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					                                                                                                       E l i x i r Te c h n o l o g i e s

   Insurance Document
   Design Suite
                            Elixir & HP Exstream Document Workflow ~ Connected!
Leverage your investment in both Elixir and HP Exstream connecting these two environments to
incorporate all your valuable documents from regulated policy designs to welcome package
letters and ID cards.

 HP Exstream and Elixir are both leaders in the insurance industry and have teamed up to
 help customers who want to use both systems and maintain 100% fidelity between document
 file types.

Elixir software has been used for decades to build libraries of documents that must meet certain
government design requirements. Documents approved by the regulatory agency cannot be
changed in any way without going through a time-consuming approval process again.
Regulations are so strict that 100% fidelity must be maintained between multiple systems to
avoid repeating the government approval process. Elixir and HP Exstream have provided a
process that brings Elixir files into HP Exstream with fidelity while maintaining efficient
processing speed.

   Key Benefits

File Conversion: 100% Fidelity                  Version Management
Elixir files are converted to the HP Exstream   Entire designs as well as individual
file format (DXF**) with 100% fidelity. The     resources (forms, fonts, images) can carry
new HP Exstream document is an exact            version and effective dates. Authorized staff
match to the previous Elixir design             check-in/check-out resources and the
eliminating the need for refiling of forms.     system tracks all changes and routes edited
                                                files for approvals.
Maintain Your Preferred Design Process
Use the best design software for the job at     Full Approval Workflow
hand. Continue using Elixir DesignPro Tools     Establish approval processes for routing
or Application Suites for forms that must       and tracking designs through the
meet and stay within regulatory design          organization and out to external agencies.
formats. HP Exstream is well suited for
                                                SERFF Submission Integration
designing policyholder communications,
quotes, statements, and other personalized      Complete support of the SERFF workflow
business correspondence. Keep those             including filing, rule retrieval, flier notification
types of projects with the team using HP        and other processes.
Exstream. And, if your company uses             DocuMerge Migration Path
Microsoft® Word, Adobe® InDesign® or
                                                Documents and associated resources are
QuarkXPress® to generate files for print —
                                                stored, tracked and managed in the
those can be handled too!
                                                Insurance Document Design Suite with file
                                                conversions performed as needed for
                                          Elixir to HP Exstream Conversion Workflow

                                              Elixir                                                                                                 HP Exstream

                                            ELX                                                                                                         DXF

                                                                                            ELX              Convert to
                                                              Upload to                   Database          HP Exstream
                                                                Elixir                                          DXF
            Documents Requiring
           Government/Regulatory                                                                                                                          Personalized
                 Approval                                                                                                   HP Exstream                     Business
                                                                                                                           Design Database               Correspondence
                                    State/Regulatory Approvals

                                                                   INDEX                 Processes

                                                        Ind                                                                          ta
                                                                   ing                                                          tada

                                                              100% Fidelity                                          100% Fidelity

                                                                           ELX form                                         DXF form

                                                                                                     ** DXF is Exstream's Dialogue eXchange Format which is an XML schema based on XSL-FO.

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                                                                                                        management, and workflow --- delivering print on demand,
                                                                                                        high-volume production, and web communications.
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