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									Kaito Kuroba
Pirates of the blame Kidd (first generation: stealing a black feather, the second
generation: Kaito Kuroba)
Specifically targeting the super art thieves, an international criminal code as
"1412", like the perpetrator in the evening, dressed in a white
dress, wearing a special single-glasses, hang gliding behind the cloak could become
good at a variety of magic tricks, master of turning, but can not impersonate any
person using props and sound, find out a good bottom line after another, often dressed
as perfect people, mobilized to advance the goal of stealing, playing in their hands.
People called him "Moonlight Magic", "Heisei of
Yasen. Robin." Often stolen gems, paintings, etc., is not discarded is
returned to rightful owners. Rival, former detective for the London transfer - White
Horse exploration, but the first to expose his identity is Conan (Kudo new).
Name: Kaito Kuroba (Kaito kuroba) Dark Volume
Japanese: ッ ド girlfriend キ
Title: Pirates of the blame Kidd, moonlight magician, flat into the Yasen ? Robin, end
of the century magicians (for the eggs to return is the main memory, while the title
inscribed with hi 1), the shadow of God's abandonment of the class
"God abandonment of the class of the Mirage, "the origin of the
title:" Phantom, "the English word for the" Phantom
"," Chai "means the puppies," God
abandoned "in the New Testament refers to God's blessing from
the goats," Tsai Goat "is "small goat"
means. In English, the small goat read "Kid", the
"Kid the phantom thief."
Occupation: Pirates of the blame, the students
Identity: Egota second year high school students in the class B
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japan
Race: yellow
Birthday: June 21 (the same day with Gosho Aoyama)
Age: 17
Height: 174cm
Weight: 58kg
Blood type: B
Hair color: Black
Visual acuity: left eye: 2.0 right eye: 2.0
Hobbies: Magic
Features: Magic
Domain Name: Red Fei fish (or "red herring")
Alias: Sudden Jin Take tree
IQ: 400 (in the "magic fast fighting," "Name
Detective debut," if there are records)
Accent: many, will be sound
Father: black feather Pirates 1 (8 years ago was missing, and should be killed)
Stepfather: Booker Kudo (overseas)
Criminal associates: Terai Huang Assistance (Butler)
Childhood: young children in the Mori
(Or red child to pursue the object of it)
Those who worship: a black feather Pirates
Fear of animals: fish
Not good at sports: ice skating
Favorite snack: chocolate, chocolate ice cream (two goals)
1, without any tool can become the voice of any person;
2, can not remember in just a moment to remember some other things (such as: card
number, see 219 police detective will be set! New KID vs Pirates of the blame in,
KID was crossing the police officers questioning his card number, Results
unconsciously back out).
3, can easily dissolve into any shape. (This would not have said it.)
4, has a callus over the ability of ordinary people (see "Magic Express
Struggle" Part V "Black Memory")
1, high along the hat (white, height of about 25CM)
2, single glasses (with Clover's pendant)
3 suits (white, clothing, a buckle, a length of about 60CM, pants length of about
4, T-shirt (blue)
5, tie (red)
6, shoes (white)
7, gloves (white)
8, cloak (white, can be turned into hang gliding about 150CM )----
9, socks (blue, in the first 76 words, the Kidd fell from the sky, you can see)
With white wings in the dark world of dance
Internationally renowned thief, in the United States, France, 12 States had a crime, the
theft of expensive artwork and jewelry specifically, the number of nearly 200
offenders a total of up to 38.7 billion 2 1000 5 million. International criminal code
First appeared 18 years ago in Paris (his father), after 8 years all of a sudden there was
no news. However, recently began to operate.
* Good at change install and tune. His ability to change the sound seems to be innate.
* Good at magic, dress up is a high hat, silk cloak, a white dress standard magician
* Before committing the crime will first send notice letters to each other.
* Cloak could become a hang-gliding. Chu Ci cards are able to fire guns, smoke
bombs and other tools for committing crimes.
* While the theft of treasures everywhere, but never hurt the people.
Name: Pirates a black feather
Status: magician, the first generation of Pirates of the blame Kidd
Expertise: turning the escape magic
Estimated age: 37 ~ 45
Butler: Well, Huang Temple help
Japanese man admire good magician, but also a dark side - that Interpol is also
troublesome girlfriend Kidd. Elegant manners, speech entertaining. Is there Kudo son
and Sharon vineyard Yi Rongshu Greek masters. Small teach fast fighting magic, the
most commonly filed with the fight quickly is to keep a poker face. Eight years ago,
stolen by a mysterious gang assassinations, death unknown, is still missing. But many
people under the "Detective Conan" speculation in the
information provided, the first generation of Pirates of the blame Kidd, a black feather
likely stolen and not dead, and he is black may also be organized BOSS.
Main rivals: in the forest of silver 3, White Horse exploration, 江户川柯南 (Kudo
new), Hattori Heiji, Jiro Suzuki, Kyrgyzstan, mysterious organizations (note the
"Detective Conan" in the black organization to distinguish)
Young children in the Mori
Name: Forest Green in the sub (Aoko Nakamori)
Japanese: な か も り あ お こ
Egota tower Age: 17 years
Birthday: September 19
Occupation: Student
School: Egota high school sophomore class B
Family: in the forest of silver 3 (parent, Metropolitan Police Department raided two
classes inspections Minister)
Friends: Momoi Keiko Koizumi red child (or the good relationship it can be said of
red green sub-sub unsuspecting intimacy.)
Oh: Kaito Kuroba
People who like: Kaito Kuroba
Hate: Pirates of the blame KID (that is fast fight)
Features: broom beating, skating, etc.. Know nothing about on the ski
Preferences: watch the show (exhibition), a party at home, etc.
As: fast hopper (Kidd) in childhood, three police officers in the forest the daughter of
silver, red sub-regarded rival.
Description: Fast bucket of childhood, like quick fight, but do not know Kaito Kuroba
is your girlfriend Kidd. Kidd is on the offensive, is to support the work of the father.
Personality: kind, lively, pure, no effort. Mao Lilan more than cute, still a little foolish,
but she and fast but can struggle in the fight, the correct answer the
teacher's question, so silly it just her personality. Childish (red
child's comment). However, sometimes seriously. Little Electra complex
(actually want to record three news ....)。 Silver Very concerned about a friend.
Sometimes bold, sometimes timid. Can bring joy to others is a beautiful wizard and
Blood type: B
Height: 160CM
Constellation: Virgo
Seiyuu: Minami Takayama (Conan like her)
Name: Princess (fast Doo: Pirates of the blame Kidd and the Forest Princess! Keiko:
young child, you are still the same thing in peace princess.)
Wizard? (It is pretty silly.. Fans from the code..)
Nakamori Silver 3
Name: The Forest Bank 3
Age: 41 years
Occupation: Metropolitan Police officers raided two classes
Family: the son of Nathan Green (daughter)
Tried to grab the person: Pirates of the blame Kidd
Debut: "Magic Express bucket" in: Comics Volume 1 FILE.1.
"Detective Conan" in: Comics 16 FILE.6
Koizumi Hong Son
Name: Koizumi Red Son (koizumi akako)
Japanese: こ い み あ か こ display
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Constellation: Scorpio
Height: 163CM
Weight: unknown
Hobbies: divination; use magic
Hair color: scarlet / burgundy
Looks: beauty recognized (by the bucket faster than all other men's love)
Personality: very strange, sometimes elegant and beautiful and exceptionally rational
and cheerful but sometimes exaggerated, it is narcissistic
Favorite people: black feather fast fight (that is, your girlfriend Kidd)
Rival: the young son of Sen
School: Egota High School
Main Items: broom, crystal ball
Major achievements: to help fight posing fast KID
Family: Witchcraft family
Important features: narcissism, can not cry (Witch once cry magic will disappear)
Is the "magic quick fight" in the second heroine, young
beautiful 17-year-old girl. In "Detective Conan" and OVA (ie
video) version and the special articles have appeared, giving a mysterious, changing
impression. Class struggle is a quick beauty, in fact, has a witch's identity,
beyond the ordinary people have a sixth sense, she knows the true identity of fast
fighting, speed and fighting has never recognized. In addition to faster than fight, all
the boys in her class liked her, so her own beauty is confident that all men are her
captive, but there was only a girlfriend KID exception, so she was very concerned
about. Because it is too concerned about the underlying reason why the red child but
love the fast bucket. Because we wanted to "conquer" fast
fighting, she began to slowly fall in love with him, even desperate to help him
disguise KID, but quick fight (so far) but still did not fall in love with her.
Young beautiful 17-year-old. Koizumi family home but a witchcraft. Red
child's magic is not covered, accounting for a BU likes, what counts for
diagrams, seem pretty standard (sweat, I thought this is not propaganda and
superstition, right?). Miss Red child health have natural beauty, if the creamy skin,
smile, such as peach, the class seven dirty boys get lost eight factors did not say, it is
certain every man must have bowed in her good graces of the posture. Only one fast
fight not interested in her, but she happens only interested in quick bucket.
Whitehorse Discussion
Name: White Horse Exploration (Hakuba saguru)
Hiragana: は く ば さ ぐ ru
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 65KG
Birthday: August 29
Constellation: Virgo
Blood type: A
School: University Egota 2 years B (KID school girlfriend and classmate)
Ethnic: Japanese-English half-breed
Father: White Horse Arsenal Governor
Pets: Watson (Eagle)
Expertise: computing time (with pocket watch, his pocket watch can be seen years BC
Day Minutes, seconds digits to three decimal places, as far as I said the error is only
0.001 seconds)
Personality: proud, serious, very narcissistic, sometimes very cute
Favorite color: coffee, dark red, dark blue, white
Eye Color: reddish brown
Favorite food: British Homely
Favorite drinks: coffee, boiled water, black tea
Opponents: Kidd
Broken off the case (Japan): more than 500
Father is superintendent, White Horse is a high school detective probe. In the UK.
Proud to own, handling Holmes always like to wear clothes, liked to wear suits.
Efficient, accurate grasp for the details (recording time can be recorded to the
second ... ...). The only way to disturb his thinking is KID. Pirates of the Big Dipper is
strange that fast Kidd (but always refuses to recognize the struggle soon).
There is a face of prisoners will say is, "Why do such a thing?"
Momoi Keiko
Fast hopper, green, red son, etc. Students
Of course, this cartoon has "Detective Conan" in the figure to
guest Oh!
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