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   ?As the saying goes, to know ourselves and can only know yourself.
  ?Although now my morale is high, but after all exams extremely competitive. And
through post-graduate exams as close friends are few, so decided to make a
positioning of their own.
  ?Test Subject 1: language proficiency test
  ?Since this course involves an examination of language, history, geography, and
political knowledge of these various arts, but since sophomore, I had much contact
with humanities content. So I do not mind the end of one the most exam. But one
thing is certain relief that my grounding in the language or can. Especially the
classical foundation, how to say in the whole year can be discharged into the TOP100
Shanghai is also the.
  ?The language proficiency test, I firmly believe that as long as the memory of some
of literature every day common sense, knowledge of foreign history point should have
come a long way to improve.
  ?Of course, for my competitors, I still believe that this part is also their weakness,
because we are all science and engineering background. So I am still very confident.
  ?Exam Subject 2: Mathematics Proficiency Test
  ?Mathematics, Oh, my best strengths. Junior high school my math is not too top-up
is just better, at that time the content may be too simple, whoever can test if we look
at the book to make a success. The high school, I became more competent in
mathematics is embodied, in the Middle School last semester, reaching a peak in the
college entrance exam simulation and multi-school entrance exam math exam, I often
get the perfect score of 150 points. Although the formal entrance, I challenge out of
because of a mistake and failed, but my math or Shanghai in the year in the top 10
candidates. But in college, my strength has not been demonstrated math, reading less
and less, do less and less problems, so I finished his math exams test not 70.
  ?However, I believe their base is very good, I think about half a year through its own
review, will make up for weaknesses, let me once again become the pride of
  ?Test Subject 3: Logical Reasoning Test
  ?This exam, I would like for all people who are new challenges. In addition to
college students, few people will access logic classes in college training. And my
competitors, I think college students must be very few. Therefore, in the same starting
line of the subject, I must take seriously.
  ?I think of my logical reasoning ability, or can. When the high school senior year,
students participate in Harvard University entrance exam without taking the test,
when the logical subject that brought us together, my performance is good.
    ?OK, for this course, I know this will certainly become a booster for my success.
  ?Test Subject 4: Foreign Language Proficiency Test (English)
  ?Oh, very interesting discipline. High school English when I was not cold, college
entrance examination results are just soso. English university I still tepid, staggered to
pass in those Band Exams exam, do not care about how the course was. Until after
work, keep up a daily report that a foreigner, did not realize the importance of English,
so little attention to some.
  ?I want to pass the exam is also an opportunity, can make me determined to get rid
of the status of English are neither good nor bad. And language, as I would like to
accumulate as long as every day, there will be a good time to test the performance.
  ?OK, done so much to conclude, I would like to rate has been integrated out and see
the results. If you are out of almost 400 points to participate in the examination, I can
take a 200 points right. Oh, looks like this score has a number of Type II in the
universities on the line, but they certainly are not enough, I know my goal is Jiaotong
University. I would like to back a comprehensive interview I will have a disadvantage
because of my experience less than one year of professional experience and even less
than half related. Must be in the national entrance examination will be pulling their
own to the highest point, expect to achieve 300 + scores.
  ?It up, I can.