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   It is the desire of Calvary SLO to glorify God by taking
   part in the great commission given by His Son, Jesus
   Christ. This set of policies is assembled in order for the
   church to be equipped to fulfill this commission in an
   orderly and God-honoring way. This church recognizes
   that the Spirit of God is not limited to any written
   policy, so His leading will over-ride any written policy.

                   Updated February 2009
Table Of Contents
   I.     Introduction To The Policies And Procedures                                                           pg. 3
              1. The Purposes o f This Policy
              2. Who This Policy Applies To
              3. How This Policy Can Be Revised
              4. The Basic Doctrinal Foundations Required Of Missionaries
              5. Definitions

   II.    Expectations for Missionaries                                                                         pg. 5
              1. The Basics
              2. The Process
              3. Missionary Care Team
              4. Finances
              5. Stewardship
              6. Communications
              7. Priorities while on the field of service
              8. Essential Logistical Considerations that must be addressed before leaving for the Field.
              9. Furlough

   III.   Financial Support Policies                                                                            pg. 8
              1. Introduction
              2. Whom does Calvary SLO support?
              3. Long Term CHURCH FAMILY sent Missions
              4. Funding Long Term Missions
              5. Follow-up action
              6. Annual Evaluation and Bi-Annual Review of Support Commitments
              7. Beginning and Ending Monthly Support
              8. Receipting
              9. Short Term Missions Activities and Special Projects
              10. Sending Agencies
              11. Honoraria for Speakers

   IV.    Missionary Care Team                                                                                  pg. 10
              1. Who is the MCT
              2. Responsibilities of a Member of the MCT

   V.     Appendices                                                                                            pg. 11
              1. Initial Interest Inquiry for Long Term Missions
              2. Missionary Application for Prospective Missionary candidates
              3. Short-Term Missions/Special Project Proposal
              4. Short-Term Missions Application
              5. Yearly Update of Missionaries/Ministries supported by Calvary SLO
              6. Missionary Care Team Members
              7. Pre-Field Arrangement
              8. CALVARYSLO Statement of Faith


1. The Purpose of this Policy
The purpose of this policy is to describe the structure and purpose of the Missions ministry of Calvary Chapel of San Luis Obispo
(CALVARYSLO). It addresses the following issues:

     1.   It clarifies the mission's goals of CALVARYSLO, including calling, training, equipping, and supporting Christians to fulfill
          the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and make disciples of all nations.
     2.   It describes the relationship of the Missions ministry to the overall ministry of CALVARYSLO.
     3.   It outlines the responsibilities of the missionary care team.
     4.   It provides guidance to prospective missionaries or ministries.
     5.   It provides instruction regarding the review of missionaries and ministries supported by CALVARYSLO.

2. Who This Policy Applies To
This policy applies to the senior pastor, the missions pastor, CALVARYSLO staff, missionary care teams, CALVARYSLO
missionaries and CALVARYSLO congregation. They shall be governed by this mission policy wherever applicable. Exceptions to
the policy can be made with the appropriate agreement of the senior pastor and leadership designated by him.

3. How This Policy Can Be Revised
This policy can be amended at any time by the senior pastor after presentation of changes to church leaders. It should be formally
and thoroughly reviewed periodically by all: missionaries, missionary care team members, all CALVARYSLO staff and the senior
pastor to determine if improvements are needed to properly serve CALVARYSLO and associated missionaries/ministries.

4. The Basic Doctrinal Foundations Required Of Missionaries
To determine doctrinal compatibility with CALVARYSLO, all supported missionary activity will agree with the mission and emphases
of CALVARYSLO including the following:

     1.   An Acts 2:42 church model; continuing steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread and in
     2.   Reliance upon the Bible as the basis for all doctrine and practice (2 Tim 3:16-17, 2 Tim 4:2), coupled with a dependence
          upon the Person and the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:4-8).
     3.   Faithfulness to the Great Commission (Mt. 28:19-20) and the Greatest Commandment (Mt 22:37-40).
     4.   A reproduction of teachers (2 Tim. 2:2) and mature believers (Eph. 4:11-16).
     5.   Agreement with the Calvary SLO Statement of Faith included in the Appendix.

5. Definitions
In order to understand this policy document please read and understand the following terms as used in this policy:

Missions: For the purposes of this policy, missions, is defined as any outreach to fulfill the Great Commission which crosses
barriers of culture, distance or language, beyond the normal sphere of influence of CALVARYSLO. CALVARYSLO recognizes that
missions takes its root meaning from the biblical term “apostle” and therefore differentiates between local evangelism and those
“sent out.” CALVARYSLO also recognizes that missions may include Missions facilitators, mercy and relief work and medical
missions. Fulfillment of the great commission includes proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, making disciples, or gathering disciples into
local congregations. For CALVARYSLO this fulfillment may involve ministry to the spiritual, physical, or social needs of people, but
the ultimate goals of salvation and Christian maturity are to be paramount.

Missionary: CALVARYSLO defines a missionary as someone who is serving as a part of a cross-cultural ministry abroad or within
our own country, beyond the normal sphere of influence of CALVARYSLO. A person living in a foreign country as a member of a
church or community is not necessarily a missionary based solely on his/her geographical location.

Missionary Candidate: CALVARYSLO defines a missionary candidate as someone who is considering serving as a missionary,
who is seeking counsel to confirm God's call, who is at some point in CALVARYSLO’s preparation for ministry (including being
active in ministry at CALVARYSLO, recognizing that one must first be doing here what they intend to do in the field), and who
desires to be supported by CALVARYSLO.

Church Family Sent Missionary: A church family sent missionary is defined as someone sent from CALVARYSLO who is serving
in a capacity consistent with the definitions above. A church family sent missionary recognizes CALVARYSLO as their home church
and remains appropriately submitted to the CALVARYSLO senior pastor.

Extended Family Sent Missionary: An extended family sent missionary is defined as a missionary whose home church is not
CALVARYSLO, but who is in the family of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that has met all the qualifications to be accepted for support by

Missionary Ministry: A missionary ministry is defined as an organization supported by CALVARYSLO which has a missions focus
consistent with CALVARYSLO, but which is not an individual or family. This may include other missionary sending agencies.

Support: In the context of this document, Support means endorsement and backing which includes prayer, encouragement,
communication, mutual accountability and, to the degree available, financial support. Although we desire to financially help all
missionaries, some missionaries may be sent and supported without a direct financial commitment from CALVARYSLO.

Long term /short term : Long term means the missionary commitment is a minimum of two years with the intention to stay longer,
or indefinitely, as the Lord leads. Short term means the missionary term commitment is one year or less.

Core Care Team / Missionary Care Team: The Core Care team consists of persons appointed by the Senior Pastor, such as the
Missions Pastor, to oversee the missions ministry and provide basic support and oversight to the missionaries, including prayer,
communication, encouragement, counsel and practical help, and reporting to the Senior Pastor and Church Board.

The Missionary Care Team are persons appointed by the missionaries to provide specific and detailed care and support, and are
the missionaries responsibility to maintain. It is recognized that long term missionaries need a MCT, short term missionaries may
find they can be adequately served by the Core Care Team.


At CALVARYSLO we do not believe “one size fits all “ for a missionary definition or the specific policies and procedures that should
be applied to each. We do believe that precise, detailed policies and procedures lessen confusion and misunderstanding and help
us serve the missionary better,

For convenience in applying policies and procedures, three types of missionaries are established and each has slightly different

          •Long term Church Family Missionaries have the highest expectations and responsibility for accountability. All of
          the expectations and requirements below apply to them.

          •Short term Church Family Missionaries have the same expectations as long term missionaries except the CARE
          Team, Furlough and Finances (short term missionaries may be endorsed and sent but not always with a specific financial
          support commitment from CALVARYSLO),

          •Long term Extended Family Missionaries are expected to fulfill the expectations for Communication,
          Stewardship and Priorities. We recognize that for these missionaries their sending Church or agency likely has
          requirements and expectations that would supercede the other expectation topics that we apply to Church Family

All missionaries may expect CALVARYSLO to:
           •Remain in contact with them and be responsive to their communications
          • Display appropriate newsletters and prayer cards at fellowship times
          • Pray for their needs diligently
          • Provide practical assistance and encouragement, including visits to the missionary in the field, as resources of time and
          money allow.
          •Prayerfully consider all requests for financial assistance as needs arise.
          •Prayerfully consider requests by the Missionary to speak at CALVARYSLO functions

Long term Church Family Missionaries

CALVARYSLO considers its missionaries as ambassadors for Jesus Christ and thus expects them to comply with biblical
standards. In general, all missionaries sent by and supported by CALVARYSLO are considered similar to staff and thus
are held to a same highs standards of being blameless and above reproach, as defined by scripture and as applicable to
the culture they serve in.

2. The Process
All prospective supported missionaries will fill out an initial interest inquiry (see appendix). The senior pastor and other church
leadership will review this screening tool along with additional input as appropriate to determine whether the candidate is
satisfactorily prepared for his or her intended ministry. The senior pastor or a leader appointed by him, will serve as a coordinator to
help the missionary candidate proceed. If the candidate is ready to proceed, a missionary application (see appendix) will be
completed. This missionary application will then be reviewed together by church leadership at and the candidate. A meeting will be
held including the senior pastor, or the coordinator appointed by him, and other church leaders to form a plan of preparation. This
plan's recommendations will be communicated in writing to the candidate. Prior to departure, all recommendations must be adhered
and a pre-field arrangement form (see appendix), completed.

3. Missionary Care Team
The missionary is responsible to prayerfully develop a team of people committed to addressing the issues of logistical support,
financial support, prayer support, communication and moral support, and re-entry support (see appendix, Care Team Members).
Ideally five to seven different people will fill these roles according to their gifting and relationship to the missionary. One of those
must be identified as a care team leader and liaison. He or she can be the main contact in CALVARYSLO for the missionary.
He/she will represent the missionary to the congregation and senior pastor as necessary. If one of the care team members is
unable to continue in his or her position then this member should be replaced. If an area that the care team member coordinates is
weakened over time the coordinator for that area, or overall designated coordinator should be committed to prayerfully increasing
interest in the area he/she coordinates. Individuals from outside CALVARYSLO may be considered as members of the care team.
CALVARYSLO views the care team as a critical link to the missionaries in the field and therefore holds these position at a very high
standard. Final approval of care team members will be decided by the senior pastor.

4. Finances
Estimates for start up and ongoing costs will be provided by the candidate. CALVARYSLO reserves the right to do its own inquiry
and cost estimate as appropriate. At the appropriate time the missionary candidate will submit a written request for funding from

CALVARYSLO. See the process described above. As part of the plan laid out in preparation, the missionary candidate will
probably include the need for the missionary to raise support with interested individuals who have a shared vision. A policy of full
information and no solicitation will be suggested. Every effort should be made to help donors see that they are not only supporting
the missionary but the work that the Lord is doing through the missionary. CALVARYSLO will not be in the position of telling people
to support particular ministries or missionaries, but the church may educate the congregation about the work God is doing and
individuals may want to participate in that work financially. Appropriate avenues to raise individual support at CALVARYSLO may
               1. The opportunity to share if invited by the senior pastor.
               2. The distribution of an (approved by the senior pastor) letter outlining the vision for ministry.
               3. Personal sharing at home fellowship groups or special classes.
               4. Networking with friends outside CALVARYSLO who wish to participate with the Lord in the missionaries’

5. Stewardship
It is expected that the missionary will have the attitude that only the Lord can supply the finances and that "where God guides, He
provides". Additionally as He does provide it is expected that the missionary will be a good steward of all gifts and will in no way
become sloppy in the use of kingdom resources. Family sent missionaries are expected to keep accurate records of ministry
finances and if appropriate, produce them for review by the CALVARYSLO senior pastor or his appointee.

CALVARYSLO will not send a missionary onto their mission field without adequate support for start-up and ongoing expenses.
CALVARYSLO will not recommend purchasing plane tickets or making specific time commitments until the necessary support
arrangements have been made. If while on the field a sent missionary of CALVARYSLO has a financial shortfall, CALVARYSLO
may consider raising the church support to the missionary for a short time. However, if this continues for a period of three months in
a six month period, CALVARYSLO may recommend or require that the sent missionary return home to raise additional support. The
missionary care team may also pursue the raising of adequate support.

6. Communications
CALVARYSLO recommends regular communication between missionaries the church and supporters. Before departing for the field
the CALVARYSLO requires that three newsletters be sent to supporters. Once on the field, it is expected that the missionary will be
in some form of contact with the communications member of their missionary care team at least quarterly and preferably monthly.
This communication can be written snail-mail, e-mail, or telephone/fax and can be varied. Failure of regular communication may
result in the loss of support from individuals or CALVARYSLO. Either the missionary (or the missionary care team designate as
arranged in advance) should then communicate with all prayer supporters and interested parties.

If the CALVARYSLO Missions Pastor is not able to obtain a clear picture of the missionary's activity (ministry blessings, current
struggles, continuing plans, etc.) for longer than one quarter, the missionary will be notified that his/her/their relationship with
CALVARYSLO is in jeopardy. The senior pastor, or a coordinator chosen by him, will contact the missionary to help him/ her/ them
see that CALVARYSLO cannot continue to endorse the ministry on the field unless regular communication is improved.

CALVARYSLO recommends that the missionary communicate regularly with financial donors. The CALVARYSLO policy of full
information and no solicitation will apply. It will be at the discretion of the missionary or agency as to whether or not to provide
information about the specific donation amounts made by each donor. If the finances are handled through an agency it will be the
agency policy that determines how finances are handled.

           As described in the financial section a yearly report is required by November 1st (see appendix).

7. Priorities while on the Field of Service
There will always be more to do than the missionary on the field is able to do. It is important, therefore, that communications help
CALVARYSLO see that the missionary is endeavoring to continue to have the priorities that the Lord has for His kingdom. While all
ministries may not be in a church planting model, it is important that the ultimate goal of the mission work is spiritually vibrant and
not only physical relief. It is understood that the gospel must be shared in a culturally relevant and politically correct fashion,
however, one must still keep "the main thing (the gospel) the main thing (focus and ultimate goal of ministry)." If a missionary has a
substantial change in his job description, purpose, location, or doctrinal stand CALVARYSLO must be informed. In some
circumstances, the senior pastor or his representative will visit the missionary within every two year term to provide pastoral care
and to provide accountability.

8. Essential Logistical Considerations
There are several logistical details that must be considered before departure. Most of these will be discussed with the logistical
person on the missionary care team and/or worked through with the sending agency. They may also be a part of the preparation
plan but they need to be stated here so that it is clear that CALVARYSLO has expectations about these matters:
           1. Financial/Legal Affairs:
                    a. Outgoing expenses
                    b. Monthly budget
                    c. Transfer of funds
                    d. How donors designate gifts
                    e. Receipting of donations
                    f. Taxes
                    g. Retirement funds

                    h. Ongoing expenses requiring stateside management
                    i. Power of attorney

          2. Family affairs:
                    a. Education of children on the field.
                    b. Education of children in the States upon return.
                    c. Communication with extended family, particularly aging parent(s), plan in case of an emergency / health
                    d. Provisions for unexpected occurrences.
                    e. Health-care/medical insurance.
                    f. Evacuation.
                    g. Kidnapping.
                    h. Death/management of remains.
                    i. Current Last Will and Testaments to include care of children in event of death of both parents.

Note: every missionary sent out from CalvarySLO must have health insurance that is valid in the country of service. In
many countries, national health insurance is available and should be carefully researched in advance. Where it is not, international
insurance is recommended. These policies can cover USA also for more cost. It is recommended the policy include flying your
remains to the USA if you determine your family desires that, and possibly medical emergency air evacuation.

9. Furlough
Before a family sent missionary leaves for the field, a furlough plan must be agreed upon and be part of the plan of preparation.
Though a furlough is required before the end of any two-year period in the field, the exact furlough plans made before departing for
the first term will not be binding. Furlough plans made before departure will serve only as a guide. A portion of the plan of
preparation will address how the cross-cultural ministry will continue during furlough and funding for furloughs. A first term furlough
should not be less than one month. At the discretion of the senior pastor, for training or counseling, a much longer furlough may be
required. A furlough plan for second and subsequent terms will be submitted to CALVARYSLO before returning to the field.


1. Introduction
The amount and type of financial CALVARYSLO might provide will support vary depending upon whether the missionary has been
sent out by CALVARYSLO, is married or single, the type of work that is being done and the specific needs of the individual
missionary. It is not the intention of CALVARYSLO to be a church that just sends out missionaries with financial contributions, but
wants to be actively involved in a two-way relationship between the missionaries and the congregation. This applies to family sent
missionaries, extended family missionaries and missionary ministries CALVARYSLO may support.

2. Whom does Calvary SLO support?
CALVARYSLO is committed to raising up those from within the CALVARYSLO congregation to serve in missions. CALVARYSLO
places a priority on missionaries with a long term commitment. Therefore, those who are a part of CALVARYSLO are given high
priority for support consideration as Church Familly sent Missionaries. Candidates and ministries from elsewhere will be considered
as led by the Holy Spirit. Support will only be given as a missionary candidate meets all the requirements in this policy and can be
revoked for non-compliance.

3. Long Term CHURCH FAMILY sent Missions
All requests for monthly financial support from CALVARYSLO must be submitted in writing to the senior pastor. This proposal will
include start up costs, monthly support needs and a completed financial statement and budget (see appendix) of the missionary
candidate’s personal financial situation. In order for monthly support to be considered for continuation an annual financial report
must be submitted (see appendix). It is inappropriate for missionaries and missionary candidates to use any type of church directory
or congregation list to solicit support. Though there will be counsel from the missions pastor and elders, the final decision for
support rests on the senior pastor.

4. Funding Long Term Missions
Factors upon which recommendations may be made include the following:

     1.   Has the person/family completed the process of inquiring about missions, and presenting his/her/their vision to the church
     2.   What steps have been taken to complete the training recommended?
     3.   Are the requests reasonable? What research has been done to verify this?
     4.   Have the needs already been met elsewhere?
     5.   Does the person/family clearly understand (and can they articulate) what is expected of them by CALVARYSLO?

5. Follow-up action
A written response will be provided to candidates. Every effort will be made to do this in a timely manner though decisions may only
be possible on a quarterly basis. Denied requests may be resubmitted after at least six months when more of the criteria above
have been met.

6. Annual Evaluation and Bi-Annual Review of Support Commitments
CALVARYSLO will perform an evaluation of each recipient of monthly support during the fall quarter of each year. Criteria used in
review will include compliance with this policy, demonstrable spiritual fruit from the missionary endeavors and when feasible, a visit
with the missionary on the field. Decisions regarding support commitments for the following year are based on this evaluation.
Recommendations from the missionary and the sending agency (if appropriate) will be considered in the reevaluation. A yearly
report from missionaries/ministries supported by CALVARYSLO (see appendix) will be due by Novemebr 1 of each year. A similar
report will be completed by the Missions Pastor. These are required from each supported missionary to assist the evaluation

Missionary financial support decisions will include input from several sources, but the decision ultimately rests with the senior pastor.

7. Beginning and Ending Monthly Support
CALVARYSLO will notify a missionary in writing about the approval of a support request. At that time additional information may be
necessary to determine the specific dates of departure, preparations for departure, etc. as well as the specific amount of support
(updated budgets, fund raising efforts, etc). When all necessary information has been provided, CALVARYSLO will notify any
monthly supported missionary in writing of the specific financial support commitment and the date of the first support check.
Support will begin when the missionary leaves for the field, or earlier as determined by the senior pastor.
CALVARYSLO will notify any monthly supported missionary in writing of a decision to cease support. Every effort will be made to
notify the missionary at least 60 days in advance. Causes of termination may include the following:
      1. Changes in ministry activity.

     2.   Changes in agency affiliation.
     3.   Deviation from CALVARYSLO 's doctrinal foundations.
     4.   Incompetence or moral problems.
     5.   Failure to fulfill responsibilities.
     6.   Reallocation of Extended Family Sent Missionary funds to accommodate Family Sent Missionaries going to the field.

8. Missionaries are not Employees of the Church
By agreeing to send the Missionary and receive support funds from others to disperse to the missionary the Church is not an
employer and the missionary is not an employee. The missionary is an independent contractor and will receive a 1099 form at the
yearend that shows the total funds sent to the missionary from the Church (see also Sending Agencies, below). The church must
retain full discretion in the allocation of funds given to the church under its tax exempt status. For example, funds given by persons
toward a missionary enterprise that does not come about cannot be returned to the giver.

9. Short Term Missions Activities and Special Projects
CALVARYSLO will encourage members of the congregation to be involved in short term missions activities and/or special projects
that are originated by or endorsed by the church leaders, MCT and family sent missionaries. In order for a short-term mission or
special project to be endorsed by CALVARYSLO, a project proposal form (see appendix) must be submitted within reasonable time
to review. The project proposal is subject to approval by the senior pastor.

A portion of the Missions budget may be designated for short-term missions activities and/or special projects. Some of this may be
used for the expenses of the designated leader. Generally CALVARYSLO does not fund individual costs for short-term missions
activities and special projects. Exceptions may include a person or a team working as an agent for CALVARYSLO, or situations
were a quick response is needed.

Each participant of a short-term mission activity must complete a Short Term Missions Application Form (see appendix.).

10. Sending Agencies
Missionaries may go to the field under the auspices and organization of an approved sending agency, separate from
CALVARYSLO. The following criteria may be used to evaluate agencies:
     1. CALVARYSLO will work in partnership with the sending agency, but it will remain the sending and home church of the
     2. The sending agency may help with missions mobilization and education within CALVARYSLO and be able to meet
          training and bookkeeping deficits by CALVARYSLO.
     3. There must be accord with CALVARYSLO 's statement of faith.
     4. The senior pastor must approve the choice of the sending agency offered by the missions candidate.

11. Honoraria for Speakers
Missions related speakers may receive honoraria as decided ahead of time by the senior pastor. Actual expenses for guest
speakers should be covered. Free-will offerings will not be taken, though individuals may give as led. A missionary or family sent
missionary will not be given honoraria, though actual expenses may be covered.


A Missions Care Team (MCT) will be established by the missionary to assist and provide various types of support and make
decisions regarding individual missionaries in consultation with the Mission Pastor. Each family sent missionary from
CALVARYSLO must establish a MCT before departure. There are further details in the next section for expectations regarding long-
term missionaries.

Who is on the MCT?
The MCT must be established by the missionary candidate(s) at least three months before departure. The members of the MCT will
be selected by or approved by the missionary candidates with final approval being given by the senior pastor. One team member
will serve as the MCT liaison between the missions pastor or his designated representative overseeing the Core Care Team and
CALVARYSLO Missions, the missionaries and the MCT. All members of the MCT should read “Serving as Senders” by Neal Pirolo
and use the book’s model as the basis for the team. Since the MCT is considered working in ministry at CALVARYSLO the
following criteria will be used:
           1. Faithful (2 Timothy 2:2).
           2. An Example (1 Timothy 4:12).
           3. A Team Player (Phil 1:27).
           4. A Servant (Matthew 20:25-28).
           5. A Consistent Giver (Luke 16:10-11).

Core Care Team Responsibilities
The MCT members, through the MCT liaison shall keep the missions pastor, or his designated representative overseeing the Core
Care Team and CALVARYSLO Missions, and thus the congregation, updated on missions issues and current news affecting the
missionaries in the field. The MCT may be asked by the Core Care Team to assist in maintaining a missions bulletin/display board
with information, holding prayer meetings and helping to distribute, through normal policy and procedures, missionary newsletters or
other information to the congregation.


Contents of Appendices
Initial Interest Inquiry for long term missions

Missionary Application for prospective Missionary candidates

Short-Term Missions / Special Project Proposal

Short-Term Missions Application

Yearly Update of Missionaries / Ministries Supported by CALVARYSLO

Care Team Members

Pre-Field Arrangements

Calvary SLO Statement of Faith

Initial Interest Inquiry for Long Term Missions.
Purpose: This form is for those who feel that the Lord may be leading them to be involved in missions so that CALVARYSLO
missions committee will begin to understand the interest and be able to assist as the Lord leads.

Please complete the following, (you may continue on the back or use additional paper if needed):

Name_______________________________                                       Date:_____________
Phone number:__________________
best time to call__________________

1. Have you completed other ministry applications, i.e. children’s ministry, worship ministry, etc. and
   have it on file with Calvary Chapel of San Luis Obispo?     _____yes _____no.
   Which one(s)?_______________________________________________________________________________________

2. Describe your current walk with the Lord.)?________________________________________________________________

3. What do you believe you are called to do in missions?)?______________________________________________________

1.   Give a brief description of how the Lord has led you to consider participating in missionary activity.
     Please list any missions/cross cultural training or experience that you have had, including any "short-   term" missions trips you
     may have taken.

*Upon receiving this form, you will be contacted by the senior pastor or his representative. The next step will be either the
completion of a Missionary Application and/or an interview with the senior pastor or his representative.

Missionary Application for Prospective Missionary
Purpose: to provide introductory information to CALVARYSLO regarding the vision and plans of prospective missionary candidates

Name____________________________ Date__________
Male( ) Female( )                  Birth date (mm/dd/yy)___________
City____________________ State___________ Zip________
Home Phone_____________ Home E-Mail_____________
Married Yes( ) No( ) Name of Spouse_____________________
Names/Ages of Children_______________________________

Type of Work_______________________________________
Work Phone_____________Length of Employment___________

Please complete the following questions using additional paper if necessary.

1. Please describe the general nature of the missionary endeavor in which you are interested/involved, as
   well as when you anticipate actually beginning.

2. Please tell us how and when you became Christian.

3. Please describe your church affiliation, including how long you have fellowshipped at your church(es).

4. Please describe any ministry and missions experiences in which you have been involved.

5. Please describe your level of agreement with the CALVARYSLO Statement of Faith (attached);

          ( ) Full agreement without any reservations
          ( ) Disagreement with portions. Please explain.

6. Please briefly state your beliefs on the following:
         A. What is the significance of water baptism?

          B. What is the significance of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and gifts of the Holy Spirit?

          C. What are the reasons for trials and illness? Are all healed?

          D. Is Jesus divine? What is the nature of the Trinity?

          E. Please describe the Rapture and its relation to the tribulation.

          F. How is someone saved and how can one be sure they are saved?

7. Please describe your experiences leading you to consider this missions endeavor. How has God
   prepared you for this future work?

8. Please describe your strengths and weaknesses.

9. Please describe the kind of assistance you anticipate that CALVARYSLO may provide to you?

10. Have you been in contact with any Missions agencies or have any thoughts about the specific plan to get to the field?

11. Are you in complete agreement with the Missions policies of CALVARYSLO? Have you been involved with Missions related
activities at CALVARYSLO?

12. Please let us know of anything else you consider significant as we consider your request for assistance.

Short-Term Missions / Special Project Proposal
Purpose: Provide a tool by which to evaluate the appropriateness of endorsement and/or support by CALVARYSLO of short-term
missions activities or special missions-related projects. Please complete the following information so that church leaders will have
a clear understanding of the short-term project and can make a determination to endorse and/or participate in funding the activity.

Coordinator of the Activity:_____________________________
Person to contact:__________________________________
Contact persons phone number:______________best time to call______

1. Please describe the proposed activity. Be as specific as you can about the activity, dates, participants,
   supplies needed, etc.

2. What preparation has been done so far?

3. In your own words tell how this activity will contribute to the Lord’s work in advancing His gospel?

4. Do you have any thoughts about how this activity can help shape the vision or advance the spiritual
   growth of those involved at CALVARYSLO?

5. How can CALVARYSLO participate with you?

Annual Update Form For Missionaries or Ministries
Supported by CALVARYSLO
Purpose: To provide a tool by which we can update awareness of and evaluate missionaries and ministries supported by Calvary
Chapel of San Luis Obispo. This form should be completed for the calendar year preceding and submitted to Calvary Chapel of San
Luis Obispo by March 31st of each year.


Date:________________________ Field of Service _____________________

Mission Agency if appropriate (include address/phone #):




Address/Phone/FAX/Email on the field:_______________________________



Is it important that one is careful of wording when communicating to the field?

___yes ____no. Please explain ____________________________________


Name/Phone # of Care Team Contact person:_________________________


Please answer the following questions. Use a separate sheet of paper if necessary.
What were your goals for last year?

How did the Lord help you reach them?

What are your goals for next year? (Please be specific and measurable. For example—I plan to start a bible study and
meet weekly, versus, I plan to lead people to the Lord.)

What has the Lord led you to do to reach these goals?

Please attach a detailed budget by month.

How can we pray for you?

What else would you like us to know?

Care Team Information Sheet

Purpose: To help prospective missionary care team members and prospective missionaries understand the roles and
responsibilities involved in serving as a care team member. Ideally, for long-term missionaries one person or couple should be
designated and committed to fulfilling care team member roles for each care area described on behalf of the missionary on the field.
In some cases the MCT may be fewer persons, subject to approval by the missions pastor.

Responsibilities include general oversight and coordination of the missionary care team. This person will also be the primary contact
with the missions pastor.

Ephesians 6:18
Responsibilities include receiving and providing to the missions pastor information from the missionary for prayer meetings and
initiating appropriate missionary care team prayer chain phone calls. Providing prayer items from "home" to the missionary is also
part of the role of this person. Necessary gifts include being a prayer warrior. Discretion may be needed regarding what should and
should not be shared with others.

Joshua 1:9
Responsibilities include looking out for the moral condition of the missionary. This may include active listening and allowing the
missionary to openly share his/her thoughts and feelings. This may also involve encouraging simplicity in ministry goals and
lifestyle, as well as maintaining accountability with regard to personal devotions and Christian walk. Necessary gifts include
discernment about when to listen and when to give advice. Discretion is also necessary in what should and should not be shared
with others. This position may be combined with another depending on the gifts of the individual and the composition of the team.

Philippians 3:19
Responsibilities include sending and receiving personal letters, faxes, e-mails, telephone calls, and sending care packages.
Requires awareness of any communication restrictions or guidelines of the country, especially "creative access" countries. This
person will have to communicate with other members of the Care Team, as necessary.

2 Timothy 4:13
Responsibilities include assisting with financial and legal things such as income taxes, health or life insurance payments, licenses
and credentials, wills, access to bank and savings accounts, storage of possessions, and helping with the acquisition and
transportation of things such as home-schooling or ministry supplies. Necessary gifts include diligence and concern for detail,
punctuality, and sound business practice.

Philippians 4:10-12
Responsibilities include keeping the missionary care team and senior pastor or his designated overseer aware of on-going, one-
time, and urgent unexpected financial needs of the missionaries. Responsibilities also include working with the missionary
candidate to find creative, long-lasting ways of providing financial support for the missionary, and asking people to make
commitments to support the missionary financially with one-time or regular monthly gifts. Encouragement of prayer and
communication support is also critical from financial supporters.

Acts 14:28
Responsibilities include preparations for when the missionary returns permanently or temporarily, to re-integrate their new identity
and lifestyle into their new environment, to help them share their experiences, and to assist with practical issues upon their return.
This can include arrangement of appointments for health care and missions agencies, and arrangements for things such as
schooling for children, housing, employment, and transportation.

Pre-Field Arrangements Form

Purpose: To provide clarification of proposed activities and arrangements, including preparation and ministry plans.

1. Before you leave for the field please complete this form so that we will have a clear record of the specifics related to you your
missionary service.

Name:_________________________________ Birthday________________

Name of spouse:_________________________ Birthday_______________

Date of wedding anniversary:____________________________________

Children:_______________________________ Birthday_______________

Children:_______________________________ Birthday_______________

Children:_______________________________ Birthday_______________

If not all of your children will be accompanying you to the field please leave their contact information:

Name _________________________________ Phone _________________

Address ________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip ___________________________________________________

2. Name and address of your Missions agency if appropriate:

3. All funds designated for your ministry should be sent to:

          Name of Organization ____________________________________________

          Address _________________________________________________________

          City/State/Zip ____________________________________________________

          Phone ___________________________ Fax __________________________

4. Your Care Team is composed of the following coordinators:

MCT Leader _______________________________                                phone_________________

Prayer ___________________________________                                phone_________________

Logistics _________________________________                               phone_________________

Moral Support ____________________________                                phone _________________

Finances _________________________________                                phone _________________

Communication ____________________________                                phone _________________

Re-entry _________________________________                                phone _________________

The primary contact person from the list above is:


5. Do you understand the requirements to communicate with Calvary SLO?

______yes ______no

6. Do you understand what is expected for an annual report?

______yes ______no

7. Have you covered emergency procedures with the logistics person and/or contact person and are they documented somewhere
in case of an emergency?

______yes ______no

           Where are they documented? _______________________________________________________

8. Anticipated date of departure:___________________________________________________

9. Anticipated date of return (if known):_____________________________________________

10.   Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

Short Term Missions Application

Name, as it appears on passport: ___________________________________________________

Passport number:________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Telephone _____________________ e-mail _________________________________________

Person to contact in case of emergency: ______________________________________________

Emergency contact’s telephone:__________________ e-mail: ___________________________

Emergency contact’s address: _____________________________________________________

Secondary contact in case of emergency: _____________________________________

Secondary contact’s telephone:__________________ e-mail: ____________________________

Secondary contact’s address: ______________________________________________________

Do you have any special needs that the team leader needs to be aware of? ___________________


Have you traveled outside the United States before? ____________________________________

If so, when and were? ____________________________________________________________


Do you have previous short-term missions experience? Please explain when and were:



Do you have a particular skill, gift or ministry that you feel lead to use while in the mission field?



How are your foreign language skills? Please rate yourself one to five. One would be essentially no knowledge and five would be
fluent or near fluent. A five would also mean you could translate a Bible message or sermon.


Have you prayed about your role in this ministry? Have you asked others to pray for you?


Please use the back of this application or attach another sheet of paper with a short essay that addresses
these three points;
1) Your testimony and current walk,
2) Why you desire to go and serve in on a short term mission?
3) What do you hope to accomplish? Please do not be intimidated by this essay. It can be as short as a
few sentences and certainly does not need to be longer than one page.

The Calvary SLO Statement of Faith.

      Calvary Chapel has been formed as a fellowship of believers in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Our supreme desire is to
      know Christ and be conformed to His image by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are not a denominational church, nor are
      we opposed to denominations as such, only to their over-emphasis of the doctrinal differences that have led to the division
      of the Body of Christ.

      We believe the only true basis of Christian fellowship is Christ's Agape love, which is greater than any differences we possess and
      without which we have no right to claim ourselves Christians.

      We believe worship of God should be spiritual. Therefore, we remain flexible and yielded to the leading of the Holy Spirit to direct our
      We believe worship of God should be inspirational. Therefore, we give great place to music in our worship.
      We believe worship of God should be intelligent. Therefore, our services are designed with great emphasis upon the teaching of the
      Word of God that He might instruct us how He should be worshipped.
      We believe worship of God should be fruitful. Therefore, we look for His love in our lives as the supreme manifestation that we have truly
      been worshipping Him.
      We believe in all the basic doctrines of historic Christianity.
      We believe in the inerrancy of Scripture, that the Bible, Old and New Testaments are the inspired, infallible Word of God.
      We believe that God is eternally existent in three distinct persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
      We believe that God is the personal, transcendent, and sovereign Creator of all things.
      We believe that Jesus Christ is fully God and fully human, that He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, provided for the atonement of
      our sins by His substitutionary death on the cross, was bodily raised from the dead, ascended back to the right hand of the Father, and ever
      lives to make intercession for us.
      We believe in the personal, visible, and pre-millennial second coming of Jesus Christ to the earth. He will return with His saints and set
      up a kingdom of which there will be no end.
      After Jesus ascended to Heaven, He poured out His Holy Spirit on the believers in Jerusalem, enabling them to fulfill His command to
      preach the Gospel to the entire world, an obligation shared by all believers today.
      We believe that all people are, by nature, separated from God and responsible for their own sin, but that salvation, redemption, and
      forgiveness are freely offered to all by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. When a person repents of sin and accepts Jesus Christ as
      personal Savior and Lord, trusting Him to save, that person is immediately born again and sealed by the Holy Spirit, all his/her sins are
      forgiven, and that person becomes a child of God, destined to spend eternity with the Lord.
      We believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit mentioned in the Scriptures, and that they are valid for today if they are exercised within the
      scriptural guidelines. We as believers are to covet the best gifts, seeking to exercise them in love that the whole Body of Christ might be
      edified. We believe that love is more important than the most spectacular gifts, and without this love all exercise of spiritual gifts is


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