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									Invited to participate in the Expo Forum
    Expo and the International Forum exhibition is a highly influential professional
forum organized by the Asian exhibition festival Fortune Global Forum, World Expo
Group Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai University of
Engineering co-sponsored, has become China's exhibition industry and the
financial sector Expo exhibition on related issues with high-level platform for
    The Second World Expo and Forum exhibition will update the international
perspective, a broader platform and a higher level to the operation and planning.
"Better City, Better Life" theme will be the grand theme of
events, exhibits three aspects of exhibition planning and to interpret and reflect. Expo
activities of the past tens of thousands of items, covering conferences, exhibitions,
festivals, performances, events, etc. Activities involving the exhibition of sound, light,
electricity, color, and engineering technology. This is a comprehensive understanding
of the cause of the Chinese exhibition section of the Expo, Expo, and integration of
learning platforms and opportunities for the World Expo; exhibition king, business
opportunities, China's activities in international economic industry,
industrialization, modernization and technology with the best way. The forum will be
invited to the Expo experts, officials, scholars, experts in international financial
meetings, festivals and events on the expert performances fully explain the activities
of the Expo show content and ideas. "Expo for Exhibition (festival)
better," was the slogan of the forum.
    1, meeting time, place and scale
Time: July 3, 2007
Location: Songjiang, Shanghai University of Engineering Campus
Address: Songjiang District, Shanghai Dragon Road 333
Meeting size: about 300
    Second, the organizers:
Fortune Forum Asia Conference and Exhibition festival
World Expo Group Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Third, co-sponsored:
Shanghai University of Engineering
Fourth, urban support:
Ningbo Municipal Government, Hangzhou government, the government in Nanchang,
Hefei Government, Nanjing Municipal Government, Jiaxing City, Songjiang District
5, Academic Support Unit:
China Expo Research
Shanghai Jiaotong University Antai College of Economics and Management
Tongji University Expo Center
Research Center of Fudan University Expo
6, Media Support:
CCTV-2 Fair, Guangdong TV, Lotus Star, First Financial
7, Media Liaison Office: 21 Century Business Herald, the exhibition of wealth
8, Media cooperation:
Southern Weekend, 21st Century Business Review, New Economy, International
Business Daily, China Daily, the labor report
9, the network support:
Sohu, Sina, Xinhuanet
10, by:
Shanghai University of Engineering College of Art and Design
Davos Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Shanghai
World Expo Group Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Department
of the International Conference on
11, the General Assembly designated display equipment: Aoketanmu System
Technology Co., Ltd.
12, the General Assembly designated legal institutions: law firms in Shanghai
exchange Jin
    Forum final agenda to the "Forum Proceedings" shall
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