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									International Business and Economics MBA Program
International Business and Economics MBA Program
   Foreign Jingji the University of the MBA education is to develop understands
management and business operations of the systematic of the compound talents, in the
curriculum and emphasis on combining theory with practice, in each class Zhong Du
accompanied by a large number of case teaching. MBA courses are divided into
compulsory and elective courses, including required courses, including degree of
public courses, basic courses and professional courses graduate courses, elective
courses, including course selection and professional elective limit. Required course
for the need to master management, economics, finance, basic knowledge and skills;
elective will highlight the different management areas of professional expertise and
skills. I set up a special school in the MBA program increased the practice of
international trade, international finance, insurance, investment analysis, WTO and
international business, international commercial law, international business
management courses, MBA students according to their interests and career fields to
choose their own primary revised direction to increase the flexibility and expertise in
the field of learning activity.
Teaching methods
1, MBA culture is characterized by linking theory with practice, therefore, MBA
training to classroom teachers from both case studies, seminars, visits to practice,
simulation exercises and other forms of teaching. In classroom teaching, outstanding
student participation and teacher and student, student exchanges and communication
between, students have to share practice and experience of management, with
emphasis on management theory and practice integration. Combination of classroom
teaching case studies carried out to group discussion, class discussion and individual /
group reports the preparation of several forms, in order to facilitate the combination of
theory and practice, students sense of teamwork and cooperation. Classroom lectures
are outside the teaching content, the purpose is to enrich the student's
knowledge, open up horizons. Invited lectures of experienced business people,
economic, and management of well-known experts, foreign experts, well-known
professor of school practice for the forefront of economic management issues, hot
topics for introduction and commentary. Management practices will be arranged
during the students to learn some foreign-invested enterprises, joint ventures and
state-owned and private enterprises visits, seminars, internships, learn Chinese and
foreign business management practices. Simulation exercise is the teaching of course
in a number of the teachers will Qiyeshiji Shengchanjingying system or Mouxieguanli
business simplification, to the students Fenpei different roles, simulates practical
conditions will apply Li Lun Jin Yibu practical and thereby increase their awareness
of perceptual knowledge and participation .
2, in the teaching process, a large number of heuristic and seminar-style teaching
methods, computer simulation, scenario role of experience, projection, video and
other modern multimedia teaching methods and means. Importance of teaching
content of the basic theory and practical application, pay attention to the cultivation of
students strategic thinking. Use of case teaching, classroom discussion to increase
efforts to strengthen exchanges and mutual inspiration. Asked students to write a
written report and oral presentation.
Credit requirements
1 curriculum to highlight the characteristics of Foreign Economic and Trade
University, focus on theory with practice, Qiangdiaozhishi the master and skills honed
and their overall quality as the principle, 帮助 students to master the basic theory of
international business management and concepts necessary to master Juece basic
analytical tools and methods, and international operations of the relevant knowledge.
2, is divided into compulsory and elective courses. MBA curriculum is compulsory
basic requirements, each MBA student to learn. A total of 13 core courses, 29 credits.
Elective Course Elective and Elective limit. Of the limited course selection, students
can have some options, but enough to be elected the number of doors required, limit
enrollment After school students about the cumulative credits up to 40 credits. Other
credits students can get from any elective.
3, School Specialty MBA is divided into two directions, namely, management
direction (including international business management, international marketing,
international business management and operations management, etc.) and the
direction of the Finance and Accounting (including accounting, financial management,
etc.). Professional orientation through elective courses, extracurricular reading,
research and practice of topics and writing so that it embodies.
4, course grade by tests and examinations (including oral), class discussion,
Assignments, presentations, readings and other comprehensive evaluation of several
5, requires a total of 47 graduate credits, only have the dissertation entitled.
Part of the Course
MBA504】 【Organizational Behavior
【English name】 Organizational Behavior
This course includes: individual behavior: personality, acquisition, cognitive, personal
decision-making, values and attitudes, job satisfaction, motivation; group behavior:
Classification and development groups, group structure, group decision making,
group relationships , leadership, organizational behavior and conflict right: work
pressure, individual job design, organizational design, organizational change and
development, and organizational culture.

MBA505】 【data model and decision-making
【English name】 Data, Model and Decision
This course includes: basic knowledge of data: the significance of the data, source and
type of data summary and display, tables and graphics, data, central tendency, cross
analysis; inferred from the overall sample data: the basis of probability and the
probability distribution knowledge, data analysis normal analysis, sampling and
analysis, parameter estimation, hypothesis testing; based on understanding the
relationship between variables guess: Regression and correlation analysis, time series
and prediction; resource allocation decisions: linear programming.

MBA511 Financial Accounting】 【
【English name】 Financial Accounting
The course contents are: the basic principles of accounting, principles of double-entry
bookkeeping, accounting, information processing procedures, the main elements of
the accounting method of accounting, financial statements of the structure and internal
Financial Management MBA512 【Company】
【English name】 Corporate Financial Management
The course content was: Company structure and external environment; financial
securities pricing; risk and return analysis; capital budget; short-term and long-term
financing instruments and methods; capital structure and dividend policy; working
capital management; financial control, and as mergers acquisition and other topics
MBA513 Marketing Management】 【
【English name】 Marketing Management
The course content was: how companies look at the macro micro-environment; dig
out and create market opportunities Fangfa; Xuqiuyuce and marketing research;
Xiaofei Zhe and organizational buying motivation and behavior; market segmentation,
targeting select Jiqi market positioning; business Zaichan Pin , service, pricing,
distribution channels and promotional strategies and methods of operation areas;
enterprise marketing management.
MBA514】 【Production and Operations Management
【English name】 Production and Operations Management
The course content: Production and operations management decisions, products,
services, Layout, Zhiliang management, project management, inventory management,
material requirements planning, supply chain management and lean production Deng
企业 organizations in the core activities.
MBA515 Strategic Management】 【
【English name】 Corporate Strategy
The course content was: Strategic thinking, strategic management of the study and
historical evolution of strategic management theory and practice of business
environment and enterprise development perspective vision of design, business
analysis and core capabilities Nengli Queding and development, corporate strategy
management to achieve the basic approach, business development strategy, the
competitive strategy, Outsourcing and outsourcing, the functions of corporate strategy
and international business strategy.
International Human Resource Management MBA516 【】
【English name】 International Human Resource Management
The course content was: human resource forecasting and planning; job analysis; staff
recruitment and selection; for promotion and evaluation; staff motivation;
performance management; staff training and career development.
MBA521 International Business Management】 【
【English name】 International Business Management
Main content of this course: the basic areas of international business and the basic
methods, international trade theory and foreign direct investment theory, the basic
framework of international business operations, international operations, the main
motivation and the major obstacle to international business and market entry global
strategy strategies, and international companies the production layout, marketing,
technology transfer, accounting, financial and human resources management.
Meanwhile, shares, transfer pricing, localization and legal affairs and other issues will
also be discussed as a key object.
MBA522 Management Accounting】 【
【English name】 Managerial Accounting
The main contents of this course: two branches of the introduction of modern
accounting; the basic elements of management accounting; the cost of state and two
types of profit and loss account; the cost of the basic method of accounting; this,
quantity, and Profit Analysis and Application; Management Decision analysis;
long-term investment decision-making analysis and evaluation; production and
management of the total budget; flexible budgets and standard costs; enterprise
internal management control and responsibility accounting; management accounting
in the quantitative analysis.
MBA523 International Marketing】 【
【English name】 International Marketing
The course content: the theoretical basis of international marketing, international
marketing companies are in different stages and management guide; business Mianlin
various international Huan Jing; global Yingxiaoxinxi He research Fang Fa;
international market segmentation and target market to determine ; access to
international markets and strategies in various ways; global market expansion and
coverage strategies; Seek strategic global resources; and include product, pricing,
distribution channels and promotional strategies for international marketing and
global marketing strategy of the portfolio strategy; Enterprises International
marketing and global marketing management functions, organizational structure,
strategic planning, implementation and control.
International Financial Management MBA525 【】
【English name】 International Financial Management
The course contents are: the international monetary system; foreign exchange market;
futures and options markets, foreign exchange risk management, the European
currency and bond markets, transnational corporations financing strategy,
multinational corporations within the fund management, foreign investment analysis.

MBA528 International Marketing Research】 【
【English name】 International Marketing research
The main contents of this course: marketing information systems and their effect on
the importance of marketing decision-making; marketing research purpose and basic
concepts; marketing research of the general process and steps; secondary data sources
and field research in the general method; data processing and analysis.
MBA538 Financial Statement Analysis】 【
【English name】 Financial Statement Analysis
The main contents of this course: Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis;
balance sheet analysis (assets, liabilities and interests of all of the tables); income
statement analysis; cash flow analysis; consolidated statement analysis; important
information related to the financial statements; information disclosure of listed
companies system; analysis of corporate financial statements; corporate financial
statements to mislead the readers factor analysis.
MBA541】 【Management Communication
【English name】 Managerial Communication
The course content: analysis of communication strategies, effective listening, effective
writing, effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills, how to speak, how to
organize meetings, electronic communication, crisis communication and corporate
business change such as when the communication .

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