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									                              EHS Document Control Register
Only documents in web page format located on the DNSeWeb Safety Site are controlled documents. All
other copies are uncontrolled and should be checked against those on the Safety Site to ensure correct
revision number.


                                                            W1=Word, W2=Web, P=PDF, E=Excel, DB=Access Database

 Document #      Level I,                  Document Title                Created Date;        Revision; Last     Comments
                II, III, or           (C) = DNSE Confidential               Owner           Revised Date; Next
                    IV                                                                        Revision Date
 Programs, Policies, & Plans
Saf-P-000                   Safety Strategic Plan                       2/05; M. Lawrence   A; 11/05; 11/06      W2
Saf-P-001                   EHS Program Overview                        M. Lawrence                              W2
Saf-P-002            I      DNSE Safety Program (Table of Contents)     1/99; M. Lawrence   C; 1/06; 1/07        W2
Saf-P-002-01         I       Introduction                                        “                    “          W2
Saf-P-002-02         I       General Safety                                      “                    “          W2
Saf-P-002-03         I       Office Safety                                       “                    “          W2
Saf-P-002-04         I       Fab Safety (New)                                    “                    “          W2
Saf-P-002-05         I       Electrical Safety                                   “                    “          W2
Saf-P-002-06         I       Lockout/Tagout                                      “                    “          W2
Saf-P-002-07         I       Confined Space Program                              “                    “          W2
Saf-P-002-08         I       Personal Protective Equipment                       “                    “          W2
Saf-P-002-09         I       Chemical Safety (New)                               “                    “          W2
Saf-P-002-10         I       Respiratory Protection                              “                    “          W2
Saf-P-002-11         I       Hearing Conservation Program (New)                  “                    “          W2
Saf-P-002-12         I       Fire/Life Safety                                    “                    “          W2
Saf-P-002-13         I       Emergency Preparedness                              “                    “          W2
Saf-P-002-14         I       Safety Training                                     “                    “          W2
Saf-P-002-15         I       Hazard Communication                                “                    “          W2
Saf-P-002-16         I       Laser/UV Safety (New)                               “                    “          W2
Saf-P-002-17         I       Ergonomics                                          “                    “          W2
Saf-P-002-18         I       Safety Committee                                    “                    “          W2
Saf-P-003                   Document Control Procedure                  5/05; M. Lawrence   A; 11/05; 11/06      W2
Saf-P-004            I      Business Continuation Plan (BCP)            M. Lawrence
Saf-P-004-01                 BCP Supporting Documents
Saf-P-004-02                    Recall List (C)
Saf-P-004-03                    Parts Order Flow
Saf-P-004-04                   Inventory Request Form
Saf-P-004-05                  System Outage Order Procedure
Saf-P-004-06                   Bender Sole Source
Saf-P-004-07                  IT Disaster Recovery Procedures (C)
Saf-P-004-08                  IT Network Devices (C)
Saf-P-004-09                  IT Equipment Supplier List (C)
Saf-P-004-10                  IT Servers and Routers (C)
Saf-P-004-11                  IT Iron Mountain Authorization List (C)
Saf-P-004-12                  IT Iron Mountain Information
Saf-P-004-13                  IT How to Restore Data (C)
Saf-P-004-14                  IT Rebuild of the Network (C)
 Document #     Level I,                   Document Title               Created Date;      Revision; Last     Comments
               II, III, or            (C) = DNSE Confidential              Owner         Revised Date; Next
                   IV                                                                      Revision Date
Saf-P-004-15                   DNS Emergency Management Policy
Saf-P-004-16                   Exercise Evaluation Form
Saf-P-005                    Emergency Action Plans
Saf-P-005-01                  Carrollton
Saf-P-005-02                  Sunnyvale
Saf-P-005-03                  Manassas
Saf-P-005-04                  Milwaukie
Saf-P-005-05                  Burlington
Saf-P-005-06                  Fishkill
Saf-P-005-07                  Boise

Saf-P-006                    Recycling & Environmental Policy

Saf-P-007                    Employee EHS Recognition & Awards

Saf-M-001                    Contractor Safety Manual               M. Lawrence
Saf-M-002                    Incident Investigation Manual          M. Lawrence
Saf-M-003                    Hazard & Risk Assessment Manual        M. Lawrence
Saf-M-004                    Inspections & Audits Manual            M. Lawrence
Saf-M-005                    Robot Safety Manual
Saf-M-006                    Integrated Safety Management System    2/05; M. Lawrence    A- 11/05             W2
Saf-M-007                    Supervisor’s Safety Meeting Manual     M. Lawrence
Saf-M-008                    DNSE Respiratory Protection Manual     M. Lawrence
Saf-M-009                    PPE Use, Inspection, and Care Manual
Saf-M-010                    First Aid and CPR Manual
Saf-M-011                    Chemical Safety Manual
Saf-M-012                    Medical Records Management Manual

Saf-F-000                    Ergonomics Assessments
Saf-F-000-1                     Field Worker                        3/06; M. Lawrence
Saf-F-000-2                     Office Worker                       3/06; M. Lawrence
Saf-F-000-3                     Warehouse Worker                    3/06; M. Lawrence
Saf-F-001                    Job Safety Assessment
Saf-F-002                    Hazard Notification & Action
Saf-F-003                    Workplace Inspection                    4/06; M. Lawrence   A- 4/06
Saf-F-004                    Chemical Safety Assessment
Saf-F-005                    Equipment Safety Assessment
Saf-F-006                    Accident/Incident Report
Saf-F-007                    Incident Investigation Form             4/06; M. Lawrence   A- 4/06
Saf-F-008                    Workers Comp Form
Saf-F-009                    Safety Suggestion
Saf-F-010                    Lessons Learned
Saf-F-011                    Safety Program Audit
Saf-F-012                    Chemical Inventory List                 4/06; M. Lawrence   A- 4/06
Saf-F-013                    Confined Space Entry
Saf-F-014                    Contractor Request & Agreement
 Document #       Level I,                   Document Title               Created Date;     Revision; Last     Comments
                 II, III, or            (C) = DNSE Confidential              Owner        Revised Date; Next
                     IV                                                                     Revision Date

 Site-Specific Document Templates
Saf-SS-001               Chemical Inventory
Saf-SS-002               Confined Space Program
Saf-SS-003               Emergency Action Plan
Saf-SS-004               Ergonomics Program & Checklist
Saf-SS-005               Hazcom Audit Form
Saf-SS-006               Job Description: Site Safety Coordinator
Saf-SS-007               Ladder Policy
Saf-SS-008               Respiratory Protection Policy
Saf-SS-009               PPE Policy
Saf-SS-010               Risk Assessment Policy
Saf-SS-011               Task Planning Policy
Saf-SS-012               Worksite Inspection Policy
Saf-SS-013               Confined Spaces Inventory
Saf-SS-014               Hazcom Policy

 Training Materials
SD-001                         Overview of DNSE Safety Program                                                 W2
SD-002                         Safety for Managers                                                             W2
SD-003                         Chemical Hazards                                                                W2
SD-004                         Incident and Accident Investigations                                            W2
SD-005                         Introduction to Safety Committees                                               W2
SD-006                         Fire Prevention, Emergency Preparedness,                                        W2
                               and Fire Extinguisher Use
SD-007                         Hazard Communication                                                            W2
SD-008                         Fall Protection and Ladder Safety                                               W2
SD-009                         PPE and Material Handling                                                       W2
SD-010                         Electrical Safety                                                               W2
SM-001                         Accident Investigation
SM-002                         Back Safety
SM-003                         Basics of Ergonomics
SM-004                         Confined Space Entry
SM-005                         Defensive Driving-Passenger Vehicles
SM-006                         Lockout/Tagout-Take Control
SM-007                         Respiratory Protection

 DNSE Newsletter Articles

 SafetySpin Newsletters (quarterly editions)
 Document #     Level I,               Document Title                  Created Date;       Revision; Last      Comments
               II, III, or        (C) = DNSE Confidential                 Owner          Revised Date; Next
                   IV                                                                      Revision Date

Manager Safety Talks (conducted weekly)

Document Levels:

       Level I consists of a quality manual that outlines what the company plans to achieve and outlines the policies it
        plans to implement to achieve its goal.
       Level II outlines procedures the company will follow, what workers will do, in what order, by whom, and with
        what results, structured to reflect the process flow of events.
       Level III consists of detailed work instructions—specific written information on how to do a particular task—
        available centrally and locally.
       Level IV consists of reference material and information not in other categories. This information may include
        quality records, forms, and so forth.

Document Control Procedure must define:

   1.    How you approve documents (eg procedures, flow-charts, process maps, etc.) prior to use eg
        signed-off paper versions, or added to your computer network via a password protected system.
            a. EHS Document Approval Process/Flow
                        i. Safety Manager drafts document
                       ii. Draft to HR Director for review and edit
                      iii. Return to Safety Manager for edit
                     iv. HR Director and Safety Manager discuss impact of document.
                           1. Senior Staff of affected groups are asked to make input to document.
                       v. Safety Manager incorporates final edits.
                     vi. Document to Chairman for approval.
                     vii. Document posted on DNSeWeb.
   2.    How you update and re-approve amended documents. computer based systems are so much
        easier to maintain.
   3.    How you identify changes eg by date or issue number, identify changes with different fonts or
   4.    How you ensure that documents are available where they are needed
   5.    How you control documents of external origin
    6.   How you prevent the inadvertent use obsolete documents obsolete-but-still-in-use is the single
         most common non-compliance.

 Each controlled document will contain the following Header and Revision History:

Originating Office: DNSE Environmental Health & Safety
Procedure: DNSE Safety Strategy

Document ID: Saf-P-000
Document Owner:                   Approval:                                               Revision: A

Michael D. Lawrence               Hiroshi Manabe                                          Revision Date: 11/2005
Project Manager, Safety &         DNSE Chairman                                           Original Date: 2/2005
Technical Communications

DNSE Controlled Document Header (1 August 2005)

Revision History
Date               Comments
2/05               Original document created
11/05              Minor revisions. Added document control header and revision history.

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