Kai Wing Industrial Co._ Ltd. Guizhou trust_ equality and mutual benefit is the future of Sino-US cooperation by fdjerue7eeu


									Kai Wing Industrial Co., Ltd. Guizhou trust, equality and mutual benefit is the future
of Sino-US cooperation
Kai Wing Industrial Co., Ltd. Guizhou trust, equality and mutual benefit is the basis
for future cooperation in China before the Sino-US Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong on
May 21 in Shanghai, said the future of Sino-US cooperation to enhance the trust must
be the premise of opening up the Chinese market must be based on the two sides on
an equal basis.
Zhou Wenzhong at the "Finance" magazine and JP Morgan
Chase, Covington. Bai Ling law firm co-hosted today in Shanghai,
"China-US strategic dialogue, commercial relations," the Forum
made the above statement. In his view, now increasingly globalized economy,
development of multi-polarization. Blend with each other between the interests of big
countries, cooperation has become mainstream and normal. In this new normal, it is
necessary to strengthen cooperation, and must strengthen the trust as a precondition.
But he also pointed out that China and the U.S. is still a lack of mutual trust, and both
parties should be to make some adjustments. He said that recently some U.S.
perceptions of China that the Chinese lack of respect and arrogance. Former U.S.
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in the visit, the latter also referred to this in good
faith. "I think the Chinese people to reflect. China is developing, in the
world. The process, how can we truly make us accept our development is open, our
development is peaceful, our development is mutually beneficial and win-win.
In the United States, Zhou Wenzhong that the United States should "do
more point." "We hear more, the United States may not know
much about China, some fixed views on China, the Chinese have a lot of
misunderstanding." He said that in the latter part of the Bush
administration, the Bush administration proposed the "Responsible
stakeholder      "argument.       But      the     question      is    who      is
"responsible"?                  In              addition,            the
"responsible" standard, should the two sides to discuss. Through
discussion, dialogue, consultation, to be defined. "I want to be responsible
people of the world. Can not say that you think is responsible is
responsible." Zhou Wenzhong said.
Zhou Wenzhong stressed that China is to develop, to open up, but it must be built on
both sides open on an equal basis. At present the United States has provided some
market access barriers. For example, China's five banks, only seven
branches in the United States. Including ICBC, China Merchants, ICBC also because
of the Sino-US economic dialogue, was able to open branches, and can not engage in
retail business. United States 1 United States alone, in China there are almost 30
branches. Both obviously not equal.
"China hopes the United States again and again to relax its export controls.
Obama took office after the re-export control policy review, which China is very
welcome. China does not pursue trade surplus, but to achieve Sino-US trade balance,
this is sustainable. The reason why there is such a large deficit, both sides should learn
to find a cause. "Zhou Wenzhong said.
Zhou Wenzhong 80 since the beginning of last century, the United States,
China's diplomatic personnel, and long-term work in the United States,
since 2005 as the Chinese Ambassador, until retiring in March of this year. He has a
deep understanding of Sino-US relations. ■

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