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I went to the class teacher's office.
In her next position to sit down. Talk to her, I said, trance into the University is a
matter few days ago and now want to leave.
In fact, this year I said I am very obedient.
Vaguely remember that there are times for coming home was freshman guard uncle
remember the name, followed the class teacher was also being criticized to. However,
and I do not like the sword of the counterattack tongue lips and teeth, the ultimate
frustration of going to night classes so I am back to the classroom. She told me that, in
fact, we all came to his peace of mind of. I also strongly agree.
One space. Keep your cook instant noodles to eat. As a blessing they want to eat the
body may be too lazy to go downstairs. Take into account non-economic resistance to
the gastrointestinal and the resulting series is different from the norm caused by a
variety of skin symptoms.
Dragon Boat Festival. I find me a group of friends went out for dinner in the xcb.
yingke be called such a point that how people, I say you get married when I ask you
to drink wedding ah.
Then we have been drinking gave up eating. Super man that does not eat, go back and
eat rice dumplings Post snacks Street to buy a Dragon when it is over. And then to go
back only to find no longer sold dumplings. Look out yjf a little disappointed.
lei 23 points in approaching the time to send me to our bedroom big dumplings,
noodles the next day and eat breakfast together when cooked.
Arbor. That also brought back from Jinhua two dumplings, one is honey, and one
I told him that I today's breakfast is a piece of boiled noodles and
dumplings when they were not he attributed to the quality of life.
I am willing to recognize.
That is because the computer is too yingke card. And there does not do printing, so to
bed in my bedroom with a computer to do one day.
Two in the afternoon I continued cooking.
To him and to yourself to eat.
Before I hang with Arbor to do with three hours of printing. The afternoon sun
according to the mixing of the skin is very warm. Comfortable.
I think. This should be my last time hanging printing of Abo. Ha ha.
Abo sometimes be introduced when I joked that the banner will be their man. I know
that flies have been dubbed this new experience. But not me. Can be linked to fly less
than what we have taken many.
Abo I like the first time we will hang banners to the freshman experience of sounds
that children hear. And I know the rhetoric more than once, and hear the
"wow" when such word sincere tone psychological satisfaction.
Now really wanted to come and Arbor buried their impulses. Then the old Za speech,
you got to pack to pack died. Ha ~ brilliant.
Continue to drink that day went. Drink late. Tree under the seat. Flat feet mosquito
bite burst. Haha. Deserve to be.
Come back, we open the speaker to call Miss Lin. Then fell asleep.
Abo mixed up in my bedroom one night. Oh. The night before. Flies are also mixed in
my bedroom one night.
Then the next day would be a double behalf.
Does not seem to last formal. Not the kind of taste experience.
Sweeping the aunt did not know when entering into the auditorium to listen too.
Dv in the lecture hall to do their own place, I saw many people crying in splinters, I
do not know if it is counted as their own fault. Came to power at that time because we
have to get the certificate. Be leading the final gifts. We walked out the back door, I
saw red eyes rong horrendous. A group of men, then I really can not help. The drop
down mercilessly tears.
Vote out. yingke, 180 votes. Be to live up to my expectations, I owned up wearing a
suit holding his back patted. Said softly. Doing well. He did not speak. Counted as a
sincere promise to me. He is a very good child. I always think so significant.
Back to the bedroom when the two men boiled to the point where Abdu'l
eat noodles.
Mind empty, he said.
I said a little heart to continue to endure. Has been sitting.
When I go back and say, get an early night, we hit the end.
There are things tomorrow, tomorrow. I said.
He said that ex.
And then smiled.
Bath. I gave Zhang Hao and Fan teachers texting.
I said a year, I did a poor job of local interest in understanding what the ... ...
Fan teacher's back is doing tonight is very good dv.
Zhang Hao did not return.
The next day back to me, I have been very good.
The next day and our reply.
Successfully adopted.
The teacher asked the question Arbor, Arbor said that social practice, the City Square
party. When I am listening to in the following special pride, I think this is our devoted
team of feelings.
What are our own. I drum for a long time palm. I am happy.
Out, find the Lin Sister, vivaa to dinner sinking under a tree. Happy.
I write messages to Shao Yunfeng and Goddess, I say we give them the successful
completion of our task. I said I was drinking them with Abo. May be fewer and fewer
opportunities for the future.
Arbor in July had to be Feiangela. Hope all is well.

Vivva signature: happy laugh. Not happy smile on a little while longer.
Lei's signature: whatever I have become much worse in the eyes of others
have failed. No matter how others judge underestimate me with appearance. There are
always such people who will always have been. I think I understand.
I think I am One person inside.
Fan teacher's signature: tired, involuntarily.
Late that night when I see she was online. Qq information to her hair, I say go to bed
earlier, pay attention to the body.
My signature: in June, so busy to even more severe on us.
Zuo a person living in Hubei. Is easy or commonplace. I have no idea. But I will miss
her. A loss of like. Described as hysterical. But perhaps the only way. I have to do
anything small.

San Huofan a class organization to eat.
To be scattered.
Partner with the San Huofan eat.
To be scattered.
San Huofan replacement of old and new also the eating.
We scattered.
Super man. Xiao Jing. Jenna. Jiao Fei. Should be Section. There are total Gao Xiang.

In fact, the children of his own fit. Oh, but are still not too noisy. Contestants on a
floor, not far away saw the loud shouting her name. So, with her companion was
scared. Oh, had gone out of it. Gosh, House contestants in the winter time send me an
email, that always wanted to withdraw from our team. Has remained silent. Now be
regarded as a form of mail. I gave him permission. In fact, could not bear to. I have
everyone as their children.
Super man have to carry. Super man is easy to hurt the child. Text written to the
lonely desolation of lonely desolation. Watch feel bad. The same general sense as well.
But pray that his life will be better. Be as we have mentioned, your wish can have fun
and happy every day.
Xiaojing less and less contact oh. But when I see I'm online, would call me
Xiao Gang, and then I replied, Xiao Jing. Hope Xiaojing Rights. You have to carry the
body goes on. Have to put a positive life. Maybe life is really like we said so dark. I
have been so sure. Year. I really still vaguely remember the night before her birthday
was leaning into her and Abo, ktv, and again this spring into the drink to be your taxi.
So that day I wake up holding his fainting head asked yingke that this was where. I
trance. Fortunately, he said no and similar TV is in the hospital.
Jenna. You will also learn speech. Why ah. Haha ~ whine dead. Rice rice as good as
gold. Sketch well. Yingke better than painting. That candidates can interview over, I
want to say something to you. And then what do not know. What will change found
that weak. QQ, I'm Jenna. She said: why ah. I think the tone of it continues
to whine. Ha ~ Yeah, I said nothing.
Jiao Fei. Very sensible. 2008 Christmas Eve day. The apple with many layers of paper
packaging. I removed a long time, you know. In fact, I had expected Apple, and Oh.
Very warm and Na. Thank you. Candidate interviews, I just want to give you a chance.
I hope you can believe me. My intent or purpose is not what you say is what a clown
or foil.
My children no one can be a foil.
Should be Section. You have to take my class well, good to. I come back I hope you
have continued to grow continuously.
The first group of children there before. Very much want to say to you I'm
sorry for. I dereliction of duty. Although attributed to many factors. But in the end
seemed to back his sentence is unnecessary to make an excuse. Stall the same. Six
months. Lifeng Yan, Mei Min, Jinju Li, Yao Jiali. Are good kids. Feng Yan work very
hard. The design is very well done. People are enthusiastic. Jinju Li special fun. Is
also useful before, the day we did the first anniversary of earthquake festival, she
wishes to write the word nice. Mei Min and Yao Jiali a bit low-key. Yao Jiali saw in
her a very happy home log. For her felt happy.
All in all, feel guilty at all the. Let you down. However, long way to go after. I hope
you should be properly.
Super man in the QQ, said she was going to report Zikao. October exam. I said fuel.
I said October, and I in Hangzhou, Shaoxing, I am. I am in Ningbo.
I said I probably would not know where I really will.

For a long time has been very difficult.
Inconsistent with the heart because of the freedom, not willing.
This gesture is very embarrassing,
Due to external influence in its own set of pressures and they can not completely
escape, contradictions and anxiety.
Will you agree: Liberty is not Fanglangxinghai, wanton act, but rather follow their
heart, Aetna, without apprehension, no panic? Regardless of actual disagreement is
good or not.

This world is too much false. Some people never concerned about the heart. Others, a
powerful force reality, and eventually surrender, willingly this blend into one, long
before gradually forget their own desire. Adults no longer believe in the existence of
god, so light can not fly. What is the real heart to follow. A whole are with you against
the secular, which hope to see you, feel of a pure people who have begun to face
mixed atmosphere of darkness, and toil.

The last time I returned to the bedroom area from the School of C, with a tired body.
Walk with their heads down attitude. Looked up and saw super man, I asked her
where to go. She said to pray.
I think they have some kind of obsession among the approximate biased attitude. Do
not believe in Christ Jesus who is to be be punished. Bloodshed Ji Zi.
Do you think other ways, such as images, movies, pictures and even pure natural
landscape, or the expression of lighter music than words province and direct.
Expression of their words often can not be in an expression of pain.
Those I mentioned or not mentioned the name of the person.
Era in which I inadvertently forgotten.
Grow old in a particular year, I will not be in the rocking chair in the warm sunshine
drenched look at a picture of the photo with a bright smile.
Eventually no one will think of it.
At that time you are.
What are you doing.
Log "trap" in writing.
On our experiences of all, should remain silent.
Permanent, permanent silence.
Such as dust and discarded bottles, in the benthic habitat, and never decay
It was to commemorate it, and respect.
You therefore forgive myself over worn, and the futility of ever, the struggle with, and
the patient before.
They are a kind of trauma, but also very bright.
... ...
... ...

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