The Need for Commercialisation

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					       The Need for                                             Who Should Attend?
                                                                                                                                      Seminar Program - Forums 1 - 5
     Commercialisation                                                                                                                               Evening 1:     October 10
                                                                •   Research Scientists
                                                                                                                                       OPPORTUNITIES & THEIR FULL MEASURE
                                                                •   Industry Representatives
It is well recognised that the real competition for com-        •   Patent Attorneys & Lawyers                                    The first evening forum is designed to explore the idea of a
mercial, technological and scientific leadership does not                                                                         knowledge based economy and the part we play within it.
                                                                •   Funding Groups                                                Critical information will be gathered, and the expectations of
come from within Australia, but from overseas. With im-
proved collaboration between our world-class scientific         •   Government & Regulatory Agents                                all participants will be assessed to ensure satisfaction. Speakers
and business sectors, Australia has the capacity to not         •   Media Representatives                                         will cover techniques for evaluating opportunities and assess-
only be globally competitive, but also globally directive.                                                                        ing the commercial value of technology at the infant stage.

The commercialisation of Australia’s world-class re-                                                                                                 Evening 2:     October 24
search is hindered by a range of factors that hold back the     The Forum Format
                                                                                                                                                   THE ESSENTIAL TOOLS
potential of both sectors. The cultural division between
research and business goes far beyond the simple                •   Five Evenings                                                               FOR COMMERCIALISATION
‘language’ problems encountered daily. In fact, diversion       •   Held over a two month period beginning October 10th,
                                                                                                                                  Evening two will provide an explanation of the terms, struc-
of the two sectors is clearly evident in attitudes of stu-          2001
                                                                                                                                  tures and issues that cause the gap between industry and re-
dents even at the undergraduate level.                          •   Run from 6pm—10pm (finger food provided)                      search. These sectors will be compared, and the assets of each
                                                                •   Each Evening will consist of:                                 sector assessed. Legal and Funding issues will also be covered.
                                                                         •   Several Expert Speakers
                                                                         •   Professionally Facilitated Workshops                                   Evening 3: November 7
                                                                         •   A strong Emphasis on Networking
                                                                                                                                        AUSINDUSTRY: FUNDING & ASSISTANCE
                                                                •   “Exit Booklet” - Each participant will receive this compre-
                                                                    hensive guide to the series.                                  Evening three will be dedicated to the wide range of products
       Innovation &                                                                                                               and services available from AusIndustry. A number of repre-
                                                                                                                                  sentatives will present overviews which will be followed by a

     Commercialisation                                          2001 Speakers                                                     funding workshop. A panel of AusIndustry specialists will be
                                                                                                                                  available for consultation.
                                                                Prof. John Bailey - Carlton Consulting Group
                                                                Kerry Boulton - Nexus Business Coaching & FastTrack Vic.                            Evening 4:    November 21
The Innovation and Commercialisation Seminar Series
                                                                Dr Carol Halsall - State Government of Victoria                              COMMUNICATION & THE MEDIA
will provide active solutions designed to break down the
barriers between research and industry.                         Rodger Bouette - Freehills Technology Services
                                                                                                                                  Evening four will address the issues involved in communicat-
                                                                Dr Colin White - Invetech Operations Pty Ltd                      ing with all facets of the media: TV, Radio, and Print. Partici-
                                                                Prof. Geoff Stevens - The University of Melbourne                 pants will learn the complexities of media presentations from
The 2001 program will provide a structured, multi-              Paris Brooke - SDA Biotechnology
disciplinary series providing active solutions to problems                                                                        timing of media events and writing effective media releases, to
                                                                Alex Tarney - “Today Tonight”, Channel 7                          preparing for interviews and dealing with Confidentiality is-
associated with the commercialisation of research, similar
to the highly successful 2000 series.                           Dr Shane Huntington - The Innovation Group Pty Ltd                sues.
                                                                Dr Chris Sotiropoulos - The Innovation Group Pty Ltd
                                                                Jayne Facey - State Manager, AusIndustry (Victoria)                                  Evening 5:    December 5
One of the principal goals of the series will be to establish
                                                                Bill Loughlin - Deputy State Manager, AusIndustry (Victoria)
strong links that will endure long after the final forum.                                                                                 FUNDING, LEGAL & COCKTAIL PARTY
The series is devoted to the formation of consortia; to         Colin Calver - Venture Capital Section, AusIndustry (ACT)
consolidate the issues raised during each evening forum,        William Nevile - COMET Business Advisor, AusIndustry              Evening five will contain a number of final presentations on
assess projects, and obtain funding to commercialise pro-       Michelle Julius - COMET & Biotech Innovation Fund                 funding and legal issues. The series will be summarised and
jects.                                                          Gareth Dando - Melbourne Enterprises International                final “exit booklet” materials will be presented. This will be
                                                                Bob Beaumont - Business Angel Services, VECCI                     followed by the official series Cocktail Party.

                                                                and many more to be confirmed…..