but because once again able to carry the doom!
I played golf foul pole is too embarrassed to say how much. But the position I play
beautiful than the Wu Ying.
I am not the greatest determination to have great confidence in the Internet, but I think
to do one thing, experience is a success, you go away and try you can not do U-turn;
but if you do not, like the night to thousands of road, take the same route up in the
morning, the same reason.
From now on, we have to do a great thing. Our B2B Internet service model will bring
about a revolution! Start-up capital must be Pocket money (spare cash), not allowed to
borrow money to family and friends because of the possibility of a great failure. We
must be prepared to accept "the most unfortunate thing."
However, even Tyson bring me down, if I die, I will jump up and fight! Now each of
you to stay a little food money, all the money will be left out. In addition, you can
only do company commander, platoon leader, above the regimental level I have to
find smb. Better qualified cadres.
Network that the dead, to triumph in the meantime, have vision, a mind, the only way
possible in front of all the rumors and misconceptions still full of pride,
Yangtianzhangxiao; real proud, built on strong and bold on the basis of Only in this
way may be just repeating the time to keep a clear head, can still persist in
condemning in the direction of their own, to the top.
Certainly better than not to insist on upholding silly. Stick with it, people have gained
wealth, while the mind active smart people sometimes not easy to succeed,
perseverance is one of the biggest reasons.
Enjoy the process of either boil or to boil your pot was smashed.
("Solution" Feng Lun of the "boil" theory
- "Great is the boil out.")
This is the world's most unreliable thing relations.
In the long term, I think Alibaba is a good company, as the price (IPO share price is
too high when being questioned), it is difficult to comment, because we are a valuable
Under those fluorescent charitable donations, donate a dollar every time I think that is

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