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                    S E R I E S

                           D E S K T O P        P U B L I S H I N G

                                            Joanne Marschke Arford
                                                       College of DuPage • Glen Ellyn, Illinois

                                                Judy Dwyer Burnside
                                                      College of DuPage • Glen Ellyn, Illinois
                                   Wheaton Warrenville South High School • Wheaton, Illinois
Introduction                                    vii Chapter 3
                                                     Creating Letterheads, Envelopes, and
                                                     Business Cards                                   93
UNIT 1 CREATING BUSINESS AND PERSONAL DOCUMENTS 1       Identifying the Purpose of Letterheads        94
                                                        Using Word’s Letterhead Templates             96
Chapter 1                                               Using the Microsoft Office Template
                                                             Gallery                                 102
Understanding the Desktop Publishing                    Designing Your Own Letterhead                105
Process                                          3      Using Text Boxes to Position Design
    Defining Desktop Publishing                  3           Elements                                106
    Initiating the Desktop Publishing Process    4      Creating Horizontal and Vertical Ruled
    Designing the Document                       5           Lines Using Word’s Drawing Toolbar      117
    Evaluating Documents Using the                      Creating Horizontal Lines Using the
         Document Analysis Guide                32           Borders Toolbar                         119
    Using Word 2002 in Desktop Publishing       34      Using Smart Tags                             120
    Using the Internet for Free Templates,              Refining Letter and Word Spacing             125
         Clip Art, Tips, and Assistance         35      Creating Envelopes                           130
    Chapter Summary                             38      Using AutoText to Store and Reuse Text
    Commands Review                             39           and Graphics                            135
    Reviewing Key Points                        40      Creating Business Cards                      137
    Applying Your Skills                        40      Chapter Summary                              146
                                                        Commands Review                              147

Chapter 2                                               Reviewing Key Points
                                                        Applying Your Skills
Preparing Internal Documents                    43
    Understanding Basic Typography              43   Chapter 4
    Choosing Fonts                              48
                                                     Creating Personal Documents                     153
    Using the Reveal Formatting Task Pane       52
    Adding Symbols and Special Characters               Creating a Compact Disc Label                155
         to a Document                          58      Creating a CD Face Label                     162
    Using Special Characters and Contrasting            Creating a Personal Calendar                 165
         Fonts in Design                        60      Arranging Drawing Objects to Enhance
    Creating Documents Using Templates                       Personal Documents                      174
         and Wizards                            63      Creating Personal Return Address Labels      179
    Creating a Watermark                        71      Creating a Certificate                       182
    Using the Drawing Canvas                    78      Using Handwriting in Word                    186
    Inserting Bullets                           78      Chapter Summary                              192
    Preparing an Agenda                         83      Commands Review                              193
    Chapter Summary                             88      Reviewing Key Points                         194
    Commands Review                             89      Applying Your Skills                         195
    Reviewing Key Points                        90
    Applying Your Skills                        91   Unit 1 Performance Assessments                  199

                                                                                          Contents         iii
     UNIT 2 PREPARING PROMOTIONAL DOCUMENTS,                 Chapter 7
     WEB PAGES, AND POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS           203   Creating Specialty Promotional
                                                             Documents                                    327
     Chapter 5                                                   Using Resources in Desktop Publishing
                                                                 Using Various Approaches to Creating

     Creating Promotional Documents                    205            Documents                           328
         Creating Flyers and Announcements             206       Creating Promotional Documents           328
         Planning and Designing Promotional                      Using Tables to Create Promotional
              Documents                                206            Documents                           330
         Using WordArt for Interesting Text                      Building the Framework of a Form         335
              Effects                                  209       Using Template Gallery Forms             338
         Using Graphics for Emphasis                   211       Printing a Form                          340
         Using Color in Promotional Documents          220       Creating Postcards to Promote Business   344
         Adding Lines, Borders, and Special                      Merging Promotional Documents            348
              Effects to Text, Objects, and Pictures   226       Creating Invitations and Cards           354
         Using the Drawing Gridlines                   228       Using Card Templates from the Template
         Matching Colors                               232            Gallery                             358
         Adding Special Effects with Shadows                     Editing Merge Document Using the
              and 3-D                                  233            Mail Merge Toolbar                  364
         Editing Pictures                              234       Creating Name Badges                     365
         Creating a Flyer Using a Graphic Border       237       Using Shipping Labels to Promote
         Customizing Pictures Using the Picture                       Corporate Identity                  368
              Toolbar                                  243       Chapter Summary                          369
         Reviewing the Drawing Toolbar                 252       Commands Review                          370
         Chapter Summary                               261       Reviewing Key Points                     371
         Commands Review                               262       Applying Your Skills                     372
         Reviewing Key Points                          263
         Applying Your Skills                          264
                                                             Chapter 8
                                                             Creating Web Pages                           377
     Chapter 6                                                   Understanding Internet and Intranet
     Creating Brochures and Booklets                   267            Terminology                         378
         Planning Brochures and Booklets               268       Using the Web Toolbar                    378
         Creating Brochures                            269       Planning and Designing a Web Page        380
         Understanding Newspaper Columns               275       Using Internet Explorer                  384
         Using Reverse Text as a Design Element        280       Creating a Web Home Page Using the
         Formatting with Styles                        289            Web Page Wizard                     385
         Using the Style Gallery                       291       Creating Hyperlinks in a Web Home Page   386
         Using AutoFormat                              292       Creating Bookmarks                       387
         Understanding Word Styles                     293       Adding Bullets and Lines to a Web Page   388
         Creating Styles                               293       Saving Web Pages                         390
         Using the Template Gallery Booklet                      Designing a Web Page Using a Table       396
              Template                                 296       Creating Forms in a Web Page             397
         Copying Individual Styles from Other                    Adding Background Color to a Web Page    399
              Documents and Templates                  307       Turning On or Off Features Not
         Using Drop Caps as a Design Element           308            Supported by Web Browsers           405
         Using Word’s 2 Pages per Sheet Feature        309       Editing in Web Layout View               410
         Chapter Summary                               319       Inserting Graphics and Objects in a
         Commands Review                               321            Web Page                            415
         Reviewing Key Points                          322       Chapter Summary                          416
         Applying Your Skills                          323       Commands Review                          417
                                                                 Reviewing Key Points                     418
                                                                 Applying Your Skills                     419

iv         Contents
Chapter 9                                          UNIT 3 PREPARING PUBLICATIONS                       489
Creating Presentations Using
PowerPoint                                   423   Chapter 10
   Using PowerPoint to Create a                    Creating Basic Elements of a
        Presentation                         424   Newsletter                                      491
   Creating a PowerPoint Presentation        427
                                                       Defining Basic Newsletter Elements              492
   Viewing a Presentation                    433
                                                       Planning a Newsletter                           493
   Printing a Presentation                   436
                                                       Designing a Newsletter                          494
   Preparing a Presentation in the
        Outline/Slides View                  441       Choosing a Newsletter Page Layout               495
   Importing a Word Outline into                       Creating Your Own Newsletter                    501
        PowerPoint                           443       Chapter Summary                                 517
   Exporting a PowerPoint Presentation                 Commands Review                                 518
        into Word                            443       Reviewing Key Points                            519
   Creating a Summary Slide                  443       Applying Your Skills                            520
   Inserting Headers and Footers in a
   Applying Formatting Using the Slide
                                                   Chapter 11
        Master                               444   Incorporating Newsletter Design
   Running a Slide Show Automatically        446   Elements                                        523
   Applying More than One Design                       Adding Visually Enhancing Elements to
        Template to a Presentation           449            a Newsletter                               524
   Changing Color Schemes                    449       Formatting a Newsletter Using Columns,
   Inserting Bullets and Numbers             453            Text Boxes, and Tables                     524
   Adding Objects to Slides                  453       Creating Headers and Footers                    528
   Inserting WordArt in PowerPoint           453       Using Spot Color                                530
   Inserting and Manipulating Images in a              Creating Sidebars in a Newsletter               535
        Presentation                         453       Creating a Newsletter Table of Contents         539
   Running a Slide Show                      456       Creating Pull Quotes                            543
   Adding Transitions, Effects, and Sounds   457       Creating Kickers and End Signs                  548
   Adding Animation Effects to a                       Using Linked Text Boxes in Newsletters          550
        Presentation                         465       Creating Jump Lines                             551
   Using Print Screen                        467       Using Scanned Images in a Newsletter            555
   Adding Action Buttons                     468       Using Captions                                  555
   Using Hyperlinks                          468       Creating a Newsletter Masthead                  559
   Adding Media Clips                        469       Using Additional Enhancements for
   Saving a PowerPoint Presentation as a                    Starting Paragraphs                        561
        Web Page                             475       Understanding Copyfitting                       562
   Using Pack and Go                         475       Saving Your Newsletter as a Template            567
   Chapter Summary                           476       Sending a Newsletter as an E-Mail
   Commands Review                           478            Attachment                                 568
   Reviewing Key Points                      479       Chapter Summary                                 568
   Applying Your Skills                      480       Commands Review                                 569
                                                       Reviewing Key Points                            570
Unit 2 Performance Assessments               485       Applying Your Skills                            571

                                                   Unit 3 Performance Assessments                      575
                                                   Index                                           579

                                                                                            Contents         v
     Chapter 12
     Introducing Microsoft Publisher 2002              1
         Knowing When to Use Publisher, Word,
              or FrontPage                             2
         Finding Online Resources for Publisher        2
         Applying Design Concepts                      5
         Exploring the Publisher Window                6
         Creating a New Publication                    7
         Working with Layout Guides and Ruler
              Guides                                  10
         Using the Microsoft Publisher Design
              Gallery                                 12
         Using AutoFit Text                           13
         Creating a Logo from Scratch                 17
         Working with Text in Overflow                25
         Using Connected Text Boxes                   25
         Inserting Page Numbering                     26
         Creating a Watermark                         27
         Using a Commercial Printer                   32
         Using the Pack and Go Wizard                 32
         Chapter Summary                              33
         Commands Review                              34
         Reviewing Key Points                         35
         Applying Your Skills                         36

vi         Contents

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