ISO9001: 2008 the latest Internal Auditor Training

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					ISO9001: 2008 the latest Internal Auditor Training
ISO9001: 2008 the latest Internal Auditor Training
【Features】 register online training, online learning, online examinations
【Price】 9001,14001,18001,16949,13485 documents offer 300 yuan, dual card 500,
3 600 yuan for the National General, can check online
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Registration Address: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
66 Cao Bao Road, D Block, 21st floor
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Contact: Professor Chen
【Training Certificate in
The most authoritative international recognition awarded UKAS ISO 9001:2008
Internal Auditor certificate in the issuing authority and certified consulting and
training network of Chinese enterprises inspection.
【Target Audience】
Companies engaged in quality management, quality management system is
responsible for the implementation and internal audit work or related personnel.
【Features】 training
MBA and business coach teaching model combining
Group games, expert comment, case studies of teaching methods
The whole process of interactive, PK experience feelings of value growth
【Objective】 Course
Learning through training, so that students master the basic knowledge of ISO9001,
ISO9001 standard understanding of the preparation and implementation of system
documentation, certification registration, internal audit techniques and methods,
implementation and certification audit of the common problems and deal with such
knowledge. The enterprise of ISO9001 management system more effective
implementation and operation, found that the lack of business, be corrected, so that a
comprehensive management system for continuous improvement to enhance the
competitiveness of enterprises.
】 【Training
1, ISO9001: 2008 core content description
2, ISO9001: 2008 standard introduction and explanation
3, ISO9001: 2008 version with ISO9001: 2000 version of the standard difference
4, ISO9001: 2008 version of countermeasures transfer
5, ISO9001: 2008 quality management principles to explain the eight
6, ISO9001: 2008 quality management system of basic terminology
7, ISO9001: 2008 quality management system internal audit theory
a) ISO9001: 2008 Internal Auditor The purpose of internal quality audits,
b) ISO9001: 2008 internal quality audit and external quality audits compared
8, ISO9001: 2008 Internal Quality Audit the implementation process and
a) The establishment of internal quality audit system
b) the audit plans, audit before the action
c) review prior to action, the implementation phase of the main activities
d) review group, internal audit report
9, Internal Quality Auditor
a) ISO9001 internal auditor on the basic requirements for internal quality audit
b) ISO9001 internal auditor's role
c) ISO9001 internal auditor duties
10, case studies and practical operation of the exercise, the examination.
】 【Trainer
Wu teacher qualifications Description: In 2002 by SBTI Six Sigma BB training, with
honors BB certification examination by SBTI Six Sigma, ISO9001 national senior
registered auditors, senior consultant, business coach teaching the national register
development team members, Shanghai Jiao Tong University MBA Business
Administration , Six Sigma Master Black Belt, CAC CAC educational institutions to
promote vocational training and employment programs of quality management
experts, an expert committee of teachers.
Wu teachers are good at training subjects: TS16949, ISO9001, ISO14001,
OHSAS18001, ISO 27001, ISO22000, CCC, CE, MA, 6Sigma, 8D, TQM, MSA,
QFD & DOE, SPC, FMEA, PPAP, PMC, quality management, sampling ,
lean production and management training, has served as production manager in the
enterprise, quality assurance manager, materials manager, plant manager, control
generation, managing vice president, general manager and other key positions. Wu is
with its wealth of on-site management experience, leading to complete several
production, quality and technical transformation projects; planning and
implementation of process-oriented quality and continuous improvement of effective
control and on-site activities, the key to the quality of our products to solve the
problem, significantly improved product The pass rate. Wu teacher in production
management, quality management training in the field with rich teaching experience,
taught public class cum-house Training 600 number. The main characteristics of
lectures to different business characteristics, student level, combined with the actual
situation of enterprises using different teaching methods and content. Wu teachers
have served companies: New South Property Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.,
Jiangsu Yongxing Multimedia Co., Ltd., Shanghai, geotechnical testing center, the
Global International Freight Forwarders (China) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Sheng Yang
Industrial Equipment Limited, Arnold (Suzhou) Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.,
Continental Air Shanghai Branch, COSCO Kawasaki Heavy Industries Steel Structure
Co., Ltd. Hongqiao Airport Love LTL Services Limited, the Haike Man Vehicle Parts
System Co., Ltd., Zhejiang China positron Group, East Yi Electronic (Jiaxing) Co.,
Ltd., Noyon Power Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Compass computer, cable plant
people, Lanbao sensor Co., Ebbers Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and many other
famous enterprise, the current Code on Hai Mai, Senior Trainer.
Registration Hotline :400-677-9001 ,021-33190703
Registration Fax :021-67159998
Contact: Professor Chen
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