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					Li Qiang

   Li Qiang - Shenzhen Ju Rest Management Consultants Limited chairman and chief
creative director, distinguished speaker, success expert, marketing planning experts,
corporate trainers, enjoy "special education training in the first person in
China" reputation.

   Li Qiang has served as professional managers of large foreign enterprises, and
taking in the consulting industry, career forum 7 years, nearly a thousand lectures
training, more than 45 million students around the ends of the earth ... ... as the
business development and accession to WTO and standardization opportunities and
challenges facing Chinese enterprises to enhance enterprise competitiveness and
cohesion, the race's top business trainers invited Mr. Li Qiang, enter the
enterprise staff training. Through training, business a new look, the staff quickly
improve quality, with the staff changes in mental models, enhance team cohesion and
ownership of the enterprise thinking, performance significantly. Li Qiang course
features the "outstanding leadership" training course, Li Qiang,
teaching through demonstration, role-playing, case analysis, simulation and other
interactive ways of teaching MBA program mastery in layman's language
to tell entrepreneurs how to become an outstanding leader; What is successful
leadership the seven criteria; how human management; how to recognize talent,
training, utilization before, leaving only ... ... entrepreneurs are totally enclosed by
two days three nights of training, can be described as enlightened, Taichetaiwu, many
confused the issue resolved, no wonder Some entrepreneurs said: Li Qiang, a teacher
attending the training, feeling eyes bright, refreshing, can be described as
'listening to Jun's words, better than reading ten

   Li Qiang, a teacher, "president of the devil training" will be
granted to entrepreneurs how to use the subconscious limits and speeding the use of
potential expansion, making it 超 级 大 赢 家 ; "professional
managers" training to enable managers to understand the situation,
empathy, how to a set of leadership, management, implementation of complex
three-one, to become entrepreneurs right hand; in the "business executive
training", the teacher also invited Li Qiang, president of domestic famous
enterprises, the leadership and management topics, communicate face to face, Let
managers know the voice of leadership, leadership experience to manage the
difficulties. "New Century Super Success," will kick the door of
your life, you suppress the volcanic eruption in the heart, brain, roar to your wisdom!
"Public Speaking Skills Training" will allow you to master the
methods and presentation skills, fast becoming the best of the speaker;
"Top Sales Training" will allow you to have the characteristics
of the top ten selling master, master of the most successful marketing techniques, as
first-class TOPSALES MAN; "host Special Training" allows
you unlimited style fully shown.

Corporate training: self-accurate positioning; attitude = return = attitude - behavior -
habits - character - the fate of; excellent staff should have the Ten mentality; dedicated
attitude (on the corporate loyalty, motivated, and responsible); professional
competence and learning ability; and moral qualities; reflect the capacity; willingness
to learn; communication skills; collective spirit of collaboration; good health;
understanding of self; adapt to the environment.