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Oh, Han then hung up. Sina blog headlines.
Causes a very small random Korea was Huanggang Bowen Secondary School, Hubei
Province and secondary schools as the language for students to come to the wrong
(Text taken from the Han green blog)
Received today a reader sent over things, thank you. What is the paper, is middle
school in Hubei Province and Hubei Province, Huanggang secondary school entrance
exam papers, etc. 8. Which has a title like this: the first 20 questions, the following
text is taken from Sina someone's "blog" (do not
know where the double quotes is what increases the usage), languages (including
words, punctuation and punctuation) There are four problems, locate and correct.
?Yesterday, my car is not hanging on the two steps, after the maintenance today, the
problem still exists, so basically have to use a file and file in the run 3,4. But better or
faster speed, together with a friend helped me out of the race car transfer of control of
a lot better than yesterday, it also ranked No. 3 ranking, ahead of No. 4 a minute.
Haha, really funny, Xiao Han's water race course when the text is also
papers, and really fun.
In fact, Xiao Han not unhappy, I think that should be pleased indeed ah.
1, that Xiao Han is already a great big celebrity, and all of the questions on the
2, that Xiao Han blog is indeed very attractive, or else I was worse than Xiao Han
Wen Wen lot of questions how inappropriate it, if I had questions of cultural messages
on the positive out of all the students had to, hehe. I bet.
3, indirectly helped Xiao Han, click-through rate that is very high --- ah, the day was
10 000 children 8000 of the bar. Han Han is already small would have the first three,
and estimates exceed Xu sister, and strive to become No. 1 Well, who would not want
it! Really happy for the Han.
4, a new round down Han Ting Han started to see quite a lot or down by more than
was estimated to be quite the more everyone would like to
"pretty"           Well,   those     messy before          they would
"fail" it.
OK, write random read Xiao Han, the Anjiu more confident, and I want to continue to
work hard to continue the water Man I created, I dream of is "not seeking
the best, just to better", try my water article also questions what the
previous language, just not told you, I as the article if the questions, students are
taking out of Guarantee. Haha
Finally, Xiao Han also continue to Pok, to write better, to refute these senseless
so-called "people."

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