THE MARCH TO CIVILIZATION
Answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper.

Life as a Neanderthal (p. 26-30)

   1. Draw a picture (label with captions) of what a Neanderthal would look like.

   2. Complete PERSIAT + G (politics, economics, religion, social structure / roles, intellectual, artistry,
      technology, geography) according to Neanderthal Society. (note that some of the categories may
      have limited information)

Great Leap Forward (p. 30 – 31)
   3. What was the “Great Leap Forward?

   4. List the new innovations that emerged during this period?

   5. What effect did these new innovations have on life?

Paleolithic and Neolithic Societies (p. 31-36)
    6. Define “Paleolithic” and “Neolithic”.

   7. List and explain FIVE examples of how human societies grew in complexities during the Paleolithic

   8. How did the role of men and women differ in Paleolithic Societies?

   9. Explain how through art and religion, Paleolithic society continued to grow more complex and
      distinct. Give specific examples.

   10. List THREE distinguishing factors that brought about the Neolithic Revolution and the shift towards
       agricultural lifestyles.

   11. Describe the impact of the Neolithic Revolution.

   12. What key conclusions can be made when comparing and contrasting Neanderthal, Paleolithic and
       Neolithic societies?

Characteristics of a Civilization (p. 36-38)
   13. Which characteristic do you feel has the most profound effect on a civilization? Justify your choice.

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