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									Chartered Accountant / ACCA Introduction

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (The Association of
Chartered Certified Accountants, called ACCA)) was founded in 1904, is the
world's largest and most influential organization of professional
accountants, is also in the operation and development leading to internationalized the
fastest growing group of professional accountants. Now the world's major
countries have established branches, offices and liaison offices. A total of 160
countries in more than 300 test centers, with students and members of more than 25
million people. ACCA course comprehensive, complete and advanced skills, has been
adopted by the United Nations as a blueprint for global accounting curriculum.
Since the 9 O started, ACCA has been actively involved in China's training
of accounting professionals. Currently 12 cities in the country set up 13 test centers,
over 1,000 students each year ACCA examinations. 11 cities are: Shanghai, Beijing,
Tianjin, Wuhan, Dalian, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha, Nanjing, Fuzhou,
Chengdu and Shenyang. ACCA in Shanghai, Tianjin, Wuhan, Dalian and Guangzhou
with local universities to set up training courses, sponsorship programs and
counseling students to participate in ACCA examinations. National has seven
thousand students, members reached 500 people.


ACCA in the UK, Europe and many of the major countries in the legal qualifications
of accountants, its members can become certified public accountants, accounting firm
partners. Permitted by law, engaged in audit, tax, bankruptcy, and the implementation
of investment advisers and other professional accountants work. As an internationally
recognized professional accountants, our members are found in government, public
bodies and sectors of leadership positions such as chief financial officer, general
manager and directors.

How to obtain ACCA Membership

To become a member of ACCA, students must pass the ACCA professional
examinations and obtain 14 years of financial and accounting related work experience.
This three years relevant work experience before the examination, during, and after
cumulative, and not limited to geography, industry, company / organization properties.

How to obtain the degree

Undergraduate degree:
According to ACCA and Oxford Brookes University Credit Exchange reached an
agreement before the 9 by ACCA course, submit a paper after the passage of the
school application can be obtained an undergraduate degree in Accounting.
London School of Accountancy and is located in
[Cambridge] in the Anglia Ruskin University Anglia Ruskin University Cooperation
(formerly: Anglia Polytechnic University Anglia Polytechnic University APU is the
Chinese Ministry of Foreign regulatory net authentication university, 150 years of
history. Built in 1858, the UK East of England's largest comprehensive
institution of higher learning, the Business School is one of Britain's largest
business schools. Cambridge IELTS test center area.) opened two schools
co-application of accounting Professional Postgraduate Course (Applied Accounting),
large for ACCA graduates £ 7,200 fee remission scholarships, studying Master of
Accounting program just £ 1,500 (about 20,000 yuan RMB), a master's
degree, the British Home Office direct to 2 years UK work permit.

Exam time: Every year in June, the second week in December
Examination courses: 14 (materials and examinations are in English)

Exam application process
1 entry
a) Where is the Ministry of Education approved college education of the applicants
can apply to become an official ACCA students.
b) approved by the Ministry of Education High School Students, the first year passed
all the courses and examinations over the age of 18 can apply to become an official
ACCA students.
c) Application not meet the above qualifications applicants, while more than 21 years
of age, follow adult candidates (MSER) to apply for membership. The approach
allows students to extra-mural students as ACCA study, only the first four consecutive
two-year examination courses through the F2 and F3, the identity of participants will
be able to continue formal examination of other courses.
2, ACCA exam-free policy for China students
a) Where a Ministry of Education, the college education of students, registration can
be two courses without examination
(1.3 and 2.1). Relevant degree / qualification trainees (accounting, management,
computers, legal profession and MBA), by a specific assessment, may be exempted
from taking 2-5 courses.
b) all passed the Chinese CPA Association, 6 exam students, with six of qualified
transcripts, general certificate or membership card receive six courses of the joint
entrance examination (1.1-1.3,2.2 and 2.3).
c) The third part of all courses can not be without examination.
Application Deadline: December 15 each year (the June exams the following year)
July 31 each year (to participate in the same year the December examination)
3, registration documents to be submitted:
(Please select according to their personal situation to prepare for. If in doubt, please
call ACCA ACCA Shanghai office or the nearest office of other vertical information.)
* ID card, copy, * translation.
* Education / Degree certificate (college students are required to provide school
certification letter issued by the third year in school curriculum passed the
examination of all transcripts) original copy, * translation.
* The case management, computer, legal profession, or MBA, please submit
transcripts (stamped with the school seal) original, copy, * translation.
? English proficiency (CET-6, TOEFL 550, GMAT 550 or ITES 6.5 above) the
original, copy, * translation.
* 1 inch photos.
* £ 66 Registration fee bank draft payable to open "The Association of
Chartered Certified Accountants". Please check the bank money order
payable to the spelling. If the spelling is correct, money order invalid.
* The completed application form and complete the registration documents material
to the Shanghai office for review and hearing.
Non-Shanghai students registered Please note:
If the preparation of non-Shanghai students registered in the Shanghai office nearby,
please call ACCA Shanghai offices of a registration application form and fill out the
registration application form and send the following materials for review and
Shanghai offices can be heard.
You do not need to submit the following original documents, but required to submit
copies of official seal, this must also have the copy of your general manager or
personnel manager's signature and the endorsement comments:
"Certified true copy by * name * job title". (* Note: Fill in the
manager's name and position)
(Please select according to their personal situation to prepare for. If in doubt, please
call ACCA ACCA Shanghai office or the nearest office of other vertical information.)
4, the examination subjects for

ACCA students in every 1-2 months before the exam will receive the examination
registration notice ACCA UK, students can prepare the relevant rules and individuals
to choose to take the test subjects and test sites.

Examination Courses:
From December 2001 onwards, ACCA syllabus, outline the main emphasis of new
students to acquire the core knowledge, the first business to become competent
accountants; also required extensive knowledge, become a generalist talent, but also
to grasp the strategic financial management skills, modern business development. A
total of 14 papers, divided into three parts.
■ Part. Mainly related to basic accounting principles, the role of accounting
information and management content of the main issues, specific programs are:
1.1 The preparation of financial statements Preparing Financial Statements
1.2 Financial Information and Financial Information for Management Management
1.3 Human Resources Management Managing People
■ Part II. Covers the core of professional accountants should have professional skills,
introduce the legal environment business operations and to strengthen the accounting
aspects of key skills, specific programs are:
2.1 Information Systems Information Systems
2.2 Company Law and Commercial Law Corporate and Business Law
2.3 Corporate Tax Business Taxation
2.4 Financial Management and Control of Financial Management and Control
2.5 Financial Reporting Financial Reporting
2.6 Audit and Internal Control Audit and Internal Review
■ Part III. Focus on business strategic management of the financial staff roles,
training students the professional knowledge of the Xinxijinxing Ping Gu, and Zai
Kuang Jia professional ethics within the business proposed by He Li Jian Yi and
advice. The introduction of selective courses to students according to their nature of
work (professional practice or financial management) to select courses to strengthen
the relevant areas of knowledge. Specific programs are:
The following four courses in two options:
3.1 The audit and certification services Audit and Assurance Services
3.2 Advanced Taxation Advanced Taxation
3.3 Performance Management Performance Management
3.4 Enterprise Information Management Business Information Management
The following three core courses:
3.5 Strategic Business Planning and Development Strategic Business Planning and
Senior company reported 3.6 Advanced Corporate Reporting
3.7 Strategic Financial Management Strategic Financial Management
2007, the new outline, the structure, the new more flexible curriculum, students in the
third part of the examination, according to job Xingzhixuanze Shige's
papers turned up, make the learning closer to the career development Xuyao Geren.
Examination of specific subjects as follows:
F1 Accountant and Corporate Accountant in Business (AB)
F2 Management Accounting Management Accounting (MA)
F3 Financial Accounting Financial Accounting (FA)
F4 Corporate Law and Commercial Law Corporate and Business Law (CL)
F5 Performance Management Performance Management (PM)
F6 Taxation Taxation (TX)
F7 / Financial Reporting Financial Reporting (FR)
F8 / audit and certification services Audit and Assurance (AA)
F9 / Financial Management Financial Management (FM)
P1 / Professional Accountants Professional Accountant (PA)
P2 / company reports Corporate Reporting (CR)
P3 / Business Analysis Business Analysis (BA))
P4 / Advanced Financial Management Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
P5 / High Performance Management Advanced Performance Management (APM)
P6 / Senior Tax Advanced Taxation (ATX)
P7 / senior audit and certification services Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)

Examination Rules:
a) examination every year in June and was held in December. Student registration, the
second in March / 8, in September will receive notification ACCA exam registration,
students and individuals under the rules of the following exams to prepare candidates
to choose subjects and test sites.
b) Students are required to apply for the order of subjects, a maximum of four
candidates. Each exam time is three hours and the passing score of 50 points, 100
points out of.
c) Students must complete all registration papers after 10 years.
To enable students to apply their knowledge, ACCA students for the different
countries added to the tax and legal choices of courses.
Chinese students from the Chinese test in 1998 the tax and legal options (including
legal framework and tax structure), elections to the UK tax and law, obtained the
choices and their qualifications equate with the United Kingdom and other countries.
Furthermore, ACCA and the UK with international accounting standards for students
to choose accounting standards, the curriculum framework, including accounting,
auditing, architecture, accounting and auditing practices and financial reporting

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