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									Leaf parameters
Dong Si Zhang, "Wu Xing Bei Zhi" Ka Yip Tong Edition

Dong Si Zhang, "Wu Xing Bei Zhi" Siku Edition

On the key, "Jia Tai Wu Xing Zhi" Ka Yip Tong Edition

Dong's blog on the history of the source is, basically the same over the
three versions of contrast, the only difference is Siku version and blog about
"Xue         Shen,"        the    "Sit"        with
"Soji head" and Jia Ye Tang edition no "Soji
head" .
  ?Public participation meeting leaf characters [1]. The early state of the country [2]
industry Confucian few people, however self-reference tables. Xianping the
registration section [3], to give child advocate. Edwin [4] doctor from the Ministry of
War [5] a Morisato County [6]. Golden Book of the Department of [7] Wang Wei is [8]
to send the poem. Third Division Degree branch [9] Han Qi [10], prefect Cheng [11]
Lu Gongchuo [12], Xue Shen [13], Mishu Cheng [14] Yu Jing [15], has the public
light [16] Jie You Poems preserves the line. County xiang this Stele.
[1] "Biographical Index to the Song" Ye shall participate in a
"word Ting Rui, No. times Gong", see Peter Chang, Wang Deyi
et al: "Song Biographical information Index (all 6 books chart)",
Taipei: Ting Stationery Office, 1984 Edition, 3233. According to
"Community Composition and Qing Ye Fu Jun epitaph so" in
"Monarch name reference, word plays the public", Song Qi:
"King Collection 10th book," Shanghai: Commercial Press,
1937 edition, p. 795. According to the epitaph should be word plays the public.
[2] refers to Huzhou
[3] Xianping (998 - 1003) was the reign of Emperor Song, Song use this reign of 6
years. Scholars participate in New Year's Eve and high leaf section. Li
Yang reconcile the main book states.
[4] Edwin (1034 years - in November 1038) is Renzong Zhen Zhao's reign,
the use of the Northern Song Dynasty reign total of 5 years.
[5] The full name of Secretary Ministry of War doctor, rank name, ministry Guan
Ming, Tang Wude three years of the home. Song for the Civil Service to move
forward Paul previous rank, are forward doctor, after Bells, please send Paul official
Korean doctor. Five items from the early Song, the Yuan Feng six items from the post.
[6] Song To enhance centralization, the official, the staff and sent to separate.
"Sung level Guanzhi" said: "The Husband by the
grant of the other, there officers with staff, have sent. Striking Lu rank officials, the
Syrian position with the staff to be selected literature, and other to send to things
inside and outside government. " Leschenaultii Hyobu doctor official, was
sent out by members of local officials.
[7] rank name, Wei Lang before Ministry of gold, without the ministry early Song,
Bells of Treasury after the head cashier, gold and silver money, goods expenditure and
up, fighting, feet, scales and other weighing and measuring of the ban.
[8] Wang Wei is (972 - 1042), the word dark Mongolia, Taiyuan (modern Shanxi)
people. Shinshu Xianping first year (998) Scholars, granted the Secretary Yingzhou
households to join the army, photochemical military judge. Calendar to know Jiang,
Liao, Ya, health, states like Germany and Jinghu Nan Luti Criminal Prison, Masuhiro
Southwest Forwarding. Also known solutions of the state, Jinju, for the transfer to
Koto, filling the three Secretaries of the Ministry of judge. Death Renzong Qingli
years, 71 years. Do see, "Cai Zhonghui Collection" Volume 38
"Book of subjective and objective doctor Wang Jun epitaph."
[9] sent Guan Ming, the government has existed since Tang Dynasty, Five Dynasties
and formally established. And promote divided government headquarters all cases,
after six years and Fu Shi Xianping official signing of this Part.
[10] Han Qi (1008 - 1075), the word Gui Zhi, Gan old man from the number, with the
state of Anyang (now in Henan) who, Northern politicians, famous.
[11] Song Lu previous rank for the civil Send, Genpo late for the ministry official.
Home before the Western Han Dynasty, Song without pre-ministry, Paul sent for the
civilian government, Yuan Feng, its officers an easy Feng Yi Lang, Cheng as ministry
officials, participate in leading Temple thing. Five items from the early Song, the
Yuan Feng seven items from the post.
[12] Lu Gongchuo (999 - 1055), Song Shouzhou (Anhui Fengtai this rule) people, Zi
Zhong Yu. Yi Jian child. To complement official Yam. Tired to move too often, Dr.
Chang Temple in the same sentence. John Lin Shidu degree backward, to know the
trial Court and sentenced Chang Temple. Familiar with the ritual system, has taken
"on order" Zhu Shu, essays for "Jiao Si General
Instrument," Lost today.
[13] Xue Shen, Shu, Ying Sun. Mandarin school calendar management official Board
of Punishments Yuanwai Lang, Shi to direct Lung To Court.
[14] Song order early as Guan Ming, Yuan Feng as officials in the post. Jian
established two decades before. Song no pre-ministry, for the relocated civil service
rank, Genpo name, the easier it is Feng Yi Lang officials. Yuanfeng after officials in
the new system, participants receive provincial matter. Five items from the early Song,
the Yuan Feng seven items from the post.
[15] Yu Jing (AD 1000 - 1064) whose real name is Ancient Greek, the word On Road,
No. Wu River. Song Shaozhou Qujiang (now Guangdong Shaoguan) people. Born
Zhenzong Xianping three years, died Hidemune-ordered the first year, sixty-five years.
Came from official family. Little time with uncle chin-shih Huang studied under study,
sexual intelligence, Never forget, after the Division Mr. Lin Hejing, great progress in
their studies. Heavenly two years (AD 1024) Scholars and third, started for the Gan
Xianyu. Rose to the rank Zhaosantaifu, observe and Industry Book of History,
Bachelor of Mandarin Court, to know something, Guangzhou and Canton South State
Army soldiers and horses have been a little bell jurisdiction An Fushi, Zhu Guo,
Siheung County public founding. Give purple fish bags, gift birthplaces of the
ministers. North Emperor Yingzong of Song Zhiping first year (1064) Yu Jing trip
back to Beijing, Nanjing Tuci, even dyeing cold, ill afford, and died in Jiangning
House Qinhuai Pavilion, at the age of 60-year-old. Hidemune heard the news Ceran,
dropped out toward the 1st posthumously awarded the birthplaces of the ministers,
posthumous title, saying, "Xiang" Zhong Xianggong
descendants respectfully. Yu Jingsheng three sons, six daughters.
[16] has been the public light (998 years - in 1078) the word Ming Chung, Lok is,
Quanzhou, Jinjiang (Quanzhou, Fujian Province today) people. Song-known
statesman, military strategist, arms at home. Renzong ordered him Xiuzhuan
"General Military." He lasted four years (1040-1044 years)
editor of the "General Military", as most of his life in the
achievements. "General Military" is the development of
gunpowder previous firearms experience, sum up, finishing writing, the book is 40
volumes before and after the two set points. An ancient Chinese military science
"King Collection"

"Song Biographical information Index"

"Jiatai Guiji zhi"

"Wudu Wen Cui"

"Wu Jun-zhi"

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