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L'Oreal Group
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L'Oreal Group (L'Oréal)
The world's largest cosmetics group: L'Oreal                   Group

  * L'Oreal Group's official website: http://www.loreal.com/
  * L'Oreal Group China website: http://www.lorealchina.com/ Chinese


  * 1 L'Oreal Group Overview
  * 2 major awards in recent years
  * 3 L'Oreal Group, the five elements of strategy
      o 3.1 to buy and expand the global
      o 3.2 Strategy Five Elements
  * 4 L'Oreal in China
      o 4.1 L'Oreal China's Events
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L'Oreal Group Overview

As one of Fortune 500 L'Oreal Group, the world's first synthetic
hair dye invented the French chemist 欧仁舒莱尔 founded in 1907. After nearly a
century of efforts, today, L'Oreal has a small family business to the
world's leader in the cosmetics industry. November 13, 2002,
L'Oreal Group won the "Economist" (The Economist)
named the "best multinational companies in Europe in 2002 Achievement
Award."      In    early    2003,       L'Oreal     crowned the
"Fortune" Selection of the 2002 Global Most Admired
Companies ranking No. 23 in the top of the list selected French companies.

L'Oreal Group, the cause of more than 150 countries and regions in the
world has 283 branches and more than 100 agents, with annual sales of up to 14.3
billion euros in 2002, 18 consecutive annual profit growth of more than 10%. In
addition, the L'Oreal Group, the world still has 50,491 employees, 42
factories and more than 500 high-quality brands, products include skin care sunscreen,
hair coloring, makeup, perfume, bath, pharmacy sales of cosmetics and skin diseases,
post-secondary treatment skin care goods.
With a strong scientific research strength, L'Oreal product innovation,
continuous improvement of quality. L'Oreal has a large and effective sales
network and advanced marketing concept, through department stores, supermarkets,
duty-free shops, hair salons, pharmacies and mail order, etc., the popular popularity of
high-quality products to every corner of the world.
Major awards in recent years

   * August 11, 2003, "Fortune" magazine launched the
"influence of special issue", Ping Chu world's most
influential business people 50. Mr. Owen, president of L'Oreal in 25
outside the United States the most prominent business leaders ranked No. 21.
   * August 4, 2003, "Business Week" published the
world's 100 most valuable global brand, L'Oreal ranked 47, the
brand value of 56 billion U.S. dollars, compared with 10% appreciation in 2002, an
increase of table columns Article 5.
   * July 21, 2003, "Fortune" magazine published a new global
top 500 (ranked by sales), L'Oreal company ranked 373, compared with a
year surged 42, is ranked the largest companies in the rise 1.
   * July 14, 2003, "Business Week" published by Global 1000
market, L'Oreal company to 49 billion U.S. dollars in market value from
last year's No. 74 to No. 67.
   * "Forbes" magazine in April (Chinese edition in May)
released its Global 400 Best Big Companies (also known as "top
companies list"), L'Oreal company listed. This is the fifth
consecutive year the magazine named the world's 400 best big companies,
the fourth time this year topped the list, L'Oreal. The list of selection
criteria include: five years of sales growth, earnings growth and return on assets, and
analysts on the current fiscal year earnings per share growth expectations and stock
price performance over the past 52 weeks.
   * March 2003, L'Oreal Group in the "Fortune"
magazine published its annual Global Most Admired Companies list on the ranking
from No. 52 in 2001, jumped to No. 23 in 2002, and listed the French
company's first name.
   * In early 2003, L'Oreal Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mr.
Irwin was the world authority in the economic magazine Business Week
"Business Week" as "the world's best
managers of 2002" one.
   * November 20, 2002, L'Oreal Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Irwin won in the French "Le Nouvel Economiste"
"New Economist" magazine's "Best
Managers" in honor of French Prime Minister Rafah Lan attended the
ceremony and personally to Owen in the award.
   * November 2002, L'Oreal Group was awarded by the The Economist
Intelligence Unit (EIU) named the "best multinational companies in
Europe in 2002 Achievement Award."
   * November 13, 2002, French Finance Minister Mel personally to the Chairman
and CEO of L'Oreal Group, presented by Mr. Owen in the
"Challenges" magazine's "Best Manager
of the French people in 20 years" award.
   * June 12, 2002, the Spanish financial magazine Futuro ceremony held in Madrid,
L'Oreal Group, in the main and chief executive officer, Mr. Owen was
awarded "Best European Manager" award. The award has been
established for 17 years, aims to reward not only in the past year and have achieved
outstanding results, but in the level [[business of her remarkable career, both
   * In early 2002, L'Oreal company was "Fortune"
(European version) as a "top ten employers in Europe" one.
   * December 17, 2001 "Financial Times" published by the
PricewaterhouseCoopers global survey of 65 countries showed that L'Oreal
Group is considered the most respected French company.

L'Oreal Group, the five elements of strategy
Purchase and expansion of the global

Owen in 1969 into the L'Oreal, first job is to make sales representative.
Normandy region in northern France wet, windy weather, he spent every day to
basically sell shampoo on. Over time, with his intelligent and multi-cultural
background, for L'Oreal in 1978, the Italian business management in 1981
the U.S. subsidiary in 1984 to become CEO.

Among the French head of large enterprises only foreigners face when Owen is how
strong the tide of globalization to expand, so that out of the French group
L'Oreal. His first action in the L'Oreal is the integration of brand,
identified five core businesses: hair dye, hair care, skin care, color cosmetics and

In determining the basis of the core business, Owen developed a global strategy in
immediately. He believes that the acquisition of an existing brand although there are
risks, but we can try to set different from the previous image, and develop new
markets. "We only purchase has been formed, or to become a global brand,
or can be integrated with existing local brand global brand." Jean-Paul
Roan, said Gong.

For the acquisition of the brand, while retaining its essence and traditions,
L'Oreal by creating a set of elegant French-style packaging to the
international market. For example in 1996, to 758 million U.S. dollars
L'Oreal bought Maybelline lower market share, brand, will Maybelline
headquarters from Memphis to New York. Maybelline trademark from overseas
markets after the addition of "New York" word, so that
consumers associate in New York produced the colorful world that their products
should represent the latest fashion. Lying some of the original R & D lab
results Maybelline, so quickly to market.

In addition to global purchasing, the Owen in the globalization strategy, another way
to bring products to the world. Such groups under the command of the Lancome
brand has sales in 160 countries. Many other brands entered the market more than 130
countries. 10 years ago, L'Oreal 75% of sales achieved in Europe, where
most of it from France; in 2003, L'Oreal 49% of sales from Europe, 32%
from North America.

Owen on Russia and China, the growing middle class consumer countries, full of
expectation. He also targeted to Africa. According to L'Oreal is estimated
that Africa will be one billion U.S. dollars a year market, the company's
goal is to occupy in the next 5-10 years, 50% of all non-market.
Strategic five elements

In     addition  to    globalization     strategies, L'Oreal    (U.S.)
subsidiary's current president, CEO Jean-Paul Roan Gong summarizes the
other four "L'strategic elements."

First, the acquisition and maintenance of a unique beauty products. "We
are very understanding of the United States, that the building industry and other
industries the U.S. is completely different." An Gong said,
"Beautiful is not just respond to the needs of consumers, but the dream into
reality, create and invent products that people want and desire . to the consumers
happy, healthy, well-being and happiness. "

In the marketing of beauty products, the safety Gong that should establish a strong
brand and consumer emotional connection is essential. "I believe that
beauty is an art of marketing. Is different from the usual, rational marketing. We have
done in the L'Oreal is the wisdom and emotion, reasoning and intuition,
rigorous and sensitive, detail and imagination, dreams with reality blend thing. as
always said 'yin' and 'yang', it is very
charming - people tired - but fascinating. "

Second, the L'Oreal believes the U.S. is the "bottle of
science." To succeed, we must increase research and development efforts,
and actively introduce new products on the fashion-sensitive. L'Oreal is
now Europe, Japan and the United States has 10 research centers, employs nearly
3,000 scientists, R & D investment accounted for 3% of net sales (industry
average is 2%), registered 500 patents each year.

Third, the multi-brand strategy. L'Oreal all of its various brands on the
accurate positioning, very little overlap between them. This brand image through
different, differences in access to the very different customer groups. In every sales
channels, brands are determined based on market segments, while another segment
the image based on price and location.

Fourth, I believe our most important asset is the individual members of each team can
be. While competitors believe that the importance of organization and procedures, but
more respected L'Oreal genius.

Owen also      believe   that    a    diverse and        passionate team       win.
"L'Oreal employees of the most important feature is their
passion. In L'Oreal, the staff of their brand, products, business is full of
unimaginable passion. It is these facilitate their ambitious, constantly
L'Oreal in China

L'Oreal in its international development process, has been very bullish on
Asia, particularly concerned about the huge potential market in China. 80's,
L'Oreal in Paris on business institutions in China specializing in research
on the Chinese market. L'Oreal 90 years in the establishment of its Hong
Kong branch of China Business, ready to develop the Chinese market, and in
Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai have set up a L'Oreal counter the image
of testing consumer group on the L'Oreal products in China market

In 1996, L'Oreal entered the Chinese market, set up a joint venture and the
construction of the factory site. In the same year, L'Oreal Group acquired
the well-known American public enterprises --- Maybelline cosmetics company
L'Oreal for its Suzhou plant and factory in Suzhou, respectively, finished in
commissioning ceremony and held a groundbreaking ceremony.

February 1997, L'Oreal China headquarters in Shanghai official. In 1999,
L'Oreal China into a wholly foreign owned company. After five years of
development, at present, L'Oreal Group in China has 3,000 employees and
operations all over the Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, more than 400 cities,
a unit of L'Oreal Paris, Maybelline, Garnier , Lancome, Helena Rubinstein,
Biotherm, L'Oreal professional hair, Kerastase, Vichy and the management
of 10 world-renowned skin spring star brand, favored by Chinese consumers,
including Lancome, Vichy and Maybelline three brands account for high-end
cosmetics market, respectively, pharmacies and mass skin care makeup market first.

L'Oreal China has developed into the Chinese market, one of the most
well-known multinational companies.
L'Oreal China's Events

  * The establishment of branch offices in Hong Kong in 1979.
  * 1980-1990 to begin to explore the Chinese market, established in Paris,
specializing in Chinese business organizations of the Chinese market.


   * The establishment of the Hong Kong branch of China Operations, the Chinese
market, and in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, L'Oreal counter the image
of testing L'Oreal products in China reflect the consumer.
   * 1996, a joint venture with the Suzhou Medical College, select the Suzhou
Industrial Park covers an area of 98,000 square meters factory construction. In the
same year the public acquisition of leading U.S. cosmetics brand Maybelline, and its
production was completed in a ceremony held at the Suzhou plant.
   * In 1997 the official headquarters of China branch in Shanghai and have offices in
Beijing, Guangzhou and other major cities to set up offices. Advanced marketing to
its international brand L'Oreal Paris, Maybelline, Lancome, Vichy,
L'Oreal professional hair, cards and poetry into the Chinese market,
consumers will soon know and love. April, L'Oreal exclusive sponsor of
the French National Museum of Asian Art Jigme held in Hong Kong
"From Beijing to Versailles," French art exchange exhibition,
full of French cultural center between the two over 300 years old history of cultural
   * L'Oreal in 1998 for investment in its sponsorship of the UNESCO held
in Suzhou, the protection of world cultural heritage city of Europe Conference of
Mayors. Group also special contributions to the Suzhou Municipal Government for
the protection and restoration of gardens, this was listed as UNESCO and the Chinese
Ministry of Construction of China-invested enterprises in the model.
L'Oreal exclusive sponsor of the world's most famous masters
of abstract art, French-Chinese in mainland China for the first time Mr. Zhao Wuji
organized life (six years) painting retrospective.
   * In 1999 a large factory in Suzhou Industrial Park was completed in and put into
trial production. L'Oreal Group, the region completed management training
center in Singapore. L'Oreal Group and UNESCO jointly establish a
"'for the Women in Science' program," a
"L'Oreal - UNESCO World Outstanding Woman Scientist
Award", "UNESCO - L'Oreal scholarships for young
women scientists in the world. " Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai, China, women
scientists, Professor, deputy director of Shanghai Institute of Hematology, MD Miss
Chen Saijuan received the 2000 session, "L'Oreal World
Outstanding Woman Scientist Award" nomination. Associate Professor,
Central China Normal University, won the Miss Wang Yufeng, "UNESCO
World Youth L'Oreal Women in Science Scholarship."
   * L'Oreal participation and sponsorship of the Beijing Television major
TV series "Global Green Line" of the shooting, the Chinese
audience to its consistent emphasis on environmental protection, and made great
   * L'Oreal Maybelline brand's chief sponsor of the World Elite
Model Look China, trials, hopes this act will help the Asian women's
beauty and elegance to the world, have a wider range of appreciation and recognition.
L'Oreal Cannes International Film Festival as official co-host who actively
promoted the arts throughout the world film development, so countries are full of
national characteristics different styles of art to blending and sharing of wealth.


   * World-renowned luxury brand in China in November Helena grand public.
"L'Oreal Campus Planning Competition" for the first
time successfully held in China, Fudan University and Peking University have been
two players tied for first prize, was invited to visit the headquarters of
L'Oreal Paris.
   * L'Oreal China Website.
   * L'Oreal Suzhou plant in Suzhou Municipal Government as one of the
first high-tech enterprises.
   * China famous female scientists, renowned in the international medical
community, China Medical College, Peking Union Medical College, director of the
Institute     of      Microcirculation,     Professor   Xiu    Ruijuan      Finalist
"L'Oreal - UNESCO World Outstanding Woman Scientist
Award" given to a particular honor.
   * 2001 L'Oreal global online strategy game into China, Chinese students
to participate actively invited to team up. Volkswagen brand Garnier Research into
China. Auxiliary treatment of dermatological diseases, skin spring skin care
management into China. Biotherm luxury skin care brand to enter China. Hong Kong,
China University of Technology, Professor of Neurobiology, Nancy Ip was nominated
for "L'Oreal UNESCO World Outstanding Woman Scientist
Award" of the award, and received special honor.
   * Summer of 2001, L'Oreal in Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an,
seven major colleges and universities organized a spectacular bazaar of love: a low
price to bring the high quality of students on campus L'Oreal products. All
proceeds donated to charity the west set up "L'Education
Fund" to support the poor and deserving female students complete their
education, to promote western education, encourage people to join the western
contribution to the development and construction of a L'Oreal power.
   * L'Oreal enthusiastic assistance of the third Shanghai International Arts
Festival. During this period, led to the French L'Oreal funded a national
treasure in charge of the French conductor Michel Plasson Toulouse National
Symphony Orchestra performed to Shanghai. This is the Shanghai International Arts
Festival's active support, but also the atmosphere of L'Oreal to
create a local arts and foreign fine art presentation efforts.
   * 2002 L'Oreal to the world, announced its 2001 financial analysis
reports, to maintain strong growth momentum, total turnover reached 13.7 billion
euros, net profit of 1.23 billion euros, an increase of 19.6%, the tenth consecutive
subsidiary of L'Oréal seven years, the phenomenal growth of double-digit
profits. In 2001, L'Oreal China sales up 26% of the total amount, if
officially entered China from 1997 to counting, the total had reached 228 percent
   * Lancome's L'Oreal, Vichy and the Kerastase brand in China
were profitable.
   * L'Oreal global online business strategy game to start again. China has
150 team registration application, the second highest number of districts in the world,
by screening, 33 group finalists, three teams were finally third in Asia, seven, ten
good results. By the French Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences
Institute of the joint preparation of the Law Foundation for Science and Applications
was established in Paris, L'Oreal Group has become the founder of the
Foundation, aims to law students and two doctoral students and postdoctoral
scholarship grant to promote the two countries and their applications in various
disciplines of scientific cooperation.
   * May L'Oreal, Sina and "Chinese Women"
magazine, the three women together to build channel "Top
Searches" (www.eladies.com.cn) officially opened for Chinese women to
learn more information on the international fashion and beauty to help them develop
their own understanding of beauty and feeling.
   * Granted to L'Oreal L'Oreal Group (China) Suzhou plant in
2001 is still the U.S. safety, health and environmental awards, to reward their
achievements in these three areas. L'Oreal distributed in 44 factories
around the world in so far only five factories to award.
   * As "L'UNESCO 'Women for a career in
science' plan" an important part of the Chinese Ministry of
Science, the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO, the Chinese Association for
Science, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy, Italy UNESCO organizations jointly
organized the National Committee, co-L'Oreal, "Italian Women
in Science Conference" was solemnly held in Beijing in June.
   * The Chinese University of Edinburgh doctoral student Chen Haimei, a few days
ago because of its anti-cancer drug design in the breakthrough was awarded the
"2002 L'Oreal - Royal College honors graduate" title.
She also won the £ 6,000 prize and the Royal College of lifelong membership.
   * As a future manager, the China Europe International Business School's
new students money natural ting, provided by L'Oreal winners received a
full scholarship to study in Europe - 95,000 yuan, its selection criteria is the creativity
and professional spirit.
   * L'Oreal sponsored in 2002 Pingyao International Photography Festival
Photography Festival Award for the title "L'Oreal
China's modern photographer Award", take concrete actions to
demonstrate once again and the arts in the United States contribution to the field.

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