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					Internet giant Tips Wikinomics
Internet giant Tips Wikinomics
    Man / Jing Jing river grass
    In the development of the Internet over the past decade, a lot of people and things
several times drifting, however, seems to have been run through a few books,
memorable, <<Being Digital >>,<<
Blue Ocean Strategy >>,<< world Long Tail is flat
>>,<<>> until recently that the
<<Simple Economics>> (WIKINOMICS). Like many
books with the translation, I feel a foreigner to write something on a feature:
long-winded, one idea has been in the preface, the foreword has been, with each
chapter, where the conclusion had to have. In addition, there is a general feeling that
these books on employees, especially small website operator has little importance,
basically to see the supply of networking giant (noun more than a thousand employees
in the company CEO). Like, long tail of things, in addition to Baidu posts it,
AMAZON so big, who can actually be put to you? Simple economics, myspace,
youtube, linux, wikipedia, flickr, second life applications such as its theoretical model,
so the practitioner on the Internet or some reference, from now on, please remember:
SNS, UGC, web2.0 , hypernet, the read / write web. Learn to use this new word:
WIKINOMICS, before it will let you add points in VC!
    Why do you want to write about the wiki economics?
    One reason was that he had made one year and two months of the Chinese WIKI,
and secondly because this is a really great book, well written, easy to understand, I
should admit that in reading when I send a lot of times smile, which into the draft with
two authors will be followed in the book to his wife who scrutinize it. Three years is
because the book claims to be a 900 million research project results, like so many
pieces of money, out of a book, then royalties Not only a thousand words thousand ah.
I like to write on people, this is really kind of torture.
    Wudaokou of Petty bookstore: photosynthesis, also put on the study in this book,
including each book has bookmark this site, 17XIE called this
collaborative model is to use co-writing a book to do the website.

Simple Economics What is this?
  Simple economics of such a statement: wikinomics, the art and science of peer
production. So we have to first understand what is peer production, peer production.
Tang. Triplex Scott is such a definition is given: people can freely participate in every
economic sector innovation and wealth creation. This new model of innovation and
wealth creation is called: peer production or peering (peer production).
  However, please let us not forget the premise of the other production Why is it
possible? Why is not feasible in the past?
  I was lazy, use it with the book's argument. As the technology,
population, business, economic and profound changes in the world, we are entering an
unprecedented public participation in economic activities in the new era. Over the
past mostly small-scale collaboration, cooperation often occurs in relatives, friends,
family members, community members and work colleagues. Too many people, in
knowledge, power, capital flows are neglected, thus the edge can only participate in
economic activities. Now, the situation has changed, information technology more
accessible, so that each person on the cooperation, create value, the tools needed to
compete well known. For example: from free IM, SKYPE software to open the
software resources (almost all areas of the direction of open source software are free, I
have a Choice between Love and open source software built with two sites), global
outsourcing platform. Collaboration easier.
   Chinese people like to say that fate, in fact, what is fate? Fate is the presence of
various types of relations, and information technology development and low cost,
makes the relationship more easily produced, more and more people have fate.
Together they generate tremendous power.
   The basic principles of Wikinomics: open, equal, shared and global operations
   Open notes: Apache as Web server, Linux as the operating system. MYSQL as the
database. Firefox and the World Wide Web itself into the browser. Transparency is a
new force in business success, rather than worrying thing. Support transparency and
active public. Wise public enterprises and actively support and transparent. This will
reduce transaction costs.
   On the other annotations: linux development experience, and it later grew up in a
large community. Collaborative production of the community participants have many
different motives, in order to participate, for fun, for altruism. Although egalitarianism
is a basic principle, but there are always some people some of the relatively high
power and influence. (China Internet community need leaders.)
   Shared Notes: intellectual property. The effect is not limited to knowledge sharing
products. It can be extended to other resources, such as computing power, broadband,
information and scientific knowledge. Example, the founder of the said skype: call the
concept of a fee is the last century. Internet born each BIT is to copy, distribute and
   Global operations: the world is flat.
Simple economics is not a WIKI
   However. I would like to say that economics does not mean Wikipedia WIKI, but to
a large extent, it demonstrates that drawing and thinking patterns. Do in advance,
learning WIKINOMICS must first learn WIKI. One day when I mentioned in
WIKINOMICS a QQ group, when there was a direct student asked me: What have
finished version? Giant Khan. Yeah it's not a Station system.
   The number of sites in China? CNNIC published in the July 2007 data is: As of
June, China had 1.31 million site, about 162 million Internet users. In the abundance
of sites to WIKI, technology, ideology, this mode of operation of the site about how
much? If there is one in a thousand words, it is 1310, WIKI site users to calculate the
ratio by one-thousandth of the words, about 16.2 million people. Thousandth of that
ratio, I think it more scientific, because in the past is not a blessing we all pretty
statistics say that only 1% of Internet users will contribute content Mody. BLOG and
WIKI threshold than a layer of tall, then the probability of one-tenth phase, is not
excessive. The greatest benefit to understand the data is that we, too, even if
exaggerated a sober, beautifully shy of the data, let alone the real thing here that will
contribute content to the user, not just the kind of registered to run away, in China,
WIKI indeed is a very small minority of products abroad Wikipedia (WIKIPEDIA)
are flourishing really makes people envious
   WIKI this product emphasis is on collaboration, trust-based foundation you can
take an objective approach to the contribution of the content (or knowledge), the
malicious changes will exist, but mostly the power of justice, but as with many
Internet communities, it There is also the same leaders. WIKINOMICS is actually a
made up word, meaning wiki + economics, in the book, the authors cite numerous
examples (the Internet, non-Internet) to confirm that: how mass collaboration changes
everything (how mass collaboration changes everything).
   WIKINOMICS should be broader than the meaning WIKI. It refers to is a model:
to the company to seek out strategic direction and great ideas. Mobilize the
community to contribute their thinking and network knowledge are prerequisites.
Simple economy is nothing but how to harness the collaboration to get more
competitive arts and science.

The world is about to change, the network giant is ready
   Internet industry really colorful, changing the first king of the city flags, shouted
themselves hoarse economists remind us: Collaboration change the world!
Practitioners as the Internet, you are ready for it? Especially the giants.
   For small companies, more and more large-scale collaboration to provide them with
the wave of a lot of opportunities. On the map out a blueprint with a red-letter: private
or small business, this may be the birth of an era, or perhaps a golden age of Italian
Renaissance, or can the rise of Athenian democracy comparable. Large-scale
multinational, interdisciplinary and cross-cultural cooperation suddenly become very
economical and fun. We own a huge emerging exchange system.
 ?Large companies, it seems a little sad to see the media, fortress was captured.
Producers of knowledge professionals and amateurs have to share the stage. Tens of
millions of people in the blog space (blogosphere) to share their news, information
and views. Podcasts, video sharing websites, mobile photo blog site, the network
created a vibrant, constantly updated, everyone connected to the free flow of
information and news publication. Wikipedia (WIKIPEDIA), a collective creation of
thousands of fans who do not have any written encyclopedia. It has only five full-time
employees. This year in September when it announced the English version of
Wikipedia, created the first two million entries. Global ALEXA eighth. Ended in
August 2006, myspace has 100 million subscribers, an increase of about 500,000 per
week. The user's personal creativity, networking and file is the main
driving force website value creation. However, neither wikipeidia, youtube, myspace
are not mass people. Level such as China portal website easily on thousands of
employees, is rare.
   The old network is concerned that: site, click on, to attract eyeballs.
   The new network is concerned that: community, participation and large-scale
collaborative production.

   Internet giant may be from the "blog" of that war are the
sweetness, so thought he was omnipotent. This is a dangerous thing.
   However, the reference is to John Kerry. Road Estero words: attitude toward the
future: Blacksmith sow tears in the beer, he did not lament the way to sell horses in
the railway age, it does not make them more popular horse. Become a learning
mechanic who will keep their jobs blacksmith.

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