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Lancaster University Management School


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									Lancaster University Management School
?Lancaster University, founded in 1964, from Lancaster University since the school
on its reputation for quality research and teaching. Lancaster University, Lancaster
University Management School is the largest college, composed of six departments,
its research and teaching in UK universities ranked in the top business schools. Higher
Education Funding Council for England recently Pingchu two six-star business school,
one of the London Business School, and another is the Lancaster University Business
School. The so-called six-star business schools is that a business school of
international business management research center.

Lancaster China Management Centre was built in 2001, the center's main
purpose is based on the needs of Chinese enterprises to develop new and postgraduate
level, with some work experience for the industry of teaching, scientific research
projects. Lancaster University Management School and the relevant units in China in
teaching, research and exchange projects have a long relationship not only with
China's prestigious high level of academic exchanges, but also with the
British Council, Ministry of Foreign Trade and other relevant bodies to maintain
friendly relations of cooperation. The establishment of the center can be integrated
with Lancaster University's activities in China to strengthen exchanges and
contacts with China, enhance school science in China's participation in
cultural activities.

The contribution of Lancaster University Management School

1, certification: Lancaster University Management School received a certificate issued
by EQUIS. EQUIS is the leading international business school's quality
system for the assessment of organizational, operational by the European Foundation
for Management Development. Currently, only less than 100 business schools to meet
its stringent requirements, which is located less than 20, the United Kingdom. Our
full-time MBA and Master of Business Administration senior managers received
MBA Association certification.

2, undergraduate courses: Our undergraduate teaching in England among the top five,
except for London, is the top three (2003 Times Good University Directory).
Lancaster University, nearly half of the men and women of all undergraduate students.
We offer a very broad-based and professional education programs and courses,
including innovative 4-year Bachelor of Business Administration professional, you
can choose to practice one-year big companies, or select an international model
management courses in Europe, the course includes Lancaster University
Management School in the 2 years of study

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