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									Low-cost housing policy

However, possession of property does not meet everyone's desires
obligations. How do? Advocated low-cost housing, the Government has the
responsibility to let everyone have housing conditions
. Low-rent housing should be no toilets, only public toilets, so the rich do not like the
house. Recently, economists, Mr. Mao Yushi access
By the "Global Times" reporter, says. Suzhou rental network
For the poor "scholars. But a series of ideas from his perspective, Mr. Mao
Yushi has always claimed to speak for the rich. And not for the
How many poor people do good things. The issue of low-cost housing is the case.
Extremely high house prices high, all these years. Resulting in many low-income
families can not afford housing, for people to housing and medical care, education,
Problem known as the "new three big mountains. To solve this problem, a
dilemma the government while trying to maintain the real estate boom, a
In low-income areas, who want to buy from the room, then introduced by the
Government to pay part of the cost of economical housing "policy.
Market conditions, it would have been residents of the State to solve the housing
problem one way, economical and practical housing policy. After all,
Is also the National Party and the government's solemn promise. Of course,
the policies and measures in the implementation process, presents some new problems,
such as the
In the "Monk fleshy little" presents the distribution of the new
unfair, and some high-income low-income people who are pretending to buy and
economical housing, etc.
. However, these problems are problems of development, entirely through incremental
housing, and better defines the incomes of citizens and other effective methods of
increase in
Address and improve. By no means unworthy.
Utility room on economic policy has been to heart. Said; nation-building affordable
housing, but that excuse of economic utility room, Mr. Mao Yushi
Of problems. Damage to disguise the real estate market. The market to fair
competition, and now to a number of affordable housing, not in accordance with
Trading rules because the real estate market there is only one price of commercial
houses should not be one square meter 10,000 yuan, while affordable housing one
Meter showed the pattern of 3000 yuan. Here, Mr. Mao Yushi take the
"market" that matter, accused the government of interfering
with the free market is Yao Zheng
Government to give up to help people "Housing" efforts. This is
to help poor people to do things "right? Suzhou rental network
Mr. Mao Yushi gonna do to solve it in low-income housing? Economical and practical
housing advocates to stop, then. Only engage in low-rent housing. Said:
Low-income people (emphasis on low-income people) can apply for low-cost housing
means housing for the Government guarantee, will not be no "
Money "and overnight on the streets. Stands for" another two
years to go in for affordable housing, economic development and affordable housing
that is relatively good times. Very
Obviously, Mr. Mao Yushi only engage in low-rent housing, and it would narrow the
scope of the government to supplement, to middle-income than throwing out the
Even though the Government to help narrow the scope of it anyway, in fact. However,
Mr. Mao Yushi low-rent housing "should be no toilets, only public
Advocate, rather than appear too wicked, right? Poor people living in the house is not
equipped with a bathroom? Some economists say "the symbol of
modernization is
Peking University professor has a car and house, "so the poor
accommodation, not even a toilet, this be the criteria?
Also talk about low-rent housing, leaving Mr. Mao Yushi good advice hundred times
the concept of low-cost housing is figured out that if even the concept of low-rent
Are not understand. Not to be laughable? What is the concept of the so-called
low-rent housing? Good advice no harm to this great economist Mao Yushi of the
Low-rent housing to rent is that government subsidies or Shiwupeizu way, to meet the
minimum income of urban residents and families with housing difficulties of social
Will ensure that the nature of the housing. The distribution of low-rent housing rent
subsidy as the major form, supplemented by Shiwupeizu and rent relief.
China's low-rent housing rent not
Sold, rented to low-income urban residents. Suzhou rental network
Low-cost housing itself is the rent not buy. This is, obviously. Mr. Mao Yushi not
want to do not understand, but he understood loaded paste Chuaizhao
Tu, need to understand the time to understand the need, when confused confused.
Favor of lifting the economic utility room, when he understood that the low-income
Into those who do not own the property, they do not live only with their own low-rent
housing. Build low-rent housing advocates when he confused the fear of the wealthy
"Buy" low-rent housing, so he asked low-cost housing
"should not have toilets, only public toilets, so the house does not like the
. Suzhou rental network
Is known as a famous economist in China - Mao Yushi. Worry rich rob to buy
low-cost housing is false, this. Housing the poor is not toilet
Which is true. The eyes of the poor live in houses with no toilets, there are differences
with the rich, or poor toilet rooms are also there with the rich
What is the difference? Blown from the water! Chinese economist Mao Yushi so,
what is the glory or grief?
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