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Katyn massacre


									Katyn massacre
   April 13, 1943, at Katyn near Smolensk near the forest, a thousand Polish officers
buried, police and intellectuals remains of mass graves have been discovered. Since
the incident, Scholars wrote books, published numerous articles and monographs to
negotiate on the matter. However, this has long been the former Soviet Union did not
mention the country, and even the former Soviet Union also Encyclopedia
   No Katyn this entry. Half a century, whether in Germany or the Soviet Union killed
the Polish officers, has been a conundrum. After Gorbachev came to power, Stalin
announced a number of secret files. It was found in the archives of Stalin approved
the Katyn massacre autographed by KGB officers. April 13, 1990, the then Tass
issued a statement officially recognized 50 years ago, responsible for the Katyn
   It is reported that Russia holds the hands of hundreds of volumes of the massacre of
top-secret information, but Agence France-Presse quoted head of the Polish National
Memorial Institute for the words, Russia is only one-third of them ready to come to
Poland. As a large number of other valuable information, Moscow claimed that the
whole secret of the sealed up. Obviously, this has made it very unhappy Poles.
Warsaw side expressed the hope that this will be the Katyn Forest massacre, through
the investigation characterized as genocide. But according to the "Moscow
Time" magazine, Russia this "exaggerated" and
describes rejected.
   At present, the Katyn Forest massacre in Russia and Poland has become the most
sensitive issues between the two countries one. Late last year, the Polish investigators
started investigating the incident. To this end, they need to study very much
Russia's military archives to master.
   Polish Foreign Minister Qi meters in a file on Cimoszewicz radio program that he
did not want to Katyn incident raises political footnote.


   Katyn massacre in 1940, the massacre by Soviet leader Joseph Stalin personally
ordered the People's Committee of the House by the former Soviet Union
("KGB" predecessor) implementation, a total of 21,587 Polish
Army reservists in the massacre killed, the former Soviet Union and the Soviet
authorities claimed that the soldiers confronting the government.
 ?Killings took place in three different locations, but eventually people to Smolensk
in western Russia's Katyn Forest massacre to refer to the three killings.
Operation in the massacre, the former Soviet secret police forces killed a large
number of Polish intellectuals, who were massacred, including military officers,
clergy, writers, professors, journalists, engineers, lawyers, aristocrats and teachers.
[Transfer from Jagged community]
 ?Although the Katyn Forest massacre is over 60 years time, but because of this
massacre is still the Warsaw authorities have accused Moscow authorities to fraud in
Russia and Poland continue to simmer between the two countries, Poland and even
accused the Russian authorities did not remorse . In 1989, the former Soviet leader
Mikhail Gorbachev acknowledged that the leadership of Stalin's secret
police forces committed genocide crimes.
   Before that, former Soviet Union government has been trying to cover up the crime
of Holocaust, and Zhi Ze German's atrocities that yes, when Poland, the
massacre of the incident will be regarded as a human rights crime, long time, the
Polish government has been urging the Russian authorities have investigate the matter
and hope to participate in killings and to prosecute the surviving person died.
   During World War II, who killed 15,000 Polish officers? Until 1990, the Polish
leader Jaruzelski Visit to Soviet Union, Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev
told him: "The recent discovery of the material, and indirectly, but to prove
beyond doubt, half a century ago Smolensk forest at the expense of thousands of
Polish citizens Beria and his people doing ... ... "But the Poles say the
general secretary of the Soviet Union is not satisfied, because they know he did not
tell the whole truth .
1998      "Exemplary"            magazine      published   the   fifth
"15,000 Polish officers killed in the tragedy" article. The article
has this to say: "To consider the report of Ministry of the Interior, Union
(Bolshevik) Central Committee Political Bureau on March 5, 1940 at the 13th
meeting, decided to agree with the recommendations in the report of the Department
to sign 'consent' are all members of the Politburo: Stalin,
Voroshilov, Molotov, Mikoyan, Kalinin, Kaganovich and Zhdanov. It is puzzling that
there is no report on Bailey Asia's signature. "A friend asked me
why I did not Beria's signature? And the Ministry of Internal Affairs
reports to the Political Bureau also did not Beria's signature. He, as head of
the Ministry of Interior, submitting reports to the Politburo, not to sign the report,
indeed difficult to understand. This shows that the report was not written by him, but
Stalin let other people write.
   At that time, Stalin, Beria did not agree that the report recommended that the Polish
officers "in a special way of trial, sentenced to death by firing squad
---" formulation. Beria was not against the execution of Polish officers, out
of humanitarian considerations, but from the information in Hitler's
Germany        attacked    the     Soviet     Union      was      informed   that    the
"Barbarossa" plan, war is imminent. If Poland is the backbone
of an army officer, will become the Red Army against German friendly. He dares to
oppose the execution of Polish military officers, see Stalin as the disposal of the
Polish officers yet to decide. There is also a passage above: "August 4,
1941, the military factor in the popularity of Poland's Anders general
release, ordered to set up wave of troops in the Soviet Union, and set up recruiting
stations throughout the Soviet Union, the recruitment of Polish officers dispersed .
"in April 1940 to 5 months, according to the March meeting of the Political
Bureau's decision, the Polish officers were executed them altogether, how
in 1941 they released the" wave of the military factor in the popularity of
Anders general "mean? And also allows him to form a Polish army?
"In the Polish prime popularity" is not a ground for the release
of Stalin, there is clearly missing some part. Politburo meeting in March, before the
General Beria to Anders received his home from the camps. Beria son in his memoirs
that he had seen many times at home, Anders, this will not be his fabricated.
Beria's deputy Mercouroff often find Anders talk, sometimes also taken
him somewhere else. Anders home in Beria Stalin's impossible not to know,
but there is no indications that Stalin has not yet made a decision to kill or not kill.
[Transfer from Jagged community]
   Stalin's decision may be subject to execution of Polish officers of
Voroshilov and Zhdanov. Stalin's reason: if these Polish officers, the
backbone of an army that once defeated fascism, they may seize power, it will not be
required for the Soviet regime, because they are not communists, but the nationalists.
To put it bluntly, Stalin worried that the post-war nationalists came to power in Poland,
do not listen to him, Poland does not become a vassal of the Soviet Union. Beria see
Stalin's hesitation, dare not to sign the report of Ministry of the Interior,
and to promote the implementation of the mandate of the Political Bureau of the
resolution to Voroshilov, the implementation by the Soviet Red Army. Ministry of the
Interior has been found in the Polish prisoners of war transferred to the military
people, members of the Department of Beria's signature on the document.
If the public beating Germany and France, the Soviet Red Army liberated Poland, was
shot and killed the Polish officers and executioner, too ugly, so Gorbachev on
Jaruzelski said that Beria dry.
   In fact Gorbachev not only read the records of the Political Bureau of the
Conference, but also carefully studied by Stalin and the Nazi Foreign Minister
Ribbentrop signed the German partition of Poland goes on the map. Gorbachev speak
only a half truth. As we all know, is Stalin in June 1948 expelled the Yugoslav
Communist Party and Workers Party Intelligence Agency, as Tito did in accordance
with its true that a copy of the Soviet Union, Stalin thinks that Tito did not listen,
shame on him every possible way, and finally slew called "running dog of
U.S. imperialism", Tito unbearable circumstances in the same turn against
Stalin. Beria on Tito's attitude is entirely different. He believes that as long
as the Yugoslav side of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the port and airport, not
backward the United States, would be sufficient. As for how to build socialism in
Yugoslavia, it is their own business, do not copy the Soviet model.
   Stalin listened very unhappy, accused Beria is Tito molecules. Beria with Tito
relatively well. Tito's headquarters in 1944, surrounded by the Germans,
Beria to risk their lives flying rescue headquarters Tito, Tito Command stationed in
Britain in which Churchill's son. Fallen out with Tito after criticizing Stalin
Beria: why did we save him, let the Germans destroy them altogether them, now less
a piece of heart disease. Later, Khrushchev breakdown of all the confused relationship
between Southern pushed Beria head. Khrushchev, Gorbachev's approach
with almost exactly the same. Beria did many bad things, hands stained with innocent
blood, in the eyes of the Soviet people as the embodiment of cruelty, which is not to
refute the historical fact. But not all bad a person he is dry, the other leaders have been
involved, but he has only the implementation, not a culprit. Beria was executed after
the previous leader of the Soviet Union tend to blame them altogether Stalin and his
body pushed to Beria, Stalin shirk its responsibility for, to wash themselves clean.
Beria as a shield in their hands, it is dog feces pile Beria usefulness.
   Another wave of Russian national feelings hurt is the Warsaw Uprising. June 1944
the Soviet Red Army counter-offensive launched by the summer, on July 30 hit from
the Soviet center of Warsaw's Vistula is only 6 kilometers east coast. Soviet
radio call Polish people in this uprising, and promised to provide support. So
"National Army" to rise up, the balance of power is very poor at
that time the two sides. I believe the Soviet uprising mainly people will support.
Unexpectedly, this time Stalin was an excuse for the Warsaw uprising is
"adventure" refused to support, but across the river to stop the
offensive. Poles by the Soviet army in only a small force is composed of disagreement,
without authorization to cross the river to support compatriots, the results almost all
the expense. Not only does not support the Soviet uprising, the Allies dropped from
England to supply the rebels want to use the Soviet Occupied Zone Airport, also
categorically rejected. Resulted only from the Western Allies crossed the German
long-range drop, costly and utterly inadequate, useless. In fact, Stalin was secretly
hostile to the pro-Western Polish government in exile. Polish-Soviet war there are
scores, although this time the two sides have become anti-Fascist allies, but when
Poland will soon become a foregone conclusion, the Stalin government in exile is not
allowed to stage a comeback. Eliminated by the hands of the German government in
exile in order to support the ground forces of the new Communist government is his
wishful thinking.
To adhere to the 63 days the last uprising, and finally gunned injuries depleted.
Warsaw was the city almost every family has sacrificed. After the uprising failed, 35
people were sent to Germany for family reunion, 1.2 million people were executed in
Auschwitz. Survivors of the Warsaw uprising in Soviet-dominated period was also
persecuted because the Soviet Union, said the uprising was "the bourgeois
government in exile" of the conspiracy, they want to seize the fruits of the
Soviet victory. But even the Polish United Workers Party government, many people
are extremely dissatisfied with this view, to the 1960s, after the Warsaw uprising and
eventually be recognized.
Warsaw Uprising did not snatch the "fruits of the victory of the Soviet
Union", but waiting for the Germans destroy the Soviet Army to stop
attacks for more than two months while the Poles, but the progress for the Western
Allies gained time. If the Soviets had been attacked at that time, the Soviet Army
finally joined forces with the British and American allies may not in the Elbe River,
west of the Rhine but also the whole of Germany will be the Soviet Occupied Zone,
West Germany would not be a later. Therefore, the Poles said later, German
Chancellor Willy Brandt in the 1970s famous knees in Warsaw, of course, is that the
German Nazi atrocities repentance, but it not for the West Germans were grateful to
the Poles, too!

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