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Japan A Mingnuo biological anti-tumor product AHCC and GCP Introduction by fdjerue7eeu


									Japan A Mingnuo biological anti-tumor product AHCC and GCP Introduction
   A Mingnuo Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984, is located in scenic Hokkaido,
Japan, E Mingnuo Chemical Co., Ltd. and Tokyo University, Yale University, Harvard
University and Columbia University and other research institutions in the
world's leading pharmaceutical research and development interactive
platform for the basis of the product, clinical and safety trials and are now more than
600 medical institutions worldwide more than 1 million cancer patients taking AHCC
and GCP, achieved surprising effects. In 2005, the world's top authority of
the journal "Nature" magazine, and Yale University on the
anti-tumor effect of AHCC has done a page introducing the rise to global natural
academic attention. In 2007, Japan E Mingnuo Chemical Co., Ltd. in the AHCC and
GCP's global sales exceed 10 billion U.S. dollars.
   AHCC is the world's most advanced technology of small molecules
extracted from a senior Basidiomycetes mycelium, is the world's most
watched of the natural active substances (BRM), activation of immune cells and
enhance tumor immunity, and promote macrophage proliferation and activity of
technology, enhanced NK cells, inhibiting activation of neutrophils to kill cancer cells
   Clinical trials have shown, AHCC inhibited the cell proliferation and enhance
tumor immunity and prolong survival after surgery to alleviate the radiotherapy,
chemotherapy side effects, improve the quality of life in patients with advanced
cancer, relieve cancer symptoms, prevention of postoperative infection, cancer
prevention recurrence.
   As a biological anti-tumor products, the U.S. Nutracon 2002 AHCC Award, 2004
award by Japan's trade minister in 2005, "Nature"
special article reported that AHCC anti-tumor effect.
   AHCC high burden of bacteria extracted mycelia, using exclusive techniques to
produce small molecules AHCC, AHCC is now the world's most
remarkable natural active substances (BRM) is one.
   Anti-tumor effect of AHCC:
   1, can enhance tumor immunity, ease the patient's symptoms and
prolong life of patients.
   2, AHCC direct mitigation of radiation and chemotherapy toxicity and improve
efficacy of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
   3, taking AHCC can prevent tumor recurrence, control of cancer metastasis.
   4, direct inhibition of cancer cell proliferation.
   AHCC anticancer mechanism:
   AHCC can activate tumor immune cells, promote proliferation and macrophage
activation, enhanced NK cells, activated neutrophils kill inhibiting effect on cancer
cells, thus inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells, reducing the radiation and
chemotherapy for cancer patients physical damage, preventing tumor recurrence.
   Cancer patients have cancer cells the body, white blood cells can not perceive, does
not increase the number to attack cancer cells, causing cancer cells go infinite value,
and AHCC could activate white blood cells, improving the body's immune
system cancer, adjusting the body's balance.
   AHCC Cancer Clinical Trials:
   Patients with postoperative liver AHCC, 9-year survival rate reached 50%, far more
than 30% of the control group
AHCC with chemotherapy agents, and shows that taking more than chemotherapy
alone have a better tumor inhibition, and reducing the toxicity of chemotherapy drugs
   AHCC improves the quality of life of patients with advanced cancer and prolong
the patient's life, to alleviate the suffering of the patient
   AHCC research results:
   According to Kansai Medical University, Teikyo University, Dokkyo University,
Hokkaido University, Yale University, University of California Cancer Center,
Columbia University, Thailand, National Cancer Center, Seoul National University,
Zhongshan University and Fujian Traditional Chinese Medicine and other national
cancer research institutions and scholars of the anti-tumor effect of AHCC research,
AHCC on the liver, stomach, lung, esophagus, colon cancer, colon cancer, breast
cancer, cervical cancer, lymphoma, and nasopharyngeal cancer patients with a variety
of significant effects of published in the major tumor-related academic journals, some
results in Japan, Cancer Society, American Cancer Society and other medical meeting
  GCP - direct inhibition of cancer cell proliferation
Chemical Co., Ltd., Japan A Mingnuo produced soybean isoflavones and Hokkaido
such as Grifola mycelium and other senior generated GCP, using small molecules
patented technology, GCP and activity in vivo absorption rate is very high, with the
mycelium by The combination of polysaccharide to enhance tumor immunity with
GCP and directly attack cancer cells, can inhibit tumor blood vessel growth.
   Anti-tumor effect of GCP:
   1, inhibit the growth of tumor angiogenesis;
   2, died of natural causes caused the role of tumor cells;
   3, enhance the body's immune system cancer.
   The role of GCP three synergistic inhibition of cancer cells proliferation.
   Anti-cancer mechanism of GCP:
   Cancer cells emit a signal to promote angiogenesis, normal vascular receive the
signal, to tumor angiogenesis, tumor angiogenesis through the absorption of nutrients
from normal vessels, tumor cell proliferation, tumor becomes more and more, tumor
cells through the new vascular flow to normal vessels, moving the body leading to the
transfer. GCP inhibited the angiogenesis, tumor cells lack of nutrition, not
proliferation. GCP can directly restore the natural death process of tumor cells and
inhibit tumor cell proliferation and metastasis.
   GCP in academic research:
   For the GCP on the tumor cells died of natural causes due to the role of Aaron Katz,
Columbia University Professor, Professor, University of California, Ralph deVere
White, Robert Hackman, Professor, Seoul National University, Professor Young Joon
Surh, Jung Hwan Kim Yonsei University, Professor, etc would influence GCP on The
role of human DNA caused by tumor depth study, the results show that the GCP and
the cells die a natural death caused by the DNA (p21, p53, etc.) fragment expression,
raised tumor suppressor (p21, p27, PARP, etc.), inhibition of cancer cyclinB1 block
cancer cell growth process.

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