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									Journal of Nursing Call
"Journal of Nursing Science," founded in 1986, is the head of
the Ministry of Education, Tongji Medical College, organized public offering care at
home and abroad scholarly journals. Chinese scientific papers source journals, core
journals Science and Technology of China, "CAJ-CD standard"
implementation of the excellent journal, was the third best technology universities
nationwide periodicals Award. International standards format, biweekly, half Edition
integrated version, version for the surgical version of the second half. Articles
Features: Based on the characteristics of outstanding nursing care and discipline
academic disciplines, practical, scientific, theoretical and artistic. Based on clinical,
for clinical, teaching and research, attention to theory and practice, popularization and
improvement combined. Readers object to all provinces, municipalities, prefecture,
county, district hospitals at all levels of nurses and nursing students and teachers.
Title: Journal of Nursing Science
     ?Journal of Nursing Science
Host: University of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong Science and Technology
Cycle: a half months
Place of Publication: Wuhan, Hubei
Language: Chinese;
Folio: The 16 open
ISSN 1001-4152
CN 42-1154 / R
Youfadaihao 38-342
Founded in: 1986
Source Journal China Journal Net
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Ye teacher Contributors mail: 10948
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