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					Lhasa, Shigatse, Nam Co, Nyingchi panoramic one-bedroom on the 10th solo
Sichuan China International Travel Service
   ?Lhasa, Shigatse, Nam Co, Nyingchi panoramic one-bedroom on the 10th solo
First day: Lhasa, Chengdu ---】 【places on the train
   ?Visitors to North train station set T22 meeting at 20:59 by train on the
Qinghai-Tibet from Chengdu to Lhasa. Bright and comfortable in the cars give you a
pleasant mood.
The next day: the train】 【places on the train
   ?On the train, enjoy the scenery along the way, enjoy the Sichuan Basin, the Loess
Plateau of the charm of scenery.
Day: to Lhasa Lhasa】 【places
  ?Train into the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, along the way in the car to appreciate the
stunning scenery of Qinghai-Tibet Railway. (Vehicle and Golmud soon after to the
Kunlun Pass, visitors can see the magnificent, majestic and broad glacier dew Kunlun
Kunlun Shinsen; the Qinghai-Tibet Railway crosses from the Hoh Xil, visitors can
enjoy the unique wildlife resources, Hoh Xil, in order to protect The vast treasure of
Tibetan antelope on the plains, through the Hoh Xil, Qinghai-Tibet Railway is
specially designed for wildlife passage, if lucky, visitors can see through the window
from the channel over the next Mercedes-Benz and the Tibetan antelope. you will, and
train cross the origin of the Yangtze River and the magnificent roof of the
world's grasslands glaciers Tuotuohe Tanggula, Tanggula River, which is
the highest across the board where the Qinghai-Tibet line, the maximum altitude of
5072 meters, such as a roller coaster train galloped from Tanggula down, the terrain
on become relatively stable, while the highland pastures in the landscape gradually
into the human eye. in security measures between multi-and Nagqu that lake like a
Wangbi Yu, blue lake, surrounded by brilliant wild flowers, where the viewing station,
you can feel is from the purification of the mind.) train Sangdankangsang snow
mountain grasslands and Nyainqentanglha wander front of you as obsessed with
changing fairyland. Arrived at the terminus of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Lhasa after
the check in hotel! Visitors can rest in the hotel to meet the plateau climate.
Day Four: Visit the world-famous Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street
places: Lhasa morning / lunch
  AM concentration Tour: Potala Palace (elevation 3,700 meters) (visit 90 minutes)
more than 3700 meters above sea level the Potala Palace, built by Red Hill.
"Boudara" is the transliteration Putuo Lo, that Buddha lived in
the palace. Also the old theocratic rule in Tibet power center, in a 1-2 hour meal break
in order to adapt to altitude sickness guests. Then visit the Tibetan Cultural Exhibition
Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine (50 minutes), receive access to Tibetan
culture is profound.
  Afternoon visit: Jokhang Temple (altitude 3650 m) (around 40 minutes). Jokhang
Temple, known as "Zula Kang" in Tibetan is the Mosque.
Elapsed since the 1350's history, is the oldest temple in Lhasa, Tibet is still
standing is the center of the temple. Then visit the Museum of San Po Court process
(visit 50 minutes), where visitors can see the characteristic Tibetan Thangka and
beads, Tibetan Thangka understand the production process and the beads of the
sources and uses. Bajiaojie (elevation 3650 m), (around about 60 minutes) is a Tibetan
area of Lhasa and the whole human landscape in miniature, he together with pilgrims
from around the world, there are those people feel dizzy in the stalls around the many
buildings in the surrounding also numerous monuments hidden, they are recounting
the history of Lhasa. Tour guides and drivers in the parking lot waiting for the guests
to buy their own shopping commodity.
Fifth day: Lhasa - Parsons initiatives Lake - Nyingchi places: Bayi town early /
middle / Dinner
  To travel to Lhasa in Gongbo'gyamda County measures within the
Parsons Lake (elevation 4,000 meters) (around 90 minutes), along Niyang eastbound,
crossing the 5,300 meters of Mila Pass, along the stunning scenery and Tibetan
villages to present their own unique characteristics and charming landscape. Can stop
to take photographs. Parsons initiatives Lake surrounded by mountains, mild climate,
with an average elevation of 4,000 meters, snow-capped mountains, lush mountain
vegetation, Parsons measures about 18 kilometers, the lake area of 28 square
kilometers, 120 meters deep at its deepest, the lake has an island, The island has a
temple, "the wrong song temple." peaks, glaciers, forests,
monuments to the Parsons measure closely around, so here is like paradise on earth,
where guests can tour at their own expense by luxury yacht lake. After the drive to
Nyingchi, Tibetan for "the throne of the sun." Enjoy the scenery
along the way Niyang valley, jungle, feel really beautiful. Car for a long time that day,
half-way tours to enjoy the characteristics of Nyingchi --- tea (about 40 minutes), ease
fatigue long-distance car, then ride to the Nyingchi Bayi Town.
DAY: Nyingchi - Lhasa places: Lhasa B / D
Morning visit to 2,500-year-old witness - Linzhi Bo Wang, and huge trees in Berlin
(elevation 3000-3400 m) (around 45 minutes). Visit Lhasa, completed return, along
the valley view Niyang charming scenery, peaks and lush forests under grasslands,
dotted with the little sheep, patchwork, unique style of Tibetan village. Way to arrange
home visits Tibetans, many of the Nyingchi delicacies can be purchased along.
Afternoon on his way back to Lhasa, Tibetan incense factory tour (50 minutes) arrived
in Lhasa.
Seventh day: Lhasa - Sheep Lake - card if La Glacier - baiqoi monastery -
Anti-British fort Zongshan - Pala Manor - Shigatse early / middle / Dinner
?Morning departure from Lhasa, 4,990 meters of gambara climb mountains,
overlooking gambara radar stations along the old road to the world's
highest freshwater lake, has the reputation of heaven holy lake Yamzhoyum Lake
(elevation 4441 m) ( around about 20 minutes) elevation of 4441 m, 250 km long
shoreline area of 638 square km). Tibetan for "Jasper Lake", is
one of Tibet's three holy lakes of fresh water, lake water, such as
tallow-clear, sweet water, drinkable. View card if the pull-through glacier: (tour about
40 minutes) sleeping beauty of ice (crystal faint, majestic and impressive, clouds hung
in the balance, peerless face, not just the flow of years and snow was on the
geological history, but time sculpture the great works of art); visit the only set in one
of the three major Tibetan sects, with exquisite murals and sculpture known for
thousands of pagodas baiqoi monastery, visit the Anti-British cases of Hill Fort (site
of anti-British heroic, heroic sentiment City posture); Pala Manor (around 40 minutes)
(Tibetan means "the best of the Manor," a microcosm of the
feudal serf system; along the Brahmaputra valley to reach Tibet after the town -
Eighth day: Shigatse - Lhasa places: Lhasa early / middle / Dinner
Morning visit to the residence of the Panchen Lama calendar generation temple -
Tashilhunpo (3,800 m) (around 60 minutes). The monastery was built in 1447, the
Yellow Sect of six Temple, residence of successive Panchen - Tashilhunpo, according
to a slope overlooking the temple building, attached to the back mountain, a house
adjacent, group floor stacks , Jinding high red walls of the main buildings in the grand,
immense, magnificent, splendid. After the tenth Panchen Lama visited the pagoda
visit Shigatse free market. Afternoon, return to Lhasa along the Yarlung Valley, on the
way enjoy the canyon scenery. Arrived in Lhasa freely. Tour drive back, in about two
hours into the car after dinner Zone to visit Lhasa - Tibet, Tibetan daggers Royal peak
(50 minutes) in Tibet in the Qing dynasty, when the forging process is very advanced,
Tibetan people to wear the Tibetan daggers, used as decoration and evil. Back in
Lhasa, tourists passing odd yak meat plants, San Tibet with some of the specialty of
yak meat tasting yak meat slowly back to Hong pure.
Ninth day: Lhasa - circumambulation - Yangbajing - Lhasa (about 200 km, about
4,200 meters above sea level) places: Lhasa early / middle / Dinner
   As early as the three holy lakes in Tibet drove to the lake one day -
circumambulation (elevation 4,700 meters) (tour about 40 minutes) (the
world's highest lake, elevation: 4770M) is located in Damxung territory,
facing the lake , Shuitianyise, azure blue lakes seamless, circumambulation lake
dotted with islands, different styles. Tashi on the island on the south side of bizarre
rock and cave with many legendary rock caves formed a strange 亮丽风景线 Road.
The nyainqentanglha continuous snowy mountains, endless stretches of grassland in
northern Tibet, the colorful prayer flags fluttering in the wind, charming and moving
Namtso form this stunning beauty. Drive back to Lhasa on the way to visit Lhasa, one
of the top 10 - John Hancock Bio Corporation (50 minutes), visitors can learn about
the company's use of the lake in Tibet Yang Yong-specific measures and
scales of fish out of fish oil, etc. to do along the way also 7717 meters above sea level
overlooking the main peak Nyainqentanglha Mountains, visit the collection of the
Eleventh Asian Games torch, the climb 5190 meters of Flanagan La Pass, via
Yangbajain (elevation 4,300 meters) (tour about 20 minutes), also own expense Bath
Spa (Yangbajain more than 20 kinds of hot springs and rich in trace elements,
physical care and treatment for the skin plateau have a good effect, to relieve travel
10th Day: Lhasa - Chengdu (stroke end)
After breakfast, free activities, evacuation plane in San Gongga airport group, happy
end of the trip!
【Reception Standards: (does not reduce the attractions of the premise Shimoji take
reasonable adjustments according to flight time travel)
1. Transport: train and return with to-way air ticket (including machine building,
tickets can not sign change) throughout the air-conditioning coach; select excellent
guide service
2 Accommodation: Standard Mission: full Award and at the same level
accommodation, private tour: the whole three weeks or three standard room
accommodation, such as quasi-single man or woman emerged from the travel agents
to adjust Triple (extra bed) or private rooms by the guests fill the room poor.
3. Meal: Dinner eight dishes and one soup 10 1 Table 7, from 10 now, the actual
number of people eating food appropriate to increase or decrease the amount. (Eating
from the ground receiving the order be arranged according to the situation. The rest of
the meal make up the unified self or tourist guides allowed for meals to be arranged)
4. Tickets: Attractions within the first stroke with tickets (except for spots at their own
expense), excluding the cost Yangbajain spring. Military officer, student card, teacher
card, old card, should be no special deals!
5. Children: Children under 12 half price only with meals, travel spaces, not including
beds, tickets! Such as the high costs incurred by the parents take care of themselves.
6. Does not contain: Chengdu airport shuttle / travel accident insurance / aviation
insurance / self-care items marked itinerary / private consumption.
【】 Specified:
1. The visit to the order of the above for reference only, without reducing the
attractions and service standards under the premise of accommodation and attractions
to visit in order to take social arrangements prevail. To pick the right tour itinerary
and hotel accommodation in order reasonable adjustments.
2. 5 days in advance to guests passport and 2 inch white passport photo scanned and
transmission in my community, a group at the guests own white 2-inch passport color
photo 4 and original passport.
3. Guests provided before the ticket name and ID number must be valid and effective
accurate, otherwise all losses take care of themselves!
4. Attraction tickets for travel within the contained (including gift sites) and meals, as
customers can not produce their own reasons, my community as a waiver, the cost is
not refundable;, social security I will not responsible. Please distinguished visitors
English guide all activities listen to my arrangement.
5. In case of force majeure (such as weather, political, airline flights and cancellation
of or change the departure time, etc.) caused the loss and increase the team stranded
costs borne by the clients, this agency is only responsible for coordination of
settlement. Agency is not responsible!
6. Local views of the guests view a single subject.
7. In case of attraction tickets up, guests are requested to pay the difference!
8. As a result of policy and the weather could not visit the attractions, tickets are back!
9. The corporation before the full payment.
10. Travel paid for separately as specified in the project sites and free choice of
participation by the guests, guest spots during the day not at their own expense, take
in the scenic door wait (get off free activities, free time for sightseeing attractions
marking time) ; night attractions not guests at their own expense at the hotel resting;
not to play guest spots outside the shuttle is not available.
11. Fault of one party must bear the corresponding liability. Tour, inbound tour both
parties through negotiation, negotiation not, by the arbitration ruling. 】 【Tips:
1. Please tourists before departure must bring valid ID to check-in and take good care
not lost. And note that return time!
2. Please note that personal journey and property safety. To avoid the night (day)
alone, remember the phone so as not to become separated after the tour guide,
facilitate communication!
3. Stay at rest and out of doors and windows are closed, please tourists to avoid
property stolen! Good trip!!!
4. Tibet is China's special national areas are limited. Hope that visitors
have a reasonable expectation with room and board and live in harmony and respect
for Tibetan people's culture and beliefs used to talk about politics and
religion do not involve sensitive issues.
At their own expense are as follows:
The number of items recommended by the project at their own expense to visit or tour
at their own expense of time the price (including fare / service charge)
 ?1-11 months Rongzhongerjia / Tanggula wind Tibetan song and dance Hancang
meal 1.5 hours -2 hours 180 yuan / person
         ?Roast whole 1.5 hours -2 hours of 1400 yuan / head
Large Thangka style song and dance poem "Happiness on the
road" / 1.5 hours -2 hours without meal ticket A 380 / person, B votes 280 /
            40 minutes -1 hour Yangbajing Spa 98-128 yuan / person
            1 hour home visits Tibetan -1.5 hours 80-150 yuan / person
            Tibetan Mastiff base 30 minutes -40 minutes, 50 yuan / person
          ?Card scheduled for 30 minutes -40 minutes ditch Falls 60 yuan / person
          ?Walnut Wang Folk Village 30 minutes -40 minutes of 80-150 yuan / person
       ?Rouland Scenic + Ishinabe chicken 3 hours -4 hours 150 yuan / person
       ?Cruise Brahmaputra Canyon 3 hours -4 hours 850 yuan / person
       ?Car Tour Brahmaputra Canyon 3 hours -4 hours 450 / person
      ?Note: This optional tour for the travel agency recommended by the project,
guests are free to choose
 The number of shopping stores shopping stores shopping shop address major
commodities in the name of residence time
          ?Tibetan culture, Tibetan medicine in Lhasa City Expo Center 50 minutes
Linka Lu Lu heap
   ?6 Museum of San Po edge technology Norbulingka Road, Lhasa City store Crafts
50 minutes 19
          ?John Hancock monopoly Tibet biological health care products health
products Doilungdeqen County, Lhasa City 50 minutes
          ?Lhasa City Church San yak meat plant native Lhasa City Development 50
          ?Tea Horse Road in Lhasa Tibetan tea shop tea shop 132 West Road, Lhasa
City, 50 minutes Jinzhu
          ?The Summit store in Lhasa Tibetan daggers knife shop No. 56 Beijing Road,
Lhasa City, 50 minutes
People in Tibet Note:
Tibet ago
1, visit the Potala Palace, the need for valid ID, children with account of this.
2, with hypertension, heart disease, asthma and other inappropriate guests do not
travel to Tibet plateau, consult with doctors! Foreign guests, diplomats and foreign
journalists do not Offered.
3, before entering into plateau, to recharge your batteries fully rested. The week
before in Tibet, due to take Rhodiola, security and other high altitude medicine,
American ginseng can soak clothing in order to enhance the ability of the
body's resistance to hypoxia. Prepare as much as possible flu prevention
medicines, antibiotics and vitamins drugs.
4, very large temperature difference between day and night in Tibet, morning and
evening low temperatures, to prepare enough warm clothing to prevent catching a
cold. Even in summer, must also be prepared to jackets and sweaters.
5, early plateau climate dry, will cause part of the tourist trade nosebleeds and
chapped lips. . I have to wear sunscreen, body lotion and lip balm. Plateau strong
sunlight and UV will damage your eyes, sun hat and sunglasses should be prepared.
6, only three banks in Tibet: Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural
Bank of China, can use the postal savings card.
After Tibet
1, flying on the plateau, the general symptoms of altitude sickness will be produced in
12-24 hours. So do strenuous exercises just arrived in the plateau. Otherwise, once felt
response to the need for more time to adjust.
2, into Tibet after going to eat carbohydrates, easily digestible food, drink plenty of
water, so the body can maintain adequate water; dinner should not be fed better not
drinking and smoking, to eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin food.
3, taken to avoid excessive fatigue. Regular daily diet, first arrived a few days before
the plateau, do not cause frequent bathing in order to avoid catching a cold. Cold is
often the primary cause of acute altitude edema.
4, the plateau slight altitude sickness, healing will be dead, Do not avoid the
formation of oxygen-dependent. Oxygen can temporarily relieve chest tightness,
shortness of breath
Shortness of breath and other symptoms, but stopped after oxygen. Re-emergence of
symptoms will delay the time to adapt to high altitude.
TEL: 028 - 86629030 / 86627330 / 86624466 Quality Supervision: Xu Bing
?FAX: 028-86621002 Online: QQ: 1102284036 516019754

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