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									Joint Education MBA
2010 Master of Business Administration (MBA) brochures
Master of Business Administration
Benedictine University (Benedictine University) is a multidisciplinary comprehensive
university, founded in 1887, Illinois. Covering grammar school subjects, education,
psychology, business management, economics and trade, information technology,
organizational development and public health sciences, is the nation's
university-wide academic building is one of a comprehensive university. Benedictine
University in the United States in 2005 was named the North Central College
appraisal 6th. According to Newsweek Description: Benedictine University is a
university class. (American University is divided into four levels: one for the best, and
so on to four, four schools in general are not following the rankings and was ranked)
I. Advantages
1, Benedictine University and Shenyang University Joint Programme by the Ministry
of Education, the State Council Degree Committee for approval (degree do 〔2003〕
No. 123). 2007 by the Ministry of Education, Office of the State Council jointly
re-examination by degree, paid cooperative education ratification of International
Cooperative Education program, approval number: (MOE21US1A20030079O),
Ministry of Education, academic study center certificate issued by foreign countries.
2, free master's degree in national entrance exams, tuition fees only MBA
in the U.S. read one-third of tuition fees; students abroad can not
"study" and accept the world's developed countries,
higher education;
3, China-US joint instruction of teachers to receive world-class education,
management of new knowledge to teach Chinese and foreign enterprises;
Second, degree awarded and authentication
Job learning, school system for 2 years to complete a full course credit course to
complete the dissertation, will be the United States Master of Business Administration
(MBA) degree awarded certificates as well as Chinese-foreign cooperative school
running postgraduate certificate, issued by the Ministry of Education study abroad
education center certification, not only the Chinese government acknowledged that
the U.S. government approved. United States to attend graduate school when a
voluntary graduation ceremony of the Ministry.
Third, registration and related matters
1, entry requirements: College graduate (college degree and at least 3 years work
experience) than business executives, government administrative agencies, and
institutions serving the leadership of Vice-division level and above) in the high-level
corporate managers, Chairman, CEO, finance System administrators and government
agencies, fresh college graduates (bachelor's degree), good English
listening and speaking.
2, admission principles: adhere to standards, quality assurance, by Benedictine
University and Shenyang University of expert interview assessment of competitive
selection. After enrollment, available Benedictine University official student status
3 enrollment: in 2010 the Ministry of Education approved a total of 80 national
enrollment, enrollment targets in Beijing and surrounding areas 40, limits enrollment
until full.
4, Registration Time: February 20, 2009 -2,010 on June 30. Registration, please bring
ID card, diploma, learning transcripts and copies of all the above three and five photos
(digital two-inch floppy disk).
Fourth, teaching methods and locations
1, teaching methods: open 16 courses, United States (U.S. materials) the grant of eight
course, Xiuman 61 credits. Monthly focus on teaching, every Friday night, on
weekends, all day, with periodic visits and social activities.
2, face to face Location: National Mayor's Training Center (Beijing)
Shenyang University of Technology (Shenyang)
V. Curriculum
  Financial accounting, economics, global environmental leadership and ethics,
organizational behavior, organizational development, management statistics
  Entrepreneurs, management accounting, economic management, operations
management, international business, information technology management, financial
  Sales management, decision management, project management
    ?6, project development
1,2003 years of Shenyang University of Cooperative Education to the Ministry of
Education application was approved in December the same year.
2, first class in June 2004 held a grand opening ceremony, most students train from
Shenyang Municipal Organization Department of reserve cadres.
Sino-US cooperation on December 3,2009 school project was officially launched
Beijing teaching area.
   7, learning costs
?Registration fee: RMB 500, registration gift, "a compilation of the
Chinese Government Work," a set of
?Fee: 9.8 million yuan (school fees, translation fees, student status management fees,
thesis expenses, the Ministry of Education Service Center for Scholarly degree
certification fee, academic management fee, tea break refreshments, 2-3 funding for
group activities, etc.)
Textbook: 2,200 RMB
Degree Application fee: USD 125
8, Beijing teaching area
Address: National Mayor's Training Center

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