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									Harkin Grant - Iowa Demonstration
Construction Grant Program 2009-10

Authorized by P.L. 107-110 ESEA of 1965 as amended
by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001

   ICN Session
   Friday, November 13, 2009, 1:00-3:00pm
   Gary Schwartz, Facilities Consultant,
        Iowa Department of Education
   Review of the application process and
Grant Funding
$5,471,000 in federal funds this year – 2009

Ten years of funding:
1998                $ 8,000,000
1999                $ 10,000,000
2000                $ 9,249,813
2001                $ 9,000,000
2002                $ 50,000,000
2003                $ 6,954,499
2004                $ 6,958,699
2005                $ 14,880,000
2008                $ 4,694,034
2009                $ 5,471,000

Total              $125,208,045
Changes From Previous 2008-09
Grant Application
   Included “green building techniques for energy efficiency” in the
    priority listing of the Construction Grant.
   In the Construction Grant application under “Criteria for Eligibility,”
    the following was added: “An approved certificate of need is
    required for new construction for school districts with a certified
    enrollment of fewer than 250 pupils in the entire district or 100 pupils
    in the high school (Iowa Codes 423E.4(5) and 423F.3(5)).”
   Due to legislative changes in Iowa Codes 423E and 423F School
    Infrastructure Funding, the estimated local option/statewide sales
    and services tax amount per budget enrollment was recalculated.
   Minority Impact Statement (MIS) has been added to grant
    applications as required by Iowa Code Section 8.11. All grant
    applications submitted to the State of Iowa shall include a MIS. This
    is the state’s mechanism to require grant applicants to consider the
    potential impact of the grant project’s proposed programs or policies
    on minority groups.
     Harkin Grant – Iowa Demonstration
    Construction Grant Program (IDCGP)
   Two grants available: Fire Safety and Construction.

   Applying for one grant does not prevent the district from
    applying for the other type of grant under the IDCGP.

   Funding sources for both grants:
       1. 2009-10 – New Grant Funds (grant period October 1,
          2009 through September 30, 2012) for projects to be
          completed in the three-year grant period.
       2. Carry-Over Grant Funds for fire safety (grant period
          October 1, 2009 through August 30, 2010) for projects
          that can be completed in less than a year.
Grant Applications

       Available on Iowa Department
        of Education website
          Under PK-12 Education,
           “School Facilities” then

   These funds are discretionary grants for fire
    safety repairs, and for the new construction,
    reconstruction, repairing, improving,
    modernizing or remodeling a schoolhouse or
    acquiring an existing building and converting it
    for use as a schoolhouse.
   These funds are for public school districts
                        Size Categories
Size        Number       Percent     Number of   Percent
            Districts    Districts   Students    Students

Small            280     77%         159,227     33%
0 – 1,299

Medium           68      19%         156,271     33%
1,300 – 5,399

Large            14      4%          161,520     34%

All Districts    362     100%        477,018     100%
Fire Safety Grants – 35% of the funds
   $1,876,551 allocated for fire safety (no local match required)
   Funds must be used for new activities that address fire safety issues
    of school districts. New activity means a project that the board takes
    action to approve the fire safety project on or after October 1, 2009.
   Must have received an order/citation within the past three years from
    the State Fire Marshal or local fire department officials acting in the
    capacity of the State Fire Marshal.
   A district may apply for a grant to correct a fire safety deficiency not
    cited by the fire marshal, which the district thinks is a significant
    hazard. However, the district must consult with the state fire official
    and include a letter indicating the official agrees that there is a
    significant hazard.
   Grant Categories:
         District Category Enrollment       Max. Award        Total Funds
         Small             0-1,299          $25,000           $625,517
         Medium            1,300-5,399      $100,000          $625,517
         Large             5,400+           $150,000          $625,517
Construction Grants – 65% of funds
   $3,485,025 allocated for construction (local match required at 75%).
   Funds must be used for new activities. New activity means a
    project that the board takes action to approve advertising for
    bids on or after October 1, 2009.
   Districts are eligible for a grant up to $500,000.
   Projects must be for new construction, reconstruction, repairing,
    improving, modernizing or remodeling a schoolhouse, to create or
    expand space in existing structures, or to acquire and/or convert an
    existing building for use as a schoolhouse.
   Outdoor recreation, playgrounds, athletic complexes, gymnasium
    additions, or stadiums are not eligible.
   Priority shall be given to applicants with projects that involve green
    building techniques for energy efficiency, provide space for such
    programs as reducing class size, establishing preschool programs,
    establishing before and after school programs, engaging in
    community integrated construction projects, modernizing, attending
    to health repairs, and updating school safety/security in conjunction
    with the construction project.
Construction Grants                                      (continued)
   Grant Categories:
         District Category   Enrollment        Max. Award         Total Funds
         Small               0-1,299           $500,000           $1,161,675
         Medium              1,300-5,399       $500,000           $1,161,675
         Large               5,400+            $500,000           $1,161,675
   Districts must provide a local match (75%) from:
          Issuance of bonds
          Local option / statewide sales, services & use tax
          Physical plant and equipment levy (PPEL)
          Donations or other money locally obtained excluding other state or
                     federal moneys
   Districts have until December 15, 2010, to meet the match requirement if
    local match has not been obtained at the time of applying for grant funds.
    Under Iowa Code 39.2 Special Elections, the last opportunity is December 7,
   For school districts with a certified enrollment of fewer than 250 students in
    the entire district or certified enrollment of fewer than 100 high school
    students, an approved certificate of need from the Iowa Department of
    Education is required for new construction (Iowa Code 423E & 423F).
   Applying for this grant does not prevent the district from applying for the fire
    safety portion of the Harkin Grant (Iowa Demonstration Construction Grant
    Important Information for both Fire
      Safety and Construction Grants

   School board minutes (highlight board action) need to be
    attached to the application indicating initiation of project
    and authorization of grant application in Appendix A.
   Districts must sign the Assurances and Certification form
    that is the official notification that the district will abide by
    all federal assurances.
   Minority Impact Statement (MIS) must be attached to
    application to be eligible for grant funding (Iowa Code
Assurances important for grant
 DAVIS-BACON ACT: Will comply, as applicable, with
 the provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act regarding
 labor standards for federally assisted construction
   Advertised specifications for every contract in excess of $2,000 for
    construction, alteration, and/or repair, including painting and decorating,
    of public buildings or public works which requires or involves the
    employment of mechanics and/or laborers shall contain a provision
    stating the minimum wages to be paid shall be based upon the wages
    that will be determined by the Secretary of Labor to be prevailing for
    contract work in the city, town, village, or other civil subdivision of the
    State in which the work is to be performed.
   Information can be obtained at the department’s web page:
   Information about Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations:
         Section 106 of the National Historic
              Preservation Act of 1966

   Section 106 applies to school buildings over 50 years old.
   SHPO means State Historical Preservation Office.
   Need to submit the form: “Requesting SHPO Comments on a
    Department of Education Project.”
   SHPO comment form may be found on this website:
   Submit unsigned SHPO form with accompanying information to,
    Gary Schwartz, Facilities Consultant, at Iowa Department of
   The SHPO form will be reviewed, signed, and forwarded to Barbara
    Mitchell, SHPO Compliance and Review Coordinator.
Section 106 of the
National Historic Preservation Act of 1966

   Questions or comments regarding SHPO documents
    should be directed to:

    Barbara A. Mitchell, Architectural Historian
    State Historical Society of Iowa
Suspension and Debarment of

   Obtain certification from contractors that the contractor and/or its
    principal officials are not suspended or debarred as required by EO
    12549 and EO 12689.
   Website for Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) for list of excluded
    parties: https://www.epls.gov/.
   Contractors should submit in writing to school district that they are
    not suspended or debarred. School district will keep on file for
    subrecipient monitoring procedures during grant site visits.
   Districts should receive certification from the contractors with
    contracts over $100,000 that they were not suspended or debarred
    from participating in contracts financed by Federal funds.
Other Reminders for School Districts
with Federally Funded Projects

   Have contractors complete “assurances and certification”
    statement as appropriate. Recommend for contractors
    to sign the “assurances and certification” section of the
    grant application to be kept on file with the school
    district. This precaution will make contractors aware of
    the federal requirements of the grant.
   Recommend including building improvements in fixed
    asset listing and identify them as being financed with
    federal funds.
   Recommend to develop written procedures for
    management to monitor award compliance and
Calendar Dates
                       Fire Safety            Construction
Application due DE     December 30, 2009      December 30, 2009
Awards                 March 2010             March 2010
Local Match Req’d                             December 7, 2010

Interim Report Due     Annually Sept. 15      Annually in March
Final Report Due       45 days after          45 days after
                       completion             completion
Project Completion     September 30, 2012     September 30, 2012
                       (2009-10 Grant)        (2009-10 Grant)
                       August 30, 2010
                       (Carry-Over Funds)

Interim/Final Project Report available on DE website:
Questions About
the Grant
You may contact us at:

Gary Schwartz
       Phone:   (515) 281-4743
       FAX:     (515) 281-8777
       Email:   gary.schwartz@iowa.gov

Janice Evans
       Phone:   (515) 281-4740
       FAX:     (515) 281-8777
       Email:   janice.evans@iowa.gov

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