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									Japanese and Korean bilingual Yan Shuo origin of life as a supernova explosion
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classes Yan Shuo
The best of a stellar explosion
Such a thing does not happen every few decades, is really appalling, and perhaps only
a few hundred years will occur once.
Sometimes we have been watching the stars in the sky, staring at a corner, laments the
endless wonders of the universe. Suddenly in a moment, I saw the sky emitting a
bright light, the light source is stars. This situation may occur often.
Look ahead along the path of history, according to the records of the oldest recorded
Gregorian calendar 185 years, took place on this wonderful phenomenon. After the
Han Dynasty in China, is also well documented around stars in the Sagittarius sent a
strong light. Gregorian calendar in 1054 there have been such a wonderful and
confusing thing. Fujiwara of Japan will home in on Ming-ji also clearly documented.
Once in the Taurus for almost 20 days near the light, this light is suddenly turned into
a day of darkness, this phenomenon is really amazing.
Even without the light created by human beings, but at the full of stars, people
suddenly found that such day as the bright, lit up the hearts of many people. Everyone
without exception, wonderful wonder of this world.
Suddenly there is a star one day, people with such stars known as supernovae. In fact
no new stars appeared, but it defines this situation. Shine like the sun as his light
burning stars, is the first time since the Big Bang formed. There are many thousands
of experienced changes in the universe, now looks very dim stars is not bright, in fact,
the moment of the explosion, in fact, the sun brighter, brighter than a 100 million
times, emitting a very bright light. The star is a supernova explosion.
Cosmic explosion farther from Earth in the beginning of the universe region, as a
planet, have seen some more light. But in fact higher than what people see more than
10 billion times more light. So we see that as day's light is so small.
Because of the explosion sites far away from us.
The amount of supernova discovery proves that the older the fate of some of their
stars, only because the moment of change, to change the original state, to issue an
unlimited light. Very fortunate that we had the privilege of witnessing this amazing
Supernova occurred about a year, the year in this dazzling, yet to dim the second year.
Although after the Big Bang dazzling glory disappeared, but after the Big Bang Yu
Wen Yuhui will also continue to tens of thousands of years, the light will continue to
illuminate the world. What is a "supernova remnant" it.
According to the Gregorian calendar 185 years of historical records, there have been
supernova remnant in Taurus. The records of the Gregorian calendar in 1054 which
also appeared nebula, which are now confirmed by the observation project.
We now can use the naked eye can see changes in this distance, but in fact a
supernova explosion in the Milky Way is about to happen a few years.
Interior of stars by molecular and molecular composition, molecular and close
connection between elements together and release a huge nuclear energy. Some of the
quality of the smaller objects susceptible to the influence of the outside world was
destroyed. Stars within the nuclear energy is an important factor supporting the
existence of stars, so stars can not be destroyed. However, the synthesis of nuclear
energy, speed and change all too quickly reach equilibrium when the standard will
cause a huge explosion. This detailed mechanism of the explosion, scientists are
studying and the study.
The integration of nuclear energy within the star, after the duties of creating new
energy. The initial formation of nuclear energy as hydrogen and hydrogen elements in
the combination between the chemical products produced. If the combination of
hydrogen and hydrogen continuously, then the corresponding nuclear fusion will
continue. Carbon dioxide, oxygen and iron plays a supporting role. These elements in
supernova explosions that moment which scattered to space. Therefore, within each of
the stars are more or less have some elements this way, we can say that a supernova
explosion is the origin of star formation.
Through investigation and study of supernova debris before they arrive at the real
evidence of elements within stars. Scientists also found that elements within the past
stars and emerging stars of the element content is the same type are also very similar.
Now the state of the wreckage in the photo also showed, by the people to understand.
In 2005, Japan launched a satellite for astronomical observations of supernova light
emitted. This astronomical satellite observations made great contributions to the
Thinking the camera is the world's library contained the highest sensitivity
of a camera, The camera loaded with astronomical satellite universe, the
implementation of the task of investigating the dark objects. Because of its special
high-definition, so scientists have observed it as the first choice. Until now, activities
have been observed supernova about to enter its second phase. In the observation of a
heavy metal elements were found, with the attendant and the development of these
elements has become an important heavy metal, the research results recognized by the
Supernova's iron and aluminum and are known for different iron and
aluminum, iron and aluminum that is very rare, rare matter to, because buried in very
small amounts, so very little use of their fields. Only a small part of the battery and
the use of such semiconductor materials. Also used in plasma displays and other
industries, such an important material in people's lives is indispensable.
Generated manganese processing time required for the formation of the environment
is very critical, because if the temperature is not suitable, manganese are most likely
to explode. Scientists also request this temperature to find a solution, to a good
solution to this hazard, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of explosion.
Therefore, the spirit of the scientists mentioned twelfth of the test, after a long period
of unremitting efforts, finally developed for human manganese out practical and
achieved great success. For a description of the universe evolution scientists view
further explanation.
To take advantage of ideas contained in databases and satellite supernova further
exploration and research, and set up a Japan Society for the Promotion, race color as a
special researcher.
Supernova remnant is the charm of the pictures presented in the supernova debris is
what's beautiful. Things like soap bubbles as, and like a glorious thing,
how could it be the wreckage after the explosion, people simply can not believe. Later
discovered that such a character as the phenomenon is not accidental, they all
followed the supernova and the rule of common law. The mechanism of change is not
as complex a two will be able to speak clearly. But whether the universe what the sun
bears responsibility, even scientists can not make it clear. This fundamental problem
can only have themselves to understand the supernova.
Think the future will continue to set the camera library of Jiemi supernova remnant of
the mystery, and a detailed report so that people can accurately understand all the
changes. The researchers will develop under the new observations corresponding
observations. In other words, the new discovery will make people shocked.
Star life の の を color ru most of revealing the Requested Procedure
Once thou ru decades に か な い か の こ と です.い や, the enthusiasm of
this when の ご に も く て の 人 々 が Sao world natural enthusiasm of ru
よ う な と こ と は, そ れ に こ そ once hundreds of years, か も し れ
ま せ ん.
Star this ま で え な の か っ ta see the empty corner の に, ma protectionism
し に い ほ commercial, ki ら と hui ki ら が く star suddenly is こ と が
あ れ ru ru の です.
Li Shi を さ か と の ぼ ru most moo records of ancient い で は 185 に
West Li, そ ん な こ と が あ り ま し ta.ケ ン ス タ ウ Hikaru Block に
と て も く strong star が く hui ta こ と が し appear, after the Han Chinese
の 『』 に か れ て book i ma si. West Li 1054 に も あ り ま し ta. Fujiwara
Sadaie Japan で も の 』に『 moon note note さ れ て i ma si. Bull Block に,
commercial, Venus ほ さ が あ の out ru ru ga star is れ, more than 20 mo に
っ て わ ta mo eye daytime で え で see ta そ う です.
Denki mo na ku, days Genki さ え よ け れ ば commercial, こ で moo Man
days の Star ga see え ru era, suddenly now れ ta star ni was の 人 々 は さ
ぞ か し surprise い ta こ と で し ょ う.
こ の, thou ru on a sudden, there xi ta star wa "supernova? M"
と call ば れ て i ma si. Mira star ga international に し the birth of the new ta ta
わ に け で は あ り ま せ ん. The sun no Yoni fuel from points で え な が
ら っ て い light を ru up stars は, そ の の most of his life revealing the
Requested Procedure を に こ from the enthusiasm of こ と が あ り ma si.そ
れ ま で は old い ta, dark く て よ く see え な い Star だ っ ta の に,
explosive Requested Procedure と also ni sun の 10 billion times the moo の out
ru さ の light を put つ こ と が あ ru の です.こ の し ta Requested
Procedure explosion supernova star ga na の です.
Burst Requested Procedure は, Earth か ら far く from DomNode ta universe の
か な ta で since ki ta こ と で す か ら, Earth に session く こ ろ に は,
display っ と light wa weak く な っ て i ma si ga, moo と も と が 10
billion times の out ru さ で す か ら, daytime moo see え ru mo の が あ っ
し て も お か く あ り ま せ ん.
Supernova を Requested Procedure see desu ru こ と, そ れ は "100
million" annual に わ ta ru long い stars の life の う ち の
moment ni mo so し い ki ら Circular ki ni shipped よ く out will え ta こ と
に な り ma si.
Supernovae occur は し て い で 1 year sequence に ら く く な っ て い
dark ki ma si.し か し, revealing the Requested Procedure ni na ru と, burst
Requested Procedure の え ta hui ki ga eliminate residual after the moo そ の は
り what years of fire ni mo ta っ て わ り Xu け ma si light.
"Supernova remnant" と い わ れ ma si. Sai Li の は 185
の moo "bull Block の supernova remnant," West Li 1054 の
も の は "に か Nebula" と ば れ て Kaori calls, this
measure で で mo ki ma si Guan.
See え ru eye で よ う な の は ma mo si れ で が, Mira は supernova
explosion Requested Procedure は 1 つ の で decades Galaxy ni a cut back く
ら い の co で て い from ki ma si.
Star の で は internal atomic と つ っ く atomic ga ki, na エ ネ Hikaru great
beverage giant ー を release from ki si ga ru fusion て i ma si. Star party で は
に よ っ て small gravity さ つ く よ う と し protectionism れ て i ma si.
Fusion の エ ネ Hikaru beverage giant ー は Star が つ protectionism れ な
い よ う に support え て い ru の で desu ga, once the Information found on
Getting ン ス が く display れ ru と fusion の ス ピ ー ド が early く な
り desu ぎ ta り し て revealing the Requested Procedure を since こ します.
Long し い の こ の メ grades posted to the writing is explosive Requested
Procedure ズ ム wa mo scientists have now ち に よ っ て ta ga push of
Circular ら れ て i ma si.
Star の に は nuclear fusion, new materials を し い Battle for ru mo あ り ma
si cut. Fusion に よ っ て と water first prime factors of water wa ga deviations
were computed to combine し て い う リ ウ ム と が で ki ma si material.そ
の う ち water element ga na ku na ru と deviations were computed リ ウ ム
with disabilities ga combine the enthusiasm of ru na commercial,, fusion は Xu ki,
carbon や Sanso, Fate と い っ ta 様 々 な element を for り だ す の で
す. Chino し て で ki ta element wa, instant supernova explosion Requested
Procedure の に, space に ば ら ま か れ ma si.そ し て や か が で て
こ commercial, then び Star と な り, Huoxing と な り, life の hormone
(moo と) り と na ma si.
Supernova remnant を transfer べ ru と, burst Requested Procedure xi ta star ga
ば ら ま い ta element を see ru こ と が で き, substance ga ancient い Star
か ら new し い Star へ と by け 継 ga れ ru 様 child を み ru こ と が
で ki ma si.
Supernova remnant は レ ン Suites ゲ ン の pictorial summary of video ni moo
ru X ray to わ れ を し て i ma si out.そ と ら の を え X-ru ta ni UCHI
Circular 2005 on げ ら れ ta の が, の X-ray astronomy satellite of Japan,
"si za く" です. Supernova remnant の に い Guan large
contribution to measured に し て i ma si.
Si za く に は highest in the world レ ベ Hikaru の High Sensitivity の grades
posted メ Getting ga carrying さ れ て い ru ta Circular, こ れ ま で see え
に く か っ ta よ り dark い objects ま で details し く transfer べ ru こ
と が may です.こ れ ま で に "si za く" wa supernova
remnant ga, マ ン Gundam や ク ロ ム na commercial, now, human が レ ア
メ タ Hikaru と し て treasures し て い ru metal の generated site で あ ru
こ と を, the world で early Circular て confirm si ru こ と に successful shi
ma shi ta.
レ ア メ と は CITIZEN タ Hikaru Hikaru ミ や ア commercial, the writing
is ウ ム な い の against the metal と は, そ の や buried 蔵 production
volume limit ら れ て い ga ru Xishao の こ と を metal that します .
Semiconductor や battery, プ Getting ズ マ video game ィ レ イ ス プ na ni
mo and commercial, so わ れ, daily に は か せ な い less important na
material です.
マ ン ロ ム Gundam や ク temperature や の は generated on-site conditions
are very ni ni na-sensitive explosive Requested Procedure の で の メ を grades
posted to the writing is exploration ru on ズ ム っ と で mo na mo important
element です.こ れ ま で の Guan measuring machine で は weak desu ぎ て
よ く わ か ら な か っ ta マ ン Gundam と ク ロ ム か ら の シ グ
ナ Hikaru を "si za く" に よ っ て early Circular て と
ら え ru こ と に successful shi ma shi ta. Evolution of the universe の の が
solution out of a walk made progress と し え ma si ta.
Si za ku satellite に よ ru supernova remnant の を し て い ru of JSPS
Research Fellow, color race san の お に を server if i ma shi ta.
"Supernova remnant の charm の 1 つ は, photo を see て top い
て も sub ka ru よ う に, そ の U.S. し さ です. シ ャ ボ ン jade の よ
う な も の, big ki na eyes no Yoni see え ru mo の, い か に moo revealing
the Requested Procedure, と い っ ta moo の. こ の よ う na personality の
strong い Celestial Group か ら, そ の background に potential む 『supernova
remnant common の law』 を Requested Procedure see し, 『supernova remnant ga
universe で commercial, san na Hall cut を worried っ て い ru の か』 と い
う root na questioned に A え ru の は big Bian difficult し く で, そ こ が
で も あ り Daigo taste ma si "
Next si za na く に よ ru detailed investigation に よ っ て supernova remnant
そ の は が さ ら に clear picture ら か に さ れ て く ru で し ょ う.
Guan test に carry わ ru researchers は new し い Guan test results を い ち
early く know ru, す な わ ち new し い Requested Procedure see と moved
に Who よ り も early く out will え ru こ と に な り ma si.う ら や ま
し い limit り です.

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