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									L'Oreal: employment start from campus
2007 "L'School Marketing Competition," the official
website of global L'Oreal recently concluded in Paris, France. Having
experienced a fierce rivalry in the end, from the National University of Singapore
L'Oreal moist moisture to outstanding performance won the championship,
second and third were from France essec Fenbie universities and training institutes
Malaysia advertising Chuanbo Duiwu Zhai too. Although not ranked the top three, but
the competition on behalf of China's Peking University team of keen and
careful logical thinking ability has won high praise from the jury.
To highlight this event continue to Suzhou International, this year's race for
the first time with the U.S. brand redken professional hair as competition cases.
redken as L'Oreal L'Oreal professional salon brands, always
adhering to the fashion, science, inspired by its core philosophy of Suzhou Co.,
L'Oreal. In 2004, with the L'Oreal Co., redken men overall
market, redken L'Oreal Co., Ltd. entered into a business area of Suzhou.
Players task is for the brand to develop and implement a comprehensive, two-year
marketing strategy to promote the professional hairdressing industry redken become
the first men's brand. Judges under the player's creativity,
analytical ability, communication skills and team spirit of its based on them.
This is not just games, and this is L'Oreal Co., Ltd. Suzhou reserve for
themselves the talent of a clever approach. Today's game players, perhaps
the next L'Oreal top. Within the L'Oreal such a story: After their
years of hard work, the one by L'Oreal marketing competition stand out on
campus, and was L'Oreal (China) to absorb the staff, the rapid growth of
the L'Oreal (China) director of marketing of a brand.
L'Oreal 1,900 each year in the management of global recruiting Cream
L'Oreal Paris, which is just 46% of university graduates, 10% of people
with initial work experience. Today in the looming war for talent, L'Oreal
has been the recruitment of staff as an important business strategy L'Oreal
Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, a well-known L'Oreal with global institutions to
maintain close cooperation.
"L'Oreal marketing competition on campus," only
the L'Oreal Co., Ltd. "select only" race. And the
competition are as prestigious global online business strategy L'Oreal
L'Oreal competition, and industry competition.
"L'Oreal School Marketing Challenge" launched in
1993. Participants will be mainly for the college senior undergraduate and graduate
students, who for three minutes to play in the game brand manager's role is
to focus on the selection of best marketing talent. Participants in 3-4 months time to
design products and produce samples, develop product promotion and promotion
plans, advertising plans and marketing plans, financial balance sheet, etc.. Each group
of contestants, L'Oreal will send an employee to do their coaches, the
participating university students guidance and counseling, for their successful
completion of the project to help.
The end of 2001, L'Oreal launched a global online business strategy game,
the game mba participants who simulated business war on the Internet, and Xu be
amply rewarded. This competition so that every desire to become Wei Lai Qi Yejia the
mba have the opportunity to conditions in the simulation, through the network to use
their professional knowledge and skills, management and operation enterprises and
controlling a variety of challenges, make decisions, and finally to the virtual
enterprise In the competitive business environment stand out. The contest required
each three students form a team to lead a company, the company's main
product development, marketing, sales, brand positioning and promotion, advertising
and other aspects of the business to make strategic decisions, through six rounds of
the contest, the final According to the level of stock value and ranking.
"L'Oreal Industrial Competition" was launched in
2001. That year, several colleges and universities in China, senior science and
engineering undergraduates for the first time took part in the competition. Rules of the
game is also required by the three students form a team, L'Oreal of a
professional manager to serve as "coach", is about design
themes drawn, demonstration, planning, budget until a complete implementation. The
competition requires participants to have a solid not only excellent professional
knowledge, but also has a special beauty to the cosmetics industry, inspiration, not a
lack of team communication and team spirit, and long-term sustainable development
of society as a whole deep understanding.
The competition's purpose is "to use the most creative way the
most outstanding young industry talent," too boring to break the long
industrial tradition, let the young Chinese students to learn industry will learn the
theoretical knowledge to practical industrial reality in, and give full play to their
entrepreneurial spirit, imagination and creativity, so that industrial fun together.
The number of games, not only the future of the business elite to give a test of their
areas of expertise within the business management and decision-making can also
serve as the L'Oreal found that the role and attract the best talent.
These measures have also been recognition of the outside world. In 2006, the
L'Oreal brand in the major employers in the survey research firm
universum was named marketing students in mind "the best
employer." Meanwhile, employers in the world-renowned brand research
firm trendence to the latest European business students list the most admired
employers, the L'Oreal Group has topped the list for three consecutive
years. In addition, L'Oreal was also the U.S. "Business
Week" as Africa and the United States owned enterprises, "the
most suitable graduates first job of the place."

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